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– Dungeons and Dragons,or D&D, is a fantasy role playing game thatpeople have been playing all over the world for over 40 years. It’s the granddaddy of allmodern role playing games. And its release in 1974is commonly recognized as the launch of the modernrole playing industry. I’ve been playing Dungeonsand Dragons since I was 10 years old, and I wantto share with you the joy that this game has brought me. Together with five of myfriends, a few of whom are going to be playingfor the very first time, I’m going to show youthe basics of how to play this amazing game. If you’ve never playedD&D before, or if you love the game and want to recallthe joy of playing it for the first time, thisis the show for you. I’m Jason Charles Miller, andwelcome to your Starter Kit. (upbeat instrumental music) To play Dungeons and Dragons, you really only need three things. A Dungeon Master, or DM. Ideally this is someonewho knows the rules of the game pretty well,or is willing to read the rule books to learn. The Dungeon Master guides the story. You’ll see how that works. For our story, that’s me. An adventure. This could be a publishedadventure from Wizards of the Coast who makesD&D, one of any number of amazing smaller companieswho publish D&D Adventures, or one that’s completelymade up by the DM. For Starter Kit, somefriends and I have taken a classic D&D adventure from 1979, In Search of the Unknown, and rewritten it to make it a good teachingtool for new players with an experienced DM. Players excited about thegame, usually three to six, but any number works,depending upon the adventure and everyone’s experience. The players will each createand play the main characters of our adventure. So you’ve got me, your Dungeon Master, and you’ve got an adventure. Let’s meet our players, and together, we’ll create our characters. – Hey. – Hey!- Carmel. – Nice to see you again.- Come on in. (laughs) Have a seat. – Hey.- Hey. So, thanks for coming over today. – My pleasure. – We’re gonna playDungeons and Dragons today. – This is exciting. – That you’ve never playedbefore in your life, right? – Never.- Okay. (laughs) What I wanted to do was makesort of a classic party, that’s been representedin D&D the entire time the game’s been around,and really, four classes.

Default adventure starterthe game’s been around,and really, four classes. Class is your profession,or your job, your main job. You’re gonna have two fighters. Those are the guys thatare in the front line, swinging the swords. We’re gonna have a wizard,and we’re gonna have a cleric. A cleric is the one… Just remember in the backof your mind, I always want to keep that clericalive, ’cause she can keep the rest of us alive. – Okay. – I gave you a little bit of homework, to kinda look up some things. – Yes, I did. It was quite involved. – Yeah. – It’s exciting. – We kind of came to aconclusion that you might want to play a rogue. – Yep. – So, a rogue is sort of thesneaky trickster of the bunch. Yeah, a lot of times inDungeons and Dragons, you’re gonna encounter… There’s gonna be traps,there’s gonna be locked doors, there’s gonna be puzzles,there’s gonna be hidden things that a rogue has specialabilities to handle more so than anyone else. You’re a good fighter,but primarily you will be probably the second line of defense. We’ve got the fighters up front. But you could try to sneakbehind an opponent unseen and stab them in the back. That’s what rogues do. – I see. (laughs) (laughter) – You’re gonna play a halfling. And it’s funny because you’reour tallest player today, and yet you’re playing acharacter that’s three feet tall. – I know, I was like, “I’m small, “I’m small, remember that.” (laughs) – Yeah, just… So we’re gonna talk aboutalignment for a second. You’re chaotic good, andthat’s a role playing… That’s sort of a role playing guide. Meaning, chaotic good is,you’re good, but, you know, the ends justify the means. Like, whatever you…- Like I could turn… – Yeah, whatever you have todo to kinda get the job done, you’re gonna get done. But you’re still mainly a force for good. – Okay. – Think sort of like Han Solo, you know. – Okay. – He gets the things done, even… You know, is it illegal, maybe. But that’s okay. – Let’s roll some dice for your stats. – And what I like to do is, I would like you to roll these six times,

1 adventure starterI would like you to roll these six times, and every time, we’re gonnathrow out the lowest die. – Okay. – So the first roll isn’tnecessarily for the top ability. We’re gonna get six scores to choose from, and then we’re gonnaassign those as we go. – Okay, so… (dice rolls) – Love it, so your first roll is a 16. That’s really good. – Okay. (dice rolls) – This one, but I really like those too. (dice rolls) And 14, another good one. I’m really liking these scores. – Okay. – I wanted the rogue to have good scores. – Good. – ‘Cause we’re alreadyin a good position here. One thing to keep in mind too, is you’re a light foot halfling. – Okay. – And those are the halflingsthat want to go on adventures. – Okay. – Those are the ones thatyou find sort of more out in the world, and so you actuallyget some ability score help. You’ll get some bonuses.- Okay. – So, whatever youassign to your dexterity, you’ll get a plus two,and whatever you assign to your charisma, you’ll get a plus one. – Great.- So that’s always good. – I like those two. – I would say take the 16.- Okay. – Because it’s gonna turn into an 18. – I see, because you can’t gohigher than 18, is that right? – You can, but it, so evenif it turns into a 19, you’re gonna get the same modifier. – Oh, I get it, okay. – So, might as well…- Do 16. – Yeah, so make that an 18. – Oh, 18, right ’cause I’m adding two. – Yeah, mm hmm, and thenadd plus four to that, because that will applyto your die rolls later. So we gotta figure outwhere to put that 17. Wisdom is a great place for a rogue. Because you’re gonna beusing that skill a lot when you’re trying todetect certain things, and that’s sort of what the rogue does. You might sneak out in front of people. Charisma could be good too. Are you the kind of roguethat’s gonna bluff people, try to persuade them to dowhat you want them to do? High charisma helps with that. If you’re maybe a frontline fighter, do you want to be a crazy roguefighter, strength will help a lot with that too. So, I guess it justreally depends on where you see your character.

