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Watch Gag Concert for a fun Friday night! The opening act is the Hot Friday Show! Let’s watch it! (It starts now!) Make some noise! The only show on hot Friday nights! The Hot Friday Show starts now! (The Hot Friday Show starts now) The first act that will start the Hot Friday Show is a team that will make your heart race. It’s Rissan! (Rissan) Put your hands up! Make some noise! 1, 2, 3, 4! ♪ Do I look cool? ♪ ♪ So cheap, so cheap ♪ ♪ All luxury brands ♪ ♪ So cheap, so cheap ♪ Hello. – We are really… / – Cheap! We’re Rissan! So cheap, so cheap! (Dub-step beatboxing?) Beatboxing! This is a very hard beatboxing skill. – Right? / – It’s reflux esophagitis. (Reflux esophagitis) Rissan, you have a song about everyday life? “I really want to touch you.” Listen up. Cue the music. ♪ You approached with clarity and transparency ♪ ♪ As you touched my hand ♪ ♪ You purified my dirty and corrupted mind ♪ ♪ Being with you, I always feel at peace ♪ ♪ The softness of your skin ♪ ♪ Keep sticking to me ♪ ♪ I love you and thank you ♪ ♪ Stay with me forever ♪ ♪ You are ♪ ♪ Hand sanitizer, always use it after going out ♪ ♪ It’s smelly, but just use it ♪ ♪ Hand sanitizer, don’t forget to use it ♪ ♪ It’s neat how it turns into water in your hands ♪ (So relatable) ♪ That’s syrup, oh, no, oh, no ♪ My hand is going to attract ants. That looks delicious. So cheap, so cheap! Friday night! The second act surpasses the world-famous tenor Pavarotti! The pride of Korea! It’s Saseong! (Saseong instead of Samseong?) Saseong? I’m a fan, Saseong! (He has no limitations) (Don’t talk to him about effort) You were called Samseong, but now you’re Saseong?

Default bowling game for android download for freebut now you’re Saseong? I didn’t change my name. I added another sound. What’s the other sound you added? – A Roh voice. / – A Roh voice? – A Roh voice? / – What’s that? It’s Roh Hongchul’s voice. (1. Abdominal voice 2. Chest voice 3. Head voice) (Roh Hongchul) That’s just his skill. – So that’s how you’re Saseong. / – Yes. I see. Let’s hear Saseong sing “Oh, My.” (Roh voice) (Abdominal voice) (Roh voice) (Head voice) (Such dramatic changes in vocal music) (No! Why are you doing this?) (Freely) (This performance will go down in history) (Jaebaek did it) (Yeah) (Very impressed) That was Saseong! (So cool) The next act is a team of three close sisters. (Three close sisters) – Hello! / – Hello! You’re supposed to wave. – 2, 3. / – They’re off. – Hello! / – Hello! We’re the Tiger Moth Sisters! Okay. – So… / – Yes? Do we get paid if this airs? Yes, you get an appearance fee. Music, please. Sis, you need money again? You talk as if you don’t need money. You took money from me last time. Why would you mention that here? Did you get scammed or something? ♪ No matter how much you argue ♪ You’re too trusting. ♪ It can’t be helped ♪ I told you not to trust Mr. Park. ♪ That pile of dog poop ♪ What did you use for collateral? ♪ Is my home ♪ – Oh, no… / – Didn’t you know? ♪ I’m a firefly ♪ He ran off with the deed to her home. ♪ It can’t be helped ♪ That conman Mr. Park. ♪ I want to hold your hand ♪ You lived with him, sis. ♪ But everyone left ♪ – That’s not true. / – Don’t let her go. – ♪ Don’t go, don’t go ♪ / – I wouldn’t have… If I got an apartment as alimony like you.

1 bowling game for android download for freeIf I got an apartment as alimony like you. She’s been divorced 3 times, so she has 3 homes. ♪ Can you put one of those homes ♪ – My home? / – ♪ Under my name? ♪ Don’t you have a bell? – ♪ Me, me ♪ / – ♪ Me, me, me ♪ Come on, guys! I told you not to talk about my divorces in public! Divorce isn’t bad. You do it to get apartments. Those are investments. Maybe I should get a divorce too. You’re not even married yet! (Messes up) (The close sisters have perfect harmony) We don’t get along! Those were the three close sisters. The last act is the two guys you most want to see on Friday nights. They combine action and dancing! The Twins! (Things change, but they’re always new!) Why aren’t you guys wearing shirts? (Dance philosophy beyond the ages) (Sexy) Geez… Bring it on, punk. Here I come! (They’re going to fight again) (Clon) (You guys win) Let go! You’re a tough opponent. – I’ll take you on with this staff. / – A staff! (Twirling) Here I go! (“Heungbo” by Yukgaksu) (The final attack) (Argh!) (The Hot Friday Show will be back) (It means to show off your success or wealth) (Photobooth) – He prepared something. / – Sticker photos. (Curious) What did he do? For that? To fix his slipper? He’s using the stickers as tape. (I needed to fix my slipper! Flex) We only get to see Jinse’s photos. Oh, there he is. Flex. (Chicken-shaped crackers) – Chicken-shaped crackers. / – What’s he doing? – Really? / – Finding the hidden pictures? (I was just bored! Flex) – Jinse’s probably here. / – Where is he? Flex. He has all the crackers. That’s our move!

