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Son, if you turn the keylike this, the car starts. Shyam, you will get latefor Radha’s birthday… come on, hurry up and leave! Come on son, we have to reachfor Radha’s birthday party. Mother, we are going! Radha, give some cake to Shyam. Look what I have got for you. A doll! That’s a very nice doll, Shyam. Come on children, let’s go and eat. Mother, why didn’t youcome for my birthday? You gave me birth andyou forgot my birthday? You didn’t even cometo feed me the cake. All the children here arebeing fed by their mothers. But, who will feed me? I am going to ask father… why did you forget me ifyou left for God’s abode? Father, you are crying. No child, I am not crying. You are lying, I know whenyou laugh and when you cry. Father, when motherleft for God’s abode… how old was I? Did she caress me and feed me? Child, when your mother left us,you were very small. When you speak about mother,you cry and make me cry too! Whenever I ask you about her,you say she is in God’s abode. Today, I’ll write a letter to her,she’ll come here when she gets it. Brother, what are you doing? Child,your friends are waiting out for you. Go and play with them, child. Father, you please don’t cry. Brother Devraj, my sister in lawwas a gem of a person… there are no words to describe herbut now, she is not amongst us… how will you spendthe rest of your life? If you have someone of your own,life becomes worth living… if you say yes thenwe will get you married again. Just think about Radha. I am thinking about her that is whyI say I don’t want to marry again! I don’t want to settle down again! Now I am Radha’s motherand father too! I’ll raise her with love & care andget her married when she grows up. We have a big familyand a huge house… then why should I worry, aren’tyou all Radha’s parents too? Shyam, I have told you several timesnot to drive the car like this! If you continue like this thenI will not let you touch the car! Is this the way to drive,what if the brake fails? I am sorry father, next timeI will drive slowly. Alright, be careful next time. Do one thing, go to Dharampur anddeliver my parcel to brother Devraj. Parvati, please getthe packet on the table. Getting! Give it to me. Tell him this is from me andI will talk further on the phone. Please take the oblations.Hail Lord Krishna! – Uncle Devraj?- Shyam, how are you, son? – What brings you here, son?- I was going to your house. Father has sent this packet for you.He will talk with you on the phone. That’s okay butyou come home with us. – I am getting late. – Nothingdoing, you have to come with us! Come on, let’s go. Come in, son.

Default free game downloadingCome in, son. Radha, Vanita, pleaseget some tea and snacks. – We have a guest from Badalpur.- Alright, uncle. Take this, Shyam. Shyam, where are you lost? Where is your mind?Your tea is getting cold. – Okay aunty, I will leave.- No son, have lunch with us. No uncle, it’s very late, fathermust be waiting for my return. What is the hurry brother, you canhave lunch with us and then go. – No, I have to go now.- Alright, son. Tell your father we have chosen thedate for Vijay and Vanita’s wedding. We will fix the datewhen you all come here. Alright, I will surely tell him. – Good bye.- Good bye, son. Shyam, again you have… No father, I went to the templeand have taken an oath that… I will not drive fast,you need not worry. I’ve delivered the packet anduncle Devraj has said that,… Vijay and Vanita’s wedding datehas to be fixed… and we allhave to go there tomorrow. That’s a great news. Parvati, wehave to go to Dharampur tomorrow. – Be ready!- Alright. Please take. It is as sweet as you, drink it up! Brother, let usfix the wedding date. Ask Vijay’s consent andreach here in time… the date is fixed,you start the preparations. Brother, you are the onewho has to do the preparations. We will come here on the fixed date. Please reach as per our time. We will reach here on our time. Isn’t that right? Never mind, she is just a child. Radha, take Shyam to the bathroomand wash his clothes. Come on. I am sorry! I am sorry, my nail… Radha, this isthe mark of your love. – Why are you worried? – I don’twant the nails which hurt you. – What are you doing?- I want to break them. This mark will be a tokenwith me all my life. What is the point of havinga mark which gives you pain? – Wait, I will get some medicine.- No! This wound will heal fast but, thewound on my heart will never heal. For that, I will needthe medicine of your love. You had put the medicine of loveon my palms when we were small. And it’s fragrance still lingers on! Sister, can I get the medicineof love from the market? My dear, you don’t get themedicine of love in the market. You can find it inthe depths of the heart. – And where is that?- You will not understand that now. You go now, you dropped teaand I had to clean it. – Come on, go!- You told me to drop tea on him. Coming, father! Come son, we have toleave…okay, good bye! We will meet again! Oh, my son! Stop crying, child! Don’t cry! My daughter andson in law have come!

1 free game downloadingMy daughter andson in law have come! Welcome, Rasiklal. You sit here!…Please come!! Come Sharda, my child!How are you, son in law? Please come in everyone. Why are you standing, son? Mamata, please get a biscuitpacket and sweets here! Getting, mother. Wait Mamta, don’t go there.This is an everyday practice. Seeing her son in law,mother behaves crazily. Didn’t you see how she kept ourson on the floor and went away? – You should not mind all thesethings. – What else should I do? Nobody thinks about us. She didn’t feel any remorse whilekeeping our small child like that? Didn’t you seehow she discarded him? – Stop it now. – She hasno respect for her own son. – Please stop it! – I willgo and give the biscuits. Please don’t tell her anything. Here, feed him the biscuitsand the sweets are over! You husband and wifehave finished it? I wanted to feed my grandchild,why are you getting upset? What do you expect me to do?You cannot see anyone else… when Sharda is around, the worldaround you ceases to exist! You reject your family and showeryour affection on outsiders… think what you are doing! Why don’t you go and do your work,why are you wasting your time here? I am going but listen to me, itwould be nice if you understand now.. stop this or our entire family willhave to face the adverse effect. If your brother doesn’t approveof us then let us leave. Rasiklal, where are you going? You must have lunch with us. I don’t care if others eat butyou must eat before you go. Come inside…Mamta, Rasiklalwill have lunch with us… prepare a sweet dish andsavories for him. And don’t forget tofry something spicy… and also cook some pulses… Yes mother, you keepgiving out your list… do you want some moresweet dishes and savories? Mukesh, this is notthe way to speak. You should be happy that you geta chance to feed your sister. Besides, how much can they eat? They are the sort who can even eatstones if it is served to them! – She has pampered them enough.- Shut up! You want to serve stones to yourown sister, I am yet alive… if they go without lunch, whatvalue will we have in the society? Please be quiet, Saraswati. Son, you should not talklike that about your sister. That’s what even I say butthis boy does not understand me. If the daughter is not pampered inhere then, where will she be? But when has your daughtergone to her husband’s house? It’s her husband who is allthe while in his in laws house. After marriage when a daughtervisits occasionally, she is welcomed. If you don’t like my presencethen I will never come here! Sister, please don’t say that,this is your house too. Your brother likes to talk a lotbut he doesn’t mean anything. You need not talk on his behalf. It’s because of you that my brotherwants me to leave my mother’s house! I am still alive, I willnot let anyone take over me. If you control this house then whydon’t you give everything to them?

