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MOSFILM ”Youth” Artistic Association A hail of bullets, A sea of gore, We’ve taken up the burden Of civil war. From morning till night The storm clouds roll. Many paths through the fields, Only one to our goal. From morning till night The storm clouds roll. Many paths through the fields, Only one to our goal. Dedicated to the youngheroes of the Civil War. Have you anything to say?Any requests to make? You red dog! Dad! THE ELUSIVE AVENGERS Based on ”Little Red Devils”by P. Blyakhin Screenplay by Sergey YERMOLINSKYEdmond KEOSAYAN Directed by Edmond KEOSAYAN Director of PhotographyFyodor DOBRONRAVOV Production DesignersV. GLADNIKOV and V. GOLIKOV Music by B. MOKROUSOV Lyrics by R. ROZHDESTVENSKY ñíӱò Starring Vasya VASILYEVVitya KOSYKH Valya KURDYUKOVAMisha METELKIN Co-starring L. SVERDLINYe. KOPELYAN, V. BELOKUROV V. TRESHCHALOVG. YUKHTIN, N. FEDOSOVA I. CHURIKOVAB. SICHKIN, S. KRAMAROV Ataman! Help us! My cow! My cow! Ataman! Those bandits havetaken away my last cow. What did you expect,you fool? Get freedomwithout paying for it? Didn’t you scream when you gavebirth to children? And you expect to give birthto a new world without pain? With no pain at all? I’ve got small children.It was my very last cow. Your last! Remember this, silly woman: Today they took awayone cow, and tomorrow… they’ll give you backten! – What do you mean, ten?- Just that. Who had all the cows? Who? The rich. The landowners.Now they’ll be yours. Cows, bulls, hens, pigs -all yours. Give me back my cow! You’ll have to wait, my dear. We’ll give you everything in time. You’re a free woman. A citizeness! Here’s where they buried him. Next morning the grave was open,the coffin empty. Since then everyone passing bythe graveyard gets in trouble. – But people do drive past.- But it’s not him…

Default adventure time watch online in english with subtitles– But people do drive past.- But it’s not him… Didn’t Pyotr go at night? Hear that? Hear that? Father! Look! THE AVENGERS Good Lord! Is it true? – Honest to God.- He’s talking through his hat. I didn’t believe it myself at first, then looked around… and saw a coffinflying over the graves. And beside the road -ghosts with scythes. And not a sound… not a sound. Stop! Stop!You do better today. But when you kick him in the belly,swing your leg harder. – Got it? Let’s do it again.- All right. Last and final tour of the lmperial Drama andComedy Theatre soloist. What markets there used to bein those rich lands! And now?Nothing but freedom. Got to pull in your beltsunder the new chief. Orders are to trade and be jolly.No peaceful sleeping these days. I’m telling you,my dears: Empty your storehousesbefore you have them emptied for you. Come and see, Granny! It’s our last performance.I’m just passing through. I’m leaving tonight by the last horse.Back home to Odessa, city of songs and chestnuts. I’m Buba Kastorsky,Maker of original songs. I sing my songs,I think, alright. I sing to the left,I sing to the right, The public always findsMy songs a delight. And why so? Because… I’m Buba Kastorsky,Maker of original songs. There’s rumours afloat,The old women say You can hear the cockAt break of day: Cockadoodledo! I’m Buba Kastorsky,Maker of original songs. I see my cow, Nyurka,and a piece of paper on her horn. It said: ”Here’s your cow,Aunt Darya. Don’t fear.We’ll get the bandits!” Their sign is the cuckoo’s calland the cock’s answer. They say Budyonny thought of that,honest to God! Here they come… And now, the fair-haired Josie! Never shall I forget That wondrous night – Our two hearts pledged To a future bright. You laughed at the fears That did harry me… You promised… that night… To marry me. The night flew by, the night flew by, The morning brought a leaden sky. Night again, night again, This night, alas, a night of rain.

