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Henlo. For the beggining I advise to watch attached video, because there I talk about withstanding(survivability?) that is other side of one medal But if you watched closely, you must figure out, that i didnt say the most important thing. You dont have to withstand, if all your enemies are dead. Before video starts, I ask you to pay attention to the optical sights of Leha-optics! leha-optics Full set for all units, easy installation, hard life for your enemies instructions in two languages, quick technical support, frequent updates, each sight is personally consecrated by Vyacheslav and most importantly the price! Only 0.99 parrots! LINK IN THE DESCRIPTION! If youre not a SIMP, ill try again. -The reticle is not overloaded with lines, which makes your sight no longer look like a fence, and the numbers are very close to the center so even in the arcade, where recently added RB maps, this helps a lot. I cant believe that there are people on top tier, who could shoot so accurate with a stock sight. -T80 is running at incredible hihg speed, i got no laser rangefinder, but I looked at it through the scale of death and hit. How did I do it? The scale is actually a rangefinder. Personally for my sight it fits for T80, Abrams, t-34 and other tanks 2.4 m high. If you see something high, such as American T-series heavy tanks, pattons, Panthers, King Tigers, etc., then add 100-200m to the measured distance. -Also, all vehicles with some additional type of weapons have their own sighting lines. The BMP appears ATGM marks, and a hint of distance-time units with missiles gets missiles trajectory the MLRS themselves And this can be very useful in combat Double-barreled tanks are also not bypassed. I understand that it is difficult to download something there, throw it off and you will still have 30 minutes of video to watch. You came to watch the guide to play better, right? For this reason, please do not ignore the advice. You are not required to do anything hard. Spawn. Chose the sight. K, moving forward Lets sort out shell types. For convenience, I will divide the shells into 3 types. APHE(Camori) AP(dirokol(hole puncher)) HE(Fudzhesi(Fugasi)) With APHE and HE everything is simple Into AP i count AP, APDS, HEAT and ATGM But let me explain shells info(?) Lets compare 3 soviet 85mm shells Against Sherman Rjumbo(Wordplay of Jumbo and “rjomba(funny)”) as you can see, BR365A is most efficent But how is that possible, if 367 just better by all stats, than 365A? It`s all about APHEBC magic but in defense of 367, i can remark, that it penetraes T44 mask little better, that`s because 90 degrees penetration value is more than 365A same with 122mm guns 471D must be just better, but 471B penetrates much better on high degrees With APDS other troubles. Taking t72 without armor plate mode Hitting angle is almost 70 degrees 3BM9 with 182mm can penetrate only at bottom But 3BM28 with 173mm penetrates anywhere you want. even 3BM15 with 169 still can penetrate U GOT MAIL Im sorry. (I made a but report about it, and devs say it`s not error, and about different resistance of materials) (bug reports can be accepted only with 2 authoritative doccuments(lol)) Im not yet meet Igor Link(famous RUtuber) so i cant get those doccuments

Default apk games free downloadIm not yet meet Igor Link(famous RUtuber) so i cant get those doccuments so just accept fact, that we have sort of things in our game Maybe there are different core thickness(?) for different shells that`s why coefficent changes, but what`s the point of wrotten penetration numbers and what it shows? I guess thats a rethorical question HE penetration counts by sphere. Hit the turret, shards goes into hull, turret is not penetrated But even here we got some troubles Why i cant penetrate 15mm of armor with 31mm penetration? If you take Roland rocket with 48mm, it penetrates even worse. They explodes before actual hit, but even if i explode them super close, result is the same And all i was talking about You can forget about those numbers in info, and all info you need to know: can your shell penetrate that tank at that angle OR NOT Same with arcade crosshair It got sort of delay before color change generally if you will wait for color change, you are wasting precious miliseconds so i reccomend you to less trust to the crosshair, and shoot by your muscle memory So only thing is 100% sure truth, is penetration at 90(0) degrees. And little explanation for save some of your extinglishers Taking jagdpanzer and set it against centurion with AP shells Crosshair is green everywhere, but it doesnt mean you will penetrate 100% sure. Shooting at 55 degrees, looking into info It says that after 48 degrees ricochet is possible If you do some math, you can count that 55 degrees is near 15% chance The higher we shoot, the more chance of ricochet will be French 120mm guns affected by this much more. They got super good penetration, but what`s the point if even t-62 can deflect everything at that