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– This episode of “KrazyKen’s Tech Misadventures” is sponsored by Linode. I’m losin’ it, guys. (sobs) I just named it 24. (laughs) What’s the name of your partition? 24! Let’s boot ‘er up andhope this sucker works. (fist thumps) Ladies and gentlemen, I am a patient man. Well, I was. Since we still seem to be a bit stuck, how ’bout we call the man,the myth, the legend himself? Let’s give him a jingle. (phone rings) – [Collin] Hello? – Hey, Collin, how’s it goin’? (sonar pinging) (text buzzing) (throbbing music) Hey guys, how you all doin’? Really? That’s just great. You know, I was doing pretty great until a little something came up, so I thought, “Hey, todayis the perfect day, kind of, “to test out dosdude’snew Catalina Patcher.” Since there’s no way in hell that I’m installing Catalinaon my daily driver right now, I thought I’d experiment andtry out one of his patchers because it lets you runCatalina on an unsupported Mac, and then I thought, “Wait a minute. “All of my Macs are tooold to support the patcher, “or they’re too new torequire the patcher,” so it’s like why? Even my experimental Mac mini that I normally use on the show is too new to require the patcher, so I went back to an old buddy of mine that I loaned a computer to, and I had to get thiscomputer back from him. Ladies and gentlemen,it’s the older Mac mini. Yes, the old design, so then I was like, “You know what? “Let’s make this even better. “Let’s use the new Cinema Display “that I never got around to using “from the G5 episode becausethe G5 exploded on me.” (switch clicks) Whoa. (POP!!!) Whoa! And then I realized momentsbefore communicating with you that this Mac mini was made during an era where Apple decided tochange the video interface every five minutes for fun. There’s no DVI on this thing. It’s Mini-DVI and I don’thave an adapter for it, which means we cannot usethis frickin’ awesome display, which has a built-in stand,unlike Apple’s new displays, so sayonara, unfortunately.

Default download failed download unsupported by gameso sayonara, unfortunately. We are stuck with this guy. Definitely not as pretty,but it’ll get the job done, so I will get back to you and to you momentarily, and you, go take a vacation,go get a cup of coffee. Sit on the floor. We’ll do that in a moment, but first we need to log on to theinformation superhighway, visit dosdude’s website,download the patcher, download Apple’s official installer, and do all of that magical stuff, and then we need to put the installer onto an external device so I can transfer it to the Mac mini. I think that’s possible. I need to get a hard drive for that, too, so there’s lots to do. Come on, let’s get started. Right, so let’s head over to Let’s take a look. My Software, and there itis: macOS Catalina Patcher. We can download that right there, and dosdude does a lotof good shit for free, so how ’bout smashing theDonate button, all right? But first you must smell your tomato. Just kidding. We’re gonna download the latest version and I’ll get back to you once it’s ready. Okay, here we are, macOS Catalina Patcher. Now, ahead of time, because I knew I was gonnabe getting into this mess, I downloaded the InstallmacOS Catalina app. Keep in mind you will need this officialinstaller from Apple, and yes, before we continue, ah man, I need an external device to put the installer onto, don’t I? I hope it works that way. Ah-ha, let me get a disk. Okay, so I busted out the old disk we used in the premierevideo like forever ago. Monitor going to sleep. Oh, hell no, man. What the shit is wrong with this thing? Input. Hopefully it’s just on the wrong input. It would be nice if it toldwhat input it was switching to, but no, just keep it a mystery. Monitor going to sleep. What do you mean? It’s plugged in, come on. I got the dongle and everything. Come on, dude. It can’t just be simple. That’s not how we do thingsaround here, no sirree. Krazy Ken Curse, you already struck. We’re hardly even into this experiment.

