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What up gamers? Welcome back to another episode of Hot Topic. As always this is Gary7 MT for the GTA Series Videos crew. For subtitles, click the Caption button. In this video, we are continuing our focus on GTA’s beta and removed content. Now that we’ve examined the debut title, the 2D era, GTA 3 and Vice City, it’s now time for us to head to the west coast with the biggest game of the 3D era: GTA San Andreas. With more than 27.5 million copies sold worldwide since its release in 2004, GTA San Andreas is recognized as PlayStation 2’s best selling game. Weighing in with a mighty heavy review score of 95% on Metacritic and tons of awards collected through all these years, this game raised the bar for great gaming. Set in the fictional US state of San Andreas – effectively a hybrid of California and Nevada – GTA San Andreas packed practically any and everything GTA players ever dreamed of into the game. From gang-related storylines to tons of bikes, motorbikes, airplanes and vehicles of all types to a mind-boggling arsenal of weapons. It even had RPG elements that differed from all other games in that the RPG’s weren’t solely to complete missions, but offered players chances to adapt the characters to themselves as they went. GTA San Andreas was originally supposed to be on two DVDs, but later the game was released on one. Surely this was thanks to new compression techniques in both coding and texture. The game also undoubtedly made some major cuts to material, and it is these deletions that this video will focus on. Before starting though, we’d like to address some of the main complaints about this Hot Topic series. These episodes are intended as a summary of MOST of the beta and removed content. NOT full, in-depth comparisons. Neither are they supposed to be complete lists of all the beta, edited and removed contents discovered. This is because, sometimes, there’s stuff that is impossible to show – in any way. Stuff that’s not really interesting or just myths that lack solid proof. And while we’re on the subject of myths, we work hard to find sources and in-game proof to make sure not to include them in our videos. Of course sometimes, we may get something wrong too. We are fans after all, just like you. Not the authors of the game. As always, a big shoutout goes to PatrickW, DeeZire, Dekra, Jestic, Camil, Kalvin, JohnnyK, CML99 and Vadim_M – whose YouTube channel, @NationalPepper, we suggest you check out. And if we mispronounce anyone’s name… forgive a brother. Some of these handles can be murder. Also “big ups” to all the modders, fans and gamers out there that have searched game files over the years for beta content and created mods to re-enable removed features, audio, missions and more. As opposed to Vice City, where we only have ideas about dropped missions, in GTA San Andreas there’s plenty of info on missing content. Originally, there were more missions in the game such as: “Impounded”, “Doberman”, “Tanked Up”, “Roadside Assistance” and “The Truth is Out There”. All the audio sequences, texts, icons and models used for these missions are still in the game code, the only missing elements are the introduction cutscene animations. “Impounded” was a mission given by Cesar after “High Stakes Low Rider” where CJ finds out that his car was impounded and has to recover it from the LS Impound in Pershing Square. The whole mission provides an introduction into the workings of impounded vehicles. In GTA San Andreas this feature was partially introduced and later optimized in GTA 5. The second, “Doberman”, was a mission for C.R.A.S.H. (Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums) where Carl has to kill Officer Carver, keep Poncho from getting arrested and snatch evidence to give to Tenpenny before the cops can seize it. “Tanked Up” was originally the final mission for Zero where Carl, using an RC Bandit, had to fend off the assault launched by Berkley on Zero’s RC Shop with an army of RC Tigers – the remote controlled tank model. “Roadside Assistance” was the fifth mission of the Wang Cars asset where CJ has to recover a broken down Sultan with a Towtruck from the train tracks before the train crashes into it. Definitely similar to the mission “Pulling Favors Again” executed by Franklin for Tonya in GTA 5. The only difference is that Cesar stole the car in GTA San Andreas, instead in GTA 5 Franklin works as a Towman. “The Truth is Out There” is undoubtedly the longest removed mission and it was an additional mission necessary to acquire the Abandoned Airstrip asset. In it, CJ has to rescue The Truth pursued by FIB, from an area of Bayside – while the FIB wants to arrest him for snooping around Area 69. Thanks to the mod by DeeZire, you can see a complete walkthrough of these five missions on this channel or alternately, download the mod and play them on your GTA San Andreas copy – links to both videos and mods are in the description. Two other removed missions are “Parachute” and “Holed Up”. Unfortunately nothing about either mission is known except that the last one was tied to Cesar. But that’s not all we have to say about missions. The ending of GTA San Andreas requires us to take over sufficient territory to progress to the final mission of the game. Originally before “End of the Line” and after “Los Desperados”, there was a two-part mission called “Looking for Big Smoke”. In the first part of this mission, CJ needs to track down a Russian drug dealer named Andre in the Market area and beat out of him the location of Big Smoke’s Crack Palace in Los Flores. After obtaining the info, the second part of the mission starts and requires taking over all of The Los Santos Vagos’ territory in Los Flores.

