adventure gt

Dinosaur nest big cleanup whoo nice so good job in the reset so you respawn I wonder Which would be All you need to do is just as your time runs out yes, Gotham to think about yeah, you drop in this cat really doesn’t Know there’s no Joshi all over again that really is that’s oh my god. Yoshi its shim avec Lin survival of the fittest Stephanie Hey guys and welcome to GT live – GT live mario odyssey live It’s coming right now. Actually it’s out its here. You guys were playing it We’re doing it today So if you ever wonder how much I appreciate you guys if you ever wonder how much May I say it. Love you guys dare. I say it I do dare How much do I do dairy and I’m saying it right now. Who do I do do dare how much I love you guys ah Nintendo sent us a free copy of super mario odyssey late last week whoo whoo Thanks, Dan, Tendo, Thank You, Nintendo uh But my dedication to you guys was so great that I did not want to spoil My impressions of the game your affection as deep as the ocean was too deep To play Mario I see without them It was Super Mario obviously first impressions day one game of the year ten out of ten watch out Zelda watch out here, we come. I think I need to start an assist mode Yeah arrows will guide no really OMG, I want this game so much Norman Humana says I wish that good. I couldn’t evil slowmode in this chat It’s unreadable, otherwise and yes He pulls it off he really owns it later, I think the spiky bangles Why are you Boober at you idiot God Mario wait she doesn’t look concerned in the Right like yeah Wow Wow Beats Mario are you talking to you just send of dragons that Bob Eric you can’t hear he’s gone Literally you should have said that before us out of earshot literally gone Right here under the globe that was your time. I do I got chopped up Oh, no. I do appreciate though that he decorated his flying ship for his wedding was pretty awesome And it’s nice to know he has a feminine side to connect to that likes ribbon years old But if I peach right now Bowser’s looking pretty snazzy Why he was looking good? I mean he’s got a nice tough, but he’s still got that terrible Bowser breath Hold up This is weird Wait are you dead are we and I think he’s dead. Thank you. We’re totally dead yes right, okay? Yeah, it has to be dead right now. I was there one like you said that’s it Bowser cuz he Dad there being like or being talked to you by a ghost. Oh, man You know that this is a theory is Mario death. Yeah a hundred percent yeah that’s weird did Ok run around job, okay? Oh, no I should do this like a club head tutorial wait jump. No. I hit a to jump see Been done to death um – Mario’s death oh Thanks, I got you. I got your back. Thank you. I appreciate it That’s so weird. So this is like land of the dead in Mario’s world Who are you? It’s a me Mario You’re not one of them aren’t are you are you what Mario is a ghost be like Would you be scared no So sorry for running away like that you startled me, and I do startle easily. I thought what happened earlier You’ve been through quite quite the wringer You’ve landed in the Cass Kingdom We’ve been under attack by the same Bowser emoji monster if you’re such a drowsy not the Bowser emoji monster the emoji game

Default adventure gtBowser emoji monster if you’re such a drowsy not the Bowser emoji monster the emoji game Emoji they’ve got it they’ve got a seen it now why would they write out Bowser? It’s okay? Don’t push it oh no 10:10 our second debate waters, where’s the theme is kidnapped my little sister peach? Got a peach. We little sister peach wait peaches older brother is dead To be on her head, I know I hope that monster ship of my own give geez Unfortunately all of our airships were wrecked in the attack because ghosts need airships clearly. This is like And have such bad hat hair although now that I think on it. I’m fairly certain There’s a functioning ship in the next Kingdom up well good Good job. Well you lazy bum fight way to go in Get on it homes life I could get up there if only I could reach the top of them top that tower which is being guarded by the emoji monsters instrument You know it seems. We’re after the same thing perhaps. We should team up Let’s see if we can’t help those two emojis tiara Logie and Beach emotion Is a different choice, I respect the choice today bid on second Not your style Although the oh yeah now But now Mario learns the power of boomerangs He’s like oh, I understand how a boomerang works now even though it just killed me like five minutes ago also, it’s What it’s funny though oh Wow your trail the light, and you smack that other go someplace I mean not that I would see we’re sure not that I would Know I cannot snacks in the face because he is in and of himself oh It’s funny though so Mario’s like oh this white top hat isn’t my style and yet all the trailer footage shows Mario and like boxer shorts wearing all sorts of weird stuff, Oh Mario And so like he’s perfectly comfortable walking around the kingdom naked in it giving his skivvies and yet he’s like no There’s white top hat is maybe not me Welcome to bonnet in pride of the cap kingdom do you know about the action guide I don’t care Are you familiar cap kingdom from other games? No capture. This is completely right? It’s really new. I don’t know So you can’t punch or kick anymore It’s really satisfying ooh nice They have coin stacks I appreciate that Bowser engines I’m here. He’s just advertising this wedding everywhere yeah Something like pose for these photos, man. I know I think just really concerned about it I don’t think she’s checking her watch or anything waiting for us to show up Wouldn’t that be a twist if after all these years the final Most recent Mario game is actually just like peeps like this Actually, I’m going to really appreciate the inner beauty of Bowser good Effort he puts in usually worked in a lot of effort. What’s Mario doing for her no preventive measures Let’s say that no no like hey Maybe I should like guard peach or something so that she doesn’t get kidnapped in the first place. He’s not doing that Like a long job. Maybe I should teach peach jiu-jitsu so she could For this tutorial and Seems like there’s really by the way, it’s why I’m in commented on yet or anything But the hat breaking the crates is really satisfying looking mmm. Oh, that’s neat Ah, that’s really cool, and the aesthetic is really Really neat also like this already also. Let it be known that I am determined to Light all of these light poles because if you miss one then on that last half Is what about the double tier want? Thank you? Oh, yeah? Right this one of tho. This is one of those things where it’s like. I guarantee that this will enlarge I know that moons are like the big currency in this game. That’s what all the like pregame stuff was talking about Already Play in the fog. I could play the father by the way On that outside oh, no there’s poison signs out there. Did you see them oh? Yeah, I saw those I mean, can you trust those though yes on that Tower?