1 download failed download unsupported by gameWe’re hardly even into this experiment. Maybe the cable is shitty. I don’t know. What the hell, dude. Um, yeah, we might needa different monitor. Let me go dig through the storage, so I got our other friend here, the ASUS monitor, which could really use some,oh my gosh, some dusting. Holy cow, there’s ashit-ton of dust on here. Has it been that longsince I’ve used that thing? Get you the heck outta here. (groans) Let’s try this ASUS one. Ooh, you need to shed afew pounds there, buddy. Okay, my favorite thingabout many PC monitors, I’m glad Apple doesn’t do this, is that the ports are vertical, so you get to look around and shove the cord up the computer’s butt, or I like the Apple monitorswhere you just (cord clicks). They go right in the back, so much easier. Some people say, “Oh, well, this methodis nicer on the cables.” Well, I’ve been usingthe Apple method forever, and none of my cablesever broke, so eat me. Maybe don’t do that. Button. Hey, here we go. Okay, so I guess thatmonitor was just being weird. Wow, it looks like wehave Snow Leopard, maybe, running on here. Yeah, Snow Leopard witha custom dock theme. It’s not the regular dock, so I must have skinned this at one time before I loaned it off. I wonder if it was ever even used because it kinda looks exactlylike how I remember it was before I gave it off to whoever. Huh-huh-ho, man-oh-man-oh-man,Lightning Link? This was a web browserthat I made years ago. I was teaching myself Objective C, so it was just a little thing I did. Wow, there is some ancient stuff on here. Yeah, so we can get backto the Mac mini later, but for now let’s just shut ‘er down, switch this over. There’s my squirrel. This volume cannot be resized, but why? Seriously? It’s been one of those days. Why can’t this be resized? Is it because it’s exFAT? All right, well, I haveanother disk we can try. The Finder is using it. Well, what? Just stop using it, Finder. Just eject. I did it for you. I have its twin.

download failed download unsupported by game I have its twin.

2 download failed download unsupported by gameI have its twin. It may look exactly the same,but it’s completely different. This, I believe, I turned intoan El Capitan bootable disk, and we could hopefullyjust repartition that. Done, okay. That should be that, so now the fun part, the moment we’ve mostly been waiting for. I am sorry that everythingwas all scrambly and took forever to get this far, but now we’re gonnaactually launch the patcher, and it should, hey, there it is in the background. Yeah, that looks mostlyApple-y right there. That looks pretty darn Apple-y. Contributions. Well, thank you ParrotGeekand ASentientBot. Okay, so macOS installer app, you can download itright from within here. That is really convenient. Anyway, we can even create an ISO. Look at that. Like, it just, dang it,Collin, you’re amazing, so we could put it on thismachine, but that’s not needed. Create a bootable installer, so select the volume you’dlike to use as your installer. Installer, see? Pretty clever. That’s why I named it that, right? Yeah, you guys are smart enough. You know what I’m doing. Warning, all contents of thedisk installer will be erased, which we also already did ahead of time because we overprepare on this show. Would you like to do it? Si, so it’s patching BaseSystem.dmg, which is real good because you don’t wantthat to be unpatched. Okay, so now it’s doin’ the thing. Create bootable installer, so then you probablyhave already picked up on this pretty simple plan here. We’re gonna get everythingimaged onto that disk. Then we’re gonna plug thedisk into the Mac mini, boot off of the disk, and install Catalina on this Mac mini. This Mac mini is, Ithink, three years older than the minimum Mac minimodel supported by Catalina, but we’re gonna see how dosdude’s patcher handles this old system. Hopefully it works. Let me just zoom in on this for you there. Take a look at that. Patching and copying the electronic software distribution DMG. That’s good. Okay, created successfully. Another, well, then we’ll just quit. That was pretty straightforward.

