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I’ve fallen in love with ‘I Love’. “I Love You.” My heart says ‘Wow’. ‘North India’ Thanks. You have no idea about the favor that you’re doing on us bygiving this cheque every year. Please don’t consider it as a favor. I have only donated some money but you’ve given yourentire for this cause. And your dream of building a hospital, I will fulfill it very soon. God bless you, my child. Oh no! Stop! Stop the car!There’s oil over here! Stop! Stop the car! Stupid! The faster you fell in lovethe faster you got ditched and you here to kill yourself. You’re here but you’reunable to kill yourself because you’re afraid of heights. You then start asking for liftfearing the wild animals here. ‘Stop!’- Hello, are you finished? I’m not here to kill myself norI have fallen in love with someone. My name is Sarah Thapar.I’m a student at Woodstock. I often come to this place. There’s oil spilt on the roadand my car crashed, anything could’ve happened. I was stopping you so that nothingas such happens with you. Do you understand? Anyways, I want lift till the bottomand I’ll be driving. You must be wondering as towhy I said I’ll drive the car. Obviously, if anyone goesat 70 and 80 speed you know what could’ve happened?One wrong turn and… Nice car, by the way. I love vintage cars. I am obsessed with vintage cars. Have you ever seen a 1965 Jaguar?That’s my favorite. ‘I’ve seen several women all this time but I don’t remember any of them.’ ‘I don’t know why this woman’s facewill always stick to my thoughts.’ ‘Her eyes that are seeing me won’t blink even for a moment.’ ‘Her long tresses are flying.’ ‘Her lips are just like the racing tracksI often dream of.’ Anyway, you owe me one. Why do you see me like that?I have saved your life. Thanks for the lift.Your car is very good. Not as good as your driving. Really.I couldn’t know how we got till here. This was just my driving, if you want to see the racer in methen come on Sunday. There is a big raceand I will win it. Hey, I think I have an extra pass. Hey, what’s up, people!Welcome to ‘Lucky to you!’ As you all see,I am Lucky in the racing pit waiting for all thesesexy cars to take off. And we have Sid with us.Sid, hop in, buddy. Sid, give some important tips.

Default game the corporate machine downloadSid, give some important tips. Put all your money on Vicky,he’s going to win. Wow!- Hi! I am Ayesha! If you want better pocketmoney this month then put all your moneyon Sarah not on Vicky. She’s the best andshe’s going to win. Check the brakes.- Sure. I knew you’d surely come. I know who you are. Aditya, please. You’re so beautiful in race costume.- Thank you. Extend your hand. For my victory, right? I do not believe invictory and defeat, this is for your safety. You need this more than me, nothing should happen to you. You’re my bestie. Hi!- Hi! How are you?- Hi! I know you are going to win, I am so happy for you.- All the best, Sarah. Ladies and gentlemen, it is timefor the opening ceremony… The ceremony is aboutto begin, let’s go. Okay. All the best, Sarah.- Thanks. Did you enroll before meeting me or did you decide itafter meeting me? Before meeting you. By the way, my name is Ransh.I just joined Woodstock. This is also before meeting you. Hello, ladies and gentlemen, our company is honoredto organize this event. May I now invite on stage the Vice President of BrickReal Estate Group of Companies, Serina Altar. Hello guys, and welcome tothe Brick Motors 9th Edition of the international Burnout Race. The first three finishersin today’s race, in the 10th race I mean, in the final race, they willcompete with all the winners so far, and that will be the ultimate race. And whoever wins itwill be the ultimate racer. Now, I want to call upon someone, a man I am very proud to call my mentor, my friend andmy father, Mr. Kriss Alter. Yeah! My darling! Hey guys, I won’t waste your time. My father always said two days are very importantin a man’s life. One, when he was born, and second, when he knowsfor what he was born. I was born for this. I will sponsor this eventuntil the end of my breath and do charity. Are the racers ready?- Yeah! The stalls are full and still… The energy is full!- Go, Sarah! We see the stunningSarah Thapar in the white car. In the red car is Ransh who’scompeting in this first burnout race

1 game the corporate machine downloadIn the red car is Ransh who’scompeting in this first burnout race It will be interesting to seewhat we have in store. Ladies and gentlemen, as you can see,the racers are gearing up. And here enters Vicky Singh in hisbeautiful green and yellow car. All the best, Sarah.- You too, Vicky. Yeah! Come on, Sarah! Come on! Come on! Go! ‘1’ There’s the car! Come on!- Come on! Come on, Sarah! ‘2’ Come on! ‘3’ Come on! Come on, Sarah! Oh! I didn’t want to break your heart, I still say that youare the best racer. Believe me.The day when you are close to me, you won’t feel sorryfor losing this race. See you at the party. I am here. God, you scared me. Congratulations.- Thank you. So, what is that by which I won’tfeel sorry for losing this race? Do you want to find out quickly? Alright, but… That was amazing.I mean, how did you do that? I want to know the secret. Secret? You must be closer to meif you want to know the secret. Closer. Closer, it’s a secret. What’s the secret? I didn’t put my foot on the brakes because I’m not afraid of death. I have nothing to lose. I have nothing to lose. That is the secret. Hi, Sarah! Hi.- Hi. How are you? Mr. Ransh. Hello.- Hi. You have robbed me of the onlyopportunity I had to impress Sarah. I will not do that again. What’s up! Hello!- Hi, guys! Hey, guys!- Hey, Sarah! Hi. I am Sid.- Hi! How are you? I am good.- Hello. Oh, that’s Aditya,he’s my best friend. Hi, Aditya.- And that’s Ayesha, Lucky, Sid. And he is Ransh. Okay guys, we’ve talked enough. Our throat is drying,it’s time to get whisked. Oh, my God!

