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[Shovel Hitting Dirt] [Sheep Bleating] She’s denied the crossfor suicide… and buried at the centerof a crossroads. Huh. Show me the logic. Father? What? The devil is a practical man. If she were a witch, she wasa poor return on his investment. What would you know of logic? Oh, I have ears, Father. Althoughone is notched because I love justice. You love thieving. Shut up. You dig. ♪♪[Man Singing] – ♪♪[Singing Continues]- [Horse Whinnying] Crusaders. Clear the road,if you will. [Horse Whinnying] – [Man] Squire!- Hyah! This is for the burialfrom my lord… and a Mass… for her soul. Wait. – Have you forgotten?- She was your brother’s wife. She was a suicide.Cut off her head. And return the ax. [Bleating] You know this place, my lord? Know it? I know all of it. [Whinnying] [Bleating] [Man] Your brother?You have spoken to him? On what matter, my lord?He is still arrested. Your brother is as responsiblefor his wife’s sin as I am. Opinions differ, my lord. – The burial was—- Yes. – And you did not mutilate the person?- No. Good. The law can go too far. It can too far.I ask myself… “Would Jesus do it thusly?” There is so much done in Christendomof which Christ would be incapable. You must release your brother.I cannot do without him. My-My brother, my lord bishop,uh, is possessed by the devil… and must be… examined. Your brother is as mad as you are.He grieves. Without your brother,I cannot finish my church. Let him out.And give him this. And tell him that he is atthe very center of my prayers. [Clucking] [Door Opening] The bishop needs you. – Release him.- On your feet. [Man] This is not heaven.It’s the world. And there’s troubles in it. Do yourself no injury. Other men are alwaysgood for that. – [Man] And what of Jerusalem?- [Man ♪2] Jerusalem? In peril, my lord, as always. We have stood there againstthe Saracens for over a hundred years. The Saracens, as you call them,have now unified in Egypt…

Default adventure time finaleThe Saracens, as you call them,have now unified in Egypt… Syria and all Arabia. Saracens and someone new. – Saladin, the king.- [Speaking Native Language] [Belches]Gibberish. – Very fine.- And yet, you do not drink. A knight should be a knight… – a monk a monk.- Brother. Not both.One, that’s what I say. Now I may be old-fashioned,but, as for the cup… I have, uh, an artificer,uh, a blacksmith. Or did have. Which son of the blacksmith of my timeis the blacksmith now? Balian, the eldest. His child died. His wife fell into a melancholy.She would not listen to reason. She killed herself…it occurs. But what’s that to you? Private matter. It’s been six and 20 yearssince my brother took the cross. Now he returns an actual baronof the kingdom of Jerusalem. How is that for the lotof the younger brother? With no heir, comes to meand thus to you. Then I thank the starsfor my uncle. [Dog Barking In Distance] [Bell Tolling] [Bell Tolling] Go on. Her grave was here. Or was it there?[Chuckles] I’m afraid I can’t tell youthe exact location. I wasn’t present at the burial. Call me a liar. You have reason. You never fight back. Hmm? Hmm? You always turn the other cheek. I think that you conceiveyourself without sin. That is a sin! We shall work. – [Children Chattering]- [Woman] I told you to stop that now! That is the man.That is the man. You’re an armorer, yes? An artificer according toyour lord and this priest. You have my sympathyand my blessing. Your dead wife and stillborn child aretoday the subject of my prayers. We need all these horses shod. We need food, and we’ll pay. Says yes. [Child] Have you killed any?Have you killed any? [Laughing] He has made great engines for sieges. He has made war machinesthat cast the largest stones. He also works finely in silver. He will be one of the few on your journeyworth more alive than dead. Shut up. Have you been at war? On horse.And as an enginer also. Against whomand for whom did you fight?

