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What’s up everyone and welcome back to TVBox Stop, my name is Nick and welcome to today’s review of an exciting release from the developerMecool. This is the Mecool KM1 Android TV OS TV box. This latest release boast of delivering featuressuch as Chromecast, Google assistant, 4K HDR ultra HD display, running on Amlogic S905X3hardware. It is said to deliver true Google certificationand will play premium streaming services such as Amazon prime in HD and 4K quality. So up next I have a full review of this latestmodel along with benchmarks and live demonstrations, so stay tuned you have that after this’ So, I’m back and this is the box. and Imust say that the labeling of this box is very encouraging as its printed with all thefeatures of a fully certified Google Android TV OS TV box, and it gives a high-qualityfeel to what’s inside. So without further ado I’ll unpack its contentsand let’s see in the box. So, in the box there is nothing out of theordinary. You have the KM1 TV box itself. A wireless remote with voice command features. One HDMI cable. A 5V 2amps DC power adapter. And a user’s manual. Let us take a look at its design and its inputoutput peripherals. The body is made of plastic with a leatherettepattern on the surface that look like real leatherette but it’s not, its hard plasticthat looks pretty cool with the Mecool branding printed on it. The rear ports consist of one HDMI port, oneethernet LAN port, one A/V port, and the DC power input. The right side consist of one USB 3.0 port,one USB 2.0, and a microSD card reader. The left side is blank. To the front you have a glowing LED powerlight. And below the box you have lots of coolingvents. I will now connect it to my 4K TV and capturecard and continue. OK so the box is connected and the first bootupwizard takes at least 4 minutes to complete, and once completed you are taken to the AndroidTV OS launcher. The Mecool KM1 runs on Android 9 pie TV OS andit is a fully certified Google operating system and it has all the native features. Features such as Google assistant and Chromecastand I will test these features during this

Default code kof 99 apk arcade downloadFeatures such as Google assistant and Chromecastand I will test these features during this video. But in the meantime, let us look at the restof its features. Under advanced settings you have your displaysettings and you have 4K display up to 2160p at 60hz. The HDR option is turned on by default, howdo I know this? Well I already tested it and the HDR iconappears on the LG TV when I play an HDR video sample. So, there are no settings in this menu. I also see that Dolby vision is disabled,and the option is grayed out, so there may be an issue there where that is concerned. You have screen position settings, and youeven have a built-in screen rotation feature. You have HDMI CEC settings. And digital audio output settings. The KM1 comes pre-installed with these apps. And in this list, there is no Miracast orNetflix simply because this box does not have official Miracast or Netflix ESN certification. And this has nothing to do with Google’scertification it’s just that Mecool does not have the permission from Netflix to usethe official version of their app after a mishap a few years ago with their M8S ProL model. So I will have to use the APK version in thisvideo. They have also preinstalled one Android Shadowgungame. I will now install some additional apps andcontinue. So I’m back and let’s look at its systemand hardware information. The KM1 comes with 4 GB of RAM and 64GB ofinternal storage, from which this is the remainder after the Android installation and all theapps currently installed. It comes with Bluetooth version is 4.2 accordingto the product description. The CPU is the Amlogic S905X3 CPU which isa quad core ARM cortex A55 CPU clocked at 1.90 GHz on a 64-bit instruction set configuredin 32-bit mode. The box only has support for 32-bit ABIs whichmeans it can only run 32-bit applications. Its display is powered by the Mali G31 GPUwith a refresh rate of 60 Hz and OpenGL ES version 3.2 which is good for gaming. It has support for both 2.4 and 5 GHz Wi-Fi. The operating system is android 9 pie andhere it shows that the box is not rooted. The box runs between 40 and 55° under normalroom temperature and it can range between

1 code kof 99 apk arcade downloadThe box runs between 40 and 55° under normalroom temperature and it can range between 60 and 75° under heavy activity. It comes with all the codecs needed for playbackof 4K videos with Dolby and DTS audio formats. And that is it for system and hardware informationand let’s now take a look at its benchmarks. First, I the results from the test performedon the RAM copy speed and the internal storage read and write speeds. The Mecool KM1 has a RAM copy speed of 3254MB/s and the internal storage as a read speed of 144 MB/s and a write speed of 92. These scores are good scores for this box. Next, I have the results of the Wi-Fi andethernet LAN speed tests. In this test the box was able to hit the maximumspeed of my Internet package of 100 Mbps on the 5 GHz band only. The 2.4 band fell slightly below by 10% whichis actually pretty good compared to other boxes. And the ethernet LAN port from these resultsindicate that the LAN port is not a gigabit LAN port as it fell below by 60%. So for the best broadband speeds use the 2.4and the 5 GHz band. And now for the Antutu benchmark the one scorethat I use to rank TV boxes on my chart. The Mecool KM1 got an Antutu score of 76,718. This is pretty good score and in just a momentyou will see where it places on my chart. Next is the results of the Geekbench 4 CPUbenchmark, the app that performs a series of single core and multicore timed taskedon a box’s CPU and the faster the box completes these tasks the higher the score. So, after all was complete the Mecool KM1got a score of 808 single-core, and 2118 multi-core. These are also very good scores for this box. The final scores are the results of the 3DMark gamers bench graphics benchmark the app that performs a series of tests each tailoredto a particular class of graphics processors and is a good indicator of who well a TV boxwill perform at playing graphics intensive games. In this test the Mecool KM1 got a score of5404 in the ice storm extreme test, and 505 in the slingshot test. These are some decent scores and it shoulddo well in some android games. And this concludes the benchmark segment andlet’s now see where it places on my chart. So after updating the scores the Mecool KM1took position number 10 in reference to Antutu scores, placing it among the top 10 TV boxeson my chart for 2020.

code kof 99 apk arcade download scores, placing it among the top 10 TV boxeson my chart for 2020.

