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lets see if my tongue can stop it yeah eww sorry lex look like you need to get a new one so i have to doge the spikes Shawn do you know how do say on backwards NO Whats up FGTBERS yeah we are here today with our Twizzler water and we’re gonna check out some FIDGET SPINNERS right yeah do you want to know oh you don’t fidget spinners right yeah do you want to know oh you don’t you don’t want you just want to drink your Twizzlers straw all right so should we get Lexie this yeah like day Blackie oh oh you spill water on four oh yeah you make him yeah now you have to drink it from the table like this Wow lack day Oh ditch get wet sees but nah he’s a menu this is my daughter’s don’t know fdtd wekki yeah well what do you got there lex a fidget spinner how does it work so basically you have to hold sound so you someone in the back and two fingers on the front and you get your other fingers and spin it and that’s like a little toy use right people are just like for attention and just focusing get it plus four duckies yep i can do tricks like with my thumb and stuff oh that’s neet what else can you do oh well it’s like almost sideways if you don’t have one of these you get one for free ask me how how because just us to go on your ass or Google Play and look we download yeah yeah like twizzalers here you can throw it in there yeah oh you know what you to Jack I’ll throw it already are yeah now your water’s so clear I’m a rapper you know yeah here you go email oh you don’t want you to Jack your home or yard yeah yeah like wizards here’s your winning deal yeah oh your water to play out yeah we’re winning here oh you want you to dr. Lurie yard yeah yeah here you go India yeah wow you are so chaos well I went down loaded like five of the coolest visits spinnerets I could find and Shawn you don’t want to see them have you said yeah why you still leaving first one is fidgets spinner you want to check this out alright so here you want you select a little spinner I’m gonna get it hold on seoeon whichever ones because that’s my favorite color let’s shall watch lecture we’ll see if we could do it so how do you play this one Bridget what your current best is one good job I think we have to tap all look at the tap to see how many times you can keep it in the air you won’t play okay you look like you tap your a shine go get it

Default free download apps gamesget it oh oh Sean best is one this I don’t know I think if it doesn’t feel very fidgety does it feel fidgety it doesn’t feel like a fidget spinner game right yeah that rule that’s one I have watch games yeah it is ill why would I want it like doodle jump tip of sing like doodle jump that’s correct so maybe that was not so good how about this one where you going okay let’s see what this one is this is easy yes correct too slight to throw to the target oh you got different digits here oh is it a Batman I’m gonna roll with Batman slide the throat oh oh and that thing moves it okay aunt oh so you have to get that circle to hit that circle oh you have hearts ready in one two three go yeah you’re good at this straight cute you factorio technically I like this one a little bit I thought we’re so far away like there should be a little tiny baby here but he’s gone hmm I see you sitting over there that one yes look look at Lex you do oh not like you got that one now you have to try to get it oh you got the heart you got an extra life oh this is a Lego piece you can’t eat Legos you could spit them at people oh don’t don’t put Legos in your mouth so close you’re close yeah Shawn do you wanna try oh no oh oh oh let’s not but Legos in your mouth what to drink like oh my gosh you almost did it yeah almost what did this one yeah it is woogie in this way to Louise laughs oh yeah go that way go this way oh you did it yeah yeah yes okay ready one two three now yeah we got to Shawn try again watch it go Oh you gotta I tore so far they won Chitra go ahh Oh better luck next time what do you think about that game that’s kind of cool yeah that was better than the first one right let’s try this neck oh you want get down yeah I think you need fidgets because you’re very you don’t have a lot of attention he’s so doofy and cute I brought some extra clothes in my pocket in case of violence oh my goodness oh yeah I’m totally gonna eat that one how about you come here puppy you are dead you’re dead buzzing go get