adventure starter you see your character.

2 adventure starteryou see your character. – Okay, I think I’mgonna go with charisma. – Okay, I like that. And, you have a bonus there too, so that 17 will turn into an 18. You got two 18s, that’s… – I’m pretty bad ass. – Yes, that is a bad ass character. Yeah, I mean, usually, likeif someone were to show up at a game with a characterthat had two 18s, the DM might be a little suspicious. – (laughs) I’m kidding. – I saw you roll thatmyself, so, you know, I… – That’s good, wow, okay. – This is really good. – I think I’d like toput the 14 on the wisdom. – Yes, that’s a really good idea. The 13 and the 12 are basically the same. – Right. – Because they’ll bothgive you a plus one, and the 11 won’t give you any bonuses. So yeah, tell me what you think. – I’m thinking I’d like toput constitution in case I get in the scrape. – Sure, yeah, that’ll giveyou a couple extra hit points, or at least one. – I feel like maybethat there, strength 12. – Mm hmm. – And intelligence 11,’cause I already have pretty high wisdom. – Yeah, I think that’s great. It’s gonna really, a well balanced rogue. Let’s talk a little bitabout some of your bonuses that you get as ahalfling, and as a rogue. One of the great things Ilove about halflings is, you have this ability that’sjust called to be lucky. And what that means is,any time you roll a one on a D20, which is not good,that means critical fail… – Okay. – Your lucky ability lets you re-roll it. You automatically get to re-roll it. – Wow, okay. – If you roll a oneagain, it’s gonna fail. – Right, right.- No matter what. But that’s a really, really good ability. – Okay. – You also have advantageversus being frightened. You’re very brave. You can move through creaturesof at least one size origin. What that means is you’renot like, physically moving through someone like a ghost,but if you’re in combat and your official size is small… ‘Cause there’s small,medium, large, giant, right? – Okay. – So humans and elves and halfelves are all size medium. So if you needed to movethrough them to get to another area on the map, you coulddo that with no penalty. – I see.- Yeah. Also, you can hide behindcreatures and gain cover

3 adventure starterAlso, you can hide behindcreatures and gain cover in combat, so that’s very useful. – This is a great character. – It really is, and these ability scores, you’re gonna have fun with this character. – Yeah.- You really are. The last thing we need todo is decide your name. – Okay. I have a name. – What is your name? – It’s Tryn Hiltopple. – I love it, I love it. Tryn Hilltopple. So go ahead and write that in to your… – With a Y. – Okay, yeah, gotta have the Y. – Tryn kinda for rogue, andHilltopple for halfling. – Halfling, yeah. And, here’s your… Here’s your figure. – (laughs) That’s awesome. – Great, and I’m gonna seeyou when the party assembles. – Awesome, see you then. – Angela.- Jase. – Hey! – I am so excited to be here. – Come on in, come on over. – Let’s roll some dice. – Yeah, alright, you’re ready to roll. – I am.- Okay. You’re one of my ringers,you’ve played D&D before. – I have, that is true. But I will be happy tolearn more things today. – Okay, well, maybe you’regonna teach me some things, too, and that’s always good. – Yeah. – So, you know, the DM alwayshas to be open to learn from his players. What I wanted to do withtoday’s game was make a really balanced classic party. And you graciouslywanted to be the cleric. So I’m really thankful for that. – What if they get hurt, I’m here for you. – Yeah, we decided thatyour cleric is going to be a cleric of the god Helm. Helm is the vigilant one, thegreat guard and the watcher, god of guardians,protection and protectors, and worshiped by guards and paladins. He was long seen as a cold andfocused deity who impartially took the role of defenderand sometimes also enforcer. So I think that’s prettycool for a cleric. – It’s very very good. – Yeah, yeah. – It’s punch and heal. – Yeah, exactly, punch and heal. – Yep.- Yeah. Slam and heal, we’re good to go. You’re really gonna be thelife blood of the party, and hopefully give them back some of their blood here and there. – Alright, are we ready? – We’re ready, yeah.- Okay. (dice rolls) – Nice. – Wow, that’s very good.- Nice. (dice rolls) What’s great about beinga human is you can add one to all of those. – Oh, nice. – Fifth edition, humansget plus one to all of their ability scores. – Okay. – So now let’s figureout where we’re gonna go. – Still two eights, but that’s okay. – Yeah, well, you know. Use that for your role playing. (laughs) Your role playing ability. – So I assume I want togo wisdom high, right? – Yes, wisdom high for sure. So I would definitelyput the 16 in the wisdom. – Um, what else am I gonna need? Any tips from the DM here? – I would say, we want tomake sure you stay alive. – Mm hmm, so… – So, probably constitution,I would go for. – I need to be alive sothat everyone else is alive. – Mm hmm, mm hmm. – I like having dexterity,but intelligence might be more for spell casting? – With clerical spells, itreally relies on the wisdom more than intelligence, so… – Let’s to dex so I can get out of the way if somebody’s hitting me. – Exactly, great.