3 download failed download unsupported by gameThat was pretty straightforward. This was easier than hookin’up the frickin’ monitor. I don’t know why thatHP one wasn’t working. That makes no frickin’ sense. Come one, eject. Oh, did I not eject them all? I probably didn’t eject them all. There we go. Okay, so MacBook Pro,we are done with you. You can go sit over there. Now the fun part. Ooh, it’s all warm. Hey, get up here. Cable was trying to run away on me. You’re not done yet. It is, though, nice andtoasty right here now. Oh, yeah. Just think, if it was afirst generation MacBook Pro this wood might be on fire. Have you ever put one ofthose on your lap before? Say goodbye to your thighs. Holy shit. Okay, all right, likeI said, the fun part. We’re gonna plug this guy in, short-ass cable, and we’re gonna see ifwe can boot off of it and install Catalina on this really, USB’s goin’ in the wrong way, really old Mac mini. That’s gonna be fun. Okay. Okay, power up, and Option key. (computer buzzes) Oh, I was gonna like mouth the bong noise, but no, I guess it’s muted now. Whatevs. I didn’t wanna do it anyway. It’s tacky. Sweet. That is impressive. We even have the icon there, EFI boot. Hell yeah, bam. We got an Apple. All right, so far no errors. This is great. I didn’t read all the volume labels, but was there a Windows volume, because I think at one time we did have a Windows system on here. In fact, it might still be on here. Is the progress barsupposed to be not moving? Maybe we just ignore it. Uh-oh. It’s not making sound anymore. (finger tapping) Crap, this doesn’t havethe latest boot ROM. I just realized this patcher, yeah, to boot into the installer will require a newer boot ROM. Crap on a stick. Okay, I gotta hit up hiswebsite and check that. I, whoa, something justmade like a snapping sound when I was picking up my computer. Did I just like break somethinginside here? (chuckles) Frickin’ hope not. This is my daily driver. Click. Let’s go back into Snow Leopard. That is, I’d have to say that is still my favoritewallpaper from Apple. Okay, let’s open this baby. I say baby too much. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t say that. Unarchiving. Let’s open this bad boy. That’s something I havesaid before, right? Bad boy, does that sound better than baby? Bad boy. Close. Is that it? No reboot or any of that shit? Really? Okay, well, that was installed. That’s what the instructions said to do. That almost seems like it was easy. Too easy. Then maybe that’s all there is to it. All right, take two. Let’s reboot this thing. Okay, if I boot, wegot a progress bar now. Check it out. Look at that. It worked. All the things you can dowhen you read instructions. At least the progress bar is moving. That makes me so happy. Oh, gray screen with a mouse cursor. That’s way further than we got last time. Ooh, black screen. We just turned on dark mode, hands-free. Oh, come on, don’t fail, man. We made it this far. Oh, good, it faded to something. I was losin’ hope a little bit. It might actually work. This shit might do somethin’. Yeah, just a disclaimer, and you probably already know this, the patcher probablynormally isn’t this slow. Again, external mechanical USB 2.0 disk. There we go, language. Shall we challenge ourselvesand use something different? Of course not. We don’t like change. Okay, so we need to do the install, and then macOS post-install if I remember the instructions I briefly breezed through quickly. Check it out, Catalina. This is workin’. I’ve read the license, yes. Mac OS X. Huh, it might be able to upgrade from Snow Leopard to Catalinaand not erase anything, not that there’s probablymuch on here anyway. Probably just like reallyold versions of software. Not many personal files. The Windows drive probablyhas more on it than anything. Okay, shit, it’s goin’, all right, so this is, just judgingby how long it took to boot up into the installer with this older, slower systemand the USB mechanical disk, it’s probably gonnatake, if I had to guess, an hour to an hour and a half to install. Well, I kind of have a life, yeah, sorta, so I’m gonna go and continueliving it while it does this, but I will come back. It says about 12 minutes remaining, but that is probably a huge lie. 11 minutes now. Oh, that’s impressive, so, oh, it back to 12. Okay, well, you make up your mind there. Oh, back to 11. Okay, uh, in or out, you know. Come on, kids, I’m not heatin’the whole universe here. Yeah, so I’ll come back to this in a bit. We’ll see how far along it’s