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what’s up guys and welcome back to bendyand the ink machine now today’s video we have the brand new newly releasedchapter 5 that were to be going through in this video for you guys a brand newchapter the final chapter of the game and I am so so excited but of course asyou guys know I gotta giveaway a few copies of the game for you guys becauseI’m gonna do like I’m basically a giveaway like 4 copies because now it isthe full complete edition of the game so it includes every single chapter and allyou have to do to enter is leave a like on the video leave a comment down belowsaying anything you want and hit that subscribe button and the little bellicon and that is it you were entered I’m gonna choose the four winners andprobably about a week so you play of time to enter and yet be sure to goahead and do that anyways let’s go ahead and press begin and alright so I’mexcited though so ok we’re gonna go through the chapters all the memorieschapter 1 2 3 4 and are you guys ready chapter 5 the last real looks like wehave a bed right there a bunch of other stuff a bunch of ink everywhere let’shop in I am so excited for this man I have been waiting for this since Aprilit’s it’s been a while alright and this is gonna be greatalright let’s see what’s going on here oh man this is exciting the finalchapter how are they gonna end it like I’m kind of worried but I’m excited tosee like what’s next for Benny in the ink machine and how this is all gonna godown here we go chapter 5 the last real guys if you’re hyped comment hype downbelow alright I want to see how many of you guys are hyped right now for thiswhole world palace that’s got to be her singing there she is I know that song everyoneknows that song who are you why are you here I was invited by an old friend andnow I can’t leave then you know more than we do one minute we don’t evenexist just thoughts and the next minute this place are you gonna let me out ofhere hmm down here strangers aren’t good things how can we trust you we don’teven know what you are my name is Henry I used to work hereI I honestly don’t know my name so they call me Alice but I’m no angel you goback and rest we’ll talk again later what you’re gonna leave me in this boxWow it’s only for a few hours no need toworry I won’t go far only up to level 6 just stay here keep an eye on Henry okayI’ll be back as soon as I can I promise Oh Boris is sad you should go with her all right Boris we’re friends rightyou don’t gotta use that ax on me it’s okay we’re buds Henry here you must behungry sorry it’s all we have is that bacon soup I hope so what Borisdon’t do this don’t eat my bacon soup bro come on whathe what I thought we were friends Boris what the he just threw my baconsoup on the ground he’s merciless Wow I know you’re watching me it’s just alittle creepy you’re the one that writes on the walls we all do for some poorsouls down here it’s the only way they can be heard but you don’t want to touchthe ink for too long it can claim you pull you back that’s how I met Tom I wasmessing with things I shouldn’t have been and he he was there why do you callhim tom he just seems to respond to it well I don’t think he’s very fond of melet me show you something a while back I was mapping out one of the upper levelswhen I noticed something reflecting off a piece of glass I held up the glasslooked through and on the wall behind me was a hidden message right there inplain sight so I kept looking and found more and more messages everywherethe studio but you can’t see them with your eyes only through this take a lookI don’t know who’s leaving them but I think they know how to get only wheredoes it all lead to nowhere I follow them for a long time it just leads me incircles I don’t think I meant let’s say she will leave you something but maybeyou are Alice please let me out of here Tom thinks you’re dangerous and what doyou think I I think you’re the hope I’ve been waiting for go to sleep maybetomorrow will be better wait I gotta see what’s on that wall bet behind her therewas something there I think it said don’t trust her or something I think itjust fully see it I was really stupid Tom you shouldn’t have gone out therenow he’s seen you it’s only a matter of time before he finds us here he does not like us one bit Oh get meout of here get me out here he’s covered

Default game machine downloadhe does not like us one bit Oh get meout of here get me out here he’s covered hey he’s got he’s got an axe uh-huh whose axe it down real quick whatthey’re actually leaving me I thought there are my friends escape your printskeep your prison okay uh how do I do this okay what is this whoa wait hold onmove over here what is all of this let me out of hereso many questions escape don’t go through the door what door follow metrust her I know the way the spoon two doors a skullwhat is all of this okay so we can’t go wait what does it say it’s inside thevault what’s inside the vault lightly there’s always hopetake the spoon I can’t oh whoa what this has been behind me this entire time whatis all these stars can I open this now anything in the oh look wait what’s alook inside you’ll need this baby dot you know I’m clicking to look I don’tsee oh