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Happy to be together on Happy Together! – Hello. / – Hello. – It’s good to see you. / – Hello. – Have you guys been well? / – I’ve been great. – I’ve been doing great. / – Me, too. I’m worried about Myungsoo. Why are you worried about me? Myungsoo’s blood vessels are found to be 75 years old. – I was surprised too. / – Goodness. I guess I haven’t taken care of myself well enough. Our guests are supposed to wait quietly at the back before we bring them out, but they’re already chatting loudly. – We’re filming the show. / – We should talk more about Myungsoo, but shall we move on? How can they chat loudly when the show has started? – And… / – Let’s wrap up my story. You’ll have to take care of – your health by yourself. / – I understand. – You can do it. / – We can’t do it for you. – Cheer up. / – Keep yourself healthy. “Gasp-Inducing Stars Special”. – Let’s meet our guests. / – Come on! Please come out. – Hello. / – Goodness. (Everyone gasps as he walks in.) – There he comes. / – Han Sangjin. – He’s here. / – And… Yuqi, Yeom Kyunghwan and Ji Sangryeol. Hello, everyone. When he appeared on Happy Together before, we made a nickname for him. Liar Gyein is here again after a long time. – Right. / – In fact, many of the guests haven’t been here for a while. Sangryeol came on the show a few times, but never as a member of Keulnom. – It’s been a long time. / – It’s the first time. It’s been ten years. – Sangjin is here too. / – It’s been a while. I haven’t seen Sangjin for a while. I understand why the four of them were invited, but why is Yuqi of (G)I-DLE here? – I mean… / – It’s unexpected. – It’s so unexpected. / – She’s so different. Yuqi shouldn’t be invited along with them. – She’s from China. / – Pardon? – She’s from China. / – Yes, she is. Gyein, please move back a little. Okay. Sangjin kept moving forward. I’ve been sitting here the whole time. I was behind you. – You see… / – You moved, I didn’t. – Hold on. / – My goodness. – He started lying again. / – Already? – Please stand up. / – He leaned forward.

Default arcade karaoke– Please stand up. / – He leaned forward. – Sangjin didn’t move at all. / – Me? – I didn’t move at all. / – Please stand up. He’s started his bluff talk. He’s all about lying. He’s a maverick of talk shows. The gasp-inducing lying master, – Lee Gyein! / – Lee Gyein! – “I’m Lee Gyein.” / – Frankly, Liar Gyein is a valuable variety shows asset that Happy Together discovered. You should know that. You should thank us. You can’t stand out like this on other shows. Do you seriously think I should be grateful for this? You lied as soon as you started talking. – What? What did I say? / – You said Sangjin moved. – That’s a lie. / – Why did you lie? – I just thought he was… / – Let’s move on. He’s been friends with Gyein for 15 years. He makes up stories just like Gyein. Tongue Messi, Ji Sangryeol! “Tongue Messi”. – “Tongue Messi”. / – He’s hilarious. He’s been an actor for 22 years, but his passion for acting is still burning. The furnace-like gasp-inducing actor, Han Sangjin! (Furnace Han Sangjin) – He’s all about passion. / – Yes. He made his way up again with his perseverance. The hidden card of the home shopping industry, – Yeom Kyunghwan! / – Hello, everyone. It’s been a long time. Her group reached top rank 20 days after their debut. The gasp-inducing, monstrous newcomer singer, – Yuqi of (G)I-DLE! / – Yuqi! Hello. I’m Yuqi. As I said before, Yuqi is a member of (G)I-DLE. Their song, “Latata” is very popular. It’s ranked high on various music charts. However, I don’t think Yuqi suits today’s theme like the other guests. When I first heard of today’s theme… – Is it “gasp-inducing”? / – Yes, “gasp-inducing”. My Korean is not very good, – I thought it was “nonsense”. / – “Nonsense”? – So I thought… / – He talks nonsense. By the way, that can be the theme. “Nonsense” suits you more. – That’s not true. Listen. / – “It’s all nonsense.” Let’s be honest. “Gasp-inducing” means… – He moved forward again. / – Stop it, please. When you get punched, you gasp like this. – Wait a minute. / – It makes sense. Please sit back. – It’s Yuqi’s turn. / – Yuqi was talking. I hope you’ll learn your lesson soon.

1 arcade karaokeI hope you’ll learn your lesson soon. It’s not even raining. Why Yuqi? He made a pun. He prepared the joke. Yuqi, do you know all of the guests? Did you know Gyein? Honestly, I don’t know him, – but I think… / – What do you think? I think he’s an actor. (He has an actor vibe.) What about Sangryeol? – I think he’s an actor. / – An actor? – What about Kyunghwan? / – She could tell. – A martial artist. / – Is he an athlete? Haven’t you seen him in China? What sport do you think I play? You’re right. His name is Jo Chun. You got it right. – She’s gotten more confused. / – An athlete? What about Sangjin? – He looks like an MC. / – Nice. An MC? I should make my debut in China. – Today, / – That was funny. we invited five gasp-inducing stars. First of all, since Gyein is called Liar Gyein, he wants to prove that he never lied. He said on this show that he hit a bull with his hand – that his arm got short. / – His arm shrank. I still have the scar here. I looked at the scar closely before. It’s not like a permanent bruise. It’s a burn scar. Look at his hand. He burned his hand. – What do you mean? How is it a burn? / – It’s a burn. What Gyein mostly does on Happy Together is argue with the guests on the other side. He adjusted the length of his arm in his waiting room before coming here. – He doesn’t keep his arms straight. / – Rubbish. Look. – Gyein. / – Stretch that arm too. – What are you saying? / – Look at your shoulders. Sangjin, push my arm out. – Push it. / – It’s out. – Push it. It’s straight. / – It’s out. – Stop it already, Gyein. / – But look. – Gyein. / – He moved like this. What did you try to prove to people? – What did you prove? / – What about the boar? I went back to the place where I beat up the boar. (Gyein beat up a boar at a fishing place?) I wanted to… – Did you want to prove it? / – Yes. However, when I arrived, the fishing place – had disappeared. / – Why? Has it been closed down? “The mountains and streams have disappeared.” “The great man has also disappeared.” – I couldn’t see anything. / – Why did you cite a poem?

arcade karaoke – I couldn’t see anything. / – Why did you cite a poem?

2 arcade karaoke– I couldn’t see anything. / – Why did you cite a poem? – I meant to… / – I… It should be, “The mountains and streams are still there,” – “but not the great man.” / – That’s right. – “For 500 years”… / – When I heard this story, I asked him where the witnesses were. He said that they had all passed away. There’s nothing I can do about it. – An apartment complex / – What was I to do? has been built where the fishing place was. – And arcade buildings. / – We can’t confirm it. Did you really climb down between buildings? I went back to that place too as it’s in downtown. He scaled the walls of two buildings. – In Myeong-dong, right? / – Oh, boy. It was a five-story building. I had to sneak out of the billiard hall because I didn’t have any money. – What was it? / – The ventilation pipe. – It’s not that. / – Drain pipe? It was a drain pipe. I meant to climb down the pipe. But the moment I hung on the pipe, – it snapped as it was old. / – What happened next? I fell off while hitting myself on the walls of the two buildings. – That’s why / – No way. – I couldn’t grow taller. / – It’s like a cartoon. – So I went back there. / – I see. Go on. It was on a busy street in Myeong-dong. There are tall 30-story buildings there now. The old buildings have been rebuilt. – We can’t confirm. / – We can’t. – This is frustrating. / – I heard the owner of the billiard hall emigrated – and passed away. / – He passed away after emigrating? – Yes. / – No one is alive. All the witnesses have passed away. None of them are alive. He said the owner died in a foreign country. – In case we check it. / – So we can’t find him. He was afraid we might see if he really died, so he said… Even a fake story needs a narrative arc. But he always starts with the ending. – To put it simply, / – He makes up a story. there are different ways to make up a story. He lies first and relates it to the truth. He tells a lie first. Sangryeol doesn’t lie like Gyein, – but he exaggerates just as much. / – That’s true. You got in trouble because of that, right? I admit. – Right. / – It’s a variety show. My stories need satire in them. (His lies have satire and humor sense.) A little bit of exaggeration is necessary. – Just a little. / – Yes. I admit it.