gotten because we don’t wannawait here the whole time. All right, sounds good, okay. If you wanna watch it, go ahead. Just take a look, yeah. Keep an eye on it. I’ll be over here if you need me. Did something happen yet? No? All right. Okay, so we just rebooted. There’s the apple. Let’s see what’s next, so this is typically the phase that takes a lot longer after the reboot, but normally there’s a estimatedtime thing that pops up, but (gasps) that may notbe happening (laughs) or it’s gonna happen really slowly. Okay. This is not good. It’s been a long time, well, sort of. Progress bar has not moved, and none of the hard drivesare making any noise. Great. Okay, I’ll figure this out. Back in a bit, hopefully. Okay, so I did a hard shutdown, thinking, “Well, I’ll justgo back into Snow Leopard “and try this some other way, perhaps,” but oops, that partition is now labeled macOS installer, so I (laughs) I’m guessing Ican’t boot into that anymore. Well, I rebooted it. Let’s see if we can just get that to work. Nervous grin. Hang on. I’m an idiot. I installed the boot ROM update for APFS, but I forgot to format theinstall destination as APFS. Yup, that is why it is not working, at least I’m 99% sure. (chuckles) Yeah, I’m sorry for thepeople that were watching and were like, “No, you idiot! “You forgot the thing,” and you probably already commented before you noticed I found my own error. That’s okay. That happens all the time on this show. I’m learning, you know. We’re all learning. We’re all learning together. Okay, so here’s the installer,which we’re booted off of. This is the destination disk, which is HFS Plus ormacOS Extended Journaled, so if we go to Edit, we should be able to, ah, Convert to APFS is blurredout, or, uh, grayed out. Interesting. Okay, so I guess we dohave to format this. Okay, I’m gonna hop in the Terminal quick, browse the file system, make sure there’s like, I mean, I haven’t had this computerin my possession for years, but I wanna make sure there’s no like mission-criticalshit left on here. I doubt there is, butit’s best to be safe. You can totally tellhow old this system is by the applications inthe apps folder. (laughs) We can just erase this suckernow and call it Catalina, and choose APFS, and be like boom, Erase, and it should work, right? Let’s Show Details, and it says Unmounting disk, and everything should be fine, right? Please? Yes, check mark. That means good. We’re gonna quit out of there. Okay, it’s APFS now. Everything’s happy. Let’s go to Reinstall, and it will have to go backthrough this part again before it reboots andgoes to the next phase, so that’s probably gonnatake about 15 minutes. Then it will reboot. Yah-dah-dah-dah-dah-dah-dah. We all kinda get thatby now, but yeah, okay. Let’s take two. Hopefully this one works. Whoa, okay, now that’swhat I wanted to see. This is dosdude’s implementationof an APFS environment, so this thing can actually work, because this machine doesn’t natively supportbooting from APFS. Those numbers and shit make me happy because it means it’s actually working. We didn’t see that last time because I thought partitionwas HFS Plus journaled, so (laughs), okay, so now it’smoving into the next phase, which is good, but yeah, it’s probablygonna be a little bit slow. It should switch to dark mode, right? Dark mode soon? Just takin’ its time’cause it’s mechanical. That’ll be cool. Crapola, it’s stuck again. The hard drive is making no sound and the progress bar is not moving. All right, I’m gonnahave to read up on this. (message pings) Hmm, or maybe it’s just goingreally, really, really slowly. Crap, I thought we fixed everything. Back to the manual, and by manual I meanmaybe a tutorial video. I’m gonna do some research, maybe contact some smart peopleI know who can help me out, and if it just for some reason, I don’t know, maybe I need toredo the whole process over. Maybe I need to make adifferent bootable device and I have to use something different than this Apricorn disk. Maybe it’s just straight-upnot working ’cause it sucks. I really don’t know. It should work on this Mac mini, though. I’ll have to pick this up tomorrow. In the meantime, goodnight, Mac mini, rest well. Hard shutdown. Okay, it has been a full day, and I was talking with somepeople from the Mac Yak crew, and Greg reminded me ofsomething kind of important, but first, before I discuss that, let me at least turn on the Mac mini. Okay, I have the Mac mini running in FireWire target disk mode, and essentially what I’m gonna do is mount the