free game downloading If you control this house then whydon’t you give everything to them?

2 free game downloadingIf you control this house then whydon’t you give everything to them? If you want I can give it to you inwriting, then you can throw us out. What is this fight for? It’s nothing, I stopped my daughterand husband for lunch… and that created this problem! Why don’t you let them ever eatin their house for a change. Mother, we are going. Let’s go. Hey, don’t go!Please wait, I am coming. Child, take this tin from here. Son, give me a hand? Hold this, she is holding the child. Child, I have put dry fruits andbutter and made a sweet for you. Every morning, you shouldfeed him with one piece. He is not very healthy… he looks very weak, he could noteven stretch out his hand. – Okay we are leaving.- Alright, be happy. Good bye, take care of the baby. Come to have lunch tomorrow. What are you thinking? The bread has burnt! You have ruined it! Your mind is not here. Radha, it’s Vanita’s wedding,she should be in this state… then whom are you dreaming about? When a girl doesn’t concentrate, herhands should be colored with henna! Grandmother, should I get the henna? No, silly girl! I meant, we shouldfind a groom and get her married. Aunt Radha has alreadyfound a groom for herself. This is very pretty,the design is also very good. It will look very pretty on worn,now you must collect these things… it looks nice besides,after Vanita, it’s Radha’s turn. Mother, I don’t care how myjewellery is, I will wear it. Child, you are not supposedto wear it everyday… if you wear it occasionally,it looks good. It will look good, the ones whoare loaded with money, look good! – Saraswati, why are you talkinglike that? – I didn’t say anything. I am saying the truth. You’ve given her jewellery so heavythat will make her neck crooked. I know that the more we giveour daughters, it is less… but one has to be in some limits,why sister, am I not right? But when God has given us money,why can’t we give our children? Yes but, if you keep putting morein the well, it will not fill up! Saraswati, don’t talklike that about my daughter. They both are likedelicate flowers for me. Okay but, all the daughters of thefamily should be treated equally. My poor Sharda didn’t even getone fourth of this jewellery. In a joint family you shouldnot make these distinctions. What value willwe have in the society? Besides, uncle decided everythingand he’ll do what he feels like! Sharda, stop it now, you are adaughter, you shouldn’t say anything! Why shouldn’t I? If Vanita ishis daughter then am I not? We both are the daughtersof this family. Uncle does everythingwith your father’s consent. Why should you have any problem? We are the only outsiders inthis house, isn’t it mother? Nobody is an outsiders andyou don’t open your mouth further. Why, will I have to seek uncle’spermission before I talk? – Stop it now!- I will speak, I am not scared. How dare you speak like thatabout uncle, aren’t you ashamed?

3 free game downloadingHow dare you speak like thatabout uncle, aren’t you ashamed? You slapped me?!…How dare you? – Mother, she slapped me! – NowRadha has started ruling this house! I will teach her a good lesson. If my daughter is slapped, whatvalue will I have in the society? Did you all see that? Come on now! Now why you are crying? Radha, Sharda has no sense butwhy did you have to slap her? Why did she have tospeak rudely about uncle? Don’t cry child, nobodyrespects me in this house. Your father cannot see anything!Even he has no respect for me! Mother, you are very lenient, Radhahit Sharda and you didn’t say a word! If you stay quiet you willalways be under their thumb. How can you be quiet, if you permitme I will silence Radha forever! – How dare she hit Sharda.- I am no less. But I am helpless, yourfather in law does not believe me! – Or that motherless girl would…- Whom are you talking about? Tell me, whom are you talking about? – Your favorite Radha!- Oh Radha, she is a gem! She is my favorite daughter! She is a gem and our daughteris a piece of coal? Is it right thatRadha slaps our Sharda? Father, Sharda praisedVanita’s necklace… and Radha slapped Sharda for that? Stop it, Rasiklal! I am quietbecause you are my son in law. If my son would have said this, Iwould throw him out of the house! Aren’t you ashamed? Why are youinterfering in our family matter? Why shouldn’t he? Isn’t a son in law like a son? No, there is a differencebetween a son and a son in law. A son, his wife andtheir children are our family… but once a daughter is married, sheis to be left with her family! But you won’t understand because,you worship your son in law! And your son’s wife, who isthe Goddess of this house… you spurn her?If you look around you… the ones who have not showeredlove on their daughters in law… there has beenno peace in such houses! And our son in law, liveswith us 29 days in a month… wonder why I married my daughterin the same village? She comes and goes as she pleases… all the while she eatsin this house! Don’t you know, you should not saythis in front of your son in law. Don’t waste time, we have to makearrangements for Vanita’s wedding. There is a lot to be done,I have to give out invitations. Radha and Ramnik must have alreadyreached Badalpur with the invites. Father has said thatyou all should reach in time. Tell Raghavjibhai to makeall the arrangements… we will get theirson in law in time. See to it that they have lunch.I have some work outside… I am leaving but, you allhave lunch before going. Where is Uncle Shyam? My husband’s brother’s son Bharat,has come from Bharwada… he has gone to the fields with him. Sister in law, you helpaunty in the kitchen… I will come back in sometime,come, let’s go! I was thinking about you in themorning and now I have met you. isn’t this called a coincidence? Wait Radha, somedaywe have to get married… I have got a gift for you. This ring. What are you doing?You are trying to slap Radha? – But she slapped me first.- This ape wants to marry me! He says that my marriage with himwas fixed when we were small. Bharat, why do you want to know ofthe road you will never travel on? You are asking the reason, Shyam? The one with whom hismarriage has been fixed… should she behave inthis manner with him? What are you saying uncle? Itdepends entirely on Radha’s wish… if Radha has no objectionthen Bharat… What objection can she have?What is the problem with my son? He is good looking, has a goodcharacter and is well settled. Radha, listen to me andget married to him… Who are you to give me this advise? My father and my uncle arestill alive to worry about me! Hey, you vain girl!You don’t know me. I do what I want. I willplay such a game that… you will be left with no option. I have said it, don’t blame methat I did not warn you. Enough, uncle! Now if you say aword more, I will not stop myself. You rascal! You aretalking against me? Uncle! You are my unclethat is why I am letting you go. But if you do this again I willforget that I am your nephew! Then even you don’t forget,dear nephew… that you have challengedyour uncle Nagji today… I will sting you at the right timethat my venom will ruin you! Come on, Bharat. Please don’t feel offendedby brother Nagji’s words. Aunty, tomorrow is Vanita’s weddingfunction, you all please come. I too have to make arrangements,if I get the time, I will come. Okay aunty, we willtake your leave now. Son, we are going to Dharampurfor Vanita’s function… you make the other arrangements,we will come back soon. Alright, mother. – Do you like these sandals?These bangles? – No. – This sari?- No. – This necklace?