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– Maybe you heard the news but I got fired from mylast job on television. But I can still giveyou this Nick at night. (bell dings) (upbeat hip hop music) (audience applauds) – Hey, I’mma keep it 100 with you. I normally don’t ask girlsstuff like this until they tell me they pregnant. (audience laughs) What’s yo’ name? (audience laughs) (bell dings) – [Nick] Wild out! (audience applauds) – Yo’ what up? What up baby? – Hi, honey. – You remind me of my edges. ‘Cause you about to get laid. (audience cheers) (bell dings) – [Nick] Wild out! (audience cheers) See, a lot of people, theywouldn’t really like this. You know the interracial thing. But all I gotta say is black cards matter. (audience laughs) (bell dings) – [Nick] Wild out! (crowd cheers) – I’m 2Chainz. (bell dings) (audience cheers) – [Nick] Wild out! – I just slid in yo’ DMs. (audience laughs) (bell dings) – [Nick] Wild out! (audience cheers) – I just got one question. What dat mouth do? (bell dings) (audience cheers) – [Nick] Wild out! – I got this. Hey, excuse me baby. Do you have sex whenyou first meet somebody? – No. – I’ll see you tomorrow. (audience laughs) (bell dings) – [Nick] Wild out! (audience cheers) – I just heard Los say you was Russian? – Yes. – That’s crazy ’cause I’m Russian too. – Oh, really?

Default games first time downloading game may– Oh, really? – Yeah, I’m Russian toget you home and take those clothes off. (audience laughs) (bell dings) – [Nick] Wild out! (audience cheers) – Man, these almonds are salty, but they good though. – These cashews, theycrackin’ cuz, for real. I rub my rip, oh! I got my nuts all over you. (audience laughs) (bell dings) I’m sorry, I’m sorry. – [Nick] Wild out! (audience cheers) – Ahem. Sup boos. (audience laughs) You heard that stereotypeabout Asian dudes, right? – Yup. – It’s true. We do eat the cat. (audience laughs) (bell dings) – [Nick] Wild out! (audience cheers) – Okay, I’mma keep it real with you. Ladies don’t care about the Brooklyn Nets. But we might wanna see them Brooklyn nuts! (audience laughs)(bell dings) – [Nick] Wild out! (audience cheers) – What’s up? Give me a break. Just give me a break. Break me off a piece of that ambiguous mixed booty. (bell dings) (audience laughs) – [Nick] Wild out! (audience cheers) – On god, I bet I gether, aight watch this. What’s up baby? – Hey. – You remind me of the 20letters in the alphabet. – (beep) there’s 26letters in the alphabet. – Silly me. How could I forget the U-R-A-Q-T. (audience laughs) (bell dings) – No hits. Didn’t hit all them. He’s still, no, no, hell no. That’s only 25, he still missing one, he can’t count. – Oh, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Silly me, you can get that D later.

1 games first time downloading game maySilly me, you can get that D later. (audience laughs) (bell dings) – [Nick] Wild out! – Hey, sweetheart. – What’s up? – Says here on Wikipedia that you’re 6’6″. Now is that hard or soft? (audience laughs)(bell dings) – [Nick] Wild out! (audience cheers) – Thank you. All right, so. I bet you $100 I can kiss you without touching you. – Okay. – All right. Let’s see. (audience laughs) (bell dings) (audience cheers) – He kissed me! – Jacob, Jacob, Jacob,Jacob, Jacob, Jacob! – You liked it. – You know what, I’m sorry I lost the bet. (audience laughs) (audience cheers)(bell dings) – [Nick] Wild out! (audience cheers) – Hey, Summer, what’s up baby? – Hey girl. – Looking amazing. Now, you know us white people. We love hockey. Ice hockey, roller hockey, tonsil hockey. (audience cheers)(bell dings) – I like hockey, I like hockey. – [Nick] Wild out! (audience cheers) – Mhmm. (audience laughs) Mhmm. (audience laughs) Aha. ♪ Stacks on deck ♪ ♪ Patron on ice ♪ ♪ And we can pop bottles all night ♪ ♪ And baby you can havewhatever you like ♪ ♪ I said you can havewhatever you like, yeah ♪ (bell dings) – [Nick] Wild out! – Let me get a hoe. Let me get a hoe. Let me get a hoe. Let me get a hoe. Okay. I’m not even gonna pretendthat I wanna holla at you.

