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This movie, and many of the other movies on this channel, now has subtitles translated to multiple languages. Work is proceeding to add subtitles to all movies. Amber’s Airline – 7 Wonders / The Movie Hey, little guy. Can you believe I’m going on a world tour? This will be so amazing! I wish I could take you in my luggage, though. Be nice to Mom, okay? Don’t worry, Amber. I’m pretty sure he won’t go far from his fish tank. Pack your things, or you’ll be late as usual. One day the plane will leave without you, you know! Yeah, I guess you’re right. I just need to add a few last things… First, a spare pair of shoes. Broken heels are really the worst. …and a new page turns for the heroes of Snuggford Airline! (GT) Mom, they’re talking about us on TV! It seems that the crew recovered from last year’s plane crash as it is now headed for a new seven wonders world tour! (GT) …And don’t miss the unique opportunity to visit the new seven wonders of the world with Snuggford Airlines! This crash was really crazy… (GT) And most importantly, my old diary. I thought you started a new one. Yeah, but this one is filled with so many memories, I like to reread it when I’m abroad. Do you write about how you miss your Mom when travelling? (GT) Between a love story and a plane crash report, I just might. (GT) You wrote about the plane crash in your diary?! Be careful, Amber. If someone read about it… (GT) Don’t worry, Mom. It won’t fall into the wrong hands. No one would care about my diary anyway. (GT) Oh no! The zipper is broken. Come on, Sushi, let’s play one last jam before I leave! Amber’s Airline – 7 Wonders Oh my god, my friends are going to be so jealous when I send them pictures of this plane! How much do passengers pay for a trip on a plane like this? I love it! Well, we can thank our new partnership with this travel agency. You’re right, Elise. Without it, Snuggford Airlines couldn’t have been able to afford this plane. As you know, Rome is our first destination. We should arrive in 10 hours. Amber, you’ll handle this room. Pamela and Elise, you’re with me in the aisles toward the back. Well, now I’m jealous. As much as I love flying, I can’t wait to land and see Rome! Ah, Rome… The city, the food; I just love everything there! Yeah! Friends and pizza; what more could we ask for? It’s so peaceful, seeing the clouds from here. And yet I feel so excited! I’m going to visit the seven wonders! This is a perfect moment to write in my diary. New adventure, new diary! You know, Faith, I think this is the farthest I’ve ever been from home. But we haven’t even landed yet! Ah, there’re so many countries in this trip that I’ve never been to! Same! And I’ve always dreamed of going to China! Ethel, you do know we go to Rome first, right? China is in a couple of weeks. David?! What are you doing here? Well, this is the advantage of being an architect. You can take vacations when you want. Seriously, you didn’t think that you’d visit all these architectural masterpieces without your old friend? Yeah! You have to tell me great stories about them, just like in those museum excursions back at school! I’d better start to do some digging, then! I’ll leave you to work. See you later! Well, this vest might be too small pretty soon. Oh, by the way, Karen, I’ve been thinking… What if we had… some new uniforms to match this new route and plane? Yeah! We could go with something fashionable! I think you may be on to something there, Amber. Did you have anything in mind? Oh…! I’m not the best at fashion design… Lucky for you, I know someone who is. Even better, I think she’s in Italy right now!

Default ember game android downloadLucky for you, I know someone who is. Even better, I think she’s in Italy right now! Ladies and gentlemen, we start our descent. Please remain seated with your seat belt fastened. Almost there! Yes! Finally! By the way, I have a friend in Rome who offered to show me around town. Come have a drink with us tonight! Well, you know, Justin… Karen says I need to be careful. Otherwise, I won’t be able to fit into my suit for the wedding. I’ll take that as a yes! Ready for landing? Ready when you are, buddy! Guys, take a look at this view! I didn’t think we could see the Coliseum that well. It always amazes me to think that I’m in front of one of the new seven wonders. I think I found another one. Look at this shop! As we agreed to with the travel agency, we’ll be in charge of the passengers on location. I’m so glad we’re doing this trip! Your recovery was so timely, nothing could have made me happier. I know… I’m glad I’m here with you, too. Pamela, Elise, come with me. I’ll show you where you’ll be working. All right. By the way, Amber, I sent you the number of that great fashion designer I know. You can tell her more about what you have in mind. Thanks, Pamela! You’re the best! Hi Angela! Pamela gave me your number because our Airline needs new uniforms. It is for our new seven world wonders tour. Is this a fashion mission?! I’m in!! I never made stewardesses uniforms! It will be so much fun!! You’re sure you can do it? Of course I can! Never underestimate the great Angela! By the way, we’re in Rome right now, I think Pamela said you were too? I am!! How crazy! Let’s meet tonight! Great, see you! She’s really the best designer, you’ll see. I love all of her creations! Is that her running? Hey, Pammy! It’s so nice to see you! Girls, this is Angela Napoli! Ciao a tutti! Hi! / Hello. I guess you’re the famous Amber I’ve been talking to? Yes, I am. Thank you for taking the time to help us! When there’s a fashion need, I’m always there! Also, I’ve got tons of ideas already! Something inspiring, with style… and… Glitter!! I need to start right away! See you soon, girls! Maybe hold back on the… …glitter. So, tell me what you think. Awesome, right? It’s such a good fit! How did you know my size? More to the point, how did you know mine?! Even I can’t keep track of how big I am! I knew it’d be perfect! Please, please, you’re flattering me. I’m almost jealous! Thank you for your work, Angela. You are MORE than welcome! Uh oh! Gotta love you and leave you! I have another fashion emergency! I gotta go, too. Customers will start to show up soon. Are you ok? Do you need me to call a doctor? No, no doctor. I’m… I’m fine. Are you sure? I can… Please, don’t talk to my wife Ethel.

1 ember game android downloadPlease, don’t talk to my wife Ethel. Ah, here you are! I picked up all of the booklets I could at the tourist office. I’m ready! Is everything okay? Yes, I’m coming. Bye…? Amber. Hey, Amber. Still working? You should take time to visit before we leave. There’s so much to see! I will. I just want to clean up everything beforehand. Well, see you when you’re done, then. Wait! Looks like you dropped your keys. My keys? But I left them at the hotel. David… Why do you keep a picture of me? What are you talking about? This picture… I recognize it. It was for my 5th birthday… You were there… I mean, that’s strange… Amber, I assure you that’s not my keys. Mine have four keys, plus the keychain you brought me from Tokyo. You know that. But… That can’t be… If it’s not you… Who on the plane would have a picture of me as a child? The partnership for this Seven Wonders World Tour is genius, Karen! This trip… It’s like a honeymoon, don’t you think? Thank you, love. A trip this beautiful would make the perfect honeymoon, it’s true… Hmm? Something wrong? It’s just… Well, my parents can’t stop telling me about how great my sister’s wedding was. Don’t listen to them, honey. I know. I don’t want to play their game, but at the same time… I want our wedding to be perfect, too. Hey, no matter where and when it is, as long as you’re there, it’ll be perfect to me. Have you found the key’s owner? No… I can’t stop thinking about it… I’ll put them in the lost-and-found box. Hopefully someone will come to get them back. Yeah, there’s not much more you can do right now. Meanwhile, take a look at where you are! See the Coliseum? It’s incredible to think that 50,000 people from all walks of life would gather here to watch shows and competitions. Now it’s almost 2,000 years old! Isn’t it amazing? How is it still standing? Oh, are you talking about the Coliseum? Yes indeed. It’s great to have someone to talk with! I’m Ashley, and I’m an architecture student. I’m Amber. David’s an architect too. No way! Ah, there’s so much to say about this Flavian amphitheater! Right? Did you know that on top of plays, chariot races, and gladiator fights, there were ship battles held there? Ship battles?! Yeah, they could flood it to hold ships! No one knows exactly how it worked, but I wish I could find out. Me, too! It’s quite an architectural riddle! You doing okay, Elise? Work’s not too hard with the baby? Oh, don’t worry about me! I’m doing fine! In fact, it feels like I have twice the energy I had before! If you ever need me to cover for you, Elise, just let me know. Amber, don’t worry. I’m fine. Why does everyone assume that as soon as you’re pregnant, you turn into this fragile woman? I checked the rules with Hank, and he’s perfectly fine with it. Hey Amber! Still flying high? Hey! Yeah, I’m in Roma! And you? Where is Doctor Clark this time? 😉 Haha, I’m in Asia but we are moving a lot recently. I’ve seen on the news you’re doing a World travel Tour? Tell me! A Seven Wonders World Tour, to be precise! That must be awesome! Some kids next to me want to know where you are exactly! Sending my hugs from the Coliseum! They say you’re beautiful! Thanks Amber! Take care, Clark! Hope we see each other soon! I wonder who she’s sending selfies to?

ember game android download I wonder who she’s sending selfies to?