- Perfect. – Although, what I couldhave said too is that because of the modifier,an eight or a nine basically are the same,yeah, they’re both negative. – I feel it though, when I say, like, my charisma is an eight,it feels different than saying my charisma is a nine. – Okay, yeah, that’s fine, yeah. Different for you, so… (laughs) And actually, that kindof maybe goes along with, you’ve got a lot of wisdom,but not a lot of street smarts. – I’m book smart and not somuch street smart. (laughs) – Yeah, you can play it that way. We’re gonna talk aboutspells for a minute. As a cleric, you get yourspells directly from your deity. Wizards study spellsthat they learn in books. Clerics get them from the divine. There are two types ofspells that you’re gonna be able to cast as a first level cleric. One are cantrips, cantripsyou can cast at any time. They’re not very powerful, but they’re sort of ingrained in your body. You know how to… You’ve done them so manytimes, you can do them whenever you want. – Light, light, light, light. – Yeah, there you go, justthrow light everywhere. And as a level one, youhave two level one spells. You can choose from any of these, but you can only cast twoof them per long rest. And a long rest is like, sleeping, for eight hours, hopefully. What we have to do now is… I hope you’ve been thinkingabout a name for your character. – My character’s name is Deborah. You can call her Dabber Debbie. – Okay, great. – Yeah, and she’s hereto sort of be the mom, and take care of everybody. – I love it, I love it.- Yeah. – Deborah.- Mm hmm. I like, the thing I rememberfrom learning how to play D&D in high school was thatif you add just apostrophes in the middle of stuff,it becomes a fantasy name. – This is, yeah, exactly. – So I’ll just do that, and… – Perfect. And here’s Deborah, here’s your figure. – (gasps) Oh my god, she’s so beautiful. – Custom painted. – That’s gorgeous. – So you’ll be usingher today to represent your character in combat. So I’m gonna see you in a little bit, when the party assembles. – Alright, let’s do it. – Great. – Hey!- Hi! – Come on over. – Oh, thanks.- Come on in. – Thanks, man. – Yeah, thanks for coming. – Of course.- Great. So, we’re gonna play D&D today. – Alright, let’s play some D&D. – So you’ve only playedone other time, right? – Yeah. – So you’re one of my newbies. – I played on a webshow at Meltdown Comics. – Okay. – So I’ve never actuallyplayed without cameras and… – And now you never will. So, one of the funthings about playing D&D is creating your character. You chose to be a fighter. – Yes. – You’re gonna be a dwarf fighter. – Alright. – Now, often when you’rea new player, the DM will give you a pre generated character, and we’ve done some of that today. But I wanted to do thefunnest part, for me anyway, which is rolling for your stats. – Okay. – And I am gonna giveyou your very own dice. – Hey. – These are for you to keep. – Thank you.- Yeah. And here’s some extra dice,’cause you can never have too many D6s, ’cause you’regonna need a lot of these in the game, eventually. – Or maybe I should just call these dice. – Yeah. – I didn’t realize these were dice. – There are so many different ones. So we’ve got some things set out here, but what we’re gonna dofirst is we’re gonna roll for your six attributes score. Strength, dexterity, constitution, those are the three physical. And then intelligence,wisdom, and charisma, and those are more themental or spiritual. As a first level character,’cause we’re all starting as first level… – First grade. – Yeah, you’re in firstgrade, as an adventurer. You know, you might havedone something else. In fact, I think we havethat your previous background with your character wasthat you brewed beer. – Okay. – Okay, so you were a brewer before. – A kindergarten activity. – Yeah, yeah, and nowyou’re ready to kick ass. – Alright, where do I throw these? – Anywhere. – To the north, to the… – (laughs) To the east! No, just right there on the table is fine. Okay, wow, okay, so thatwas a pretty good roll. So now we’re gonna dothis five more times. – Oh. (dice rolls) (light instrumental music) – So now you got these six stats to place. One thing to remember is,because you’re a mountain dwarf, you get bonuses on top of this. So, constitution, you’regonna get a plus two bonus to whatever you place this. And same with strength. – What’s the difference betweenconstitution and strength? – Constitution is howmuch damage you can take, how much like what your fortitudeis, whether that’s like… – Okay. – Not only is it physical,but also how much can you get through before you get exhausted. – Like kind of passive strengthor something like that? – It also has to do with whatwe’re gonna talk about later too, which is hit points,how many hit points you get. – Okay. – So really, how much damage you can take. But also, you know, how longcan you hold your breath, how long can you, you know,march before you fall over? All that kind of stuff,that’s constitution. – Gotcha. – Also, a great statfor a fighter, for sure. – Okay, so I’ll put my 16 in constitution. – Yeah, great, and thenbecause of your bonuses, that’ll make it an 18. – That’s right. – I think that’s a really good idea. – Yeah, man. – Your ability scores also determine… You’re gonna be rollingdifferent skills based on