1 adventure time finaleAgainst whomand for whom did you fight? For one lord against another… on a point whichcannot be remembered. There’s better game now—one god against another. – The pay is proportionate.- I’ve been telling him that. [Hammering] [Woman Laughs] Do you still advise whatyou advised upon the road? I do, my lord. But know that this manBalian mourns his wife. What does that say? “What man is a man who does notmake the world better?” Leave me with this man. God has made us man.We must suffer all. I also have lost. Some say Jerusalem is the very centerof the world for asking forgiveness. For myself, I call it here. Now. I knew your namesake. I knew your mother. To be courteous, I should saythat it was against her objections. But I was the lord’s brotherand she had no choice. But I did not force her. I have forgivenessto ask of you. [Metal Scraping] I am Godfrey,the baron of Ibelin. I have 100 men at armsin Jerusalem. If you will come with me,you will have a living… and… you will have my thanks. There it is. Whoever you are, my lord… my place is here. What made it your placeis now dead. You will never see me again. If you want anything of me,take it now. I want nothing. I am sorry for your troubles.God protect you. Jerusalem is easy to find. You come to wherethe men speak Italian… then continue untilthey speak something else. We go by Messina.Good-bye. [Children Shouting,Chattering] The village does not want you. When the old lord is dead,they will drive you out. When the bishop is dead,it is certain. And you take my property. – The Church.- You. They would have taken youto Jerusalem… away from… all this. I arranged it. I swear to you… you will have no peaceso long as you stay here. No man ever neededa new world more. Imagine your sinand pain erased. All. If you take the Crusade… you may relieveyour wife’s position in hell. I- I put it delicately—She was a suicide. She is in hell. Though what she does therewithout a head—

adventure time finale Though what she does therewithout a head—

2 adventure time finaleThough what she does therewithout a head— [Yelling] [Screaming] [Whinnying] [Godfrey]Wait here. Have you come to kill me? Even these days,it is not easy. Well? I have done… murder. Haven’t we all? Is it true… that in JerusalemI can erase my sins… and those of my wife? Is it true? We can find out together. Show me your hand. Hey! [Speaking Native Language] [Sighs] [Spits, Sighs] – Pick it up. Let’s see what you’re made of.- His hand is hurt, my lord. – I once fought two days withan arrow through my testicle.- Ah, yes. Never use a low guard.You fight well. Let’s work on your skills. Take a high guard, like this. The Italians call it la poste di falcone—the guard of the hawk. Strike from high, like this. [Grunts]Do it. Sword straighter.Come on. Leg back, bend your knees.Sword straighter. Defend yourself. The blade isn’tthe only part of a sword. Attack. [Grunting] I have your leave? Pay attention. [Shouting, Grunting] [Bird Chirping] – [Blades Clanging]- [Hoofbeats, Horses Whinnying] What’s this? – Uncle.- Nephew. You have with you a man, Balian,who killed a priest, his brother. I’m charged by both my fatherand the lord bishop to bring him back. What he says is true. They have the right to take me. I say he is innocent of the charge. If you say he’s guilty, then we’ll fight,and God will decide the truth of it. My German friendis a close student of the law. Just give him to me.I’ll fight you for something else. Uncle, he’s a murderer. So am I. Whoever dies here today,you will certainly be among them. You are my uncle.I must give you the road. Hyah! Hyah! Heinrich![Shouts In Foreign Language] – Aah!- [Horses Whinnying] To the flanks! [Yelling]

3 adventure time finale[Yelling] Aah! – Hyah!- Aah! [Grunting, Groaning] [Yelling] [Growling, Yelling] – Hyah!- Come on! Hyah! [Yells] Thank my brother for his love! [Groans] I am the son of Roger— Take your helmet offwhile addressing me. [Clears Throat] I’m am the sonof Roger de Cormiere. I am accordedthe privilege of ransom. This is true. [Hisses, Groans] [Panting] [Snaps] Ah. Well, you broke the arrow. If the ribs are broken,some marrow may enter the blood… in which caseyou’ll take a fever and die. Or a cyst will form… and you’ll live. You’re in the hands of God. Get me some more wine. It was not… that they had no rightto take you. It was the way they asked. They had the right to take me. So do I. To kill an infidel, the pope has said,is not murder. It is the path to heaven. To kill an infidel, the pope has said,is not murder. It is the path to heaven. – [Bleating]- Godfrey.- [Bell Ringing] To kill an infidel, the pope has said,is not murder. It is the path to heaven. – Where do you go?- To Jerusalem, brother. – By which road?- Someone knows. God knows. [Sighs] When shall we stopthis madness? It will soon be beyondmy concern. Who is this? [Godfrey]My son. Would I have fought you when youwere still capable of making bastards. [Laughing] I knew your motherwhen she was making hers. Fortunately, you’re too oldto be one of mine. [Chuckles] All will be settled.