2 ember game android downloadI wonder who she’s sending selfies to? So what do you want to do next, Faith? The Trevi Fountain? The forum? Oh, and we’ve got to visit that little shop again! You never get tired, do you? You feeling okay? Yeah… I’m just hungry, I guess. I could use a good meal first. A restaurant it is! Not coming? Sorry, I was just lost in thought! I’m a bit worried about Faith. You’re right. She doesn’t seem well to me. Even with the baby, I don’t feel that tired. I’ll keep an eye on her. So, Pamela… Who was that guy I saw you with? Wait… Don’t tell me you’ve found someone already! Oooh, promise you won’t tell? Okay. Well, yes, I’ve met someone! Who is he?! Okay, get back to work, guys! Come on, Karen! We’re just having a quick break. I know… Sorry, girls. I guess this trip must be taking its toll on me. With the plane crash we had last year, we have to reassure our investors. If something goes wrong with this trip, Snuggford Airlines might end up in serious financial trouble. I didn’t know that… We can talk a bit if you need to, Karen. It’ll make you feel better. I’d appreciate that, thanks. Thanks for being there, Amber. Still no sign of these keys’ owner… Are you okay, babe? You seem a bit nervous… Did something happen? No, on the contrary. I’m just looking out for you. Looking out for me? Have you told anyone about us yet? No… Not at all! Nobody knows except us. See, I knew I could count on you. You’re amazing, Pamela. I mean, flattery will get you everywhere, but… why do you want to keep us a secret, babe? I thought you’d want the world to know. If I had my way, I’d be grabbing the mike and announcing our love to the whole flight. But you know the rules, Pammy… Staff aren’t allowed to have relationships with passengers. If your boss found out… Oh… I hadn’t thought about that. All you have to do is keep us a secret until the end of the trip. Can you do that for me? Hey Amber. Going to work? Yeah, I start early today. I’ll walk with you. It’s on my way. Great! I haven’t seen you much lately. Tell me about your Italian explorations! Oh no! Someone’s knocked the lost-and-found box over. There’s stuff all over the place! Talk about clumsy. The keys are gone! All right. You search for them in there, and I’ll ask around. Maybe someone else saw who picked them up. Thanks, David. So did you find those keys? No… You? No, I didn’t find anything on my side. Sorry. Don’t be. Thanks for trying, David. I’m glad to have you as a friend. You know, I don’t think I’ve ever asked you… What made you want to become a pilot? Money? Fame? Fortune? Girls? Nah, in all seriousness, I guess I always wanted to make my family proud. Having three younger brothers, I’ve kind of always been used to working under pressure.

3 ember game android downloadHaving three younger brothers, I’ve kind of always been used to working under pressure. So I learned to fly, got my license… and you know the rest. You make it sound so easy… Everything seems to come so naturally to you, Kyle. It’s like you don’t even have to try. But me… I’ve really got to work at things. And if I make a mistake, it sticks with me… Hey, man, I get it. Sometimes, the pressure can be really hard to deal with. You might not see it, but believe me, I make mistakes too. The key is confidence. Once you’ve got that, everything else will fall in line. I wish I was more like you. Too bad we’ll be waving goodbye to Italy soon… It’s been a heck of a trip already… We’ve really come together as a team… It almost feels like a little family now… Hey, everyone! Let’s take a photo to remember things by! Give me your phone, Amber. I’ll take it if you want. Thanks! That’s nice of you, David! Make sure you get my best side! Cheeeeeeese! Hey Amber! Oh, you received a message from Clark. You two are still in touch? Oh, yeah, we text from time to time… Ah, I see. Hey, I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t say no to an ice cream… or five… Same! If you come by later, I’ll have a new flavor to suggest! Great! See you then! Ah, I’m gonna miss Italy. Me, too… but come on! In two days, we’ll be at the Taj Mahal in India! Yeah, that’s awesome, too! This week was so great! Except maybe for this morning… Did David seem jealous to you when he saw Clark’s text? A bit, yeah. But hey, we’re talking about the Taj Mahal, Amber! I hope I’ll see elephants. I’m not sure Karen talked about elephants… Breaking News! We’ve just been informed that Snuggford Airline is at the heart of a new scandal… …Kyle Thompson, pilot of Snuggford Airline, is being accused of being responsible of last year’s plane’s crash…. …evidence is being reported as we speak : this case is opened! Hi, Mom… Have you seen the news? “Snuggford pilot accused of negligence in airline disaster”? What are we going to do, Mom? What if they find Kyle guilty, even if he’s not? What if it takes the airline down? Karen told us we needed to reassure our investors, and this happens… And the worst thing is, I can’t do anything from here… That’s what it says! Our pilot was responsible for that crash! Wait’ll I tell the others… No way I’m getting back on THAT plane! I gotta go, Mom… This newspaper is terrible, I wouldn’t recommend it to you. I saw fake news in it, it is a real shame! Oh, excuse-me, this is last week’s newspaper. Let me take care of it. I’m afraid this newspaper is not for sale anymore. We only sell top quality products to our passengers, and this isn’t. Well? What did they say? I need to go back to Snuggford. Why? / When? / What? Kyle… You’re going to be fine, Kyle. We know you did nothing wrong. You know you did nothing wrong. This whole media circus is a sham. As soon as you tell them what happened, you’ll be back here with us. But… if we’re one pilot down, how are we going to run the tour? Hank went back to Snuggford Airlines to help us. He’s trying to find a new pilot. That’s all I know at the moment. You’ll meet her in India. Her? I don’t want to be rude, but… Can we have some privacy for a moment, please? Of course. Honey, it’ll be fine. This will be all over soon. To be honest… it’s a bit more complicated than that. What? What do you mean? They don’t have anything to prove my innocence with. The plane’s black box is too damaged to get anything out of it. But without it, how will you…? That’s the whole problem. I could go to prison, Karen… So who went to the press? That report had a LOT more info than it should’ve had. And the only people who could have known THAT much are… Us… — CHAPTER TWO — / Subscribe, please Hey, Karen, how are you holding up? Not great… Can’t say I slept much, either… We’ll be okay. We all know Kyle’s innocent. The jury will see that, too. Somebody sold us out. Pamela, please… Pointing fingers isn’t going to help. I know you all. I trust you all. I know none of you would ever do something like this. But right now, we have a plane full of customers counting on us. I need my team. Let’s get to it. And they all lived happily ever after… Did you enjoy the story? Again! Again! I’m sorry, sweet peas. Mommy’s got to get back to work. But next time you see Amber, you’ll have to thank her. She was the one who bought you these books, remember. Good night. I love you. Don’t worry, Elise. You’ll see them again soon… Oh, Amber! How long were you…? I’m glad they like the books. It was the best gift. Thank you, Amber. Do you think we’ll be okay for clean water in India? We’ll be fine. The doctors said you need to be careful what you drink, because you’re more at risk of… Ethel? We’ll be fine. I checked with Amber. She’s got more than enough drinks to go round. Okay, that’s good… How about food? What does your prescription say? If it’ll make you feel better, we’ll make sure we only eat in the VIP lounge. Yes, please. That would reassure me a lot. You worry too much! If the doctors thought this trip was too dangerous, they would have never allowed me to go, would they? Okay… Just relax. You’re on vacation. Enjoy yourself. The crew’s got everything under control. Well, we’d almost have a full house if it wasn’t for those few empty seats. Yeah, a family had to cancel just before we left. It’s too bad. Empty seats always feel like a bit of a waste to me. Is there anything preventing someone from joining the trip midway? Not as far as I’m concerned. Why? Did you have someone in mind? I just might… We’re about to land… Yeah… Kyle… If you need anything once you’re in Snuggford, just let me know. Thanks. I appreciate that. Don’t forget, Hank and Adrian have my back too. It’ll be fine. The cockpit will feel empty without you. Hey, it’s just for a few days, okay? Well… I guess this is goodbye. Hey, you said it was just for a few days, right? If all goes well, yes. In the meantime, I’m counting on you. We all have your back, Kyle. Keep us updated when you can, please. I promise. I love you… I love you too, honey. Have a good trip, everyone. Take care of her for me. This trip is a disaster… It’s up to us to change that. If we all work hard enough, we can do this. With our guests exploring the Taj Mahal, it’s up to us to man the VIP lounge. You can count on us. Pretty amazing, isn’t it? Oh! Um, yeah! Yeah… It’s special, all right. A massive marble monument to one man’s love. I always thought it was a palace. Close. Actually, it’s a mausoleum. Shah Janan, a Mughal emperor, lost his wife during childbirth. He was heartbroken. Oh, yes, I remember! The death of his wife changed him. He didn’t want to let her go. The Taj Mahal was his way of ensuring they could stay together, forever. They’re both buried inside to this day… Their ornate sarcophagi lined up next to each other. That’s actually kind of romantic. He must have really loved her! Well, I should hope so. They were on their fourteenth child together! Oh, this reminds me of your very first trip, when we went to Tahiti! I wasn’t even a real flight attendant back then. Remember when that guy had an allergic reaction on the flight back? You saved his life! Well, technically Clark saved his life. I just knew where he kept his allergy pills. Fingers crossed we won’t have any medical emergencies this time… Yeah, let’s hope not… Everything okay, Amber? You look a little lost in thought. It’s a bit of a weird story, actually… I found this keychain… And inside, there was a photo of me. As a child. That IS weird. Faith! Sorry… I guess I’ve always been a bit of a straight shooter. First she speaks, then she thinks. But she’s right. It’s weird… Are you sure it was you in the picture? Yes! I recognized my mother’s farm in the background… That means it belongs to someone close to you… Okay, can you describe it for us? We’ll keep an eye out for it during the trip! That’s very kind of you. I don’t want to be a burden… Not at all! You’ve got an ex-banker and a university professor on the lookout for a key ring! Thanks to both of you. We’ll do some digging. Hey, Clark!! How’s it going? I’m in India, at the Taj Mahal! It’s beautiful… Just like in the postcards. Say… I don’t suppose you’re heading to China anytime soon, are you? It’s Elise… She’s pregnant, and I think she keeps getting shooting pains, or something. I’m worried about her… Really?