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Hello, everybody! My name is Markiplier, and welcome to a few weird games. Now you all know what “weird games” are all about. They could be scary, they can be funny, Be scary that can be funny, but all in all there just really, really. weird like this game. but all in all… They’re just really, really, weird. Like this game! This first one’s called “Verlet Swing” and… I haven’t played the game, but from what I’ve seen about the game— You know how Spider-Man does his thing with the webs around New York City? *laughing* You… Y-you know… you know… *Markiplier tries to play charades* Where he’s zip-zapping around New York City all… all willy-nilly like, right? Well, imagine he was doing that… but also tripping balls on LSD and I’m pretty sure that’s an accurate summation of what this game is all about! Click to start… …Oh.. huhuh.. Hai-ya-HAHAHAHAHHUAH *Gigglyplier* ugh, God I love it already. I don’t know what the hell happened, and I don’t know what shot out of me, but man, that was surprisingly effective. Alright, Level 2! HUAH! *giggling* I’m sorry. WASD to move— WHOAH Oh wait, I’m not rea—oh, hang on. Wait— whah, I’ve… I’ve really goofed it. Ah… nope. No— up, nope. Ah, sh— —hihihihihit I’m really bad at this. *Inaudible Markimoo Mutterings* Oh— A-haha-ow, my ass. HAAHH— there we go. Okay, now I’m getting the feel of it. Oh, where am I? Ooo-where am I? Oh, it’s so cool, though! Oh, it’s awesome! Oh, it’s awesome. Oh, and the music all— whoops Okay, sorry. ooOOH Can I have a CD? CD!? Nooohohohohoh Ah, haHA! Okay. This. Thing. There. AAAAH, my balls! Hang on. Wait, I gotta get it. *Gigglyplier again* I’m getting it, I think.

Default free game download websitesI’m getting it, I think. WOHat do I grab on to? Your head! Sorry, sir! WAOOH—! Okay, I made it. Oh, this is awesome. Oh, my god Aww, it’s so cool, though. I mean it’s weird as— as heck, but… it’s so cool! Oh, CrankGameplays? *giggles* I didn’t know you were a part of this! WHEEeeeee Oh god, I don’t like the way you’re staring at me. I don’t… ah-OoaAhH I’m sorry! I—did I do that? Oh— Sorry, sorry I didn’t mean for that to happen Euhh, sehh, thre— AHGH *laughs* I tried to thread the gap, I got smashed up on your chin Ohh no Oh noh Oh doh— *laughs* Okay, it’s harder than I thought eeEEEeeEE— I made it! Holy sh— AAAAHH Fhuh-hahahahahaha Ah-I thought I made it Ah—shit! Right on your schnoz. All right, I gotta go over him? Nope. Nah, that ain’t it. Under him… Oh, I gotta wait patiently Ahh Wait patiently. But th— AAAH, God! But that’s ri-god damn-diculous Who waits patiently in this world? I am doing loop-de-loops. Uh oh, uh oh. Well this ain’t good. Hang on. Uhh… *Scream* Ah, come on All right. Come on (x7) I got your number. Oh oh AHHH oh-oh!! YES! I did it! *Crying Mark* I did it. I’m crying, I’m crying. Can you see how cry I am? Oh, buh

1 free game download websitesOh, buh ♪ I’m a little teapot shuUH ♪ AH, WAUH ♪ I’m a little teapot shor— ♪ auh! Oh my god! I’m not gonna make it. Maybe I’m gonna make it? I’m not gonna make it. I’m gonna make it. I’m making it. I made it. Okay *giggles* Oh, I love it. I love it! N-ow, I hate it. I hate it. It’s stupid. *giggling* I hate it. God. It was not me, it’s the game! aUGH! Okay— Pizza!? I AM in New York City! Hurray! *concentration noises* Just gently nudged my shoulder into the victory zone Ohh, weh ooh ah whuh— Ohhhh huhuhuhuhuhuhu I really scrape—! Oohhh, huh-haah I thought I was gonna make it on my first truh. Okay— EIYEEE Okay. It’s fine, it’s fine, it’s fine. Watch this maneuver. You— No, no, no! Ohhhh Ohohokay, too— too far, too far. Too far, I get it. I-I’ve taken this too far. I’ve taken it too far. WOO-hoohoohoohoohoo-eeee Sorry, I just went Goof— No! Pull me back, baby! Pull me back! Ah, okay *giggles* If that had fucked me over, I would have been very pissed. Oh, I thought that was an eyeball. It’s just a friendly CD floating in the sky. I thought it was something— WEEEEIRD Awww Eeeee Oh-hoho God, not good at this uhhhh aw But they’re just leaves That would have been cool if I’d a— Ah… well, that— that would’ve been cool if I would’ve been able to pull that off… which I didn’t.