3 arcade karaoke– Just a little. / – Yes. I admit it. It’s been a long time since Sangryeol made a legend with the story about Kyunghwan in school. (However, his school grades…) (Sangryeol was ranked 63rd) (and Kyunghwan was ranked 65th.) (A baseball player was ranked 64th.) He studied even during the breaks, but… He even ate an English dictionary. Is it true? – That’s… / – Be honest with us. (What’s the truth about his school grades?) – It’s not true. / – It’s not? This false news has been on the internet – for 10 years. / – It’s not true? I didn’t even know it was a legendary episode. – The clip is still viral. / – It’s been 10 years. – Tell us the truth. / – It’s not true. – Sangryeol, tell us. / – It’s not entirely false. It was when we were in 11th grade. Back when we were in 11th grade, Kyunghwan had… He’s bald now, but he had thick hair back then. – Did he? / – He had thick hair. (I did back then.) When I first saw him, – he looked like a smart student. / – I see. His first impression was like scholar Mun Ikjeom. I thought he had a lot of potentials. I walked up to him. I spoke formally to him then as I felt awkward. I asked him to help me solve a math question. He looked at the question for a long while as if he was conducting stem cell research. He could’ve told me that he didn’t know. – Just say, “I don’t know.” / – Right. He looked at it for 30 minutes. It was long enough to set the book on fire. (The textbook could’ve caught fire.) He didn’t know how to solve it. – Did he admit it? / – Yes, he did. Anyway, the math class ended. The next one was an English class. I heard he studied hard. – I didn’t know back then. / – He ate a dictionary. After the English class, I looked at him. He had a dictionary that was this thick. I thought it was an ink stone. – Why? / – It looked so dark. – He… / – He highlighted a lot. Exactly. Most students only memorized important words, but he memorized every word in the dictionary – and studied grammar. / – He should know more words – than President Trump. / – Of course. I thought he was Barack Obama. I turned to a random page. On page 38, I saw the word “postman”. I asked him what it meant. He told me the right meaning immediately. I asked what “the temple of the king” meant too. He knew every word, but when we took an English exam, he got only eight points. (8 out of 100 points) – 8 points? / – 8 out of 100 points? Kyunghwan didn’t play even during breaks. He didn’t. There’s a famous anecdote in our school. – Jemulpo High School. / – Yes. Kyunghwan – fainted once every 15 days. / – Why? We had to arrive at school by 8 a.m. – But he came at 5:30 a.m. / – Why so early? He fainted every 15 days due to exhaustion. He didn’t get enough sleep. Was it for studying? It’s true that you studied hard, right? – I studied hard. / – Is it true that you got – low grades despite that? / – Is it true? It’s true I got bad grades despite how hard I studied. – But he exaggerated it. / – So it’s true. When we appear on a variety show together, one should react – to the other’s jokes. / – That’s right. You can’t be like Gura and say, “That’s ridiculous.” You shouldn’t react like that. – It’d ruin his story. / – That’s right. That’s why I played along with him. But the article said I got much lower grades – than Sangryeol. / – He told us the rankings. He told us the story. Think about what he just told you. Me fainting every 15 days? Going to school at 5:30 a.m. in the dark? Bringing six meals to school? It makes no sense. – Not even a monk wakes up that early. / – Exactly. – By the way, / – I’ll explain. I remember Sangryeol said that 10 years ago, – you brought six meals. / – Exactly. – My gosh. / – Six lunch boxes? Did he really go to school at 5:30 a.m.? – Yes, it’s true. / – Usually… How would he know when he wasn’t there that early? – That’s right. / – If I was there alone, – how would he know that? / – Let me explain. – He’s right. / – This is what I think. These days, we can get a copy of our school record at the schools we went anytime we want. – Yes. It’s possible. / – Let’s get a copy of that. And if I got lower grades than him, if I was ranked lower than 60th, I will retire from this industry after the show airs. I won’t appear on any TV channels in Korea. – You don’t do many shows. / – You don’t appear – on many shows anyway. / – You don’t do many shows. – You don’t even… / – I’m sorry, – but Kyunghwan… / – You don’t do any shows. Then I’ll bet something else. Gyein, who do you think is telling the truth? Gosh. Sangryeol, you’re such a liar. Me? – You’re in no position… / – Come on. How could his lunchboxes be heavier than his books? I’m speechless. Six lunchboxes – is too heavy. / – That was a lie. – Let me explain. / – It makes no sense that he went to school at 5:30 a.m. And I’m going to ask you a question as an MC. Think of me as an MC. – You? / – Answer me honestly. Okay. (What could Gyein’s sharp question be?) When you two fight, who wins? – Why would you ask that? / – What kind of MC are you? – What’s wrong with you? / – It’s like Mayweather… – That’s irrelevant. / – It’s like Mayweather – and Pacquiao. / – Why would you ask that? If you two fight, I think Sangryeol will win. Which one… I don’t know why we should answer that. – We haven’t even fought. / – Haven’t you… We’ll turn 50 next year. Age doesn’t matter when it comes to a fight. Asking who’s stronger is… – Did you hear that? / – Then… “Age doesn’t matter when it comes to a fight.” If you and Choi Boolam fight, who wins? – You brat. / – Let me rephrase it. – Choi Boolam… / – They’re friends. – Boolam is my senior actor. / – Instead of Boolam, would you face off Lee Deokhwa? – In a one-on-one fight. / – Who would win? (The tiger that never cries) (The tough guy like a wild horse) (What could the result of the match of the century be?) Who would win? Just give me a chance. (Confident) – I’m confident. / – He didn’t even hesitate. – What is going on? / – My goodness. Why would anyone fight? – Let’s take it to a vote. / – “Just give me a chance.” – I vote for Deokhwa. / – Since we’re talking… – I vote for Deokhwa. / – You shouldn’t fight. Since we’re talking about fighting, – let’s conclude. / – We’re not talking – about fighting. / – Did you hear him? He passed away not long ago. Please, let’s not drag dead people in this too. – Stop making such jokes. / – It’s a short story. If there’s yukgaejang, this will be a funeral. – Stop it already. / – All right. Things like this happen with Gyein. Yuqi seems to have trouble getting used to this. – It must be hard for her. / – You two should find out – who would win. / – Yuqi, is this your first appearance on a variety show? – Yes. Me? / – Yes. – I worried a lot about this. / – I see. So I searched the hosts on the internet. I found out that you’re all funny, and I thought you’ll help me a lot today. Judging by how things are going right now, we might not be able to take care of you later. You saw what just happened, right? We wasted so much time stopping them from lying. – Yuqi. / – Let’s have a talk alone. I came to this show after a long time, right? I’m actually Hyeongyeong’s fan. I wanted to hear her voice, but I haven’t had a chance yet. – Right. / – It’s not easy today. Hyeongyeong has started filming her new drama. – She’s very busy. / – I’m enjoying your drama. – It hasn’t aired yet. / – You are? It hasn’t even started airing yet. That’s what you call a lie. Everything he says is a lie. – The drama hasn’t aired. / – Sangryeol. It hasn’t started airing. – I once told a senior actor / – That was so funny. that I enjoyed his show the day before. Then he suddenly grabbed me and told me to stay put. “You brat. I didn’t appear in yesterday’s episode.” He didn’t appear in that episode. Gyein, we’ll stop hearing your stories. – He uses rough words. / – Why… – “You brat, you jerk.” / – It’s not… He talks about fighting. (He asks.) (Then he answers.) (Anger level 60) (Anger level 80) All of his stories involve grabbing collars, – I… / – a fistfight, and… – I’ve been counting. / – Okay. He told 8 stories in 30 minutes. Listen. You should know this. – What is it? / – What Gyein said isn’t all a lie. – Of course. / – Just as I said before, I respect him very much. I also like him because he’s still pure like a little boy. He always talks about how well he fights. It’s true. I’ve seen him practice fighting. Normally, people hit a punching bag – like this, right? / – Yes. – But he doesn’t hit it. / – Then what does he hit? He releases bees around him. – And he hit the bees. / – Gosh. – I bet he got stung. / – Isn’t that a lie? No. He’s that good. I’ll tell you about it later. – We’ll get back to that. / – I’ll tell you later. It hardly sounds like it’s true, though. – No one believes him. / – Okay. We will… He got the nickname on Happy Together, but if we keep calling him Liar Gyein, it won’t end well today. – We’ll confirm the truth. / – I didn’t tell a lie. We’ll analyze the story objectively. You just gave us a new story. He releases bees and knocks them out. – Like Muhammad Ali? / – I understand. Even Ali can’t do that. Muhammad Ali said, “Float like a bee,” “sting like a butterfly.” Oh, no. It should be the other way around. – If you sting like a / – “Float like a bee”? – butterfly, / – That’s ridiculous. – it wouldn’t hurt at all. / – That’s a soft punch. – That’d be so weak. / – He lied so much – that he confused himself. / – It’ll be like this. – He can’t even hit it. / – Why did you ruin it? – I tried to help you. / – Everyone. – We’ll get back to this / – You should stop