… Oh! That’d be great! In that case, I’ll reserve you a seat! Yes! See you soon! I can’t wait to see you again! Hey Amber! Any luck finding the owner of that key ring yet? Not even a little… You? Same… I mean, we’ve asked around… And despite a few weird looks, and a couple of odd questions… We’ve had the same bad luck. I understand. Well, thanks for trying… Hey Amber, you’re in India. You’ll only get to do something like this once. So try and enjoy yourself, as best you can. “Life’s not about waiting for the rain to stop. It’s about learning to dance in the rain.” And other cheesy catchphrases printed on tacky souvenirs… Okay, everyone! Gather round, please. I have an important announcement to make. As promised, Hank’s pulled a few strings back home… …and he’s managed to find us a new chief pilot. I’d like you to meet the newest member of the Snuggford Airlines family, Madelyn Akash. Hi! I’m honored to be chosen for the Snuggford team. I’m ready to set out on a new adventure. As an ex-Air Force pilot, I’m really looking forward to a quieter way of life, and to discover more world wonders with you! Well, not like navigating an airplane full of passengers is some huge deal… All right! Let’s take a little tour of the plane. I’ll show you our little rocket! See you later, Madelyn! I work here at the VIP lounge, so don’t hesitate to visit me! Love to! See you later! Come on, Ben… You’ve got to drum up the courage to tell her the truth sooner or later. Can I help you, sir? Ah! No?! No, thanks… I’m fine. I… I just noticed you were looking a bit lonely, that’s all. Oh. Well, that’s sweet of you, sir, but there’s no need to worry about me. I just tend to get a bit absorbed in my work, that’s all. I know the feeling… I used to get caught up in my work a lot, too… Take it from me: Never let your work get in the way of what really matters. Don’t worry. I won’t. If you want to help others, love yourself first. That’s my motto. Sounds right. Guess I should find my own motto, too! Thanks, Amber. For humoring me. I guess I’ll leave you to it. Sorry, sir… but how do you know my name? Well… Everybody on the trip does. I guess… Elise, you’re good at feelings and stuff… Why am I so confused? What’s the matter, Amber? It’s David… I guess he’s found someone. And while I should feel happy for him… I’m not… Instead, I just feel… I don’t know. Jealous? From what you describe to me, I’d say that’s the word, yes. Honestly, I’d say that he’s clearly more than a friend to you. When are you going to tell him? Tell who what? David! I was just… We were saying… That she needs to tell her mom how much of a great time she’s having in India! Well, you certainly look like you’re having a good time to me. Can I get a drink for Ashley while I’m here, please? She’s a great girl! We have lots of stuff in common! Amber, can you please… Ah! Oww… Oooh… Elise! Are you all right? Hey! I need help here! Ahhh, owww…. She’s not having contractions, is she? Oh, where’s Clark when we need him?! Well, that was uncomfortable… What happened, Elise? I don’t know… I just had this incredible stabbing pain. I guess it’s just one of those pregnancy things… It can’t be contractions. Like I said, I’m still a good two months away from the due date. Braxton Hicks, maybe? I guess only a doctor would know. Well, until we know what’s happening for sure, I want you on lighter duty. Congratulations, Amber. You’re the new chief flight attendant. Chief flight attendant… I’m not sure I’m ready for this. Of course you are, Amber… I’ve taught you everything there is to know. You’re gonna do great. You just need a bit more self-confidence… Hey, girls! Anyone got plans for tonight? There’s a big Indian festival going on in town. It’s Diwali, a “celebration of overcoming the darkness”! Just wondered if anyone was interested. Sounds like just what we need… I’d love to check it out. Count me in! Don’t worry, it’ll be fine. The pain’s gone. I’m feeling just fine! Can passengers come along, too? They can do whatever they want, until it’s time to head back to the plane. Why do you ask? No reason! I’ve never been to an Indian festival. I wonder what it’ll be like. You can text me if you have questions before we go. Thanks! Hey Madelyn, do you think I need to dress up for tonight? Oh no, there’s no need, come as you are! Okay, maybe we should eat something first before we go? Don’t worry about food, you’ll have plenty of them in the streets! Yes, I love Indian food! And what is there to see actually? The whole city will be lighted with candles and fireworks. It’s really my favourite celebration. Then I can’t wait to be there! Me too! Thanks for inviting us out, Madelyn. It’s been ages since we all went out together! How did you find out about the festival, anyway? Been reading up on India? Well, I kind of picked a lot of it up along the way. My mom’s from the English coast, and Dad’s from the heart of Mumbai… So, are we ready to head off? I’m ready, but we’re a few people down. There’s no sign of Pamela… And Justin’s gone, too… Well, Pamela said she’ll catch up later. She’s still getting ready. Knowing her, it might take a while… Justin, on the other hand, I haven’t seen since this morning… Yeah… He didn’t exactly seem thrilled when I saw him earlier. I wouldn’t read too much into it. The whole Kyle situation hit him really hard. It might take some time to win him over, but you’re a good pilot. He’ll come around in the end. Thank you, Amber. So I guess we’d better head off! That was some party last night! It was a crazy amount of people! My mouth’s still on fire from all that food! You did know Indian food was kind of spicy, though, right? Not THAT spicy! Oh, there she is! The invisible woman! Where were you last night, Pamela? Oh, I tried to catch up with you, but I think I must’ve lost you in the crowds. Anyway, what matters is we’re all here now. We’ve got a job to do, so let’s go to it. Yesterday’s festival was amazing, babe! It’s Hank… Hey, Hank. Any news? Yeah, good and bad. Which do you want first? The good news is, the investigation hasn’t thrown things out of whack too much at the airport. The place has been crawling with press, but it’s nothing I can’t handle… …Adrian’s taken the extra security work in stride, too. The bad news is, we still haven’t found anything that might clear Kyle’s name… I’ve been asking around the staff, but… there’s still no new leads. If he’s innocent, there must be a way we can prove it, Hank. We’re not going to give up. You’ll find something. I know you will. I’m counting on you. Thank you, Hank. I always knew this would be a trip to remember… Better to get those feelings out, than keep them in… That’s what Mom always said. I’ve got the new diary… but where’s my old one? Argh! Where is it? Better go see if I dropped it somewhere at work… I’m so sad I lost my old diary, Mom! It had all my stories of how I became a flight attendant, all my ups and downs…. Even the story of our plane crash! Well, sweetie, it’s not here. I remember you packed it before leaving. I hope someone picked it up. I mean, who would steal a diary? Kyle Thompson’s been under judicial review for almost a week now… Wait a minute… Do you think that it’s possible that it fell into the hands of the media? You told me they knew things about Kyle that nobody but your crew could know. Those details… Were they in your diary? Oh no… I need to go, Mom. No… It can’t be… Not me… — CHAPTER THREE — / Subscribe, please Clark! It’s been so long! It’s great to see you, Amber! Hey, Clark. This IS a surprise… W-What are you doing here? You’re just here for a quick connecting flight to China, right? Actually, Amber asked if I could join the tour. She wanted someone to keep an eye on Elise while she’s pregnant. Who better than an old doctor friend, right? Sure… Anyway, I should be getting back to my seat. What’s got into him? So tell me, what did you do since last time? Well, I’ve been busy. I went to Brazil, Lebanon, and Greece. You almost travel more than I do! Which country did you like most? I liked them all, for different reasons. But what matters most when you travel is who you travel with. Don’t you ever take time to rest? Oh, not very much recently, to be honest. You should take care of yourself, Clark. I can’t wait to go to China! I guess you’ve been there already, haven’t you? I have, but it’s been years now. I wouldn’t mind a second visit, as long as I’m with you. Is there a way I could change my seat, please? If it’s not too much trouble, I’d like to sit next to Ashley. I thought maybe the passenger next to her might like to have my window seat, you see. Certainly, sir. I’ll ask if they’re willing to move. Thank you. Pamela. There’s more than one passenger on this plane, you know. I expect you to treat all of them fairly, not just your favorites. Right, Karen! Sorry! Don’t let me catch you doing that again. Oh, Clark! You know, I was just telling Amber how proud I was of her and her new promotion. Did you know she’s the new chief flight attendant? You’re climbing the ladder fast, Amber! And how are you