game the corporate machine download Oh, my God!

2 game the corporate machine downloadOh, my God! Come on, you better have one. Actually, you know what? I don’t…- Come on. Together. Okay. Cheers!- Cheers! Yeah! Get away! How dare you!- How dare you touch Sarah! Aditya, let go of him!- How dare you! Get off!- Stop fighting! What are you doing? If you do it again, I will kill you.- Stop it! You will face dire consequences. I won’t spare you!- Aditya, please stop it! Vicky, let go!- Let’s go! Just leave it, man!- I won’t spare you! Guys, come in for selfie.Come here. Aditya, I can’t see you. Happy Friendship Day! Show me. See, I love this one.- Ransh, what’s happening. Oh, you got to look at this.- Show. All well.- Sarah. I made a mistake.I am really very sorry, I was drunk. I really don’t want to lose you. Please Sarah, forgive me. Please. Come on Sarah, forgive him. Anyways, today’s Friendship Day. Tell her, friends.- Sarah, forgive him. Come on, forgive him. It’s okay. Great.- Thank you. Okay, we all friends arehere on Friendship Day, so let’s finds out how much doesone know about his best friend. Let’s start with Sid. Tell us something about Vickythat we don’t know. Vicky likes Sarah. You’re such a stooge. Lucky, say something about Aditya. Aditya is very possessiveabout his friend, guys. Ayesha, tell us somethingabout Sarah that we don’t know. Okay. I will tell you whatkind of guy Sarah likes. Someone who is very different, someone who is full of surprises, someone who is totally unpredictable, someone who can lay down life for Sarahand someone who can even kill for her. Oh. Believe me, Sarah herself told me.Ask her. Yeah, it is true.- Yeah. Someone who’s different,full of surprises, someone who’s unpredictable, someone who can lay down life for Sarahand someone who can even kill for her. Such a guy is certainly Lucky. Hey!- Guys, I meant to say, the guy who gets a girllike Sarah is certainly lucky. Now, it’s Ransh’s turn. Ransh, you have no best friend here, so do this, tell us somethingabout yourself that we don’t know. I’m new, no one here knows me

3 game the corporate machine downloadI’m new, no one here knows me and I promise that the entirecollege will soon get to know me. That’s dramatic. Yes indeed but I mean it. I mean, I will win thehearts of all of you. ‘Yours…’ ‘I am obsessed with your passion I will not get peace, set me free.’ ‘I am obsessed with your passion I will not get peace, set me free.’ Please Ayesha, stop it. When did youstart writing poetry? It doesn’t suit you. Looks likeyou’ve stolen it from somewhere. But I didn’t write it. Someone wrote to Sarah,there was a gift too. And the name of the senderwas not mentioned too. Mystery guy. Sarah, who could it be? I don’t know. But from his poetry,it appears that he is a different. But who wrote the poem? That’s because Sarah is special. Guys are bound to send gifts,poems or fight for her too. Some get thrashed,some get rejected and some even die. Anyways guys, let’s rush. If we are late to Mrs. Puri’s class,we’ll be dead. – Let’s go. ‘I am obsessed with your passion I will not get peace, set me free look at my situation there nothing left in me.’ Beautiful lines. There’s no such loveror such poetry these days. So tell me. Who has written these lines? I also know he is in this very class. Anyways, I called you all here because like every year, I am doing a musicalplay even this year. And I want all my studentsto participate in this play. The play that I am talking aboutis Romeo and Juliet. When Romeo and Julietsee each other for the first time they fall in love at the first sight. It wasn’t easy for them because their familieswere bitter enemies. Since I know you all, I’ve already done the casting. and Juliet will be played by Sarah. Wow!- Wow! Now, the most important thing. All of you must rememberthat this is a musical play, there are no dialogues in it. So your expression, body postureis very, very important. Now, can anyone guesswho’s going to be Juliet’s Romeo? Any guess? Aditya! Yes! Ma’am, I want to play Romeo. Please, ma’am. Vicky, Aditya is selectedfor the role of Romeo. Ma’am, but Romeo, one chance. It’s decided. Okay, ma’am. Thank you. Now, girls and boys,let’s go to page 55 which is the final act of the play. I call that act, ‘The Heaven Act’. As you all know, the end of thestory of Romeo and Juliet is very tragic. They love each other but never meet. And I feel, true love never dies. Not even after death. Therefore I add ‘The Heaven Act’. Lucky.- Yes ma’am. At the end of the storywhen Sarah and Aditya meet and stop in one position you will lower the curtains. Sure, ma’am. Okay, thank you, everybody.It’s a wrap for today. See you next time. Bye.