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– Because I have some unfortunate news. Em… – Oh, that unfortunate? – Yeah. – Because– – No one is ill. – I just need… – No, I can’t. – Two seconds! – This episode is sponsored by the accounting programme e-conomic, – which keeps daily track of the numbers in GoLittle, – So I can spend my time keeping track of other things. – Right now, for example, we’re spending quite a lot of time keeping track of the stock – for Mambeno’s online shop, which sells all sorts of great stuff for kids. – But it is rather time consuming, what with creating product sites, keeping track of stock counts, – and not least performing monthly inventory counts. – But there’s an extension module for e-conomic, as I’ve found out, – which is able to communicate with our online shop, – and automatically synchronise our stock and inventory with our accounting. – The only problem is, I haven’t quite found the time to – actually install it yet. – But hey! It’s on the to-do list, – along with approximately 248 other things. – Can’t we just post the articles on the front page? They’re there already. – What, like, move that down— But there’s not–this is what I mean, – It just doesn’t have the effect–like,- Right, okay. – Of course we can move it to the front page, but–or, well first of all, someone has to do it. – And that, let’s say it takes two days. – To do that. To put the articles on the front page and post it and that. – Does it solve what you want it to, that when you Google ‘playground’ – the first thing that comes up is GoLittle – it doesn’t.- No. – Em…- No, it is a patch solution. – Does it solve that it becomes a platform like Nordic Parenting – where you can always go to find the newest stuff for kids, – No, it doesn’t do that either, because the articles we do are like… – Here and now, much of it. ‘Tonight you can see shooting stars’, – there’s not much value in going and reading that in three months. – Right now we just don’t have to content to create a portal, – and the question is if we should create a portal. – Then we need to figure out what to put on that portal. – Can we agree that this is a project we’ll discuss at a different time? – Yes.- Yeah. – Em… We just need to constantly keep focus on, what is it we are. – Yeah. And we’re not really clear on that— Not with GoLittle. – Right.- And that’s all I’m saying, – before we start developing a whole website, – we have to figure out what the h**l to put on that website, what is it that adds value? – Em… I think that should come before this. – Yeah. – Otherwise we start making something where you can find amusement parks and all sorts, – which can also have value, – but what if when we develop, we find something that can add even more value? – Because we’ve already learnt that amusement parks aren’t what people are looking for – on a Tuesday in November. – We’re having one of the many meetings – we’ve had since Kristian and I came back from the US. – Because the feedback from almost everyone, especially the ones with money, was – to go full steam ahead with Mambeno, – our mealplanning service. – Not because the other aspects of GoLittle were bad, but – because Mambeno proved especially exciting.

Default game app download– because Mambeno proved especially exciting. – And the question then becomes, – what does that mean for GoLittle? – I just feel like we have all these nice clothes, but they’re hanging at the back of the shop. – But we don’t! We don’t have the nice clothes, Louise. – But the articles, I feel, are nice clothes.- But the articles–just look at what we have, – Just take a look at what we’ve got.- The display window is boring. – We have some–we have some bloody great content, – we just don’t–we haven’t been making content with the notion that – it’s going to be evergreen content, in an SEO context, on Google, hosted on a platform,. – Because that’s not what we’ve prioritised, – we’ve developed an app where you right now can go check what’s happening right now, right here. – Like… – That–then… – We have to like… – Figure out what we want with GoLittle. – Should it be a place where you’re more likely to find – ‘here’s the 10 best whatever’, ‘here’s the 5 best whatever’, – or should it be about events? – And if we’re gonna be the best about events, it has to be some here-and-now content. – Then that, really, is more important than ‘here’s the 5 best water spots in Denmark’. – Or ‘here’s the 5 best cafés for hot chocolate with the kids’. – Then it’s GoLittle you visit when you want to do something with the kids, day of. – Yeah, then you know that’s where to find it. – So, we just have to–we just have to