Default free game full download crack la noireAfter obtaining the info, the second part of the mission starts and requires taking over all of The Los Santos Vagos’ territory in Los Flores. This put them in a position to gain access to Smoke’s hideout. The loss of this mission also caused a huge loss for a character. While he is still available in the game, his importance has definitely been diminished: now he’s “Big Bear”. However, we will talk about characters later in this episode. Let us get back to missions. “Fish in a Barrel”, in the final game, is just a cutscene, yet during the beta was a real mission. Thanks to the text files, we know that the objective of this mission was to escort Mr. Ran Fa Li from Las Venturas Airport to the Four Dragon Casino whilst being pursued by the Mafia. Other missions, while still available in the game, changed a bit. For example during the first mission, the player had to drive to the cemetery while Big Smoke talks with CJ and keeping the spotlight on Big Smoke, in “Running Dog” originally, after killing the dealer, CJ had to get back to Smoke and drive him home. While driving CJ asks Big Smoke why Tenpenny was at his house, but Smoke denies any association with the cop. Something similar happens also in “Wrong Side of the Tracks” where after killing all the Vagos, CJ has to recover a package and while driving Smoke home, he asks why Tenpenny wants the package and again, Smoke denies any knowledge or association with the C.R.A.S.H. unit. More examples of these kinds of changes appear in the mission “Pier 69” where Rockstar originally intended to first kill Ryder and then T-Bone, who tries to make a run. “Photo Opportunity” is a mission that was re-written several times. In one version, CJ and Cesar had to follow a Ballas vehicle and photograph its occupants while driving towards San Fierro. Another version instead implies that CJ and Cesar were in a helicopter – which also explains why both characters yell at each other. In “Saint Mark’s Bistro” we had to chase Marco Forelli through Liberty City after cleaning the Bistro. In “Sweet’s Girl” CJ’s brother was unarmed so we had to escort him out from the building. The dialogue between CJ and Sweet was definitely longer and it suggests that CJ would have to use Sweet’s Greenwood and get a gun of some sort out of the trunk. This led to a removed feature of the game originally meant to have the ability to store and recover objects from a vehicle’s trunk. Also some side activities have been removed, like the “Pizza Boy”, the “Top Fun” minigames – that became part of Zero’s missions – and 50 “Rampages” together with the Adrenaline bonus – with the last one that can still be activated through mods or cheats, and more. And speaking of Adrenaline, as in Vice City, there were also pharmacies in San Andreas where you could buy health and adrenaline. Also Rusty Brown’s Ring Donuts were places where CJ could eat. All these assets could also be robbed like in Vice City. Unused audio files allow us to know for example that when Carl gets a haircut, the Barber could use the scissors instead of the electric razor – definitely something that would fit better with Old Reece. There are a couple of special effects audios left from Vice City alongside of ten different engine sounds unused. The Boat School, like all the others, had introduction dialogue and an instructor. There were also lots of unused audio files for pedestrians with specific accents like Indian, Texan, Persian and more. – “Curry, curry, curry!”- “For curry’s sake!”- “Last night supper gave me an ass of fire!” – “Uh, my ass is stinking.”- “I’m just a country boy like my daddy.”- “Daddy don’t touch me there!” – “You inbred retarded hillbilly dipshit!”- “I have been shaving since I was nine years old.”- “This better be some good shit, man.” – “Just opium, nothing else.”- “What you gotta do to get a cab ’round here. Taxi!” – “I want my daddy.”