lying. – a while later. / – That was hilarious. – We all know the quote, / – I can’t stop laughing. “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.” – He said the opposite. / – “Float like a bee.” As I said before, he’s a passionate man. Today, we’re here with five stars whom we described as gasp-inducing. Gyein once argued with – an elementary schooler. / – Goodness. – This story… / – It involves a fight too. I thought the story was about Yuqi. Gyein, you argued with an elementary schooler? – Actually… Hear me out. / – It’s an argument. I was in the elevator to my place on a higher floor. The kid started talking to me. “Sir.” I said, “What?” “I heard you and Go Dooshim debuted in the same year.” I said that on TV. I said, “Yes. Why? Why, you brat?” – Why would you yell? / – I asked, “Why?” The boy was a viewer. “Why are you never on dramas?” “‘But I am on variety shows!” By the way, why aren’t you in dramas? – What? / – Why aren’t you? I never get asked. (Why do you keep asking?) – That was very honest. / – He’s honest. There are not many roles I can play. Was the movie you shot recently your last work? Don’t say “last”. – Stop it. / – That’s not it. It’s because… – What was the most / – What? – recent work you did? / – They’re the MCs. What are you? (The MCs) (What are you?) – He’s an MC too. / – He’s mean to me. They are MCs too. Anyway, back to the story, he’s like your grandson, – so you teased him. / – Yes. That’s why you were talking bluntly. “What are you? A producer?” He asked, “How can I become a producer?” You could’ve told him what to do. “Why should I tell you that?” “How would I know that?” – You were too upset. / – You yelled too much. Do you live on the 105th floor? How did you have time to say all of that? I think he compiled all the stories. Isn’t it a cable car? It’s a cable car, isn’t it? (It’s almost like a cable car talk.) – We talked fast. / – You talked fast. – Did this happen in one incident? / – Of course. Gyein, tell us only the stories you promised to tell us. – Okay. / – Please do that. This last guest is very special too. This group made it to the top in just two months. She’s Yuqi from (G)I-DLE. Please say hello. Hello. I am Yuqi from (G)I-DLE. – Hello. / – Welcome. She freshens up the air. In just two days after their song was released, their video was viewed 2.2 million times. In just 20 days after their debut, they ranked first on a music show. – They are amazing. / – Among girl groups, they hold the second-best record after Blackpink. – They are amazing. / – They are amazing. You cried when you ranked first. Yes. If you look closer… – Can we get a close-up? / – That’s me crying. (20 days into their debut, they ranked first.) – She’s crying. / – When we ranked first for the first time, I was really touched. So my emotions just exploded. (The winner is (G)I-DLE.) Congratulations. (She was covered in tears.) (I am so thankful.) What am I saying? Thank you. (She can’t forget the day they ranked first.) That’s amazing. – You just debuted. / – Right. Tell us how you feel. We weren’t expecting it at all. – You didn’t? / – No. Our goal was simply to let people know who we were. – But we… / – You did very well. Right. We were very touched by it. Was Lai Kuanlin a fellow trainee? Yes. He started a little later than I. But he debuted first. Is your name, Yuqi your real name? – Is it your Chinese name? / – Yes, it’s my name. Are you Chinese, then? – Yes, I am. / – Are you Chinese? – You speak Korean well. / – She does. – Did you study Korean? / – No. I heard Kim Soohyun was your Korean teacher. – Really? / – Yes. – She must’ve watched the drama. / – That’s not it. My mom and I watched “My Love from the Star”. It was very popular in China. – He was in that drama. / – Saeho. – He was in that drama. / – Yes. Did you know, Yuqi? Did you see him? – Do you remember him? / – He was in that drama. I was the one with curly hair. – Oh, the man reading comic books! / – Right. – She recognizes you now. / – You were wearing red. – I was wearing blue. / – Blue? Nam Changhee wore red. – She watched it. / – I am sorry. Yuqi has a lot of fascinating talents. She can play the Chinese zither. A Chinese zither! (That’s very nice to hear.) I’ve never seen anyone play this in person. – It’s my first time. / – Same here. Is that a traditional Chinese instrument? Yes. It’s similar to gayageum. – It’s a Chinese zither. / – Chinese zither. – Is that right? / – Yes. Let’s give it up for her. You must know “The Monkey King”. It’s a song from there. It’s a song from “The Monkey King”. (She starts playing it.) (They are instantly awed.) (It sounds very clear and elegant.) – She’s great. / – She’s good. She is really good. (He falls in love again.) (Her talent makes us gasp.) It sounds so beautiful. (Very serious) (She has fancy hand movements.) (She does it one more time.) How does she do that? (She’s a zither queen.) (With the beautiful zither play,) (she cured us of the after-effect of lies.) (That was great.) Bravo! – Encore. / – Thank you. That was great. That was the best. (They are exclaiming in different languages.) That was great. You are so pretty. Now it feels like we are at a TV station. A while ago, it felt like we were on the streets. She’s good. How long do you have to learn it to play that well? I actually made so many mistakes there. I started learning it – when I was in third grade. / – It took a long time. I learned it for seven years. – But… / – We could tell. – You were so good. / – Flower petals rained. (It felt like it.) – Watching from the back… / – It sounded so nice – when you played it. / – It’s pretty, isn’t it? What do you have on your fingers? They are fake nails. I wear them to play the zither. It’s just like what you use to play guitar. – Like a guitar pick. / – It’s similar to that. – It acts like a pick. / – Let’s talk to Sangjin once again. You are beloved for your great acting. On “Mysterious Personal Shopper”, he was the bad guy, but he was beloved. (He was the beloved villain.) I was the bad guy, but I guess my nose was big. They called me Mr. Big Nose. – You got a nickname. / – Yes, I did. Up until then, I didn’t know my nose was big. – But… / – It’s really big. Right. (Now everyone knows.) – It’s not that big. / – Right. They called it “Mysterious Mr. Big Nose”. – And… / – That’s cute. As I was the bad guy, I got hit by all the cast. Jo Miryung and Kim Jisung stepped on me. Choi Myunggil slapped me. – Myunggil slapped you? / – Yes. Yoo Seojin slapped me hard too. I heard you got covered in jjajangmyeon too. – What’s that? / – It’s jjajangmyeon. That’s the jjajangmyeon scene. (He even got covered in jjajangmyeon.) – That’s… / – I watched that. He just poured it over his head. We did the shot in one take. It was initially supposed to be jjampong. Jjampong is too hot, so the director said to change it to jjajangmyeon. I suggested cold noodles. – It would be cool. / – Exactly, and it’s easy to get it wrong with jjajangmyeon. I’d have to wash up before we do another take. But thankfully, the actor playing the gangster – got it on the first try. / – He got it in one try. – That’s good. / – That’s good. I think the smell lasted for a week. How did you feel when it covered you? It’s acting, but it’s not pleasant, is it? It’s not pleasant. Not at all. You call that a question? My gosh. Saeho needs to say something too. – Saeho has to… / – It wasn’t in the script. I want to ask. Why are you so strict with me? – I’m not strict with you. / – He has to say something. You asked if it’s not pleasant. Who on earth would find that pleasant? You’re talking nonsense. You are so passionate about acting that you opened a channel on a video-sharing website – to teach people. / – What’s that? I was unknown for a very long time. It lasted for about 12 years. I won a Rookie Award after 12 years. Nobody told me about what to do. About what to do as an actor. – So? / – I thought I’d open a channel to share tips with other people, and it’s going viral. He’s got… Jini was here recently. She had 970,000 subscribers. After the show, she got a million subscribers. (She got more than a million subscribers.) You must have a lot of subscribers too. It’s been four months, so he must have a lot. How many subscribers do you have? I am one of the subscribers. There are 95 subscribers. Everyone wants a million subscribers. I heard most videos don’t have comments, and all of them are viewed less than 1,000 times. I don’t even wish for that. If I get more than 300 views, I’ll have a party. – Really? / – 300 views. When I checked today, I had 99 subscribers. – You got four more. / – Right. I’m going to have a party when I have 100. – Really? / – That’s soon. – It’s 100 now. / – It’s 100. – It’s true. / – It’s true. (He got 100 subscribers.) – The views? / – He got 100 subscribers. He’s great. If the rookie actors who subscribed on the channel get their names credited on something, I will send them a coffee truck. – He’s good. / – Are you paying for it? Yes, I’ll pay for it. The crew will pay for it. What are your videos about? It’s about acting for very minor roles that rookies have to play. It’s something you can’t learn anywhere else. Nobody taught me how to do it. What are those? – Can you tell us? / – Can you show us? I heard you have tips on how to eat. – Eating is important. / – How do you do it? Rookies are often asked to eat during a shoot. While lead actors talk in a restaurant, – we’re in the background. / – Right. You have to fill the restaurant. On the table, if there’s food that looks too good to