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Hey guys, what’s up? It’s AndroidCritics from and in this video I will be bringingyou a classic video of the top 30 best Android apps of all time. So in this video I will beshowing you the top 30 best app. Now the app in number 30is a great Android app, but the app at number one is thebest Android app of all time. Now in this video, I will be going fromnumber 30 all the way up to number one. All the apps I list in this video willbe down in the description down below. So take a look down below. Now coming in at number30 is Smart Launcher. Now once you go into it, you can seethat it has a very unique interface. It has a new taste level, and that’swhy really like this launcher. It brings a new spin tothe standard touchwiz. It’s a great launch overall becauseyou have your six main apps and you can choose which camera. So if youhave a third party camera app, you can choose that or if you havethe phone or the music or the internet it’s really cool. And takinga look at the app drawer, you can see how organized it is. So it goes from communication allthe way down to settings, utility, media and much more. And you can scroll to the left and youcan see that you can just go into your app drawer from there. There’s a lot of features within thislauncher but those are the main ones, and also does have some settings withthis Launcher so we can tweak each individual thing thatyou see in this launcher. So this is a smart launcher free andit’s a really good launcher and you’ll definitely have it as your dailydriver once you try it out. Now the next app in this video isWally, and as the name suggests, it’s a wallpaper app. So once you went to Wally, you can see that you havesome tabs at the top, so you can have your previouswallpapers, you can search, you can find the newest wallpapers andyou can see your favorite wallpapers. So we can choose this one for example, and take a nice look at it and you can see who made itand everything, and the dimensions. And you can just set it as your wallpaperjust like so and it will just work. And you can set as your lock screen oryour home screen and lock screen in your home screen. So we can justput it as the home screen and you can scale it. And once you scale it, you can seethe wallpaper will be right there, and it actually does lookpretty sweet on my home screen. So I can be using this wallpaper andit’s a very high quality wallpaper, and some of the wallpapers here are UHDand it’s definitely the top of the line wallpaper and it looks verypremium to say the least. Now the next app in this video is Tapet. Tapet is a great app fora multitude of reasons, but mostly because it allowsyou to change up your wallpaper. So once you go intoTapet, you will see it right here, and you will just see it loading up and basically it will showyou your current wallpaper. Now you can take a look atyour history, your likes, dislikes, your saved wallpapers or yourshared wallpapers, your patterns, your colors and settings.So there’s a lot to look at. So you can basically swipe up to createa new wallpaper which is very unique and it can swipe down for theprevious one, just like so. And then you can also swipe right tokeep the pattern, but change the colors. So you could just simply do that andyou have the same pattern and you can change the colors and a lot more likethat. So it’s really unique in that way.

Default android apps and games downloadchange the colors and a lot more likethat. So it’s really unique in that way. So this is what you can do, tapit, I can like the wallpaper, so you’ll have it and then you can setthat as your wallpaper by clicking the middle button just like so, andonce you go to your home screen, you can see the new wallpaperand all its glory just like so. So it looks really niceoverall and that’s Tapet. Now the next app inthis video is FastKey. Now once you go into FastKey, you’ll see the keyboard right there andyou can tap to begin and can see your new keyboard. It looks reallyunique, and I like how it looks. You can go into any apps,say for example, messages and you can test out FastKey. Sowe can see how the keyboard is, it’s really unique. Soyou can just say hi. So you can just say, “Hithis is a test” just like so. It’s really unique in that way, andyou can see when you’re writing, there’s a predictive text over it andthat’s a norm for many keyboards now. So that’s basically FastKey.It’s a really great app. It also has the a GIF keyboard aswell and you can see it has emojis, so that’s nice to have. And this is FastKey and it’s one of thegreatest keyboards available on Android today. Now the next app in thisvideo is Power Toggles. So once you are into Power Toggles,you can set it up the way you like. So you can have your home screen,your notifications, your folders, your settings, your statsand info and market review. Now once you go into PowerToggles on your home screen, so you can see you havepower toggles right here, and you can choose the power toggles and then you can make it the way youwant. So you can choose the style, the colors, you can add toggles and muchmore. But I can just keep it the same. And basically you’ll just have yourpower toggles right there and you can see you have your wifi, yourBluetooth, your GPS, your brightness and muchmore and your data as well. So it’s a really great widget and that’sbasically what Power Toggles does, it’s very clean andconcise and very simple. Next up in this video is minima. Now once you go into minima, it’s another wallpaper app andit can have live wallpapers. So you can set anythingas your live wallpaper. And this is basically what minimaallows you to do: It has some settings, so you have your theme manager, themeeditor, colors, tilt and touch effects, display and scroll, randomize,make wallpaper and much more. It’s a very simple appand it gets the job done. Now next app in this video is Glove box. So once you go into Glove box right here, you will see it and basically you canadd toggles and actions with Glove box. It’s a really gesture based app. So you can choose which sides youprefer and you can start it up. So you can add a gesture. So let’s say have a buzzlauncher and you can accept that, and just once you slide to the left inany app, you will have that right here. And this little floatingwidget will be in any app. You can barely see it rightthere, but it will be there. So if you go into any of your otherapps, for example, so say for example, messages right here, and it’sin a little oval right here. So you just simply slide and youcan just go into any of your apps. So this is for home, and thenbuzz launcher is down below there. So it’s a great app. Moving on to the next app inthis video, which is Nova launcher. Now Nova launcher is one of the mostdownloaded launchers on Android to date.