holding out, Elise? Oh, you know… Not too bad. Just the usual twinges. Like that. Mind if I take a look? Have you been feeling okay yourself? Any backache? Only what you’d expect from lugging this extra weight around! That’s nothing to worry about, though, right? Maybe, but I’d still like to keep an eye on you. Keep an eye on me? But… the baby’s going to be all right, isn’t it? I’m sure it will be. It always pays to be prepared, though. But if the baby’s going to be okay… Why does he still want to keep an eye on me? I think I’m gonna adjust that seat a bit. I’m definitely not as tall as your pal Kyle. Let’s see, where’s that switch…? Can you give me a hand, Justin? I wouldn’t do that if I were you. Kyle hates it when you mess with his stuff. Yeah, well… As far as I know, Kyle isn’t here and I’m the one flying this plane. So you think you can just come here and do whatever you please? Wow, calm down! I’m just trying to change the height of my seat. You don’t need to. Kyle will be back soon anyway. Do you always act like a child? I know he’ll be back, but for the time being I’m taking his place, man. Deal with it. Thanks for your “help” making this trip so fun. Mommy ! Mommy! Leo! Lea! James! What are you doing here? Hey, honey. Are you okay? D-Do you need anything? I mean, I brought everything I could think of. James, honey, calm down… I’m fine! Why wouldn’t I be? But Amber said you were having issues? Pains, problems, like the baby was in trouble? Elise, I… I’m sorry. I just saw how much you were missing them, and I wanted to help… So… there’s nothing wrong? No?! Well, not that we know about, anyway. Mommy, Mommy, can we hang out with Amber today? Well… if it’s okay with her? Of course! Why don’t you two go and explore? Enjoy some quality time together! No, Mom, I haven’t set up a date for the wedding yet… Have you seen the news lately? I’ve got too much on my mind to think about organizing that… I know we need to prepare… Yes, I remember my sister’s wedding… Yes, it was wonderful! Mom, look I don’t have the time right now. I’ll call you later, all right? Hope Kyle has some better ideas than I do… Hmm. No answer. Guess he must be busy. Hey, Kyle. I miss you… Hope you’re holding up well. I know we haven’t set a date for the wedding yet… …but maybe by the time I get back, I’ll have found us a good place to get married. Maybe at one of the seven wonders, I can marry the eighth. xx China is such an amazing country… It feels good to finally be crossing things off my bucket list, too. How about you, Amber? Making good progress on yours? Living your life to the fullest? Yeah… I mean, I’ve only been working on it since last year, so there’s a lot left. Something was holding me back, but I finally willed myself to move forward. After all, life’s too short to stay in one place, right? Did I say something wrong? No, no… Not “wrong”. Just hits a bit close to home, I guess. Yes, but now it’s over, honey. It’ll only get better and better. To be honest with you, Amber, when I booked this trip, I didn’t think I could actually make it… I have cancer… and it’s advanced to my lymph nodes… Oh… But don’t worry! The last chemotherapy sessions did wonders! I have my faith back! Nothing like facing your own mortality to make you realize what really matters. If there’s anything at all I can do, any way I can help, just let me know. I’ll be there. Thanks, Amber. But… for now, let’s just keep this between you and me, okay? I don’t know how you girls put up with Justin. Guess things are still a bit rough between you two? I don’t know why he holds it against me, but he won’t even talk to me! It’s like he really despises me. Don’t let it get to you, Madelyn. Sometimes, people like to give you a trial by fire. Just look at Amber. When Amber first started, Karen hardly trusted her to walk straight… But even in a crisis, she always kept her head cool. Now she’s earned her respect… and the post of chief flight attendant! So just stick with it, Madelyn. Sooner or later, he’ll have no choice but to see what a good pilot you are. In the meantime, we’re heading to the Summer Palace. Come along with us! Hey, Karen… Are you okay? I’m fine. As fine as I can be, anyway. I’ve just got a fiancé on trial, a trip to run, customers to look after, and the travel agency on my back… …And now, a new wedding venue to find. Great. Is anything going to go right on this trip?! …Maybe I can help you find that new wedding venue? Would you? Of course! Then, as soon as they prove Kyle innocent… …You and him can jet off for the big, beautiful wedding you’ve been dreaming about. Thanks, Amber. That’s kind of you. Okay, thank you! And that’s the new venue booked! Ooh, there’s so much to think about! Tell me about it… How many people are you inviting? I’m not sure yet. I’m thinking low key… Maybe 50 to 100? Do you have a color scheme in mind? How about a dress? Argh! There’s so much to do! Relax, Karen… Let’s just take things steady. One step at a time… Thank you for your help, Amber. You’re really a reliable person. Well… Don’t say that… I better tell Kyle the good news. Still no answer… I hope nothing’s gone wrong… It’s Hank. How’s it looking, Hank? Honestly? Not great… I had a word with the investigators today, but… they seem to think it’s pretty cut and dried. Procedure dictates the control tower would’ve warned Kyle about the storm. They think he must have ignored it. But I don’t think he did. That’s why I’m going to head down to the tower myself. I’ll let you know what I find out. But honestly, Karen… We’re running out of time. What am I going to do…? He’s going to be okay, Karen. Just when I booked the venue. Just when I let myself look to the future… If Kyle goes to prison… We’re not going to let that happen. Look, why don’t you hang out with me today? Keep your mind busy. Hey, Amber… I’ve just been talking to Karen. What about? Oh, nothing. Just these mysterious passengers who keep getting added to the flight… Amber, did you really ask Clark to come here just to keep an eye on me? Well, yeah… I mean, not entirely… It’s just… You were in pain, Elise… I was worried. I’m pregnant, Amber! Pain comes with the territory! I hadn’t thought twice about it, until you asked Clark to come along. But ever since he said he wanted to keep an eye on me… I haven’t been able to stop worrying. But… he said he thought everything was going to be fine? And if it isn’t? I had no reason to believe anything might be wrong, Amber! Now, all I’m going to do is worry until the day my baby’s born. Elise, I… All you had to do was to trust me. Please stop trying to control everything… So, how much do you know about the Great Wall? Ah, I’m not as hot on it as I used to be, but I can still remember a fair bit. Bet you a dumpling you don’t know as much as me. You’re on… Okay, I’ll go first. When was it built? Tricky question. Earlier, smaller walls went up in the 7th century… …But much of what you see today was built under the Ming dynasty. Which was…? From the mid 1300s to the 1600s. Wow… I’m beat. Guess I owe you that dumpling. Hey Amber! I don’t know about you, but I’ve got a real weakness for Chinese food. How about I take you out tonight? My treat. I’d love to. It’s a date! Guess I’ll see you later, then. Come on, Amber… You don’t usually get nervous like this… I hope he’s coming soon… Sorry I’m late! Traffic was crazy. Hope I didn’t keep you waiting too long. Just long enough to air-drum my way through some of my favorite songs. You know, you look a lot happier, Amber. More confident. Thanks, Clark… It took me some time, but I’m finally at peace now. To tell you the truth, when we first met, I… I was still getting over the loss of somebody that counted a lot to me… After all these years, I was still feeling guilty… …For something that wasn’t your fault? That’s right. It might sound silly, but… Not at all. I’m familiar with the feeling. You know, very few people know this about me, but as a kid, I was abandoned. Left outside an orphanage. For years, I kept chewing it over in my mind. Who were they? Why did they leave me? In the end, I still don’t know, but at least that motivated me to become a doctor for people in need. I didn’t know that… That doesn’t matter anymore. What matters is now. Hey, Pamela! Could you give me a hand getting stuff set up? Oh, yeah, sure. Sorry, babe, she’s busy. She’s got a job to do, too. I said, she’s busy. Pamela, come on. The passengers will be here any minute. The only one that matters is already here. Sir, I’m going to have to ask you to leave. And I’m gonna have to ask you to get out of my face. Sir, I am the chief attendant, and if you don’t leave right this instant, I’m calling the police. You’d better watch who you’re messing with, missy. Pam, what are you doing with this guy? I… I’m sorry, Amber! Fabio, what’s got into you? I’m sorry, Pammy. It’s just… When it feels like something’s coming between us, I don’t know what comes over me. Fabio, Amber’s my friend, and you… I know, I know… I overreacted. I’m sorry. Will you forgive me, babe? As long as you promise you’ll apologize to Amber! Hey, why don’t we kick back for a bit? I saw those bottles of wine you’ve got back on the plane. Oh, but those are only for VIPs. They’re quite expensive… Only if you pay for them. You want me to steal them?! “Steal” makes it sound so wrong! I was thinking more like… just borrowing, without asking. We could have a great time, just the two of us! Wouldn’t you like a romantic night with some good wine? For me? Hey, Amber… About last night. I can’t remember the last time I had such a wonderful evening. Of maybe it was on a Tahitian beach last year? I had a lovely night, too. The more I know you, the more I feel we’re kind of the same. How about we go out again tonight? I’d love to! Oh, while you’re here, I did have a favor to ask you. It’s about Faith… I know it’s not my place, but I’m worried about her. Could you just check in with her at some point? For you, anything. At this rate, maybe I ought to get Karen to hire you as an official staff doctor. Hey, Amber? I wanted to ask you something… Are you and Clark an