games first time downloading game may I’m not even gonna pretendthat I wanna holla at you.

2 games first time downloading game mayI’m not even gonna pretendthat I wanna holla at you. Heyo, Hitman. (audience laughs) (bell dings) (audience cheers) – There he go! Wild out! – [Man] Bring it home, with ya! Bring it home. (audience applauds) Bring it home, Nick. – What’s happenin’ baby girl? (audience cheers) – I will shut all this (beep) down. I will shut all this (beep) down. – I know, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. We’ll be right back with more Wild’N Out. (bell dings) (audience cheers) (upbeat hip hop music) – Pick up and kill itand kill it and kill it. – All right, your next word is cereal. – Pick up and kill itand kill it and kill it. – Cinnamon Toast and I also like Chex Mix. I took you girl and shecookin’ me breakfast. She came to my house’cause she like to see me. My shook is crazy ’causeI eat my Wheaties. – My sausage is biggerand that is no bluff. Yo’ girl want to playwith my big Cocoa Puff. The diamonds are rockin’they all Frosted Flake. She let me syrup on her pancakes. – Pancakes is cool butthem diamonds are fake. I am a tiger yo’ girl said I’m grrreat. Bitch! – [Nick] Wild out! Pick up and kill it. – Your word is roasted. – [Nick] Pick up and killit and kill it and kill it. – Yeah I be roasting,make this thing clear. Y’all know my slogan, bring that ass here. – Bring that ass here, DC you too sick. Tell me why yo’ bodyshaped like a toothpick? – Like a toothpick, what are your jeans? Y’all know my slogan, (beep) you mean? – (beep) you mean, I heard what you said. Why do you have a roach on ‘yo head? – Roach on my head, that ain’t nice. Why you voice, soundlike a dirt bike, yee! – Your topic is dance moves. – I am so smooth, your moves are poo. I hit that dance, it’s called the shoo. – You hit the shoo, shoot I hit the snake. I’m not from New York, but I Harlem Shake. – You Harlem Shake, is that was you say? I hit that Whip, they hit the Nae Nae. – You hit a Nae Nae, damn I feel old. I take it back and hit my Tootsie Roll. – Yo’ Tootsie Roll, man that is (beep). I just drop stage and hit a full split.

3 games first time downloading game mayI just drop stage and hit a full split. – [Nick] Wild out! – Your word is animal. – All right. – Pick up and kill itand kill it and kill it. – You got this? – I got that kill it. – I got this.- Okay. – Heyo, first off, I love animals. I’m a beast and I eatmeat, I’m a cannibal. – He’s a cannibal youdon’t wanna handle dude. Because I’mma let you knowthis how the Cannon do. – Lions, tigers, bears oh my. Nick’s dog died and it made Nick cry. – Made Nick cry, I don’t know why. This white boy out uphere, then (beep) lying. – Hey man stop, watch me pop lock. Make these girls–(audience cheers) (bell dings) – [Nick] Pick up and killit and kill it and kill it. – Up in my cell andI’m playin’ with cards. You don’t know about prison,you don’t have any bars. – (beep) bars I ain’t goin’ to jail. If my man get caught,I’m a snitch and tell. – You snitch and tell,well I need my parole. I been a bad boy, I should go to the hole. – Go to the hole, a nice one I hope it is, but if it’s me and you,I might drop the soap. – You droppin’ the soap,that’ll have me arrested. I’m (beep) it up until I catch a domestic. – Catch a domestic, now you in prison, but I’ll keep you busywith conjugal visits. – That’s great, that’d be lit. – [Nick] Wild out! Pick up and kill it andkill it and kill it. – Talk about paychecks,Nick gettin’ plenty. But that’s the problem,he’s just too stingy. All the new people,don’t let him play you. He’ll keep you aroundbut he’ll never pay you. – I’ll never pay you’cause you never earned it. Matter fact yo’ contract(beep) just burn it. Get off my show, I’m gon’blow off the top of the days, I could go forever though. – You so predictable I figured I’m fired. That’s why me and TIP wasjust rappin’ I’m hired. I don’t need yo’ moneyI don’t need yo’ chain. I quit this mother (beep) Isigned with the hustle game. (audience cheers) – Your topic is police. – Pick up and kill itand kill it and kill it. – Pick up and kill it youknow I don’t trust ya. Since I’m a cop, I think I might cuff ya. I am not small, I might just hurt ya. You under arrest now letme come and search ya. – You said you a cop,but no I don’t need help. I