- Thank you. This is going to be so much fun.- Yeah. ‘Dear…’ ‘I know you love surprises’ ‘I’ll be honoured if youcome at the balcony’ ‘I have something waiting for you’ ‘Dear Sarah, you are the mostbeautiful girl in the world because you also don’trealize how beautiful you are.’ ‘Before you start to talk, you wet your lips, and when you smile there are tears thatdon’t come out.’ ‘You don’t turn back and lookwhen you leave.’ ‘You like surprises, don’t you?’ ‘I will keep giving you surprises.’ ‘You won’t know what’s goingto happen the next moment.’ ‘This is my promise.’ Sarah, are you sure youwant to meet that guy? You have never seen him too. I mean, you know nothing about him. I feel he knows memore than I know myself. Ayesha, he knows everything about me. People say right. Love is blind. Oh, my God! Sarah, look at him. Look there. Sarah, look who he is. Sarah, I love you. Adi, I really care about you. You are my best friend. But I can’t lie to you. I do not love you. I love someone else. Aditya! The driver of the car also died. Can someone identify the body? Show the face.- Okay. Vicky? Sir, he is Vicky, my student. Vicky Singh. Hey Juliet, I was watching you were not thereduring the final rehearsal, you were lost in thoughts. I am pained too. But Mrs. Puri has dedicatedthe entire show to Aditya, it is your duty to perform the showwith honesty and sincerity. The show must go on. Anyways, after the show,all of us will go to our homes. You will go to your home,you will feel really good. Everything will be alright, Sarah. Okay. Sarah. Dad! My baby.- I was sure you will come. How can I not come? You know I miss you all the time. My life is empty without you. Dad, I missed you so much.- Oh, I missed you, too. All the best.- Thank you. Juliet.- I really hope to make you proud. You will. Wow! I’m sorry, Sarah. It wasn’t in the scene… I always dreamed since I was a child, one day a prince will come in white car and propose to me. He would ask me,’Will you marry me, my princess?’ At first, his face was not visible. But now, it’s clearly. It’s you, Ransh. ‘Will you marry me, my princess?’ No. First, promise me you will take me to the place, to the house that has no windows or walls or doors. Nobody will see us both. Only you and me. I promise to you. Now, will you marry me, my princess? No, not without a ring. Ransh. How much do you love me? I’ve no idea about that but I know I want to spendthe rest of my life with you. I just can’t waitfor that to happen. I fell in love with youat the very first sight or maybe even before that. You know what?Whenever someone looks into my eyes I don’t like it. But when you look into my eyes,I feel so good. I will definitely stealthe lipstick from your lips but not ruin the kohl of your eyes. It was dramatic, wasn’t it? Yes.- But I mean it. I want to marry you soon.I want to meet your father. Yes. This boy has got sense of humor. You see the land there. Yes.- It’s ours. And look over there. Wherever you see,all of that is ours too. The value is around1000 to 1500 crore. Sir, I’m not here to find outthe real estate value in Himachal nor here for business. I am here to ask yourdaughter’s hand in marriage. I love her very much,I want to marry her, I won’t cause pain to herand that’s my promise. You ruined everything. I like your attitude, my boy. Come, give me a hug. Stay blessed. God bless you. Ransh, he is lawyer Kapoor, he handles all the legalmatters of our estate. He is like a family member. Take his blessings.- Sure. Stay blessed. And she is Maya,she looked after Sarah like mother. She is my mother. Stay blessed, my children. Alright, family picture time.Come on. Come everybody. Surprise! Oh, my God! This is my favorite car. It’s for you, my child. Dad, I love you. Thank you so much.- You’re welcome. I love you too. I never caused pain to Sarah. My lucky angel,how am I going to live without you? I won’t go anywhere leaving you. My child, every daughter has to leaveher father’s house one day. I didn’t know this day willcome so quickly in my life. Dad. Oh, I am going to miss you so much.- Me too. You will look after her, right? Absolutely, sir.