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what’s up guys I am Fang sucker and I amback today on my Louis free-to-play account on this account and actually allmy others I’m planning to go through all of the events they’ve got discount storeI’m curious to see through all of my accounts see what we get see if we getlucky on anything I might go ahead and go through some some some of thewarehouse a couple these accounts real quick to see what we got there’sanything cool open up but that being said we do have a daily not daily but acasa class sixth anniversary login gift that’s not a crazy login gift but itactually it’s a pretty nice little gift here because you do get five of thesemagic powders and personally I would recommend holding on to these two youget another five so you can use get ten or I guess maybe nine however it is togo after you use it 10 times isn’t you guaranteed some soul stones so I’m gonnago ahead and collect that get this heavily so it’s not flashing at mealright good events floating I’ll go ahead and go in hereI believe it’s it’s every 10 I want I wanted to see it was every 10 I don’tremember how much it might be every 5 but I think it’s every 10 times you doit you get guaranteed soul stones so I’d recommend saving those do you get moreif it’s different than that please let me know in the comments for sure let’sgo ahead and collect these always nice to get that stuff right just quick daily vlogging thingget these out of the way see what is this okay all right I don’t care aboutthat I will level up that just a little bitmore all right let’s get into the warehouse so we have thunder God’s no wedo not have Thunder gods hero collector marksman and engineer a discount storelet see get discount store oh you know I see I don’t even see anything it’sreally exciting that I would really want in this count how many do I haveI got four it only gave us 10% that is not gonna gonna do it all right let’ssee here see if we can get a marksman really quick it’s not I might try later I’m not seeing much of marksman and I’mgonna go ahead and stop there taking my engineer here what is thiscloudy so a coupon I would like to like to see that I don’t think it’ll let mepreview it alright motorways everything good in thewarehouse oh look all that that’s not bad that’sgonna be nice little opening there I’m gonna go ahead and save that I’m gonnago ahead and go to my next account see

Default android game apk free downloadgonna go ahead and save that I’m gonnago ahead and go to my next account see if we can get get lucky in that onealright guys we are in a second highest a second lowest free-to-play accounthere just going claim this stuff get this out of the way real quick try tomake the speedy speedy Hey see when we hire a good hero yes no ahno can be a good talent maybe maybe yeah it’s like no boys we don’t get a goodtalent all right let’s get right into here see we’ll get floating I’ll booksall right take books for sure discount store really not much I’d really want onlygave me 30% we currently have three coins not really worth it see what do wehave we have kind of good stuff we have enough account not too badyeah a lot better on the other account I think I see you can we get that marksmancan we get lucky and get that marksman just a couple yeah I like it when youcan you can get her and just like one or two rolls that’s always really nice ohthere we go we got the Marchman I always like to do that cuz this book fives arevery nice very very nice all right think we’re gonna go to the five a dayaccount next hi guys we are on the five a day account haven’t made a video onthis account in a hot minute I need to start making some more okay dad I’m hoping we get at leastyou’re lucky on at least one account and get some good stuff don’t have anytrunks how do I not have enough trunk space I guess that’s why and get this if I don’t increase truckwhite all right let me get up in here I get I don’t do I not have oh all right guy forget why I don’t haveany trunk space I should have trunk space all right wellI’m not gonna play around with that let’s go ahead and open these up let’sget some trunk space going on you know good talent come on nowcan’t get of course can’t get a good talent collect these like the mailboxvery nice all right discounts or what do we got what do wegot another slow down I don’t even know who I put that on this course shouldmake a nice Ronan maybe don’t say anything crazy and only 10% definitelynot worth it I currently have 19 coins not too shabbysee floating Isle Dennis stones I think it was no sorrynagging sounds like I’m tripping

1 android game apk free downloadDennis stones I think it was no sorrynagging sounds like I’m tripping yeah gang so you give backs we got usaccount anything good to open up and nothing exciting how to save all thatstuff can we get we get that marching realquick some green heroes right off the batthat’s promising but we need a marching if we don’t get marksmen I’m not seeinga marksman I don’t want to go through wastes too much like thatwhat do we got in the bazaar since we’re on the five-a-day account here what wegot on the bazaar nice and out of mana definitely like thatooh twenty chest fours and 20 chest threes I don’t see a whole lot of chestthrees and I want but the chest force that could be really nice 2004 fivebucks that’s not bad plus a chance for some good heroesthat’s not bad where’s the $5 pack over here eightygems eighty times 50 huh that’s not bad it’s nice about if you need jeomsunthat’s nice about gems you get to shard pack you get honor badge pack and youget the new pet Drogo that’s actually not too shabby I say if you need thegems I’d say I’m pretty good yeah see here don’t forget to do your clashinglights it’s not the greatest I think but just do it anyway you might getsomething good you never know all right let’s go to the scoops of thefrugal pay-to-play all right guys we are on the frugal pay-to-play here let’s get this stuff out of the way they needed I could collect all foreverything button and you got when you got so many counters it’s tedious youknow a quick quick collect no good heroes let’s see can we can we just do aquick try to get that take it marksman real quick oh and we got it right offthe bat that’s what I like to see all right let’s get back over here discountstore let’s see anything good I’d like these karmic rocks that’d be pretty nice that’s about the only thing I’d reallylike to see in the only 20% you that’s definitely not cool let’s see where weget the floating aisle looks all right I would definitely take the books books Ican use books all the time Hayami what do we got next we gotanother free-to-play account all right here we go second highest free-to-playaccount right here I am actually I already have my six baseand only I worry about that

android game apk free download I am actually I already have my six baseand only I worry about that