free game download websites which I didn’t.

2 free game download websiteswhich I didn’t. WHOA, I did! Okay— No! Ayoop-ee Aha Ayoop-ee and a-YOOP-EE Yes— NOOOO Hiyaaaa *sniiiff* Hey, get this, Moa heads! Hiyaaa Hiyaaaahh Oh, you can’t… have none of MEEeeEeEE!!! Okay, made it. It’s so fun! WHOA, where am I? I don’t know, but I made it. Okay, nailed it! I did something cool! For the first time in my life, I did something cool! Wow! You guys are proud of me right? Yea— wooOOOHHH Huh hu hu huh ha ha ha haah *gasp* That’s so cool! I’m sorry, I’m freaking out. I don’t know why. I’m flying… I’m flying! I’m getting the hang of this thing Uh— oh… Oohr, er— no! Oh, okay. We’re fine, we’re fine, we’re fi— Ha-ahhh Gentle, like a summer breeze. Oh, that doesn’t look right oh-AAAA hahaha What is up… my cranky crew? HAAUH What is up— aaaa *quietly giggles* fuck That’s so cool WooOOEEEeeee Oh where am I going? Oh, I see. Oh— AAAHHHH YeeeEEeeeEeeEe Ah, this— I’d… for some reason my— Well! Is that how you’re gonna— Ow Alright, wuuup wooAAAAAHHHHHH Okay, I gotta time this perfectly. I need perfect timing. If I fuck it up even for a moment, I’ll be fucked. Ehh— NOOOOOO

3 free game download websitesNOOOOOO *crying* I would’ve been fine… What if I— what if I go here instead? Ah, this seems like a much smarter way to go. Ah, yeah. That’s… that’s much better. Ayoop… and, I’m… eh, not— oh-eh-oh-eh-oooOOO Yes, yes! YES!!! I did it. Okay, alri— Ah, that’s weird What is that a vibra— Oh, it’s a rocket shi— hihihiha hahaaha ooAAAha AAAAHA I thought you were a vibrator! No, my ride! This is my stop. I’m sorry, please… please leave me— NOOO *wimpers* Everyone, please ignore the fact that I thought a rocket ship was a vibrator. Please, just… if that could be written out of my history— ughh… God, what are you doing— If… if anything Like… just please, just please, give me this one thing That’s all I ask. I ca-uuuOOOHH Eugh Where am I go— Haaah huh HAAA Huh… HAAAAH A-OOoo weEE WOOoo Wee woo, wee woo… Wee-woo! weewoo, weewoo… Wee woo! All right, nailed it *laughs* *gasp* Ahhh hahahaha I love it! I love it, I love it, I love it. Oh my god, I love it. I love it~ Oh, huh— Sorry, sorry… man Sorry, man. You got hit by that. and, a-OOOH More ups, more ups, more ups and the world record for the longest time to complete a level goes to… *fear* Me! Me, please! I’ll take it— Oh, if I’d just— Oh, okay Ah.. *giggles* Aww, that’s it? Aaaahhh Ohhh— Oh wait, no! There’s a level 16? He said it’s pretty hard, though. Well, I’m pretty hard, too *laughing* so I guess… *girly scream* Where am I go— I don’t know what happened oo-wheeee Oh, it’s not hard… Oh, it’s hard. huh NOOOO Come on. Oh, please. NOOOOOO Ow… Okay, it’s pretty hard. Ahh, it’s—fuck. Sorry… It’s hard Hang on— ah, ftsf— it’s really hard! It’s hard guys. Hang on, it’s hard. Guys, did you know that it’s hard? Whoahh, here we go. Ah haah God, it’s hard. Oh, it’s so hard. No one take this out of context. It’s really hard guys. Ahh, I don’t know if I can take it, it’s so hard! Ohoho god. Oh… oh, you guys got to believe in me. Ah, everybody’s got to join in on how hard this is. Oh, it’s so fucking hard. Oh god, I’m sweating. Eh— It’s so hard Ah, man… This level, it’s not very big, but it’s hard— Hang on, wait… Ah, it’s so hard guys. Hang on! Ah, I keep getting stuck in the crack, it’s so hard. Uh, come on, please I don’t want to slam my face into the crack anymore Ow— oh, it’s so hard! *chuckes* I keep getting so close, and then not finishing… But it’s so hard! Hang on, I got an idea What if I swing up this way, to get some speed… Oh, ffff— Nope can’t do that— and then we’re up here now… NEH Ahhh, see? See, I might be on to something. Yaah, yeah, your game ain’t… ain’t your game no more. It’s my game. We’re playing my game now. And then, we do that again… Huuuup Heyyy Ah-ohhhh Yes! I did it, I beat the system. Ah… it was hard, but I cheated. And that’s the life *giggling* story for you. And there you go, that is Verlet Swing but we’re not done yet. That was a goddamn delight. These games are in the