- Then what are you waiting for? Come give me a hug. All the best. Ransh. Ransh? Ransh! Ransh! Ransh! Ransh! Ransh! Ransh! Ransh! Ransh! Ransh! Ransh! Ransh! Love is so strange. When I drive a car with a high speedmy heart beat remains normal, but today when I didn’tfind you for little time, my heart started pounding. I can’t live without youeven for a moment. I love you, Ransh. I love you too, Sarah. Love Lock, in our name, of our love. I want to throw this key so farthat nobody ever finds it. Sarah, I love you. When I opened my eyes,I didn’t find Sarah in the bed nor she was in any of the rooms. Suddenly, I saw her at the cliff, she was very happy. I told her when I drive a car at high speed my heartbeat is absolutely normal but today, when I didn’tfind her for a little time, my heart started pounding. She then showed me a lock on whichshe had got our names engraved on it. I placed the lock at the cliff, she went to the cliff with the key and said that she’d throw the keyso far that nobody ever finds it. She then looked at me and said, ‘I love you, Ransh’. She then suddenly slippedand fell off the cliff. Inspector, please increase your search team, do something, please find Sarah. Look Mr. Kapoor, first of all, it’s impossiblefor anyone to survive after falling from such great height. Secondly, I don’t wantto give you false hope but it is very difficult to recoverthe body in such incidents. ‘A month later’ ‘Military Camp (North India)’ Doctor, she has regained her senses.Please come soon. – Okay. Relax, don’t try to get up. I am Dr. Sanjeev. You’re in the medical army base. You’re here from last one month. There were many injurieson your body. They are healed now. Don’t worry. God bless you. Aarti.- Yes, sir. Continue the medicinesI prescribed her. If there’s something, call me. ‘Sarah, I love you!’ These photographs? Who put it here? Come with me, I’ll tell you. Sunny, pass the ball. He saved your life. Come on. Come on. Aditya? I am Raj. Aditya’s brother. ‘When I was doing dutyin Assam, I got a call that my brotherAditya met with an accident.’ ‘I reached there immediately.’ I found out that Aditya wasgoing to propose you on the bridge, a guy named Vickyknocked him with his car. Even he died. I loved my brother very much. I didn’t have anyonein my life other than him. I kept watching his videos, which his friend Lucky wouldshoot and send it to me. Aditya had told me that hehad a brother. He didn’t tell me that youboth look alike. “Om.” Aditya had given this to me for my safety. Mom gave it to both of usfor our safety. Look at this video carefully. Raj? Yes, Ransh. He would’ve sedated Vicky because it is Ransh on thedriving seat, not Vicky. Why didn’t you show this videoto the police? Because I am a commando. We don’t investigate,it is direct result. I want to kill him. He killed both of themto clear his way to get you. But I loved him. What was the need for himto do this? I came here to know the answerfor this question and meet you. It was too late by then. You were married to Ranshand you went for honeymoon. When I reached there… I could’ve nabbed Ransh, but saving your life was importantthan killing him. I tried to trace Ransh, but I couldn’t find him anywhere. Sarah? Sarah? My child. Police tried to look for youfor many days. They couldn’t find you. Your dad stopped talking to anyonefor many days. He was in shock. One day, he told me he’ll go to Rishikeshfor few days. He said, he’ll find peacebeing near river Ganges. He will be elated to see you. Even Ransh wasvery worried for you. He wouldn’t be worried. He was the one who tried to kill me. Ransh? I can’t believe you came all the wayfrom India only for me. I am so excited.We’re going to have so much fun. I’ll show you around.Everything is going to be amazing. I’m very excited to seeyour performance. I know you’re going to rock it. How much do you love me? I don’t know about love, but I know that I want to spendthe rest of my life with you. Everything should be done now. I fell in love when I saw you for the first time. Maybe before that too. When someone looks into my eyes,I don’t like that. When you see, I like it. I will steal lipstickfrom your lips, but not ruin the kohl of your eyes. It was dramatic, wasn’t it?- Yes. I want to marry you soon. I want to meet your dad. Oh, my God! I love you. I love you. Sir, your favorite champagne.- Thank you, Lisa. She’s fantastic.She does everything for me. Thank you.- Come, my boy. Do you see this land?It belongs to me. Look there, that is my dream home. Close to the race course. When the race ends,I will have a party there. And that is my pet project. You know, the house is getting bigger, and the families are getting smaller. People are running after money. You can ask a racer, when you race,everything seems unclear. Am I right, Ransh? You’re right, sir. You will see clearlywhen you walk slowly. Serenity will be obtained only where there is peace. That is what my projectis all about. There is only you and the sea in this place. Sir, you can sell all the thingsin this world. You have a vision, my boy.