bowling game for android download for free That’s our move!

2 bowling game for android download for freeThat’s our move! (He has no signal) – What’s going on? / – He has no signal. – No signal. / – No signal? He’s looking for WiFi? – No way… / – No way… – Really? / – He has it now. No way… (I need to get closer to the satellite! Flex) What about Jinse? Flex. (Red light at the crosswalk) Is he going to cross and pay the fine? – No! / – That’s dangerous. – He’s not crossing. / – Where is he going? – A taxi? / – Taking a taxi to cross. – A U-turn in the taxi? / – No way… To get to the other side? He pulled a U-turn. A U-turn during a red light? Good idea. (I didn’t want to wait! Flex) A U-turn. Is it his father? (Special guest, Jinse’s father) Flex. That’s Jinse’s father? That’s really Jinse’s father? – That was really my father. / – That’s so funny! So Jinse’s father is a taxi driver. Their mouths look the same when they say “Flex.” – We have similar eyebrows too. / – He’s handsome. – We have a photo of Wonhun’s dad too. / – Really? A photo of Wonhun’s father. – What? / – They look exactly alike! What a surprise! – They look so alike. / – They’re more alike than us. Amazing genes. They look so similar. Since May is the family month, we have family photos of the comedians. Show us the photos, please. (Guess whose family member this is) I know! Lee Sejin! – That’s Sejin’s father. / – Sejin’s father. Song Jungeun. That short hair… I bet that’s Kim Hyeseon. What are you talking about? He does kind of look like Hyeseon. Unblur the face. We’ll be able to guess if we see this person as a kid. Who is that? It’s me! That’s Jungeun’s family! That’s my father. Jungeun, you still have the same face.

3 bowling game for android download for freeJungeun, you still have the same face. My father likes being funny. So he likes making things up. He likes making things up? Come on, man! It’s a nice photo with his son! – That’s a fabrication! / – It is not! It is! It’s just a nice photo of us together! This was a nice memory for me! Geez… Let’s see the next photo. Another one? Who’s this? – He’s handsome. / – He’s tall. Is that Yang Sangguk? (Is this Yang Sangguk?) Kim Daehui’s father? Nobody here seems to know. (Confused) He’s slim, so maybe he’s Hoegyeong’s dad. Kim Hoegyeong. Hoegyeong, is that your father? Take your glasses off. Honestly, my father is a bit uglier than that guy. Don’t say that. (They don’t share the same DNA) Don’t sell out your dad to be funny. Be honest. He looks like a school teacher. He’s very handsome. Is that Kim Hayeong’s father? – That’s unexpected. / – Yes. (She got her good looks from her father?) So he’s your father-in-law? Father-in-law? My gosh! – Goodness! / – You’re nodding at your father-in-law? Minsang, you’re supposed to do a big bow. – Show us the answer. / – He’s handsome. Who is this? – No, it’s a boy. / – How cute. – Hold on. / – I can’t tell! – I can’t tell. / – That’s a boy? Who’s that kid in the back? That’s the father. That’s the father! There’s another child. Back there. Oh, he’s hidden. He was hidden. I thought they were calling the father a kid. Me too. So this person has a brother too. The brother. – Hold on… / – Let’s see who it is. I have no idea. An Sangtae! – An Sangtae? / – That’s my father. – That’s my father. / – You don’t look alike at all. – That’s my father! / – You don’t look like him. Stop making things up! That was made up! They look too wealthy! You always told me you grew up poor. I see a record player. And they used tissues instead of toilet paper. – The wall is burnt. / – They have a mirror too! I’ll tell you what that is. It’s not the photo that got burnt. It’s the wallpaper. I think it’s Seo Namyong’s family. That’s my father! It’s Yeongjin’s father. – It’s Yeongjin’s father. / – It’s true. That’s really you, Yeongjin? Really? The staff members told me. Really? Next one, please. The twins! Wow, so handsome! Who is this? This is the first normal family photo today. I’m so curious! That guy looks really handsome! This woman is very pretty too. Jeong Seunghwan! Isn’t that Photoshopped? That’s Photoshopped! Why are you the only one that looks like this? Maybe my dad wasn’t at his best when he had me. (His father wasn’t at his best) Who is this? That’s my wife. Oh, right. My wife, father, mother and younger brother. That’s his younger brother. – He looks so different. / – They’re so different. Is your brother married? Not yet. Is he celibate? No, it’s not like that. Is he seeing someone now? Well, he hasn’t told me that yet. Sorry, but do you think you can call him now? Wow! You should call him brother-in-law. I don’t care. You really want me to call him? May I ask what he does for a living? He works for a real estate agency. Really? – That’s perfect. / – You’re into real estate, right? That’s perfect. Quiet. – Put it on speaker. / – Why can’t I hear? Hello? Oh! What are you doing? – Huh? / – What are you doing? I took my car in for repairs on my way to work. What do you think about Shin Bongseon? – Shin Bongseon? / – Yeah. – Who’s Shin Bongseon? The comedian? / – Yeah. What do you mean? (High hopes) What do you think about her as a woman? (What do you think of Bongseon as a woman?) Seunghwan, I’m busy now. Seunghwan, I’m busy now. (Don’t do that to your younger brother) (Can’t accept reality) You’re not the only one! I’m busy too! You’re not the only one! – Come on. Stop it. / – I’ll call you back later. – He’s busy. / – You’re not the only one that’s busy! Why