1 adventure gtYeah, I saw those I mean, can you trust those though yes on that Tower? I do hope my darling boyfriend is all right. Yes, Jason. I I would be a client like most games I wouldn’t trust that sort of stuff I feel like Mario games enough fool me in any way shape or form so Wall jump is still a thing I heard that you can I remember this from the demo oh? Here make sure you get this Okay, there’s a lot of coin right there’s a lot of coins. There’s also just like a lot of areas pigs yeah All right a lot of little things, okay, okay? Areas I can see the emoji monsters minions from here, but all I can do is slow to helplessly and watch No noise wondering about the flowers, but you got it you totally got my gamer logic was speaking to me. You know it’s spot-on so I’ll I just really like the texture of everything everything has just like this really good Like very tactile feeling right you can really You really feel that the textures are really nice the draft is yeah I love the grass and like the even the little detail of the subtle patterning in the grass Yeah, they can see the little lines and stuff it adds a lot of depth to it Here while you’re working on Oh cap throne, holy What break a whole old stack of boxes or a hit a question mark but like a bunch of times Justperson old why do kept throwing? Someone said you just pass the lantern, but I think you ended up getting it. Don’t worry guys. I’m not mr.. De todos Yeah, don’t you worry not gonna happen? Very curious is first time Washington wide stream was 5 and how did Mario die I missed that bit it was very bad It was a story very there’s anything and then it was he was he was a goner At least he seems to be Yeah, so basically what happens Mario’s just they start what odd little fellows. They seem to know you Oh, no you know what you can go back into a perfection run later, I want Yeah, it’s our goal for us to see as much as we possibly can to work it you’re running It even everybody normal guilts every single thing I mean math You won’t be able to help us off for most of it, but if we do miss some stuff. It’s okay We’ll probably be going back and playing a lot of this game But we want to see as many areas as we can because that’s fun. Oh wait there’s stuff there Boiler everything you you’re going to see today has not been seen before it is a game has not consider that 800 yeah everything Might not be deep enough for you to dive. Oh wait. No okay so if I jump I sing oh yeah, oh, and if I grunt, okay, okay, so That okay, so here’s the thing that everyone’s been talking about you got a bet the ledge is awfully high I know try to learn Manta frog Whoa This is all theory fodder right here, bro It feels like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory the tunnel where you have random like images of frogs and lizards on the side whoa hey Oh man, what a frog with a moustache you captured a frog got it oh The ones you’ve captured it is it like it becomes part of your inventory almost where you that? You like have access to that animal going forward This jump frog Mario. Oh he doesn’t think it he doesn’t think so he’s lighter That’s awesome he swims a lot easier just Like everybody I’m a youtuber says hey guys Sasha chicas for a stream coming before the last 15 minutes, can I go time in half absolu absolute can oh, yeah? Yeah, all right I’ll go lb 69 relax says I hate myself for watching. This we love you for watching. This. Don’t worry a balance without a family Everywhere attending a lot of frog emoji. Yes. She’s really cute unless you’re Bowser face emoji too since apparently. That’s what Bowser is known by Bring Dawson says Mario jump frog Mario I’m re the frogs una Guerra. That’s a cute frog says though Jetta Your frogs is Liberty the dog indeed frog frog and Wow strong frog no right you can still break bricks with it. It’s a hard-headed frog Stephanie

adventure gt Wow strong frog no right you can still break bricks with it. It’s a hard-headed frog Stephanie

2 adventure gtWow strong frog no right you can still break bricks with it. It’s a hard-headed frog Stephanie So pop out of it whoa recapture it Kill ability you gain you have to have a frog nearby to turn into a frog right good. Oh, hey you done Yeah, you could speak here action oh Oh cool Oh wow Kingdom home of tradition property. Oh wow so you have like a whole tourism guy. Oh, yeah? Yeah, we brush. Oh, that’s cool. Okay, so lists Old-fashioned lighting huh, it’s all were quickly called out power mood Okay, so there’s 17 different losing get here Wow okay, okay? Oh, here’s capture list Okay, and this is so I can’t so yeah. I have to recapture him everything. Okay, okay? Huh, all right that’s pretty okay, okay, I can get on board with this this is interesting oh The little goats or the little birds are ghosts oh that emoji monster It’s ruined everything bad days do happen, but you’ve got to keep a step up a Grimm Can’t you help us do something to help us get you some help us who responsible for us? It’s funny cuz they’re ghosts and they’re scared if I write the ghosts are already dead Look Val, but what the bowels are gonna do to us? I mean seriously what the bowels are we gonna do – Mario Mario died all the time? maybe we should hide somewhere boys run away I Left my darling and applause oh, I do, hope she’s all right. Yes, all right, I’ve already been card We’re all just fine. Y’all cope good alright, so these must unlock later. Yeah Maybe that’s what Mario dinosaurs allowed no dirty. I am oh Yeah, get a little gothic man I do say be careful that emoji monsters long-eared henchmen are still on top of a wall. Okay. There’s a lantern on Give me the coins make it right That’s a good thing all right you go. Okay, okay? tutorial boss battles Oscar rabbit Wow they look like the Easter Bunny Had lost one me there’d be a fellow with a mustache coming along Yes, we ought to introduce ourselves Where the wedding planners put a happy emoji couple could you trust them with your wedding they call us dumb. Oh jeez brutal Duh, they literally say the blue hat green hat yellow hat purple hat emoji brutal We literally have no name It’s a really long name our names are literally just our faces hard for people to really spit that out Well like we’re like the artist formerly known as Prince we don’t have names. We just have symbols a Little bunny faces we got that emoji treasure that treasure Formerly known as tiara emoji that we needed so we ain’t got no more business in these pots Also, it says this is the brutal z’ talking so what are we left to assume that all four of them are talking here of? Course roughing up goody two-shoes meddlers what the contract right? That’s the challenge of not having names Go for it so I guess we got a little work to do oh No, it’s the Leprechaun. We’re the Leprechaun right he reminds me of the guy who was also lucky charms except. He’s a bunny Water nice oh That’s what he taught you he thought oh oh Okay here we go black your attack pattern fairly predictable Yeah you and your purple papa bear – That’s breaking. I had to mix it up stuff from the traditional three who do it is tutorial and it is oh? Whoa you get a look at this line most impressive. Oh, sorry most impressive now. Let’s use this wire to make our way onward Oh Man we turned into like Electric Mario what oh man really hey Sparky electric wire Mario Spokeman Mario’s bog man Mario Mario’s There go Super Mario, or dis yes there it is wow? That’s tutorial land that was easy. Yeah, put it through it piece of cake tutorial shmoo toriel cascade kingdoms fossil falls So we are out Right yeah, that is so did we die it seems like we died, and yet yet land is connected to

3 adventure gtRight yeah, that is so did we die it seems like we died, and yet yet land is connected to I mean then they said it had a name like they said the world had a name like it was just another world but I bet it’s getting in that pile of rocks Little clue that we have to slowly chisel it out with all this whoo Yeah, what arrived I bet that’s not what we have really if anything we have to probably throw our hat it at multiple times What a ride and we made it to the Cascade Kingdom. Sorry still been amped up from capturing a power line. I must collect myself There should be a book just that like there’s four even old heirs you have somewhere around here Let’s see if we can find it all right Cool, so I’ve never liked it like I’ve never seen this. I don’t like it the waterfall basin Okay purple like heard about those. No not the coins purple got us Stephanie they’re ancient rules pretty sure those four ancient wheels Yourself does not look more like an ancient wheel or more like don’t have bigger holes They’re nice and fluffy Doughnut ancient ryujin doughnut In the beginning there was That seems to be telling me there’s something I could do like maybe there’s a crack behind it or something it is also dropping stuff Which makes me for something going on yeah? Oh, yeah, there’s gotta be something going into this to tell me Travel to Pullman cap throw after throwing your cabs to shake the joy con to perform a homing cap throw Giant at that fly