- Thank you, sir. Excuse me, sir. The clients are waiting for you. Excuse me. What do you think about my dad? I like him, I hope he likes me too. Of course. I can’t wait anymore now. Will you marry me?- Yes. ‘I will steal lipstickfrom your lips, but not ruin the kohl of your eyes.’ Serina Altar! ‘Hello guys, welcome to…’ Who is on the left side of this picture? Advocate Kapoor. He is our family friend. ‘I mean, the final race, will compete with thewinners so far.’ ‘And that will be the ultimate race.’ ‘Whoever wins it will be theultimate racer.’ ‘Burnout’ What happened?- I found out Ransh. He is in Georgia. He will be present at the final race. Ransh, why did you call me here? We can also talk at home. Keep it a secret, don’t tell anyone. I hope you’re marrying my daughter. Of course, I am marryingyour daughter, Mr. Kriss. Good. You do a lot of charity. I don’t say so,but the top magazines does. Of course. You must alwaysdo charity, my boy. My father always said, ‘People will remember you for nottaking anything from the world, but what you give to the world’. Great man. May his soul rest in peace. Cheers.- Cheers. I don’t want to waste your time. I will get to the point. I think, I will work hardand be honest with you, then you will be happyand give all this to me. But I don’t have time.Time is flying, you know. Before I approached Serina I had doneresearch on you. I hear, you don’t like doing charity,but doing it out of helplessness. Before Mr. Bob Alter died, he wrote in his will that he’d give50 percent of his property in charity. Because he knew his son wouldsplurge his money on wrong things. You got his will after his death. So, you couldn’t do anything. I won’t let this happen. You know, I have a vision.I always think further. What I see now,you’re disturbing this frame. The sea can look beautifulfrom here, if you are not in this frame. You know what, you’re like thephoto frame placed on the piano. Even the piano playerdoesn’t see it. But don’t worry about it, Serina is a piano, I will play with her all my life,I mean, I will take care of her. I will tell you two very interesting things. First, those who have morethan thousands of crore wealth, they’re a little dishonest. Second, people who have wealthabove 5000 crore, their character is bad. And Mr. Kriss, you are both. What kind of a joke is this? What do you mean?Come to the point. Miss Lisa, your personal secretary, the beautiful one,and also smart. She’s a little cowardly. If you get someone’s phonefor 5 minutes, you’ll know everything about him. Last SMS of your life. Mister… Sorry, dear. Dear Kriss, I am committing suicide. I don’t want to live anymore.- No, no. Don’t do that. I’ll tell you everything. Mr. Kriss is a bad man. He does charity because it waswritten in the will. All documents are in locker 528,the password is ‘Lisa for you’. He has just used me and done nothing.Please release me. I will do everything you want.Don’t kill me. Very good. I gave lifetime salary to Lisa. Now, she works for me. Mr. Kish, I don’t want the same thingto happen with me what your dad did to you. You give 90% to Serina and only10 percent to her husband. I only changed a little of this will. You will give 90 percent to me, and give 10 percent for your daughter. Wow, sir. People will praise you. Your photo will be published directlyto the front page of the magazine. Now you are thinking, how can I besure that you will sign this will. Let me tell you, Mr. Kriss, someone must be afraid ofsomething in this world. That is death. Your time will endwhen I leave the tie. If you sign this will before time,then I will save you. I promise. Let me tell you,it will all end in just 30 seconds. Only a racer knows better abouttime and speed. I promised to save you. I didn’t tell you for how long. Hello, Serina.Your father had an accident. He was drunk and he fellfrom the building. And to save him I also fell down. I’m hurt too.I’m near Sea Sight Tower. He’s bleeding profusely. You pleasecome with ambulance. I’m waiting. Please come here quickly. Okay. ‘Kriss Alter’ Come. You’ll be fine. Mr. Ransh. FOREIGN LANGUAGE He meant, you have to goto the police station. I’m his interpreter, Darpan Gopal. How did you kill Mr. Kriss? Sir, I didn’t kill him.