1 adventure time watch online in english with subtitlesThis night, alas, a night of rain. That night is gone, That night is gone. I cannot believe That all is over… The romance is ended. Sing some more! More! Dance for us! What’s so funny, you apes? So you caught the kid. Your pa was quicker than you,wasn’t he? Didn’t hurt yourself? Come on,let’s have some kvass. You think thatSidor Lyuty’s heart don’t achefor you war orphans? It aches all right.But in times like these we can’t help having orphans. Know how many of my palsyour pa did away with? You don’t know, but I do. I’d string up his dead bodyif I had my way. He was a bastard,that pa of yours. Here, drink. Danka’s a long time in coming. Don’t worry about him. Valerka! Valerka!Wait, Valerka! – Hear that shooting in the village?- So what? Could anything have happened to Danka? You’re no psychologist, Yashka. They’re shooting wild,without any aim. Just to keeptheir spirits up. What kept you so long, Danka? What’s wrong? I hurt my back. The Whites are in Zbruyevka. – Many of them?- Lots. – Come for long?- I don’t know. Why didn’t you find out? I couldn’t stay there.Lyuty recognized me. – What do we do now?- Go scouting. I’ll go. There’re 40 houses in Zbruyevkaand not a single man or boy left. Some have joined the Reds,some the Whites. If one of us boys went they’d quicklyspy us. Ksanka’s got to go. Ksanka. Ksanka! Get back into your girl’s clothes.You’ll go to Zbruyevka. Maybe she oughtn’t to go alone? Find out how many there areand how long they’ll stay. You ferry her thereand then back, Yashka. Go to Aunt Darya’s. Good luck to you, Joan of Arc! Why did he call you that Joan of Arch?What does it mean? Something like a psychologist. Heknows all sorts of bourgeois words. Valerka told methey burned that Joan of Arc. He probably just made it up. – Ksanka.- What? I like you prettier in girl’s clothes. What things you say! That’s right.

adventure time watch online in english with subtitles That’s right.

2 adventure time watch online in english with subtitlesThat’s right. What are you doing? I won’t let you go alone.I’m going with you. You want to give me away?Don’t argue. Go back. Ksanka! Ksanka! Wait, Ksanka! What were Danka’s orders? It’s not that. What’s that for? It’s my granddad’s cross.It’ll keep trouble away. I’m off. Go ahead. You abandoned her!You hear? You got cold feet. Say something!Tell him he’s a coward! Shut up. You mean, everyone run for your life? – Yashka couldn’t have helped.- You would’ve abandoned her too? What’s the use? He’d have got caughthimself and not saved Ksanka. For shame… Wait for me here. If I’m not backby evening, you come… Valerka. Who’s there? It’s me, Father Mokei. Danka? Thank God… I thoughtyou’d followed your father. I’m still alive. Everybody’s gone mad. They threw the bell-ringerfrom the belfry for spite. The bell’s not been rungsince Christmas. – What are you here for?- Looking for my sister. She’s at the inn -a waitress. Lyuty and his men are billeted there. You say she’s at the inn? Lock my freedom behind iron bars, I’ll steal it, bars and all. Lock my freedom behind iron bars, I’ll steal it, bars and all. Out sailed the moon, then again Hid her fair face. Lock the black steed behind five ironlocks, I’ll steal it, locks and all. I’ve known God and the devil, I’ve been God and the devil. Imprison the maid behind a high fence, I’ll steal her, fence and all. Imprison the maid behind a high fence, I’ll steal her, fence and all… Give us a dance! Give him the guitar. Give us a dance, Gypsy! All of us are feeble, for we are but mortals. Vodka! Way to go, the black head! You’re sharp, Gypsy! I know a pure-bloodedlittle filly when I see her! How can you tell? By her teeth. I looked round – A coffin flyingover the graves!