wait what’s that right there I see apiece of something how do I get it out of there look you can see it’s likeright there I can’t I can’t get it though huh whatelse does it say around here stars everywhere looking so maybe the back part yeahthere we go okay grab this grab this oh the pipe yes all right let’s get out ofhere come on I can’t believe Boris left me or Tom whatever you want to call himI could not believe he left me guys would you have left me if I was in thiscage and you were Tom would you be like yeah I’m leaving him to get eaten by theink demon alright yesterday let me know in the comment section I hope notalright I hope everyone there would save me oh god all right get this guy out ofhere take him out think about okay we got him there we go oh where are we thislooks like it was a part of the studio at some point now it’s like completelydestroyed oh alright come here buddy come here get taken out real quick thereyou go you got him I don’t know where we’re heading but I like this setting orreminds you of chapter 4 that like underground part Weir and oh no come ontake him out I do wish the fighting was a little bitbetter but it’s still pretty cool alright there I don’t know how we’refloating through this area but we’re good what is this oh this looks like theBatcave what he’s at them they’re leavingwhat launch the bars okay we got to launch a new ship how do we do this waithow do I bring back up my glass thing I want to bring that upI don’t know I’m pressing every button nothing’s working I don’t know all rightso we got that ship going out danger keep out oh there’s an axe in there ifonly we could open this alright whatever let’s just get on our ship think we canboard from this side maybe now how the heck do we get on this thing what sitdown here though I looks like this is where you’d go to like get on it butnothing here let’s go check back on this side looks like we have a lever herewhich oh we have to do this lever probably yep there we go alright nowlet’s get back down here and board the boat oh my god we’re taking a boat ridethat is so cool man I love this already I had to I hop on let me on this thingthere we go from the back okay or or not hello what can I get can I get in here Iguess not maybe I probably do something else first because it looks like eatingboard from right back here but I guess notlet’s check up here one more time though I feel like there’s got to be a way toget this axe like it’s in there why can’t we just grab it okay we canhold right click to bring this up all right coolwish it would have said that maybe it did I might have missed it there’ssomething in the wall there’s something in the river there’s something in theriver okay maybe this isn’t a good idea boarding this thing let’s check in herethough you got anything for me any clues no there’s something in the river whatcould be in here never seen like a river monster before in this game all rightlet’s see I don’t see anything on the boat I think there’s got to be a secretaround here somewhere that has to do with this thing I like I literally can’tboard this thing so I was doing oh there you go you’ll jump from theside all right there we go start it up let’s go follow the Inca Rivertip press and hold the barge throttle Oh

1 game machine downloadlet’s go follow the Inca Rivertip press and hold the barge throttle Oh to go we have to hold this so if I wantto stop at any point I can just let it go anything in this cave no we’re goodlet’s continue I’m gonna hold it for now let’s go do whatever is in the water isthis be scary dude I’ll water in quotations more like ink giant ink poolwhatever’s in here is not gonna be something that we’re gonna want to messaround with but we’re gonna do it anyways we’re heading in I wish I couldlook up without okay I think we can yeah we’re good whoa trying to live like aDisney right wait that’s where they got off what if we go that way though stuckin the paddle wheel something’s stuck oh what’s happening whoa what is dead oh mygosh what we need to get out of the water weneed to get out of the water uh we need to get out of the water destroy these nogoo goo okay okay got it got it let’s go let’s go scopedrive drive drive drive drive holy wait where’s oh my god what’s happeningstart the boat start the boat start the boat oh my god it’s glitching out comeon Gabe come on please let me start it go go go all rights godude that was Bendis hand but he was huge he’s in the water his ginormouscreature okay let’s keep going I don’t see anything yeah I think we’re I thinkwe’re good for now but it’s behind me somewhereoh no we’re scraping up against the sidesoh my god it’s behind me it’s behind me start the boat start the boat unclog theboat oh my god go go go go go holy crap I died I didn’t realize I had unclog theboat I did I had no idea I thought I just scraped up against the side it gotme whatever that thing was alright let’s try this againthat reminds me of that that teaser for chapter 3 where there was a huge handsticking out of the ink puddle I think that’s that’s what this thing was likeit’s been here since chapter 3 I I don’t know though alright we will put us hereagain alright so this is basically one of these scenarios where we have tounclog it before