angle About damadge For APHE it matters that you have more than 28.9g of Panther gun I swear, if there will be added tank with 29g, youll get perfect damadge But of course it`s not the relationship of explosives and damage to the range of fragments is directly proportional after 100g you almost dont see a difference and all other ill explain later So when you have 2 same type shells, but with less penetration and more exlosive in it, penetration would be better. White text(Cool thing, but shell with more explosive does less damadge. It might be because it matters what type of explosive in it) About AP shells i wasnt sure before the test But remarkable show about it, was really difficult I was sitting in hangar for 2 hours straight, trying find how to compare For first i was testing damadge on Panther, but the damadge was almost the same Really bad damadge that i notice, was by APDS of centuron mk1 And all other was a pure random, and i was mad about that idea. i was 100% sure APDS(not APFSDS) does absolutely no damadge, but in fact damadge was ok and then i remember that APDS can just not penetrate and all pieces comes together Then i change weak Panther for King tiger Who do you even need to torture with APDS and HEAT shells? Color of numbers are equals the total damage And dont trying to calculate pure random, result wound be for 10 shots with differen type of ammo and caliber If you want see how it was in good compare without cuts, you can go into discripshshs and find a link For now ill show only results As you can see APDS does no damadge 83,4mm and even 105mm almost the same evertyhing is so bad that even 60mm APFSDS of AUBL deals more damadge than chief with 120mm spread and shards amount is the same, as APFSDS but damadge of shards is much less

1 apk games free downloadspread and shards amount is the same, as APFSDS but damadge of shards is much less APDS damadge calculates only by penetration, cause it`s almost zero difference between 152mm and 60mm But Ariete with uranium shells is a freaking monster Im kinda upset that 1 survived man mess up whole stats HEAT`s spread of shards and it`s amount much worse than APDS shells is super random, you can perfectly see it in arete side. Almost half is dead, and other is got no damadge So when you use HEAT, you need to aim much accurate APDS and HEAT needs to aim for crew, you cant just shoot into middle of tank dreaming of APHE damadge If we got 105mm guns, and fighting againts tanks like Leo1, without armor, but still without hullbreak, APDS deals much more damadge I didint even try to film about ATGM missles. Every single ATGM bigger than “maluta” kills all crew almost with 100% chance That means it`s most effective type of (Dirocoli)AP shells As closing this part i need to mark that there are no fair damadge in this game. Just take a look at 54. Im shoot into the middle of tank, but loader never get fatal damadge It happens because of shards stuck in things like extra armor in tank, ring moun, breech of the gun, fuel tanks, even shells. About optics it`s not that simple If your APHE shell hit, and didnt penetrate, it doesnt means that optics just eat all the damadge, it means it hit, and didnt penetrate. But thing, that gunner of panther can survive cause optics just dont let APDS create shards , was a something new for me, not so long time ago i was mad about APDS and loads AP In generall i already explained it in previous video If you remember about AP(you obviously are, but people that understand my native language are dont) it got spread and damadge same as the Death Star Same as APFSDS, you just need to penetrate the hull of course if your gun not worse than 83,4mm. If it is, you got same shitty APDS, but with different picture and name I highly recommend waste more time in hangar protection analysis, everytime things happens. White text(No idea why only little amount of tanks got hitbox of that part) If you have NVIDIA Ansel, you can look into the tank, and see extra armor, that doesnt shown in xray vision whtie text( if APHE explodes in that zone, there will be no damadge) same as ferdinand, amx13 and so on Played in protection analysis? Now we can play for controls settings We need “transmission mode” and set it for hot key. For me it`s Ё(`) After pressing this button, driver stops changing gears, and your tank do less shakes after you stop press W. WHITE TEXT(Shakes like this) So you will be able to shoot accurate while moving In case of we need move even slower, than first automatic gear, we set maximum possible gear, and make our movement super smooth If you look at some t54, that start from first auto gear, and compare to other 54, but start from 4`th mechanic gear, advantage of mechanic gears must be super obvious Regarding a separate shooting Set shooting from mainsecond cannon for different buttons, for your preferenses considering that you must been install my sights, there are no sense to switch on the second canon so we need only “reset weapon selection” and “choose MG” In my case