- Did I kill him then? Tell me, how did you push him? I didn’t push him. He was drunk and sitting in his chair,and he came out of the window, I tried to save him but,I also fell down with him. Thank God, you didn’t fallbelow him. Or you’d be dead and he’d be here.I would be questioning him. No problem. Tell me, why did he have tosit in that chair? How would anyone knowwhere a drunkard will sit? If a person is suffering from upsetstomach, he knows where to sit. A drunkard can sit anywhere.He doesn’t know where to sit. I agree, he sat on a rolling chair and moved so quickly thatthe window broke. Do you know what happenedwhen the window broke? Mr. Kriss fell down. No, the prices of the buildings inthat area dropped. Do you know what people are saying? If the glass is so fragile, wives willthrow their husbands out. The chair is in demand. People call to ask for that chair. Sir, are you joking? What were you doing till now?- I was telling the truth. You’re lying. You’re telling a lie. This is a tie. How did it tear?- It must be duplicate. Mr. Kris won’t use cheap stuff. He was a very rich man. Even he didn’t knowwhich family he was from. Sir, you are mocking at mydeceased father-in-law. I joked about your dead father-in-law and you caused him to die.You are on time. You fell with your father-in-lawand called his daughter. When did you call her? When Krisswas dying or when you were falling? Or called her after you landed on him?- Sir. Great tragedies occurred in our family, and you’re still kidding me. You tell the truth,I’ll stop joking. I’m telling the truth. What do you want to hear? That I made him drinkand made him sit on the chair, I pushed him, then went downand lied on him? You think you’ll lie to me andI’ll believe it as truth? I’m a policeman. You can go. But I will follow you untilI don’t get any evidence. Sir, I’ve killed Serina’s father,Mr. Kriss Alter. I killed Sarah, Aditya and Vicky too,no one knows about it. You got what you want. I know I could do thisbecause I heard you. I followed you. Sir, are you happy today? I’m not happy. I’m very happy today. You have done it. You’re right. You always followed my orders. You’ve always listened to me, my son. My only son. You’re as happy as a jockey whowon in the derby. But I feel like a horse who doesn’t know whyand from whom it won. Sir, please tell me, who are we racing withand why we’re doing this? Listen to me carefully. About 21 years ago I worked forSarah’s grandfather, Mr. Thapar. One day he learned that his daughterPriya eloped with a poor guy. He immediately revokedPriya’s name from his inheritance. After that I took careof him day and night. I hoped and knew too, that I am the only heir in that inheritance. But suddenly, he got the news thatPriya gave birth to a daughter. His granddaughter named Sarah. He was very happy that day. I was getting jealousof his happiness. The lamp that was lit in the darknesswas extinguishing. I could feel the darkness. Mr. Thapar called back hisdaughter and son-in-law. However, Priya and her husband hadan accident on the road. Mr. Thapar couldn’t bearthe death news of his daughter. Before he died, he told me that… Balraj, you bring up Sarahlike your daughter. I’ve talked to advocate Kapoor. He will explain to you.- Okay. Thapar passed away. But after meeting advocate Kapoor,I got the shock of my life. It was written in the will thatwhen Sarah turns 21, the property and moneywill go to her. If something happens to her, everything would goto the trust. He made me Sarah’s father, but a helpless father whois yearning for the money. Money… Only money. Nothing is more importantand valuable than money. This money, even if you dirty it,it is valuable, because, this is money. That’s the power of money. If you want to know the valueof money, ask it from someone, you can see refusal in his eyes. From the time Sarah was born and died, I never made her realizethat I’m not her biological father. I made you meet with Sarah, from spilling oil on the road to Sarah falling off the cliff,it was perfect. Everything was perfect. I kept thinking for 21 years, how to snatch the propertyfrom Sarah when she turns 21. Someone said it right. It takes 6 hours to cut a tree, then use 5 hours for sharpeningyour weapon. I trained you. You’re my weapon. My own son. My blood. You knocked downthe tree in a moment. Well done, my boy. Well done. But, I didn’t want to kill Sarah.Believe me. I didn’t want to kill her. If I had got everything easily,there would be no need to kill her. I also thought to marry you to her, everything will be mine. When advocate Kapoor told methat silly girl wants to give away her 50 percentproperty to an educational trust… I mean, who does that?She had to die. She had to die. You listened to me for 21 years, I didn’t let you know anything. You just followed my ordersfor 21 years. And you did it. I’m proud of you, my son. I’m proud of you. You won’t call me sir, but dad. Come on, give me a hug. I am proud of you, my son. Come, I have to show you something.Come on. Sweet smell of money. The most beautiful fragrance in the