description, as always so check them out if you want to play this for yourself and I can’t wait for the full game to get released. That’s fun, that’s fun. Alright. The next one… is, uhhh *Mark mumbles* Oh, I don’t know… *mumbly Mark* I don’t know, you’re gonna find out *giggly Mark* You’re gonna find out what this game is You know those Japanese game shows where you’re— *single exhale of laughter* *breathless giggling* *gasp* Ohh, hohohohoho Hahahah You know Japanese game sh— *giggles* *laughing* *giggles* ♪ I’m a little teapot, short and stout ♪ ♫ Here is my handle, here is my spout♫ *breaks into giggles* *giggles* Alright, okay. I’m sorry, I’m sorry. This is a very serious experience. You know Japanese game shows, where you, uh… You have to— well, not you, unless you’ve been on a Japanese game show like this— where you have to… you have to thread the needle in the— in the obstacle— *laughs* Oh, I’m dead? Ah, I guess I’m a skeleton, so— *Laughing Marki* I did it, I did it guys! Is that blood? Oh, boy— Ughh— Oh, low briidge… *breaks into more laughter* Hang on, wait… hang on, wait. *laughing* I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Uh, I don’t know why this is so funny to me— Hang on, gotta get looow— *increasing laughter* *gasp* How do I get low-ho-ho—? Wait, that’s not righ— *laughter ensues* *sniff* Hang on, that’s not right… Ugh, something’s not right here— *more laughter* How do I make him go low? I can only do so much… Alright, hang on. That’s, uh— I don’t think I’m gonna make this one… Oh, he falls. Oh, he’s fine! He made it— *laughs himself into silence again* Very close? What, did I not make that one? Are you telling me… Are you telling me… Are you telling me… Are you telling me…*giggles* Are you telling me that I didn’t make that one? Very amazing clear? Oh, cuz my hands didn’t make it. Oh, that’s a… that’s a narrow gap. Hang on— *giggling again* Haah, I’ll bring the knees forward for this one. I said I gotta bring the kn— never mind. I gotta— okay, wait. Let’s do it the other way, then. Let’s bring the— *laughs* Let’s bring the ankles in if we can’t bring the knees forward. *giggling* I’ll j— Hang on, we gotta… gotta go into a— a nice prayer pose… They call this w— one, upward dog… and get that head tucked down… Roll the back— *laugh* It’s like an airplane! *giggles* *airplane noises* Ahh, juhhhh— There we go! And, boop! WHY? Oh, no! Oh, I’m sorry… *laughing* Did I make it? You made it! *laughing* Ehh, sorry, it’s not that funny… Ahh, it’s a swui-cle! *laughing* Oh, this one’s easy right? Just gotta bring these in… and bow with respect. There we go— I gotta stop twisting him. That’s what’s snapping the spine in half. Straight down— There we go. Just a nice bow— *laughing* *laughing* Nice try… Ah, I’m sorry. It’s cuz I wasn’t, uh… cuz I wasn’t, uh, bent at the knees. I gotta bend at the knees. There we go, there we go, yeah. Bend slightly at the knees… Ah, that’ll do it. That’ll do— *laughter* Oh, I didn’t… I didn’t make anything Well tried *laughing* Somethin tells me that’s not true. Something tells me that’s very much not true. Okay, alright, so I gotta somehow… Okay, what if we bring these forward instead of back? Yes… like a velociraptor. There we go— Nope, that ain’t right either. Okay, wait. Gotta have me tilt forward at just the right time… Okay— *giggles* All right. What if we’re going at it backwards, y’know? Ah, uh, oh It does not want to go backwards It d—aah, id-eh— Come on… Come on, little baby boy Come on, you… you scamp There we are. We’re right here, just please believe in me. I believe in you, so why don’t you believe in me? Okay, fine. If you’re gonna be like that… Okay— Oh, you’re gonna give me attitude now? Welp, that’s not right— There we are. That’s what I like to call correct. Okay, we’re gonna go on some sort of a d— waaAAAHHHH? I dunno wha— Where’d your head go? *giggles* All right, here we go Lean, dive… Yes! Yes! Yes! No… no? Yes! I made it! Oh, this game’s a Goddamn delight. Oh, that’s not right. All right, bend, *stifles giggles* twist, and