are bosses so annoying? Ladies and gentlemen, show them how scary you are! This is what you should do at work. Let’s watch the Insane Rankings! Come at me! Come at me! Attention, everyone. We got this month’s numbers. Our department did the worst. Are you kidding me? And why did we spend so much on supplies? Be more careful with the company’s money! – You should conserve. / – And… – Use paper cups 10 times from now on. / – Sheesh. And don’t just throw out paper after using it once. – Use it as scrap paper. / – Gosh… If you spend this much on supplies again, it’s coming out of your salary! (It’s coming out of your salary next time!) Someone make me some coffee. – Chief. / – Yeah? – Here’s your coffee. / – Good. Here. Huh? What is this? You said to conserve. I made four cups with one pack of instant coffee. Come on! Deputy Kim, where’s the report? Here you go. What’s this? I printed 28 pages worth of info on this one page. You said to conserve! Chief, you want us to conserve office supplies? Chief, you should just quit so the company can save money. Please! You call this research? – Chief, you told us to… / – Don’t talk back to me! It’s not like that. We just did what you told us to, chief. Don’t you glare at me all round-eyed! Then… How about square eyes? Is this CG? How did they do that? What’s wrong with you guys? Your eyes are square! If your boss is always getting angry… – Stare him down with square eyes. / – So cute! It’s raining today. How about drinks after work? – Drinks? / – That’s the best. I have plans today. Me too. What are you talking about? Drinking together is part of the job! Don’t be ridiculous. Everyone is coming! Chief. I have plans, so I have to go now. You’re still at work. Drinking together is part of the job! Good morning! Hello! I said drinking together is part of the job. What are you guys doing? Working. You said drinking together is part of the job. (Drinking together is part of the job) This isn’t work! Get this stuff out of here! I need you to sign this expense report. You’re drunk! Drinking together is part of the job? Then give us the company card so we can go to work at a bar! Hurry! I’m getting dizzy! – So that’s what you have to do. / – Got it. Hold on. Who are you? Oh, it’s Jiyun. I couldn’t recognize you. I’m sorry. I didn’t have time to put makeup on. (After makeup) – People shouldn’t change. / – She’s laughing the most. Jiyun, you have two faces. You can go now. She’s still single because she doesn’t wear makeup. That’s messed up… Here she comes! (Transformed) Sheesh… Did you see that, chief? This is my real face. If your boss is misogynistic, teach him a lesson. Bop him on the head next time. Five times! Ladies and gentlemen, I bet you miss your parents when you’re sad. Just do what I tell you to and go to see your parents. Why? Because if you do this, you’ll get fired from your job! – Bye! / – Bye! – May 1st is Labor Day. / – Right. So we just saw a work-related segment. Jiyun, I hear you have something to say. I do this segment with Yeongjin. She’s doing well. He’s so mean to me in the footage. – He plays a bad boss. / – Right! But in real life, he’s truly awful. (Truly awful) We got a testimony. He’s actually nicer in the footage. He seems so sweet when we shoot, so it’s hard for me to focus. Jiyun has great ideas. She made that up too. (Trying to deny it) (Weak-hearted Profiler An Simkung) I’m here to register. Huh? Simkung! Detective Jeong. Why are you at this gym? I want to get in shape before summer. Yeah? Want me to introduce you to a trainer? He has really firm muscles. – Really? / – Yeah! – Let’s go. / – Okay. Say hello to the trainer. That’s a corpse! I told you that he’s firm. I’m scared! Just help me out with this case. (Weak-hearted Profiler An Simkung) The victim was crushed to death by the bench press. I’m afraid of being crushed to death. Well, to make it not scary, he went home from work and his wife jumped him. That’s scarier! It was better before. I saw the security footage. He was pushing himself too hard exercising alone when the accident happen. Didn’t he ask for help when the accident happened? The music was too loud, so nobody heard him. – Right. / – Then this is not a murder. Then can I talk to the people that were here then? What were you doing during the accident? I’m a trainer, so I was organizing the files of our members. A trainer? You? What? All I do is work out and eat chicken breasts! You don’t believe me? No, I believe you. But I bet you eat 200 chicken breasts at a time, you chicken killer. What? Are you a trainer here too? I’m a member. I have severe anemia. (Is she really just a member?) She’s so muscular. Her traps… I’m a member. I have severe anemia. I’m very weak, so I started exercising. It’s only been 2 days. My mistake. You seemed very healthy. Did you notice anything strange during the accident? Right! I saw something scary. What did you see? Her without makeup. She looks hideous without makeup. She even has facial hair. What are you talking about? Do you remember hearing anything strange during the accident? The music was so loud. Right! I heard something. What did you hear? I heard her fart. – She was trying to lift something heavy. / – Hey! Stop it! Why do you keep talking trash about me? I exercise a lot harder than you. I’m in much better shape than you. Look at this photo I posted. Hold on. May I see that too? Sure. This could be a clue. – Behind… / – They’re exercising. I know who the culprit is. Who is it? – How