[Continues Chuckling] [Chattering In Foreign Language] [Shallow Breathing] Do you know… what lies in the Holy Land? A new world. A man who, in France,had not a house… is, in the Holy Land,the master of a city. He who was the master of a citybegs in the gutter. There, at the end of the world… you are notwhat you were born… but what you have itin yourself to be. I hope to find forgiveness. That’s all I know. [Shallow Breathing Continues] Whatever your position,you are of my house… and that means you will servethe king of Jerusalem. What could a king askof a man like me? A better worldthan has ever been seen. A kingdom of conscience. A kingdom of heaven. There is peace betweenChristian and Muslim. We live together. Or, between Saladinand the king, we try. Did you think that layat the end of Crusade? It does. My son, you are allthat survives me. Do not disappoint me. When we took the Holy Land,we took the Saracen trading ports. Italian ships carry silks and spicesand pilgrims, if they have money. And Italy becomes richas the Savior intended. [Man Chanting Prayer] Who are those men? Muslims.Saracens. And they’re allowedtheir prayers? – [Chanting Continues]- If they pay the tax. Subhena Rabi Alladin. Praise be to God.It is proper to praise him. Sounds like our prayers. It’s good. [Man Speaking Arabic] When the king is dead… Jerusalem will be no placefor friends of Muslims… or traitors to Christendom… like your father. I am Guy de Lusignan. Remember that name. And me. – Keep it.- My lord. How will you ride if you haveno stick to beat the horse? He will be kingin Jerusalem one day. [Whispering]Holy mother of God, pray for us… now and at the hourof our death. ♪♪[Man Singing] Balian. Hurry. I can go no further. [Godfrey Wheezing, Faint] Get on your knees. [Shallow Breathing] [Wheezing] Be without fearin the face of your enemies. Be brave and uprightthat God may love thee. Speak the truth always,even if it leads to your death. Safeguard the helplessand do no wrong. That is your oath. And that’s so you remember it. Arise a knight and baron of Ibelin. [Muttering] Defend the king. I-If the king is no more… protect the people. It is time now, my lord, to confessto holy God, not your son. Are you sorry for all your sins? For all but one. [Sighs] [Speaking Latin] You sail now for Jerusalem, as your fatherwished. I’ll follow within the week. Now the voyage is perilous. If God has purpose for you there,he’ll keep you safe in his hands. If not… God bless you. – [Thunderclap]- [Man Screaming] [Whinnying] [Whinnying] [Horse Whinnying] [Whinnying Continues] [Nickers] Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. [Man Shouts In Arabic] He says that is his horse. Why would it be his horse? Because it is on his land! I took this horsefrom the sea. [Translating Into Arabic] [Responding In Arabic] He says you are a great liar… and he will fight youbecause you are a liar. I have no desire to fight. Then you mustgive him the horse. No. [Shouts In Arabic] [Yells] Fight me fairly! – [Arabic]- Why? Why should he? – He is a knight.- And I am the baron of Ibelin. [Translating Into Arabic] [Speaking Arabic] He says the baron of Ibelin is old. He knew him at Damascus. I am the new one. [Yelling, Grunting] [Arabic]That’s enough. Stop![Arabic] Ibelin, that’s enough!Ibelin, no! You have taken it very wellthat I have killed your master. It was the end of his time. All is as God wills it. Now finish this. [Sighs]Take me to Jerusalem. [Thunder Rumbling] [Sheep Bleating] [Shouting, Chattering] Very good horse. Take the horse… and be about your business. This is your prize of battle. I am your prisoner—your slave, should you wish it. I have been a slave,or very near to one. I will never keep one,nor suffer any to be kept. Go. The man you killed was a very greatcavalier among the Muslims. His name was Muhammad al Fais. I will pray for him. Your quality will be knownamong your enemies… before ever you meet them,my friend. Old man, where is itthat Christ was crucified? Salaam alaikum. [Sighs] [Thinking]God, what is it you want of me? [Thinking] How can you be in hellwhen you’re in my heart? – You must have known him.- What? Since you carry Godfrey’s sword,you must have known him. I did. A man my size? Yes. And green eyes. Blue. Come with us… my lord. [Giggling] [Speaking Arabic] [Balian]No. Give me the towel. – Give me the towel. Give me the towel.- [Arabic] – [Arabic]- [Giggling] [Bells Pealing] [Godfrey’s Voice]A man who, in France, had not a house… is, in the Holy Land,the master of a city. – [Speaks Arabic]- [Arabic] – [Whinnying]- Stop. You’re hurting him. Whoa. Whoa. Where’s your master? I have none. Give me some water. Thank you for the drink. If you happen to see Balian,the son of Godfrey… tell him that Sibylla called. – [Horse Whinnies]- [Sibylla Speaks Command In Arabic] So, how find you Jerusalem? God does not speak to me. Not even on the hill… where Christ died. I am outside God’s grace. I have not heard that. At any rate, it seems… I have lost my religion. I put no stock in religion. By the word “religion”… I’ve seen the lunacy of fanatics of everydenomination be called the will of God. I’ve seen too much religionin the eyes of too many murderers. Holiness… is in right action… and courage on behalf of thosewho cannot defend themselves. And goodness— what God desires— is here and here. By what you decide to do every day,you will be a good man. Or not. Come. [Shouting, Yelling] [Shouting Continues] The king has made a peacewith Saladin these past six years. He holds Jerusalem as a placefor prayer for all faiths… as the Muslims did before we came. These men are Templars.They killed Arabs. [Crowd Cheering, Shouting] So they are dying… for what the popewould command them to do. Yes. But not Christ, I think. Nor this king. [Cheering Continues] Who says I raid? That witness… all of Jerusalem… holy God and me. That witness, if you call him that,is a Saracen. He lies. There will come a day,Reynald de Chatillon… when you are not protectedby your title. Oh? When will that be? Alert me, Tiberias,when men are equal… and the kingdom of heavenhas arrived. Those Templars have been hung fora raid that I know you commanded. Prove it. I will wait at Kerakuntil you do. The king will takeyour castle of Kerak, Reynald. Try to take it,Tiberias. I’ll be there. [Speaking Arabic] I cannot protect your caravans unlessyou agree to be escorted by our soldiers. I trade to make money… not to offend God byassociating with Christians. – But you will take Christian gold.