1 free download apps gamesyou are dead you’re dead buzzing go get it go get this is this good all right so we got a spinner here when we just spin you got numerous well you have to record clustered more spinach so there’s damping and spinner mass I’m not really sure oh and then bonus I guess you could have locked some in here Allen you watch that a new one yeah you do okay so much the choice I elect babies first a little shrimp you’re so tiny spring charge 300 record go go do something oh yes 68 go spin spin spin spin over playing with LEGOs now yeah I think you definitely need fake it go go go – spoon I know I’m a boss so think you did so this is so right now my spins is 180 for my total spins now in the 300 it’s not very challenging right my nose is itching q just like whoa whoa what’s this bonus spinner you’ve unlocked the Rainbows but oh sorry sorry buddy go go do something how do I ask 500 already you one block and another bonus minute I got you shunned and distracted kitties about the press to stop record button on the gameplay oh there I am look at that dude Shawn look what will s you doing don’t touch the record but I’m gonna kick you out a game room what’s the most you can do ready I’m gonna time you 1 2 3 4 then 7 now I want to count I stop that for some I got the 9 what yeah Oh twizzler oh you mean this twizzler what do you think about this game it’s just to keep you like here just like focus and stuff read silently so that’s how you can get a free spinner I guess a fidget spin but it’s not the same right now it’s a cookie clipazine you just sit there and just press it this one you’re just sitting here and like what do you think Shawn tell them right there look you feel those people a lot people know they’re not nasty yeah alright let’s see more spinners 233 spins for one time oh wow 555 spins in total active life let’s try this one ready I’m just going to go crazy what does that look like a bunch of beats headphone yeah right what are you doing over there playing Legos don’t touch my Lego dimensions for what knock you up well I’m not your mama dude that’s the thing bunny ah you got bunny rabbit store digital over dinner I mean I know anyway just go for the

free download apps games mean I know anyway just go for the

2 free download apps gamesmean I know anyway just go for the record going for the record whoa it looks different on our gameplay there but look at here does it look like that look help us spin spin spin spin yeah or do you want the bunny rabbit to spin go bunny bunny yeah he does have a bad haircut what do you think about this app I mean I think it’d be cool to told us how to unlock them we’re just guessing whoa whoa whoa bonus spinners you unlock US dollars spinner how I do that 2007 1finity holla holla that’s a year we’re in show us the boss way to spin at that how about you do that I’ll do the real one ready I’m gonna try to do it with the phone in my hand you ready I’m gonna try to spin it with my phone oh look at that or one finger whoa Wow like out it’s like a little ninja star I’m trying to break my phone out does this spin on the table we’ll look your dad what are you you poopy cook it’s still going by let’s see if it can still go while Shaun finish this pooping go short quick oh let’s see if you’re done oh my goodness I don’t even have to check your bus dude it stinks oh my goodness is that chase man uh can you just smell Sean but real quick just smell that good figs I think we’re done with this one all right let’s see and oh oh oh you unlock the tentacle spinner legs spin spinners for three to six times wow that’s cool so we have lock like five things but there’s still a bunch more but they don’t tell you how to get it that’s what stinks we have digits Innerspace versions all right so what’s this about to me do we go to here Lex you try tell us tell us all about it music off gotcha I stopped you from dancing all right so now oh oh it’s it okay so it doesn’t involve you actually having to do any fidgeting Oh happen I shaved my tongue can stop it yeah dialect looks like you got to get a new one so acid dodge despite oh I’m good at that hard guys watch ya after this okay oh that’s right now after this okay okay why now yeah yes so that’s what this was called are you feeling right okay he’s like how dare you laughing Sean you stink go see mama she’s actually going you’re leaving you go and