item now? Amber! Ready to head out on our date? You’ll love where I’m taking you out. Getting seats took a lot of trouble! I guess that answers my question, then… You two are together now, right? I… I… I don’t get it. I thought you had your own girlfriend now… Ashley, isn’t it? Ashley? She’s not… I mean, she’s great, but… But I don’t think I heard you say anything, Amber. I… I don’t know… I… You still haven’t made up your mind yet, have you? This time, I thought… Let’s just forget the date tonight. No! Clark, I … Why do I always ruin everything? Well, this is the control tower, the eyes and ears of the airport. Looks like a tricky job… Excuse me, sir, can we… Sorry! No time to stop. We only need a minute or two… I don’t have it! Guess we’d better come back later… Well, yesterday was a complete disaster… Neither Clark nor David is willing to talk to me now… Maybe I’ll have more luck over text… Hey David, I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings… I thought you were dating Ashley on your side. But that’s no excuse, I should have been honest with you about Clark. I’m so sorry about yesterday Clark. You planned such a nice date and I ruined everything… I can’t say I wasn’t hurt. But I don’t bear a grudge on you at all Amber. No matter who you choose, I’ll respect that. I just want you to be happy. You deserve it. I wish the same for you Clark. I really do. Thanks Amber. Still no message from David… I hope he’s okay… Hi. My name’s Clark. I’m a doctor. Amber mentioned… She said you were ill. Oh, great. Maybe we could tell the rest of the cabin while we’re at it? I’m sorry… I know she means well. And I guess it can’t hurt to have a doctor around. If you’ve got a minute, I’ll bring you up to speed. It’s the drugs that get me down the most, doc. They make me feel awful. Sometimes, you wonder if the cure’s worse than the disease… I can give you some anti-sickness tablets to try and ease your stomach. No! No more drugs! If I take any more, I’m gonna be turning into a pill… You’re brave, Faith. Just don’t try and go it alone. Medicine can help take the edge off if you need it. In any case, keep your hikes on the short side in Mexico and Peru. Don’t strain yourself. If there’s anything more I can do, please, just give me a shout. I’ll be happy to help. — CHAPTER FOUR — / Subscribe, please Why is the truth so simple to write, and yet so hard to tell…? Every time I try to make up with people, I just aggravate the whole situation! And I can’t sleep because of that keychain with the picture of me… Would it belong to…? No, that can’t be. That’s silly of me. Let’s look on the bright side. Next stop: Peru, then on to Mexico! Can’t wait! Pamela, you’ve really got to be careful here. Careful? With what? With Fabio… Something just seems off about him… You saw how he lost his temper with me… That’s not normal. What if he loses his temper with you, too? Just don’t get in too deep. Amber, look. I know your heart’s in the right place. But when it comes to relationships, I can handle myself. When you’ve got your love life in order, maybe I’ll listen to your advice then… What’s that supposed to mean? You know exactly what it means! You can’t keep juggling Clark and David forever! At least I can make a decision and stick to it… Dead battery? No, not yet! Just figured I should stretch the ol’ legs. Time flies when you’re coding. What is it you’re working on? It’s my new game! A sprawling fantasy adventure. Don’t tell Elise, but I was thinking of making our new baby the hero. Thanks again for getting us the tickets, by the way. Elise really loves having the kids around! Why were you so worried about her, though? You said she was in trouble? She seems okay to me… She was having a few stabbing pains… More than a few… We were worried they might be contractions. Really? Hmm… She hadn’t mentioned that. Oh, maybe I shouldn’t have said anything… No, no, it’s okay. If Elise says she’s fine, she’s fine. This isn’t her first rodeo, after all. Hey, Hank. I hope you have good news. I wouldn’t get your hopes up too much, but I’ve got a hunch. I’m going to do a bit of digging later. We are analyzing the plane’s itinerary the day of the crash, and it’s odd. Instead of bypassing the storm, Kyle went straight into it. This is very unlikely of him. I’ll keep investigating. How about you, Karen? How are you holding out? Hank! I got a lead! Oh, I have to hang up! Adrian found something! I’ll keep you informed, as usual. And Karen? You’re doing great. The crew is lucky to have you. Stay strong. They need you. Very good job yesterday, Adrian! Good idea, looking into the data sent to the plane’s black box! We should receive the experts’ findings tomorrow. Thanks, Hank! It’s really a shame we couldn’t retrieve the black box itself… In the meantime, we’ll receive new equipment during the day. Can you set it up? Yes, of course, sir! You okay? I guess it just feels like we’re missing something… Like what? Well… don’t you think it’s weird, how there was so much info in that story? There were parts of it that were true… and that no one else could have known but the crew. I don’t think anyone would leak to the press… But how did they get their info, then? That’s what I’m trying to find out. You’ve got a great nose for these things, Adrian. Good job. Try to learn more about this. Right away, sir! Phew! And that’s the last of them. Wow! You’ve been busy. Turns out the story broke to the newspapers. This is every single one that mentions the story. Now all I’ve got to do is figure out who broke it… …And see if there’s any clues about where they got their info… Sounds like a plan. Let me know what you find. By the way, did we get the results of our data analysis? Yes, I was about to share it with you… It turns out that the plane should’ve used a completely different itinerary. The meteorological station did send its report to our control tower… But the control tower didn’t pass the information to the pilots?! No, it seems they did not. This is worse than I thought… You can stay here. I’ll see the air controller myself. Kate, please! You can’t do that to me! We said I could get to see the kids every other weekend! Tough day? I guess you can call it that. But I have some questions to ask you, please. I have lot to do, Mr. Patterson, I’m afraid… Actually, I checked your timetable, and you aren’t scheduled for work right now. I… I took Ms. Portman’s shift… How long have you been doing those little agreements? You can’t work more than seven hours a day. That’s a matter of security. You know that. Ms. Portman should, too. I’m calling her back right now. Go home when she’s here. I’ll come back when you’re rested. We need to have a serious discussion. What about? Last year’s crash. Finally, I get to see it with my own eyes… Chichén Itza. Chicken pizza? No, silly! It’s “Itza,” not “pizza”! Now I’m hungry. Let’s see what they have around. Feels different to be back in Mexico for fun, rather than business. Oh… I remember that trip well… You had that big contract to sign, and… Let’s just say, you were a bit short-tempered… I can’t believe I never took the time to visit this seventh world wonder back then. I still don’t get it… How did those journalists know all this stuff? Guess there’s only one way to find out… I need to call them up and ask them myself. Ah, I hate talking on the phone… Excuse me, is this the Snuggford Post? I would like to speak to your journalist Mr. Garcia, please. Yes, I’ll hold. Mr. Garcia? Yes, I’d like to know what your sources were for your article about the crash. The pilot you wrote about is innocent. I need that info, or else he might be serving jail time! All right, thanks. Ms. Jones? Mr. Garcia gave me your number. He said you would have the sources for the Snuggford crash article. You don’t have them, either? Well, there’s one last number to call. I hope this is the one. I’ll call him at the end of my shift. But how did you manage to get some of those details? Like Karen and Kyle’s proposal, for example? Did you hack us? Are you a spy? …Are we being bugged?! I’m going to find out! What? It was in a diary you found in the check-in area? What kind of proof is that?! Now, whose diary could it be? …and as it’s based on the Mayan calendar, it has 365 steps, one for each day of the year. That’s incredible. Come on, let’s take a look at this statue over there! Amber, we need to talk… Look… I know you have feelings for David… And I know they’re stronger than the ones you have for me. I’m going to give you some space. To let you figure out what you really want. At least then, I won’t wind up being disappointed. Clark… It’s not like that… Please, Amber. If you don’t do it for you, at least do it for me. Mr. Patterson? I’m Officer Mickael. Thank you for coming so quickly. Please, come with me. You called the police?! I hate that it has to happen this way, but we need to. But why? I need your deposition about what you were doing the night of the Snuggford Airlines crash, sir. I was here! Working! I know you were. We’re just trying to know why the plane left despite the meteorological station’s warnings. You checked the data… We’re not assuming anything yet. Now come with me, please. What a day! I’m exhausted… I don’t know how long Ethel will buy the whole recovery thing. I think she’s starting to have doubts… But she looks so happy doing this trip! I haven’t been this happy in a while, either. If I stayed in Snuggford, I would have never experienced any of this. And then I would’ve been too weak to do it. This was definitely the best move. Well, I’d better join her before she starts to worry. If the guy in the tower was trying to take on too much work that day… That means I failed as an airport supervisor. I need to take responsibility for this. Hey, don’t say that. I think you’ve always done great! No… I think it was really time for me to retire… When Karen comes back and Kyle is cleared, I’m off for good. I’ll miss working with you. So, so tired… But I’m still no closer to figuring this out… It really must have been someone who was on that flight… But then… …that still doesn’t narrow