eat, that’s for the viewers to see, so don’t eat it. That’s for the viewers. (You shouldn’t take it away from the viewers.) That’s for the viewers to see. So don’t touch those. Eat the other dishes really well. (Go for the side dishes, not the main dish.) – There is a list of things. / – That’s a know-how. Never go for the beans. – Why not? / – If you ever drop a bean, – you will distract people. / – I see. – That’s right. / – But some of us like beans. Personally, I like beans. I once got slapped while getting a bean. I just could not pick the bean. – That distracted people. / – Yes. The lead actors were fighting, but I kept dropping beans in the background. I thought it was funny. When I laughed, the director… Who was the director? – He… / – Will you hit him too? There are many other times when the extras are in the background. During a commercial shoot, they may be told to act like a couple talking. – But they can’t talk. / – No, they can’t. They can’t exaggerate their actions either. I have a tip for that. – I’ve done it many times. / – What’s the tip? Let’s say Hyeongyeong and I are acting as a couple. You give each other food in that case. – You mean, feed each other? / – You give food. You do it without talking. And she can just smile. That makes you look like you’re in love. You need to know a lot of these tips. What if you are given a steak? Once you cut it, you can’t go back. That’s a very good question. You must never slice the steak. How do you eat it, then? I only eat the mushroom. – Only the garnish. / – Right. The steak needs to remain whole. – Right. Right. / – Right. – You go for the sides. / – Right. We should observe those things. – It’s really fun. It’s fun. / – Look at the actors. – But… / – You talked about eating. I do a lot of eating on home shopping shows. You do the opposite on those shows. It’s very different. If you lift the noodles – and swirl it around, you’ll get in trouble. / – Why? It makes the food look bad as if you don’t want to eat it. – You have to slurp it. / – You have to – Grab a bunch. / – Yes, get a bunch. – And never cut them. / – Never cut them. – Slurp them. / – You have to slurp the noodles until you finish them. You must never cut the noodles. It’s the opposite for drama shoots. – You only eat the soup. / – It’s different. It’s noisy if you slurp noodles. – Right. / – So you pretend to lift the noodles. But you put them down and only drink the soup. For a home shopping show, – you need the slurping sound. / – This is fun. On a drama shoot, you must never make a sound. You have to make them want to eat it too. For those who have to do those acts, these tips must come in very handy. – Right / – No one teaches you this. It must be really hard to act in a period drama. – Any tips for that? / – Of course. – Tell us. / – When you are on a KBS period drama, every character has to be upset. – Right. / – They’re always worked up. – They always are. / – Right. It’s because they’re always at war. – It’s always serious. / – It’s usually like that. It’s just like how he talked. You are always serious and upset no matter who you are talking to. You go, “Why did you do that?” – You protest. / – You protest. – You defend yourself. / – You defend. – Things are urgent. / – Right. MBC’s period dramas are character-based. For example, “Lee San, Wind of the Palace”. The story revolves around a character. – Characters first. / – Characters first. They focus on the development of the character. They explain the character. – “Hur Jun” was like that. / – Right. – “Dong Yi” is the same. / – Right. It’s always about one character. They tend to talk calmly. (Talk calmly on MBC period dramas.) “Why did you do that?” Right. (Government officials talk calmly.) (Kings talk calmly too.) Since SBS came along later, they mixed up the two styles. (Sometimes, they yell.) (Sometimes, they talk calmly.) I’ve acted in some period dramas too. Where would this fit in? “Songyeon, master is calling you.” Isn’t that a Gangwon Province accent? (It’s more like “Welcome to Dongmakgol”.) “Where is it?” Sangryeol, did you teach Gong Yoo how to act? I didn’t really teach him. When we were rookies, he and I acted in “Bestseller Theater”. – That’s MBC’s. / – I acted as Gong Yoo’s brother. – It was about… / – Don’t you think the story is quite a stretch? This was the story. It was about whether or not UFO existed. We were discussing it. At the time, Gong Yoo was still a rookie. And he looked really nervous. So I talked to him in private. – What did you say? / – “Yoo.” – “Yoo.” / – “Yoo.” “You have to relax for the viewers to relax.” “Act naturally.” That really relaxed him. Did you say that to Yoo? Right. I told him. You gave an advice to Gang Dongwon too? It’s like this. Let me explain what happened. I acted in the MBC drama “1 Percent of Anything”. The actors who were in that drama were Dongwon, Kim Junghwa, Han Hyejin and so on. At the time, Dongwon had a strong Busan accent. And the staff thought his acting wasn’t good enough. (Sangryeol’s acting was great.) – Go get the papers. / – Yes, Sir. (He acted very well until the very end.) So I talked to him on the set. You talked to Dongwon? – “Dongwon”. / – “Dongwon”. “You have to be relaxed” “for the viewers to feel relaxed.” You said the same thing to Yoo. The viewers would be uncomfortable if he’s uncomfortable. He must’ve felt very uncomfortable. Since I told him that, he got very relaxed. All the people who worked with me became successful. (Is he the one who made Dongwon great?) – Right. / – He’s right. Sangryeol said earlier that you sparred with bees. – That’s a lie. / – What’s a lie? I made bee-infused liquor out of them. That only happens in movies. You beat them and made liquor out of them? – How did you catch them? / – With bare hands? When I woke up one day, there was a huge wasp. – That can kill you. / – It can. I was planning to build a two-story house, so the ceiling was high. It turned out there were hundreds of wasps there. – What did you do? / – What did you do? They were buzzing. After a while, they came to me and tried to attack me, so I thought it was my turn to hit. And I punched them. (Punching the wasps) I hit them like crazy. One by one, they fell. Three of them hit each other. – Every wasp I hit died. / – Is that possible? – Plural? / – Yes. – That’s possible. / – That’s right. You could accidentally do that to one wasp, but tens of wasps? There were hundreds. – I picked them / – They’re very fast. and put them in strong alcohol. – They fainted. / – How many did you manage to catch? About 500. (No way.) If you’re that fast, we will throw a beanbag to you. Why don’t you hit it? Show everyone. – Show your punch. / – Here we go. (He precisely missed it.) (What?) (His fists were like flapping butterfly wings.) You missed it. – Wait. / – It was too sudden. – Gyein. / – Show us. You can’t hit it. (Gyein is like a delicate butterfly.) – This is your last chance. / – Show us. (He makes the sound with his mouth.) (His fist didn’t even touch it.) (His mouth is faster than his fists.) – I did it. / – It hit your wrist. – Your wrist. / – He moved back. I think he should have a video-sharing channel. – No. / – Right. He would be very popular. You can name it “Gyein’s Talk Box”. Do you have a photo of the liquor with the wasps? – I have the photo. / – Do you? This is why I carry that bottle. – Isn’t that a honeycomb? / – Isn’t it a honeycomb? There’s a liquor in the market like that. – Did you get it as a gift? / – No way. – So you caught them? / – I caught them all. Gyein, there’s a honeycomb inside. I took down the one in the ceiling. I used a net. It’s amazing how he comes up with these stories. – I didn’t make up any stories! / – He… Why do you always yell at me? I… – You are not even… / – He’s amazing. Whenever he’s on our show, he is always fighting against about five people. (He’s always fighting against everyone.) He is… Yuqi is in disbelief right now. I won’t do it again. Kim Jihye was here recently. Kyunghwan is very popular in home shopping shows too. – He’s very popular. / – How much did you sell? The most successful thing I’ve ever sold – were black box cameras. / – Yes. We sold 10-million-dollar worth in just an hour. – No way. / – Do you get a commission? That would be nice, but I get a fixed amount for every episode. – Still… / – Even if a product sells out, we won’t get more. They would hire you again. That’s what we get. – They would know / – That you’re good. that I get things sold out. And they will continue to hire me. Your business nearly went under because of Sangryeol. The tire business? What do you mean? I’m still running the business in Ilsan. – He’s doing a lot. / – I have a tire shop. He was only trying to help me. When he won some award, he gave a speech. After he finished thanking everyone, he said that his friend sells tires that are cheaper than shoes. Thank you so much. The person who comes to my mind the most is is Yeom Kyunghwan, who sells tires that are cheaper than shoes in Ilsan. I dedicate this award to him. I remember that. It wasn’t our store. – It was another store. / – He mentioned the store next to mine. It suddenly got a lot of customers. I can explain. I was passing through Ilsan when I saw the sign. “We have tires that are cheaper than shoes.” It was revolutionary. – It was original. / – That’s right. I thought, “Kyunghwan sure is smart.” That’s why I mentioned it on TV. That catchphrase belonged to the rivaling franchise. – You helped his rivals. / – You failed – a marinated crabs business too. / – Marinated crabs – are popular. / – They are tasty. – How did it happen? / – The thing is, I had operated multiple businesses. I am well-off now, but I used to struggle. There was a master of marinated crabs. He boils soy sauce in an iron pot, and marinates and cools the crabs naturally. The home shopping business was my specialty, so I planned to sell those marinated crabs. I moved him to Incheon. – I bought him a house / – It took a lot of work. – and a workroom. / – That’s incredible. However, there were problems. He never shared the recipe. – He cooked on his own / – It’s understandable. so people wouldn’t see the secret. To keep the recipe a secret, he turned around and prepared the crabs – by himself. / – It must have been hard. Despite that, he never shared the recipe. Due to that, he couldn’t make a lot. The production was too small. There’s not enough supply. His crabs were seriously amazing, though. They sold out as soon they were made. But he only made 20 marinated crabs a day. – Goodness. / – 20 marinated crabs! – He didn’t want to share. / – That’s right. That’s not enough for home shopping. – That’s right. / – That’s right. I even bought him a house in Incheon for his convenience. But he never made enough for home shopping. He only made 20 to 40 marinated crabs a day. During the holidays, he even had to get an IV drip. It couldn’t be helped since he worked alone. He should have gotten employees. – He should have shared. / – He never did that. You should have checked in advance. Exactly. Now I have the know-how. Now my contracts include clauses about sharing recipes and meeting production. In the beginning, I lacked those senses. – My son even called me “Dongchimi noodles”. / – Why? My businesses slacked off like slippery noodles. Thank your wife for staying with you despite your failed businesses. How could he put it so bluntly? I am grateful. When I married her, I was at rock bottom. I wasn’t on any shows, and my business was in a bad shape. I’m so thankful that she married me during that time. I’m still repaying my wife for what she has done. When she was pregnant with our child, she wanted to eat fruits like any other pregnant women. However, I didn’t have money to buy fresh strawberries. I always bought strawberries at night. – The leftovers are cheaper. / – They are cheaper. They weren’t quality strawberries. They’re the old kinds for making strawberry jam. She ate those back then. Nowadays, I buy her mangoes, strawberries and so on. Anything she wants, I’ll get it even if it takes hours. – He is a loving husband. / – He is cool. – I didn’t have money, / – That’s right. but I’ll always love her. Yuqi, how long has it been since you moved to Korea? Yesterday marked the second anniversary. – It has been two years. / – It has been long. You speak Korean pretty well now. – What was the hardest? / – I bet it was hard to adjust. It was hard that I couldn’t speak Korean at first. There are also cultural differences. – There is a funny story. / – What is it? I was in a meeting at the company. I couldn’t speak, but I had to figure out when to practice with the members. I used hand gestures. – You used hand gestures. / – I had to tell the time. In China, this is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, – 9, 10. / – That’s hard. – Is this six? / – Six. – Seven. / – Seven. – Eight. / – Eight. – Nine. / – Nine. – 10. / – That’s the Chinese way. In Korea, seven and eight are signaled this way. I said, “Let’s meet at 8 a.m.” The next day, no one showed up. I wondered why no one was coming. – There was a difference. / – They had come at 7 a.m. – This is seven. / – This is hard. People don’t use honorifics much in China. So when the younger members said, “Big sister, would you like some?” I went, “Yes, big sister would like some.” – It was unfamiliar. / – That’s right. – I made many mistakes. / – Do you like the food? I love Korean food. I love pickled radish. – Pickled radish? / – Yes. There are many tasty dishes. I love pickled radish because I love sour food. – When we order chicken… / – Radish for chicken. – Radish chicken. / – When we order chicken, the members put it in front of me. I would eat that – instead of rice. / – Really? I eat it nonstop. In her group, Yuqi has the best cute acts. Would you show us some? I wouldn’t say I have the best cute acts. I will face the camera. – Is this the camera? / – Yes. Everyone. Let’s eat with Yuqi. – Say it in Chinese. / – That’s cute. – That’s cute. / – You’re soulless. He said it in the same tone as “That’s funny”. “That’s cute.” Let’s talk about Sangjin. Apparently, he likes chicken very much. He ate one chicken a day in his childhood. – Really? / – People in my family – love to eat. / – That’s right. My big aunt’s house had about 100 chickens. Were they for eating? Yes. People think I am lying, but I really ate one chicken a day. In the summer, everyone ate one chicken a day. – One chicken a day? / – That’s right. Back then, Sangjin weighed 110kg. That’s right. I heard he weighed a lot. I guess my family has the chubby genes. Up until 10th grade, I weighed 110kg. What did your family say if you say you are full? – What do they say? / – Let’s say you are full. My family eats rice in big bowls. We also make about 1,000 dumplings at a time. We make them for the holidays. Then we eat those dumplings throughout the holidays. They don’t understand the state of being full. – Why? / – It doesn’t exist. They only understand the state of being hungry. – Being full is absurd. / – Then what do you do when you are full? My family is from North Korea, right? – They say, “Don’t jest.” / – “Don’t jest.” – “Don’t jest.” / – “Don’t jest.” – “Don’t jest.” / – “Don’t jest.” That’s right. When I say something senseless, they say, “That’s rubbish.” – “That’s rubbish.” / – “That’s rubbish.” My family uses strong words. Moosong didn’t see much of the family before he got married. – Why not? / – Since the family can come off as strong, we remained hidden so Sayeon could get married. They worried Moosong would call it off. Yes. Honestly, Moosong hasn’t met even half of the family yet. He hasn’t met half of the family. – He still hasn’t. / – No. My family can be a bit scary. Do your relatives look similar to Sayeon? I rarely reveal that Sayeon is my family when I’m on TV because I grew past the resemblance. – You resemble her. / – You resemble her. No, I don’t. It took me 10 years to grow past the resemblance. In the family, there are long-haired Sayeon, short-haired Sayeon, chubby Sayeon, thin Sayeon, tall Sayeon and short Sayeon. – Everyone resembles her. / – Everyone looks the same. – Sayeon who can’t talk. / – That’s right. There is also a Sayeon who can’t sing. Is there a Sayeon who doesn’t eat a lot? Yes, there is. She is the Sayeon who is thin. – Sayeon who speaks nonsense. / – We have her too. We have Sayeon who jests. In any case, everyone is Sayeon. You even have a channel on a video-sharing website teaching how to act. Did your family say you didn’t have talent? There are many singers in the family. Everyone sings during the holidays. When everyone’s sitting, we suddenly go… (They begin to clap.) – Then someone starts singing. / – Really? – How fascinating! / – There are many Sayeons. Like a variety show, we continue to clap and sing. It doesn’t stop. Doesn’t anyone go, “Gosh, I can’t sing”? No. When it’s your turn, you have to go and sing. In fact, Sabong and Sayeon place around 10th in terms of talent. Surely Sabong doesn’t place that low. Sabong isn’t at the top. – Really? / – She made the “Ooh Ahh” dance. In my family, that’s like breathing. In fact, there are eight people in the family – who want to debut. / – Really? The family is training them. There are trainees within the family. A lot of family members are groomed to be celebrities because of the atmosphere. You are close to Sangryeol. – You two did “Lee San”. / – Yes. Sangryeol was… I hear Sangryeol often paid for get-togethers. I was very thankful. Back then, I was a newly-debuted actor who received the Rookie Award. – He looked after me. / – Really? He made many mistakes. He made many mistakes. One time, he offered to treat the younger actors to a meal. Han Jimin and everyone else went. – Could he bring people together? / – Of course. – Even Han Jimin? / – That’s right. – I remember something / – That’s impressive. from back in the days. Jimin threw me a party on my birthday. – Han Jimin did? / – Yes. He was popular. We met at Noryangjin. He brought 10-dollar bills – in a black plastic bag. / – Why? Bank puts 1,000 dollars in a single bundle. – That’s right. / – There were five bundles. He took out a bundle of money and took out some 10-dollar bills without counting. When people left, he told them to take some. My goodness. What was that? I can’t believe it. He did it to look cool in front of Han Jimin. He put on a show. He could have used a card. He didn’t have to bring bundles of money. – It was a show. / – It was a show. Back then, Han Jimin was in seven or eight commercials. She was the leading actress. You bragged about your money before her. – She made more money. / – That’s right. Would you have done that if she wasn’t there? Let’s say Han Jimin wasn’t there. Let’s say she wasn’t there. Would you still have given 10-dollar bills? Let’s say you were with men. Why are you attacking me from all sides? – We are simply curious. / – Tell us. – Why did you do that? / – It was my birthday. I was thankful for my co-workers. Then there was Jimin. He was really cool. Kyunghwan, I heard your wife is very brusque. When we