- I said I don’t like anything. Radha, she will not listen to you. Why don’t you sing a song for her? Is it so? She didn’t like the song. Radha, the wedding processionis here. Take her inside. They have arrived! – Please come!- Greetings. Greetings, everyone! Please come in! Get the bride. I think my work is done! Father! Always be happy, my child! Okay, good bye. Whose letter is it, sister in law? It states brother Shyam’s antics. Sister in law, have youseen my clothes? – I have washed them. – I hadsome important papers in that. – Father, this is Vanita.- Yes child, how are you? – Is everything alright?- I am fine, how are you, father? Is everyone fine at home? I calledup to tell you something important. If you agree then we can marry ourRadha with my brother in law, Shyam. If uncle and you give your consent,I can speak with my parent’s in law. That’s nice, it would be great ifboth sisters live in the same house. – What is the matter, brother?- Child, hold the line. It’s Vanita, she is talking aboutShyam’s proposal for Radha. What answer should I give her? Why do you have to ask me, brother? What more can we ask if both sisterslive happily in the same house? You say yes, very soon we will goand fix the marriage date too. Vanita, we have liked your proposal. Alright father, I will speak withmy parents in law and call you. – Alright. You take care.- Yes, father. – Vinita, my child.- Yes, uncle? Whose marriage proposal wereyou talking about on the phone? Shyam’s marriagewith my sister, Radha. The elders of this family are aliveto worry about Shyam’s marriage. You need not interfere! Uncle, what is the harm if I talkabout their marriage proposal? I am not an outsider. The question of beingan outsider does not arise. Her marriage is fixed with Bharatfrom Bharwada in their childhood. You perhaps arenot aware of this fact. I only know whereRadha’s happiness lies! I will take care of her happiness. You can do what you want. And nobody can change what I decide! I am telling you now then don’tblame me that I did not warn you! What is wrong, Vanita?Did you eat something wrong? You sit here, I will go andcall the doctor right away. – What happened to Vanita?- Mother, she has been vomiting. What is the matter, child?…Oh! So this is the matter. Silly boy, youwill not understand… you are going to be a father andshe is going to be a mother! I will call her family andgive them this good news. Kantaben, how are you?I wanted to give you a good news. Is it?…Oh, that’svery nice!…Alright…okay… we will be there…good bye. There is a good news, therewas a call from Badalpur… our Vanita is expecting a baby. We have to goto their house tomorrow. That’s fine but, there isa long time for her delivery. Why don’t you’ll finishthis work first? – Aunty.- What is it? Go from here or I will spank you. Shut up! Welcome!…Come, child. Please sit. Hurry up girl, the auspicioustime is running out. You sit here, I willmake the other arrangements. Radha, you come here to take meor to meet someone else? You can think what you like. Then meet him, this is the righttime, you won’t get a chance later. No, I don’t want to meet anyone. I know exactly whatyou have in your mind! Mischievous girl! Only you know what is in her mind,now she belongs to you. Brother Shyam. Why don’t you take Radhafor a walk to the fields? Do you want to go? Look Radha, this isthe boundary of my village. And those are my fields. I am not interested in seeingyour fields or your village. When will you come to Dharampur? Shyam, why don’t you visit me?I long to meet you. Like me, you will likeeverything in my village. I will come Radha, I will comewith a wedding procession. Please come, my ears are longingto listen to the wedding band… please come andperform the ceremonies. – Greetings, priest.- Greetings, brother Raghavji. Please come! – Please offer these flowersto the deity. – Give it to me. Janmashtami is coming closer, won’twe celebrate it like every year? Of course, if God wills then we willsurely have a grand celebration! Please take the oblation. Let’s go. He is growing very fast. Let’s go. Vanita, wait here. Why isyour son crying so much? – I don’t know. – Radha looks happysince she has come from Badalpur. She seems to be jumpingwith joy all the while! – What happened in Badalpur?- What can I tell you, uncle? She has been happy since you’veagreed for her marriage with Shyam. Oh, so this is the matter? She was tiny as a doll and nowlook, how big she has become! Brother, why don’t you speak toShyam’s father at the earliest? I will call him up andask him to come here. We will talk personallyand fix their alliance. – Right. – We’ll look for anauspicious date and get them engaged. If you want her to get engagedagain then you can go ahead. – Please come. – But beforeyou do it, think again. – Vanita, where did he come from?- He just causes trouble. He will createsome trouble here too. Why are you saying this,isn’t Shyam your nephew? – He is your brother’s son.- That’s the problem. Listen brother, we have known eachother since a very long time… I am well wisher of your family… that is why, it is my duty thatif you are going wrong… then I should stop you. Please tell us brother,where have we gone wrong? You are about to commita very big blunder. You want to get your daughtermarried to that good for nothing? How can you such thingsfor your own brother’s son? He is not my brother’s son,he is the son of a mere laborer. My brother has raised him up… if my brother would not support him,he would be like a beggar today! Now tell me, the daughter whomyou have pampered so much… will you get her marriedto a laborer’s son? I have just cautioned you. First you should check the familyand then fix the marriage… but they never understand me. Thanks for telling us the truth. If we would get her married, shewould have been unhappy forever. And we would haveregretted all our life! Brother Nagji, my Radhameans everything to me. I have raised upmy motherless child. If I see a tear in her eyes,it breaks my heart into pieces. And if the colors in Radha’smarried life begin to fade… then Radha’s motherwill never forgive me. Sister in law,this is Shyam speaking. Brother, aren’t you comingwith father to fetch me tomorrow? Please don’t forget to come,it is very urgent. What is the matter,is there a problem? There is no problem but,I have a very important work… I cannot tell you overthe phone, you come here. Alright, I will come. If we would have got her married,she would have been unhappy forever. Radha…why are you crying? What else can I do? The cup of happiness was closeto my lips and was snatched away! Radha, the path of love isalways filled with thorns. You should not give up. You will find a ray of hopeamidst the clouds of disappointment. How is it possible, the sunlightin my life is under an eclipse. There is darkness in my life… the elders in our familywill never give their consent. I will convince them,have faith in me. I will never let your desiresturn into ashes. Have patience, I will make you mysister in law and take you home. Oh, there talks the grandmother! You will take her home but didyou think before saying. Your father in law must haveagreed himself the other day… but don’t forget the fact thatyour brother in law, Shyam… is the son of a laborer. Will you all decide amongst yourselfor seek the advice of elders too? Come out everyone! Uncle, father, Shyam and Radha haveloved each other since childhood. – Why don’t you all understand?