towards the nearest target, it’s super handy when your aims off, okay Yeah, try it that okay, so let’s so I’ve got. I’m using the the kind of like the cute dog. Oh controller oh wow So if I twist it it does that if I throw it Throw it oh, that’s cool All right try and hit one of those things Yeah, oh wait you can send those boulders flying that’s really cool. I’m just like a spinning wheel Again like that’s such like the way that that plant reacts to you and just moves It’s a really satisfying texture right the weight if I hit this yeah see the Orion You could see if you can hit the Goomba know. It doesn’t seem do it This weird that they teach you about that thing hey, I was like. Oh, maybe I but stop it It’s gotta be distracted yeah, it’s gonna be a power later, maybe I have to capture something Sigh platforms yes ancient. We’re ancient Donuts Nothing is tasty. I’m just saying it thing Okay, see the chat totally agrees look frozen octopuses Donuts quantum potato pure pear tato grows also sends donut I Think this is settled oh, okay? So you can after two and then they become kinda like rubber band II The moon it’s my very first It’s also destroying those blocks so I wonder if there’s a way that I can destroy And I wonder if you unlock like a different team I think we have gotten our first moon. We go do it yes lemon half Lion flanking escape Knocking it out completed Complete and the most heavily debated thing right now in the chat is whether their ancient wheels or donuts I think donuts are still winning them I think for sure look savior a savior Mick axe would you doubt when he said shell 74 also says just a bunch of dough nuts yeah? Multi moon atop the falls, Oh another box although uni ends just say ancient we you oh, we found power Oh and kyndra compromises with ancient doughnuts. Oh, what a lucky break this will come in handy to power the airship Have you ever seen anything like it? No. I’ve seen stars though Looks so great it look rather Right why not why not cuz I could die Stephanie feels like I’m not gonna sacrifice Mario’s like a first playthrough. Why not okay? You see oh, I’m so hot and sweaty right now, no, I’m just living vicariously, I’m Sure you died Stephanie. How do you know? Great secret secret the Falls have got a secret here if you go over the fall look look Dad Okay wheels if you hadn’t gotten down there you Gotta catch up. Oh did we oh wait if you go under that way yeah? If video game logic just won’t be anything is that underneath the waterfall. There’s always a secret. Yeah there is That’s a great question Cathy That must be a secret for later it actually connects to Luigi’s Mansion Or the original Super Mario 64 yeah, that would be wild That’s cool, right okay, so make mental note of that. That’s not important later. I like the screen effect with water on the screen although What does that say about the menace of the state who are we? What are we ah there it is if they you imagine? This is what we were looking for it’s looking a bit rough a bit more rough than I expected no It’s just an older model. I’m certain it can still fly Really that thing I wouldn’t be so certain there cap stir. All right. Let’s give cap stir the Friendly Ghost oh No, let’s give it a shot shall We just throw me on that globe emoji that globe globe there the globe globe the globe globe with a glitter god I liked his lantern Obviously means five more spoiler alert this isn’t gonna work. Cappy’s Gave the pop-up already told me it ain’t gonna work 101 aha the journey begins nothing happens nothing’s happening that power moon must not have given the ship enough energy I Wonder if we can find more around you I bet it needs four more Something tells me wait. Where are those marks? Each in hieroglyphs oh the Hat ship Also that round one right there an ancient petrified cat shit So many hat ships all landed in the prehistory I can’t thinking you’re going to say a hat trick, and then you keep saying that shit Come to me come to your master I wonder if as you I wonder if it’s similar to like Mario sunshine and stuff whereas you do stuff that i’m watching different parts of the world otice More hearts yes Okay, so you can’t capture the bird pretty bird thought it might be able to but alas you can’t capture the ancient wheels though so Many don’t super Mario’s Climb shake the joy mountain climb faster These suspicious oh yeah a little time let’s see Three hot item and then break that thing, baby, can you break those? CPR Oh, there’s another wall over there Can you break, oh, there’s something under there look like you see oh yeah, yes secret One bungee jump you break this justice Could have could have done that they were actually functioning a step before the journey is what matters oh He’s the t-rex what oh I’m excited about okay? So this is the thing that everyone’s hanging out about goodness look at the size of that thing so this is Can you wake him up? I know you’re supposed to capture, but did you wake him up? Yeah? Can you just? Hear do like ya do grandpa oh Poor t-rex man his he can’t even swat you off with his tiny little arms. He is not interested in Mario at all No young t-rex me Mario what you got wake up? I got it long curled up I’m getting my revenge on him for killing littlefoot’s mother like that damn you sharp – I know sharp – come here Okay, let’s see after him see what this is like Like one of those you know wearing the head kind of like Oh Wow ah The dares mind, I don’t want to kill you Wow Wow Just thrashing everyone man So if this guy can break all those yellow stones yeah That area that we wanted to bring earlier yeah nope Careful your scrawny on him does that mean land before time also gotta be a secret behind here There’s a mark there, it doesn’t look like there’s a mark there right. Yeah, can we do behind? So that’s the thing I saw earlier from the boy, it looks like oh Yeah, it did Was it just like bonus points a bit unexpected all right Team at every one team a team at Here you run around a little bit more I’m going to check in on our good Friends on the twist here, and I’m gonna check out Yeah Got it the dark side of the moon, you might say you know I think at mr. Game detective on Twitter has a good point right now which is Mario Rex to just go fight and pose her now Right right Mario oh there’s another thing that I presume you walk in there What you know I know that that one or maybe I need to bring my t-rex over. I will okay You bring up an excellent point though What yes? unstoppable At Sebastian Decker says the hashtag Dino patch Okay at sharp line Fox Also has a good point when it comes to to history knowing how long the Odyssey was I hope this game doesn’t last nearly as long where Bowser will have kids before you’re back Right if thousands after this wedding Like and he’s already killed me or whatever I’ve entered the spirit world what have you like the wedding should fart away be over by this point, right? Like if he’s not married to peach by now I don’t know what the problem is I know he’s just stalling I think like there are other fish in the sea there are even other dinos in this scene Yeah, oh Yeah Whoa? Oh my gosh. Oh look. It’s like the to deal Oreos. I play morally. I played one of them It’s just like an interesting Easter egg it’s not lucid what? You have to jump on oh, it’s bad How these games I know I know this one’s a bit of a departure, and you might not be used to it Right you buy something big right yes save up Yes, oh, that’s so cool look at that, what round the corner I agree this idea I would play a full game of just like 2d Mario In a 3d environment Yeah, how awesome is that? Oh? Cranes? You like lair on duty more like your place well It’s like you’re playing Mario on a screen on a screen. Yeah, it’s really interests meta. That’s cool That’s really cool. That’s pretty sweet and again like with how nice everything unlike tactile everything is Having having everything having that contact it is really cool almost as if you’re a In your life or seeing your life That’s interest well bad Jason coming up with a theory material What if Mario Odyssey? This is Mario yeah Is just part of It does say that right like it is weird that happy as this ghost creature Is somehow enabling me? although technically Nintendo has been very specific not possession is You know like okay Bob, yeah Man if there was that this thing feels like it’s a moon waiting to happen this giant that that feels very moon like You see it right there. No. Yeah, yeah, that’s and then the board. Yeah, who those don’t mean anything I think they’re like the goofballs of the Angels yawning she Skate boom Castiel made me says. It’s not wheels or doughnuts. They are bagels oh You’re so right agent babble What’s this you’ll say you need to repair some silly old hat emoji airship Why I could never part with any of my precious power moons and then affair I I don’t see any reason why you should have to write honestly like Who am I didn’t say that you should let her know you’re bring them back Yeah, why does my tomorrow II it sounds to me like someone wants to be a snack my adorable change honking Oh Here they go