1 android apps and games downloadNow Nova launcher is one of the mostdownloaded launchers on Android to date. It’s very clean and elegant,and it has a lot of minimalism. It gives you that fit inAndroid and feel to it. So that’s the main feature of it.You can see how simplistic it is. It feels like you’re running stockAndroid or it feels like you installed signage and mod or something likethat. So it’s a great app overall. You have your app drawer and everything. You can have your Nova settings as well.So if you look for it, you’ll see it. So once you are in Nova settings, youcan customize it quite a bit, so desktop, app and widget drawers,dock, folders, look and feel, gesture and inputs, backup andimport settings and much more. So this is Nova launcherand it’s very popular launcher and those are the main reasons why it is. Moving on to the nextlauncher in this video, which is actually buzz launcher. Now going into buzz launcher,this is buzz launcher. You can see how nice it looks overall. You can use tip twofingers and swipe down, brings up all your settings just like so.So you have your add, your wallpapers, your edit screen, your upload and muchmore. You can go into your app drawer. So you can just simply swipe up andit will open up your app drawer. And you can have your widgets right here, and you can take a look at it. And with your apps, you can see they’reall in folders for the most part. So it organizes up your Android devicewhich is good. So you have communication, entertainment, and productivityas well. So that’s nice to have. You can see you have your clock widgetright here, which is a very unique, and then you have your three by two apps. So you can see your appicons are actually different. So that’s a nice new tasteto have on your device, and you can see youonly have three by two. So that just changes up your device andthe blurred background as well is really nice on buzz launcher, it sas a lotof settings on buzz launcher as well. So that’s the main premise of itand I highly recommend it. Now, the next app in thisvideo is Now Gesture Tweaks. So we can go into the app justlike so and can select an action. So you can choose any action, so my action is open notification drawerand if you have physical buttons on your device, like on this phone, you’ll just have to long press on thehome button and then the first time it’s gonna ask you Google now or anything, where you’re just gonna chooseNow Gesture Tweaks free. But if you don’t have one,you can just simply swipe up, so just on like the nexus devices, you can just simply swipe up and itwill activate Now Gesture Tweaks. So you can just select any action andI already selected open notification drawer just like so. And if youlong press on the home button now, you can see you will see your notificationdrawer right there as just Now Gesture Tweaks. It’s a very nice tweak and it has thefinesse of being a great Android app. Next app in this video is versus. Now versus is basically a tech comparisonapp so we can compare two things. So for example, we can compare the Apple iPhone 6 plusand iPhone 6 and then you can hit go. So you’ll see it right hereand it’s really unique. So you can swipe to the left to seethe pearls and the top five reasons for getting the iPhone 6 plus. And then you can take a look at theright and then you can see the top 12 reasons for the iPhone 6. So it’s really unique in that way andyou still have the search up here,

android apps and games download So it’s really unique in that way andyou still have the search up here,

2 android apps and games downloadSo it’s really unique in that way andyou still have the search up here, and then if you do 3D, this iswhen things get really interesting. So you can see the devices and nowit’s in 3D and you can turn it around, and you can see that onceyou pick up your device, you can change it just like so.And it’s unique in that way. So you can see the full device by turningit around and it’s really interesting. So that’s basically versus. Next app is HeadsUp andit’s a notifications app. Now HeadsUp is a very unique app andit basically gives you iOS 9 like notifications and it’s oneof the best apps of all time. So the notifications are very clear andconcise and that’s why I really like it. So we have all these options. So thetheme, show at the top of the screen, overlaps status bar, emoticons,override to some fonts, maximum and minimum priority, swipeto the right and left and more. And if you take a look at the topright, you can send a test notification, then you’ll see it right here. So you’ll see it and it says this is a samplenotification and it says HeadsUp right there. And it does that for when you installapps and when your battery is low, and just when you get a new text messageor getting a new email, it’s really, really good. And that’sheads up notifications. Next app is Light Flow. And going into Light Flowyou’ll see it right here. And basically with Light Flow you canchange the color of your notification light on your device. Sothat’s why I really like it. So you can activate it and much more. So you can just set it up, and have Light Flow enabledthe notification access. And basically you can choose certaincolors for certain of vacations, so all your emails are in red,all your texts are in blue. So it’s just really cool that youcan actually change it. So you can get into