it down… Okay! So today, everyone has a choice of two excursions. Trip No. 1, a scenic bike ride to the beautiful Chapultepec park, led by Amber. Or trip No. 2, a day at the anthropology museum, led by me. Museum? Museum. Not sure I could manage the bike ride… I guess I’d better go to the museum too, then. Doctor’s orders were to take it easy. Sorry, Amber. You know I’m a sucker for history. Shall we? Don’t worry, Amber. I’ll stick with you. Couldn’t leave my bestie hanging, after all. Thanks, Pamela. I feel like it’s been ages since it’s been just the two of us hanging! Me, too! I asked Fabio several times, but he’s kind of possessive… Anyway, let’s show off our wonderful stewardess uniforms in town! Hey, Amber… I just wanted to say thanks. For everything you’ve done for us on the trip so far. You’re always rushing around, looking after everyone. It’s really made a big difference. Oh… Well, thank you, sir. I don’t know how you keep up with it all. I’d be stressed out after the first day! You learn to cope with it all, after a while… I mean, at home, I’ve got an old drum kit to help me unwind. Oh, you play drums? Whenever I get the chance! It used to belong to my father. That’s lovely… Adrian, you received a letter from a journalist. There’s a picture of a diary and a note: “Please stop saying we invented our story.” So that’s the diary he got his information from! I’m going to dig into this… Let’s see, hmm… I’m sure I’ve seen that writing somewhere before… But where? There aren’t many places in the world where you can get a view like that. It’s incredible… My mom’s always wanted to come here… Speaking of the devil. Hi, Mom. How’s your trip been going so far? Are you any closer to telling your friends the truth about what happened with your diary? There’s never going to be a right time, Amber. And the longer you leave it, the harder it’ll be. I know it’s hard, but you have to… Okay… Take care, sweetie. She’s just like her father. Always trying to delay the inevitable! Tell me if you need a break, honey. Yeah, let’s enjoy the view… Have you ever seen anything so beautiful? Why did we wait so long to do this? Because I had it all wrong… My priorities. My life. The whole thing, start to finish. I’m sorry, Ethel. Don’t be. We can still make up for lost time. All the money in the world can’t buy a view… like… Faith!? FAAAITHHH! Oh no… Her pulse is steady, but it’s weak. Breathing, labored at best… We need to get her to a hospital, fast! Is there anything she needs to take with her? N-Not that I can think of… Oh! Her pills! Phew! I’ve got every bit of handwriting I could find… Logbooks, inventories, crew rosters… Now all I need to do is compare it to our photo… The things I do for my friends. I think we can exclude Justin and Karen. Their writing is too illisible to be the one on the picture. Could it be Elise?! Hmm, no, it’s not quite the same. Pamela’s writing is way bigger and more rounded. Come on Adrian, you’ll find whose diary it is. Finally, a match! So, let’s see. Who’s the guilty party…? Amber?! No! It can’t be… Faith! Where are your pills?! I threw them up… What…? But you need them! You know what the doctors said… Without them, you’ll die! Ethel, calm down. Faith needs to breathe. I lied to you… The doctors wanted me to continue the chemo… This… is no way to live. I just wanted… to give you one… last trip. Why, Faith? WHY?! Please… forgive me… Doc… I… don’t want to go to the hospital. I… know the rules… And… I’ve made my decision… What’s going on? Oh my god! Faith! Clark, you’ve got to do something! You can’t just leave her there! I’m not planning on it. I’m calling an ambulance. At least then, she’ll have the choice when it gets here. Damn! No signal. You stay here. See if there’s anything she needs… If there’s any change at all, give a holler. I don’t understand, Faith… Why? The tests… The surgeries… The doctor’s appointments… The anxiety… That’s… no life… And that’s… not fair… on you… Faith! I’m the one who decides what’s fair on me! And I decide what’s fair…on me… Amber’s diary… She must be aware… Why didn’t she tell the crew anything? I’d better check the security camera to be sure… Ah! There we go! Her suitcase wasn’t closed properly! That’s how the diary fell out! I need to call Amber! Is there anything I can get you? Anything you need? Water… Don’t leave me, Faith… Please… What am I going to do without you…? I love you so much… I love you too, my love… Stay with me. Hold on… You are… the most beautiful… thing… That happened… in… my life… Faith… Faith, no… Stay with me! Faith! Faith!! FAITH!! Faith… — CHAPTER FIVE — / Subscribe, please Excuse me? I was wondering… It feels like we’re missing a few people. I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news, sir. One of our passengers, Faith, passed away earlier today. Ethel, her wife, and Clark, the doctor, had to stay behind… I can’t imagine how Faith’s parents must feel… I feel awful about what happened to Faith… Do you think we could do something to remember her by? Let’s put our heads together. You were right, Amber. Having Clark on board really was a good idea. Yeah, without him, help wouldn’t had come so soon. Even if it was too late… Hey… I couldn’t help but hear what you said earlier, about Faith… Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, sir… You’d never know she was so ill, looking at her… Just two days ago, she was so full of life when we were talking about this trip. She really lived her life to the fullest… She’s an example of bravery to me. She fought until the end. You all did everything you could. Thank you for that. And thank you for Faith. Oh no… W-What’s wrong, honey? M-my water… It’s broken! B-But I’m nowhere near forty weeks! Is the baby going to be okay?! The baby! It’s…coming! But we just left Clark in Machu Picchu! Hang on, Elise. Come with me. Pamela, look after the kids. James, it’s happening now! Okay, Elise! You’re doing great! Breath and PUSH! I AM PUSHING!!! You’re the best mom in the world! You can do it! Let’s give birth to this baby pixel! I see the head! Come on! It’s the final level!! Okay Elise, let’s go for the high score!!! Can I give up? You’re almost there, my love. Congratulations, Elise! It’s a girl! You did it, honey! You did it… A perfect baby girl… Even if she did show up a bit earlier than expected! Elise had WHAT?! I-Is she okay? What about the baby? They’re fine, we think. But the baby’s premature, so we have to take her to the hospital as fast as we can. Okay, Amber! Focus on reassuring the passengers. We’ll call the next airport! This is Snuggford 151, requesting clearance for emergency landing. Change course… Change course… Come on, Justin. You know this. Just update the autopilot… Permission granted, Snuggford. Why can’t I remember how to do this?! Roger control… Coming in for landing with one extra passenger on board. Requesting an ambulance on standby. Elise and her family went to the hospital, but they’re going to be okay… A brand new baby, born on one of our flights… You did a great job, Amber. Yes. Congratulations, Amber. I don’t know what we’d do without you. Sorry if I’m interrupting, but I’ve got an idea. Why don’t we each light a candle? To remember the dearly departed and celebrate new life? I think that’s really sweet. We could organize this tonight. I’ll order the candles. …It might be a cliché, but when you step on our plane, you’re not just a passenger… To us, you’re part of the family. No matter the cards you’re dealt, you need to get out there and grab life by the horns! I hope Faith’s at peace, because that’s what I’d like to give to her today… Rest in peace, Faith. We’re sending all of our love to you, and the little girl that was just born. To Faith. And to Elise’s newborn. You can’t make it, either? But… it’s my wedding… I understand… I guess things aren’t going quite as well as you hoped… Maybe holding a wedding on the other side of the world wasn’t such a good idea after all… I know my sister would have pulled it off, too! Sounds like you and your sister have some history… My sister’s always done everything my parents asked of her, and they love her for it… If you spoke to them, you wouldn’t even know they had another daughter… “Great job, Karen.” “You made us proud, Karen.” That’s all I wanted to hear… We’re ALL proud of you, Karen… No matter what your parents think. This has been such an incredible trip… We’ve been to so many places, each one totally different from the last. There’s something about seeing the world that really moves you. Something spiritual, almost. It’s like we’re on a real adventure… And we’re not even finished! What’s the story between you two, anyway? Who? That girl! Amber, isn’t it? Come on, David… I’m not stupid… You could cut the tension between you two with a knife. Amber is… She’s an old friend. And we’ve kind of been arguing since we left for this trip… How come? Oh… Just stupid little things, really. I… I gotta go. Well, if you won’t tell me the truth… I guess I better find out for myself. Hey, Amber… How’s things? Oh, hey, Ashley. I’m good, thanks… Just a bit tired. These trips sure keep you busy! I bet… Look, I don’t want to go poking my nose around, but… Is there something going on between you and David? I’m just confused, because you two seemed really close at the start of the trip… But now… Oh, no, we’re… just friends. I guess with Elise being off work, I just haven’t had time to chat! You can tell me the truth, Amber. I don’t mind… I just need to know. It’s just that I like David… and I don’t want to come between you two. Ashley, please… Don’t worry. You won’t be. If you want to go for David, I won’t get in your way. Hey. Hey, you! Where’s Pamela? I said, where is she?! I don’t know. Hey Amber, are you okay? Yeah… I’m fine. Don’t worry. That’s it! I’ve had enough! Either you tell me where she is, or else… Or else what?! Fabio…? Enjoy… Finally… Pamela! Where have you been?! Forget that, Fabio… Why were you threatening my friend?! Because that two-faced bimbo is trying to come between us! She’s jealous of what we have. She’s a manipulative little… ENOUGH!! Fabio, Amber