will ride you all nightlong with no seat belt. Okay now officer, youthink you nice thick. I will let you come beatme with your night stick. – Beat with yo’ night stick,I heard what you said. Turn you around, then spread yo’ legs. – I spread my legs, okay I get it. But what can I do toget out of this ticket. – [Nick] Pick up and killit and kill it and kill it. Pick up and kill it andkill it and kill it. Wild out! I ride a camel ’causeI ’cause I go for this. We gon’ ride this (beep)all the way to the East. I’m gon’ keep rappin’,Brooklyn we steppin’. You don’t want none of this,don’t keep on checkin’. ‘Cause I’m a realist, youknow I’m gon’ deal this. You try to stop me, no, no, don’t do it. – Yeah, but you just look stupid. With them slides on, Iknow you ain’t hoopin’. You ain’t no athleteI know you was broken. What the (beep) have you been smoking? – I have been smoking,that real good (beep). Got it from Brooklyn,we gon’ straight push. You know do, you don’t wanna do this. You can’t stop this so let’s keep moving. – Nick Cannon a child, youknow that I’m owning him. How you rich but yourock cubic zirconiums. (bell dings) – [D Wrek] Your word is songs. – Pick up and kill itand kill it and kill it. – Look, I be listening to songsridin’ round with my people. I listen to songs, out by the Migos. – Speaking of Migos, Brooklyn hello. I’m Cardi B with that Bodak Yellow. – Bodak Yellow, Justina get lost. I’m in her head withthem wild, wild thoughts. – Them wild thoughts, now we clownin’. Call me a boogie ’causeI have ’em drowning. – She have them drowning, oh baby. I’mma hit her with that despacito. – That despacito, oye papito. I’m a trap queen and yo’ thing is poquito. (audience cheers) – [Nick] Wild out! – Your word is army. – Pick up and kill itand kill it and kill it. – Talk ’bout the army,Con stay in your place. I talk to your girland she all about face. – She all about face,but yeah I don’t like it. Your girl like the captain,she talk to the private. – Talk to the private,Con you still bargain. If you the private Iguess the drill sergeant. – You the drill sergeant,but did I mention, your girl make my soldierstand at attention. – Stand at attention,I’m all in her (beep). I push up and pull outshe jump and salute me. – She’s such a loosey. Yeah I just heard me. You whack boy, you fat boy, now drop give me 30. (audience cheers) (bell dings) – Kill it and kill it. – Next topic is strip clubs. – Pick up and kill itand kill it and kill it. – We live in Houston andMemphis, pure passion. I’m eating on chickenwhile strippers is dancing. – Strippers is dancing, pimping my blood. Go to the club, we poppin’ with thugs. – Poppin’ with thugs,yeah that what it do. We goin’ bananas like chimps in the zoo. – Chimps in the zoo,pulled up with my crew. Yo’, I want you, you, and you. (bell dings) – Oh, (beep) he gon’ have it. – [Nick] Wild out! – Your word is school. – Pick up and kill ityou know I’m invincible. Schooling these rappers,it’s all over principle. – Beating the principalboy you should stop that. Pull up my skirt and Igrab on yo’ jock strap. – Grab on my jock strap,yeah yelling mayday. The way you give good brainsI know you get straight A’s. – Yeah I get straightA’s and you need a tutor. You don’t measure up youget beat with this ruler. – Beat with the ruler, I gotta slap you. Be teacher’s pet and show me that apple. – Give you this apple, I got a C. ‘Cause I wanna F you so give me that D. (audience cheers)(bell dings) – [Nick] Wild out! – Your topic is charity. – Pick up and kill itand kill it and kill it. I ain’t into charity, I don’t do that. I just like to keep my money in a sack. In my pocket. ‘Cause I rock it. And I take your girlcoochie and unlock it. I’m a bad mamma jamma, you can’t see me. I don’t give a damn about charity. – Charity, ain’t that you lady? Every time I see hershe wanna have my baby. I took her to the mall, Itook her trick shoppin’. And every time I hit fromthe back no stoppin’. – Hey, Chico Bean, I’m so dapper. Charity, who I looklike, Chance the Rapper? I ain’t givin’ my money to nobody. Every girl that I sleep with is a hottie. – Speaking of hotties, yourgirl that look like Yachty. And don’t nobody try toholla up at the party. When I seen her, I looked in her face. And said Chico you need toblock up and catch a case. – You said my girl looklike Yachty, you