- “Oh my god!” Lastly, in “Farewell, my Love…”, Catalina was supposed to taunt Carl either by phone or some other way, attempting to make him jealous the way she does during freemode after reaching San Fierro and Las Venturas. Why these hilarious taunts have been removed by Rockstar is unknown, but we think great lines like those certainly would have made the mission! From missions, let’s move on now to characters and if any have been dropped completely, like Officer Carver and Poncho – both tied to the beta mission “Doberman”, others changed enough during development to make these disappearances irrelevant. The main protagonist in this category is Barry Thorne, A.K.A. “Big Bear”. Appearing in just two missions, and even then with only a marginal role, Rockstar originally had more in mind for how Big Bear was gonna be used. Thanks to unused audio files and models, we have insight into this alternative vision of the character. He appears to have been a key character during the ending of GTA San Andreas and the gang wars. Other characters instead changed in both clothes and appearance. Thanks to early screenshots and artwork, we see how the game’s leading man, Carl Johnson, changed over time it almost appears that Rockstar artists took inspiration from Hip Hop artist and – as of right now – husband of Beyonce, Jay Z for CJ. … Sweet also changed – though not so much physically, but the brotha’s style. At first he was dressed in a greyish black T-Shirt and black skully.

1 free game full download crack la noireAt first he was dressed in a greyish black T-Shirt and black skully. Two characters that actually did change a lot are Ryder – we can see him in these early screenshots – and Big Smoke who was thinner, wore a white Saints jersey and did not wear a bowler. The beta 3D model of Big Smoke can be seen in the game as a statue inside his crack palace in Los Flores. Minor characters changed too, like Officer Frank Tenpenny, T-Bone and more. Every gang member of every gang – from all over the southwest – rocked different looks and different threads. For example, an OGF member who wore a closed hoodie was also originally an unused model for Big Bear. A fourth goon of the Da Nang Boys was meant to be in the game, but was later cut. Additionally, dozens of pedestrians were cut, but their models are still available in the game files. Now let’s peep-out removed and edited features. GTA San Andreas has tons of code left inside that, when activated, re-enables features that were partially developed, inherited from past titles and more. Undoubtedly, the clearest example of this is the infamous “Hot Coffee” Mod. Hot Coffee is what PatrickW calls a mod that re-enables access to a sexual mini-game in GTA San Andreas. This mini-game was completely developed by Rockstar Games to allow players to interact with the character while one of the girlfriends invited him to have “hot coffee” at her place after a night out. Before sending the game to the rating board and on to production, Rockstar Games chose to disable the content, making it impossible to access and replacing it with a shaky camera featuring the outside of the girlfriend’s house accompanied by muffled voices in the background. Despite the mini-game being completely disabled and highlighted only after the mod’s release, all codes, animations and assets were in the game code, not only in the PC version, but also in the PS2 and Xbox versions of the game. In mid-July 2005, these assets led to a considerable indignation from lawmakers and politicians resulting in Rockstar creating a patch for the original version called “No More Hot Coffee” and releasing a newer version of the title after it was re-rated Adults Only. A move resulting in almost 85% of the world’s retailers pulling it off shelves. Later that year, Democratic Senators Hillary Clinton, Joe Lieberman and Evan Bayh introduced the Family Entertainment Protection Act. “I don’t have any idea of what I’m talking about, I’m only here for the free donuts. Please ignore me. Thanks, bye.” Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive faced a ton of legal problems including Federal Class-action lawsuits. By September 2009 the drama had ended resulting in Take-Two settling to the bitter tune of a staggering 20,115,000 dollars. Other significant examples of complete or partial features left in the code is what appears to be an idea to create downloadable content for GTA San Andreas. At the time, DLCs were not as popular or common as today. There were already games in the early ’80s that had expansion packs sold separately and before the release of GTA San Andreas, GTA already had titles with expansion packs. Namely GTA London 1969 – technically the first ever Grand Theft Auto expansion pack – and GTA London 1961, a freely distributed mission pack for GTA and GTA London 1969. However, as DLCs gained popularity and became known as DLCs, thanks to Microsoft who started with both the first Xbox and later with the Xbox 360 to sell additional content for its games. Thus, even if the idea of DLCs had not exactly matured, there were still enough strings and scripts in GTA San Andreas to indicate that with this experiment Rockstar was heading towards