that, and you’re gonna get bonuses. And with an 18, you get a plus four. So you’re gonna write plusfour in that little one. The 15, you’re gonna get plus two. – Alright. – And for the 13, you’regonna get plus one. Now, we’ve got… – I feel like I’m applyingfor a very weird job. – Let’s cross those out. Yeah, you are. You’re applying to save the world. – Oh. (laughs) – With the wisdom you geta plus one, so that’s good. And with the charisma,you’re gonna get minus one. So, you can look at that, and… (murmurs and laughter) Yeah, you could look at that many ways. Charisma’s really like leadership ability. It’s not necessarilyabout physical appearance. – Right. – So, you’re gonna… – I’m mostly beard, right? – Yeah, you’re mostly beard, first of all, which I can relate to. (murmuring) Yeah, maybe you stink, or maybe, you know, you stink of hops because you’re always brewing beer or something. – Yeah. – Or, maybe you’re justcrude or you, you know, speak out of turn, stuff like that. What we’re also gonna talk aboutare your special abilities. – Okay. – So this is what’s reallygreat about being a dwarf. You’ve got dark vision for up to 60 feet. – Yeah, nice. – You can see in thedark, for up to 60 feet. – Because I live under a mountain, right? – Yeah, that’s amazing.- Right? – Yeah.- Yeah. – So, you don’t need any lightsource, anything like that. You’ve got an advantageon saves versus poison. We’re gonna talk about advantages later. And, one of the greatthings about fighters is, you have an abilityscore called second wind. – Yeah. – What second wind is, is… If you get damaged, if you get injured, and call in your secondwind, and then roll a D10, add one to it and getthose hit points back. – So that’s like WWE, whenit looks like I’m haggard… – Yes, and then… – Shake it off and then suddenly… – That’s it, that’s second wind! – Okay, perfect.- Cool. You can do that every short rest, and a short rest is only an hour. So as long as you restfor at least an hour, you can use your second wind power again. So very very helpful for fighters. – That’s exactly whatI assumed it would be. – Oh good, okay. You’ve got a lot ofstandard stuff in your pack. Check that out.- Okay. – And the last thing that weneed to do is decide your name. – Oh yeah. – Have you decided your character’s name? – I think so. – Okay, what’s it gonna be? – I’m thinkin’ Thumper. – Thumper.- Yeah. – Yeah!- Th’ump’ar Fireforge. – Th’ump’ar Fireforge, I love it. – Th’ump’ar is T-H apostropheU-M-P apostrophe A-R. – Okay, so Th’ump’ar. – Th’ump’ar.- Yeah. – Th’ump’ar, great. Okay, so write that in there. And here’s Th’ump’ar. – Hey.- Boom. – Nice.- There’s your guy. – Little big Th’ump’ar. – So we’ll be using him in combat today, and that will represent your character. – Alright. – Cool, I’ll see you soon,when the party assembles. Mixie, hey. – Hey.- Come on in. – How are you? – Good, how are you? – Amazing.- Cool. – I’m excited. – So we’re gonna play D&D today. – Yeah. – And you’ve never played before, right? – No. – You’re one of my brand new newbs. – Newb. – (laughs) Okay, cool. What I wanted to dowas sort of play a game where we have a nicebalanced classic party. We talked about you being a high elf… – High elf wizard.- Wizard. Yeah, cool. Are you excited about that? – I am.- Awesome. One of the most fun thingsabout creating a character is rolling for your stats,rolling for your attributes. The six attributes arestrength, dexterity, constitution, and thosethree deal with more of the physical aspects. – Which I don’t do much of as a wizard. – Right.- Intelligence? – Yeah, intelligence is gonna be your… – Or wisdom. – Yeah, intelligence,wisdom, and charisma. – Which is totally not actually me. (laughter) – Well, you know, that’swhy we play pretend. – And zero charisma. (laughs) – Nah. What we’re gonna do iswe’re gonna roll for these. – Mm hmm. – And the lowest scoreyou can get is a three, and the highest you can get is an 18. At level one, boom! (dice rolls) Look at all that. – I just throw all of them at once? – You throw them all, yeah. No, we’re gonna just take fourof the D6s, these are D6s. – Okay. – So the way the dice workis, this is a D4, four sided. Six sided, eight sided, 10 sided, 12 sided, and 20 sided. 20 sided you’re gonnause the most in the game. – Yeah. – Once we get playing. But now, just in charactercreation, you’re gonna use… You’re gonna roll these six times. And we’re gonna write thatdown, and then we’re gonna assign the scores that weget to the ability scores. – Okay. (dice rolls) – Not too bad, 12. (dice rolls) Okay, nice, 14. (laughs) 14, okay, cool. So now, one of the things to remember too, is because you’re a highelf, you’re gonna get a couple of bonuses. You’re gonna get, to your dexterity, you’re gonna get plus two. – Plus two. – So just remember that. And then for your intelligenceyou’re gonna get plus one. Now, intelligence is the stat for wizards. – For a wizard, right? – So what I, you know, Ican’t see any reason why you wouldn’t put that 15… – 15 on the intelligence. – Yeah, and make it a16, because that will actually give you more bonuses, too. – Yeah. – So I’d take the, cross out the 15. – Cross out that. – Put it in intelligence. – And add the one.- And make it a 16. – Okay.