is my friend! Don’t talk about her like that! Okay, baby, okay… I’m sorry. Let’s not do anything hasty. No… I see… I see it all now. The seat upgrade… The bottle of wine… You’ve been using me. Amber’s not the one who’s trying to manipulate me… You are! Fabio. We’re through. We’ll see about that… I just don’t see how I’m going to fix things this time… Everything I’ve tried to put right… has just gone wrong… Pamela’s relationship is in a mess… Neither David nor Clark are talking to me anymore… And then there’s the whole diary thing… I still haven’t had the guts to own up to Karen… And this childhood picture of me that I found… I don’t know what to think anymore… I guess I just feel a bit alone. You’re not quite as good to talk to as Sushi, are you…? Maybe it’s the language barrier… Do you think I involved myself too much in Pamela’s relationship? She’s my friend. I hate to see her being mistreated like this. I hope she understands that. To be honest with you, I miss Elise, too… We used to spend a lot of time together. It feels empty without her. Do you feel lonely too, buddy? I’m here if you need me. Hey, Amber… Can we talk? Oh… Okay. I guess you’ve been talking to Ashley…? About what? Oh, nothing! So what did you want to talk about? I guess I just realized I’ve been a bit too distant lately… How have you been holding up? To tell the truth… not so good. From the stress of the Kyle thing… …To what happened to Faith, everything just feels really… tense. Kind of wish I had some sweets… Sweets? Remember when we were kids? When your father would leave on a trip and you didn’t know when he would be back… …I always used to come around to visit, and bring you some sweets. Yes, I remember! We’d eat them hidden in our tree house, so Mom wouldn’t yell at us! It always cheered me up… It was nice, just knowing someone was there for me. Nothing’s changed, Amber… If you need me, I’m here. You know that, don’t you? Hey, we’re actually even now, Justin! You helped me adjust my chair, and I helped you with an emergency landing! Great. If having your back in an emergency isn’t enough to let you trust me, Justin, what will? Look, Justin, do you have a problem with me? I’ve had my share of men, you know, who can’t accept women being pilots! So if that’s the case, please, just say it! I had to fight all the way to become an air force pilot. And I can tell you, they don’t joke around in the military! No, no, Madelyn! Calm down! It’s… not about you. It’s just this whole situation. I know you’re a good pilot, but it’s hard for me to trust someone at this moment… Someone betrayed us, saying all those terrible things about Kyle… I just don’t know if I can trust you… I think you need to focus. I’m not asking you to trust me yet… just to respect me. Can we try to enjoy these last moments piloting together? Yeah, I think I can do that. Hey Amber! Have you had time to visit the temple yet? Not yet! I was thinking of heading there after work. Once I get some free time. It’s a tough job… Long hours, spent away from home… Must be tough, being away from the family. I manage to see my mother from time to time! She was used to my father not being around, since he traveled a lot for work. Sometimes I’d only see him once a year. Ah, I see… She sounds like a very independent woman. Oh, definitely… Ever since Dad left, she’s kind of been running the family farm on her own. Amber, I… I don’t think I’ve seen him since I turned eight years old… He was a geologist, so he was always out on trips. But when we lost my little brother… Amber, please… …That was the last we saw of him… I’m very lucky to have a mother like her. I wouldn’t be a flight attendant if it wasn’t for her. Amber, really, I… Hey, Amber. Can you give me a hand? Well, I guess that’s that. No more planning for me. I’ve called off the wedding. You’ve… called it off?! But… why?! After what happened with Faith… It made me realize… I don’t need a dream wedding. We could get married in a backyard shed, for all I care. All I want is Kyle. This is all because of that stupid story! It’s not fair! I hate whoever leaked our private life to the press! I know, Pamela. But now I can focus on the trip and make sure everything else goes well. How can I tell them the truth…?! Can I help you, sir? Yes! I’m looking for specific relics for a museum… You wouldn’t have happened to see them, did you? Hmm… No, but I can help you find them. You’re right. They belong in a museum. Adrian? Everything’s okay? Oh you know about my diary… What? You saw who took it?! No, the crew doesn’t know yet… I didn’t have the courage to tell them… I know it’s not my fault, but… Yeah, you’re right. Thanks, Adrian. But how do we break the news? We’re running out of time. The trial starts tomorrow, and we’re still no closer to figuring anything out. If something doesn’t change soon, Kyle… Kyle will… We’re not going to let that happen. There must be something we can do to clear Kyle’s name! Any ideas, Amber? Yeah! You always know how to handle desperate situations! I… Amber? I… I’m sorry, guys. I’m all out of ideas… Hello, Mr. Patterson. Adrian. So, what did you tell the policemen? Well, I told them the truth… I shouldn’t have been working that day… I’m going through a divorce and I can’t bear being at home… I do all I can to stay at work as much as possible. Why didn’t you say so? We could have worked out a new schedule, or… I didn’t want to bother anyone. And it almost caused the death of dozens of people… When I saw the news about the crash, I didn’t say a word. I was too afraid. I was wrong. And what’ll happen to you? I’m fired. I can’t work as an air controller for five years, and I’ll need a psychological follow-up. I see. I’m really sorry it has to end this way. It’s okay. I know it was my fault. I am going to tell the media that Kyle is innocent. I… I have to tell you something. The reason why the media knew so much… It’s because they read my diary… And you’re only telling us now?! See? I told you. You can’t trust anyone. Okay, I need some time… Amber! What’s going on? I just… I mean, it’s a lot to explain… I have plenty of time. I know it wasn’t my fault, but I should have told them way sooner! Why did you keep it to yourself this whole time? I thought I could handle it alone… There’s no harm in asking for help, Amber. I know, but… From what I saw during this trip, I think you can count on your friends. You’ve always been kind of a loner, haven’t you? …And due to the employee’s confession, Kyle’s name has been cleared. We’ll be strengthening our employee monitoring program in the future. Excuse me, Mr. Patterson! Can we get a comment? I have nothing more to say. … But I do. Who are you? My name’s Adrian. I’m an ex-flight attendant, now security worker. You just FOUND a diary lying around… And you twisted it to make a story. You didn’t care about the truth… You were just trying to get an exclusive! You falsely accused a pilot of a terrible accident without any proof! Do you realize what you’ve done?! Amber? Are you okay? The whole crew seems tensed up… No, I’m okay. Don’t worry. It’s just temporary. Okay. By the way… Amber, I wanted to tell you, that guy with the gray hair… I think he’s… I know. I think we both have a lot to tell each other. Since when did you know?! I figured it out earlier today. I know this sounds crazy… It’s not. It took me days to recognize him, too. He changed so much in…what, ten years? Sixteen, now. — CHAPTER SIX — / Subscribe, please Hey, guys… I wanted to apologize for not telling you sooner about the diary… Amber… No, let me finish, Pamela, please. It’s important. I was afraid of your reaction… But that’s no excuse for lying to you. I’ll understand if you don’t trust me anymore. We were a bit hard on you. You didn’t deserve it. Looking back, even if you told us, there’s not much we could’ve done. I’m just sad you thought you couldn’t trust us back. Because you can. I’m not mad at you. Just at that journalist. If I find him… Oh, guys, you’re here! Did you see the news?! Kyle’s been proven innocent! “The true story of the Snuggford crash.” Hmm… An air traffic controller admitted to causing it… And Kyle’s completely off the hook! I can’t wait to see Kyle again! Finally! I’m glad we can put this behind us! Now let’s fly to RIOOO! Why did you invite me here? You don’t need to pretend anymore. …Dad. You changed so much since last I saw you… I barely recognized you. Listen, Amber, I really wanted to talk about it with you… Why did you wait all these years?! I was ashamed… When your brother passed away, I was in Australia on work. I couldn’t be there for him… And I just couldn’t forgive myself. I just felt like our family had fallen apart… Nothing would be like before… We needed you, Dad. I know… I fell into a deep spiral. I needed professional help. The recovery took so long… I learned to let go of this guilt. But I was too afraid of your reaction after all these years… That’s why your mom bought me the ticket for this trip… We decided it was time to find out. What? Mom knew? Actually…that’s nice of her. I think I see a few things now. I kept a picture of you on my keyring, you know. I used to look at it every day. My little drummer girl’s a smart, beautiful woman now. I’m so happy to have you back again, Dad… Hey! HEY YOU! Get me some wine. You’ll need to pay for that. The airline offers only one glass per traveler. Are you refusing me any privileges…? You are a passenger like all the others, sir. No special treatment. Why, Pammy? After all we’ve been through together? Sir, I think you’ve had quite enough to drink already. If you’d like anything else before we arrive, please let me know. Pamela, we need to talk. Fabio’s just a jerk. I sure hope Karen sees it that way… I really need this job. Don’t worry. Stay with me. It’ll be fine! Can’t your shift just last forever? What am I going to do, Amber? Karen’s going to think this is all my fault… I should have listened to you sooner… I should have realized he was toxic. You’re not the one to blame, Pamela. He’s the one who manipulated you. But now I might lose my job for going out with a