Mac mini’sinternal drive to my computer, kinda like it’s an external drive. With our conversion technology we are converting FireWire800 to Thunderbolt. What we’re gonna do with this, well, first of all let’s talk about what some ofthe Mac Yak guys reminded me. I was talking to Greg the most, and he said, “Mechanical hard disks don’talways get along with APFS,” and I was like, “Of course, that’s right,” so maybe one of my previous blunders caused some data to getpartially installed, and now it’s interfering withthe rest of the installation, and it just straight-up won’t work, so what we’re gonna do is we’re just gonna completelyformat the drive, and not the whole physical drive because I do have a WindowsXP partition on here with some old softwarewhich I’d like to keep. We’re just gonna focuson the one partition. The other thing that was suggested was to put the installer on the Mac mini, so right now I have the Apricorn disk, the external disk acting as the installer, but another suggestion was to split the Mac mini’s hard drive, put the installer on one partition, and then put the installdestination on another, but if I do that it willbreak the Windows XP drive in terms of its bootability. It will not be able to boot up anymore. Ah, shiitake mushrooms, I really, I think I just have toerase the container, right? Erase the container disk four? Erasing container willdelete all data stored in it and cannot be undone. Provide a name (mumbles). Yeah, I think if we justerase that, APFS, start fresh. Yeah, it failed already, nice. An internal state error occurred. Okay, (gasps) it soundslike a political issue. Yeah, I’ll just try to erase it by booting off that Apricorn disk again. So much for target disk mode. Guess we didn’t need that, so let’s just nuke thisthing and start over. Let’s see if this works. Okay, so let’s try this idea. Install, it’s gonna do its thing for like 15 minutes or whatever, reboot, and then that’s normallywhere we get stuck, when it starts the second part, so hopefully thatdoesn’t happen this time. All right, fingers crossed,two fingers crossed, four fingers crossed, everypart of the body crossed. You know, I’m still amazed that people like dosdude figureout how to make this stuff. Developers are smart people, man. Speaking of developers, since we have to wait for this to install, I thought I’d talk aboutsomething fun: Linode! Hey, Linode provides virtual servers that make it easy and affordable to host your own app, site, service, or whatever the heckyou want in the cloud. Whether you’re a Linuxjunkie, not like me, (laughs) or just want to tinker with code, you can use Linode for either of those. It’s a do-it-yourself solution if you like to get into the nitty-gritty of hosting your own professional service, but if you want easy, whichpretty much I would do, there’s plenty ofone-click apps to deploy: WordPress, a personalVPN, heck, even Minecraft. We used to play Minecraft onthis channel way back when. If you’ve ever started with those entry-level hosting services that only allowed preconfigured setups, which, by the way, are lame, Linode is your step upfrom that stuff, guys. It’s fast, all-in-one, and easy-to-configure cloud computing, so whether you’rehosting your own website, an app, a coding project, or you just need a place to keep something coollive on the Internet, Linode is here for you. Oh, and because you’re here, and because we’re all best friends, I’m gonna give you $20free on your new account. Just use my code, COMPCLAN20, or if you don’t like typing in codes, click the link in the description. You’ll be glad you did. All right, let’s check the installation. Wow, that was perfect timing. I got back right when the system rebooted. That was lucky. Okay, so this is normallywhere we get stuck. Yeah, normally the progressbar moves a little bit, and then it just completely hangs, and the hard drivesstop making noise, too, so all right, well, let’ssee if this does anything. Yeah, the drives aren’t even spinning, or I mean, they’re spinning,but they’re not clicking. Nothing’s happening. Okay, so I still have afew tricks up my sleeve. Right now the Mac miniis in target disk mode, and I’m using my MacBookPro to do a couple things. I created, earlier I was saying partition, but I guess they’re really volumes because we’re workingwith an APFS container. I’m creating a volume forthe destination install and a volume for the installer itself. I just partitioned thatthrough target disk mode, and now dosdude’s patcher ispatching and copying the