be careful we don’t end up talking about three different things, – and wanting something that we might not be, – or at least haven’t decided if we should be. – We have to be absolutely sure, learned from experience, – that what we do is who we f**king are. – And the discussion continues, meeting after meeting. – As, if we’re to go full throttle with Mambeno, – does that mean we have to axe GoLittle? – Not because the app that guides you to places and experiences for kids isn’t working, – because it does, – although we’re still yet to take over the world with it, – but simply because there’s something that’s working even better. – Can I just–a small comment? – Slack is a company that’s… – Worth, what, 4 billion dollars today. – Their angel funding was for a game called Glitch. – Which they then discovered wasn’t really a success, – and they’d raised way more than we have for that game, Glitch, – which didn’t work, – and that’s Slack today. – Then afterwards they made this collaborative… – Chat application, right? – So it’s just… Like, it… – It is possible.- To? – To get angel funding for one, – one thing you want to do, and investors also… – They understand that the challenge is to raise funding, that’s… – But that’s also why I think we should get funding based on Mambeno. – But that doesn’t mean we kill everything else.- Okay. – And I know you might disagree with that, or it sounds that way, – em, but I don’t think so. Em, I think… – Em, the potential is too big, and – there’s still some things that I believe – we can make work. That might be wrong, – and that doesn’t necessarily mean it was a mistake to try it out, but I…

1 game app download– and that doesn’t necessarily mean it was a mistake to try it out, but I… – I don’t want to be in a situation in a year or two – where someone gets GoLittle-ish to really succeed, – Em, so that’s my choice and my prioritisation, – and you don’t have to agree with that, – em, because I could go to the board and say, – ‘listen, we’re sacking everything GoLittle,’ – em, and that would probably have a lot of consequences for – the company, and… – I don’t even know, I can’t even think about how that would be pieced together, but – but I could absolutely go back to them and work for that, – and I could probably even get my way eventually, – but right now I don’t think it’s the right decision. – Em… It might be wrong. – I dunno. – Em, but that’s like… My… Call. – Em, and you can agree or disagree with that, – em, and that’s totally fair. – But at this point I think this is the right way of doing this. – So… But it is really tricky, – and it is a dilemma, and it’s not… – It’s just not a situation where there’s a right answer. – And I won’t be– – The decisions I make, it’s just important, I won’t be making them to satisfy any of you. – Em, like I’m going to make them because I think they’re right for GoLittle. – And I won’t be making them because I said something on a podcast or anything else, – I’m going to make them because it’s right for the business, like I do with everything. – Em… So, so–and… – I hope you’ll stick with it. – Em, but like… Yeah. – And if at some point you’re thinking that it’s gotten too far from what you bought into, – that’s totally fair and square. – Em, but I’m not going to change my decisions based on that. – You’re welcome to challenge them. – But I have to make the decisions that I think are right for GoLittle. – As a business, as a company. Em… – Yeah. – And that’s what I’m trying. – And you’re allowed to challenge, and you’re allowed to disagree. – You’re looking at me every time you say ‘disagree’.- No, no, not at all! – I don’t know where to focus my gaze! – No, it wasn’t–don’t feel targeted, – you’re just standing in my line of sight!- Okay, good. – If I stand like this, it seems like I’m excluding you all. – Em… Or like this, em… – Okay. – No, but it is good to be challenged on– – It’s great!- It is a good thing to keep flagging, ‘well there’s also,’ – ‘Have you looked in this direction?’ – Like, you have to, and everyone should keep doing that, – em, because that’s the only way to be constantly aware of – ‘God, yeah!’, you know? – I went to the US with the–the idea of, – now I’m finally going to meet someone who f**king gets this. – Now I’m gonna meet the people that get it. – Now we’re off to Silicon Valley, where they’ll get the vision and how big it is. – Yeah.- But I got challenged on that a few too many times. – Not that the vision is off, – but that we need to succeed with one thing before we can move onto something else.

game app download – but that we need to succeed with one thing before we can move onto something else.