- Yeah. And also you can add, do alittle plus three below that. – What’s that? That’s the bonuses you getfor any intelligence based skill that might happen later. So that’s all very good. – Which are gonna be alot of skills for me. For intelligence.- Yeah, definitely. So now, the next numberto place is we have a 14, that we need to put somewhere. And I would say, one of thethings that we need to remember about wizards is thatthey can’t wear armor. And so, either constitutionor dexterity would both be good places to put that. – What’s the difference indexterity and constitution? They’re both protecting you? – They’re both protectingyou, but in different ways. So, constitution is howhearty you are, how many hits can you take, how far can yougo without being exhausted, things of that nature. Dexterity is how agileare you, can you jump out of the way if someone’strying to attack you, can you balance on that beam. – So both kind of defense things. – Yeah, yeah. It might make more senseto take the 14 and turn it into a 16 for dexterity. – Or a 14 in constitution. – And then you can take the12 and put that in dexterity. – 12, yeah. – And make that a 14 too, that’s great. That’s a good idea. – What do you think, you like that? – Yeah.- Okay, let’s do that. 14, and then the 12 in dexterity. – Which will be 14 also,because of your bonuses. – Plus two.- Yeah. – Alright.- Great. And then the bonuses withthose 14 will both be plus two, in the little thing below it. This is great. This is a very wellbalanced wizard character. I like these numbers a lot. You’re immune to magical sleep, which is also a really good thing. So if someone casts… – I read that I get, yeah. If they cast a spell on me, andthey put everybody to sleep, I don’t go to sleep. – Yeah, that’s… So you might be dragging people out. – I don’t really sleep anyway. High elves only sleep,well, they go into a trance, for like four hours. – Yeah. – Versus most characters,are like eight hours. – Mm hmm.- I read that. I did my homework a little bit. – Great, awesome, yeah. – I didn’t want to be the super newb, so I tried to learn a little. – That’s great. We’re gonna talk about spells. – Sweet. As a wizard, you get yourspells from knowledge. You get your spells fromstudying and from learning them from other wizards that mightgive you a spell to learn, or a spell book thatyou find along the way. – Or looting? – Or looting, yeah, youcan loot a scroll and then say, “Oh, this is a spell, I’mgonna copy it into my book.” You’ve got two types of spells. You’ve got cantrips, and thenyou’ve got first level spells. Cantrips are the spellsthat you can cast at will. You can cast those any time you want. They’re the ones thatyou’ve been practicing your whole life. So, you know, if you want tocast fire bolt every round, you can do it right out of your finger. Level one spells, as a level one wizard, you can only cast twoof those per long rest. Or per day, sometimes people say, but really like, wheneveryou go into your trance. Again, you can only cast two of these. You have all of these prepared,so you can pick from these. And we’re gonna add a fewmore too, now that we know what your ability scores are. But you can only castbasically two per day, or two per long rest. All we have left to do rightnow is decide your name. What is your character’s name? – My cat’s name is Moon. – Okay. – So I thought Mooncould be my first name. And then, Blood. – That’s great. – I just want to be a little evil. – Yeah, why not? I mean, you are good, but… – Good, but… – You know, we’re good characters, but… – Moon Blood.- Yeah, Moon Blood. I like it.- Okay, cool. – I like it, great. So write that in your, right here. And here is Moon Blood. – Ah, that’s me! – That’s gonna be your figure today. – She’s hot. (laughs) – And I will see youwhen the party assembles. – Yay! Thanks.- Great. Come on in.- Hey. – Hal, what’s going on, man? Hey, good to see ya. – Good to see you too.- Have a seat. – Right on.- Yeah. So thanks for joining us onthis little adventure today. – Absolutely.- Yeah. – I love what you’ve donewith the place, by the way. – Yeah, it’s great, right? – Yeah, yeah. – Everyone’s got a suit ofarmor in their basement. – No, just you and I.- Oh. – Pretty much just youand I at this point. – Okay, fair enough. (laughs) So, you’re one of my ringers. – Right. – You’re one of my veteran players. – That’s right. – Tell me a little about that. – Well I grew up in a placecalled Peaks Mill, Kentucky. And at the Tom SawyerLibrary, we would have Dungeons and Dragons every Sunday. I became the kind of defactoDungeon Master when I was 11, and then 12 years old,because I was the only one who wanted to do the reading. – Well what we’re gonna dotoday is we’re gonna play sort of a classic party makeup. And I didn’t want to add any more classes, so we’re gonna have two fighters. So you’re gonna be the second fighter. – Right, that’s good, yeah. – You’re gonna play a half elf. Yeah, it’s always good to haveanother fighter in the party. – Yes. – What I love to do is, I love to have peopleroll for their stats. We filled out a lot of this already. – Sure. – And we’ll go over that in a minute. But I want to give you your dice. These are officially your dice,these are your dice to keep. – What? – Yeah, all for you, for today. – Ah, very exciting. (dice rolls) I should have brought my loaded dice. (dice rolls) – Hey, not too bad.