ESD to one of the internal volumes before we go into the installationand then run that again. Maybe that’ll work, but in the meantime, while that’s running, oh, it just finished, okay,well, quit then, I guess. That was quick. All right, but in the meantime, since we still seem to be a bit stuck, how ’bout we call the man,the myth, the legend himself? Let’s give him a jingle. (phone ringing) I don’t know where put this. – [Collin] Hello? – Hey, Collin, how’s it goin’? – [Collin] Hey, how’s it goin’? – Good, I just figured thiswould be faster than texting if you’re okay with that. – [Collin] Oh yeah, that’s fine. Yeah, just let me knowwhat’s wrong, and… – Yeah, so I followed your tutorial, and I’m trying to putit on a 2009 Mac mini. I put the installer onan external hard drive like you recommended, and I also installed the boot ROM update because APFS support, and um– – [Collin] Oh, so wait. (audio garbles speech) Which(audio garbles speech) update, like APFS ROM patcher, or the official one? – I believe it was the official one. Let me– – [Collin] Okay, well that one doesn’t, that machine doesn’t need that, so you don’t need to worry about that. – Okay, all right, well, I guess I didn’t needto do that. (chuckles) – [Collin] All right, yeah, it doesn’t hurt anything, though, so– – Gotcha, so then, let’s see, I’m trying to recalleverything I did last night, so I plug in the externalhard drive, boot off of it, and you know, all those steps go fine. Yeah, it says, like 15 minutes remaining, and then it reboots, and then all the text flies by, and then it shows the grayApple on the white screen. The progress bar moves a little bit, and then it stops, and then like there’s no more clicking on the hard drives or anything. It kinda just hangs there. – [Collin] How long didyou let it sit there? ‘Cause sometimes it takes a while to boot. – Oh, I mean, I let it, itwas like maybe 10 minutes. Should I let it sit for longer? – [Collin] Oh, no, no, no. It shouldn’t take more than that. – Okay. – [Collin] It just, I look, it’s failing to boot theinstaller for whatever reason. – Yeah. – [Collin] Well, one thing, right, are you doing a clean install, or are you trying to upgradefrom another OS X version? – It is a clean install. – [Collin] Okay, whatI’d say, just try again. Make sure, it shouldn’t be an issue, but just make sure thedate and time is set right on the Mac mini before you do it, and hopefully that should work. I can’t see any reason why not. Just make sure when youerase the drive you put, you show all the devices in Disk Utility, and then you click onthe disk, click Erase, and then set APFS and GUID, and then that should work. – Yeah, um– – [Collin] That should wipe, that should wipe everything off and just start it over from scratch. – Right, yeah, there was,I was also talking to Greg, and he suggested maybeputting like two volumes on the Mac mini’s internal disk. One volume would act as the installer, and one volume would act as the install– – [Collin] Yeah, you can do that, too. That should also work. – Okay, I’ll try that. – [Collin] It should workjust fine from a USB. What I’d try to do first is just try it from theexternal hard drive again, and then, like I said, dothe View Show All Devices, click on the root device, erase that, and that should just wipe everything, including the EFI partition, so it’ll just be able torestart all that from scratch, and then it should work. There’s also the chance that hard drive in there could be failing. – Yep, that’s a possibility. – [Collin] Possibility. Do you have like anotherdrive, or SSD preferably, you could just put in there– – Yeah. – [Collin] And that way you have an access to the (audio garblesspeech) that you’re using, and that’ll make it go a lot faster. – That part’s true, too, yeah. Okay, sweet. I will try those things. Any other suggestions? – [Collin] Uh, no, that’sabout all I can think of. – Awesome, well, thanks for your help. I will let you know how it goes. – [Collin] Yeah, all right,yeah, no problem at all. – Awesome, have a good one.