3 adventure time watch online in english with subtitlesA coffin flyingover the graves! And beside the road -ghosts with scythes. And not a sound! Drink, sinner!Learn to partake of our fare. Hey, Gypsy, you can’t holdanything but a guitar. Going to take it into battle with you? His horse will wieldthe sword for him. Ajugful of vodka for me! Come on, son. Here, hold my hands, guys. Hold his hands, come on. I’ll not have youbreaking my cups! Away,you anti-Christ! Vodka! Quick! Give me another one! Come here, Ksanka. Good day to you, Uncle Sidor. – Do the men bother you?- Oh, not at all. Poor orphan.I’ve brought you a present. – You like it?- It’s lovely. – Wear it, if you like it.- Thanks very much. Go now. – Anybody been to see her?- Not a soul. – Did she go out?- No. If anything happens, I’ll skin youalive. She makes out to be innocent.But I know she’s connected with them. They’ll show up any day now. You see anything suspicious, let meknow. Kornei! So I can’t hold anythingbut a guitar? My good men! What are you doing?Stop it! – Is it time, Danka?- He must give us the signal. – Give me some cartridges.- There aren’t any. – Come on, give me a cartridge.- Give me a cartridge. Missed! The last bullet, Father Philosopher. Now we’ll get it. Here’s how! Drink! Drink, everybody! Drink… drink… drink… THE AVENGERS You want to kill me,Ksanka? Yaska! Hey, Burnashists! Quick! Behind the counter! They never stop drinking,and we have to guard them. Hi, Kornei!Pour me out a drink! One more, Mikola, and you… and you… Mikola? Don’t touch him. He’s an actor. Those eyes so dark,Those eyes so black, So passionate eyes, so beautiful eyes! I’m in love with those eyes! Good evening. Kornei! Where’s Lyuty? – Does it hurt?- I don’t mind. Oh, come on! Really. I’d gladly getwounded every day if… Sit still! I’m in love with those eyes… I’m afraid of those eyes… – What?- I killed the bastard. What are we to do with them,Comrade Danka? Go up on the belfry, call the peopletogether. Let them decide. Vodka… One fine day, DevilWas feeling bored. He went to Soldier’s house,Knocked at the door. Said to Soldier’s wife,”I’ll be no trouble, Just sit in the corner,Still as rubble.” Said he to her, ”I’ll be no trouble, Just sit next to you,Still as rubble.” Soldier’s Wife had lived alone,Many a year. Devil moved in,His purpose clear. Twelve months went by.In Devil’s seat Sat seven little Devils eager to eat. I’d gladly join Wife this very day, But Devil Makhno stands in the way. So while I’m fighting in the war, To Devil, Wife, don’t open the door. Comrade Army Commander! An urgent message,Comrade Army Commander! Zbruyevka’s been freedby some avengers. Some avengers? Who are they? – Nobody knows for sure.- And if not for sure? Have you contacted them? That’s impossible. – Why not?- They are not there. – Who is not there?- The avengers. – And Zbruyevka, is it there?- Yes, Zbruyevka’s there. I don’t understand. The avengers! The Red avengers! To Ataman Gnat Burnash. Personal. Read it, Valerka. Greetings, Gnat!I’m sending you my son, Grigory. I know he’ll be a good Cossack.He’s still young, but he can kill Red banditsas good as me. I wish I couldmount a horse myself, but my arms are not as strongand my legs don’t obey me. All the best to you,your old friend, Semyon Kandyba. That’s all. And that Grigory is just my size,isn’t he? What’s on your mind? Time I was payingBurnash a visit. That’s risky, Danka. Not with this letter. – What if they find out?- Who? Lyuty is dead.Nobody else knows me. The people are overfilledwith love and joy when they see their emancipators – the free army of Ataman Burnash. In frantic rage,the Red Commissars send their henchmen to stir up the people. I hereby declare… The Ataman will paya big reward for catching the leaders ofthe Red Avengers band… Isn’t that Sidor? Greetings, Sidor! …The money will be paid in czarist rubles, and in Soviet rubles, and in notes signedby Ataman himself. Let this declarationbe posted in all villages. Ataman Gnat Burnash,May, 1920. You’re just imagining it, Sidor. Why, I’ve known his father,Semyon Kandyba, for ten years. A fine upright Cossack… Did you see the papersof this son of your friend? I did. Pull up his shirtand see them yourself. They’re lashed intohis back by the Reds. He’ll carry those paperswith him a long time. It was me who lashed him, Gnat! If you’d like more tea,the samovar is ready. All right. – Grinya!