- Yes. – Not too bad.- Okay, finally. – Not too shabby. So we’ve got two 14s, anine, a 12, and two 10s. Now, because you’re a half elf, you get plus two to charisma,and, this is what’s great, you get plus one to anyother stat of your choosing. That comes to the fact thatelves get higher charisma and humans add plus oneto all of their stats. – Right, and since I’m half. – Right, you get to do one.- So… Yeah, I get that, a little extra help. Okay, cool. Well, since I’m a fighter, and you know… I’m gonna load up my strengthand my dexterity with the 14s. – Okay, great. – Like that, and that’s aplus one there too, so… – Okay, so go aheadand write that as a 15. Now you can’t add plus toboth, you have to pick. So you can only, so it’s plus one to one of your choosing. – Oh, I thought… – And then plus two to charisma. – That’s very disappointing. – No, sorry, you gotta pick one. – So, okay, so dexterity will get a 14. – Yeah. – And then, I get plus what on charisma? – You get plus two oncharisma, so whatever… – 12.- Yeah. – Great.- Okay. There we go.- Not bad. I’m not stupid, but I mightmake some dumb decisions now and again. – Right, but you’re pretty strong. – Yes I am.- Yeah. All we need now is your character’s name. – Yes. Well Haldor is always my, kind of D&D.. – Go to?- Go to name. – Yeah. – But we had, like… What did we come up for a last name, Spalharkus or something? – Uh, Spal Harks. – Spallarks.- Yeah. – Haldor Spalharks? – Yeah, that works. – I like it. – And here’s Haldor. – Ah, that’s awesome! – He’s gonna be your meme today. – Looks just like me. – It does, he really does. – Only taller. – And I will see youwhen the party assembles. – I love it, cool. (upbeat instrumental music) – Do you guys want to introduce each other to each other really quick? Just kinda tell me your character’s name, what your job is, your class is, and… – I am Haldor Spalharks. I am half elf, becausemother was that way. And not an elf, I mean. (laughs) You know what I’m saying. And I destroy evil, it’s just what I do. – So hi guys, my name is Tryn Hilltopple. I am a am half halfling and half rogue. Oh, that’s my class. – Yeah, right, actually,you’re all halfling, all rogue. (people talking) Yeah, your race ishalfling, your job is rogue. – You’re half right. (laughter) – I’m halfling rogue, that’s what I am. So I, you know, I’m hereto help us get to our goal, and that’s what we’re gonna do. Guys, you ready? – Mm hmm.- Ready. – Hi, I’m Moon Blood,I am a high elf wizard. And I will have your backs no matter what, through thick and thin,through the whole entire night, and I will be there to castspells on all of our enemies. And I will be there for you all. – I am Th’ump’ar Fireforge. That is why they call me Th’ump’ar. I am a mountain dwarf. I like to fight. I will… I’m very strong, and Ihave a lot of constitution. (laughter) And I grew up making beer. – Hey, let me talk about beer. Thoughts about beer, talk about beer. – Alright. – I guess that’s where theconstitution comes from. – I’m more of a wine girl. – My name is Deborah,I am a cleric of Helm, and I am here to just makesnacks and heal people. So please, if you need anything, I’m here. – Great, and heal people with your snacks. – I’m gonna kill people too, but I have to talk about the healing more. – Deborah. Th’ump’ar. Moon. Haldor. And Tryn. All five of you grew upin the city of Water Deep. And all five of you met onthe steps of the Adventurer’s Guild, a guild that allof you are trying to join, but you’ve all been turned away. ‘Cause you’ve been on new adventures. Tryn, in your underground network, being a rogue, you have heard of the legendof Roghan and Zelligar. Roghan the Fearless andZelligar the Unknown are legendary names. Roghan earned his name as a great warrior, and his reputation spreadfar and wide across the land. Zelligar, equally renowned,earned his status and power as a foremost practitionerof the mystical arts of magic and sorcery. No one knows what broughtthese two together, but they formed a strongbond of friendship. Eventually, stories surfacedabout a hideaway being built deep in the wilderness, farfrom the nearest settlement, away from traveled routes,where they practice their adventuring prowessand kept their treasures. 30 years ago, a great barbarianinvasion came from the lands of the north, threateningto engulf the entire land. Roghan and Zelligar andtheir band of royal henchmen met the barbarian army in great battle. Roghan slew a horde ofbarbarians single handedly, and Zelligar’s powerful magicput their army to flight. Eager to destroy thehordes once and for all, Roghan and Zelligarpursued the barbarian horde into the north, wherethey met their demise in a great battle that shook the heavens. In the past week, it hascome to your attention that there is a man namedDarian in the town of Daggleford who claims to have a mapto a mystical lost keep, a place apparently calledjust by one letter, Q. He claims it’s the lostkeep of Roghan and Zelligar. It’s filled with vastknowledge and treasure, and he’s entertaining bidders. The map is accurate. It could lead you tothe mystical place that was once their home and sanctuary. And perhaps, their