crazy. Let me talk a little bit about your lady. I had her from the back, even though she lookjust like Kodak Black. – Hey, (beep). (bell dings) – [Nick] Pick up and killit and kill it and kill it. – Celebrity crushes,I’m dumping yo’ momma. I fly to Barbados to see Rihanna. – Shout out Rihanna,she’s making me breakfast. I’m trying to bang allof Nick Cannon’s exes. – Nick Cannon exes, I get it, okay. I’ll make a tape with Kim K. – Shout out Kim K, Kardashians know me. I’m wifing Kylie but you can have Chloe. – I can have Chloe, no, no way. But, I’m tryna hit. – Hey, you’re trying to hit, but you can’t do it. I’mma pick it up ’causeyou know that I can ruin. Erica Mena I’m ready to date. Beyonce I’ll have you as as a lake. I’m picking up womenI’m feeling like Drake. My dick is so good itturned young in my strike. – Pick up and kill itand kill it and kill it. Pick up and kill it andkill it and kill it. – [Nick] Wild out! – Check it, yo’. Hey yo Emmanuel. We talkin’ ’bout side hustles. You know I got the bootlegJ’s and girls bundles. – You got the bundles,man that’s all fine. Can you hook me up with two’cause my girl need some. – I said your girl need some,bro I got what you need. Matter fact I’m sellingsome of Nick’s old CDs. – I’m cool on those, but Ican tell you what I need. They my favorite movie, Ineed one, two, and three. – Hey one, two, and three,for me that ain’t a struggle. But DJ D Wrek really needs a side hustle. – I was thinking the same thing, the bell and buzzer’s got to go. Nick Cannon, get your man on another show. – [Nick] Pick up and killit and kill it and kill it. Wild out! – Your word is karate movie. – Karate movies should star me. ‘Cause with this hip hop(beep) I’m like Bruce Lee. – You’re like Bruce Lee,boy you can’t even kick. I’ve used my karate kidbreak yo’ head bricks. – Break my head bricks,but I sound so slick. Matter of fact, I am Kung Fu Nick. I can get it poppin’, can get it in. Wu Tang Clan, I’m for the kids. – For the kids, manlemme hear what you said. Don’t let me get crazy andjust break your whole head. Pick up and kill it Iput you in a skillet. And you built to thrill it’cause Wu is the realist. – Wu is the realist, I’m gon’ kill faster. We can do this on thestage with the best of. I’mma go faster, faster and faster. Rest in peace to Old Dirty Bastard. Pick up and kill it andkill it and kill it. Pick up and kill it andkill it and kill it. – Your word is 90s cartoons. – I was a child. – [Chico] All right, hold up.- I was a child. – Check it, hey yo DC. Boy what’s up, get fly onyour girl like Darkwing Duck. – Darkwing Duck, that’s a no. I give yo’ girl this bonelike the Flintstones. – Flintstones, boy stop that. Why is Conceited built just like a Rugrat? – Like a Rugrat, you a fool. I get on my knees and (beep)your girl like a Looney Tune. (audience cheers) – [Nick] Pick up and killit and kill it and kill it. Wild out! – Your word is legends. – Rock Thug is a legend,you don’t all knew me. But I just want to saywhere are the old bougies? Who is your posse? I just get Rocky. I’mma do a ASAP ’causeyou don’t wanna stop me. – You went ASAP ’cause you know it’s saki. Let me tell you a story about the Fujis. Since you said theFujis, (beep) I get ill. I’mma take you to the top,like a Lauren Hill, get it? – Like Lauren Hill, back on the bill, he kept it real. So we gon’ rock it,Brooklyn don’t stop it. You know how we do, we get it poppin’. – We get it poppin’, weget it and not stopping. Speaking of the pop thisis how Cliff rocking. P-O-P, that is pop. Wyclef Jean I rep that hip hop. – Reppin’ hip hop, I’mma keep going ’cause this ain’t gon’ stop,I’m gon’ do it like this, do it like that. Wyclef Jean here but I’m throwing it back. I’mma keep rhyming, (beep) all the timing, every time I do, I just keep on shining. – Keep on the shining, you do the rhyming. When it come to freestyle, I am designing. This is how I do it, I bring the line. I be playing the drums like the Drumline. It’s Wyclef in the place tobe, Wild N’ Out with the– – Go! Pick up and kill it andkill it and kill it. Pick up and kill it andkill it and kill it. – Your topic is jungle fever. – Hey, you know what, holdup, hold up, hold up, hold up. Hey man we got Kranium inhere man (beep) got one of the man listen. Give me a Jamaican beat. – Kill it and kill it and kill it. Pick up and kill it