- This is just a mere infatuation. But you cannot settle down in lifewith such childish feelings. But the truth is that brother Jayrammay be my sister’s husband… he too has cheated us… he is a crook and a fraud! Aunty, you may saywhatever you want… but don’t say a word moreagainst my father in law! I wonder how you all thought ofgiving your daughter in that house? Isn’t it enough that youhave got Vanita married there? How can you get two daughtersmarried in the same family? If both are in the same house,there is a fight everyday. Isn’t your daughter alsomarried in the same village? There she speaks like a crow! Sharda’s case is different andnot everyone is like my son in law. Rasiklal is very nice, intelligentand has respect for elders. You are right, he is good andhe has lot of respect for elders… he doesn’t look at his own parentsand whole day sits in your service. Is this how a son in law should be?He has defamed our family name! Ask him, has he spentone whole day in his house? He is enjoying life andall the comforts offered to him. His house and in lawsare both in the same village. And to top it,your brother’s son, Bharat… you want him to bethe son in law of this house? We had enough with this one man… now you want to get another onelike him in this house? Stop it! You always speak illabout your daughter and son in law. If you could, you would havehad them removed from this village. Stop it, how long we will keepdiscussing the same topic? Brother, we must bringan end to this topic. Think and make some decision sothat, this matter is shut forever! Brother, if I take a decision,I may make some mistake… because, none of us here,knows Radha as well as you do. That is why, you haveto make this decision. And whatever you decide,is acceptable to all of us! If Radha’s mother was alive thenthis moment would have never come. Whom will a motherless childtalk about her feelings? And who will understand her? No matter how much we pamper heror whatever we do for her… but nobody can takethe place of her mother. I may have been a motherto her and raised her up… but, I am after all, her father. How much can I understand her? She was two year old,from then up till now… I did not see a tear in her eye. – Father! – Then howdid she break her heart? How did she break her heart? Brother, I cannotbear to see her tears. Child, I will get you marriedto the man of your choice. Now you tell me whatI should do further, brother? Don’t cry, brother. None of you will interfere inthe activities of this house… everyone go and do their work. We will call brother Jayramand fix the match… we don’t care if Shyamis his son or not. Greetings!! – Please come. – Did youhave a problem on the way? Not at all. Wait, let me also feed you. Brother Jayram, I wasgoing to call you up. I was going to come two days laterbut suddenly, Vanita called… she said the matter was urgentand we should come immediately. That is why, we came before time. Don’t cry, my child. Sister in law, what is it that youcould not tell me over the phone? I will tell you but first you sit. What is wrong with Radha,why does she look so glum? She has tears in her eyesand she looks upset. We have heard that Shyamis not your real son. Shyam is my son butwhy are you asking me this? Don’t mind but many a times,serious things have to be discussed. We all were very happy with Shyamand Radha’s marriage proposal. But I have heard that he is oneof your worker’s orphaned child. Brother Devraj, I don’t know ifShyam and Radha will get married… it is a matter of fate but,Shyam is my own son. Why do I need toclarify this matter? There has to be some truthin what we have heard. There is a truth in this matter. I have two sons andShyam is my real son! – That means Vijay is notyour real son? – No! Sister in law,I know father is lying. He is lying for my sake… but I have understoodone truth today… I am not his own son but,he treats me has his own son! Then why are you crying? These tears knowsno joys or sorrows. I feel greatly honored… God has given me foster parents whohave given me respect in the society. They are calling theirown son, their foster son. No father in this whole worldcan do this, Radha. He has made such a huge sacrificefor the sake of my happiness. He is very magnanimous. If today, he wouldn’t say thatI am his real son then… would a girl, who has beenraised in riches and luxuries… be allowed to marryan ordinary man like me? My name is Radha, which alsois synonymous to love… I don’t care if I gethappiness or sorrows… if you are with me then even jungleswill feel like a paradise. Besides, we have loved each othersince we were small… the love story of Radha and Shyamis an example for the world… have you forgotten that? Radha, what aboutthe elders of this family? My family is like a tree, theyhave always given me shelter… their happiness liesin my happiness. Hey! Is this the way to behave? Why are you wearing your shoesand sitting on the sofa? You will ruin our carpetsand sofas worth millions. Does anyone sitlike this in your house? Don’t you realize?But, how can you? You may be raised upin an affluent family… but your basic values belong tothe family of an ordinary servant. Wonder how beggars like youlanded up in our mansion! What value willwe have in the society? No Shyam, give me your shoes… aunty, you called him a beggar?… even if he is seated ona throne, he deserves more! Child, even if you paint a crowwhite, he will not become a dove! I don’t expect youto know what Shyam is! You were not bornin riches yourself. You have seen these richeswhen you came into this house… did your parental househave these riches? How dare you back answer me?I will teach you a lesson! Listen to me first! You have ruined my life! You have always created a hindrancein the happiness of this house! Have these carpets and sofacome from your father’s house? What are you made of? This is a ten generation old,our ancestral mansion… here, we can sacrifice thousandsof such carpets for our guests. It is you who has no basic values. That is why, you treatedShyam in this manner! You have no sense… or you would have madehim sit with great honor! Since the day you havestepped into my house… I have not experienceda single day of peace here! And today is Janmashtami… on the day ofLord Krishna’s birth… you misbehaved with Shyam? Lord Krishna’s second name is Shyam. And you behaved rudely with him? Don’t you dare speak a wordagainst Radha and Shyam! I will pull out your tongue!Now go away from here! Uncle, it is not aunt’s fault. It’s my fault.I had forgotten my status. No, you take the shoes and wearthem and walk over the carpet… let me see who can dare tostop you from doing that! You hit me because of a servant boy! Shyam, my son, you arelike a son of this house… we will always respectyour presence in this house… please don’t mind Saraswati’s words. Please don’t say that, she ismy senior and has a right to speak. Devraj, did you seehis intelligence and upbringing? This is brother Jayram’s upbringing,it is bound to be good. Shyam, my chest isswelling with pride, my son. If people have one son like youthen life becomes worth living! Father! Radha, my child, come here… don’t you want to getmarried to Shyam? Your dream will surelycome true, my child. There won’t beany injustice with you. Today is the birth dayof Lord Krishna… let us go and participatein the celebrations! Keep this eleven thousand, we spentfor the Janmashtami function… give it to the man who comes for it. That day I could not ask in front ofothers but today I ask you… that why did you lie that day? First let me drink water. Now tell me. I’ve spent half my life in thishouse but I’ve never said a word. But you said that my son is notmine that too, in front of others! Why didn’t you tell them the truth? You didn’t hesitate a minute beforesaying that Vijay is your foster son? What kind of a father are you? You consider your own fleshand blood as an adopted son! But I am a mother,how can I tolerate this? Parvati, tell me one thing, hasanyone considered Shyam an outsider? I have raised Shyamwith my own hands. He has played my lap! That’s true Parvati, no womancan do what you have done. You nurtured an orphan… you nursed him and raised him up… but today, you have forgottenall those things yourself? I am a mother. I have raisedShyam by feeding him milk… but Vijay is my own flesh and blood. I have given him birth! And it is your own flesh and bloodwhich helps you in times of need! That’s not true, Parvati.Haven’t you seen or heard that… your own children don’thold you dear to them… and your dear ones sometimes aremore close than your own children. You mean Shyam is dear to youand Vijay is like an outsider? This is injustice! Tomorrow you mayeven throw my son from this house! Hey, I have not said any such thingthat you are raising a hue and cry? You haven’t said but youmay say it in the future. Tomorrow Shyam will get married,his wife will come home… she will rule this housethen where will we go?