does he know? / – How does he know? Jinha. – Nice job with today’s training. / – Sure. You’re still exercising without taking a break? I should. Wow… You sure exercise hard. Wow, look at these thighs. I’m jealous. I’m worried that I keep losing members. Why are you worried? You work so hard, Jinha. You’re doing great. Can you teach me how to use this? – Jaebaek! / – Oh, coming. – Hang in there. / – Okay. Hang in there? You’re the one that took my members. See? – Jinha. / – Yes? – Want to exercise together? / – Sure. Nice! You’re doing great! I don’t need your encouragement. So scary! You think you’re so great? It’s a new persona. – Hello, Jinha. / – Oh, hello. Can you help me exercise when you’re free later? I feel like I’ve seen his face on a wanted poster. – Thanks. / – Sure. Look at him. His smile is scary. I hate his smile. So scary… – Jinha. / – Yes? Add 5kg more. – Sure. / – I’m going to set my personal best today. 10kg more. It’s too hard. He has to spot him. – Jinha… / – He’s not spotting him! Jinha, I need help here. – This… / – He’s not helping. He can’t lift it by himself. Oh, in that photo… – He let go. / – He’s not touching it! Jinha! – The volume… / – Help me! The volume… He raised the volume. So scary! Chills. I’m sorry. It was my inferiority complex. I’m so sorry. – Let’s go. / – Wait. I exercised really hard. Am I in good shape? You look like a chicken. Come on. This wouldn’t have happened if he loved himself a bit more. I, An Simkung, am scared of what case I’ll get next. The next segment is a new segment I prepared with Jaegwan for the family month. What is it? Would you believe it if someone in your family is here right now? – No way! / – Really? Have a seat. A suspenseful thriller with a big twist! This is You Came Secretly! Surprised? (Nobody here knows who the guest is) Who could it be? We’ll show you a part of this person’s body first. Please show us your hand. (A hand) – It’s a woman. / – It’s a woman. – It’s a woman. / – I think that’s my wife. Why? I think she’s wearing a different ring to fake me out. – You’ve never seen that ring? / – Right. That looks just like my wife’s hand. – What if it’s not her? / – That’s embarrassing. What if that’s my wife? (Daehui, you know my wife’s hand?) – How do you know? / – Hey! What’s your deal, man? Is this “The World of the Married?” What is this? What show is this? How do you know my wife’s hand? I barely get to touch it myself. Geez… Turn the cameras off! Calm down. This is messed up. Calm down. We’re not sure yet. – Calm down. / – Your eyes are quivering! I’m sorry, but why are you two arguing about someone else’s wife’s hand? That’s obviously my wife. – Her hands are very fair. / – Think about it hard. That hand never touched water. Why? My wife doesn’t do the dishes. I do the dishes. Good. – Can I make a request? / – Sure. Can you ask her to point with her index finger? – Can you point? / – That’s my wife! I’m used to seeing that finger pointed at me. “Go bring me some water.” That’s the finger! I know it’s her. – We’ll show you the silhouette. / – Then we’ll know. We’ll be able to tell right away. Honey! Who’s the husband? No. Honey! Kim Jihye. Think hard. That silhouette looks just like my wife. (Jihye is in here?) – Jungeun. / – Yes? – Why aren’t you saying anything? / – Yeah! I don’t think that’s my wife because… – They fought yesterday. / – No, it’s the hair length. Maybe she tied it. – If she ties her hair… / – Did she fabricate her hair? No. Don’t say bad things about my family. (Let’s leave family out of this) I wasn’t going to bring this up… – To protect my wife’s privacy. / – Tell us. My wife has very broad shoulders. – Your wife? / – Yes. But as you can see from the silhouette, despite the fact she’s sitting a bit sideways, look at her shoulders. They’re pretty broad. Daehui, if this is really your wife, I don’t think that was very helpful. It’s because nobody believes that’s my wife. What if there’s a big twist and it’s Seongho’s wife? Then I’m getting a divorce. Bring me the papers! The third and final hint. Describe your husband with one word. Awful. – Is it Yeongjin? / – Awful. Describe your husband in a few words. Loses during the day, wins at night. – Loses during the day, wins at night. / – That’s me. This is… As for me… Geez! I can beat all of you! – Bring it on, Suyeong! / – It’s still daytime. – It’s still the day… / – Okay, okay. Junseok, who do you think it is? I’m sure that it’s Junhyeong’s wife. Why are you sure? Celebrities are charismatic. They have an aurora. You mean an aura. (The aurora can be seen in polar regions) The aurora is in Iceland. The things she said applies to me and that silhouette obviously looks like Kim Jihye. – Very similar. / – True. – But I’m a bit worried about “awful.” / – Why? My wife doesn’t call me awful. She calls me trash. They’re both pretty similar. That’s the TV-appropriate version. She really uses the word “trash” a lot. So I don’t know about “awful,” but everything else applies. This is kind of confusing. This person back here isn’t nervous at all. (Is it really Kim Jihye?) Daehui kept insisting that it was his wife, but after hearing “loses during the day, wins at night…” He got quiet. – “I guess it’s not me.” / – He always loses. He’s always losing. What does “loses during the day, wins at night” mean? (Explaining what it means…) Honey! After hearing the explanation? He didn’t know what it meant. Jaeyul, whose wife do you think that is? I think that’s Daehui’s wife. – Why? / – You’ve