loud. He’s a fan thing No right Marta was taking no prisoners there like that is expected With the dinosaurs and Here I am I’m like Mario, I’m gonna smack you in the face with your own pet Mario is take-no-prisoners man and Tania look Mario has no mercy Enjoy like the view and I’m like I’m gonna steal your jewelry girl From bunny we’re brutalizing bunny rats I Mean I guess Like that three moves in one go boom right through Knocking it out speedrunning Super Mario how to see day of release vogue done? Got it You got a multi moon what? It’s also interesting that they’re noting in the bottom corners of those flash screens the date that you get it, yeah It’s in I wonder how like if they’re just like creating a journal for you or something. That’s really interesting Yeah, module. I got the moon. You’ve done it and now we’ve got a multi moves Okay, it’s the strongest three power moves to mine because it’s literally three separate boots Really not surprising in any way shape or form it should get the gym moving at no time It won’t I still need more let’s see if we can’t make this work row me on that oh Yeah, oh, yeah, you got the other ones you have five now yeah I can count countin things. Oh nice take that prehistoric world. That’s awesome Saving with the power of six moons You could call us a sailor of the moons Sailor Moon Sailor Moon Okay, Oh Can we travel to the moon moon? I? Bet we can they wouldn’t have it in the map if there wasn’t a moon level here We have enough fuel to reach the sand Kingdom. Let’s go and save those two emoji Why don’t you take the helm just like Sam kingdom Prez and we’ll be off no, I Want to Something had something had to have changed overdo it like it hasn’t won lots of stuff. Oh look look there you go already Yes be running oops that was a fairly simple one fine all right all right Hey donut weird Oh nuts or biased baggles we’re back beggars Oh wait, what’s that with that wait hold up down there? They’re like oh, they’re like we can’t expect you guys to climb all the way, that’s that pipe ride up to the I like his remix What your New Year’s twirly hat-trick no I think one smokes, dude I think I’m supposed to get this guy is a t-rex challenge Chuckles I see rainbow colored beads We dinosaur are raw hear me raw Whole time Mississippi, there’s gonna be something hidden under one of these rocks Yeah, oh, man they’re like cowering in fear over there, you’re just we wanted to feel kind of bad about this Commandeering this party right run him up right. Oh. He’s always gonna sleep at me now He’s just trying to catch a few Z’s man oh I Am Dino hear me roar – that one’s just rotting in here first He just loved this jagged steel axe just watered like entire family. Please save me oh wait oh He’s got a time limit Oh what oh, it’s too big I couldn’t Really so some of the captures Okay Dinosaur that’s big cleanup whoo nice. So good job In the reset can you respond I wonder Which would be All you need to do is just as your time runs out yes, Jonathan would think about yeah you very you drop It miss capture that you know there’s No she all over again That really is that’s how my god Yoshi? Clint Survival of the fittest Stephanie survival of the fittest okay. He’s a lot fitter than Apparently not Lily’s dad’s arms that save it America climbed back Okay, everyone Okay, it is. It’s the modern version of Yoshi. I just Chester the t-rex is okay. He’s okay See I don’t know, I don’t know if Yoshi’s Yoshi’s in this game oh Sure there would be something on one of these um What I don’t know if Yoshi’s in this game We’ll see. I hope he is but if he’s not we just proved that he’s here in spirit. Hey at the very least And I feel like I just kind of run the camera around every single edge It nice dinosaur, that’s running why What’s up with the light I’m Sarah with their tunnel down there down near the cliff where we just fell off. There’s a little tunnel right There’s two oh I think that’s how you just get out there, so now that we’ve done Wonder what’s faster for long. Jumps are rolling probably everyone is really sad. How are you bandaged? Yeah? Well These guys get a bone and donut Walk the cigarettes eek what’s the secret you’re seeking I know it I know it huh I can’t tell you but I’ll give you a clue Cascade Kingdom time for challenge one It’s hiding somewhere. No peeking go find it go find. It’s rock That we just found It’s hard to tell it is no definite look oh Yeah, you know it definitely loves it because that was Dino oh Yeah, oh My god oh my gosh What happened oh Okay, I don’t fish based on oh oh they’re just like they’re chilling out Moon’s for me I thought for sure I was gonna get a room for that right Food up here. I dared you here we go Yeah, but I think once you get 50 with problems right you yeah wait, there’s moved out there wait where did that one come from? Now that we’ve eaten or now that we’ve like unlocks Keys There’s so many right now in here them all go down there in a second Maybe the paintings active now like why did that lady even care if she lost a few moons like Rocky’s you could just pick them up out of the dirt anywhere, right? They’re literally just everywhere you might get those points who lives here on There even us boy at this point a nice. Yeah, I’m not even concerned about there’s another cat. Oh, yeah. Yeah, I’m sorry Yeah, you should get all the cat Mario’s if you like cat Mario oh So bad should say Oh peach gave us a heart Mario Mario Mario gave us coins I wonder if there’s like a Wow it’s not like my nose open I wonder if they did this It’s really interesting like stress do you see it yeah? It gets it on the Nostalgia play Give me a for everything in a game that Departs in a lot of ways from a pretty like a very tried and true system and two parts a little bit more than usual It it still builds in these moments of like deep rooted Mario Like the Mario that every Right I’m learning. I know you forgot. I know I don’t know time. I love that the only time you’ve gotten hit Like retro level so if there’s more if there’s notes hidden everywhere I guarantee that. There’s gotta be one either at the bottom of this or at the top of this one That’s all we thought right like there’s a secret level or like bonus hitting thing whatever just riding out up There is that ledge up there right there, yeah there we go who are you trying to fool? Are you trying to fool the Tendo no, but it is interesting so like the gameplay The game please I would have laughed if there was fall damage now all of a sudden Nobody is interesting how the game itself is kind of structured like Mario 64, yeah But it has kind of the like different control elements of sunshine but But then it has the 2d Mario’s from classic it is it’s like every Mario rolled up into one It’s really interesting mark his flashing before his eyes. I really like that innovation Jason. I think you might be onto something It’s real interesting. Oh, there’s a moon over there, right? No still no Oh now. I’m gonna die they die yes Okay Yeah, this one feels like it’s gonna have some secret. Yep. Yes ancient wheels Can go in that tube yeah Okay, and that’ll take us back Well no this would be this is a nice nap no this is uh well, it’s it’s interesting because it’s in the style of the 8-bit platformers, but He’s more Her, I mean his sprite is comprised of more I think it’s It’s an it’s an 8-bit OMA, so there’s a secret down there Wait oh Okay, so there’s nice yes nice We needed five to provide the next level here now, I just feel like I have to like hit everything just in case This stuff just everywhere. It’s just like chock-full Yes, and I more–it like a thousand coins This feels that’s an odd shadow I Think that one might feel like yeah that might be my imagination Wow these sections go on for a while right, this is this is pretty elaborate. It’s all. Oh, it’s interesting So that was the second moon in this section I wonder if all of the secret sections Probably it’s not a large festival But the top the dinosaur one head to this one head to it feels like the secret sections Or these like little mini games each have to like one main objective and then one leg 820 man you’re unlike level 1 Okay, so it did unlock so yeah, so basically what you have to do is get through the main questline and then it unlocks all the other stuff it seems so I wonder if we went back to Cappy Kingdom if All those things that were like oh I wonder if this unlocks later Oh, it’s like mini golf with dogs. That’s fine. It’s like cool. Yeah as I say reminds me of playing pool. Yeah So this guy need to go like yeah, beautiful Like if you hop onto those Next so this one you need to ricochet Yeah I’m like right there me a little yeah a little turn and then that had someone behind in uh Angle a little bit more this way alright. No no no the other right the other end right Yeah there there No, okay, all right. You gotta hit him further on the outside yeah there there like that There there, okay Like a glove who knew all this is in the funnel Oh Is this is this the time oh wait there’s Lord banking yes So there are so there are two in each one it seems like every an hour and