it and start it up. So it shows all your colorsfor your notifications, so you can see that your calendar, allyour reminders are in an orange color, and then Gmail, all yournotifications are in green, low battery in like a purple color and missed calls in redand SMS in like a pink color. So that’s really unique with LightFlow and you can see you have all these features here and it can upgrade tothe full version, remove ads, volume, settings and much more. So this is basically Light Flow andit is very in depth and a great app. Next app is Google keep. So basically Google keep, it just allows you to take notesand will sync on your Gmail account. So it’s very basic and verygreat at the same time. So you can see your google accountthere, your notes reminders, create new label, active,trash and much more. So you can just create a new note andyou can see you have all these options. So this is, keep, and then I could just have it rightthere and then I can just say it’s done, and that’s all you have to do. So you have Google keep and you can see, it will show all your notesall in this collage type view, and this is one of thenotes I made and it’s done. And simply you can add pictures,you can draw on it and much more. So this is Google Keep. Next app is Google drive. Now once you gointo Google drive,

3 android apps and games downloadNow once you gointo Google drive, you’ll see everything, so basically you can see all your driveand how much you’re using up as well. So you can see all your differentfiles, you can create a new one. Basically with Google drive you canshow your Google docs sheets and slides. So basically your Microsoftword, your Microsoft Excel, and then your Microsoft PowerPoint.So it’s Google drive right here. It’s very similar to keep since it’smade by Google and it can search for your notes and much more and it’s verycookie cutter and very basic, and that’s all you have to do with Googledrive. And it syncs across your Gmail, email and it’s really good overall. Now next app is Picsart. Now Picsart is really good at, let’s sayit has effects, edit, collage, camera, draw all in one and have a shop as well. You can edit also yourphotos, that’s a main feature. So you can edit one of your photos andyou can just change image size to the recommended on your device, and then you can basically change it up howyou like it so you can change the effect of it. So you can change it to anyof the effects basically. So maybe this one, you can see thecolor kind of changed a little bit. So this one is more drastic andyou can see it got darker there. You can make it how youlike, you can delete it, you can go back to your original, you can change up all the themesand there’s a lot to choose from. There’s even some new themes so you cansee a change up the wallpaper right there and it’s done like thatI could just check it. And you can see, you can add a photo,I can square fit, borders, Mark, draw, text, lens flare, we can add to it. And there’s a bunch of lens flares, so this one for example, and you can put it at thetop and can rearrange it. It’s a really intricate app and that’swhy I really like it for many reasons, but it’s really intricate. It’s really well done and it ties in verywell and it’s one of the best apps available. Now the next one inthis video is Flipboard. So this is Flipboard. It’s a really interesting app andyou can just flip to see the news. It’s been much improved, so we can go into something and you cansee all your Flipboard picks right here. So you can see a wall way,news article right here. This app has been around for quite awhile and it’s a well known app and it’s actually installed on some of theSamsung devices that you purchase. You can see, you can just havethe flip animation right here. So it’s really interesting. You can flip through and it’s verycondensed from the normal posts. It’s a great app, I highly recommend it, and it’s around the top news reader appsand it’s definitely a GoTo and a daily driver for many people. Next app is music X match. Now once you go into music X match,you can go into any of your music. So you can go into this, for example. It’s a really great app overall, you can see it’s basically a music appreplacement and once you go into it, it basically matches up lyricswith songs so you can sing along. It’s really cool. It works for any song, even if it’s from a mixed tape or anythinglike that and I really recommend it. I can start playing. So you can hear right there. Sounds really good and can seeall the features right here. You can favorite a song, youcan skip to the next one. And you can just register with the app. It’s really great overall and it’sdefinitely a music replacement and it gives play music a good run for its money. Now next app is wall pop. Now it’s basically a local classifiedsand it’s really interesting. So if you find something you like, it shows you the item and basically wecan do just simply chat counter or say, I’ll take it. So it’s really interestingyou can get in touch with the person, and it’s really great app and you canjust counter the price and it’s really a great, and it has many userson it and it’s very simple. Next app is greenify. And once you go into greenify you’lldefinitely like the app because it basically makes your device a lot faster. And it’s basically one of the best apps. So just finds all your battery leeching, memory