world is money. There is no other power than money. We shouldn’t stop here. Many Thapar, Serina, Sarah,Kriss Alter will come and will die. What was your enmitywith Kriss Alter? Not enmity, but love. Kriss’s sister was in love with meand I loved her property. Kriss found out about this and trapped me in a legal matter,for which I had to leave the city, before leaving, I looked intohis eyes and took a decision that I will return one day and snatcheverything from him, which I did. My son, you need not think. Look into history, all palaces and empireswere built on millions of bodies. I was just scared of one thing that you might fallin love with Sarah. Because with this love, which makes humans weak and helpless. But I knew, you wouldn’t fail. I believed in my training. It’s time to celebrate our victory. ‘Good afternoon,ladies and gentlemen.’ ‘We’ve gathered here today for the final edition of theInternational burnout race.’ ‘You can see beautiful legend cars.’ ‘I’m in the usual state up herein the commentary box.’ ‘More and more people arecoming to watch our fastest cars and fastest driversto compete.’ ‘You can hear the crowd cheeringtheir favorite racers.’ ‘The red signal is on.’ ‘Never ever wait. Drivers are askedto put their cars in the first gear.’ ‘The pit crew is moving away.’ ‘And it’s green!’ ‘Oh, my God.’ ‘Crossing the tracks!We have a winner, Sarah Thapar!’ ‘It’s truly amazing.’ ‘Sarah has won the burnout race!’ You thought it was illusion, it was real. You love to win, don’t you? Get used to losing. I won’t let you win any game. Sarah won’t let you win and I won’t let you live. I am Raj, Aditya’s brother. You don’t know me,but I have known you. I don’t want to see your blood,but your tears. I don’t want to see you dying,but suffering all your life. Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. I’d like you all to meet the winnerof the ultimate burnout race. Ms. Sarah Thapar. I remember, you lost the last race. Ransh had won. Today, Ransh lost and you won.How did this happen? A racer told me the secretof his victory. He said he doesn’t apply brakes. He is not scared of death. He didn’t have anything to lose. So, he won. He was right. I didn’t apply brakes this time, because I don’t fear death. I have nothing to lose. Wow, so lucky. He must bea great racer. Come with me,I want to show you something. Actually,even I want to tell you something. Pick up the phone, Dad. What happened? Nothing. Sarah was singing praises about you. Where is Sarah?- She left. You know she handed over somepictures and videos in a tab. Your college memories. I kept it in the drawer upstairs. After the partywe’ll watch it together. Come, let me introduce you toall my friends. Let’s go. Hi. Darling, I need a drink.I’ll be right back. Okay. Hey, Ravi! You’re in a hurry.Where are you going? I’m going to the bathroom.- Tell the truth, where are you going? I want to erase the evidence. If you lie in anger,do you think I’ll believe you? I am a policeman. You’re getting married toSerina Alter, right? – Yes. Oh. There’s something. When you were lying in anger,you were actually telling the truth. You made Alter drink, made himsit on the chair, and pushed him. You came down and lied on him. When you could marry his daughterwithout any problem, what was the need tokill the father? When you were getting moneyfrom the ATM, what was the needto break the machine? Do you think Kriss Alterdied because of money? Of course.- I will tell you. Tell me.- Assume yourself to be Kriss Alter. Okay.- You have property worth million. Okay.- One day you get killed. That’s not okay.- Just assume. Okay. – You divided your propertyin two people before you died. You give 10 percent to oneand 90 percent to the other. Who’ll kill you then? One who got 90percent or the one who got 10 percent? The one who got 10 percent.- Thank you so much. Kriss Alter gave me 90 percentand 10 percent to Serina. Oh no! You solved the case.You’re innocent. Even I have not gone to the bathroombecause of this case. I relieve myself only 10 percent,and still have 90 percent. Can I got to the washroom? Go and clear the evidence.Even I’ll clear the evidence. Let’s go, my dear friends. All bull shit. Let’s go. I’ve seen all before. I just wanted to seeyour second face. Mr. Ransh, you were lookinghandsome in your wedding attire. A man full of surprises. Why did you do that! What wrong have I done to you? I loved you so much! Why did you do that? You can’t even talk to me! Talk to me. Why did you do this to me? I hate you. Sarah? You’re a nice actor. You acted very nicely for 21 years. You didn’t make any mistake. Everything was