oh This is the moment where we have to remind people that Nintendo gave us this game for free right is that why you’re giving them as that look oh oh Free Jason, there’s my cursor press This hand motion and I was like are you feeling 6. You need to vomit it’s okay? Yeah, yeah, thanks is interpretating is this game. It’s really awesome He’s gonna give you very nice Waited too long he could have got you. They always do that’s no one can catch Mario They don’t call me Super Mario for nothing Okay That’s cool. Oh man Ginny Armstrong says now that I had a theory for you. Matpat is pizzette at madame Mario That’s why the Hat, oh wait why he mean That’s why he’s been a sociopath this whole time yeah This is this whole game is a reckoning Mario to explain his bad behavior in the past We’re missing three keep an eye out for three ancient doughnuts or bagels yeah Alex one two three seven three six four it looks like you have been playing this game for a while No, I’m playing it for about an hour, but we are almost like we’ve discovered a ton I could look a cup covered a ton of ground, but no this is the first look since the first day It’s been available to to play and to stream, so we’re here doing it loving it yes with you I told people this at the beginning of the stream, but I Wanted to save first impressions for you guys I wanted to all of us to experience this together so even though I had it early I sat on it Yeah, which was really hard because I’ve been really excited about this little quickie there but also I’m so I’m really excited to be playing it now and have the ability to do it but uh Yeah, if don’t sit on your games. Don’t yeah, I know Jemma she married lessons nice stranger things theory by the way. Thank you, yeah There’s a strange thing theory out on Phil Jerry today If you’ve seen the theory that you have to do the series you should watch yeah Yeah, I noticed that oh It’s a one of those like sunshine Let the time challenge they were talking about yes timer challenge ice so the Scarecrow What are you doing here hint toad hi Mario Help out emoji peach Prince the pigs present speech. I’m going to do a survey of emoji rune power location Having trouble finding woo power moves. Oh oh not at all. I have yeah for 50 coins Screw you toad no get out of here. Take your business elsewhere alright R2d2 what hey kiddo I’m uncle amiibo uncle creepy uncle let me go Hey wait bad touch creepy uncle amiibo. We’ve to make your acquaintance and all that He’s just using me hey you got any amiibo couple Have some to work. They’re good at finding any straight power, but no I don’t need any straight power right now fine You know and here’s their dinners rounding and sorry powers I got plenty of power moves depending on the UH people you use you might get a little bonus custom – oh we want to Have to be no I will not happen amiibo bad touch bad touch of evil that’s a The amiibo are just driving your buddy hey, they’re right there on that cliffhanger Okay, he’s Paul six ugh I was excited optimism wait. Okay, you said select Wow we’re like wow we crushed this level yeah This is great. We got 13 out of 25 and less than an hour whereas game Kingdom and we’re Three doughnuts away Wow with a little bit of coin toad could help Get out of here toad don’t find a more lucrative business we don’t need you Oh, yeah Maybe after all the moves if it’s not yeah Buddy throw your hat at it my galley Yeah, we checked it all over the place No, so as you can see 13 moons We’re going record time here blind blind old broken equal kazoo chefs near the waterfall check Yeah, I was gonna say remember that one that we saw earlier, I won Like it is yeah. Oh no way Oh Oh Treasure up the waterfall, baby. Hey, yo this Can we just skip the nap like if if? If progress in this game is dictated by the number of moons you have can we just skip the entire next level like we just really like guess game Kingdom so we just decided to clean it out I Do like finishing things as much as I can finally? Someone asks how many streams we do per day for day one? We do one per day. I know that there are some people out there who do more than one stream today And that’s just the wild fiddle to keep up. I got it. I got a right theories at some point Yeah, what’s the secret here safety? I know it. I know it, haha I can’t tell you but I’ll give you a clue cascade kingdom timer challenge wow you’re super help baltic talking to Backwards what that’s right? Yeah, oh hey, that’s that shit that’s getting hasn’t seen it from that angle or something very nice The lid the lid in relation to link into link to link their Role is not Alright. Yeah. Good. Good to know oh, and your floppy little hat is Honey air not unexpectedly so There’s gotta be those other three donuts or I’m here somewhere Dude Maybe the top levels changed now that we beat the ball So many coins what happened to just cut up their stuff, I know I know it’s hard Right I wonder if you know oh Very exciting it’s the most bizarre groans pitter patter Triceratops, you know Right I feel like there’s got to be a mood or something Throughout the other way, so you hid the treasure Right not you said all right knock his head Try it angling it a little bit Right Until it feels like you should be able to do something with that where maybe we just don’t know Maybe if you hit all of his like vertebrae I’d be excited to see something new it’s all right Why would they be here I’ll move on for now game Can you go into his ice I care, I know right the Killick There’s gotta be like yeah. I definitely feel like there’s more to this I bet as you fall or something if you like shoot your hat I Don’t know I don’t know I wonder right II really I feel like there’s something there like if I go That the coins yes, oh hey hey Wait nope whoa hey, so do you keep in touch, I’ll show ya get out there right like this Go runnin leap Oh Yeah, right anything they get a boo We got a solid name of accomplishments Thanks, thanks a lot oh no. Oh my gosh saved by the platforming skills All right good hey, you’ve got it right. Okay, so we got two more. Yeah, we’re good. How many boobs that this thing? What a nob stone fact Said all I gotta say about it The allspark stone is certainly peculiar, but it doesn’t seem to do anything not yeah, that’s true. It’s the tesseract wait Oh, hey toad what hey? Captain Mario fancy meeting you here, that’s right. It’s me captain toad. I’m Traveling the world looking for emoji power moon There’s so many rare fossils around here. I jump for joy, but you know you can’t jump no No, I have the found emoji power moon in my search But you can have it it’s kind of strange that you’re searching for them and that you’re so willing to give them up Searching and also that you only found one yeah, right? They’re literally everywhere which came next Oh Santino maybe that’s right In his defense. I’m pretty sure Mario had to jump for a lot of the moon. That’s true All right, I think we should be I think we should go What do you think it does feel like we’re missing like a section here right? Yeah, I guess that’s true. Oh Wow we’ve gotten literally a lot though oh Yeah, that’s like a yeah. There’s like I wonder if it relates to the painting I wonder if the painting of Here let me just try one less thing all right. Okay cause I feel like I I feel like I need to use it boys Maybe he can destroy the Christ there. I was gonna say. Oh, maybe yeah. Yeah, can we bring him up? I? Saw, this is stressful, so if you won’t be able to get up there. Yeah, oh Right now. Here’s your Triceratops neck don’t run him off a cliff again. I wanted to get there with this right there. Huh go? Just destroy Angry – he’s not a triceratops You’re trying to get him to destroy this height Triceratops, okay, okay? Yeah there I feel like there’s something with that Triceratops that were just missing All right It’s too big. Oh you wait. They said go to the painting The the chat suggesting Lee we tried the painting now that we have all 50 donors exalted violinist let’s go to the painting that Christian worship qu8 says you’ve got doughnuts no painting I think Or just the pig at the peg you just check the pagan alright, okay? What do you say Jason? Nothing, I think it might have just been like the graphics of the water or something But it looks like little purple balls are appearing around that painting that time. You know we could pay towed over here. Oh I can’t find any more hints for this people so haha So yeah, yeah, it means. We’ve gotten everything that we can right now There must be more that we have to come back for later Yeah, so there. So there is some element of course backtrack okay, alright. That’s good to know Boom beat the Cascade Kingdom now in less than an hour whoo or maybe about no I think it’s less than an hour because we’re in tutorial and for a while words twirling alright. Let’s fly away, man Let’s load of my wow this is one Holy cow alright oh yeah the moon’s nice Yeah, yeah blonde move that’s awesome it off to another Kingdom. Let’s sail sailor moon Mario is the one called Sailor Moon It’s not called that I’m gonna have a cute black cat He’s got a he’s