passenger! Fired…? But… who told you that? Fabio. He said relationships with passengers are banned… So… why wasn’t I fired ages ago? Fabio lied to you, Pamela. He’s trying to isolate you. To make you rely on him. He picked the wrong girl to mess with. Okay, Rio is definitely my favorite city in the world! Oh, it’s from James! Mother and baby, both doing fine! Thanks again for the help, Amber! Aww, that’s so good to hear! And he sent a picture, too! She has her father’s eyes and her mother’s smile. What a little beauty! Juno.exe Hmm? What’s this? An app? Thought you might want to be one of the first in the world to try my new game! It’s called Juno. Bet you can’t guess what we’ve named our baby… He named his game after her! That’s so sweet! Maybe someone ought to make me a game character, too! Send them back a picture of Rio! It’s so awesome here! Karen… I need to come clean. I…was in a relationship with Fabio. Tell me something I don’t know. You weren’t being as discreet as you thought. But let me get straight to the point. I have something important to tell you. Since he got on board, I’ve felt that something was off about Fabio. His face reminded me of someone else… So I did some digging, and I found out that he is a professional thief. Fabio was just an alias. What?! He seduces flight attendants to avoid being caught at airports, and to enjoy some first-class privileges… You aren’t the first to fall into his trap, but you’re gonna be the last! Believe me! I walked into it like the others… He won’t get away with it! The police are on their way, but I need you to keep him quiet. I think I can handle that. See, I knew you’d come to your senses, babe! Now, about our plans for tonight… Freeze! Honey, what are you doing?! Tell them they got the wrong guy, babe! I’m not your babe, Fabio… Sorry, but you messed with the wrong girl. How are you feeling? Better, now that Fabio’s in jail. At least now he can’t hurt anyone else… Hi, Ethel! It’s good to hear from you. How are you holding up…? Don’t be silly! Of course I can. It’s no trouble at all. How is she? About as well as we could hope… Clark and Ethel are hanging around to deal with the formalities. She was just asking if we could take some photos. She was just asking if we could take some photos. (GT) She told me Faith always wanted to see the statue of Christ the Redeemer. You’re a good friend, Amber. Hey! I wanted to see how you’re doing. I spoke with Ethel on the phone this morning… I’m good. Ethel is strong, she will manage…And how are you doing? …so it turned out my dad had been on the trip the whole time… I just hadn’t realised it. Really?! I’m really glad for you, you must be thrilled to see him again, after all these years. Maybe one day, you’ll get to find your family too. I hope so… Listen, Clark… I think I owe you an apology… …I’ve been sitting on the fence for far too long, because I’ve been struggling with my feelings… It’s OK, Amber. I understand. I know you have feelings for David… …and like I said, I’m not going to stand in your way. I’m going to miss you, Clark. I’ll miss you too, Amber. Thank you. For everything you did. For me, for Elise, and for everyone. You okay? I told Clark how I really felt about David… You finally came clean…? That was a big decision. But now you can go after David with a clear conscience. It’s carnival time, people! Are you ready? Carnival? I completely forgot! That’s right! I want to see everyone dressed for the occasion! I’m not sure sequins are my style. Oh, but you must! You’ll stick out like a sore thumb if you don’t go all out! Oh no! I totally forgot to pack my favorite dress! Don’t worry, Pamela. You’ll look gorgeous whatever you’re wearing. I have an idea! Come on, Amber, you’ll have to help me brush up before tonight! There it is! It’s all coming back to me now! Come on Amber, let me show you the moves! I think I’ll stick to the drums! I’m going to see if I can find a drum kit for tonight’s party! This is it! Are you ready to party? I must have two left feet… I’m starting to get the hang of this! Last night was incredible! It really showed you a different side of Rio… The bright lights, the colors… And the costumes! Something on your mind, Amber? A problem shared is a problem cut in half… It’s not like that, Dad… Besides, it’s kind of personal… Someone you like? You could say that… It’s David. That David?! Yes, I’ve realized that… I had romantic feelings for him… You know he’s always been there for you. I think he really cares for you. You shouldn’t let it go to waste… You’re right. I don’t want to have any regrets! The more you wait, the more time you’ll waste. Take it from someone who knows. By the way, Dad, would you like to meet the crew tomorrow? They’d be happy to get to know you! I’d love to, honey. It would be my pleasure! He’s right. I’ve stalled for too long. I need to tell David the truth. A-Ashley! What are you… I-I thought you wanted to? I do! I mean, I would… But… I thought we had something special, David… You’re an incredible person, Ashley. And I love spending time with you! But… …I guess I just never really saw our relationship in that way. But… why?! How did I get it so wrong…? I’m sorry, Ashley. It’s not you. Really, it isn’t… I didn’t mean to hurt you, Ashley. I guess I just didn’t realize you felt that way. It’s Amber, right? Ashley, please, wait! Justin, is everything okay with Madelyn? Yes, very good. She’s an excellent pilot! I thought I heard about some complications at the start… It’s just that Justin feels lost without Kyle! Hey, everyone! I would like to make an announcement! I’d like to introduce you to…my father!! WHAT?! Hello, sir. What do you do for a living, Mr. Hope? Please, call me Ben. Actually, I’m a geologist. To sum it up, I study rocks. But over the last few years, I’ve had to have some… time out, to deal with some personal matters. Sounds like someone else I know. Madelyn, wait! I wanted to apologize. For doubting you. You really helped me out back there… And you didn’t try and rub my face in it, like I did to you. Now that I know Kyle’s a free man, I’m feeling better. I can think more clearly now. So… I’m sorry. Apology accepted, Justin. Let’s just put it behind us. It’s a real shame you’ll be leaving us soon. Yeah… I imagine Kyle will be wanting his old job back. Who knows? If things had been different, we could’ve been a great team. Maybe our paths will cross again in the future. I hope so. Guys… Thank you. I don’t know how you did it, but I’m forever in your debt for clearing my name. Don’t mention it. You’d have done the same for us. I still can’t believe that whole story was plucked out of a diary entry… I hate fake news! Why didn’t I tell David sooner?! After waiting all this time, I can’t blame him for choosing someone else… I hope Ashley will make him happy. You okay, Kyle? You seem a little nervous. Lost in your thoughts? That doesn’t sound like you. Is there anything wrong? No, not at all. You know, when I heard I might go to jail, the first thing that crossed my mind was that I didn’t have the time to marry Karen. Before that, the whole idea of getting married made me nervous. And don’t get me wrong, I love Karen. But you were afraid of being chained to her, I guess? Exactly. But now, I feel relieved. I know I’m making the right choice. As soon as Karen comes back from Rio, I’ll take her to the nearest city hall to marry her. You know, I heard Rio’s quite a nice spot… Angela? Yes, it’s Amber! How are you? Yes, everyone loves your outfits! Besides, I wanted to suggest something… Yes!! That would be great, wouldn’t it? A fashion show featuring your outfits! The passengers would be delighted! Okay, I’ll set up the stage! See you later! Hello everyone, and welcome to the inaugural Snuggford Airlines fashion show! I’m your gracious host, Angela Napoli, and also the designer of the wonderful dresses you’re about to see. And that concludes our fashion show! Give it up for your Snuggford flight attendants! I can’t believe it’s almost over… But what a trip it’s been. The journey of a lifetime. Oh, Karen! Did you think about your wedding any more? Not yet… But I’m looking forward to talking it over with Kyle, over a cup of hot chocolate at home. Right now, though, I need to find something to take back for Hank… But what would he like? I’m sure you’ll find something nice for him at the market! Thanks. I’ll take a look. I’ll come with you! I’d better clean all of this up before we go. And now, the end of a beautiful adventure. Thank you all for showing up and providing excellent work! Now let’s go back to Snuggford! Thanks to you too, Karen. Surprise! But how…? Karen. With this story, I realized that only one thing was important to me, and that’s you, my love. I want us to get married, no matter what, no matter where. I… I… Karen Scottfield… Will you marry me tonight? Yes! I do! I now pronounce you husband and wife! Long live the newlyweds! So tell me, how was the trip? I’m sorry I let you down like this. It wasn’t your call, Kyle. Don’t worry. And to be honest, Madelyn really did great. Justin, I have to tell you something. I’m thinking about quitting. What?! Like I said, I’d like to settle down for once. I don’t want to be a pilot anymore. So I finally get to meet this Kyle guy Justin can’t stop talking about! Hey, Kyle. It’s nice to see you again. I wanted to congratulate you one more time. I’m so happy for both of you! Thank you, Amber. Hey, Mom! Sure, no problem. I’ll make dinner for tomorrow night. I have so much to tell you! And I met a wonderful person… No, Mom! Not a boyfriend! All right. See you tomorrow, then! Soooo… Ready for our next trip? Of course I’m ready! I’m sure our next one will be even more exciting! Discover more cultures around the world, meet great people… Or love interests? I don’t know, but I’m looking forward to new, greater adventures! I know you missed him a lot, but Sushi took it in stride. You called your fish Sushi?! It’s nice to have a family moment together again. Hello? Oh, lord! I’ll be right there! Granny’s at the hospital…

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