- All right, all right, you too, thanks. – Cool, well, okay, so that kinda helps clarifythings a little bit. Maybe we just gotta nuke the entire disk. I was kinda thinking of doing that anyway. Yeah, let me make aWindows backup here first, and then I’ll just nuke the whole thing and reimage the installer on here, and then create a volumefor the install destination, so I’m just gonna press some buttons here. Okay, I finished copyingall the Windows XP stuff. Now I’m gonna nuke the Mac mini. Sorry, Mac mini, nothing personal, but yeah, I don’t know,maybe the hard drive, I don’t know if the harddrive really is failing. I mean, it is 10 years old, but this computer didn’t get like a crap-tonof heavy use out of it, but I don’t know, maybe we should just putan SSD inside of here. That would actually make fora fun future tech video log. I do have some spare SSDs,uh, maybe thanks to Druaga. (boxes slam) (box clunks) (doorbell rings) Oh, it must be here. Okay, so that is done there,so it’s completely nuked. Stuff is backed up. Now let’s relaunch the patcher. I forgot, I need to make another volume inside the container for the installer. Derp, so I use the container,add a volume, create bootable, and we’ll throw that ontothe installer volume there, and start, warning, format, yes, and starting helper. It’s now patching BaseSystem.dmg. Then it’s gonna patchthe ESD, copy that over. Hopefully this works. If not, oh boy, this mightbe a two-parter. (chuckles) We’ll put a different drive in here and maybe try with an SSD. Mm, you guys want thatto happen, don’t you? ‘Cause then you get more episodes. I see how it is. This is all a scam. You set me up, assholes. Actually, no, that’spretty cool, actually. I’m glad you thought of me. You’re helping me, youknow, keep my living, 10 stories underground, alone, cold. Ding, already done. It’s so much quicker whenwe’re not using USB 2. Ah, nice, okay, thank you,FireWire, throw you over there, and you can go all the way down there. Okay, power down. Let’s boot ‘er up andhope this sucker works. Oh, it’s so warm right here. Oh yeah. I can just lay my arm here. It’s a nice arm warmer. Oh, that’s nice. I kinda need to see the monitor. I hope you don’t mind if I swivel. Oh, oh, oh, ff-what? (fist thumping) (sighs) Ladies and gentlemen, I am a patient man. Well, I was. Okay, this is a development. What did I do wrong? I’ve done this kinda stuff a lot before, but never with APFS on an older system, so that’s where all thetroubles are coming in. What did I do? It was set to GUID partition table, yeah, uh, APF. Oh, wait a minute. Ah, shit. I forgot the installerneeds to be formatted as macOS Extended. Okay, MacBook Pro, I need you again. You know that disclaimer that we show at the beginningof these tech video logs that this is not a tutorial, yet you could gleanstuff from these videos? Yeah, this is why. A tech video log is verydifferent from a tutorial. You can learn stuff from a tech video log, but a tech video log isstill a tech video log. Okay, (chuckles), gonna throw the Mac mini back into target dick mode. Let’s format the whole thing again. Shit, so let’s do thisright, 24 gigs, blah-blah, no, no, that’s the name. (gasps) I’m losin’ it, guys. (sobs) I just named it 24. (laughs) What’s the name of your partition? 24! (laughs) You know what’s even funnier than 24? 25. Oh, shit. I’m losin’ it. Okay, don’t hire me as anIT guy, don’t, just don’t. Okay, (sighs) let’s seeif we got this right. Installer, 24 gigs, macOSExtended, Journaled, Catalina, 95 gigs. That should be APFS. Boom, it is. GUID partition map, Apply. This partition will be added, installer, this partition will beresized, Catalina, partition. Just work, please! Hey, check mark, it worked, shit! Yeah, the installer can’t beinstalled on an APFS partition. That was user error. That was stupid. Hopefully this works. There’s lots of hard surfaces underground to bash my head on. Maybe I can use them for such a purpose. You see this you see this rock back here? That stuff is solid. I could bash my head on there. Might make it bleed, but first we’re gonna see if this works, and if it works no bleeding is necessary. Ding, fries are done, okay, so we’re gonna quit, Option key, ready, locked and loaded. All right. Not all right. Oh, shit, okay, thank goodness. (chuckles) I was like, “It’s not showin’ up.” Okay, that’s what I wanted to see. It’s booting up. Maybe it just needs a massage. You can do it. Also, our demographic is primarily 18 to 35, or 30-year-olds, I believe, if I read the analytics properly, but I may have to double-check that, but for those who may be a little younger, this slot right here, this is called an optical drive, so legend has it that solid-state drives, as we know them today, used to be squished into flat little circular discs, I believe they were called, and lasers would bounceoff of them to read data, and you would put them into these slots, and the common medium is called a CD. That stands for compact disc, and it only holds, getthis, 