got a red cap that I had cute red hat The wise it’s a why why it’s had a wise hat guys have spirit Oh man Wow he’s using the leonardo davinci style of flight Right yeah, she got like the spinning of Burley’s whatever I don’t think it ever worked for did it uh I think no I think is helicopter model would have theoretically works really yeah Hello ghost friend Whoa Captain oh yeah, I have a problem with Dwight tough, man But those white cabbage pass for five Admiral Mario there at the helm, ahoy mateys Shiver me timbers there you go. That was awesome spoiler alert, but yeah, just beat old cascade Kingdom for you guys First playthrough nailed it nice. Oh get good Mario. We check out this next up a little bit jealous What’s up in those hand carry a little bit? So how do you like me as a captain’s hat pretty classy wouldn’t you say? haha Now then where were we that monster’s name is emoji Bowser? Well well chase them down in no time in the emoji Odyssey Sync it up. We’ve got some time to kill. Let’s review some useful skills ground-pound Smashbox really yeah This is such a cute little interior, and so well maintained for something that was abandoned for years right well there It is power of the moon oh My gosh look at their little mugs Wouldn’t you like to drink tea and hot chocolate a lot of like a top hat man, Bianca, okay, okay, Nintendo? I’m ready for the merch bring it on if you need some more review more review. You might want to look at the action guide The action guide basic controls capture actions bonus track, okay. Good good. We’re all set all right. Thank you It’s always there for your perusal just open the menu and an action guide We should discuss the same Kingdom – woo as you’ve no doubt piece together. It is entirely covered in sand Wow thanks for the spoiler a long time now cap stir, and as you can imagine it gets quite hot Hmm there are some ruins there and an artifact called the binding man. Oh, it looks game over I think thank you like a wedding ring and This bowser seems like just the sort of creep that would steal a priceless antiquity for his sham wedding Are we sure that it’s a sham wedding peach did not seem super Tell you like help me ma. She was like uh Mario was kind of bolted like 50 miles away, and she was like Oh This is great, and I remember okay, so when we did play some of this at e3 This is the level that we played or at least the one that I played did you play other quit? No I just played this one too. Hello I declare the maiden voyage of the Odyssey of complete success But why is it so cold I thought deserts were supposed to be hot huh that’s how the tower is shiny But could that be could it be a power mode So each world has a different color. That’s cool. Oh cool Whoa? Alright, alright, okay, so look there’s no wastes over there so when I first so what I did do the demo at e3 I got one. I got one awesome, so we’re already doing way better. Oh Whoa we got a little tortilla. Chip in this one. Oh these tortilla. Chip boys are good only in this kingdom. Okay? Hey, buddy oh? Man, it’s like dia de los muertos hashtag not sponsored by Coco right new Pixar movie come to feeders The early November right uh everything just wrong was all of a sudden He’s dancing, but he’s warm Daddy, no study enough. Good. Good. Go on taxi wait forever, okay? Yeah, I spent most of my time just hopping around trying pump it around Really, it is like that. That’s a really good roundabout on that over there. Yeah, be like what you doing Matt hoping around Around Rp. Yeah, let’s try to get your coins Oh So crunch purple corn tortilla. Oh yeah, that’s the thing welcome to the top Don’t mind if I do No dog Uses closet change Two kinds of coins yellow coins and tortilla chip boy. Oh all right yellow coins anywhere, but tortilla chip coins I believe right here Hey, hey right sombrero. Oh, do you want to dress up? I only have enough for a poncho Oh cowboy outfit sand Kingdom sticker Doesn’t statue go in your ship. That’s a nice job. Yeah That’s a nice to hear right life apart. You can buy a boon yeah Nailed it Come on. Yeah, just gonna bleep the game by filling out all my cash Do you like yeah, just give me a couple movies what here y’all got a moon shopping into a study now. Oh? Yeah like that Mauro’s weirded out by the dog as he’s like running away He’s like it’s such a cute dog and so realistic, but it’s kind of strange right. He’s like what’s this real? I’ll do it. I’ll do it because bet it gets me a the moon right better get some moon Okay, we’ll get crouch. You see something interesting and RHCs below Pressey l okay grow all night. I’m assuming there’s something Yes Yes, hold it. Yeah You just stole from that folder Wanna shop use the front door. Please all right can’t handle me. You can’t handle this Mario That crouching ability it’s vitally Opie if only we had hidden our Power Move I just stole I just stole do you think there’s a reward for knocking off all of Bowser’s post I feel like there’s gotta be There’s a poster right behind you then Of a century right Bowser’s okay? I’m just thinking they don’t have much else going on if you really think about it Where can we plant this let me plant it hot sittin right there plant drop Really nice sure just just drop it. Just drop it Mario Night Oh cute, where’s my moon? Where’s my boo dad I bet you have to get two more hit with your hair Let’s come back later, and see how it’s growing okay that is it your go What’s the secret you’re seeking I know it I know it ha ha I can’t tell you if I’ll give you a clue wandering cactus Thanks Thanks, you’re so helpful Dumbo’s helpful oh he’s all chilly Because it’s well because it’s too cold right now is he the story mission is you have to stay warm like link Just kept this to get one with you in the wild you have to get Linkous wetter ok it’s true, it’s true You’re seen either nice poncho. We’ve got it. Oh Yeah Man oh, oh Yeah Oh Man there’s a lot to see there’s a lot, man. There’s a lot of it’s just everywhere – okay Well, you got give me moon. I just want lumens keep showering me with yeah mmmm There’s a prize in this party room, but to find it you’ll have to feel it walk around feel the rumble Let it move you to the prizes. Okay, okay? This is this is a Nintendo using that HD rumble wait Feel it shake it. What would shaking pretty hard all right? It’s getting later No at all I was just going okay, oh I feel it going again. Okay up Get heavier oh my gosh, this is the classic Super Mario Brothers 3 like bonus item room music I think It’s slightly off, but it’s really good close, right Yes, oh hey guys a rumble from zero deep door, honey oh Man, you could let your emotions guide you We have bubbles or your rumble got a little bit open. You can let your dignity’s kind of guide you punch it with that Open up those flowers over there Look like for today protein hey you got a grill. Oh, there’s birthday cake ever I gotta be able to carefully follow Bird yeah, oh he’s going going. Oh, he’s blowing that totally means he’s got Murray Yeah, anger. Yeah go no don’t roll that way. Where’d you go hurt? Okay? Homey we got him What no no get over here burn wait where’s it yet lumber? Oh geez come on? No Yeah Take that bird nice Mmm. I like that we just brutalize the bird, you know it’s social I Thought that’s sad Come on now The story missions this desert Yeah, you’re right we’re tortilla chips wait hold up. I can’t get the tortilla chips. They’re under the ice but I can get whatever’s up here I Don’t know oh It’s like oh. Oh oh these are like these like red coins, yeah Nice Oh moon oh Great, I like that we have completely ignored the main mission We’re just like all right just find the minutes and jump on the pole okay But no lakitu oh, no, it’s okay, I don’t like anyone following me around surveilling Suspicious Birds Wow just like record time just kidding of all over the points oh Okay, I bet if I jump over this cactus you’re were you trying to teach me Yeah, I bet if I have mastered whatever skill. You’re teaching me cap jump Why after holding your caps been in place for a little while okay? okay, so Yeah, just a few extra coins, but you can open that flower and then bounce out I Didn’t expect my hot button topic actus my hat does it bounce off who can’t even run away from you Oh my gosh come on seriously There’s got it clear through this running headlong into these cacti you’re losing to a plan come on Yeah, you’re seriously losing to an inanimate object doesn’t matter. Yeah, it was out You won’t have lost to a boss you will have literally lost unary cactus fine Set dressing. I’m just saying They’re like hey. Here’s a skill you need to learn and here’s a bunch of cactuses Just it tells me there’s a moon hidden there context clues dictate manymoon know Oh What were those guys these are those propane tanks. Oh, yeah pray come see me and break up good Kabooms loader I bet I have to like transform into something Oh Tostito oh man Crunchy with top a copyright neutral Copyright new to it oh sweet. Oh. Yeah, I Can open the map yep, so easy and helpful no Leave me alone. I got I got deep propagandize this place, right talk to oh My