… won’t we be out on the roads? What are you saying, mother? I cansacrifice many wives over you! You have raised an orphan andhelpless child with your affection. I have played in your lap… I haven’t seen God but,in your form I have met God. Even if I am reborn and serve you,I’ll not be able to repay your debts. Even the Gods cannot repay thisdebt then I am a mere mortal. Let me tell you clearly mother, ifI live here, I’ll live to serve you. If you say, I can leavethe house this very minute! No brother, you willnot go anywhere! I am not asking him to leave,it is just a matter of principles. Besides, we don’t nursesuch feelings for you, my son. Where can you go? We still have totie you in the shackles of marriage. No father, I’ll not marry, in futureit may disrupt my mother’s life. And yet, if you all persistand get me married then… my wife will have to livewithin the limits of this house. And if she doesn’t listen tomy mother, I will not care for her! My parents come first only thencan I think of the world. You have done many favors,please do one more favor on me… please tell me, whose sonam I? Who are my parents? Son, you were very small then… merely two years old,your father, Ramjibhai… and your mother, Gangaben,worked in our fields. They were digginga well in our fields. There was a dynamite fixedto blow the rocks… my wife and I wereon the way to the fields… just then, I waspassing by the well. – Yes, master?- Is everything alright? – Yes, everything is fine.- Come on, come out quickly. We are coming out, sir. Sir, please take care of my son. I am entrusting him to you,please take care of him, sir. Take care of him! Be assured Ramji, he willbe dear to me as my own son! I will hold him close to my heart. And thus, your parents handed youover to us and left this world And since then, we havekept you very close to us… Shyam, my dear son! I am saying the truth child,till date, nobody knew the truth… but I wonder who hasignited this fire? No brother, nobodyhas ignited this fire… nobody has fanned this fire,instead the person has covered it. Someday, this secretwould be revealed… do you realize the harmit would cause then? I feel whatever happened,happened for the best. Things are out in clearand Vijay will get justice. What justice are you talking about? The justice of the family,I will get a family name. You thought you were righteous andmade a very big sacrifice… you proclaimed that Shyam isyour heir and spurned me? – No, father! – How dareyou back answer your father? What father? Haven’t you announcedit to everyone that… you are not my father! Vijay, what are you saying?Please be within your limits. I am saying the truth! Like King Dashrath, he has given youthe throne and sent me on an exile. The difference is that Bharatwas King Dashrath’s real son… and you are notmy father’s real son! You have the throne and I have… I don’t want this throne, Vijay!! – It belongs to you!- But my father is not my own! He has already announcedthat Vijay is not my son! But the mother who gave birthto me, is mine, isn’t it? That is why, she was so hurt. – Stop it Vijay, stop it or…- Or what? Are you threatening mein my own house?…You rascal! You fool, you stillhave not known your father? You should feel proud that I madethis sacrifice for my promise. But no, you will not understand… you have lost your senses… this is not the right trait,I am sure someone has instigated you! And you have beenblinded by emotions. My son cannot be like this! I am feeling ashamedto call you my son! You have tarnishedmy upbringing and my name! Vijay, now youreally are not my son! Father, please don’t say that, don’tsay that to Vijay for my sake! Father, I am the causeof this dispute. No, silly boy! You are the onewho will carry out my final rites! Don’t feel hurt, my child.We will not live in this village… come with me son, we willshift to our old village. Brother, why hasn’tbrother Jayram come? – Greetings, brother.- Brother Jayram, welcome!! – Greetings! – Now I haveshifted in your village. We will meet everyday now.Greetings, to you! – Please sit.- Can you hear me? – Coming. – Vanita’s father in lawis here, come out quickly. – Greetings to you.- To you too! Before brother Raghavji saysanything, please listen to me… I have come to clarify something. I have come to ask for Radha’shand for my son, Shyam. You have to make the decisionwhether you agree for this match! Not at all, we are hereto decide the same. Radha, my child, pleasecome out for a minute. – Yes? – Jayram has gotShyam’s proposal for you. Do you accept it? Seeing her smile, we knowthat she accepts the proposal. Vanita, sleep early, it’s Radha’swedding tomorrow morning… guests will arrive, we haveto make the arrangements. Radha will be ready. Children, I am overjoyedto see you happy! – Child, go and rest now.- Alright, father. Go, child She is looking very pretty. – The wedding procession has come.- Your groom has arrived, Radha! Come on, hurry up now. Get the bride! Ramnik, Bharti, my children… I will perform Radha’swedding rituals. – Father! – Brother Devraj,have you gone crazy? Yes sister in law,I have gone crazy. Which father doesn’tgo crazy with joy… while parting withhis dear daughter? When a daughter gets married,there is festivity in the house… you should not behave in a waythat everyone ridicules you. I don’t care if I lose my respectwhile parting with my daughter… I may have made her sit on my palmand sheltered her under my eyelids… but yet, it cannot be compared tothe love her mother gave her. If a motherless child does notsee her mother today… she will keep missingher mother forever! Brother, I have thought a lotand have made this decision… and that is why,I have worn this attire. While dying, Radha’s motherhad taken an oath from me… Promise me that after my death,you will never cry. I will not be able tofulfill this promise! When she grows up and asks aboutyou, how will I control my tears? Tell me, how canI fulfill this promise? In your absence when I will get hermarried, how will I control myself? Please don’t put me under such anoath, I won’t be able to fulfill it. Tell me, what elsedo you want to tell me? Tell me Narmada, what do you want? Please get my sari andbangles from the cupboard. Here, take this. This is the sari given by you,I am returning it back to you. I will always be seen in this sari. While getting Radha married, wearthis sari and perform the rituals. Please perform her wedding rituals. – Promise me!- Yes, I promise you! I will do as you say. I will not let Radhamiss her mother! I promise you! – Where is my Radha?- Wait, I will get her! – Here she is!