hogging andstealthily running apps, and it basically willfind them and basically make it a smooth experience andhibernate the apps and it’s really good. And this is basically what greenify does, you can press the plus button and find all your app analyzerand analyze all the apps that are running in your background. Then you can take a look righthere with the Z’s all here. So you can see no apps that need tohibernate. It’s a really great app overall. It will speed up your device andit will give you more battery. And it’s a really great app overall. Now next app is startup manager. And with startup manager you can managethe apps that run on startup and it’s a really great app overall,I highly recommend it. And you can see your system apps, user apps and you can customize and youcan choose if you want to tap it running or you can press the minus to makeit not run when it’s on startup. And you can see this item is disabledand will not bring it on startup and this startup manager it’s a really great appand it’s very simple and to the point. Now next app is clean master.Clean master is a great app. I highly recommend it for many reasons, but because it’s one of thenumber one cleaning apps. So you can see you have junkfiles, phone Boost, antivirus, app managers. So you can clear out allyour junk files and it says 90% storage, 83% RAM and 1.75 gigabytes of junk files. It gives you the breakdown righthere, so this is some cache, the video players junk, the clean junk and much more so youcan just clean the junk files right here and it will clean up and you will haveall that 1.7 gigabytes of storage back, and it’s there just like so. Andit’s done and it’s very simple. Clean master is very polarizing and is a highly acclaimed app availablein the Google play store, and that’s why it’s definitely oneof the number one apps available. Next app is Polaris office. Now Polaris office is a great appand it has all your office types, your word documentsyour PowerPoints and your graph and Excel files. So it’s really cool and youcan also have PDFs as well. You can see it right hereand can have a Polaris drive. You can also set them up on your computerso it works well and can combine the two together. You can hit the plussign, so you have your word sheets, slide and text documents all togetherin one and start a new document, just like so, and you canmake it a word document. And you have the template there, soyou can have a resume for example, template and you can change it up and youcan see you have all these features at the top here and it canchange it to your liking. It’s a really solid app for many reasons. So you can basically add something, soa gallery, take a picture, text box, shape, table chart, and more.You can press this right here, which will basically giveyou the fonts and everything. So the colors and then you have thisso you can see the notifications on it and everything, and then you have some moresettings: So view mode, find/replace, page layout, view settings and more, and you can send thedocument and much more. So this is Polaris office is basicallylike having a full fledge Microsoft office on your device. But this is the Polaris take onit and it’s a new spin to it. Now the next app inthis video is Pictures, and it’s basically a galleryapp and it’s really nice. So you can see pictures right here, and you can have the calendarbutton right there in the settings, you can take a look at it, so youcan filter by cover and settings. And then you can pressthe check Mark to edit, and delete some of your photos. So you have all the camera and you cantake like at all your other folders, and it sets your device modelas well. So this is pictures, it’s not a photos app, it’s a gallery app because it showsyour photos in the cleanest way, in a gallery type format. Now once you go into wave launcher,which is the next app in this video, you can simply enable it. So you can see you have your apps righthere and you could just simply enable it from the side, and if you let go andgo into the app, so say for example, Navigation layer, so this is wave launcher it’s verysimple. And if you let go of it, it will go into the app justlike so. It’s a really great app, I highly recommend it.And it’s very simple, and there’s also wave launcher settingsas well. So once you go into it, you can change the positionof the activation method, you can edit the waveand you can add apps, and add colors as well, and settingsand much more. So this is wave launcher, it’s a great app overall. Next app is locker master andit’s basically a lock screen app. So once you have your lock screen withlocker master, you’ll see it right there. It looks very cool. It’scustom watch for your device. I really like the app so you could justsimply go into your device just by doing that, and if you find locker master and want to go into lockermaster, you will see it right here. So you can choose to have a certainlock screen and you can see all the lock screens that people have.So you can choose any of these, for example and could just simply downloadit to favorite and it will go into your favorites just like so, and HeadsUp notifications is working andit shows how long the download is taking. So that’s nice. And it says the download is complete, and you can just simply hit the checkMark and it will set it and then it will be there, and now it’s just