2 code kof 99 apk arcade downloadscores, placing it among the top 10 TV boxeson my chart for 2020. You can view this chart on my website in fullspreadsheet format where you can interact with it and compare various scores. You can also compare prices between otherTV boxes and between various sellers. So see the link in the description area. During this segment I will check its streamingand casting capabilities. First I will check the root state of the box. It shows that the box is not rooted runningon Android 9 Pie. A.nd this is a good thing because it facilitatesthe use of premium streaming services that require this feature along with proper Googlecertification and protection. Next, I show is DRM or digital rights managementinformation. It shows that the Mecool KM1 has Google widevine level 1 with HDCP 2.2 protection. This is also a critical feature of TV boxesthat has the ability to run premium streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon primevideo. However, in spite of having this feature Netflixcertification was not included on this box due to a dispute of some sorts between Mecooland Netflix. Staying on the subject of Netflix I installedthe APK version and it works but only in basic 480p quality, and this is an illustrationshowing that no HD or digital audio icons appear in the description. On the other hand Amazon prime video doesnot have this issue and due to Google certification and DRM protection it can play movies in HDquality. This also means that if you live in the USthat has exclusive access to other premium streaming services such as sling TV, you willalso be able to watch movies in HD quality. However, If you’re not are located in theUS you can still enjoy premium HD quality but you will have the use of VPN to geo-locateyour IP address. And If you are into Kodi and streaming APKsfor free streams of movies and TV shows, the Mecool KM1 also has you covered. Here I installed Kodi along with some third-partyadd-ons and it works okay. You can also install the file-linked bulkdownloader tool and install all the best movie streaming APKs for unlimited streams of freemovies and TV shows to your heart’s content. Moving on to YouTube. This is android TV OS so the Android TV versionof YouTube is standard. The app works okay and it plays up the 4K2160p resolution easily. If you are a user of IPTV services, the MecoolKM1 is compatible with all IPTV apps and services. Here I’m running the Instaplay IPTV serviceand it works really well without issues.

3 code kof 99 apk arcade downloadHere I’m running the Instaplay IPTV serviceand it works really well without issues. And that is it for its streaming features. I know move on to its Google assistant andcasting features. The Mecool KM1 comes with a wireless voiceremote to use with the Google assistant feature, so I will do a quick demonstration. As mentioned earlier the Mecool KM1 featuresChromecast and I’ll now do a live demonstration. So this brings to an end the casting segmentand I’ll now move on to the 4K video playback and digital audio playback segment. The videos played without issues and I recordedthe HDR icon appearing on the TV screen you won’t see it because I’m using a capturecard before the TV. I now move on to the Dolby Atmos, DTS audio,THX, and Dolby true HD HDMI audio passthrough test. So from this test it shows that the medicalKM1 has Dolby Atmos, DTS audio, and THX. However, it does not have Dolby true HD. Some viewers have been asking about the modelof this receiver and where they can find it. So, I placed a link in the description areabelow this video where you can get it on at the lowest price. For my final test I will sideload some ofmy favorite games that I know will work on this operating system that doesn’t requiregamepad key mapping as key mapping will not work on this box due to the fact that it’snot rooted. The games played okay the graphics was ofa high quality and the box did not overheat. In summary the medical KM1 has all the rightingredients of a great TV box. It has great hardware that runs on androidTV OS. It’s fully Google certified to run premiumstreaming services. It is great for 4K video playback with Digitalaudio, and it plays android games really well. However, there is this one thing that maybe a dealbreaker for a lot of potential customers, and that is, despite being Google certifiedand having these great features it cannot play Netflix in HD and 4K quality. It even begs the question of what is the useof using android TV OS with Google certification and not have the use of Netflix the most popularstreaming service in the world. You be the judge. Well I have come to the end of my review. If you are interested in the Mecool KM1 touse of on other premium streaming services such as Amazon prime video, sling TV, Hulu,HBO go, and countless others. See the link in the description area belowthis video and on my website where you can get the 64GB model featured in this videoat an affordable Price. Thanks for watching today’s review, if youenjoyed the video do me a favor and give this video the thumbs up as it goes a long wayin supporting this channel and receiving new products for review. And If you are new viewer to this channelremember to hit the subscribe button and the notifications bell to be notified via emailwhen I release new TV box videos or do a giveaway. Keep streaming and see in the next one.

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