- Gold is gold. Mmm. Of course. My lord Tiberias. My lord. It’s true. You’re your father’s son. He was my friend. I am yours. Godfrey dead. It could have comeat a better time. Come. It was shouted in the streets thatyou killed a great lord of Syria. Saladin himself sent word… that your fightdid not breach the peace… that you had cause. What know you of Saladin? That he is king of the Saracens… and that he surroundsthis kingdom. He has 200,000 menin Damascus alone. He could win a warif he goes to war… and he’s daily given cause for warby fanatics newly from Europe… by Templar bastardslike Reynald de Chatillon. Here, from this room, I keep the peace,so far as it can be kept. But Saladin and the kingbetween them… would make a better world. If it lives only for a while,Tiberias, it still has lived. All right. What did your father tell youof your… obligations? That I was to be a good knight. I pray the world… and Jerusalem… can accommodate such a rarity… as a perfect knight. Have you dined? [Chattering] The Princess Sibylla of Jerusalem… and her husband,Guy de Lusignan. [Tiberias] So, how many knightsdid you find in France? Fifty. They’ve sworn allegiance to the king? Of course, Tiberias. Obviously. You sit at my table? – Is it not the king’s table?- Is it? I have not seen a kingat it for some years. I cannot eat.I— I am finicky about company. In France this could not inherit. But here there are no civilized rules. I have business in the East. My wife does notlament my absences. That is either the best of wives… or the very, very worst. – Do you go to meet Reynald?- No, my lord. He is in disfavor. I am a member of this court. Why should I make leaguewith that… troublemaker? To the very best of wives. – [Speaking Arabic]- God bless Jerusalem. [Whispers]My lord, the king will see him now. The king would see Godfrey’s son. I’ll take him. This morning I spokewithout knowing who you were. I knew who you were.It’s unmistakable. I loved your father… and I shall love you. Do you fear being with me? No. – And yes.- [Chuckles] A woman in my placehas two faces. One for the world… and one which she wearsin private. With you I’ll be only Sibylla. [Floor Creaks] [Whispers]Tiberias thinks me unpredictable. I am unpredictable. No. There. Come forward.I am glad to meet Godfrey’s son. He was one ofmy greatest teachers. He was there when, playing withthe other boys, my arm was cut. And it was he, not my father’s physicians,who noticed that I felt no pain. He wept when he gavemy father the news… that I am a leper. The Saracens saythat this disease… is God’s vengeance againstthe vanity of our kingdom. As wretched as I am… these Arabs believe thatthe chastisement that awaits me in hell… is far more severe and lasting. If that’s true, I call it unfair. Come. Sit. – Do you play?- No. The whole world is in chess. Any move can be the death of you. Do anything exceptremain where you started… and you can’t be sure of your end. Were you sure of your end once? – I was.- What was it? To be buried a hundred yardsfrom where I was born. And now? Now I sit in Jerusalemand look upon a king. [Chuckles] When I was 16I won a great victory. I felt, in that moment,I would live to be 100. Now I know I shall not see 30. None of us know our end, really… or what hand will guide us there. A king may move a man. A father may claim a son. That man can also move himself. And only then does that mantruly begin his own game. Remember, how so everyou are played… or by whom, your soulis in your keeping alone… even though those who presumeto play you be kings or men of power. When you stand before God,you cannot say… “But I was told by others to do thus”… or that virtue was notconvenient at the time. This will not suffice. Remember that. I will. You know what this is? – A fortification.- What do you think of it? You disapprove.Well, how would you improve it? A cross.Or better, a star, like this. That way no part of the fortressmay be approached… without being exposedto fire from another part. Yes, I like this. Your wallsare more difficult to address. Very good. You will go to your father’s houseat Ibelin, your house now… and then from thereyou will protect the pilgrim road. Safeguard in particularthe Jews and the Muslims. All are welcome in Jerusalem. Not only because it’s expedient,but because it is right. Protect the helpless. And then maybe one day,when I am helpless… you will come and protect me. There, my lord. Ibelin. [Speaks Arabic] [Arabic Continues] [Arabic] Quod sumus… hoc eritis. Such as we are, you will be. [Door Opening] [Arabic] Your father was important. His lands were not. That will suit me. [Yelling, Laughing] My lord,you have a thousand acres… a hundred families. You have Christians,Jews, Muslims. You have 50 pairs of oxen. This is a poor and dusty place. What we do not have is water. [Speaking Arabic] [Arabic] [Arabic] Right. Stone the walls. – [Shouting In Arabic]- [Arabic] [Arabic Continues] [Arabic] [Shouting, Cheering] [Shouting In Arabic] [Arabic] I’m on my way to Cana. Where Jesus changed water to wine. But a better trick would beto change you to a nobleman. That should be easy. In Francea few yards of silk can make a nobleman. [Giggles] I expect your hospitality. It is given. – [Balian] Latif.