shout. Nope, that’s… I would have had that if I’d just go the other way, I thi— I— OHHHH the other way. *laughs* The other way, yeah— Oh no, that’s… that’s not right either. Hang on, wait. I’ll find the correct angle… to dangle I think… I think it’s just fundamentally something’s going flawed with my— Here we go, let’s just— AHHHH *many laughs* I made it! Ah, I can’t believe that worked! Here I am trying to over complicate things. Dang, guh-guh *giggles* WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!? What the fuck? Ahh, uhh EAUHHH Ha— Oh, nothing. How the fu— *laughs* OHH NOOO *more laughs* All right. Anyway… I’m gonna end this one here. Uh, I’m laughing too hard I’m not actually playing the game. But, uh, you— if you wanna… continue playing this one you can find it in the description below. Oh man. God, that’s funny. Alright. H-aww right. So… Welcome to… Breakfast at the Cemetery: Bone Appeh-tee-tay (in game voice: Breakfast at Cemetery) *Mark chuckles a bit*(in game voice: Breakfast at Cemetery) Sorry, Breakfast AT Cemetery, not THEE Cemetery. So this game is another… Ske— Oh… Oh no Ohhh, no *laughs* Oh nooo Hi? Oh, hello. *laughs* Hey. *sniff* Hello everyone. My name is Boneface. Great. As a skeleton, it’s my job to be spooky and rattle dem bones. *giggles* It’s a tough job as you can imagine so I have to make sure have a good breakfast every day so I have enough energy. A good breakfast is essential. Regrettably, I struggle getting up in the morning and often… late to my job. This makes my boss very angry and that makes me… sad. That’s okay, though. As a character in a video game, I am merely a construct and not subject to any real feelings or emotion Don’t pity me, I’m already dead. I wasn’t gonna. I wasn’t planning on it, man Boneface, dude… bro… Come with me now, and assist me with my breakfast routine. I don’t think I should. You know what? I don’t think I should. I think I should step away and never look back at this… h— game. Oh, today is Monday. Your calorie target is a hundred. You have 20 seconds. Oh Alrighty, then. Alright, ah— Ooohhhh Ah, ohhh *smol laugh* A-nom, na— *laughing* No, no. That’s not it. Nom nom? No? Ahh… well. This is a problem. Um… Uhh… AHHH Ohhhh H— calories… failed? I don’t— I don’t get it. I don’t get it. AH don… GEH dit. Ahaha-I made a bread hat! Am I happy abou— Oh, seh— Ghost, do you want some? Oh… Ghost toast! I gave a ghost some toast! Maybe he was coming to steal my toast, I guess. I dunno… *giggling* Am I supposed tuh— Maybe I gotta, like… actually toast it? N-ooo… That’s not right. Nope No— ah, hAHA Weh-hahaha Well *giggles* Ahh Huh, this duhn’ seem right here Wuhhh, okay. Alright. Seem to have discovered the physics of the es— ethereal plane. Ohhh, space to open my gob. Ah, I see— Ahhhh— oh It’s so clear now. I see it so clearly, I have to open my mouth *giggles* Ah, had I known this before I would have obviously…*giggling* figured this out. Ohhh 250? Left click to start… Okay Oh, I— ahh, ohhh… Do I have to… Wh— NO! Ohhh, *giggling* shit. I have to be gentle with it. Doink Okay, got it. Nailed that. Open up—! Om om om (x3) *giggling* Euhh, I don’t know what I’m doin’ Oh, buh d— Oh, hi… oh, c— Please don’t… come near me. Oh, please don’t. Please don’t, I don’t want— There are four breakfasts *laughs* Are there? Was that all you came to say to me-hee? What did I ever do— OHH Today is Wednesday. Your calorie target i— *giggling* Nom nom na— Oh, I need to be a polite, Skellington Num… Oh, shi— Ow— Hey, what happened to me? Oh, my eye! *giggles* Oh, I can’t stab ’em. Well, this ain’t right. What the fuck… *laughs* *wimpering* I dunno… I got— Oh, okay, I think I got it here. Oh-I just… yup, that’s not right Welp, stop it… Shit. Eat it! Well… why? Okay? Whi— I… I am very clearly trying very hard here! Okay, droppy in you… and puttie it in me. There we go, that’s the good stuff. Okay, scoop-ity loop-ity… No, scoop-ity loop-ity I’ll take it! No-ho, not my eye… Eat your eye! *laughing* Oh no, I ate my eye! No, not my eye! Aww no Not my eye, not my eye. Aw, come on. This is so