700 megabytes, whoo, yeah, so yeah, that’s what this is. This thing is for CDs, and there’s also a thing called a DVD, which we’re not gonna get into today, but yes, that is an optical drive. There you go. Times were tough back then. Okay, I was stalling. Was that enough? Still going. Progress bar’s not moving, but the hard drive is making sounds, so that gives me confidence. You scare me when you don’t make sounds. You gotta make soundsso I know you’re alive. Okay, internal drive, Catalina, install, and we’ll let it go, so this part will take a little bit, and then it should reboot, scroll through all the text thingamajigs, which is part of dosdude’sAPFS implementation, and then boot up into thesecond part of the installer. That is where the hang was, so hopefully it doesn’thang there anymore. If it succeeds, that bar should move. We should get a black mode screen, at least I think it turns into dark mode, and then it should continue installing. For the love of SteveJobs, it should just work, and we should all be one big happy family. 11 minutes remaining, okay. I’ll see you soon. Okay, we are going into the second phase, where we’re now bootinginto the installer. This is where we always got stuck. This is the fifth attempt, I think. (sighs) Let’s see if this works. It’s not making any noise right now, and while that’s going, Imean, I’m just thinking about, you know, Collin suggestedthe drive might be bad, and I know I talkedabout this a bit earlier, and yeah, I guess that is possible, but Snow Leopard wasworking just fine on here. Yeah, that could have been in a spot where the bad sectors weren’t, but I don’t know, I just find it, Windows XP was working too, so I find it unlikelythat’s the situation. Yeah, it’s not making any sound. Gosh darn it. (sighs) Hmm. (sighs) I don’t know. I mean, I asked around. I talked to Collin. I talked to some of the Mac Yak guys. Heck, I even asked some of the people in my Computer Clan Discord server. All of you guys had great suggestions. I don’t know why thisis still not working. Okay, well, let’s see if wecan get this into verbose mode and maybe see where it’s getting stuck. There we go. This is the verbose mode I wanted. Let’s see where it’s getting stuck. Well, nothing is scrolling, so let me just take aquick peeky-poo at this. Okay, so the last line it is showing is HID: Legacy shim 2. Ah, frick. I have no idea what that means. mountroot, oh, hfs_mountroot failed. Well, we’re not workingwith HFS, though, right, so do we need that? Returned error 13. There’s a lot of like error13s here, buf_meta_bread. Hmm, guess it needs some meta-bread. Volume Catalina role zero,not a system or data volume. Hmm, I don’t know. Take a look at that. See if you can diagnose it. Well, this was fun, but I am officially stuck. I would love to revisit this if anyone can think of a solution, so I’m calling out to everybody now. Help me out. I am stuck. For shits and giggles, you wanna try it? Should we try installing it on here and booting off of this on this just to maybe narrow it down? Okay, okay, you win. Let’s try that, so let’s shut ‘er down. Okay, so I set up and formatted this Apricorn disk with APFS. Again, not really recommended for a mechanical disk. All right, so we should seeCollin’s thing go through. Whoo! There it goes, and then… There we go. Let’s see what happens. Same thing: Legacy shim 2. It’s the last line it always spits out, and then it just freezes right there, and we tried a completelydifferent hard drive this time, so at least I’m assuming itbooted to the hard drive. Let’s double-check that. Go to the boot picker. Aw hell, it’s not even detecting this. What? I installed it to here. Yeah, it’s not even detecting that, so it was booting into theinternal disk, it looks like, even though I did installthe files to this hard drive, but yeah, it’s not comingup as being bootable. Hmm, so I guess thattest didn’t go anywhere. Well, hate to say this, but I’m calling it. Again, if you have anysuggestions on how to assist, please do let me know. Let’s keep the hope hot. Let’s keep the hopes high. Thank you, Collin, aka dosdude,for making this patcher, ’cause I know it worksfor a lot of people, and thanks for helping me on this episode. Thank you, also, Greg andother people at Mac Yak, and other people in theComputer Clan Discord server. You’re all great. Hopefully we can get some helpand figure this thing out, but in the meantime catchthe crazy and pass it on. (throbbing music)

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