treasure trove. Just the thing that youguys might need to prove that you’re adventurers,and gain admittance into the Water Deep Adventurer’s Guild. Now Daggerford is justthe next town south, it’s just right down the Sword Coast. You can get there easily, so… Let’s say you go. – It’s pretty obvious. – Let’s get a move on. – I’m for it, I just gottapack a lunch, and then, yeah. Just my character needs to… – I can bring lunch. I’m happy to, like ifanyone needs anything. – Vegan? – Anything. (laughter) – You have reached the town of Daggerford. And there is, you heardthat Darion is hanging out in the inn called the Broken Boat Rite. – Hmm. – Daggerford is a town of 900 people. It wishes it was a bustling metropolis. They try, but it’s… There’s not that many inns, so finding the Broken Boat Rite is pretty easy. – How can you trust people froma place named after daggers? – And isn’t the coast Sword Coast? – Yeah. (people talking and laughing) – That’s a good idea. I get wisdom extra points for that. (laughter) Sorry, so what’s our first option? – What do you guys want to do? – Well, we need to go inthere and talk to Darion. – Right, great. – And get that map. – I think so. – And now, who’s goodat talking to people? Like, who’s friendly, charismatic? – That would be me. – Oh, fantastic.- Or you. You have spells. – My charisma’s not really on its game. – Mine’s pretty good, thanks. (laughter) If I do say so my damn self. – Okay. – I have the wisdomenough to let you start. – There you go, alright. – So you entered the inn,it’s actually pretty bustling. There’s probably about 20 people in there. You see the bartender sort of tending bar, and you know, wiping it down, and, he looks at you and clearlydoesn’t recognize you. So he’s like, “Welcome to Daggerford. “Never seen you guys here before, hmm.” And sort of goes back to,you know, cleaning glasses. – Let’s kill him. – Sir, we look for an old friend of ours. – Old friend, you say, hmm. – Old, what’s his name,I didn’t write it down. – Darion.- Darion. – Darion, we seek Darion. – Are you sure you’re notthirsty from your long journey? You all look thirsty to me. (people talking) – Let’s have a couple beers. – He’s an expert on beer, my friend. He would love to taste your wares. – Would you like to taste our local brew? – Yes. – Okay, that will betwo copper pieces each. – Alright, here you go. – So, he gives you all… All five of you, beers. And you taste it, and it’s,you know, it’s not, it’s okay. You know, it’s notreally, it doesn’t live up to the Fireforge standard. – I want one of my coppers back. (laughter) You’re cheating me out of… – Be nice, be nice. – No, you’re fine.- It’s not bad. – Darion’s over there. Thank you for the business. So he points to a man in a green cloak, sitting next to a fire, by the hearth. He’s reading a book and he’sjust sort of all by himself. – Let’s go talk to him. – Absolutely.- Yeah. – And then kill him. – I can’t remember whoDarion is specifically. – Oh, Darion is the guysupposedly selling the map. – Selling the map, right, okay. – Then we find the territoryof the two dead guys who… Roghan and Zelliger, Zelligerthe Unknown, who is famous. – Okay. – The famous fighter namedZelliger the Unknown. (laughter) – He’s like Zellig, he just blends in. – So yeah, he allegedly has the map. But I doubt we go straightfor map, so I think it’s just kinda like, you know… – Chat him up. – Yeah, somebody’s gotta chat him up. – Alright, you start while I… – Okay, I’ve got fairlydecent charisma I suppose. I ask him his name, and then I guess… Excuse me friend. – Yes. – Don’t I recognize you from up the coast? (light instrumental music) Are you not a member ofthe Adventurer’s League? Do you not… – No, I’m not a member of theAdventurer’s Guild, or League. – Yeah, the Guild, the Guild itself. The League’s a looselybanded group of people, they’re friends of mine however. But a friend of mine, Roghan,a friend of my father’s, said that he had friends down this way. And we are traveling adventurers. – Roghan, hmm. That’s very interesting,I happen to have procured recently a map to Roghan’s abode. – Is that so? – Yes.- We had no idea. – Father had always saidI should visit this place. It was a place of great learning. – Hmm, I somehow don’tbelieve you, but regardless, I have a map, if you havegold, I have things to sell. – I say we grab the map andgo, we have bigger fish to fry. – We can take the whole town. – Should we check that he’s even Darion? He said he was Darion but we didn’t say… – Yeah, maybe we should see the map first, ’cause if the address on the map is like one of our houses, we’ll know it’s bad. – Yeah. – Okay, and then we turnaway from our huddle where we’ve been loudlysaying all of this. – Of course! – So he, out of a very ornate scroll case, he pulls the map out and sort of opens, just about, you know, a fewinches of it, to show you. And you notice thesurrounding countryside, everything sort of… – Recognize it. – So how do we know this is the real map? – You don’t.- We don’t. – How much is it?- How much? – 30 gold pieces.- Ooh. – There are a lot of people that want their hands on this map. – Yeah. – I’m pretty firm on the price. – Mm hmm.- 60. (laughter) – Or 60, sure, absolutely. (laughter)- Okay, so… – Anybody got any fake gold? – Yeah, do we have money? – On your sheet.