hard. *more laughing* Ee… Okay, got one. *giggling* Ah! I got it You just gotta… Uhh! Got it, got it, got it Eat it— no! COME ON! Yes! Haah, hah, huh I was so scared *giggles* I was so scared. It’s so spooky. The goddamn skeleton scared me so badly. but I think I can do it Oh… okay Okay, put that in my gob. Oh, put it in my gob. No! Come back here! (x3) No, I gotta grab you. Nuhh, nooo! Why, wHYyY!? Get back here! Get back! Get— Nooo, ghost toast! Noooo Okay… alright, hang on. Lemme grab the toast first. That’d be smart. Oh look, how smart I am. Okay. Well, that was— Why was that one easier than the other one? ‘Cause I had to learn the stabbing mechanic? *giggles* Probably. Nooo, this is not right. This is not right. Some’n’s not right about this Boneface. I feel the need… the need for breakfast. Okay— *giggling*That’s all you had to say to me? Thank you… I think. Thank you very much! Today is Friday. Your calorie target is— Okay, 60— 60 seconds!? Oh no, how do I…? Is there a way to, like, turn this? How do I—? Are there are other buttons that I don’t know? There’s got to be a way to rotate it, right? There we go— nope, hang on. There we go! Pour, pour! It’s… wh… come on! Did it—!? NOOO ughh AAAAHH Ah, the mouse wheel! There we go— Oh, that’s not right. What the… fuhgg—? It’s not going in-n… That’s not right… *laughs* That’s not right! But th— How does that… That doesn’t make any sense! Open up your gob. Get the milk in! Alright, whatever. You know what? I guess that’s good enough. Oh, come on! *chuckles* OH, COME ON! SCOOP ‘EM EH— NO, NOT MY EYE! NO, STOP EATING YOUR EYE!!! Y’know what? I’m not even gonna bother with… anything here. Let’s just pour ’em righ— Oh, yes. Oh, that’s the good stuff. Oh, now— NOW we’re talking about good stuff. Oh… shit. Well, that’s not good. All right, now we’re talking about good stuff. Glug glug… I think. Oh, this does not look like milk… goin’ in. All right, so that didn’t work. Pour some in the bowl, quote, unquote… Pour some milk, on the blob… Alright, got it. Nailed it. Take this whole bowl and just shove ’em in. That’s how we do (x3) All right. That’s how— Why is that milk still shooting out? That doesn’t make any sense… That’s not how milk work. That’s not how milk work— Gimme my Skele-O’s! You bastar—god damn it. What if I pour the milk… in-a the Skele-O’s? Y’naw mean? Yeeaaahh. That’s how we do it, that’s how we do it. That’s a… That’s the good stuff, okay. So now they’re in the Skele-O’s, right? Naw-ohhh!? Cereal… go. Got cereal. ‘kay, milk. Oh, that’s not right. All right, milk… Time for milk, apparently, and this is what milk is doing. Nom nom Nom, nom… and nom! Okay. Pour… perfect. Pour the milk on, apparently. Don’t know why that’s happening. Almost (x3) HOW AM I S’PUH HOW WOULD How would anybody—!? I don’t understand, I’m real— fffff fffhuhuh *cry-laughing* Okay, bowl— I’ve got it. Bowl. Fuck outta here. Spoon? Fuck off. Skele-O’s? Pour, baby (x4) Pour the Skele-O’s. Drop it like it’s hot. Grab the malk. Draaaain up that malk. Soak it in real good like. Oh, that’s the good stuff. Oh, that’s the good stuff— Get out of here. Table… Come ‘ere, baby. Come ‘ere, tabley wabley. Alright. Yeah, yeah, yeah, ye— NOOOOOO MY TAAAY-BUUUUHHLLL Bowl, fuck— no. Bowl, fuck you. Spoon, fuck y— euhh Nope… eye, fuck off, don’t need you. Thoroughly soaked. Open… YEAAAHHHH HA HA HA (x3) HAAAA That was, uh… What even was that? I forget the n… I don— I don’t even know what the name a— Breakfast at Cemetery *giggles* Alright, so that was— That was three weird games. Fun games, but weird games. Anyway, hope you guys enjoyed that. If you want to play any of these games, I’ll put them in the description below *laughs* Links all around. Thank you, everybody, so much for watching. Let me know what you thought down in the comments below, and if you’ve got any more suggestions for weird games that you want me to play… Let me know down in the comments. Thanks again, and as always… I will see you… in the next video. Buh-bye~ *outro music*

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