- [Arabic] [Children Shouting] [Arabic] But this isn’t adultery.It’s washing. But if it were adultery… which it isn’t… the Commandmentsare not for people like us. They are for the others. Did they give you something to eat? They said to waituntil the master returned. My cook will prepare somethingwhile you wash. What? It seems years sinceI’ve seen a woman eat. Truly? I was watching you today. You’ve been givena patch of dirt, and it seems… you will builda new Jerusalem here. It is my land. Who would I be if I did not tryto make it better? [Man Chanting PrayerIn Arabic] [Responding In Arabic] They try to be one— one heart… one morality. Their prophet says, “Submit.” Jesus says… “Decide.” Did you decide on Guy? Guy was chosen by my mother. My first husband diedbefore our son was born. I was only 15. I’ve met your son. [Sighs] [Hinge Creaks] I could stay here forever. This house is yours. Why do you think I’m here? I know that Ibelinis not on the way to Cana. What else do you know,my lord? I know that you are a princess… and I am no lord. You’re a knight. Neither earned nor proved. I’m not here with you becauseI’m— I’m bored or wicked. I’m here because— because in the East… between one personand another… there is only light. Halt! This caravan is armed, Reynald. Good. No sport otherwise. [Guy]They’ve seen us. Go after them. – A rider is getting away.- It’s a broad desert. Nothing’ll come of it. – I prefer not to be hangedbefore my wife is queen.- [Reynald] Don’t worry. “Who but Reynald?” they’ll say. It’s always me. They’ll believe itin Jerusalem, I assure you. – You were at Nazareth, praying.- You’re a dangerous man. If the war’s to be now or later,I would have it now. – How long can the leper last?- God wills it. God wills it! – [All Shouting] God wills it!- Jerusalem! Charge! It’s you! Ha! This is from France. I’ve never been there. This from my brother. This to remind us of death. And this… I put the day I saw you. [Chuckles] You lie. [Giggles] [Tiberias] Guy de Lusignan andReynald de Chatillon, with the Templars… have attacked a Saracen caravan. – [Angry Shouting]- Liar! [Guy]Silence! It was no caravan. It was an army headed for Bethlehemto desecrate the birthplace of our Lord! Reynald, with the Templars,have broken the king’s pledge of peace. Saladin will come into this kingdom— Tiberias knows more than a Christianshould about Saladin’s intentions. [Murmuring] That I would rather livewith men than kill them… is certainly why you are alive. That sort of Christianityhas its uses, I suppose. – [Scattered Laughing]- We must not go to war with Saladin! – We do not want it, and we may not win it.- Blasphemy! [All Shouting]Blasphemy! An army of Jesus Christ, which bearshis holy cross, cannot be beaten. [Templar Master]Does the count of Tiberiassuggest that it could be? There must be war.God wills it! – God wills it!- God wills it! – [All Shouting]- God wills it! God wills it! Silence! Saladin has crossed the Jordanwith 200,000 men. He will make first for Kerakand Reynald de Chatillon. My lord— We must meet himbefore he reaches Kerak. I will lead the army. My lord, if you travel,you’ll die. Send word to Balianto protect the villagers. Assemble the army. [Cheering] What becomes of us? The world will decide. The world always decides. My lord!The king is marching on Kerak. [Braying] [Shouting] Let’s go!Hurry. Straight on! Saracen cavalry.They’re coming to close Reynald in. These people are not safeoutside the walls. Saladin will certainlycome behind him. [Man Shouting In Arabic] Go into the fortress now. – [Speaks Arabic]- Hyah! Hah! – Hyah! Hyah!- Hyah! – Hyah!- Hyah! Visitors! My lord Balian!My lord Balian! My lord Reynald praysyou bring your force into Kerak. Thank you, but no.If we do, these people will die. We’ll hold the Saracen cavalryuntil the king arrives. So be it. Hyah! We cannot attack that and live. [Boy Shouts In Arabic] – My lady.- [Coughing] What do you look at? A knight. His men. Are you with me? [Kisses] [Man Yells In Arabic] [Yelling] Forward! Divide! [Screams] [Grunts] [Man Speaks Arabic] Your quality will be knownamong your enemies… before ever you meet them,my friend. You were not that man’s servant. No. He was my servant. – What becomes of us?- As you deserve. You reap what you sow. You have heard of this, no? Get up. You may go into Kerak… but you will die there. My master is here. Tell my lord Saladinthat Jerusalem has come. [Whispers]Saladin. [Speaks Arabic] I pray you’ll pull back your cavalryand leave this matter to me. I pray you’ll retireunharmed to Damascus. Reynald of Chatillonwill be punished. I swear it. Withdraw, or we will all die here. Do we have terms? We have terms. [Groans Quietly] I will send you my physicians. – Salaam alaikum.- Alaikum salaam. I am Reynald of Chatillon! [Grunting] On your knees. Lower. I… am Jerusalem. And you, Reynald… will give me the kiss of peace. [Gasping] Guard. – What are you looking at?- A dead man. Reynald de Chatillon,you are arrested… and condemned. Come. If you continue like this… I shall have to find a use for you. If God can spare you, that is. God does not know me. Yes, but I do. – [Speaks Arabic]- [Men Chattering] I need you in Jerusalem. – Salaam alaikum.