this thing catches up and eats us here we gothis is a cool character that like if this is a giant version of bendy this isa cool character by the way guys what’s your favorite character in this gameseries like now that we’re on chapter 5 we’re at the very end what is yourpersonal favorite character from the entire series alright I’m already gonnago with mine is definitely demon ink bendy like that he’s too cool he’s waytoo cool or Boris but I’d love to know yours in the comment section down belowokay so it doesn’t get us stuck there it looks like we’re okay we can keep goinglet’s keep heading down this river now right when we’re getting between theseblocks we’ve got to make sure that we do it quickly we’re gonna have to hit itoff and then instantly start driving again cuz this thing will catch up andget us alright go go go go 1 2 3 go go go go go go go go go faster faster I’mnot looking I’m not looking back I can’t I’m not looking backoh my god it’s right behind us it’s right behind us I’m not looking backnope I have to hold e on this come on keep going keep goingdon’t look back I really want to but I’m not oh come onodo what’s happening we’re stuck we’re stuck we’re stuck no no no oh no nostand about side the boat oh go go go we did not want to be stuck here withthis thing no we did not Oh My gods behind me No I really wish Ididn’t have to like hold this I think we do I don’t think I can stop holding ERLI’ll let go of it so I’m just gonna keep all them I really want to turn around -this is a big cave why didn’t we just get off where Allison and Boris got offat oh no again I don’t even oh my god I do see it go go goI was like I don’t even see it it must be pretty far away and it was likeliterally right there we’re almost out of here I think I can feel it do we needto just like jump up on that pipe or something we need to get out of herethis is just not a good place to be on this little boat hunted by this hugebendy oh come on come on come on Go Go Go all right we got this come on itcan’t be that far ahead right we got to be closeoh no he’s behind me he’s behind me okay this is the end right here I think comeon go through the dark tunnel don’t follow me in here all rightif I was this guy though I would be I

game machine download follow me in here all rightif I was this guy though I would be I

2 game machine downloadfollow me in here all rightif I was this guy though I would be I feel like he could probably swim fasterthan the boat but it’d be a lot scarier to be in the water with this thingphysically in the water than just be like on a boat in the water with it soyeah maybe it’s better to stay on the boat we’re almost herewhoa oh he’s fishing okay I think we’re safe I don’t knowcome on keep going yeah he’s fishing or something that’s cool III wouldn’t fishin these parts though bro I think it’s a bad idea there’s something in the waterand I don’t think you want to catch it all right let me off let me offoh all right we’re good please don’t eat my boat all right I need that maybe oh Iwould be terrified walking through this little section right here oh my god whatis that oh the board broke all right let’s go down here we’re all sinners aretake a look around real quick I see some text behind me yeah right there I seethat I’m not seeing anything else though I hope we can take this back to likeother chapters and see what like it’s we can find any secrets that’d be coolhow what do we got here you bring okay yeah that’s not good uh Ican’t get in here anything else can i oh this is like a village though there’sactually people living here not monsters so these are like actual people oncepeople now fallen into despair so at one point they were but not anymoreOh God oh what’s that what is that what is that oh god what are you saying isthat Sammy I don’t remember oh my god no no no no stop hitting me you need tostop bro you need to stop you’re gonna kill meI can’t no why did I put it oh my i pressed right click to block and Ipulled out that thing instead I thought that used to be the block button I thinkbut I guess not anymore I forgot ok whatever we spawn right herealright come here bro you want to fight me how with your stupid axe give me itgive me that I need that oh my god oh my god ok you do a lot you do a lot youneed to calm down you need to calm down right now bro you need to cool italright you’re swinging that thing like a maniac and you’re doing a lot ofdamage alright you need to cool it oh my gosh please hey why isn’t there a blockfunction I need that in my life right now oh my god run run run ok we can takethis guy out he’s gonna keep running circles around him yeah that’s what hewants us to do oh there we go got him whoa stay away dude come back here Iwant to see you I want to see you face to face oh maybe not oh boy save me what are you doing hurryoh we’re good dang that’s brutal right in his headthat’s what I’m talking about Boris there you go coming in for the clutchthat’s what I like to see and giving me the ax dude he loves me he really doesThanks oh I was close you’re lucky we were in the neighborhoodyes very lucky was that him I don’t think so The Searchers and the lost onesbuilt this place Sammy must have been keeping them at baynow that he’s gone looks