andkill it and kill it. Pick up and kill it andkill it and kill it. – Hey Chico, you make my heart sing. I like a black man with a big ding a ling. – Big ding a ling, you know you wanna shout. I don’t even care about the movie Get Out. – The movie Get Out, what do you think? I mean (beep) the bosswhen I tell you to sing. – Tell me to sing, you know I’m with that. I take the white the girlthen I tap from the back. – Tap from the back, how do you figure? I hope you make my littlebooty get a little bigger. – Get a little bigger, yeah girl bigger, you can do everythingexcept call me (beep). – Oh, that’s fine, I won’t say the line, but can you teach my how to dirty wine. – Yeah, dirty wine, youknow I got the answer. We black and white, just like the panda. – [Nick] Pick up and killit and kill it and kill it. Wild out! – Your word is babies. – I got three babies and everyone know it. Rocc, Monroe, and the little Golden. – And a lil’ poet I think that I win. I hope that you and Mariahsplit up them twins. – Split up them twins,we gone all the time. I see them wearing say Dad I can rhyme. – Every rhyme, I do my lines, I think you should stick down to Drumline. – Stick to Drumline, Igot more movies though. Matter fact I just did three in a row. – Three in a row and Ithink that that’s perfect but I think that you shouldtake off that damn turban. – Take off this turban,man how’d you say that? I don’t even know becauseyou don’t want to play that. I’ll take you down, this is my crown. Rapping for New York, now how that sound? – It’s going down, I came to play. I came to clown, I came to say. I think it’s cool, that you play macas, that you play, is that soccer? – Yes I play soccer, and you know feeling. Because when I kick itI pick up and kill it. Man you go deal with itthen I’ll just feel with it. Nick Cannon the realist and youknow that I’m the illest so. Pick up and kill it andkill it and kill it. – I am not one of them goofy ass (beeps). I think that you take offpants with them zippers. I am the coolest, the realist. And I go gorilla I’m from Chi-town. When I do my (beep) I never write down. I’m at the top and I’m wearing my crown. This is New York but I think it’s my town! (bell dings) – Kill it and kill it and kill it! (upbeat hip hop music) (audience cheers) – Mr. Nick Cannon, how oldwere you when you sold out to the man? – How old were you Nick? – I didn’t sell out, I don’tknow what you talkin’ about? – I rest my case.- I object! – I know you didn’t sell out,you know what I’m saying, I sold out, I soldoutta Wal Mart, Target– (audience cheers) – Nicholas Bartholomew Cannon. – Not my name. – Is it true that Bow Wow slept with KimKardashian before you did? (audience jeers) – Nah, I went first, ask Ray J. (audience cheers) Wild out! – Put your right hand up,put your left hand up. Put your right hand up. Right, the beautiful RemyMa, how you doing today? – I’m fine. – I just wanna ask a couple of questions. We all know what happened. We know that you have beento the penitentiary system. You have inside information. So what I wanna ask youtoday Ms. Remy Ma is how many cartons of cigarettesexactly do you think this bitch would have went for? (audience jeers) – I would say like ahalf, a half a carton. Depends what you know thatperson’s willing to do but. – Just a half? – That’s a lot! – Can’t get a full carton?- That’s a lot! – Half a carton of cigarettes? – That’s a lot. – Charlamagne, half acarton of cigarettes, god bless you my sister. (audience cheers) – What’s up, Nick. – What up, Hit. – We were supposed to go to the studio last night, weren’t we? – Yeah man. – I ain’t hear from you. So what was you doingbetween 10 p.m. and midnight? – 10, I was about to get something to eat and I was asleep by midnight. – Really Nick? Your Honor, I wanna bring out a witness. She said was you gon’ let thepeople know exactly what it was you was about to eat? – I was about to eat her! (audience cheers) Wild out! – I got a question for you, Stevie J. Let me tell you what would blow my mind, these Wild N’ Out girls. Look, look, we got onewith the cotton candy hair. We got the short brown with the sideburns all curly and cute. My question is, if youcould have one of ’em, which one would you take down? – All of them. (audience cheers) That one, that one, that one! And that one! (bell dings) That one in the