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Hello and welcome BACK… to castle doombad free to slap everyone in the face Btw, I find the music in this game to be so insanely awesome Anyways Let’s get roooooooooit intO thE N- Sorry… Alright, time to kill some idiot heroes We’re gonna start back in Chapter 1 to finish the last two levels that I forgot to do. Sorry for the weird sounds ;=; Oh, don’t mind me, just gonna upgrade a scream generator It’s almost too useful Eventually, I’ll get that really phet trul and I will troll all the heroes with my sick puns Here’s one (I apologize in advance X”DDD) Why couldn’t the skeleton cross the road? Because he didn’t have the GUTS to! Oh, this level get’s so annoying with having to defend so many floors at once It’s like some weird shelf thing… That reminds me of the time a book fell on my head I only have MYSHELF to blame These mechanic guys are so easy to deal with, even if they are protected All you need is a giant hammer, like the one I have And then they die faster then you can say “tomato” Max scream generator ish soooooo guuuuud I wonder if those doors are actually magical evil elevators Oh, hey, why did the ghost use the elevator? To RAISE HIS SPIRITS Oh noooooooo It’s that guy who made the “sexy and I know it” song Now he lives on a tiny horse and he updates his instagram and stuff every 5 seconds Legend has it that you can see the flash of his camera from space… (not really)

Default download game apk free adventure adult(not really) Oh, his buddy “Ranbow” joined the party as well What fun His name is just “Sexy Knight”? That’s a very… *ahem* “creative” name Yay! The manor madness is over, now for some really hard stuff. And to think that the final boss of chapter 1 was a sexy knight .3. Time for some fun in the sun, if ya know what I mean~ ahue Extra princess means more screams but more defending because if one gets captured, then say goodbye to your crown! :^D Man, I just love the music here It’s in my playlist X3 In fact, ALL the songs from this game are in my playlist X’333 That scream generator placement is just… Just.. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Oh yeah, did I say that we were moving onto the hard stuff? What I meant was that we were going to do the easiest thing you have ever seen in your life One thing I didn’t notice while recording this video was the strange puddle of acid that is under that harpoon tower right ther X’3 Who needs screams when you have HARPOONS! Note: I am terified of sharp objects .3. It’s weird how I’m scared of sharp objects and I love knights with sharp armor and super sharp swords I in fact, have made an oc (original character which is not actually that original) who is a knight Her name is Solar Knight and she’s the flower that is my pfp At times, she can be super adorable~ -w- Back to the game: Everyone just dies to my insane array of traps So maach phaaan Oh, there were no red floors on that level X3 Time for some diescraper The only one who dies here is stupid archers and my burrito Rest in pepperonies, my beloved burrito

1 download game apk free adventure adultRest in pepperonies, my beloved burrito This was the moment of me thinking: “Wait, which one will actually help me?” I picked spikes because this level is really short and spikes are really stronk This background music is also nice, it’s just more with the evil vibe of this game Oh, good, these guys They go around and shoot stuff They are also known for ROBIN HOODs I’m so sorry, that last one probably was so cringy that it gave you cancer X”‘DDDDDDD Man, these archers do a lot of damage Finally, something that doesn’t have a bow and arrow This’ll be a lot easier now Oh, nvm Are you happy to know that you’re almost halfway through the video? When I play this game, time just flies past me I never even know that I’m spending 10 minutes trying to beat 3 levels X3 So here, I’m just wanted to say how truly happy I am for you actually watching my videos It’s not like I say “thank you so much” lightly, I really mean it You guys are awesome and the fact that you watch just half of me practically streaming this game without streaming it is already so nice of you~ :3 You’re all cool and I love ya~ ^3< This level gets SOOOOOOO INSANE with the amount of heroes that just pile themselves into that one door Would you believe me if I said that literally none of them made it through? -w- Let's see if even one SINGLE guy makes it through that one SINGLE yellow door That acid dropper placement op Look at them all They die so quick =w= Even Rambow cannot handle the power of 4 harpoons and spikes up his bum LOOK AT ALL THE RAMBOWS, GEEZE Oh, and I did lie to you, a couple people did make it through the first door ;=; Stage 5, boss time, here we go! >:3 Guys with iron shields to start? That’s not a good sign .3.

download game apk free adventure adult Guys with iron shields to start? That’s not a good sign .3.

2 download game apk free adventure adultGuys with iron shields to start? That’s not a good sign .3. Oh, the idiot mechanics are skipping ahead you say? Also, this tower is actually every level from the previous levels in this chapter combined So that latter must be so freaking tall Just a stupid little thought X3 Oh, a big knight already Well, he’s alone, so he shouldn’t be too hard to take down Yeah, that harpoon will pretty much take all those engees out by itself Actually, they look more like spys But with wrenches… ILLU- *ahem* What was I saying? Look at that stupid knight with his tiny horse “Look at my horse, my horse is amazing. Give it a lick-” “Mmm, it tastes like it’s dead” FINAL WAVE, BOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAA O-oooooooooo AAAAE-A-A-I-A-U- JO-oooooooooooo AAE-O-A-A-U-U-A- E-eee-ee-eee AAAAE-A-E-I-E-A- JO-ooo-oo-oo-oo EEEEO-A-AAA-AAAA Sorry, the brainpower was calling to me X’3 Wait, that’s was three knights at once That’s a lot of powa Better use my brain powers O-oo- no X3 Look at those plebs with their wooden swords, thinking that they could pass my defence of a harpoon launcher, spikes and a single air conditioner X33 Okay, two harpoon launchers Three Sorry for that little twitch, I was a little too exited X”D So we did it! We beat level 5 Oooooooo, the moon base is next Let’s do one level of that, shall we? >;3

3 download game apk free adventure adultLet’s do one level of that, shall we? >;3 “Out of this world” This evil guy know’s what’s up You don’t? Well, it’s SPACE X’3 *spoilers, I fail this :c* I like this songgggo It’s obvious, tho X3 NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU Let’s try that again, shall we? Now that’s more like it Anyways, onto the daily challenge! THIS TIME, I DON’T LOOSE I SWEAR Okay, so I have 4 buzz saws, 4 trap doors (which are useless), 4 spikes, 4 harpoon launchers, and 4 toxic gas vents I have to think VERY hard on these placements, because there are SOOOOOOOOOOOO many enemies LOOK AT THEM ALL GEEZE I like to think that they all really had to go to the bathroom X”3 Maybe they actually are o.O Who knows? So many crits X3 I placed those spikes there under the toxic vent horribly I should have put them one floor down Okay, they’re too stronk Bye bye, princes pauch Look at how angry he is That is the face of true rage Or maybe he’s jamming to the song? Or he put his hot pocket in the microwave for too long Anyways That’s it for this vid! I hope you enjoyed my playings of the game :3 The game of evil, that is So I hope you have a fun time and I will see you later~ ^3< Also, next time around in part 3, I will be doing these three hellish missions o.O So stay tuned until then! >;3 Potato

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