- What is it, Ataman? Nothing. You may go. If that don’t satisfy you,I’ve got another paper. A letter from his father,Semyon Kandyba. You suspect everybody, Sidor -don’t even trust me. I trust my own eyes.He’s been here for two weeks, and what’s happenedin that time? Kosoi’s troop was almost wiped outby men in ambush. Was it by chance? You sent for grain to the village -not an ounce was found. Was it also by chance? And what about your horses dyingfrom drinking poisoned water? That Cossack kid’s a spy. You’re worn out from the road.You imagine things. Go and get some rest. All right, just wait and see, Ataman. You thought I was dead, Shchus,didn’t you? What is it, Uncle Sidor? You musthave taken me for somebody else. Think so? Maybe I have. Ignat! Saddle my horse. And watch that Cossack kid.If he disappears, you’ll pay for it. Why should he disappear? They may kidnap our Grinya. Who? The Red bastards. You got it? – Oh, my God!- Go now. Oh, God… I didn’t believe it myself at first, then looked around, and saw a coffinflying over the graves. And beside the road -ghosts with scythes. – And not a sound!- You don’t say?! Watch out! The horses have bolted! Stop! You all right, Grinya?Thank God, you’re all right! The damn fool!What were you thinking of? I’ll tell Lyuty. Uncle Ignat! Uncle Ignat!Uncle Ignat, come here! What a surprise!The Cossack kid’s father has come! He’s waiting at headquarters.Go quickly! Grinya. Grinya! – Grinya!- What? The Ataman wants to see you. – Has anything happened?- Yes. Go there, Grinya. You owe us the drinks! Go on. You’ll see for yourself. Go on, go on. – Hurry.- I’m coming. Our hero. – Go on, Grinya.- Hi, Grinya. Did you send for me, Ataman? I did. Is that the wayto greet your father? Where’s he? What have you done with my Grinya? Where’s my son? Grinya! Grinya! Hands off! Don’t touch him! You are smart… Keep an eye on him. I didn’t believe at firsteither in God or in the devil, too. – Didn’t believe in anything.- And now? Now I do believe, honest to God. – We’ll take them in one rush.- That’ll bring the others. If we fail, we die. Don’t be in such a hurry to die.We’ll think of something better. Let’s go. What if he gets stuck in the chimney? He oughtn’t to.If only the rope holds! Tommyrot. Wait. Then what did you see? And beside the road -ghosts with scythes. – And not a sound!- Tommyrot. Tommyrot. Run! Ksanka’s waitingin the gully with the horses. Wait. I’ve got a debt to pay. Yashka. Lie down! Turns outthe Cossack kid’s a spy, eh? You hear, Ignat? Take him a potato. If we’re notcareful he may die on us. The Evil Spirit! The Evil Spirit! The Evil Spirit! Ignat! The Evil Spirit is here! Escaped! Escaped! He ran away! The Evil Spirit! Run for your life! He’s escaped, guys!He’s escaped! To the railway! – Yashka!- I’ll catch up with you. The Reds! Get your guns! Get your guns! To horse, quick!To horse, you dogs! There he is, bastard!Catch him! Follow me! Give me a horse, quick!Catch him! Take him alive! – Hey, man, what’s happened?- I don’t know. Wait. Fire! Run for your life, men! The Reds! Where’re they firing from? Take aim! He ran away! Ran away! – Catch him!- The kid ran away… Catch him! Take him alive!Take him alive! Follow me! Robbing Buddyony’s train, the rotters.Let’s drive it off, Valerka. How? I don’t know yet. Wait. That’s Grinya,the Ataman’s Cossack kid. Put away your gun. – Put all those sacks back.- Why? Want to die?The Reds are on your heels. The Reds are coming! They’re surrounding us! Get inside! Hurry, hurry, men!Prepare for defense! Put the machine-gun in the box-car!Quick! Climb into the box-car, kid! We’ve been tricked! The Burnash men are on the roof! Let them come closer. Yashka! Once we cross the bridgewe’re safe. The bridge is on fire! The Burnashists have set the bridgeon fire! – Can we make it?- We’ll try to, son. The bridge is burning!Jump, mates! Well, boys… Let’s get acquainted.I am Commander Budyonny. I’m Danka Shchus. – This is my sister.- Your sister? Ksanka Shchus. I’m Valerka Meshcheryakov. I’m Yashka the Gypsy. No last name. Hear that?The lad’s got no last name. It shall be Tsigankov, since Tsiganmeans Gypsy. – Have you any objections?- No. Great.He doesn’t. I’ve heard all aboutyour feats of valour. You’ll tell us morewhen the fighting’s over. You’ll touch it up a bit,of course. Stories would be dull without a littleexaggeration. But that’s later. Now you are fightersin the regular Red Army. Above the grim steppe A raven would better not be flying, A raven would better not be crying, For we have no fear of dying. If again storm clouds gather And lurid gets the sky, Call for our aid – We’re not afraid to die. If again storm clouds gather And lurid gets the sky, Call for our aid – We’re not afraid to die. The End

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