back. I want the whole row. – [Man] C’mon let’s do it! – The people in the courtroom today are watching you play Plead the Fifth. And we want to know five rappers that you can rap better than. (audience jeers) – Nick, Nick, Nick, Nick Cannon. (audience laughs) – [Nick] We gon’ see! Wild out! – Now you my man, Shaq. But I got a question that I know everybody in here wondering. What do you do when you have to take a number two on a airplane? (audience laughs) – I’ll show you. The doors be real small, right, so I gotta come in head first. Then I gotta turn aroundmake sure the toilet clean, wipe it off, then I gottaput my whole body to go, pull it down. And then I gotta squeeze like this, and my knees be againstthe door and I be like. (audience laughs) – You never know unless you ask. (audience cheers) – Ray J. (audience laughs) You had the show For theLove of Ray J, right? – Did I, yeah I had that. – You did, you did. (audience laughs) I just wanna know, Iknow America wanna know. Which girl on that show had the worst (beep) game. (audience jeers) – I’mma keep it 100. – That means she used teeth, all that. – No listen, I ain’t never did this. – It’s okay. – It’s gon’ be a lot ofpeople that’s about to be mad. – We need IG names baby. – All right, all right. I plead the fifth. (bell dings) (audience cheers) – Smart man! Smart man! Wild out! – Nicholas Cannon. – Yes? – Just three questions, okay? – There? – Just left the crime scene. What letter is between H and J? – I. – Okay, all right. – P-L-E-A-D spells what? – Plead. – Oh, plead, okay yeah that’s. (audience laughs) Okay now this one here,I just want you to fill in the blank okay? Just fill in the blank. It’s gonna help us a lot. In the show Martin, it’s bro man from floor. – The fifth. – Thank you, your honor. (bell dings) – What up?- So Nicholas Cannon. – What up? – We see him all on Instagram you know with matching Ferraris. He’s managing her now. – Yeah managing her. – But she’s outta control. – We just wanna know, you(beep) Amber Rose or what man? (audience jeers) – Absolutely not. Y’all don’t believe me? This is a Bible. – It’s no damn Bible. – I’m her manager. – No, hold on, hold on. That is a good point. She don’t do nothing, Nick. What are you managing? That’s a even better question,what does Amber Rose do? – I plead the fifth. (audience laughs)(bell dings) Wild out! – You can have whatever you like, well I like the truth, Mr. Harris, do you mind if I call you Mr. Harris? It is your name, right sir? You don’t have anything to say? Government Clifford Harris, correct? Well, I can understand. I only know two Cliffords,that’s you and big red dog. But we gon’ keep it moving. We gon’ keep it moving. We all know you a mogul, you one of the greatest hiphop artists of all time. But what people don’tgive you credit for is you are also a life saver. You talked a man downfrom off of a skyscraper that prevented him fromhurting himself, right? – That could be the case.- That could be the case. Well, since you likesaving things so much, how come you never have done anything to help save my team captain’s rap career, how come you never done anything? You’ve never done a feature, you’ve never done a song. I never even seen youin a picture with him. Why have you not helped him? – We on the same team! – Shut up man, I’m trying toget you a feature from TIP right now lemme work, aight? – What rap career? (audience jeers) – Nick Cannon. – Yes? – It’s only one question we all wanna know the answer to. (audience jeers) Do you even like your music? (audience laughs) Tell the truth! Tell the truth! Tell the truth! Tell the truth! – I plead the fifth. (audience cheers)(bell dings) Wild out! – I just wanna say I thinkyou are real beautiful. – [Girl] Thank you. – Like really, real beautiful. And myself, my cast mates,and I know every dude in here would really like to know how much of that booty is really real? (audience jeers) – Y’all that wanna know,these guys over here? – Yes, yes, yes, yes. – All right, I’mma put you up on game. It’s real in your handsbut y’all don’t need to be worrying about booty that’sabove your weight class. (audience jeers) – Uh, Mr. Ross, I’mma get straight to it. You know MMG, that’s your label. – Believe that. – MMG is more than a labelthough, it’s like a family. – Most definitely. – You guys are like brothers. And