- My child!! Please take good careof my daughter! To abide the oath given to Radha’smother, I’ve worn this attire. Radha’s mother had left mewhen she was very small… and till date, I can hear the echoof the promise I made to her. She asked me to get Radhamarried with great pomp. She said that Radhashould not lack anything. She should not feel thatshe has a father but, no mother! Brother, whether youlike it or not… but for the sake of the promiseI made to her mother… I don’t care ifthis world criticizes me! I want to fulfill my duty. – You perform the wedding rituals.- Our blessings are with you! Saraswati, your brother in lawplayed a very good act… I have never seen a man like him! Forget him, he has disgracedthe name of our family! What value willwe have in the society? You wait and see, this Radha canact better than her father! She will overpower you! Take care when she comesto your house… Father!! Take this, it isa token from your mother. I have to tell youabout my feelings. Tell me, Shyam. Radha, I want to enrich my lifeby serving my parents. And for that,I need your help, Radha. Shyam, trust me, your parentswill never lack anything… Shyam, I don’t remember themother who gave birth to me… but, I will serve your motheras my real mother. – Shaym, wake up. – Please letme sleep some more, Radha. Shyam, I am sitting for prayers. Hey, Parvati!! – Who is it?- It’s me, Saraswati. It’s my sister, Saraswati.Welcome, sister. How are you? Please sit. I thought I’ll meet you but, my legsare aching trying to find your house. – Come, let us sit inside and talkpeacefully. – Let’s do that! – Did you see my brother in law’sact? – I didn’t like it myself. There were many friends and businessclients with us as our guests… I was embarrassedin front of everyone! But I was helpless at that time! Exactly! That’s whateven I am saying… you should understand by now… if the father does not fear thesociety, how will the girl value it? You wait and see, she’ll show hertrue colors when time comes! Sister, I too am your sister… even I will show hermy true colors at that time! Aunty, I don’t know when my motherwill show her true colors… but I will show my colors byoverpowering a poisonous snake too! Even I can do the same but by doingthat, you may get bit by the snake. If the snake is overpowered,how can it bite? This is your husband’s house,learn to be within your limits. Get married then you will know howit is to live with the in laws. Mother, did you hear what she said? Why are you crying?… and listen, nobody has ever shoutedat Maya in this house… and today, you have shoutedat my dear daughter? Every daughter is dear till sheis in her parent’s house… no daughter is bornas a daughter in law. Even I was a daughterin my father’s house… but I am daughter in law here, shetoo will get married some day… besides, didn’t you tell meto live here like a daughter. You have changed so soon? How dare you argue with me? That is why I say,I have come here recently… the color of my hennahas yet not faded… and you are alreadyfighting with me? Are you arguing with me because,I have given you the liberty? What problem doyou have in this house? The problem will arise now,my aunt has stepped in here! Listen to her, I cannotvisit my own relatives… what have I got to do?I am leaving. No sister, you will not leave. Let me see who can ask you to leave? The daughter in lawof this house can! This house is my temple. I am your mother in law, let mesee how you disobey my orders! You are my mother in lawand like my mother… I will worship you but I will notlet any bad influence on this house! I will not let the people who acreate fight, enter this house! Don’t forget, she is my sisterand your uncle’s wife. Whoever it may be, I willnot tolerate injustice. And aunty, don’t youhave any shame in you? You have always createda fight in your own house… you have poisoned everyone’s mind… and now, you have come hereto light a fire of hatred? Being an aunt, you have come toruin your nieces’ family? Don’t earn such bad deeds aunty… even God will not forgive you! If I curse you,you will repent all your life! How dare you curse my sister!I will teach you a lesson! Enough, mother! You can hit mewith a stick if it is my fault. But don’t you raise your handwithout my fault. That’s enough, Radha! Listen to your dear wife, Shyam! Have you ever seen a daughter in lawarguing with her mother in law? Mother, why are you blaming me? Why don’t you tell everything,let him know the truth! I have heard everythingmyself, Radha! You are arguing with the motherfor whom I can sacrifice anything. Should I raise my voice againstinjustice and deceit? Are you trying to saythat my mother is liar? Brother Shyam, inspite ofhaving eyes, you are blind? Is it so easy to instigate you? You listened to my aunt’s wordsand raised your hand on your wife? Very good, brother Shyam!Well done! My brother in lawhas changed so much? Aunty, I have nowords to tell you… are you out to destroy everyone?You didn’t spare you own daughter? Even the witch spares her relatives! But you are worse than that!I am ashamed to call you my aunt! – Listen to her! – Why are youtalking without thinking? Radha and Shyam are no less! When they’ll harm you,only then will you know! And then, your sisterwill become your own enemy! I will see what I haveto do at that time! – What have you done?- I am punishing myself, Radha. The hands which should protect you,today I hit you with those hands? The hands which adornedflowers in your hair… the hands which tiedthe knot of our love… today, with those same handsI have slapped you? I am ashamed of myself and my hands! – Stop it!- I know it, Radha! I know however unhappy you are,you will not express it to me! But I am helpless Radha,my parents mean everything to me! Under no circumstances can I upsetthem, they’ve done a lot for me! Radha, perhaps one can repaythe price of elixir in this world… but nobody can repaythe price of mother’s milk. They have given love to an orphan,more than their own son. They have done several favors on me. They’ve inculcated values and ethicsin me, they’ve given me a name. It is because of them that you arein my life today or else… who would marrya poor man like me… Stop it, Shyam!! Radha, please forgive me. What is the matter, why arethere tears in your eyes? Vijay, please come out. Vanita, you also come. Vijay, there are tearsin your mother’s eyes… can you tell me what is the matter? I meant, did someone say somethingto her in my absence? Nothing happened father,her sister had visited her… she was talking with mother… in the due course, Radha andaunt had an argument… Radha said something in front ofmother and they had a fight. Vanita, my child,you tell me what happened? Father, my aunt instigatedmother with her stories… she started speaking illabout Radha’s father… and Radha tried to stop her. With this, my aunt madea big issue of the matter… that agitated Radha… and brother Shyam slapped her! Did you hear that?…Both ofyou spoke the same thing… but yet, there is so muchdifference in the whole matter. Vanita spoke the truth… because, I saw your expressionschanging while she was talking! Why did you lie to me? Maya, call your mother. – Mother!- Come out quickly! What is the matter, tell me? So it is your sister’s deeds whichare the cause of your tears? You think that I will believeyou seeing your tears? And wherever your sister steps,she just spells doom! Today, she has triedto ruin my paradise… my fragile daughter in law Radha,was slapped because of her! Listen to me everyone! If anyone dares to say anythingagainst Radha or Shyam here… that day itself, I willthrow you out of this house. I don’t want to listen to anyone! Go from here, go away!! Mother look, Radha’s weddingphotographs have come so good. Forget it, why are you wastingtime seeing these pictures? Go to her in laws then you willget to see the real picture… go and see how she has addedglory to her father’s name! – Why are you saying that?