- Alaikum salaam. Why did we retire? Why? God did not favor him. God, alone,determines the results of battles. The results of battlesare determined by God… but also by preparation, numbers… the absence of diseaseand the availability of water. One cannot maintain a siegewith the enemy behind. How many battles did God winfor the Muslims before I came? That is, before God determinedthat I should come. Few enough. That’s because we were sinful. It is becauseyou were unprepared. If you think that way,you shall not be king for long. When I am not king,I quake for Islam. Thank you for your visit. Thank you for your visit. You promised. You promised to return Jerusalem. Don’t forget. If I do not deliver war,I have no peace. The king of Jerusalemwill die soon. When he is dead, the boy will becomeking of a kingdom he cannot control. The Christians willmake the war you need. [Man Shouting Orders] I am Reynald de Chatillon![Echoes] I am Reynald de Chatillon![Echoes] Reynald de Chatillon![Echoes] [Shouts] Reynald de Chatillon![Echoes] The things thatwe have left undone… plague us as death comes. – That is why to the dying…- [Labored Breathing] There is no comfort but the Lord. Spare me your sermon. Go and prepare your peoplefor the coronation of my nephew. Your confession, my lord. I shall confess to Godwhen I see him… not to you. Now leave me. You sometimes dreamyou are my wife. Let’s pretend you are. I must go. We can’t meet in the city. Then we will leave it. And live how?Live where? Balian… my brother’s dying. My son will be king and I his regent.I must rule for him. And not just in Jerusalem,but Acre… Ashkelon, Beirut. And Guy? [Whinnying] Always surround your knightswith your foot soldiers. These rooms are not yours. One day I will be the husbandI was commissioned to be. And perhaps not, my dear. Your lover has a hundred knightsand the love of the king. I, the largest forcein the kingdom… and the support of the Templars. I can do withoutthe king’s affection. But as for your love— Then we must cometo an understanding. You need my knights or his rulewill be bloody and brief. So, my friend… the time has cometo conclude my affairs. If I leave the army with Guy… he will take power through my sisterand make war on the Muslims. We have decided that you shall takecommand of the army of Jerusalem. Will you defend my nephewwhen he’s king? Whatever you ask.I will serve. No, hear it allbefore you answer. Would you marry my sister, Sibylla,were she free of Guy de Lusignan? And Guy? He will be executed… along with his knights whodo not swear your allegiance. I cannot be the cause of that. “Whatever you ask.I will serve.” “A king may move a man,”you said… “but the soul belongsto the man.” Yes, I did. You have my love… and my answer. Oh. So be it. Why do you protect Guy, hmm? He’s a man who insults you,who hates you… who’d kill you himselfif he had the chance. Fulfill the salvation of this kingdom. Would it be so hard… to marry Sibylla? Jerusalem has no needof a perfect knight. No. It is a kingdomof conscience… or nothing. Sibylla. Who are you to refuse a king? I will have power,without Guy or with him. Guy is indebted to your say-soand my brother’s, but it’s mine. Do you have any idea of Jerusalemexcept that it is yours? You will never hold it in peaceas your brother did. It will be war. My grandfather tookJerusalem in blood. I’ll keep it the same wayor any way I can. I am what I am. I offer you that… and the world. You say no. Do you think I’m like Guy? That I would sell my soul? There’ll be a day… when you will wish youhad done a little evil… to do a greater good. – [Man] Reynald.- [Door Unlocking] My lord. Mmm. Do you really think the king wants youhead of the army once he’s gone? Hmm? Think your wife does? – I have a problem.- Ah, yes. Balian. I saw him at Kerak. Celebrated. You must beware a popular man. Kill him. – [Whinnying]- [Bells Pealing] – [Sibylla] What’s that?- [Boy] England. – The king?- Richard. And his father was Henry. – Good. And that?- France. Will I ever see France? Maybe one day.But you must be king here. How many islands can you see here? – One, two—- The king will see you. No, I can’t. I can’t bearto look at him. Use this. It doesn’t meanI don’t love him. Go, madam. [Gasps] Oh. Hello. I was dreaming… I was back in that summer… when I defeated Saladin. Do you remember it? I was only 16. You were a beautiful boy. – Yes.- You have always been beautiful. In every way. My beautiful sister.I’ve missed you. So beautiful. I’m sorry if I’ve caused you any pain. Remember me as I was. I will. Sibylla. If my son has your knights… you have your wife. [Bell Tolling] [Speaking Latin] [Patriarch]Behold your rightful king and heir… to the throneof the kingdom of Jerusalem. [Chanting]Yes! Yes! Yes! [Patriarch]Long live the king in prosperity. [With Crowd]Long live the king. Long live the king. Long live the king. [Wind Howling] [Wind Howling] One may stare into the lightuntil one becomes the light. I’ve done it many times. There’s your religion. One spark,a creosote bush. There’s your Moses.I did not hear it speak. That does not meanthat there is no God. Do you love her? – Yes.- The heart will mend. Your duty is to the peopleof the city. – I go to pray.- For what? For the strength to endurewhat is to come. And what is to come? The reckoning is to comefor what was done 100 years before. The Muslims will never forget. Nor should they. [Whinnies] My lady,your letter to Saladin. Peace to be sustained, bordersrespected, trade allowed to continue. Is this wiseto show your intentions? Better, surely,to let him wonder. We keep my brother’s peace. [Whispers]Sign it. Take the seal. [Clicks Tongue]Be careful. Be careful. Put it back, my darling. Hey![Laughing] [Babbling, Laughing] [Babbling] [Laughs] There is a rumor. We must condemn it immediately. Call it treason,and kill those who whisper it. The rumor will dieif we show the boy as active. [Screams] How long before he wears a mask? Will you have one made for him? How did my boy deserve it? Jerusalem is dead, Tiberias. No kingdom is worthmy son alive in hell. I will go to hell instead. – Do you remember the story of Llewellyn?