as we all know, brothersyou know fight sometimes. And it was a wellpublicized dispute between two of your biggest artistsso my question to you Mr. Ross is in a brotherlyfriendly fist fight, who you taking? Meek Mill or Wale? (audience jeers) (audience laughs) – Who you got? – I’mma plead the fifth. – Exactly. – [Nick] Wild out! – Hi, Nick, how are ya? – Hi, Jess. – Which one of her hits,something you don’t have. So sorry, so sorry, so sorry. That’s very rude, I knowyou’re my boss but sorry. (audience laughs) Which one of her hits would you say best describes how you feelabout Mariah Carey now? “I Should Have Cheated”? “I Just Want It to Be Over”? Or “I Don’t Love You No More”? – [Darren] It’s okay, Nick, you can pick! – I don’t love you no mo’! (audience cheers) Okay I still love her a little bit. (audience cheers) – My client all right? – Yes sir.- My client good? Okay. Luda. – Yes sir. – You a family man now. – Yeah. – But you wasn’t always that way. You told us you had hoesby near, hoes by far. It was hoes in the room,it was hoes in the car. And then you went as farto tell us you had hoes in other area codes. – True. – Now that you married, whenyou visit with yo’ family, which area code areyou most worried about? (audience laughs) – Good question! – That’s a good question. I’mma have to go with the 213. – The 213? They be giving me trouble too! – [Nick] Wild out! – Mr. Cannon, you createopportunities for people. For example, the Wild N’ Out girls. Like you give them aopportunity to be more than just objectified onInstagram and social media. – You get it, you get it. – So my question to youwith that said, Mr. Cannon, is would you allow your daughterto be a Wild N’ Out girl? (audience jeers) – Hell nah. – Oh, hell nah, ladies comehere, come here ladies. With that being said, what is it that the Wild N’ Out girls do that you wouldn’t wantyour daughter to do? (audience laughs) – I plead the fifth!- [Chico] Exactly! (upbeat hip hop music) – [D Wrek] This is a popularsleep aid for most adults. (buzzer dings) What are deez nuts! (bell dings)- [Nick] Wild out! – Your answer is thingsyour grandfather says when he’s drunk. (buzzer dings) – Boy, I been (beep)white women since 1945. (audience cheers)(buzzer dings) – What is (beep) thismy house I can put my (beep) any god damn where. (bell dings) – [Nick] Wild out! – This is Nick Cannon’s new rap name. (buzzer dings) – Ha ha ha. What is MC Please Stop. (bell dings)(buzzer dings) What is MC C’mon Bro. (bell dings)(buzzer dings) What is MC Never Again. (bell dings) – What is MC Why You Keep Doing This? What is MC We Don’tWant to Hear that Shit! What is MC Get the Show– – Get me up there! – What is I Got Grease. – No, no, what is, it’s a trick question, Nick Cannon is not a real rapper. (audience laughs) (bell dings) – [Nick] Wild out! – Your answer is things black people saywhile watching scary movies. (buzzer dings) – What is if this white(beep) trip and fall one more mother (beep) time. (audience laughs) (buzzer dings) – What is yeah, yeah, I cantalk, don’t even worry about it. I’m at the movies butwhat’s up, yeah talk to me. (bell dings) – What the (beep) that supposed to mean? Trying to say we talk in the movies? (buzzer dings) – Man, ain’t nobody watching this movie, come and gon’ give me some (beep). (audience laughs) – [Nick] Wild out! – Messages in Jesus’ DM. (buzzer dings) – Well you go, I go. I can’t let that one go, go head. – What is, it me again big dog,you heard me the first time, the third time the tenth time. (bell dings) (buzzer dings) – What is God if you can just give me one mo’ hit, it’s Nick. (bell dings) It’s been so long since, one mo’. – He answers my prayers. Won’t he do it.(buzzer dings) – Ladies gon’ feel me on this. What is God if you get me through this, I will never– (audience cheers)(bell dings) Do it again, please! – [Nick] Wild out! – Things ratchets say when they find money in their pocket. (buzzer dings) – What is bitch! (bell dings) (buzzer dings) – Yas! (bell dings) (buzzer dings) – What is, show the (beep) dick. (bell dings) – [Nick] Wild out! – All right, whitepeople’s favorite flavors. (buzzer dings) – Uh, what is pumpkin spice. (bell dings) (buzzer dings)- What is mayonnaise god damn! (bell dings)God damn! Bitch, hold up.