3 free download apps gamesactually going you’re leaving you go and see mama I don’t think he knows that open the door he’s pulling what he needs to push now he’s trying to lock it I’m he’s done going to see what you saw mama oh you just got trapped fat stay in the middle oh I got 2265 let me try one more time oh I think eight twelve are you about your chest so you just have to tap retro where’s your queen Sean okay you could tap that you’ll stay in the middle ah when you’re in the middle started that fast yeah I’m a factor oh you want I want a guy come on don’t shy with cheese restart Oh Shawn go tap it touch it quick son chocolate base on touch son touch too late we’re in the ad now son I love Ajay again here we go Joe about to be happy there come on let’s have you my score so what you’re doing over there John you’ll be tripping doll oh why don’t I have a feeling that thing is about to come alive here’s a bit him in the air Oh Shawn what’s going in there Oh oh yeah I just need no damn dab-dab yes I am go dad where’s your mom mom oh my goodness Shan go get him I think Shawn’s afraid of Pikachu alright so that was that game what do you think like that one knows you can’t Oh Shawn you got him oh that was just changed and that one was cool but you can’t change the fidgets spinner color or design get out of here Pikachu I want like different levels to like a different world so this like because it gets old pretty quick right all right now how many more do we have we’ll have one more to try look at this one Wow oh we don’t have any points so we only have what no that’s tax so if you want to see Sean is trying to touch that red button beer which will disconnect our gameplay he’s also trying to pull these wires out her evil I’m sorry you’re not catch I did Oh mommy come change shots but like he needs a whole new butt right that’s your butt back there so I have to hold and drag to see candy wall guys like all the kick asses Snickers look I know Twizzlers no you’re ruining our Lego dimensions so you can’t just break our Lego dimensions characters like Shaq put that back put it back back she just have to hold down the hold button oh you got to get that without touching the bar oh well where is it came to see it oh oh you hit this feeling tonight why I will be like take Zach like an amount of time to hold it hey I got it so what’s that 11 how many times I’ve gotten it it doesn’t restart when you die it should we oh you get two points every time is two points and let’s see wow did you don’t reach it you get to try ganner’s it game a loose boss game over I guess shouldn’t the numbers restart yeah oh you aren’t sure I gave me three points three nights oh maybe that’s like dollars when we get to 200 we can unlock a new fidget oh yeah so we have to get that thing a hundred times that’s a lot what you are up or things like duty bro say I did poopies monkey yep Wow dig wells survival I am shun oh you don’t know it right you can kind of smell once what is right in your face what like sin Shawn say fidget spinner yeah shuffle lazy with the word before syllables not too so you know what it doesn’t even matter if you like hit the top points because yeah you’re just trying to get 200 I guess that’s a look at all the fidget apps what would you say your favorite was it’s kind of hard I think you probably this one other base one this one or the space one yeah I I kind of like the one where you were throwing it trying to catch this circle oh yeah I think that’s my first this one would have been cool if you got like rewarding say your show like stinky this would be cool if you got like rewarded yeah oh so close to getting that and not hitting Department there’s no point just just counts if every time you get it so you killed soupy he killed Lego dimensions Udupi yep kryptonite check this is Superman that’s Cooperman you know any other tricks with this some people can put up balancing on their nose oh that’s great I could do it uh-huh I got it you got a lovely side say don’t listen to Daddy here you guys are perfect guys go for great guys don’t look like your mom thank goodness I kind of do I just like in it for a little longer count count okay ha ha ha one wow gave me a mustache cut cut my beard almost perhaps 40 30 Jay said that we’re not gonna get you on it what you’re talking about over there but 15 is John talking about guys thanks so much for watching check you later peace out good rip up a little box you’re pressing a no button yeah you know how to say the word no John do you know how to say on backwards some say yes some say Dada Dada shun do you love me you were give a kiss ah so nice aren’t you just a nice boy that hurts my leg am ia bad daddy yeah my bad day and what am i bad dad – yeah you like your guy oh yeah you like chase oh gee shun do you like the dude spinners oh oh oh son do you like biggest finish Shawn do you like when I say do you leave off a little Bob Wow brother flowerpot fill it with water then proceed outside do a gigantic parkour jump Bob just kidding with you never glitch now we’re going to make our way to the garden now we got to take out the seed plant it in the ground and then water it and a little tiny poopy tree will grow or something or something like that okay

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