- What am I saying? She has left nothing to say, whatvalue do we have in the society? Why don’t to speak clearly andstop beating about the bush! Your daughter hasdefamed your family name! She showed her true colors as soonas she stepped in her in laws. She has insulted our name. But what has my Radha done? She should not wag a foot longtongue in her husband’s house! Shyam, gave her a good slapand silenced her! Uncle, why are youbelieving her words? My mother in law hasthe habit of exaggerating. You keep quiet! Brother, I will call upVanita and talk to her. If she is in the same village,we’ll hear such stories everyday! Whether she is happy or unhappy,she is in her own house! That’s the problem in getting adaughter married in the same village. If she is so near,I am bound to feel her pain. You don’t have to worry that much. My Sharda is also married herebut, never did I have a…. Saraswati, don’t youdare speak about Sharda. You have ruinedyour daughter’s life… and if you both get together,everyone else will be doomed! Besides, what problem canyour Sharda have in her in laws? She never goes there… it is your son in lawwho lives in his in laws! Send her to her in laws,let her live there then you talk Radha, aunty must have gone homeand told everyone… but look at our family’s culture,they’ve not called here to interfere. The only thing that worries meis that if everyone unites… we both sistersmay be left alone. Then we both will fight,why are you worried? But Vanita, what if someone triesto create a rift between us? That is not possible! Now youforget all these thoughts… everyone has eaten,let us also go and eat. Mother, find a way or we’ll have tolive like strangers in our own house. That’s what I am thinking. Thesedaughters in law are on my head… and your father is opposing me… my house is doomed! I don’t know how to teachthis Radha a lesson! You can leave that to me,sister in law. I have said it or you willblame me that I did not warn you! Welcome, brother Nagji. You have come at the right time,now you find a solution for me. Whatever the situation may be, I amthe one who can find a solution! But remember, she is very sharp,she stings like a scorpion. I will catch her by her tail thatshe will die with her own poison! But sister in law,remember one thing… when I aim the target,you will not interfere. How can I? You please rid me fromthis problem and do me a favor! You can assume your work is done! I have already told you or you willblame me that I did not tell you! Now you have understood, isn’t it? Nephew, you look very disturbed. I will tell you a way…Shyamwill inherit your property… and you will be left as a beggar.You are my real nephew… that is why, I am telling you. Uncle, tell me something whereby,Radha and Shyam leave this house! Okay, listen! – Did you understand? – Uncle,now you see the game I play! That’s nice, my dear nephew! Sister, take your laundered clothesand settle my accounts. Vanita, I gave you some moneyyesterday, settle his account. I am cooking, Radha why don’t you goand give him money from my cupboard? – Yes, you go.- Alright, mother. How long will it take,I am getting late, sister. Vanita, why is Radha taking so long? Radha, please cover me witha blanket, I am feeling cold. – Come here!- Brother, what are you doing? Please leave me,I am your sister in law! – I am your younger brother’s wife!- What are you doing? – Leave me!- But, you are holding my hand. – Mother! – Brother,what are you doing? Leave me! I caught you orwas it you who fell all over me? Now that everyone has seen you,you are calling me brother? Didn’t you just say thatyou are my wife’s sister? And now you are saying thatyou are my brother’s wife? I like your character! When your secret is exposed,you should blame the man? I like your pretense ofbeing a dedicated wife! Mother, this is a lie, I wasremoving money from the cupboard… just then, he told me tocover him with a blanket… when I did that, he caught me! Now when the truth is out,you are fabricating this story? To get control over this house,you are trying to trap my Vijay… so that, you can rulethis house, that’s nice! You are a very good manipulator! Mother, what are you saying?I cannot even dream of this! Please don’t pierce mewith your words! You mean whatever we sawwith our own eyes was a lie? And you are the one who speaks thetruth! Vanita, see it yourself… what your sister has done,she has eyed your husband! You don’t say anything mother,she has harmed me… she has eyed my husband. – Vanita, my sister?!- Your sister is dead! Shameless woman! You did notfind anyone else besides me? Useless woman! Vanita, I am an outsiderfor these people… but I am your sister! That is why I was cheated. You were my sister, I made youmy sister in law and got you here… I loved you and youtried to cause harm to me? Radha, the love of two sistersis supposed to be very intense… you are supposed to take good careto maintain that relation… and you severed thisrelation in one blow? Vanita, please listento me, this is a lie! – It’s just an act! – You arethe one who is playing an act! I have seen it myself, how canyou say that it is just an act? You have broken my trust in you… before trying to snatch awaymy husband, why didn’t you die? You are my elder brother in law… I cannot say anything further… but men like you area disease in this society! They are a curse to the society! Dirty man, you resortedto such a cheap trick? Radha, how dare youinsult my husband? Shyam, they all knowthat I am innocent… I am a part to someone’s conspiracy. Shyam, I am helpless! Mother, all I can say it thatwhen the truth is exposed… your sin will make you repent a lot! your conscience will askfor a justification… and when your daughter Maya, willgo to her husband’s house… you know the difference betweena daughter and a daughter in law! How dare you threaten me? You do wrong deeds and thenyou are trying to justify it? Stop it, Radha! What were you trying to do?Don’t you know why I had hit you? I thought you were my ownand placed you in my heart. But you disappointed me, you havetainted my sacred house… get out from here, I don’twish to see your face. Shaym, atleast you understand me,the whole world can spurn me… but where will I go if you leave me? Just get out from here! Please don’t ask me to leave. Do what you please but pleasedon’t listen to false stories… please don’t do thisfor the sake of my family! Don’t believe in false stories! No, Shyam!! – Get out! – Please Shyam,don’t ask me to leave! Please don’t ask me to leave! If my father’s house and husband’shouse is in the same village… then where can I live witha stigma attached to my name? My husband has thrown me out andmy father has parted with me… seeing my state, nobody will marrytheir daughter in the same village. Shyam, please don’t ask me to live,please let me live here. Enough! Don’t say a word more! Get out from here! Don’t remove me Shyam,let me die in this house! Don’t say a word more,get out from here! Looks like someone has fainted. Sister in law, this is Radha! Who has put my sister in this state?Let’s take her home quickly! Mother, father, uncle,…lookat the state Radha is in! What happened to my daughter? What happened to my Radha?? Who has put her in this condition? Tell me child, what happened to you? Hello, this is Saraswati speaking. – This is Parvati. – Tell mesister, what is the matter? Your niece turned out to be agreater crook than what we expected! What happened, what did Radha do? Rest everything is fine butshe turned out to be promiscuous. We cannot face anyonein this village. She tried to lure our Vijay. What are you saying?…Isthat what Radha did? Nobody else but our own Vijay… she is a limit! Anyway, youtalk to her father yourself. Yes sister Parvati, tell me? What did you say?