it`s 1 and 2. In generall it`s much more comfortable to fight against SUV and planes (Yes, 34 is best AA) If buddy Joseph gave you laser on the roof, now you can penetrate even tanks same with 20mm autocannons Leo 2K and MBT70 autocannons zeroing(?) with main cannon. Against moving targets, especially enemy barrels will be much easier, shoot enemy barrels, taking autocannon as main weapon There are such situations one for a million, when it was necessary to turn the turret, so that the autocannon would look out from behind the wall and I could punish the offender. But for all this happiness, you will have to pay for the comfort of choosing shells. I have Space+1 combination Although I decided that my guides are intended for confident PC users, but still. You should have normal sensitivity. Quick from third person view and smooth while aiming. Well, ideally, the mouse, that cost at least 600 rubles, with a fine DPI,

apk games free download Well, ideally, the mouse, that cost at least 600 rubles, with a fine DPI,

2 apk games free downloadWell, ideally, the mouse, that cost at least 600 rubles, with a fine DPI, so aiming would be smooth, when shooting at long distances. Now, according to the precepts of the great, I will show you an exclusive set of exercises for what make…(?) and life hacks, that make aiming is normal And of course would teach you how to make HEADSHOT Referring what happened in the past video In any case do not shoot APHE in the tank breech stanging sideways(?) to you For example, 54 clearly shows how a shot at the breech from any side 100% saves the tank from death. Just shoot at the edge of the turret The Panther stands with its forehead, killed 3 tankers in turret, and shards cant get last 2 of crew Hit horizontal drive – shards are reaches whole crew. It`s because now the angle for their flight has become favorable. More units don’t come to mind, but a little explanation of the mechanics won’t hurt. Another feature of APHE is the sensitivity and delay of the fuse. If you suddenly got some Drin(122mm+ guns) and against you a hellcat-like coffin, standing sideways APHE will not explodes, and the best solution to the problem will be shooting at the breechturret. The delay of the fuse also shows the distance at which the projectile will explode after penetration. Here is Panther 2 that is extra thicc, and there is a small, but still a chance that shooting closer to the transmission, the shards will not reach all the tankers, so, the higher you shot, the closer to the turret it will explodes In the old days, the tanks had a different delay fuse, but now for some reason everyone has 1.2 m which is very much in turn affected the German tanks. If something gets twisted again in the future, keep in mind. This is the difference between 90 and 120 cm. Imagine how weak was Panther with its 29 grams and such a delay that the shell usually exploded almost in the driver. WARNING the explosives are coming! I sincerely do not understand how you can have “fun” playing HE shells. When I take a hefty gun, with ballistics from a catapult and reload time usually twice as long as that of normal tanks, then I hope to oneshot at the silhouette, but in fact I have to pixelhunt even more than on any other type of projectile. Hit turret too high – did not break anything, enemy has no ammo in the forehead – killed the driver and make fire Only things you can rely, is the stupidity of people and that they use some hull break cars If you play the top tier, the only tank in the game without hull break, which can be stably resettled with Soviet HE shells is soviet tops T80 could survive tats hit, but he cant get off his ammo from forehead Comin right now the young memo HE user If at least there are plans to research the Soviets or the Chinese, remember it: Green a good chance to get gunnerbreechoneshot blue, same but with a random, loader purple, yellow able to catch secondary ammo racks, red – red. Of course, sometimes HE`s are even more useful than APFSDS, for example, when you need to get some impenetrable asshole into a bucket, or even you can shoot it at wall and catch unprotected missiles. In fact, it turns out that in the game HE shells are played only on the first ranks, when no one has armor and on the tops, when there are no armor, and on top tier, when you have the opportunity to ger standing onlooker at the pixel. well, it just so happened that we have a lot of things in the game is not modeled for some reason I especially love when HE is loaded for one, and in front of you completely unexpected comes out… If you are want shoot somwhere into the front and get the gun, i have to dissapoint you. Even direct hit cant get the gun Well, now the most difficult and sweet(salty). Dirokoli(ap). How much pain is behind this nickname… Only using dirokoli is skill-dependent, requires you to have an exorbitant amount of knowledge, reaction, and generally makes you a real man WHITE TEXT(He isnt) I divide the entire gameplay into shooting at the crew and ammunition.