met her. – Why? / – Is there a reason? – He’s met her. / – I’ve met her before. And Daehui is very virile. – How would you know that? / – How do you know? (How do you know that?) I have some information. Lee Changho isn’t married yet, but he insists that’s his wife. Is it okay to talk about my family? If you think this is your wife, please step forward. (You’re just sitting there where you can’t be seen) (My beloved wife) (I should always be there) (By your side) (I’m here to see you now) Why is Changho standing there? It’d be insane if it’s Changho’s wife. Lastly, we’ll have each of you say something to your wife. Yeongjin. Thank you for showing up here because of me. But don’t come here again even if they pay you. I’ll just come home. – Alright. / – Good job today. I want to hug you. Come out now. – You’re sure? / – Of course. He’s sure. Daehui! (Daehui is next) Sorry, honey. I know you don’t like your broad shoulders. I had to tell them because they didn’t believe me. I think you’re really angry back there. Forgive me. I’m sorry. Honey. So you went to the salon today for this. I didn’t think it was you when I saw your hand, but I knew it was you from your two red nails. I also noticed you bought a new ring. Seongho is next. My heart was racing when today’s shoot started. I had no idea why. “Heart, why are you racing?” I asked it. Then we get this new segment. My heart feels that my wife is nearby. Really? – Does your heart race when she’s close? / – Yes. We’ve been together for around 10 years. We’re going to skip Changho. Let him talk. Go ahead. I’m sorry. You never get to call me your husband. Stop lying! The five people standing here, please look into the camera and call out to your wife. 3, 2, 1! Call out to her! (The door finally opens) – It’s Daehui’s wife! / – It really is my wife. (Today’s guest is Daehui’s wife) (Ji Gyeongseon, Daehui’s wife) – What is this? / – Stand in the center. You’re in trouble now. What is this? I had no idea. Did you know she was here? I didn’t know it would really be her. This is like watching a reunion show. (A reunion on Gag Concert) He’s about to cry. What does your wife usually do at this time? She takes care of our three daughters. She left the kids with her in-laws to come here. (Thank you for taking the time to come here) – Kiss her! Kiss her! / – Right now… She talked about her shoulders. I wasn’t going to bring this up… My wife has very broad shoulders. (How could he say that?) – My wife… / – Why did you bring up her shoulders? “You talked about my shoulders.” “You talked about my shoulders!” Her shoulders… She went to the same middle school as Jungeun. – Really? / – They’re the same age? – Yes. / – They went to the same middle school. I couldn’t talk to her. She was very popular. She was so elegant. Unlike me… It was really awkward when we met at a baby’s birthday party. “Hello.” Because he’s Daehui’s wife. Kiss her! Kiss her! (I’ll kiss her at home) Why aren’t you kissing her? (I’ll walk you out, honey) Kiss her, Suit Man! (There’s always an elevator scene like this) Why are all the comedians so scary? A ghost. Ah, this scene. You always see it in horror movies. That’s why we’ll take a look at scenes in elevators from movies of different genres. There’s always a scene like this. A spy movie! Leon. 4th floor. So you’re going to the guitar class on the 4th floor? Yes. There is no guitar class on the 4th floor. (Amazing action) (Satisfied) Who sent you? I think I’ve been made. I’ll see you in Vladivostok. Vladivostok! There’s always a scene like this. Why do all killers in movies hide a gun in a guitar case? Hey. Why do you keep a gun in a guitar case? I was really going to the 5th floor to play my guitar! (5th-floor guitar class) That guy overreacted! Welcome. – A hotel bellboy. / – You see them at hotels. Which floor? – To the sky lounge. / – Sure. There’s no needle! – He took his clothes. / – Yeah. To infiltrate. There’s always a scene like this. Why do bellboys in movies always get their uniform taken? I would say it’s an extreme job. – It’s a dangerous job. / – He took my underwear too. (Killer movies) A killer movie. There’s always a scene like this. A-team, shoot immediately when they get to the 1st floor. Now what? There’s always a scene like this. Why does the SWAT team always shoot without seeing who’s in the elevator first? They shot 90 bullets and died in 3 bullets. Geez, you guys are so wasteful. (Bollywood movies) – Hey. / – Is it Bollywood? – Bollywood. / – Can I stay for noodles? I love Bollywood movies. You want to stay for noodles? Yeah. You’re finally being brave? Can I stay? That kind of sounds like Chinese. (Being brave worked) (Say this when you have no courage) (There’s a mysterious magic spell) (I want to know the spell) (This is it) Right, right. They sing and dance in Bollywood movies. (I want to know the spell) (This is the spell) (All is well) – Right, right. / – There’s a scene like this. Yeah, there’s always an elephant. (This is Bollywood!) (All is well) All the Bollywood cliches. There’s always a scene like this in Bollywood movies. Why do they all start singing and dancing? Let’s dance together! There has to be an elephant too. That was funny. That was funny. Very cool. Comedians do a lot of elevator-based skits too. Of course. I have an elevator bit I prepared. Suyeong and Yeonggil. My eternal partners, come here. Let’s go get some good food today. – A lot of good restaurants in this building. / – Yeah? – Let’s go