mission packs and more for their games. Why Rockstar Games never used this feature is unknown but our best guess is it was for technical reasons like incompatibility with previous savegames. Or, of course it could have even been their intention to move forward to another title and leave GTA San Andreas and all the trouble born with it, behind. Modders however found all these scripts and used them to create one of the biggest mods for GTA San Andreas ever, named “D.Y.O.M.” – Design Your Own Mission. Thanks to Dutchy3010 and PatrickW’s mod, people without scripting and coding knowledge, can create new missions without writing a single line of script. And to this day, fans and players still create new stories and more with DYOM in GTA San Andreas. Other examples of abandoned game codes include the 50 bucks Good Citizen Bonus for stopping criminals available in GTA Vice City and the Quadruple Insane Stunt bonuses. And don’t forget the 2-player pool mini-game for the PC version. Moreover there was once ability to ride San Fierro’s trolleys with actual stops all around the city as well as car-washes – only introduced in GTA 4. Other unused code is the “Bum Behaviour” script – a complete, but buggy script, not attached to any ped. Thanks to a mod that re-enable this feature, we get to enjoy seeing specific peds take pisses, lie down and scratch their groins and even get to see them drink and, my own personal favorite,

free game full download crack la noire and even get to see them drink and, my own personal favorite,

2 free game full download crack la noireand even get to see them drink and, my own personal favorite, vomit! There were a ton of unused interiors that, players could navigate after using the Jetpack from Ganton Gym. We can then reach the warehouse and gain access to every single interior. Now – only thanks to the mods – we can just spawn directly inside these unused spaces. The aforementioned warehouse is maybe a beta version of the one used during the mission “Gray Imports”. A second warehouse named SlashTV exists as well – maybe tied to the namesake side job introduced in the series with GTA Liberty City Stories. Another case of defunct interior coding is the San Fierro Police Department HQ building – complete with floors, pickups and occasionally peds all over, even inside prison cells. This is undoubtedly the biggest and most complete unused interior in the entire game. Therefore, why it never made the cut is a true enigma. Our best guess is it was the set for a removed mission. Or, if we go by the file names, a map created for a possible official multiplayer game mode – something Rockstar planned both for GTA 3 and Vice City, and according to some left-over strings, even tested for GTA San Andreas. Other examples of unused interiors are the Bike School in Las Venturas that in the final version changed simply by using an open building. There is also a 2-floor Ammu-Nation with a shooting range inside of it. A copy of the Vice City stadium with the sand box in the middle can also be found. Various safehouses were left over like one named “big safehouse” in Los Santos features a working wardrobe. Two different motel rooms did get reused for the Jefferson Motel interior. A unique safehouse in Mullholland, based on the Stahl House, was even shown in both the official trailer and in the first ever preview on Game Informer. Together with four different strip clubs – only three are accessible while two share interiors – exist three, unique, hidden and nearly complete interiors tied to brothels and titty-bars. While texture glitches and lots of missing collisions insure they will never be ready for prime time, these interiors are fully complete with rooms for services, bathtubs and more. These areas were probably removed when the sex minigame was dropped. In any case, they clearly depict what the brothel’s services available to CJ were inside. Also, thanks to in-game codes, previews and interviews with Rockstar pre-releases, we also know that originally the city would react directly to player actions. For example after a pedestrian was killed, a news van arrives. When fences or lamp posts were destroyed, repairmen arrive to fix them. And while we’re on the subject of things that changed, let’s move to edited features – those aspects available in the game, but somehow different from how they were originally conceived. The best example is the “gang warfare” feature. In the final version of the game we have a total of 57 territories to take over only in the city of Los Santos from just two gangs: Ballas (Flats) and Los Santos Vagos (Northside Mexicans). Originally, instead, the entire territory of San Andreas was filled with over 170 territories to snatch from a total of 7 gangs. The Ballas, Vagos, Varrios Los Aztecas (South Side Mexican), San Fierro Rifa, Triads, Da Nang Boys (Vietnamese) and the Italian Mafia as you can see in this picture from BradyGames’ official strategy guide. Originally, the district name that appears on screen was colored by the same color of the gang who controlled that district. Thanks to a glitch or mods like the “Extended Gang Wars” by Silent, both features can be re-enabled in the game and played as Rockstar Games originally envisioned. And speaking of gangs, thanks to in-game files, we know that originally Rockstar planned to feature ten different gangs in the territory of Los Santos. The first eight you already know, the remaining two, unfortunately, are unknown. Another significant example of altered content from beta to final is the map itself. According to the beta map in the Lil’ Probe’Inn and in Mike Toreno’s Ranch we know that Bayside Marina was just a little village and that between San Fierro and Bayside, there was a small island most likely based on Alcatraz. San Fierro had fewer docks and bigger parks,

3 free game full download crack la noireSan Fierro had fewer docks and bigger parks, Easter Basin’s shape was different, Dillimore and the Quarry were smaller and in Red County there were fewer roads. San Fierro’s name itself changed because according to tattoos and files, the name was San Fiero. There are more – thanks to the unused race tournament maps showing all cities changed a bit. The biggest differences in Los Santos are all the streets in Rodeo, the presence of Glen Park and the sidewalks around the observatory are missing. Other differences include – a third runway at Los Santos Airport, no tennis courts behind the Richman Country Club, and the Marina’s canal ending at the second bridge. Thanks to previews and in-game leftovers, we know that players were supposed to be able to get drunk and high off drugs as CJ. Both simulated dizziness by wobbling the camera as in all GTA HD era titles. The first time Rockstar used this effect was in GTA Vice City during the mission “Boomshine Saigon”, then again in Vice City Stories during the mission “Purple Haze”. Rockstar has an anti-piracy effect for illegal cracked versions of GTA 4 that also uses this effect – and at the time it was hilarious reading the messages from PC players ranting about what they thought was a bug. And before we leave the topic of drugs, GTA San Andreas was the first title Rockstar considered adding a “mini drug dealing game” that was later added exclusively to GTA Chinatown Wars. The idea was cut from GTA San Andreas because it didn’t make sense for characters who are against crack, to sell it on the street. And that’s not all the ghosts from killed code haunting GTA. From random items of clothing like the blue hoodie that was apparently CJ’s default outfit, to the canceled radio stations, Flash FM and Hit Radio all sorts of material was coded into the game, then dropped during development. There are also weird, unused comic-stlye bubbles meant to appear when talking to strangers and gang members in the street. And while we’re yet on the strange image tip, there are two really disturbing ones. In the first we see soap being dropped in a shower… and in the second a man getting his head forced face down into what seems to be a bed. Both images are any guy’s nightmares of what could happen in prison. Again, we don’t understand why these images would be in the game files but remain unused… then again, maybe we do understand. GTA 5 has the most vehicles of any title in the series, with more than 250 – DLC vehicles included. GTA San Andreas has the second most coming in at just over 180. According to quite a few previews GTA San Andreas was originally meant to feature over 420 vehicles. But again, there are no images, files or proof that these 240 more vehicles even exist, which leads us to think that this number is a little too exaggerated. It was probably first used by some overzealous journalist once and then became part of the GTA lore we talked about at the top of this video. Before focusing on what we know about dropped vehicles, let’s talk about the dropped features tied to vehicles. Together with the aforementioned ability to stow and recover objects from car trunks, thanks to early screenshots we know that originally stealing cars was a pretty involved affair: CJ had to smash the car window