3 apk games free downloadI divide the entire gameplay into shooting at the crew and ammunition. Given that we can’t just shoot anywhere, like with APHE There is a huge problem with extremely big TimeToKill and endless skills requirement In the case when you have to fight with two, three or any infinite number of approaching enemies, knowledge of where to oneshot, timings of the crew and repairs, speed of aiming at the area where exactly going to damage, it all becomes much more important than with APHE. Otherwise, there would be no guys who can shoot 3 times at an empty turret and not guess to finish off the driver. And if you have previously been penetrated or not, then now, for most , the armor is replaced by survivability, but of course it`s still count Compare 2 tanks T54 and Leo1 T54 have APHE and armor, that deflects APDS and he need to shoot anywhere to kill leo on the other hand the leopard with HEAT, that “penetrates by silouette” but he needs to aim red zones and prey for normal damadge difference between stabilization is insensibly And im mad why everyone says that HEAT penetrates in silhouette and armor doesnt hold anything, but no one says that APHE makes oneshot at exactly same silhouette any NATO tanks(ofc not any), At long distances, duels usually look like this: M47 kills my loader, and I kills his hopes for victory. WHITE TEXT(Saying to my husband: What a [] you grew. Answer killed…….) That’s all about dirokoli(AP family). For me, as a 20-something years man, always forgetful about where is left and right who cant remember it, without remember that he is righty Sometimes it`s hard to shoot not to miserable loader, where might be laying ammunition but to 3 tankers, sitting on each other Most easy way to remember where who sits is by nations USSR gunner always at your right WW2 tanks of Japan, Italia(not semovente), Germany, England and swedish tank hunters gunner is always at your right On the left side gunner sits on USA tanks and all postwar tanks, except early french same with: and im tired of searching, but the list of exceptions is really small And about China… You get it I need to remark, that in arcade and slow-motion battles all works differently. In RB you can kill 3 of 4 and the tank dies, in the arcade you need to kill 4 out of 4 repair time is faster too, injured enemy may already be repaired after 20 seconds due to arcade reflexes, I sometimes even in the simulator aims at half pixel from the first leopards ammo rack instead that would just kill 3 in a row. I think nothing can be done about it. Unfortunately, there no lifehacks for ammo racks, especially considering that they are constantly being updated. Here’s an example, the top 34-85 has first stage ammo in the turret, and all the rest 34 is not, and it lied on the floor Remember where the ammo are in all sorts of tank, you can only in battle or hangar, there is no universal advice. WHITE TEXT(I thought orange ammo is first stage, but actually it`s green, but all the time i shoot, it`s there) Well, when you know about gunners and about the ammo racks. Everything depends solely on the situation. You can shoot at tankers and you will be lucky with damage, and you can shoot at ammunition and you will be lucky with damage. And you can also shoot at tankers and kill the commander with a rapist and at the same time shooting at the ammo, just turns it black. But usually the tank still takes more than 1 shot, according to this ammo racks in this case is better, but of course you cant just get Abrams-type tanks ammo When there are a lot of enemies-it is better to aim ammo, when the fight is close to duel, it is better to aim the gunner But keep in mind, the faster you finish the skirmish, the faster you will be loaded, the faster you can move forward and save a comrad, and so on In the battles of dirokoli(Should i remind it`s AP damadge family?), your location is very important. Sometimes you can get the enemy for free, just substituting turret on the side where the loader is sitting and trade em. Well, you will not be able to trade appropriately against the APHE, here I was in an absolutely hopeless situation, except to break the breach, but I underestimated the enemy and still hoped for a gunner. The worst thing while using dirokoli – meet the tanks with a huge space in it. If the KTH now has a ammo in the turret and there are no problems with it, then with American heavies, jagtigers and other boomboxes, you will have to shoot and cry. If T32 hiding lower front part(?) or he generally plays from the tower, get ready to shoot like 10 times, and no one guarantees you a penetration even with these numbers. plus lack of damadge and you will be punished, most likely with a oneshot. But if lower front part(?) hit it, to the ammo, it`s anyways better then poke it for half of a minute Honestly, I don’t know how long ago the soviet tanks get armor for the ammo reel, but now, especially with black ammo crap, quite some shit happens and even 3 projectiles can turn black withour explode. It is better of course if you shoot at the gunner, but if you need to get rid of teshki(T series), hit a little higher than the wheels, shells lies even more closer to each other, and this is universal for T72 with Ztz and for 80U. Try this, dummy If you meet some kind of invincible enemy tank, barrel is a nice way to disable enemy tank too WHITE TEXT(No idea what those special effects are) We lost there are always chance to do zero damadge but usually it`s fine Of course there must be a big advantage in reaction Regarding the transfer of the crew, you will always mess up. For people with aces, this is 8 seconds, and for stock players it is about 13 seconds. There are situations when the reload time is long, you kind