inside and eat. / – Let’s go. Let’s go. The door is opening. How did they open? It’s an elevator. With only three people. Hey, get out. – Lose some weight. / – What? It’s still buzzing. (I can’t believe this) Hey, get out. It’s still buzzing when it’s just him. Minsang, get out. – Is it the 2nd floor? / – Yes. Let’s go somewhere else. (Yoo Minsang Must Get Married) Yes, Hayeong. I’m here. Okay, I’ll be waiting. – What are you doing? / – What are you doing? Geez! What the heck? How did you know that I’d be here? I knew this would happen! What? Did you really just talk to your girlfriend on the phone? Why? You just started dating. That was so boring. She’s his girlfriend now. This is what girls like. “Hayeong!” They like guys that act cute! That’s kind of weird. Really? – It’s like this! / – What? Alright? It’s Hayeong! – Get out of here! / – Minsang, good luck! What is that? Go! Minsang! Hi, Hayeong. They’re really together now. – Gosh! Minsang… / – Yes? Did you not get any sleep? You look tired. – Minsang… / – What he learned earlier. Minsang didn’t get much sleep last night. It’s not even summer, but it’s a horror special already. Minsang… (So refreshing) Hold on. – He’s the worst. / – Now what? I’m your lamb. I don’t think this is working. Where are they? Hey, get over here! You went too far, Minsang. Come here! I did what you guys told me to. And Hayeong went to go throw up! Now what? I guess she has a weak stomach. What? Geez! Minsang! Be a tough guy! Minsang the tough guy? “Hey, I got this for you.” Like that. So cool! “Hey, I got this for you.” But don’t I need a gift for her? Minsang, that’s why we got this! A gift. Where did you guys get the money to get this? That’s why we used your credit card! My credit card? Where did you get this? – Good luck! / – Good luck! He’s bringing a gift this time. That’s how you get a girl to like you. Yeah, I’m Minsang the tough guy! I got this for you! (Score) Mister! Mister! Hayeong, that guy… Minsang, what did you just say? Can you just wait here? Get your butts over here, guys. – Come here. / – Some people just have no luck. The pinwheels are so pretty. They really are. It’s so beautiful outside today. No, you’re more beautiful, Hayeong. You always say that! You’re so radiant that I can’t see you. Are you here? You guys look nice together. How sweet. I hope I don’t break this bench. – Minsang. / – Yes? I want you to meet my family. I brought them here. Goodness… Your family? – So fast. / – She’s so forward. I’ll bring them here right now. You should’ve told me. I would’ve made restaurant reservations. – Wait, Hayeong! / – Gosh… Meeting the family… It’s a big deal. Is she bringing her younger sister? Or is it her parents? Oh, no! What should I do? What should I do? Minsang. Hello! My name is Yoo Minsang! Minsang, this is my daughter Jei. A daughter? Family… That’s actually Hayeong’s pet dog. – So this is your family. / – Yes. It’s a pleasure. Hello. Are you happy, Jei? I also like being touched here… Nevermind! She’s so cute. – Minsang. / – Yes? This is a gift. All of a sudden? I bought clothes. Can you try it on? Of course I should since it’s a gift. Alright! I’ll get changed right away. The dog looks better than he does. Hayeong, I’m wearing it. It looks great on you! Wait… I’m wearing pink just like the dog. This feels… Hold on. What is it? This completes the look! A bib. We’re dressed the same. Does she think of me as a dog? It looks great on you. Oh, really? – Minsang. / – Yes? Sit. What? What was that? I said to sit here. Oh, right. Let’s sit. So cute. – Minsang. / – Yes? I packed us a lunch to eat together. You shouldn’t have. Girls don’t do that these days. Let’s see… Wow… I love beef jerky. Minsang loves beef jerky. Oh! That’s Jei’s treat… I ate it. He’ll eat anything. She did. She ate it. Jei! Why do you have such a big appetite? You pig! That’s why you keep gaining weight, you fatso! The dog is acting. – Minsang. / – Yes? Try some of the food. – This is it, right? / – Yes. Oh, rice rolls. Jei, eat when I tell you to. So cute Wait. That’s instinct. You can eat now. Go ahead. Thank you. Good dog! Like Pavlov’s dog. What is this? Am I being domesticated? – Shake. / – Shake! (So cute) Minsang, what are you doing? I wanted to hold your hand. Gosh… This would be hard to watch with just Minsang, but the dog is making it watchable. Hey! To be continued! A lot of people want to know what’s going on between Hayeong and Minsang. – We have some surprising news. / – What is it? Hayeong got a tarot reading done because she wanted to know how Minsang felt. Really? – Yes. / – This is for real. – I went to see a fortune teller. / – What happened? I have to keep contacting him and make an effort for him to open up to me. Because he has his guards up. Very accurate. I understand how Minsang feels. Why? I asked him why he always puts up walls. He said this seriously. “I don’t want to get hurt again.” – Again? / – That means he was hurt before. He’s been hurt before, so he doesn’t want that again. – That’s why he puts up walls. / – I won’t hurt you! What is this? Is this for real? “I won’t hurt you.” Wow. When did you develop real feelings for Minsang? When we went to the fishing hole and ate instant noodles together. I got butterflies then. Minsang, just answer this. Are you even slightly into her? – Yeah! / – Just answer that. Are you into her or aren’t you? Answer us. Is there a chance you might open up? I’m more than slightly into her! I can open up more! I can open up