like we’re in for a fightoh I thought it started a fight see good through there cuz I hit her all rightlet’s get her come on let’s get him come on we got this guy’s yeah I like this Igot a team now this is what I’m talking aboutI mean it’s like I guess he saved me so he made up for it but he did leave me tobe destroyed back there so I don’t know how to feel about Boris right now comeon Boris take all the hits I’ll take him out from the side oh god I’m about to godown I’m about to go down all right Alice do something you got them and theyhit me through her they hit me why did they hit the hit went through Alice andwent to me some out what thank top back in again luckily the spawn statuesliterally right here all right come here guys I’m here to helpoh wait no I keep oh I keep like accidentally pulling that thing out Ithink we’re almost through with them I thought these guys were friendly it saidthey used to be human I guess they’re not human anymore oh my god this one hasa bite don’t put the pipe down put the bite oh my god help Alice help help ohare you guys got this alright there we go oh my god hordes of them it’s like inChapter three or whenever we act like way to work for evil Alice that’s whatit reminds me of where the defend against all those guys oh come onokay I need to back up I’m low

3 game machine downloadagainst all those guys oh come onokay I need to back up I’m low all right we’re pushing forward to keepgoing guys well these when they have minor helmets on oh no I’m low I’m lowrun run run run all right you guys got it I got to run away for a second Ican’t get my health back dang they’re destroying them right nowthat’s what I’m talking about teammate oh wait a second just wandering backhere guys if I need a little home I threw there’s a lot of themholy keep it and keep swinging these are only one hitters we’re goodthere we go last one all right oh my god do they just keep spawning how do we getout of here we need to just run Oh No Oh getting into the corner right now oh noone hit I’m dead all right stay back stay backoh no run run run run run go go go I need to get my health back oh no theseguys are runners Oh stay away okay got that onedo they just keep showing up now okay there we gogot you we were supposed to like run somewhere I think we’d have to defendagainst them there’s a gate right here though if we can just get through itI can’t though I keep hitting all so where did he come from he was like butoh whoa there’s a vent back here huh sorry lettering this is kind ofmysterious so he came from a vent I feel like this is like a secret or somethinglike something back here we can probably like do something with I don’t know allright keep fighting come on Alice take them outOh Mike wow he did a lot of damage okay this guy’s doing a lot I think we weregetting near the end they’re starting to do a lot more damage for him there we gohow are you still spotting what the heck I think the game might actually bebugged this is way too many enemies it’s just like endless spawning at this pointcome on get them there we go what they I think it’s actually glitchedit might actually be bugged out dear that what we’re supposed to do somethingthat we’re not doing I don’t know because this is just like they’reendlessly spawning in the same creatures here that or they just took a weird pathwith this fight that’s for sure come on got you got you come on stopspawning I understand feel like it’s a bug at this point no no I accidentallyright-click oh no stay away run back to the boat let’s just get back on the boatand just get out of here oh my god please help please help guys pleasethere we go I’m just about to get annihilated right there all right youtwo you how many of you are there what is this I thought it was like litup for something like the light was taking out the two ink I don’t know allright please tell me that’s enough holy thatwas the longest drawn-out fight yes I can I’ll see you around I’ll see you onthe other oh god no why did I do back why did I lead the waywell I I could have just not led the way and I would be up there still that’s whyshe’s she’s secretly working with with Ben because like she had to have knownall right come on yeah why don’t you suddenly leave that lead the way now huhhow about that is this a bunch of names please sign in today’s appointments noappointment no access these are all people that came in for appointmentsSammy was here mr. drew at lunch Tom Thomas Connor huh all right let’s keeplooking around a little place to hide where are we the film vaultoh wait what’s over here we have administration check out this door thatone’s locked oh we have one of these machines that we can get stuff out ofhuh doesn’t work though oh here we go a bone waitI don’t know I can’t get it to work what do we have those are options a pipeanother pipe another pipe and another pipe okay so yeah I can see where thisis going we’re gonna need a pipe at some point I like choose which one check outthe film vault they’ll see what’s going on in here yeah that’s interestingWow yep there it is missing pipes drain the passage find the missing pipes allright I already kind of found them but we’ll take a look see if we can get themout of that machine what’s back here what