2 game app download– but that we need to succeed with one thing before we can move onto something else. – And I would be an id**t, and irresponsible, – and a bad boss, and a bad all kinds of things if I didn’t… – Listen to that. – It’s not because they think what we’re doing is bad. – They’re just saying, you’ve got one product that’s a lot stronger than all the rest. – That you’re actually succeeding with. – So for f**k’s sake, keep going with that. – Until, or before you can succeed with the other, sorry, I have to stop looking at you. – I’ll look at you instead. Em… It’s way more natural to look down your way, I don’t know why! – It’s also because you’re the only one looking up at me all the time! – Em… No, em… So that’s it. – And so ends another crucial meeting – so a new one can begin. – And that’s certainly crucial, too. – As in the midst of having to make some important decisions about the future, – the time has come for Coding Kristian to let me know – whether he wants to be a part of that future. – If he wants to continue in GoLittle, – or start a new business, where he can be co-founder. – Wouldn’t it be more like, the tech-responsible guy, to wear my keys like this? – That would be great.- I hadn’t thought of that. I only just noticed. – That’d be so good. And it’s the classic as well, isn’t it? – No, it’s not quite. I thought it was that proper classic… – For the bottle opener, you had like a… – That, like, hook.- Oh yeah, that one. – Right. – Let’s hear what you’ve decided. – Em… – Yeah. – I think… – I’ve decided that I’m founding that company.- Okay. – Em… – What that’s going to mean for… – For all of this, – That, that… Is something I need us to figure out together. – I mean, in principle I think, as we sit here, – that we–that you then should leave. – Because I don’t think it makes sense, em… – For you… – To split yourself between two places, and it’s… – totally understandable, that you… – how’d you say… – want to grow your own thing, I understand that 100 percent. – But I, the way I see it, I don’t think – it’s the right solution, if I’m to purely selfishly look at GoLittle, – em… With the time you have, the opportunities you have, – if you’re founding another company that you want to grow, – which you’ll obviously see a, like, – greater incentive in growing. – And you have your own little family which has grown, – so you have less time than you’re used to having, on top of that. – You’re right to look at it purely selfishly, – from the company’s side. – But you have to also look at… In a way, I’m also very interested in… – If this is what we’re talking about, – to make it happen in a decent way. – Em, how do you mean?- If I’m leaving this company. – Like, that I’m really…

3 game app download– Like, that I’m really… – Because I really believe… – What do I believe? I believe, – or, I really like the culture that’s been created in this company, – and I want to not… – Be… – I don’t, in any way, want to, like… – Create… what’d you call it… – Em… – Unnecessary limitations for GoLittle. – I really want to do it the best way. – Yeah. Like, what I would then think is… – Like, I think it’s–I think that’s a crying shame, and I’m really gutted, and that… – I’m mostly gutted because I really like you, – and I think you’ve contributed, like, – and you know this already, a crazy amount, – and you’re gonna be very hard to be without and replace, and I can’t even… – I don’t know how to solve that, but I’ll have to solve it somehow, that’s not your problem. – Em, so that’s–that’s like, – what should be written on the header, – Like, really. Em… So, so… – And, I mean, you know… – Thank you for everything you’ve done, and been, and all that, right? – Because it’s meant, among other things, that we’ve gotten to where we are now. – Em… – I’ve always been like, I think you should follow what you feel, – what you’re dreaming of, and your… – Your gut feeling, you have to pursue that. – Em… And, how’d you say… – There’s never a good time to do anything. – It always sucks for someone. – Yeah, I can’t fathom what should… – Happen like, practically and… – Nah, but we’ll solve that like we’ve done so much else.- We’ll figure that out. Yeah. – But I am… – Like you say, I really think we have it good, – especially on the personal level, that’s gonna be… – Yeah. – We’ll have to figure it out. Em… – I’d actually like to tell people pretty quickly. – Em, and I’d actually, if it’s okay with you, tell them tomorrow, – at our Tuesday meeting, because I think we might as well… – I think it’s annoying to carry around this like… – Knowledge. Em… – But I don’t know how you feel about that. – Em…. Gah, – Next week there’s some practical stuff, – we have an intern coming, – Oh, yeah, but he doesn’t have to be involved in that. – I’m not a big believer in, like… – Processes where… – Some people know something, others don’t know anything, – Neither am I. – So we might as well play with open cards and say listen, this is, em… – We, em… – We’ve decided to, em… – Go our separate ways, you’ve founded your own company, – em, and how’d you say… – That’s something you’ve wanted, and I’ve determined that… – GoLittle and that together can’t be done, – and it’s totally peaceful and amicable, – And tell them that you want to be a partner.