- Oh. What is that?- I have four gold. – You do?- Yeah, it’s right here. – Oh.- Where is the gold? – It’s right there in the bottom. – Oh, I got 12. I’m loaded, I got 12. – Yeah, I got 12. – I’m not paying for the whole map. – I’ve got 12. – You love maps. – We can all go in evenly on the map. – So, I will give my 12,if anyone wants to match and meet with me to buy the map. – I’ve only got 12. – Okay, so we’ve got 24 right now. – I have four gold. – Okay, you have four. – I’m sorry, where does it say that? – Actually, yeah, youhave three gold pieces. – Okay, thank you. – I’ll do eight and thenthat will be 30, right? Four, oh, you only have four? – I only have three. – In the world, but it’s fine. (people talking and laughing) – Okay, how about this? We’ll give all of ours, andyou can give us six more. We just need six from you, 30 gold to him. Yep, so… – Or, just do it for 20 gold. – Yeah, I just write downthat you have zero gold. – The price is 30, I’m not negotiating. – Just pay for it and let’s go. – Fine, here you go. – Do you have change for a 32? – I don’t give change. Okay so you give him the 30 gold pieces. – And we get the map. – He hands you the map.- Yeah. – And then immediately standsup and walks out a side door. – Keep an eye on him. – Yeah. – Yes, let’s keep an eye on him. – Want me to follow him? – Follow him.- I’m gonna follow him. – You gonna go spy on him? – I’m gonna follow him. – Sure.- Alright, I’ll follow him. – Don’t go too far.- Follow him through the door. – Can I follow you through the door? – He’s gone. – Dude, that dude just disappeared. – Mm hmm.- Completely disappeared. – He’s left it as a burden. – Alright, let’s look at the map. – Yeah, let’s take a look. – Let’s look the map over. – Okay, so you roll out the map. – That guy might have been Zelligar. – It looks legit, and yousee basically, you know, what looks like thesurrounding countryside, about two days journey. You see the letter Q. So everything seems tomatch up with what you heard in your spy rogue. – With mind settingdevices that one of us… – Not that Q, a different Q. – Oh a different Q, alright. – We can follow the mapand look at Q’s line. – Yes, absolutely.- It looks like a sword. – To Q.- Yeah, okay. So I think we start on the… Is there a, can we tell fromthe map if there is a more circuitous or more dangerous route? – It looks pretty dangerous. – Yeah.- Yeah. I mean, it does look…- Give me a look at it. – If from what you know,you grew up in Water Deep, which is in the big city north of here, from what you may know justwith your survival skills. These don’t look like roads or paths you’ve ever seen before. – Mm hmm.- Let’s go. – Then I think we starton the firmest straightest path to Q, since that’s our goal. We want to be in the Adventurer’sGuild man, we can’t tiptoe around after thatnonsense trying to decide whether or not to buy the map. (laughter) I’m questioning whether we deserve to be in the Adventurer’s Guild, us. – We’re just gettinggoing, we’ll get better. – We need to throw a littlecaution to the wind, people. – Alright, you start out on the map. You’re already well equipped for this. You’re ready for this, you’re ready to go. So what we’re gonna do is,I’m gonna get you right there. – Yeah.- Okay. – Yeah, this is what ouradventure is all about. And what I want to say alsotoo, if this were a longer campaign, if this were acampaign that we were starting as friends and we were gonnaplay every week, you know, every Wednesday in thelibrary, there may have been a lot more detailedthings along the route. But I want to get youto Q because that’s what we’re gonna be focusing on today. – The meat of it today.- Yeah. – Great.- So… – I’m excited, that’swhere the fun happens. – That’s where we’re gonna go, yeah. – Let’s go to Q. – Do I have a teleportation spell? – At level one, you do nothave a teleportation spell. – No, level one, you don’t have… – Jack. – Yeah, right (laughs) – So, here’s what happens. So, you’re following along the map, and you’re in a heavily wooded area. – Light. – Oh you don’t need lightyet, it’s during the day. (laughter) She’s like, “Light!” – I wanted to use a spell. – That’s good though, youcan cast as many times as you want. – Do you guys need light? – You can cast on each treeas you run along if you want. You see as you’re gettingcloser on the map, it looks everything is kind of, you know, it’s like third rock onthe left, kinda thing. Everything looks legit to you. And you’re going up a sort of craggy hill. At the top of this path thatdoesn’t look very worn at all, you see a cave like opening. Somewhat obscured by vegetation,noticeable at the end of a treacherous pathway which leads up to the craggy outcropping of black rock. By sweeping aside some ofthe vines and branches, the opening becomes easily accessible. – A dungeon? – So, you look like you’reat the entrance of a cave. – The opening of Q. The opening of a cave, okay. So I say we enter the cave. – I say we enter the cave.- Yeah. – Great, okay, andthat’s where we’re gonna take a little bit of a break. And the next episode, we’regonna enter that cave. – Oh, boy. – Oh, wow. (upbeat instrumental music)

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