tape wait hold on I can’t reallyhear it it’s how my settings oh yeah I think it is well let me turn this whyactually I can’t turn it up now because you guys have already at it where’s thedialog right let’s put that to a hundred there we go now I should be able to hearnow it sounds like he got lower hold on I got a manage to get lower whatever Idid that that’s weird I guess it does it doesn’t want us to hear it I don’t knowwhat to do then alright how about this just go ahead and pause it if you guyswant to hear this and read it on screen right now cuz unfortunately it’s too lowto be able to hear even if I was like turn it up the music is louder than itcuz I mess with the settings unfortunately alright let’s see herewhat do we got going on right here I need to get this pipe out of herebut I’m not sure how huh it seems like we’re missing something to get it towork to like it’s right here how come I can’t use it though oh this door is opennow let’s save real quick huh what’s in here Oh switch oh yeah Iforgot we have this like magnifying glass thing I should look around with itlet’s see nothing in here this seems like a place for that meetly Easter Eggwould be located that I don’t know though what about here nothing thosedoors open now administration ooh what’s back here a vault I can hear somethingagain I better stay out of sight huh another tape here I’ll play it so youguys can pause it there you go pause that right there alright so we got tohide from these guys this time it’s a lot of doors here well haven’t if theysee me though do I instantly get caught or can I fight them ooh what’s this huhI can look into that room wonder why let’s check back here oh no I hear themthink he’s coming well it’s hide right here for a secondI hear them oh crap oh no they’re right thereclose the door I can’t they’re like right oh my god they’re right therewhere the other one go okay let’s go let’s go for it – all I’m back therewe’re good let’s go this way oh it’s locked Oh No okay he’s notcoming this way I’m gonna go back this way so this lets us see if they’recoming or not I think Oh God oh my gosh that scared me I don’t have a weapon Idon’t have any way of defending myself oh my gosh I have no way of defendingmyself I thought my weapon would show up you know after they caught on to me butapparently not let’s just keep running is he oh I lost him oh I thought he wasbehind me but no we lost him alright let’s wait right here for a second Iwish we could like peek around corners right this wayalright we were in here last time but I didn’t see anything yeah there’s nothingin here let’s go this way do that sound of them finding you is so scary so loud got anything Fermi in here now I runthis side now Oh God he didn’t see me he didn’t see mesomehow I don’t know how but he didn’t oh another crossing I’m gonna hide herefor a second I think we got to go into this room right here yeah there’s one inthere oh there’s a black door this has got to be where we have to go guys goaround this way oh no oh no oh my gosh how did he notsee me he’s coming how did he not see me though oh he’s right there oh no oh mygod she actually didn’t see me go go go run run run run okaythe office of Joey Drew I’m in tape all right guys pause that and listen to thatalright what do we got here anything or pause it and look at it I don’t seeanything in here though nothing actually wait there’s no music we can listen tothis ceremony Alice to live once again huhwants you to bring Alice to life once again Suzie let’s head back out here arewe gonna be careful they’re all over this area check Oh a random bendy cutoutthat’s creepy oh no I’m just gonna let him see me cuzlike I can just I can outrun them so I’m a it doesn’t really matter if they seeme dude why was your nothin in Joey Drew’s office we just need a piece to beable to get the pipes but I don’t know what we’re missing what about over herewe got another tape ladies and gentlemen bathrooms otherwisethat it like that let’s see this one alright let’s continue so I don’t reallysee anything for us to grab in here though oh no oh no okay this isn’t gonnago well anything in here a tape pause that guys if you want to hear that Igotta go we’re back at the beginning I must have missed something it has to beoh my while they double tap you and you’re gone it must be something enjoyDrew’s office I’m not able to find like able to see it’s got to be becausethat’s like it looks like such an important room and it’s like you knowit’s got the dark door and it’s Joey Drew’s office you know like there’sgotta be something in there that’s important that one’s filled I asked theroom that filled all right well guys I’m in thisfor this first video here though cuz we’re up to like 30 minutes for a firstpart in the next part that we’re gonna finish off this chapter and see wherethis takes us because I think it’s gonna be pretty insane I’m sure the ending isgonna be completely just shocking and a lot of fun anyways guys if you guys wantto see a part two later on today be sure to leave a comment down below sayingpart to you and also hit that like button and the subscribe button so youdon’t miss it and I’ll see you guys in the next onepeace out guys

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