god. I think they just keep coming back. Oh, it’s all locked Dressed like us party like us. That’s what we always say Okay, okay All right, so hold up, so I gotta go I know why we gotta go buy a nice hat and poncho and then we’ll be able to get in right So let’s and now we have enough sorry Let’s do it Boom, can we just get out of the sand Kingdom without actually completing any other visions fine No, no, this is all right for a thousand coins. I can get more you naked 130 Uh-huh this is what you wanted. Yes, I’m gonna con chilled Get a hat get a hat. Can’t wait to put on a poncho mondo. Is that what you wanted? Yeah? They try to mislead you by giving you the cowboy outfit as well Laughs now you gotta yeah Dia de los muertos kind of getup canary yellow eagle eyes met pack. That’s where it is general look look We’re in just a general partier boxer shorts Ladies and gentlemen for the low low price of a thousand coins even Dario has a price everyone Mario get naked for you for a thousand coins welcome home. Are you barkos Odyssey? All right you run around a little bit more I’m gonna flip over into the twist Wow you can really get into like wow Op slots oh man play some slots the toast arena game. That’s winning worldwide fame. It’s ten coins playing What do you say power moon of course it’s hologram can be won, I will absolutely play At moon land e says every time I hear you’re talking about moves. I think you mean me lmao So it’s after the heart there you go Whoo gambling man, if only real Bone a gambling man, how great would that be right just like yeah? Oh those got it At the Mimar says toss it out the moon’s like and then does an animated gif flash gift of Oprah giving out the cars At tourists Ryan says Matt versus stationary captain Actus captures in the lead. Yes. Let me know at the Baconator 532 says hey Matt. Just a quick theory material for ya What if peach wanted to be kidnapped by Bowser? One of our theories from a long time though actually does touch on that a little bit and touches on this weird like this weird thing you can actually do in the real world where you can pay a company like a Reputable company to kidnap you True story and it’s weird yeah, it’s very it’s very weird But for people you want like the ultimate thrill and want to see if they like can survive that kind of thing you can actually Have someone come to your house with kidnapping. Yeah, it is so weird and so we kind of look at how peaches psychology How kind of weird it is? in a lot of ways oh That’s funny, I didn’t even realize that there hasn’t been music Now that music is just kicked in I’m like oh wait there hasn’t No, there’s no. I mean there’s been others in other areas Just not. It’s just one in a little while what it’s just because I’m you know that one – That other no the other one whoa Just just randomly slam your butt on to things in the environment yeah, there’s one over there – right right up there. There’s yeah It’s like popping popping. I know it was really satisfying Oh wait, I bet I can because I’m having I’m able to find time. Yes, I myself. I don’t really need to look right at e3 It’s not like you’re doing a lot of you deep stress strategic thinking You’re just like oh, I’m just gonna see how much I can do in this game right now In like the ten minutes you get to play game Nice Yes, yes there is something over here so many corn chips so little time So this was so this was the section I saw yeah, that’s like what I got Whoo you got a moon slide a block it’s a hard place Look at this we haven’t even done like the first question of this level right while Give me Boone’s got insatiable appetite for the moon, right What we really likes moving oh hey what happened there that was another one of those spots Oh Looks like there’s some secrets down there right. Oh, yeah totally That looks like an instant death pit yeah absolutely under bed That’s nicer cut the grass down nice Wow That’s the classic GP otherwise known as a ground pound GP That’s be confused with the GT Oh Platforming still applies still Mario game We were just on an episode of youtubers react if you haven’t seen it, it’s free, I think it’s pretty funny, it’s most satisfying food And so they show a bunch of videos of like satisfying things happening to food that was more satisfying than any of the videos yes Okay, so we know there’s like So keep an eye out for like alternate exists, I also I also really appreciate that Mario is is still in his attire yeah? Oh, he’s so cute. That’s pretty adorable Oh No, Oh at least it keeps a little hat you’ve won this day, oh geez All right, whoa I Want to call out at dead girl walking five? That says hello and love for Australia today is my 18th birthday Can I get a clap and a half of my first legal drink? Oh man? Whoa happy 18 At Chris D’Elia cases collect the purple Doritos got you mom Marta’s got some munchies. Why is there ice everywhere since at riemann? We don’t know yet, yeah, yeah sometime Chilly right so if I fall into this So you sing Like this is clearly a bonus Oh That’s just ice it isn’t actually I thought those really You know I thought they were to I I thought that we could use something to like Get a grasp of the mud and bust in yeah It feels like there’s something in there Biggs yes that worked oh, man you can jump really high with that. Yeah, oh Also think there’s some 2d stuff up there what I think up behind you there’s 2d stuff on that column. Oh, yeah Awesome This looks suspicious Oh Yeah, there’s there too – oh Nice for more toasty, I like that the Tostitos look different yeah, yeah That’s mine, I’m okay with that I decided to show off some platforming skills, that’s all Yes, oh my god, yeah, hey good job with that one, I didn’t see that it’s so again It’s one of those things like as you play Any sort of game but especially like Mario games I know? What the visual cues are and I’ve gotten used to asking myself the question of like why would this be here and there must be? Something suspicious right so here like why is this here? Why is there that little gap and you might be like oh because Mario will overrun it, but it seems weird, right? And so everything’s really intentional and Nintendo games are just really cool right which is nice And so they’re giving you a little visual cues as to like hey, there’s secret stuff here. Yeah, so yeah there you go At crazy Chloe game says should really be sleeping But hashtag you see life is too entertaining and I’ve been waiting for this game and matpat comments are so funny Also, hey we’re flying through the moment So you don’t even I feel like a vine Compilation’ with how we’re collecting that like we’re not giving you a time to click off my friends We’re just capturing these things left and right Moon shards in the sand. We’re gonna be done with this game by the end of the stream Totally yeah Oh man, so I’m like 15 minutes. Yeah, oh No you got it you got it it just helps your head go farther. That’s awesome Okay, yeah, okay Whoa whoa, that’s pretty cool Holy cow all right come on I was like is it gonna go Yeah, it’s gonna go down here Okay Yeah, everybody like to fall Bar game to talk to me right the platform is gonna fall eventually Okay jump rope Oh wow Oh Call me where no nice nice job Well there you go, we got it all right, it’s going down section got it Wow awesome So I’m a moai statues now okay, oh Oh, okay Can I walk on this even with us Oh, so just shows you we’re invisible something That’s awesome Fast on it, so well, there’s one over there Wait whoa, oh there are there’s his stuff over here, and it’s just really hard to tell Jeannie oh That’s so cool looking okay? Yes, oh cool nicely done Oh there some some purple Tostitos over there. Oh yeah popcorn And also if you can’t figure it out for yourself, there’s also little birds to help you right that’s nice Yeah, so weird all he’s sold shivery even with his little extra poncho Even this guy runs away from Mario he’s like I don’t want to be captured Right weird though. It’s so weird That’s awesome yeah, there you go There Got me Right oh Ha ha stopping rub cheese Bowser Are you walking back home no, that’s Where have I missed it where did it go? It’s gotta be on the right yeah, it’s gotta be around here Somewhere oh wow no no just down the middle Is well concealed by the two cacti Get out of here, I don’t need your body anymore for my needs Wow Mario just uses them and throws them away go Oh That looks like a final boss. Oh, yeah, all right boss of the world I think we think we’d tackle the boss showdown on the invert here, okay done Can we do that and then we’ll probably have to call it for this stream, but about right. We gotta do this one we do With that would be like – all right how many awesome lion, no time no time like the present Sure sure oh man my quest side quest Things are eating up at the inverted pyramid. They must be trying to steal our legendary binding man. Oh, oh man I sure hope they don’t steal all right Oh Tostitos, oh nice jump on the Tostitos Jump Tostitos Good one And there’s mode all baby mini-moon Okay, so run straight over and then hop hop okay write that one lines up with