- No. – Well, do you remember why?- No. He was so lonely… and he called all the gods. – Why?- Because he was desperate.It was a proof of love. ♪♪ [Singing In French] – [Whinnies]- [Whinnies] – [Chuckles]- [Yells] [Ferocious Yell] Is this why you cameto the Holy Land? Come on! [Shrieks] Leave us. [Grunting] – The boy’s in heaven?- Yes. His mother has morebackbone than I do. She’s in the cryptand will not come out. – Have the Templars killed Balian?- Yes. Reynald… give me a war. That is what I do. [Patriarch]Behold your rightful queen and heir… to the throneof the kingdom of Jerusalem. [Chanting]Yes! Yes! Yes! I, Sibylla, by the graceof the Holy Spirit… choose as kingGuy de Lusignan… the man who’s beenmy husband. With the help of God,he will rule his people well. [Patriarch]Long live the king in prosperity. [With Crowd]Long live the king. Long live the king. Long live the king. [Men Screaming] I am what I am. Someone has to be. [Screaming In Arabic] Saladin’s sister. I know. Saladin achki. I know. – Salaam alaikum.- Alaikum salaam. Speak. The sultan demands the returnof his sister’s body… the heads of those responsible… and the surrender of Jerusalem. [All Scoffing] Does he? What answer do you return to Saladin? – This.- [Grunts] [All Shouting] [Yells] – [Shouting In Arabic]- Take the head to Damascus. [Arabic Continues] I am Jerusalem. – Assemble the army! Yea!- [All Cheering] [Cheering Fades] [Cheering] Now this assembly of barons… and all Jerusalemis complete. There are those among you whomay disagree with our succession… but it is war. [Soldiers]Aye! And I am… the king. We march at once.What say this council? – [All] Aye!- No. If you must have war, this armycannot move away from water. You have a chanceto hold the city… but if you move outagainst Saladin… this army will be destroyedand the city left defenseless. When I wish a blacksmithto advise me in war… I will tell him. Saladin wants you to come out. He is waiting for youto make that mistake. He knows his man. – We should meet the enemies of God.- Aye! And so we shall. Then you do sowithout my knights. Then I will have the glory, Tiberias.You had yours years and years ago. It’s time for mine. [Officer]Forward! Forward! Tiberias. When Saladin has finishedwith Guy, he will come. We must look to the defenses. The boy’s dead. – Guy.- No. The boy was leprouslike his uncle. She gave him peace. She let him go… and Jerusalem along with him. [Officer]Keep to your lines! You go with the army? My order is with the army. You go to certain death. All death is certain. I shall tell your fatherwhat I’ve seen you become. ♪♪[Singing In French] ♪♪ [Stops] When Saladin comes… we’re not defensible. Save the peoplefrom what I have done. I will. [Coughing] [Sizzling] [Speaks Arabic] God wills it. Can you sense it? There has been no messenger. I drink water for what it is. I did not give the cup to you. No, my lord. [Shouts] [Gurgling] A king does not kill a king. Were you not close enoughto a great king… to learn by his example? I’ve given Jerusalem my whole life. Everything. First I thought we…were fighting for God. Then I realized we were fightingfor wealth and land. I was ashamed. Tiberias. There is no more Jerusalem. I shall go to Cyprus.Will you come with me? No. You are your father’s son. Saladin must move his armyfrom water to water. That gives you four days,maybe five. God be with you. He’s no longer with me. [Man Speaking Arabic] – Mark 400.- Four hundred! Four hundred! They’re here. It is only one man. No. They’re here. This is the only section of the wallthat they can attack… once they beginto bombard the walls. They will stop only to avoid hittingtheir own siege towers as they come in. We take the bombardment. When they cease firing, we fire. We must leave the city. How exactly, my lord bishop? The fastest horsesfrom a lesser gate. And the people? It is unfortunate about the people,but it is God’s will. [Man]Silence! [Chattering] Silence! [Chattering Ceases] It has fallen to us… to defend Jerusalem… and we have made our preparationsas well as they can be made. None of us took this cityfrom Muslims. No Muslim, of the great armynow coming against us… was born when this city was lost. We fight over an offensewe did not give… against those who werenot alive to be offended. What is Jerusalem? Your holy places lieover the Jewish temple… that the Romans pulled down. The Muslim places of worshiplie over yours. Which is more holy? The wall? The mosque? The sepulcher? Who has claim? No one has claim. All have claim! – That is blasphemy.- Be quiet. We defend this city… not to protect these stones… but the people livingwithin these walls. My lord.My lord, my lord. How are we to defend Jerusalemwithout knights? – We have no knights!- Truly? – What is your condition?- I’m servant to the patriarch. He’s, uh, one of my servants. Is he?You were born a servant? Kneel. Every man at arms… or capable of bearing them… kneel! On your knees! Be without fearin the face of your enemies. Be brave and uprightthat God may love thee. Speak the trutheven if it leads to your death. Safeguard the helpless. That is your oath. And that is so you remember it. Rise a knight. Rise a knight! – Master Gravedigger.