…No,this is not possible! This is not possible! My Radhacan never do such a thing. The earth will break open if thisis true! You’ve made a mistake… you give the phone to Vanita. Just a minute. Vanita, talk to your uncle. Hello uncle,this is Vanita speaking. Whatever your mother in law spokeabout Radha is beyond my imagination. You tell me the truth. Radha has behaved in such a cheapmanner that I cannot even tell you. No child, I am surethere is more to it. Someone has hatcheda plot to defame Radha! No uncle, I have seen itwith my own eyes. Child, sometimes what we seealso turns out to be untrue. Perhaps what you have seen is alsonot right but you don’t worry… the truth will come out,it will stand out crystal clear! You have patienceand don’t get worried. Everything will be fine. Brother Devraj, have patience,everything will be fine. Yes brother, have patience. Look at him! Why are youshedding so many tears? Your daughter hascommitted sinful deeds… if she’d fight with her in laws,it would be something different… but she has disgracedher father’s name! And look at our poor Vanita,she is such a submissive girl… and Radha has ruinedthe poor girl’s life! She did not find anyone else,she tried to lure Vijay? – No! – What nonsenseare you talking? You are talking such cheap things inthe presence of elders of the family? Are you her aunt or her enemy? Go away from here! Brother, you allplease go and sleep. I will sit with Radha. She did not find anyone else,she tried to lure Vijay? Don’t cry, my child! I know your are innocent. TheGoddess will prove your innocence. Go to sleep, my dear child. Sleep, child. I am sure, the Goddesswill prove your innocence. Go to sleep, my child. – Why are you sulking?- How are you concerned? – You are not bothered aboutthe house. – What happened? An untoward incidenthas struck in our house. Our honor has been defamed!! Open your mouth andtell me what has happened? Actually, when the laundry mancame here to collect his money… I sent Radha to get the moneyfrom the cupboard… she took long to come backso I sent Vanita after her… so there, Radha waswith Vijay and…. what can I tell you further? – Where is Radha? – When everythingwas exposed, she left the house. What?!…Where is Shyam? – Yes, father? – Your mother saysthat Radha has left his house. – Is this the truth, son? – Motherhas told you the truth, father. The only thing which is not true isshe didn’t left the house on her own. I threw her out, I pushedher out of this house! You rotten people, I don’t knowwhat I should tell you all. This is the state you putmy daughter in law in? You have alleged an innocent girlwith such a big accusation? You have put a stigmaon her chaste character? – We have seen it ourselves.- What have you seen? By disguising deceit in the garb oftruth, you cannot hide the truth! And here, the truth issurely something else! Surely someone hasplayed a trick here! Someone has conspired to separateRadha and Shayam from this house. You fools, you have takena step without thinking… but did you think how many peoplewill face it’s repercussions? How could you throw outsomeone else’s daughter? If I am so hurt, do you realizehow hurt she must have felt? Radha, what did I consider you? I gave you a place in my heart… but you have ruined me! You have ruined my sacred house. You have ruined us, I don’t wishto see you, get out from here! Brother!! Brother, Radha is not in the house! I think she has left,I fear she may do something. Please come with me, brother. Come brother Nagji,what news have you got? I was waiting for you,I am glad you have come. Now you know how I strike?Didn’t I pack off Radha? I have attached a stigmato her name in such a way… that she will neverbe able to get rid of it… and she will never be ableto return to this house! But brother Nagji, how didyou think of this trick? It is very simple… to capture a snake, one mustfirst breaks it’s fangs. And for a proud girl like Radha,this was the only option. I am telling you now, don’t blameme that I didn’t tell you. How did Vijay agree and howdid he muster up this courage? Since father claimed I am not hisson, I turned against Shyam! Only if Radha left, Shyam’sinfluence would reduce in this house. Today, we have removed Radha fromthis house, next is Shyam’s turn. And all this was possiblebecause of uncle Nagji. Finally, I am at peace. I have thrown her out of my way! You vile, poisonous, wicked woman!! – No, father! – You had to resortto such a cheap mean? To allege an innocent girl,you played such a cheap trick? You should have behaved the wayyou behave with your own daughter. A mother gives her daughter withlove and care to her mother in law. And if a mother in law does nottake care of such a daughter… then do you know how muchshe will have to suffer? What have you done, mother? You are my mother… instead of playing such tricks,if you’d just tell me once… then I would sacrifice everythingand serve you all my life. I am indebted to you that mywhole life is not enough to repay. On this man’s behest, you accusedanother woman’s character? You broke the faith and loveI had instilled in you? Please forgive me, son!! – Father, please forgive…- No, Shyam!! If all mothers in laware like your mother… then all mothers would stopgiving birth to daughters. Which daughter in law can havefaith in her mother in law? And you thought your daughter willbe with us all her life? Won’t she ever get married andget a mother in law like you? Do you realise what you have done? If your enmity was only with Radhathen perhaps I would forgive you. But you have ruined your son’s life! Damned is your existence! And Vijay you?…I saidthat you were not my son… I said the truth! My son can never be like you! – Father!… – Nagji, we leftBadalpur because of your sins… and you have come here too? You came here to ruin our family? Get out from here, you rascal! Don’t ever show yourface again, get out! Because of your selfish minds, youare trying to ruin someone’s life. Before everyone, I should beasking you to leave this house. I will have to ask you to leave… Father, please forgive her! Who am I to forgive her? They all have wronged Radha. And Shyam, you also listen to me… if you’d not have blind faith inyour mother, you’d not see this day! There would be noinjustice with Radha. But you were blindfolded. And I am ashamedwith all your deeds! I am sorry, I amresponsible for everything… but the fact is that I havelost my Radha forever. I have lost her forever! Please father, do somethingand get my Radha back. Get up son,…I don’tknow what I should do? What can I tell Radha’s family? And….you all come with me! If she is alive then onlyone person can give her justice. Come with me! Child, who are you? And whyare you in this state? Priest, I have left my houseand I don’t have any refuge. I am a motherless girl and have cometo seek the refuge of the Goddess. You are in the refuge ofMother Goddess, have patience… She knows it all… she surely knows of your sorrows. O Mother, the one who gave mebirth has come to your abode… today, I am writing a letterto her and keeping it at your feet. Please see to it thatmy mother receives my letter. Move, you rascal!! Did you see, you evil man? Youhave been punished for your deeds. Come on, now askRadha to forgive you! Come on, seek pardon! Uncle, I had warned you! Even ifRadha forgive you, I will not! You have ruined my life!! – I will not spare you today!- No!! Forgive him, he has come to therefuge of the Goddess, forgive him! Go, she has forgiven you! Everyone may have forgiven you but,the nature doesn’t spare anyone! While coming here, he was bit bya snake and punished for his sins!

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