the walls of that Okay, and then too far to hop all the way over to the greens you have to hop back right Nice good job. End of the moon. Oh, but that was a secret area like we said that usually the secret areas have to That’s different in this world what my beautiful sheep three of them have escaped and I’ll never get them No No, I want your body. Give me your body sheep. Just give him chase Sacrifice your body to me sheep Quest here we gotta go because I know we’re gonna be lost seriously. Thank you shine. It’s imperative to this poor They will still be lost a spot that idea. I know exactly this is why we can’t give him open-world game. I know or Just run around chasing sheep oh, I hope you’re happy if he goes bankrupt you you’d have that on your head that You would never be able to live if you were really smart He would have like trimmed down those sheep and made a few sweaters be making a killing right now. Yep, right? Yeah, buddy if you’re not capitalizing off the wool business right now. No. What are you doing that there? He is? There’s a sleeping? No get out of there we’re pyramid Stephanie get out your pyramid. Oh wait that Was good pelvis that was the news one lost in the light luggage great I Like those that you just walk around here like oh this right just Justa little pick-me-up moon, let’s Li get going come on Just chase this little shaky, but go oh my gosh little tail bobbing up and down go Go figure Crazy, thank you. No. Thank you. Maybe shape it hurt and shape in the dunes. We have filled up We have filled up the Odyssey again without beating the level now. Go nope no you’re going the wrong way Go toward the inverted pyramid. Go toward the inverted pyramid Look we have to check out the Sphinx. No we don’t remember that time we visited st. Stephanie Readings traveler and to your hat as well. Can you answer my riddle? What does the thieving emoji monster desire from this land? Freezing tree rig you are correct perhaps that wasn’t much of a riddle oh Yeah, we gotta go beat the boss now, okay? Look look at what we would have missed All right, that’s very satisfying look at all sense alright. That’s really satisfying right right that’s nice. I like that You’ve got broke-dick all right Yeah, take this Trent look. We would be prized treasure How does it go did you Keep my YouTube money Have you not been asked enough questions yet? Let us. See how you do with this one one gallops across the sand how many coins are required to get on his back I’m a serious thirty. It’s not gonna be one it’s not gonna be fun Your upper barnable one Third time foreign visitor traveling by car what’s stopped his journey sand aye aye sir saying that I Yes three correct answers All right, I predict Saving this one all right. How’s the inverted pyramid? How many? I don’t know I haven’t even been there I’m supposed to be headed back. Let’s just get eight because that seems like a good number. Oh Better go the inverted pyramid I guess I have your answers incorrect. Okay great. Okay, all right fine. We’ll have to come I’m sure he gives you a reward for getting. Nope you save that progress you will never get that no Thanks Jason, yep hmm something tells me Something tells me a Mario game doesn’t have permanently aught like locked achievements inside the inverted pyramid, okay? You got this Okay sounds like that hurts As far as like oh my head can’t do this anymore right. I’m getting too old for this again. Okay? Ah What what are the classic? And old favorite Do you think there’s something at the bottom of this Do we think there’s something at the bottom of this Can I see the bottom no no keep going yeah, oh I’m so tempted. Yeah, yeah, you’re tempted by everything no You had to have been a secret there somewhere you can come back for it later There’s force backtracking anyway Secret secret Booth that’s so just like trippy yeah great oh That’s so weird to see them float up like that all they’re in here you go, there’s a secret Coins I can make Mario naked now I have over a thousand. Oh my gosh one Nicky Mario run What do you say Jason I said you missed one well, I know right and Alright for the people who are like no. You can’t miss oh Alright circles oh man grazing your sombrero Whoo good Nice nice you need the whole thing Alright good one good one there Were they really home right in don’t think there you go. Oh nice there. It is it is Feels like there’s gotta be some secret over there, right Guy Just okay thing about This cactus yeah, right yeah cactuses are Matthew toughest enemy in this game so far. It’s a cacti I just know that I also know that it gets late for for you guys for viewers Who are watching especially? People watching on the East Coast or people even watching in Europe And I know we’re gonna come back and play more of this game It seems like you guys have really liked it, and we’ve been really into it, so we’re definitely gonna come back and play more It’s don’t like people to like have to miss it. It’s like 2:00 a.m.. Yeah What I Wonder if that like something that you can do with the Triceratops later, I wonder – the horns Oh that makes so much sense you’re totally right. There’s also how many statues one two three four I Don’t think that was not funny. Thank you there should be six Okay, so that must be I bet it’s a quest I bet you get a mood for doing it Something tells me that’s a real quest Hey, oh oh I mean I feel so bad for them looking for that binding man chokes, dude We had moti ball says no, man. You guys ain’t invited to the wedding. That’s the ball. Oh, that’s so sad. Okay. Don’t we see Right this feels like her like oh Wait oh you can Oh awesome okay, or at least it’s ended her attack manufacturer yeah Stay down Stay down bunny get Bait out she does take a few more hits in the last guy right okay there we go And I mean we are talking literally down like two bombs at her All they wanted to do they plan the wedding, man, yes all they wanted to do is plan the wedding in you guys Are real, but Mario you keep your hands off my woman Hey now buddy stay down Nice don’t try for I mean what the Triforce of young multiple showdowns Notice em all awesome I’m assuming everything will get warm now Okay night, you know Nighttime Okay, it leaves so this teleports away wow that’s a weird one right? the inverted pyramid The hall Whoa what oh, that’s awesome because you came okay both wonders That emoji brutal just who has no name Has no name a brutal show it slows down a bit really did it’s lost out of night I feel like we’re making fantastic time. I know faster excellent problem. We’re still racking up the emoji power moves You know we are got over a hundred How odd the inverted pyramid is floating and it’s gotten so much colder colder. It’s nice time Yeah, it gets colder at night in the desert their caps Doesn’t take a genius Barf emoji Bowser’s doing I say he doesn’t make trouble doesn’t he? Indeed deed he does make trouble that was awesome so wait. I’m gonna see what my grand total of ruins are say wow I wish they actually animated every single movement right just have a giant wall oh man we got That’s pretty Yeah, my gosh in a in a two hour livestream 42 we have collected 42 moods. It’s not bad blind mind you Blindly collected 40 we’re just gonna be like ah screw the rest of the sand King goes like the sand immiscibility. Hey, there’s options We’ve hit a proverbial fork in the road which Kingdom do you wanna do you think Bowser went too late? Or would it all the wonder what I’ve seen in the trailers. I have not seen lake Kingdom it is yeah, so I think this is a good place to stop though for yoga, so there you go Next up here real quick. I want to see what we’ve got any puns Make sure you hit that flag. I can select any checker checkpoint, yeah All right Like oh, it’s a bitch But ok so here we go so in the sand kingdom. We’ve gotten 21 Wow 21 of 69 moons okay pretty darn good. Yeah, these are pretty awesome I can see if you I can see definitely areas on the map where we’re missing like big chunk They show you where they yeah, so you can see where they’re clustered maybe you can get ones that you’ve missed so yeah You know if you have like a set of them all in a row you probably like you probably know where it is So just to keep you up to date on the progress of today. We got all 50 purple babbles ancient wheels yeah From the cascade Kingdom and all of the moons up until whatever this section is that yeah, and then? Sand kingdom like we just showed. We’ve got Not bad not bad up. Everyone flowers. Yeah. This is a lot of fun. Hey guys Thank you so much for watching this episode of GT live in its entirety, and it was a long one But there was a lot happening there, so hopefully you weren’t too bored, and if you thought that we beasted mario odyssey well Then you should see how we beasted cuphead. Oh, yeah the hardest like platforming game to come out this year hmm Part one of that late to the left don’t forget to subscribe for a lot more Mario odyssey action so anyway real you might be surprised if there might be more Kind of like this game Hit it subscribe

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