registered our marriage, – I became very surprised. / – Why? I’d always known that she’s very brusque. While registering our marriage, I wrote down the address as well as my name, Yeom Kyunghwan. – My wife became surprised. / – Why? I asked, “What is it?” She asked, “Is your last name Yeom?” My goodness. “What else did you think it was?” “Aren’t you Eom Kyunghwan?” – No way! / – That’s… How many years did the two of you date? – A year and a half. / – And she didn’t know. She knew me as Eom Kyunghwan. She only called me – by my name. / – So she didn’t know. I thought it was too much. Kyunghwan is lucky to have his wife. You know how Kyunghwan sleeps. – He snores a lot. / – Most people snore like this. – That’s how we snore when we’re tired. / – We do. This is how Kyunghwan snores. (Choking) – You are exaggerating. / – I am not. He does that. – Am I dying? / – You wouldn’t know! He does snore a lot. I asked his wife. “Kyunghwan snores a lot.” “How do you sleep at night?” She went, “What? Kyunghwan doesn’t snore.” – What is going on? / – She doesn’t know. “Why did Sangryeol say that?” “Do you snore?” She asked me that. – I was so surprised. / – She doesn’t know. She must have heard it. – I guess she sleeps soundly. / – She sleeps soundly. – They were meant to be. / – He does this! (How could she not know?) I don’t snore that much! (Sangryeol demonstrates once more.) – Sangryeol. / – Anyone would wake up. – You are exaggerating. / – It’s not that bad. He is exaggerating. I don’t snore that much. He has another blessing. When it’s time to go to bed, his head hits the pillow and… (Snoring) (He is good at imitating the snore.) I am serious. For goodness’ sake. – That’s funny. / – I am serious. – You exaggerated a lot. / – Sangryeol. Please repeat it one more time. – Please do that. / – He does this as soon as his head hits the pillow. Gyein is loving it. (Satisfied) Gyein loves it. – He is hilarious. / – Gyein loves it. This was the first time throughout the shoot that he laughed at someone else’s story. He is in tears. (His reaction is funnier.) (Coming up) (Summer Hunter Special, Part 2) (Can we go as soon as it begins?) (Some people are happy.) (Some people are sad.) (It’s a war to go home early.) (Who will be the first to go home?) (Find out in the upcoming segment.) Gyein, Go Dooshim looked after you during “Country Diaries”. – She couldn’t help but look after me. / – Why? We lived in the same apartment. (What kind of story will he tell?) She’s a year older than me and was like a big sister. I bothered her from time to time. “I’m drunk right now.” “Would you drive me somewhere?” “How much did you drink? Who did you drink with?” “It’s none of your business.” “Forget it. Fine.” “Don’t speak nonsense.” – Then she would hang up. / – Okay. After two to three minutes, she would be at the door. (Dooshim would come to look after Gyein.) – “Go away!” / – Is this a drama? What is this? Hold on. Timeout. Is this a medical drama? I thought he was having an audition. – Seriously. / – He is saying that – Dooshim looked after him. / – Is this a skit? – Hold on. / – He told the story like a skit. Who do you like better, Go Dooshim or Park Jungsoo? – Who is your ideal type? / – What? – Which one is it? / – You like them. – Who do you like better? / – In one, two, three. No. I like whoever I am with at the time. – He likes them both. / – I like whoever buys me soju. Doesn’t life work that way? Kang Hodong or Yu Jaeseok? Must you ask? (Do I really need to spell it out?) Do I really need to spell it out? (Which one is it?) It’s nice to meet you. (He’s so funny.) My goodness. I have seen many guests on the show, but Gyein told the most number of stories today. I feel like I watched 10 episodes of a drama. Every episode starts with, “Listen, you jerk.” “Listen, you jerk.” (Gyein is the master of stories.) We thank the five guests for joining us today. We will give you a Korea beef set. – Korean beef? / – Yes. Would you imitate the snore one last time? I hope everyone will sleep soundly tonight. (Stay tuned for Sing My Song.) (Part two will continue.) (Summer Hunter Special) (A 20-year-old group, Koyote) (Is Shinji the leader of Koyote?) (No, it’s Kim Jongmin.) (Kim Jongmin, the leader of Koyote) (He is only a leader on paper.) (No other leaders are like him.) (It’s seven to two to one.) (They get paid for what they do.) (Did Shinji’s existence help the group go on?) (A specialty that is an homage to Zion.T) (I pass the magic castle) (and the swamp) (It sounds like you are mocking him.) (Somewhere between mockery and respect) (Deokin shows another specialty.) (You are mocking him, aren’t you?) (I am also good) (at imitating Bobby Kim.) (It’s a battle of voice impressions.) (The time is up.) (I love you, Happy Together!) (Summer Hunter Special will chase away the heat.) This is fun. (The big fun begins now.) There is a discussion on which songs to include. Crush has collaborated with many singers such as Taeyeon, Zion.T, Dynamic Duo, Gray, Loco, Jay Park and Hyolyn. It’s impressive. The songs he featured in should be included. The presidents of my agency are the members of Dynamic Duo. I heard they were the last ones to go home. That’s right. I’m very worried. – Will you add featured songs? / – The collaborations. I have… I have my pride. That’s good. You won’t add those songs. (He excludes the songs he featured in.) How strange! He is a man. Why would you leave those songs out? You saw how pride ruined Dynamic Duo. He made the right choice. Let’s give him a big hand. (He saved his pride.) I respect your decision. How about you, Koyote? With us, it’s not about the songs we featured in. Do we count the songs that came after Bbaekga, Jongmin and I became a team? Do we start from the first album? If it’s the former, what gets excluded? – “Pure Love”. / – No! – That won’t do. / – No. You were in the group for that song. “Broken Heart” gets excluded as well. – That won’t do. / – Think about your pride. We don’t have pride. That song needs to be included. – We don’t have pride. / – The thing is, we re-recorded the song to include Bbaekga and Jongmin’s voices. We sing the song live for performances too. We will include the songs from the first album. – All right. / – That’s good. She is sharp. You made the right choice. I can’t help but wonder why the leader didn’t say these things. Shinji seems to make all decisions. Since I’m the leader, I made her take charge. (Take charge.) As a leader, you ordered her to take charge. There is something I thought about. Shinji and Bbaekga make Koyote. Shinji and Jongmin make Koyote. However, Bbaekga and Jongmin – don’t make Koyote. / – It’s strange. Think about it. – My goodness. / – Jongmin is very underrated. I think he is overrated. He sings better than you would expect. When we go somewhere, many people say they came to see Jongmin since he is on a lot of variety shows. – Don’t say that. / – Why? (I am embarrassed.) When you hear these stories, do you think it’s easier to be a solo artist? It’s easier. It’s nice, – but it gets lonely. / – That’s right. Crush, when do you feel the loneliest? When I am exhausted on my way home, I have no one to talk to. It would be precious to share my experiences – with someone. / – That’s right. Chungha, you must feel particularly lonely – since you were in I.O.I. / – You were in I.O.I before you became a solo artist. – How was the change? / – There were a lot of members. – There were 11 members. / – That’s right. We always talked to each other. I was impressed by the voters because the 11 members who got chosen got along splendidly. When we went to a shoot together and another member saw me in a daze, they went… (Chungha, smile.) – That was nice. / – They had your back. It helps a lot. It’s sad that those friends are gone. – You should do it. / – That’s right. – That’s burdensome. / – She might cry. (Scary) It looks like he saying, “Rip your mouth.” “Rip your mouth.” It’s scary. It was shocking, right? (She has goosebumps.) In Room 3, they are singing a song by Jang Deok Cheol. (Are people singing a song by Jang Deok Cheol?) (A couple is singing together.) (Proud) It’s “Lateness”. It’s a song we released recently. People sing a lot of recent songs. – They have an advantage. / – This is bad news for us. They are incredible. Jang Deok Cheol’s songs were on the charts – for a long while. / – Yes. I heard your parents became suspicious. People accused us of chart manipulation. Chart manipulation. People accused us of it. We thought to ourselves that it’s ridiculous and that the rumor would go away. However, people began to treat it – as fact. / – How upsetting. Let us use this opportunity to clarify that our company isn’t big enough for it. It’s something that is beyond our capabilities. We’d rather do something nice than waste money manipulating the chart. It must have been hard on you. My parents grew suspicious. Were your parents suspicious? They heard too many things from people. Did the song suddenly climb up the chart long after its release? It didn’t happen suddenly. – I see. / – After the release, the song climbed up a little at a time. – It was a slow climb. / – It was a slow climb, but people thought it happened suddenly. Don’t misunderstand. We did nothing wrong. Our conscience is clear. Use this opportunity… – What do you want to say? / – Seriously. What do you want to say? – What do you want to say? / – I was simply chiming in. I see. You know how they must feel. I want them to clear up any misunderstandings. They are singing “Good Old Days”. (Room 3 sings