to her! Stop acting like a phony! It’s annoying! – Be sincere! / – I have a lot of feelings for her! Don’t worry! I have a lot of feelings for her! Don’t worry! I feel how you all want me to feel about her! And you’ll find out how I feel next week! This is just comedy! Don’t imitate… Don’t do old catchphrases! That’s an old skit! (Break-up Gift Task Force) – Nice place. / – It looks nice. – Who is it? / – Nice place! Who lives here? – Nice. / – A family photo. This place looks nice. – Tequila! / – Liquor. – There’s a safe too? / – A safe. – At home? / – Someone’s well-off. (Who is today’s guest?) (We’ll show you now!) It’s a rich family. (Kim Seongwon, the comedian from Mexico) (A Mexican citizen born in Mexico) (He volunteered to serve in the Korean military!) (The best at English comedy in Korea) (Let’s get rid of Seongwon’s break-up item!) All these are from Mexico? Yes, those are all tequila on the left. – Tequila. / – Some of them were bought in Korea. It looks like he collects tequila. It’s tasty. Why do you have so much tequila? Because I like it. – Isn’t it made with that stuff? / – Agave. It’s a plant called agave. I don’t think you know. Your mom had to tell us. – We should ask your mom. / – Where is she? – Ma’am. / – Only her voice can be heard. – No. / – Ma’am. Why is tequila famous in Mexico? Tequila is made out of a plant called agave, which is what Mexico is famous for. (She’s shy, but she has a lot to say…) (Tequila is made from agave roots) That’s a long explanation. She knows the deal. – It’s mostly made of… / – Agave. – Agave. / – It’s in the cactus family. That was a very informative explanation. But she doesn’t want to be in front of the camera. It’s like, “Don’t come to our house. My son isn’t a bad man.” What’s the most expensive one? The most expensive one… There are so many different kinds… Ma’am, I think you want to on TV. I think you should just show your face, ma’am. (It seems like she wants to be on TV) Ma’am, you can come out now. (Shy) What’s considered handsome in Mexico? I’m going to be honest. The standard of beauty in Mexico… You all won’t believe me, but it’s true. Song Yeonggil. Come on! I knew it. – Really? / – For real. They like handsome men in Mexico. And kind people. Mom, Yeonggil is kind too. He’s just kind, but… They like men without a potbelly. Seongwon’s very handsome. He’s handsome. – I bet he was very popular in Mexico. / – Yeah. – No. / – No? – It’s different there. / – No, they all liked him. – Ma’am… / – He was student body president… In middle school. You were the student body president? – In middle school. / – So he was popular. He has leadership. Because he said he’d wear a skirt if he became president. So that’s what happened. (A shocking election promise) – So you wore a skirt? / – Yes. – For a year? / – For a week. Can you tell us your break-up story? Yes, tell us. I have a story. – It was in Mexico. / – Oh, Mexico. – Was she Korean? / – She’s Mexican. I really liked her. So… – You liked her? / – Yes. She was very pretty. Even her name is beautiful. What’s her name? Paulina Gomez… He’s making that up! Don’t make things up. That’s like Kim Suhanmu in Korea, right? What did you do on dates in Mexico? They were dynamic. We went horseback riding. – Stop lying. / – We really rode horses. Let’s say you have a date downtown. – You went horseback riding downtown? / – Mom. They have horses on the road in Mexico, right? A lot of horses. Even at the park. So they have a lot of horses. She has so much to say. If I could see her again… (He misses his Mexican ex) Paulina Gomez… Her name keeps changing. So what’s the break-up gift? What did he get? – What’s that? / – What’s that? A traditional instrument? A flute? – It’s not that. / – It’s a pan flute? (Traditional Mexican clothes and a pan flute) – It’s an instrument. / – A pan flute. A pan flute. Paulina Gonzales… So this is what she wore. Yes. So is this like a traditional custom hanbok? Yes. It’s a traditional Mexican t-shirt. We’ll auction off these break-up gifts and use the money for a good cause. – Thank you. / – Thank you. You brought some good stuff. Seongwon’s break-up gifts. We’ll start at $10. Let’s begin! $50! – Already? / – Why? I think it’ll look good on my wife. $50! – $60. / – $60! I really like Jungeun. You played that Mexican character Gonzales. Yes, I did. I want to buy it for him as a gift. I don’t need it. I want to buy it for you! – You’re going to buy it, Daehui? / – Yeah. – $100. / – $100? Jungeun is going to buy it. – Why? / – What are you talking about? I don’t look good in clothes like that. I think you will suit it with a fake mustache. (Trying to convince him that it’s for a good cause) I’m not Mexican! I’m Korean! You’re a Mexican that speaks Korean well. What are you doing? (Seongwon wants to make a sale) I had a friend that looked just like him. I don’t even know how to play that flute. I’m Korean. (Griping) I’m an Eunjin Song. 14th generation. If you can play that, you have to buy it. I’ve never played this instrument in my life. – It’s perfect for you. / – It was made for you. Perfect. He’s playing it! (It looks like a good fit!) (Dancing) We can’t force you. Jungeun, are you going to buy these? These aren’t bad… Now that I’ve played it. Alright, alright, alrighty! (He’s going to buy them) So Jungeun bids $100. Anyone else? 