- I agree with that. – That was the conclusion I reached as well. – I don’t know if I need to say it, but I agree that… – Everything you’re saying about time, and both, and interests and all that… – Wouldn’t work. – Em… – I’ll do it now, I’m just sending a mail to the board to let them know… – How it is. – Em… Because, I kind of have to. – Em… – And then, em… – I’ll get their input on what to do. – So I need to loop them in. – Em, yeah.- But there’s also a lot in my contract, that I’m also like, – motivated to get out of, in terms of… – There’s some, IP and all that stuff, – Not because I’m gonna invent something new tomorrow… – Because I am allowed to found a company.- Yeah, yeah. – You can then say, you don’t want that, and thus… – Let me go, but that’s not the situation. – Yeah. – That’s what we’ll do. – Then let’s find the right way of doing it. – Thank you for everything, old boy.- You too. – We’ll solve it somehow, and good luck. – See ya! – Oh yeah. – Salut. – So that was the positive stuff, em… – Now comes the negative?- No… Yeah, yes,.. – Because I have some unfortunate news. Em… – Oh, that unfortunate? – Yeah. – Because… – No one is ill. I just need… – No, I can’t. – Two seconds! – I can’t believe I’ve been totally cool up until now. – Now I’ll start crying.- No, don’t. – No no, calm. – Em, right, Kristian and I have agreed that Kristian is leaving, – December 1st. – He gets a hug! – And then I’m tapped out. – I kept it together pretty well, didn’t I?- Yeah, yeah. I’ve been tripping a bit myself. – Right. Em… And why is that. – Em… – And I should just mention that we are… – In total agreement, and are… – In good order and all, em… – I’ll just explain it with my words, and then speak up if I’m not explaining it right, or – if there’s something I miss, em… – Kristian has from the beginning had a wish to be – founder of a company, em, we talked about that a lot – when Kristian started in GoLittle, so I’ve been conscious of that, – It’s never been feasible in GoLittle, because – em… – The company structure is the way it is, and… – When Kristian came on board in this case, – there were already investors and… – stock divisions and all sorts of other shit, – so it wasn’t really feasible, em… – Now Kristian has gotten the opportunity to, em… – become a founder in a different company, who do something totally different, – that being heat pump solutions. – Em…And em… We’ve talked about that, – whether that could be combined with – Kristian being CTO in GoLittle, – And I’ve initially decided that em, – I unfortunately don’t think it can. – And em, we’ve gone back and forth over it a lot, – em… – And I think we’re now pretty in sync that… – That doesn’t really make sense, and the best solution – thus is for Kristian to leave and pursue his – founder dream. – Em, and I’m devastated, as you can see, – on a personal level as well, because, and you know this, Kristian, – and everyone around you knows as well, you’ve contributed not only… – Some incredible technical things, but also something very unique on a human level, – Em… So you’ve definitely been part of – taking us where we are today, – both technically, but also and especially… – what we have in the office, and the company we are, – and em… – Not to give the thank you-speech just yet, – em, it will come later, – but, but that’s what I… – like, really, am upset by. – Em, but… – At the same time, I’m happy that… – The decision feels right, because – you have a dream, – that you want to pursue, – and I’ve really been thinking, and speculating on whether that could, em… – Be united with what we’re going to do in GoLittle, – and the amount of work that goes into that, em… – And just personally, I would have done – anything to keep you on, but professionally I’ve had like a… – Look at GoLittle, to say, what’s like, the right solution, – for the company, long term when we’ll be… – Moving out in to the world, hopefully. – We only made the decision yesterday. – Em, so it’s like… It’s very quick, – and it’s as it usually is, we let you know as soon as it happens, – but that also means that I don’t have a specific plan for what we’ll do, – Maybe we should find another CTO, – not to speak before the body is cold, but… – Maybe we should find a different solution, – what that would be I don’t know, but I’m working on that now. – And I’ll tell you as much as I possibly can, – I’m thinking that when we’re done here, I’m gonna just sit with you one-on-one, – just for five minutes, just to like, hear what you’re thinking. – Em… Yeah. – But em… I think that’s it? – An eventful and emotional Tuesday meeting. – And as though we weren’t dealing with enough challenges – and emotions, – there are more to come. – Well, I’ve gotten an offer from somewhere. – No, I can’t… – That I can’t say no to.

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