of waited, hit, and there is still no one there. The brain is in a panic, does not understand what i want from it and hits already in another place. And it is especially painful from the order of the transfer(?). Here I waited when the tiger`s driver will apears, but it was gunner. Panicked pull of the mouse and a shot to nowhere Not hesitate to shoot through walls. Lots of buildings can be penetrated, but which ones you can only find out by trying Given that the damage of HEAT and APDS is similar, just add the info separately for HEAT I do not know why they ricochet, but exlodes on the rolled hematogenic grass, but the fact remains, and if anything, in this context, the word fact is formed from the word FUCK, every single time when it explodes, this FUCKt will somehow pop up in your head, perhaps even in other languages. I don’t know why I wrote so many of these explosions, but I’m glad they came in handy. Try not to shoot on the forehead of the body amx30, begleitpanzer, TAM, OF40 and BMP. For HEAT, these angles are too high, otherwise there will be a ricochet. Aim the turret. Given that in the arcade you can shoot with a broken barrel, but with a penalty for penetration and accuracy, so HEAT(or HE) comes to help. It comes in handy once in a thousand fights, but suddenly. It would be better, on such maps, with endless fences, it is always better to keep the kinetic projectile loaded. ATGM ATGM is HEAT with RTX It’s actually… No flexing please I’m explaining actually It’s actually… It’s actually a very multi-functional thing. Shoot from around the corner? Yes we got that right. Throw it over the whole mountain? Pfff Cosplay the god damn Javelin missile? Cosplay rocket buggy? May be we can shoot behing us? Of course we are! There are so many pluses, but only one minus – you can’t play normally. ATGM tanks, with IFV mostly like this We stand and throw the ATMG by a circle, that’s all about Or you just camping whole match, trying to kill at least anyone, but you can do it with any other tank. If your unit has only one ATGM out of all weapons, I advise you to immediately forget it as a bad dream. In the game there are no good pure-blood ATGM tanks, and does not appear. For a useless-big penetration, you lose reload time, flight speed, and pay for the comfort of shooting. You can also shoot down the missile with MG REMEMBOR B(H)ESH? I realized that you didn’t need to play with HESH near the 2016 when the leopard was a top tank. In General, you can say a lot of things here, but it’s better to see. Search on YouTube Thorneyed “Mighty Leo” and all questions should disappear. The only place where HESH can be used without pain and suffering is in the SB, on Italian pizza trucks. But there you are fighting only against your BR tanks, in other cases i would prefer HEAT Still do not forget that there are people who play on the aces, and there are with absolutely zero crew. Just imagine that the APDS that I showed at the beginning make the entire crew black instead of yellow. Well, if you suddenly learn everything perfectly, and play like a pro gamer, then accuracy will always come to the rescue. Rather, the spread. In RB and SB, it is ok even on stock equipment, but in the arcade you have to suffer, especially on Brithis tanks Take the smokes! Smoke shells are cool, but no one either has them, because they do not research them, or they have never even tried to use them. Smokes on any BR perfectly blocks different rats and allows you to pass a dangerous area The rangefinder can check the enemy through the smoke. If even with a laser rangefinder, this is hardly possible, then in the arcade, the distance is shown immediately, and in a compartment with a minimap, this is a working way to catch the enemy Given that we have a hitcam even from machine guns, people are constantly trying to find something through the smoke with a fullauto mg in reply, ideally, of course, you should make a onetap If enemy with commander’s machine gun against you, when you encounter it CQB, hit it literally one or two planks lower. Well, on adjacent high-rank fights, where not everyone has a thermal vision, it is very good to initiate a fight through the ESS. It doesnt interferes you, but enemy can be deadly surprised especially in arcade, when everyone mostly playing relying on markers also there some cool people, that left smokes, comes out of it, so they can barely see, marker doesnt seen and they make cheap kills In arcade light tanks can mark enemy, and shoot it through the smoke and you can mark it whole match, you have less than a second to mark unmarked person again Some tricks Divorce on the shot when moving back&forward is an art and a pleasure every time as the first time. The enemy will want to hit you in some pixel, usually it is a first drive wheel and of course they can do it, but in the vast majority of cases they misses even if it`s a expirenced player and if you have an exorbitant turret armor, such as here, at 80B, you can turn the turret slightly so that they dont penetrate armor for sure Sometimes you can outsmart people with MG You can shoot at the very last moment when the enemy has almost hide, allegedly you hit the wheel, but did not break it, or you can just shoot abive, so that the enemy would see the tracer, but this is just a trap for a fool. But if you were given a second barrel, you can fool almost everyone Anywhere shoot in his direction and the enemy goes for the frag, not expecting that the frag is actually him. Given that we can’t shoot at an enemy that we can’t see, detection is a very important thing. First of all-this is the sound, but of course if you are not a fan of the 3km far gameplay. Be sure to play without background music, ask your video game friend to buy a