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! Sold to Jungeun for $100! (Very satisfied) Jungeun has contributed the most money so far. He’s the auction king. $100. I bought an RC car last time. I’m crazy about auctions! Bring some more good stuff next time. $100. Pose for a photo with Seongwon. Not, “One, two, three.” Uno, dos, tres, cuatro! (Thanks for the clothes!) (It’s rainy on the day of the Bababa shoot) (What challenges will they face today?) This is a place loved by KBS. It’s the KBS horse ranch. What’s that? If you look behind me, the horses are grazing. That deer is peeing… (The animals of Yeouido are very carefree) As you can see, there’s a penguin watching us from under this tree. So many animals playing in nature. We’re going to catch these animals. How? We’ll go back to cowboy times and lasso them with this rope tied to Namyong’s hair. Is that possible? (It starts raining harder) (Acting their hearts out in the rain) Nice. This won’t do. (It’s raining very hard…) Gosh, you guys had it rough. Director, should we take a break? Let’s take a break. Come on. (They change the first challenge!) Man, this is nuts. (It stopped raining!) (A special performance for the cleared weather) (It rained) (Even today) (As I get hit by this rain) (I want to try the challenges) (The performance shows how determined they are) This is going to be our hardest challenge yet! What’s on their stomachs? This game is twirling. (Twirling?) These two put therapeutic cups on their bellies that are connected to a jump rope. (Therapeutic cup jump roping) But it won’t just be jumping. Namyong has a ladel attached to his hair and he’ll jump while spinning it with an egg. (He has to jump 5 times to clear the challenge!) That’s doable? (He has to jump 5 times to clear the challenge!) He’ll get 5 tries. (5 tries to clear the challenge!) Watch me. (But if the egg cracks, he fails) I’m getting dizzy! Spin it! It’s working, it’s working. Spin it! – It’s spinning! Five jumps! / – Please! Let’s go! (He hit the rope and failed) – Right away. / – It cracked right away. He got caught. (Smashed) Finished! 3… It’s working! – You only have a few tries, Namyong. / – Slowly. Yes, that’s it. – You can do this. / – Get in here! Hurry! (Huh?) What happened? He broke the device. This is bad. (Immediately apologizes) (It’s been settled) It didn’t hurt at all. – Here we go! / – Let’s go! Don’t jump too high. Slowly. Stay on rhythm. Alright! It’s spinning! (He jumped five times!) He did it! (Successful?) What happened? (Something’s strange) The egg cracked, so you fail. (Earlier) (The egg cracked) (Freezes) (This isn’t on pause) (They try again!) (Egg shoots up) (No…) I should’ve caught it! It looks like you guys are going to fail. (What will happen to them?) – Again! / – We can do this! (This is really their last try!) They’re good at turning it with their bellies. (We’re going to earn the hand sanitizers!) (Focused) 1, 2, 3,… 4, 5, success! – Grab the egg! / – Grab it! (Got it!) (Wow) (I’m the one that jumped five times) We got the hand sanitizers! (Challenge cleared) What is it this time? Our challenges never end! This is KBS’s special bowling alley! There’s a lane and pins. The challenge is bowling this time! Just how much can Namyong do? He won’t just bowl with his hand, he’ll bowl with his hair. Is this even possible? Watch me. He’ll get five tries to bowl. He has to get a strike in 5 frames. Namyong looks like he’s ready. If he doesn’t get them all down, he can get a spare. Ready… Namyong, fire! – What the… / – There it goes! That’s a good roll. (The ball rolls straight) (A bit more to the left!) Oh no… (He wasted his first frame) (Really into it) We took a look at the lane. – I think there’s a bump here. / – It’s bumpy. That was pretty good. He failed, but he can definitely do this. (Getting ready for the 2nd frame) (Jamming it in) Namyong, you can use the lane… (Combined) (Flaming shot) It’s in the center! It’s going to the left! It’s going to the left! It curved! (A strike?) (Too bad…) It’s okay! You can do this! (Optimistic brothers) (Checking the pin) You just have to hit one. (Let’s do this again) Aim carefully. Ba-ba! (Can he get the last pin?) (Go!) – It’s on the mark! / – Here it comes! Here it comes! Here it comes! Here it comes! Here it comes! (Fails to get the spare) He was so close. It stopped right here! (Saying it curved a bit) What a shame! – Eagle… / – Go! – He did it! / – Nice roll! He did it! He did it! A strike! (The pins look like a blooming flower) (Strike) – Lord! / – He got a strike! (The strike made them forget about their fatigue) We earned the hand sanitizers! (Last challenge cleared!) We were at a disadvantage in the rain, but we still pulled it off! Bababa Brothers! We’re going to donate 500 bottles of hand sanitizer! Hang in there, people of Korea! We’re going to show you more feats of strength! (They’ll face more challenges in the future!) So anyway, once again, you donated… – 500 bottles of hand sanitizer. / – From Gag Concert… We donated the hand sanitizers to a welfare institute for the disabled, which I think is a bit more meaningful. Well done! Gag Concert’s Friday Theater. It’s time to vote for who gets the Laugh-scar. Go ahead and vote for the funniest segment! (Voting has ended) Which segment was the best today? We can do this! The winner is… Who is it? There’s Always a Scene Like This! (There’s Always a Scene Like This wins) Really? (Moved) – Congratulations. / – Congratulations! Did you all enjoy the show? We’ll be back next week with bigger laughs! See you next Friday! (Epilogue, I’ll get it)

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