- It is you. Not what I was.Nor are you. Rise a knight. Who do you think you are?Will you alter the world? Does making a man a knightmake him a better fighter? – Yes.- [Sighs] Almaric… if you survive,Ibelin is yours. You are master of Ibelin. I confirm it. Rise a knightand baron of Ibelin. But it is a poor and dusty place. [Approaching Hoofbeats] [Shouting In Arabic] – My lord?- No. When will it begin? Soon. [Man Shouts, Indistinct] Get them to the walls! [Soldier]Water! Bring water! Get to the walls. Push! – Run!- Push! [Man Shouts] Why do they not fire back? – They wait.- [Man Shouts In Arabic] [Screaming] ♪♪[Singing In Arabic] That was only the first day.There may be a hundred more. Saladin will show no mercy. We must hold out… force him to offer terms. What terms? We fight for the people—their safety and freedom. [Men Chanting Prayer] [Grunting] – Mercy.- No. I cannot. [Soldiers Jeering] – Four hundred!- Four hundred! – Four hundred!- Fire!- Fire! [Man Screams] – Three hundred!- Three hundred! – Fire!- Fire! Fire! – One-fifty!- One-fifty! Line up! Fire! Hold your fire! Hold! [Praying In Arabic] Fire! Fire! [Screaming] [Shouting In Arabic] [Pounding Continues] Oil! Now! Fire! [Screaming] [Saladin]Who defends? – Balian of Ibelin, the son of Godfrey.- Godfrey. Godfrey nearly killed mein the Lebanon. Truly, I did not knowhe had a son. It was his son at Kerak. – The one you let live.- Yes. Perhaps you should not have. Perhaps I should have hada different teacher. [Soldier Screaming] [Shouts In Arabic] [Grunting] [Screams] Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire! Now! – You are not a sister.- We are what we do. Then I’m a man who’s traveleda long way to die for nothing. What would you say to that? I-I would say that I’m sorry. And I’m sorry for you… Queen of Jerusalem. [Praying In Arabic] When a body is burnt… it cannot be resurrecteduntil Judgment Day. If we do not burn these bodies… we will all be dead of diseasein three days. God will understand, my lord. And if he doesn’t… then he is not God,and we need not worry. – Salaam alaikum.- Alaikum salaam. The wall, where the Christopher Gateused to be, has been weakened. Usually when a gate is blocked in,it is weaker than the wall around it. – Or stronger.- It is weaker. Rashid has seen it. This will be our door into Jerusalem. This is wherewe will make our stand. We must prepare. Brothers! Brothers! God has sent you this day! You will take no prisoners! As they did,so shall it be done! – Allah hu akbar!- Allah hu akbar! [Shouting Continues] [Shouting Continues] [Cheering] When this wall comes down… there will be no quarter. If you throw down your arms… your families will die. We can break this army here. – [Loud Explosion]- So I say let them come! Let them come! – Come on! Come on!- [Cheering] Come on! [All Shouting] Remember me in France,Master Gravedigger. My lord! [Grunts] They will ask for terms. They must ask for terms. Convert to Islam.Repent later. You’ve taught me a lotabout religion, Your Eminence. Will you yield the city? Before I lose it,I will burn it to the ground. Your holy places, ours. Every last thing in Jerusalemthat drives men mad. I wonder if it would notbe better if you did. – You will destroy it?- Every stone. And every Christian knight you killwill take 10 Saracens with him. You will destroy your army hereand never raise another. I swear to God that to take this citywill be the end of you. Your city is fullof women and children. If my army will die… so will your city. You offer terms.I ask none. I will give every soulsafe conduct to Christian lands. Every soul— the women,the children, the old… and all your knights and soldiers,and your queen. Your king,such as he is… I leave to you… and what Godwill make of him. No one will be harmed. I swear to God. The Christians butchered every Muslimwithin the walls when they took this city. I am not those men. I am Saladin. Saladin. Then under these terms,I surrender Jerusalem. Salaam alaikum. And peace be with you. What is Jerusalem worth? Nothing. Everything. I have surrendered Jerusalem. All will be safelyescorted to the sea. If this is the kingdom of heaven… let God do with it as he wills. – [Cheering]- Balian! Balian! [Patriarch]Yes! Thanks to the Lord! Your brother’s kingdomwas here… and here. That kingdom can neverbe surrendered. What should I do? I’m still the queen of Acre,Ashkelon, Tripoli. Decide not to be a queen… and I will come to you. The perfect knight. Is that what youthink you are, is it? We are all of us what we do. Do it. When you rise again… if you rise… rise a knight. This horse… is not a very good horse. I will not keep it. Thank you. And if God does not love you… how could you have done all the thingsthat you have done? Peace be upon you. Alaikum salaam. [Bell Tolling] A queen never walks. And yet you are walking. [Dogs Barking] [Children Chattering] – [Approaching Hoofbeats]- [Man] Forward! Forward! [Man]Halt! We crusade to recoverthe kingdom of Jerusalem. You go to wherethe men speak Italian… and then continueuntil they speak something else. We’ve come by this roadto find Balian… who was defender of Jerusalem. I am the blacksmith. And I am the king of England. I am the blacksmith. [Man]Formation! Forward! ♪♪[Woman Singing InMiddle Eastern Language] ♪♪[Woman Singing Continues] ♪♪[Women Singing] ♪♪[Choir Singing] ♪♪[Women Singing] ♪♪[Choir Singing]

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