another song by them.) Where? (“Good Old Days”) – Room 3. / – That’s bad. Have we started? – No, we haven’t. / – For goodness’ sake. We are seeing so many of their songs. They are popular. Crush, did you study music abroad in your childhood? No, I lived in Wangsimni. We thought you lived abroad. Ever since I was little, my dad listened to music by African-Americans a lot. – Your dad did. / – That’s right. I hear your sister also works in music. She is a singer-songwriter. It’s a musical family. I really hope this part will air. She is a singer called Nov. – Nov. / – Nov. The lyrics and melody are nice. Please listen to songs by Nov. Crush’s family seems to have the genes for music. Why doesn’t the family release an album together? It’s on my bucket list. Room 1… (What is happening in Room 1?) – No way! / – Have we begun? They are searching “Koyote”. We haven’t begun yet. (“Pure Love” by Koyote) (No way!) For goodness’ sake. We begin in five minutes. We begin in five minutes. They should have done it after five minutes. Those people are on the older side. My goodness. (They are two manly men.) (How could you do this?) (There is a reason why they sang “Pure Love”.) (They were looking for an OST by Koyote.) (Search “Koyote”.) (There are too many songs by Koyote.) (We don’t have time.) He is sitting with his legs crossed. (They are excited.) – It’s a popular song. / – I love it. (They sing passionately.) – That’s a woman’s part. / – He can hit high notes. No, that’s a man’s part. He doesn’t need to sing it like that. (He sings Jongmin’s part like Shinji.) He can hit high notes. He can sing very well. My goodness. Right now, Room 1 is singing a song by Koyote. (I am jealous.) I’m glad our song came on. It puts me in a good mood. – It does, right? / – This is enough. You might be able to go home early. – Right now… / – Hold on. We have 2 minutes until 7 p.m. What if we begin while they’re still singing the song? – That doesn’t count. / – That doesn’t count. Of course that doesn’t count. It’s currently 7 p.m. Let’s get this started. – Is this the beginning? / – Sing My Song starts now. (The war to go home early starts.) Room 1. (He is in a hurry.) Let’s see it. They are singing “I Hate You”. Room 3. – They sang our song. / – We got to see it. Honestly, if we had started just a bit sooner, Koyote would have gone home. Now that we have begun, I feel a bit nervous. – Are you? / – I can’t help but stare at the screen. It’s been a while now. Crush, many people want to work with you. Among them, Yu Heeyeol was the most memorable. Yes. I don’t know if I can tell the story. Tell the story. I am close to Yu Heeyeol. – That’s right. / – That’s right. Heeyeol first contacted me and asked me to work with him for the newest Toy album. It was an honor. I worked on two songs. He gave me quality headphones as a present. I later learned he was in a commercial for them. He probably got them for free. I began to wonder if he got them – for free. / – He didn’t get them. He said he has a gift for the second song. I thought he would give me something different. He gave me a padded coat. Dynamic Duo and Zion.T worked on the album as well. One day, Dynamic Duo, Zion.T and I were at the same event. Everyone was wearing the same padded coat. He bought them in bulk. He got them for cheap. – He got them for cheap. / – I think he did. He bought them in bulk. I want to know where the gifts came from. Did Heeyeol buy them with his own money? (Why were they wearing the same coat?) – You should contact / – He probably got them for free. “Unanswered Question”. I brought this up on his show. He laughed and edited out the part. (He laughed then edited out the part.) He edited out the part. He got those gifts for free. You need to get an answer. – We will air this. / – That’s right. On “Yu Heeyeol’s Sketchbook”, Crush’s question got edited out for some reason. It’s scary that he edited it out. That’s interesting. The audience laughed, right? The audience laughed. Heeyeol laughed as well, then edited it out. That means he got those items as gifts as well. Stop it. Let’s make sure we air this. If I may defend Heeyeol, he must’ve bought the headphones with his own money. – It’s only right. / – Yes. I think he bought them. I don’t know how the coats came to be. – I bet it was a buy-two-get-one-free deal. / – Gosh. Long padded coats. It’s past 7 p.m. – We don’t have / – No new record. – a new record. / – The old one holds. That opportunity is gone. It’s 7:22 p.m. right now. Let’s look at Room 1. – What? Room 3. / – What about Room 3? (What about Room 3?) (“Roller Coaster” by Chungha) – My goodness. / – This is crazy. Okay. Room 3. Room 3. (The song began as soon as they started to watch.) (Nice timing) – Room 3! / – Is this even possible? This is unbelievable. – Let’s hear it out. / – I’m completely shocked. – Right now… / – No way. – This… / – We only just started. We didn’t hear “Roller Coaster” earlier. The jinx continues. Your song shouldn’t be sung earlier. – I got goosebumps. / – It was shocking. Only “Roller Coaster” wasn’t sung earlier. It may look like it was planned, – but it wasn’t. / – Unbelievable. We need the video assistant referee. (Koyote’s song was sung.) (Crush’s song was sung.) (Jang Deok Cheol’s song was sung as well.) Shouldn’t “Roller Coaster” be sung by now? – It hasn’t, though. / – I know. (They appeared like saviors.) ♪ Hold my hand, I want you ♪ – Why aren’t they going? / – ♪ Roller coaster ♪ Is it because of the other customers? We can’t go until the halls are clear. They have to wait – until no one’s around. / – Hold on a second. – What if they stop? / – What happens then? – Then it’s over. / – Stop the song! – Right now… / – She stopped the song! (Did she really stop the song?) (What?) (The song’s over.) (Only the first verse is over.) – She stopped the song! / – No, she didn’t. – Gosh. / – These days, it’s a nuisance to sing the second verse. Of course. Hurry down there. Hurry! – My gosh. / – Come on. (Just run!) (Move!) The song’s almost over. – They’re not singing. / – This is bad. The friend is getting a little bored. – You never know. / – Look at her hand. She’s seconds away from stopping the song. – What’s happening? / – They need to hurry. (They need to hurry!) (Will they succeed?) (Will they fail?) (She runs at top speed in her heels.) (What’s the verdict?) (Screaming) (They’re still singing “Roller Coaster”!) My gosh! (What’s happening?) ♪ I worry that you might leave me ♪ (Is Chungha seriously here?) ♪ I wouldn’t know from the start ♪ (What am I seeing right now?) – Chungha! / – My gosh. (This is unbelievable!) (It’s really Chungha.) (They still can’t believe what’s happening.) Chungha! Oh, no. (Chungha succeeds at 7:22 p.m.) – They’re still singing. / – We’re 22 minutes in. – She succeeded. / – It was so close. – Yes, it was. / – I’m so shocked. They look like they’re having fun there. – Well… / – I’m jealous. I seriously can’t believe this. ♪ You’re a roller coaster ♪ ♪ You’re a roller coaster ♪ (Make some noise!) We won! We won! (Thank you so much.) Thank you. Congratulations. – Yes! / – Welcome back! I couldn’t believe it. What did I tell you? How did you feel when Chungha walked in? I thought she was a stranger. You thought she was another customer? Crush is here and so is Koyote. Were you planning on singing their songs? I normally sing a lot of Koyote’s songs. – What? / – Why didn’t you, then? Were you about to sing one today? I bought a new phone today, – so I was preoccupied. / – I see. – If she hadn’t… / – I get it now. – She bought a new phone. / – So she was preoccupied. She would’ve sung Koyote’s song otherwise. Were you planning on singing Crush’s song too? No. What? What just happened? That can happen. – He was staring at them. / – It can happen. Chungha, how did it feel? I was so happy that I squealed involuntarily. – Doesn’t it feel great? / – It does. I honestly thought that I’d come in last today. Were you worried because no one was singing your song? I found it odd that no one sang – songs by I.O.I. / – I see. I thought that someone would sing “Very Very Very”, so I was surprised by the outcome. You won with your song – and not I.O.I’s. / – That’s right. Seokjin seems to be more excited. I’m happy that the jinx continues. I’m ecstatic. On that note, Chungha and Seokjin are off work! – Unbelievable. / – No way. She left before I could befriend her. – Gosh. / – Hold on. It’s now time for a chance. – Will you throw it? / – Who else? (Charismatic) (Intimidated) He seemed like a charismatic leader there. I thought that too. Why can’t you look her in the eyes, though? You don’t meet her eyes. Why won’t you look her in the eyes? All right. (The wheel of destiny) (Believe in your leader.) – Oh no. / – Inflatable Sign Chance! This is why you needed to take your time. – Oh dear. / – That’s the one. – That’s the sign. / – I know. – “Sing a song…” / – So that’s the sign. – It doesn’t look bad. / – It’s quite all right. – It’s not bad. / – What’s the song? Is this the one? “Sing a Koyote song and win a beverage”. – Exactly. / – It’s not bad. This is great! This’ll work for sure. – This’ll work. / – Kids, only new customers will see it. – Did you call them kids? / – Yes, kids. She must call them that often. The inflatable sign for Koyote is up. Let’s move on to the other two teams. Crush and Jang Deok Cheol – will also pick a chance. / – Right. – Which one do you want? / – The Hashtag Chance. – The Hashtag Chance? / – That’s the best one. – I wonder… / – Gosh. Go ahead. (Hashtag Chance!) – The Hashtag Chance. / – Hashtag