perfect. Planning, perfect. Murder, perfect. Are you wondering how I learntabout you and Ransh? Sarah? I’ll say everything, Sarah. Mr. Kapoor told us everythingabout you and Ransh to us. You don’t feel happyseeing me alive, right? No, Sarah. What I did was right. Let me show you why. This. I have everything which I wanted to achieve. To get this, I became yourfake father for all these years. I made my son fall in love with you. I made him kill you. And yes, your parents’ accident. I got them killed. From childhood until now,whatever happened, I did it. I wrote your destiny. And now, I’ll kill you. 21 years ago your bank balancewas zero. And after 21 yearsit still remains the same. Your time is back. Zero. Before you die you must knowthat you didn’t get any money and your son didn’t get love. You did all this for money, right? You will burn today with this money. No! No! No! You didn’t write my destiny. God has written it. Your empire is getting burnt. If possible,burn the Ravan inside you. No! No! No! No! Dad! Dad! Dad, open your eyes. Dad! Dad! Dad, open your eyes. Dad, open your eyes. I know, you’re kidding me. This also happened when I was a kid. ‘Dad, open your eyes.’ ‘Open your eyes.’ ‘Please get up. Dad, get up!’ ‘What did I tell you?’ ‘Don’t cry.’ ‘Ransh, there’s nothingcalled emotions.’ ‘I will never leave you alone.’ ‘You want me to be with you,right? – Yes.’ ‘Listen to me carefully.’ ‘The dream that doesn’t scare you is not big.’ ‘My dream is very big.’ ‘It will scare you,but you shouldn’t fear.’ ‘Ransh, you have tofulfill my dream.’ ‘Will you fulfill my dream?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Good boy.’ ‘How much do you love me?’ ‘Is that all?’ ‘Is that all?’ ‘I love you, Dad.’ ‘Ransh, don’t call me dad, you’ll call me sir.’ ‘Yes, Dad.- Don’t say ‘dad’, Ransh!’ ‘Sir.- Sir.’ ‘Louder.- Sir.’ ‘Louder.- Sir!’ ‘Even louder.- Sir!’ ‘Good.’ ‘Now, listen.’ ‘You’ll hear only my voiceand no one else.’ ‘Hereafter, you shouldn’t think,but just follow my orders.’ ‘You’ll only follow my orders.’ Dad, you told me you wouldn’tleave me alone. Dad, please open your eyes. Dad, Sarah. Sarah has also returned. Aditya’s brother,Raj has also returned. He has returned. Serina knows everything. Serina knows everything. Dad, please open your eyes. Dad, I know this happened becauseof me. Please give me a chance. I didn’t fulfill your dream.Give me one chance. Dad, please…I don’t understand anything. Dad, I don’t understand anything. Dad, please. Order me! Dad, order me right now.I don’t understand anything. Dad, please! Dad, please open your eyes. Dad! I could’ve killed you yesterday. Now do you realize how much ithurts when you lose your loved one? One night feels like one birth. You cried for one night, I cried for my brother every night. Avenge him. Every moment every tear, and every pain. Kill him. I can’t kill him.He is not worth of my enmity too. He is heartless. Why kill him? Someone fed money in his mind,so he spoke about money. Someone fed love in his mind,so he spoke about love. Someone fed murder in his mind, so he murdered. I loved you. I gave you everything I had. You tried to kill me. You’re heartless. Just a machine. You’re a machine. I removed you from my body, my mind, but I couldn’t remove youfrom my heart. Once you fall in love with someone, it’s difficult to remove himfrom the heart. I thought if I avenge you,everything will be back to normal. But this won’t end. Even after you die. Do you remember, I had promised you that I want to take youto a house where there are no windows, walls, or door. No one is watching us. Just the two of us. Will you come with me? I am feeling as if I was carrying aburden on me for so many years. It has been removed. You’re right.I was a machine until now. Heartless. Raj has hit me on the right place. For the first time I felt thatI have a heart. I heard my heartbeat today. I even felt the pain. I was running after money all my life. The love that you gave me, I could never buy it. I know the punishment fortrying to kill you, but not for breaking your heart. If I get another chance, I want to hear to my heart. I want to love you like Romeo. I want to feel you like Juliet. I want to love you with my heart. You wanted to see tearsin my eyes, right? Sarah, you won and I lost. You were right, once you fall in love with someone, it is difficult to remove themfrom your heart. Very difficult. It is very difficult, Sarah. Ransh! ‘Even today I feel this face will always beon my mind.’ ‘The eyes that are watching me, are not blinking.’ ‘Her long tresses are flying.’ ‘Her lips, I am taking this with me.’

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