doing a testof it. Slide to unlock by doing this. And it’s unlocked just like so.So that’s locker master. You can see your featured,your Explorer and much more. And you can take a look at right hereso you can see yours, your settings, about, feedback and a lotmore. So that’s locker master. Now next up is timely. So timely is an alarm and clock app. So we can add alarm simply by swiping to the right andyou can see the hours and the minutes. It’s very intuitive and interactive. So you could just simply swipe up by the timeand you can cancel the alarm if you want. And you have three options,so you have the alarm right here, you have the current time right there, and then you have your timerright there which you can set. It’s really interesting and this appis very intuitive and you have the stopwatch right there andyou can do a lot with it, and I can add 15 seconds andthen start it just like so. The UI is very nice and works well withthe material design and everything. This is basically what you cando with it and this is timely. Moving on to the number three appin this video, which is noise. Now, noise is a volume panel, soyou can customize the look and feel, can choose the foregroundcolor, the background color, the tertiary color as well.It’s a really great app. You can change the audio and mediaof it and it’s a really solid, and you can see noise right there,so you can see the colors of it. So if you take a look, you can see it’s red and blue just likethe colors I said on their look and feel and can make it your own wayand choose how you like it. It’s a great app it’s really simple anda really fluid and I really like it. So that’s noise volume panel. Moving on to the number two app inthis video, which is Solid Explorer. Now solid explorer is right here,so you can take a look at it, and once you go into solid Explorer, you can see it’s basically anotherExplorer app to find all your files, going to the left you can see your root,your internal storage, your SD card, Your download, documents, photos, music,videos, applications, and much more. UI is really nice. The other onescompared to this look very rugged, like ES file Explorer.The UI is really nice. It’s nice to refine and it looks reallygood overall and I can see and go into all your files and can addfolders. So if you press this, you can add a new folder, new file, anew cloud connection. Just like that. It’s a really great app andbasically that’s solid Explorer. Now the number one app in thetop 30 best Android apps video is Omni swipe. Now going into Omni swipe, you can seeit right there. You have your toolbox, you have this part here which you candrag down and I will give you something random that enhances your device. And you can see your toolbox isjust all right here. So your search, your volume, your sound, yourbrightness. So your favorites right here, so your most used apps that you go into. And then you have your recent right here, so all your recent apps that youjust went into. So that’s Omni swipe. Omni swipe also doeshave an individual app. So once you go into Omni swipe, you canenable Omni Sipe. You can set it up, so you can set up top assist, you havethemes, so you can choose all the themes, so you can choose this classic themeright here and you can see it’s all blue now instead of purple. It works very well. You have your notifications right here,so you can have your SMS, your Gmail, your other third party apps. Youcan also have your texting in this, which is great. And I think Ijust like the control panel, kind of like on iOS. So control center, but it’s on your Androidand it’s just in the left. It looks very good and Omni swipe isdefinitely a highly heralded and it’s one of the number one appsavailable. You have booster, which will clear all your running appsat once. It’s really great to have. And then you have advancedsettings right here. So you can make it availableon the lock screen if you want, you can change your trigger method soyou can swipe from the bottom corner edge or the little white dot. Instead, you can have thetrigger area positions, so bottom left and bottom right,and middle left and middle, right, you can add as well. And you canenable Omni swipe for desktop, only desktop and non full screenapps and desktop and all apps. So basically your home screen,you can have it for it, and it can add exceptions as well andcan also have an interact or recent. So display important contacts insteador display recently used apps, and you have your default tab. So this is Omni swipe and this is oneof the best Android apps of all time, and this is number one in the top30 Android apps. This is Omni swipe. So thanks for watching this video on thetop 30 best Android apps of all time. Please be sure tosubscribe, like this video. Please smash the like buttondown below so I know you watched. Also check out androidcritics.comfor android news, reviews and more, and also check the descriptionso you can see all the apps. And also comment down belowwhat are your favorite apps, what are your top 30 bestapps, I’d like to know. So please be sure to follow me on Twitter, andplease like my Facebook fan page at by doing that, you’ll see the latest Facebook posts Imake about so you can get the news there firstand get the exclusives. And once again, like thisvideo and thanks for watching.

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