microphone for more than 150 rubles that there would be no noise in the settings, we set the volume of your engine to 20%, put the entire game in the area of 80 and other people’s engines to a hundred. This helps a lot even in the arcade. Ultralow, of course. Disabling shadows helps too much, and the distance of drawing objects, but if suddenly you are not allowed to go to heaven, apologies If you are caught in a too bright or too dark battle, Reinhard’s color correction will help, set 0% In night battles, helps turning off the light in the room. It is much easier to look at a black screen than at a glittering one. Purely a SB thing, but if you have a tank with a thermal sight, the it works even with machine gun, which helps to trade the turret more safely. Some top tanks have a thermal vision in their binoculars, which is activated in the same way as in a normal sight. Orders in the tank arcade marks the random enemy player on the map, which in principle can help with a very small probability. YA TEBYA VIZHU(I see you) It will be great if you start to ride in different places on the map, which would be more versatile it is much easier to look for the enemy where he physically should be, and not everywhere at all. When you control a lot of driveways, try to be as little distracted as possible, Why it collapsed? well, neverm A Communication and markers are also something obvious, but not performed by anyone. Strange stuff, but people don’t know that you can click ALT and start putting markers on the map, as well as zoom in or out of the map with a roller. In addition to the fact that you must constantly monitor the map, relying on the information of your allies , you also have to give them information yourself, so this is also in this video Regarding the SB, please, to mark yourself do not put “follow me”, but “cover me”, then the allies will see the shield, and there will never be confusion. All this can be done using various buttons, right in the settings. Information is never enough, whether it is a plane that has taken off, or an anti-aircraft gun that is on the point. Treat each other with respect, at least in the SB, otherwise I will slap you and not even click “sorry” Little remark about arcade markers. For the marker to appear, we need to see the enemy not with a tank or a sight, but simply with a camera, that is, looking around the corner or peeking from above, the marker will light up. While driving constantly spam binoculars in different directions, this increases the range of illumination three times. Given that you have value near the 900m, it will be almost 3 kilometers, and even assuming that some tanks have a masking value of less than 100%, you will always see the enemy by fast checking at any distance Well in General which life hacks can I tell you more I certainly told you how to make shooting on the move smoother, but somethimes happens when the enemy appeared suddenly, and we are rushing at full speed. Usually, you can only shoot with a swinging aim in the arcade, but from despair it is also applicable to the rest of the modes. At full speed, press the brake and catch the moment when the car is almost in the limit position of the suspension. It is at this point that the unit is most stable. I advise you to max up “targeting” of gunner as soon as possible and pump all possible drives. I am madly annoyed to die just because my gunner suddenly turns off and does not bring the gun where it needs to be. You can pay attention, to how the circle is already on the target, and the gun just stood up. For every slowpoke garbage like ISU is certainly not very helpful, but still. I can’t even imagine how people live who are guided first horizontally, and then vertically. When the tank just rolled, it has an immortality of 20 seconds, but provided that you do not move, the enemies have the same. When there is an opportunity to take the fight while on the point, it will be stupid to neglect it if we get T62 with 2 tankers, APFSDS hit at our breech, it just does not have time to recharge before our repair. And if you correctly use the advice from the last video and will use breech, to survive enemy cant twice knock out the already knocked breech and reset the repair timer, all you need to survive near 15 seconds Well, if suddenly someone does not know when the repair kit is not on the point, you can fix it Life hack is not on the topic, but I found it just now. You can up your MBT, so it`s silouette would be bigger. People sometimes shoot at hull, so you can take 0 damadge by it To sum up, I would like to quote an legendary person. It’s all about practice, the more you practice, the more you practice. Although I have already stretched this idea for the entire video And now, when you have gained experience, have a technical advantage, almost perfectly know the timings and modules of the technique, adrenaline helps your brain to think faster, the spinal cord relieve brain, the angelic quartet of Mick Gordon sings in your head and all that remains to do is RIP &TEAR That`s all For past 20(30!) I told more than all the tank youtubers combined for 5 years.(Not sure for ENG tubers). This is of course my opinion and if you do not agree with it, then you are wrong. both videos about survivability and about shooting in terms of volume came out more than a course work, and I didn’t even copy anything for this! Do not forget to write something like “nothing new of course I did not learn, but the guide is good, sasibo” If you want to help me mentally, in the description there is a link to this video in the Steam, a like there would help me perhaps even more than on YouTube. Thanks for watching, next part is useless with subs

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