and then hot-wire it like all players learn from thuggin’ back in GTA’s 4 and 5. Another still-born feature was linked to the vehicle impound already mentioned. Originally, if we got busted, the last vehicle driven, could be taken back from impound in the city’s main Police Headquarters. And speaking of the pigs, at first every city had their own vehicles, bikes, helicopters and more. Everyone had the LSPD, SFPD, LVPD or Countryside decals plastered right on the side, but now this feature is only for police cars. Bikes, helicopters and all the other emergency vehicles sport the SAPD badge (San Andreas Police Department) while bike patrol cops use the same two models statewide. Another cut feature rumored to be linked to vehicles include the option to equip vehicles with spike strips at the 8-Ball’s Autos the way you can with bombs. Now let’s peep out vehicles taken out of the game. In early screenshots from Rockstar fuel caps were missing, which indicates the ability to destroy vehicles with a single shot was introduced later during development. Also license plates were more like California state’s and lots of vehicles initially inhereted rims from GTA 3 and Vice City. The Airtrain, a big-ass plane (Boeing 727), seen in Vice City and Liberty City is another missing vehicle and is technically replaced by the AT-400, a Boeing 787. The Dashound textures are still in the game, inherited from GTA 3 and Vice City and the Sabre Turbo was cut, along with two vehicles named Float and Fenton. The former may have been a parade float or train according to the handling lines while the second one a spoof on a Ponton, a Mercedes-Benz classic car. Another road vehicle removed was the Roadtrain – a classic, articulated truck that towed two or more trailers. Moving on to air and sea, again there are several losses. In the case of aquatic transport, it’s the Coastguard Maverick that was cut. Like the Rio, this sea faring vessel is a catamaran and both are leftovers from Vice City. The Coastguard Maverick failed to make the cut in the previous title, while the second was instead available. Many vehicles changed during game development, like the Bullet, whose beta version can be seen inside Otto’s Autos. The Elegant whose name and design / appearance changed according to a billboard. The Ranger, a vehicle that initially sported an inverted color scheme and different wheels, and the Combine Harvester – which was green, smaller and missing the step-bars at one time. Other small differences can be seen in the Clover’s taillights and bumper, the paintjob of the Journey, the shape of the Fortune’s headlights, and the Jester’s grill, rims and more. Occasionally also, thanks to what we can call “cutscene vehicles”, we see how some vehicles’ designs and color palettes changed. These cutscene vehicles are counterparts to the game’s drivable vehicles. Due to camera angles, scale, lighting and other variables, we can tell cutscene vehicles vary from finals – for example they’re usually bigger. This is because the programmers didn’t update the model depicted in the cutscene. The clearest example is the Savanna. In practically all cutscenes it’s a 2-door vehicle instead of a 4-door plus the front grille and back lights are different. Likewise for the Camper and the Elegy, the counterpart cutscene vehicle is named “Legend”. Unlike the Elegy, the Legend is bigger and when unlocked, it has two different paintjobs. Together with the Mothership, Andromada and SWAT Tank, vehicles used exclusively during specific missions or cutscenes, there are also several hidden vehicles easily unlocked through modding GTA San Andreas. Namely the FBI Truck, a vehicle originally used for the mission “The Truth is Out There”, the FBI Car, a dropped vehicle similar to the Las Venturas Police car which apparently was meant to appear all over the San Andreas state when reaching a five star wanted and a second Bloodring Banger, left over from GTA Vice City. My personal favorite game code ghost vehicle, normally unavailable, is the RC Cam – a flowerpot with fully functioning lights. Now just so we’re clear – calling the RC Cam a vehicle is taking mad liberties ’cause really, what this thing is actually supposed to be beats the hell out of all of us. Another cut vehicle and unknown is the Roller. According to the handling, chances are it’s a steamroller. Based on the name though, many people surmise its just a set of rollerskates that CJ could use to move faster in the cities – and to strengthen their idea, they claim rollerskates are already available to peds in GTA