2 android game apk free downloadI am actually I already have my six baseand only I worry about that see can we get a good hero oh we justgot Cosmo Wow we just got Cosmo am I free to play oh wow that is awesome my second-highest free to play just gotCosmo does that look like we’ve got looking for there oh we did I guesslet’s see can we get lucky at discount store can we get lucky in discount storeand no we can’t but we did just get Cosmo on my free to play that is awesomegot some stones I’m very nice go ahead and claim all of that I’m 99% sure I do not have Cosmo on thisaccount I’m 99% sure again this is a free-to-play account dohave some put some nice heroes no it is not there let me open up that Cosmo notjust I need to make onion get to empower or revitalize oh I’ll be so awesome forthis account see where is that beautiful there’s a beautiful Cosmo I’m gonna lockthat baby down see here kill how much can we do any skill ups I don’t knowwhat this OH 284 I didn’t realize I had that many oh that is awesome oh we’re definitelygonna get to the Destiny up definitely definitely this is a huge hero rightthere oh my gosh can level him up a little bit yeah what is he an 80 let’s get himlet’s get him to 100 describe him a little bitOh fine I can use some insignias now very nice got him up to 35 not bad we’llneed the Destiny illness can’t get very high destiny but that is awesome okaywhere do you go where to go all right that is awesome guys even if I don’t getanything in in discount store this is incredible I’m super happy about this what kind of insignias do I have oh I’vegot an M power I could put on him ooh get that inscription up little 6 7 &8 & power that would be very nice I’ve only got I’ve only got to go back goback I only have a three revitalise put thatin pow I’ve got the empowers oh my gosh that is awesome that is awesome let’ssee here what do i do i have i’ve got 49 of these that’s not bad and what whattwo guys sent me what is your favorite talent for this hero I’m curious Idefinitely liked revitalize but I also liked empowered very situational but Ithink they’re both very good also like

3 android game apk free downloadliked empowered very situational but Ithink they’re both very good also like look at armor because I think this herecan one shot himself with reflect that is awesome I am super super happy aboutthat alright now let’s go to our let’s go to my highest free-to-play accountnow I am on the high is free-to-play account I did already open up a littlebit of stuff in this account before I decided to make a video let’s go ahead and go into the discountstore what can we get anything good 40% that’s not too bad how many calling so Ihave my five coins so I really even if I wanted to I couldn’t buy anything so Ionly have five coins let’s go float it I let’s see what weget here that’s not good don’t care about those let’s try a hero collector see if we can get a marksman see engineer haven’t seen marksmen yetcome on give me a marksman don’t make me begdon’t make me beg IgG all right there we go we got our marksman we got ourengineer I always love getting these books on free-to-play accounts alwayssuch so helpful I see what do we have for gift packs ah not too much maybeanother week at you oh yeah I’ll build up enough stuff for a decent opening andnow we got I’m not going to go ahead to my main pay to play account and kind ofsee if we can get lucky there yes we are on my main account again I’ve alreadyopened up gone through a few things in this account already but I do not thinkI’ve done discount store or anything no I have not no I haven’t alright who goit’s anything I would want on here I’ve got 83 coinsis there anything I’d want on here and definitely not a 10% that’s kind ofthat’s kind of bad boys all right soul stones now getting very lucky onthis account that’s for sure alright let’s see can we get to get a marksmanwith not too many on their badges got an engineer right off the bat that’s a goodsign two engineers seeing several engineers alot of engineers there we go I saw marksmen in there go ahead and collectthose thank you very much Hey all right guys yeah that’s gonna be intothis video um I think that I’m really disappointed in discount store usually Igive it one or two really good ones on at least a one account but it’s kind oflame today let me know in the comments did you get anything better than I diddid you get a 50 or 60 or even an 80 or 90% I always like hearing when peopleget the higher percentages and get some really good stuff really cheaply but letme know what you got guys did on that one and also what do you think aboutthat cosmo on them I’m not free to play oh my gosh I’m gonna have to check himout more I gotta go through a seat see how much I can resources I had to buildhim that’s gonna be super exciting but I will I’m going to end the video I’ll seeyou guys the next video and as always I hope you guys have an awesome day

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