Chance! – Hashtag. / – The Hashtag Chance. You can put this poster up in one of the rooms. I think Room 3 will be the best. – Room 3. / – The Hashtag Chance will go up in Room 3. (The poster is on the wall.) Nice. Crush, you’re up next. – Is it my turn now? / – Let’s do this. Soohong, wait. The Intercom Chance! – The Intercom Chance. / – Oh, no. This means that Suyong must do some acting. He’ll get caught for sure. Intercom Chance is the worst. Will Suyong be making the call? – Yes. / – I’m doomed. Won’t people know it’s him? Suyong, let’s do a practice run. – You should practice. / – Hello? If you sing Crush’s song, – you’ll win a beverage. / – What? You should offer something better. – If you… / – Say that they’ll get to take a photo with me. Then you’ll be announcing your presence. That will be too obvious. Say that they’ll win trotters if they sing my song. – Trotters? / – The trotters? – He… / – His leftovers. We can offer these. (Who wants more?) (Can I take what’s left with me?) (He obtains trotters.) I have trotters, so we can offer this. – We’ll allow that. / – Trotters. Don’t you think that’s a weird prize, though? Trotters and a beverage. (They’ll use the chance on Room 1.) (Crush’s trotters) (Suyong’s calling Room 1.) – Room 1. / – They’re answering! It’s Room 1. (Let’s see how well Suyong can act.) Hello, this is the counter. I called to tell you about today’s event. – Do you know Crush? / – Yes. If you sing his song, you’ll win… – Crush’s song? / – Yes, you’ll win trotters and a beverage. If we sing Crush’s song? – Trotters. / – You’ll give us trotters? No way! (Trotters? No way!) They’re excited. (What will they do?) What songs did Crush release? I think it’s working. – Trotters won them over. / – They stopped the song. I only know “Beautiful”. (Let’s try singing it.) Just like that? Where is it? (They search for Crush’s songs.) (Yes, trotters!) Gosh. This is unbelievable. What if they don’t know the song? What they like is trotters and not Crush. I don’t care! (Do they just like trotters) (or do they actually like Crush?) (“Beautiful” by Crush) (A beautiful ending) “Beautiful”. – May I go? / – You may go. (They should write a song about trotter.) The trotter chance was a good one. I didn’t think they’d use the trotter this way. (Hooray for trotter, Crush, Suyong) Where is it? (Everyone, I’m here.) (Screaming) Hello. (Falling) He tripped. – Did he trip? / – He tripped. He’s too excited. He tripped as if he’s bowing. (Bowing) I’m worried he might be hurt. That’s how happy he is right now. (The best appearance) Crush. Crush. Microphone, please. (His sweet voice makes them forget.) Awesome. (But when do I get the trotter?) (Beautiful life, I will always protect you) (His song makes him forget the pain.) (They’re touched in their first row seats.) (They’ll never forget this day.) We should’ve gotten the intercom chance. So why did you do it? I could’ve done it instead. You should look at that side too. (No.) You should look at that side too. (I’m scared.) You should look at her when she’s talking. I could’ve done it instead. But you were upset. You had to pick the worst chance. It was cool when he was upset. (About 10 minutes ago,) (he looked cool as a leader.) (He just smiles.) It’s fine. We go home in the same car. (I want to get a taxi.) – Congratulations. / – Congratulations. (Congratulations.) Welcome. – This way, please. / – To the center. (Kim Seoyoung, Lee Eunjoo) When Seoyoung heard about the trotter, – she said, “Awesome.” / – “Awesome.” – Was it you? / – Yes. What made you say that? Please talk into the mic. I wasn’t thinking of anything. The karaoke suddenly offered trotter. Did you sing this song for trotter? Yes. How could you say that? Let’s be honest, Seoyoung. Crush tripped as he walked in. Are you okay? I didn’t hurt myself. I thought I had to take my shoes off. I tried to take my shoes off but got pushed. (He was pushed as people swarmed in.) – You got pushed from behind. / – Yes. It’s the worst appearance. – It was the worst. / – It was the worst. It was worse than Lee Seokhoon. You could compete against Seokhoon. – I was startled. / – First, we should give them Crush’s gifts. (Crush prepared trotter and autographed CD.) They get Crush’s signed albums. Congratulations to you two. – What? / – What? – What? / – Who? (Whose song is it?) – Who? / – Koyote. – Koyote? / – Unbelievable. They saw it as they walked in. (They saw the balloon as they walked in.) – Did they see the doll? / – They saw the doll. – They saw it. / – Wait. (The couple saw Koyote’s balloon.) Do you know any of Koyote’s song? I was a fan of Koyote. Do you want to try Koyote? They’re singing. (Sing My Song) (Room 3 starts searching.) Crush and Suyong may go home. (Crush and Suyong are off.) – Thank you. / – Thank you. Bye, Seoyoung. It was fun today. – Jang Deok Cheol. / – Wait. I’m sorry. (Jang Deok Cheol suddenly?) – Room 3. / – Jang Deok Cheol. Jang Deok Cheol. (“Good Old Days” by Jang Deok Cheol) (How did this happen?) They were searching Koyote. What’s happening? (Room 3 was searching Koyote.) Jang Deok Cheol. Jang Deok Cheol. I like Jang Deok Cheol. (She saw the hashtag poster on the wall.) (They cancel instantly.) (The boyfriend obeys her.) (“Good Old Days” by Jang Deok Cheol) (What a twist.) We need to take a picture. (That’s what happened.) They were searching Koyote. – Hurry. / – You should hurry. – Go. / – See you later. – Crush. / – Say a word. They were searching Koyote then saw the hashtag poster. – It’s currently 8:53 p.m. / – I can’t believe this. – It’s 8:53 p.m. / – What’s Crush still doing here? – He was giving a word. / – Oh, I see. That doesn’t matter. Just leave. So, Crush and Suyong are off. (Crush and Suyong are off.) Bye. – Bye. / – Thank you. (We’re on our way.) (Room 3 is enjoying the mood.) (Sudden attack) (Puzzled) (Let’s be soaked in emotions together.) (Awkward) (Awesome.) (They’re overwhelmed.) (They do their best to sing “Good Old Days”.) (Meet someone nice) (Be loved) (Throbbing in the karaoke instead of on the stage) (The vibration fills the space.) (Applause) They’re here. Congratulations. Congratulations. (Congratulations.) – Congratulations. / – Congratulations. – Congratulations. / – Excuse me. Why did you change your mind – while searching Koyote? / – This way, please. Don’t be mad at them. – Tell me now. / – Shinji. – Why? Why? / – Calm down. Shinji. – Why? / – Shinji is too excited. – Yes. / – When they walked in… You searched Koyote. I’m a fan of Koyote. I recently watched “Hidden Singer”. They watched “Hidden Singer”. – So I was going to sing. / – Then? But she… I like Jang Deok Cheol. – How could it change? / – It’s meant to be. Did you see the balloon on the way? – I did. / – I saw it. I asked her if she wants to sing Koyote, but she said no. He listened to his girlfriend. – He listened to her. / – She said no. Because she likes Jang Deok Cheol. See, some people listen to what women say. Although he likes Koyote, but if she says no, it’s a no. Did you recognize Jang Deok Cheol when they walked in? – I was startled. / – Into the mic, please. I was so startled that I screamed. – Really? / – Yes. She liked them more than me. – He’s disappointed. / – He’s disappointed. Why do you like Jang Deok Cheol so much? I love their songs. – They’re good singers. / – I see. How was it to meet them in person? Are they hot? (Laughing) Look at his face. (What’s wrong with you?) – Don’t look at him. / – Don’t look at him. Don’t laugh like that. – Are you okay? / – I’m okay. – Calm down. / – He doesn’t understand. He can’t believe it after what he’s done for her. She kept telling me to practice their song. – She must be a big fan. / – She must be a big fan. She must be a big fan of Jang Deok Cheol. We almost couldn’t go home. Thanks to you, our saviors, we’re able to go home. – Thank you very much. / – Right. With this, Jang Deok Cheol is off. (Jang Deok Cheol and Yongman are off.) Thank you. Thank you. Time is up. (Only Koyote remains.) We need to wrap up soon. People sang almost every week. – Our song? / – Yes. People kept singing it all summer. I see. – What? / – Where? It’s worse if they sing now. If they sing Koyote now… It’s the last chance. If they sing Koyote for the first song… – Oh, they just walked in. / – Yes. Their first song will be the last song for today. Are they going to sing our song when they just walked in? They might. It says so in the front. They get a free soda if they sing it. Koyote. (Please sing.) It’s the last chance. (Is that “Genuine”?) (What?) They didn’t see the balloon. They’re singing Jaurim. (Singing) – Put it down, please. / – My gosh. Would you tell us how you feel? Although I’m leaving, I will lead my members next time, and leave as soon as it starts. As a leader. That’s such a lie. He doesn’t sound like he means it. Can you try it again? Make it sound like you mean it. Go. Wait. Never mind. – “Poison”. / – Is it “Poison”? – “Poison”. / – Is it “Poison”? – Can I go alone? / – Pardon? – Can I go alone? / – You can’t. You just said you’re the leader. You said you’re going to lead them. (That’s too much.) It’s a joke. Now you say it’s a joke? He was joking. – Over there. / – KYT! Everyone. Repeat after me, okay? Get ready. Sing. One, two, three, go. (Singing) Louder. (Bbaekga seizes the stage.) – Good. / – Good. (The leader steps forward.) (He looks reliable on the stage.) (They sang and had fun together.) (The singers loved by everyone) (Congratulations on their 20th anniversary.) (“What?” by Kokoon)

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