Vice City. Possible, we guess… but highly unlikely. One vehicle that does have rollerskate wheels and was meant to be in GTA San Andreas is actually a skateboard! It’s only remnant is the HUD icon in the PS2 version of the game and the board itself in a hidden interior of the PC version. According to some strings, the vehicle was meant to be introduced to the player during the mission “Madd Dogg’s Rhymes”, probably replacing the bike available when leaving Madd Dogg’s house. Why this one didn’t make the cut is another mystery but it could have been due to problems with animation or handling. Or it could even be that the skateboard idea came up too near the end of development. Either way, thanks to modders, players can still use it in GTA San Andreas. The really crazy thing about the skateboard is that it wasn’t only a vehicle but was also a melee weapon. That’s right! You were going to be able to use the skateboard like a baseball bat to clock fools. Now how cool is that? Also speaking of weapons, according to early previews, GTA San Andreas was originally meant to include like 150 different weapons… but only 42 are available in the final version. Thanks to nuggets hidden in the game in the form of previews, pre-release screenshots and more, we know that some of the cut weapons were the Micro-SMG, PSG-1, M72 LAW and MP5-K just to name a few. Thanks to another Rockstar title, Manhunt, modders were able to bring some of these powerful weapons back to the mean streets of San Andreas. Not only have firearms been cut but the game was supposed to have a lot more really fun melee weapons players could pick up at hardware stores – like in GTA Vice City. Some of the omitted weapons are inherited from GTA Vice City, like the Hammer, Meat Cleaver, the Machete, Others are completely new like the Nail Bat and Sledgehammer. Weapon icons were originally less detailed and the Jetpack, Cellphone and aforementioned Skateboard, had their own icons. Whilst some things have been removed, others were just changed. One prominent example is the parachute. Though kept in the game, it completely changed shape and color. The original model features in the demo vid at the Flight School and on the San Fierro Triad’s goons during the mission “A Home in the Hills”. The same for the Spray Can. Originally it had a different texture and the Camera used to be bigger. It also had an attached flash that can still be seen during the cutscene of the mission “Badlands”. Like the “cutscene” vehicles, there are small differences between some weapons available to players and weapons from cutscenes. Also there are weapons seen only in cutscenes. For example the MIB from the mission “Stowaway” features an M16 that has a dirt texture that players refer to as camos textures – likewise for the PSG-1 and MP5-K, both weapons missing from the final version of the game. So, to recap, we learned that GTA San Andreas is undoubtedly the biggest GTA title – the game Rockstar pushed every limit and boundary with breakout gameplay, storylines, characters, features and more. At a time when DLCs were not even known as such, Rockstar thought to write game code that would allow the addition of new content, missions and more for years to come. And they incorporated the classic RPG concept of character personalization to allow you, the player, customization options for CJ any way you’d like. Everything in GTA San Andreas is simply unforgettable. The final version is definitely huge, but even so, tons of content, features and projects were somehow left unfinished, hidden or completely removed. In some cases it’s clear why much of this data got dropped; for others we have no idea. Still today, even after more than ten years from the release date, GTA San Andreas is still played by millions of fans thanks to what the game is, is about and represents. To be honest much of its enduring popularity is also thanks to what the modders have done to uncover the games golden nuggets, dark corners and enigmatic secrets over the years. When you talk about gaming, you can’t talk about games that changed the game in the industry and not mention the humongous, entertaining and beautiful Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. And with that we wrap another fascinating episode of Hot Topic. Be sure to follow us for more on beta and removed content from the GTA Series as well as for updates and the latest on GTA 5 and GTA Online. This was Gary7 MT for the GTA Series Videos crew saying… See ya round and don’t be no busta!

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