(buzzer dings) I said light mayonnaise, damn! (bell dings) The (beep) is this? (buzzer dings) – What is this big black (beep)? (audience laughs) (bell dings) (buzzer dings) – What is nothing.(bell dings) – [Nick] Wild out! – This is an alternative to condoms. (buzzer dings) – What is not having sex atall, c’mon, it’s cold outside. – Wait a minute, white woman, aight. (buzzer dings) What is (audience laughs). (bell dings) (buzzer dings) – What is sandwich bags and Vaseline? (bell dings) – [Nick] Wild out! – DC’s laugh sounds like. (buzzer dings) – What is when you stubyo’ pinky toe on the edge of the table. (audience laughs)(bell dings) – What is when you gettin’ a whoopin’ and they hit that spotthat you can’t reach. (bell dings) (buzzer dings) – What is the Lion King,Mufasa, say it again, ah! (audience laughs)(bell dings) – Oh, okay, okay. What is when the policeget behind ya and you know you got everything in the car. (audience laughs)(bell dings) – [Nick] Wild out! – Things white people ruin. (buzzer dings) – What is planet earth.(bell dings) (buzzer dings) – What is hip hop, what is hair weaves, what is fake asses. – Let me have some (buzzerdings) what is the Dougie. What is the Nae Nae. – What is the 45th President. (audience laughs) – [Nick] Wild out! – This is a hood proverb. (buzzer dings) – What is, now I donebrought you in this world, and I can take you out. (bell dings) – What is you gon’ be inside or outside, but you not gonna be in andoutside my house all day. (audience laughs) – What is uh huh, youdidn’t put in on this man. (bell dings) (buzzer dings) – What is, when we getin this sto’ you better not look at nothing,better not touch nothing, or I’ll beat you. – [Nick] Wild out! – When Nick Cannon started Wild N’ Out, this was in style. (buzzer dings) – What is his music. (bell dings) – It’s better now. – It’s way better now. (audience laughs) (buzzer dings) – What is, stop playing Emmanuel, you know damn well that (beep)ain’t better now, c’mon bro. (bell dings) You not getting it back. One shoe Nick for therest of the 200th episode. – [Nick] Wild out! – Your answer is thingswhite people say while watching a scary movie. (buzzer dings) – What is oh my god,can you guys be quiet? (audience laughs)(bell dings) (buzzer dings) – What is, yes 911there’s some black people watching a movie right now.(bell dings) – I got another.(buzzer dings) – Actually, that could neverhappen because the human body scientifically doesn’tcontain that much blood. (buzzer dings) – What is I was on you guys’ side. (audience laughs)(bell dings) – [Nick] Wild out! – It’s the smallestbone in the human body. (buzzer dings) – What is Mikey Day’s penis? (bell dings) – [D Wrek] Mikey saved you on that one. – [Nick] Mikey helped you on that. – [D Wrek] Mikey saved you. – Mikey saved me, so now I need saving? – This is true. – Now the black man needs saving by the white man whichwas perpetrated by him walking out here withy’all didn’t like me. (buzzer dings) – What is Conceited’s skeleton. – Don’t laugh, don’t laugh, don’t laugh! (audience laughs) – [Nick] Wild out! – Black people’s favorite flavors. (buzzer dings) – Red! (bell dings) – What is Sweet Baby Ray’s.(bell dings) (buzzer dings) – What is you know we likethem lemon pepper wings. (bell dings) (buzzer dings) – What is Oodle of Noodleflavor chicken, shrimp, beef. – Hot teriyaki.- Hot teriyaki. Man get yo’ ass outta here,yo’ head look like some Oodles of Noodles on thetop if you don’t get your– – [Nick] Wild out! – Things Cortez gets mistaken for. – Let me go. It’s about me. – I got you. (buzzer dings) What is this button. (audience laughs) – Hey man, wait, wait,wait, wait, wait, wait. (buzzer dings) What is the joystick from Ms. Pacman. – We are killing (beep). (audience laughs)(buzzer dings) – Who is a cicada? (bell dings)(buzzer dings) What is a big toe. (bell dings)(buzzer dings) What is a nut pack. – Let’s go! (bell dings)(buzzer dings) – What is a light pole. (bell dings)(buzzer dings) – What is a house fly. (bell dings)(buzzer dings) What is Spongebob with hisjellyfishing glasses on. (bell dings)(buzzer dings) What is a snapping turtle. (bell dings)(buzzer dings) What is a sesame seed on a hamburger bun. (bell dings)(buzzer dings) – What is a titty nipple, stupid ass. (bell dings) – [Nick] Wild out! – Words that are slightly racist. (buzzer dings) – What is bro, I got two black friends. (bell dings) (buzzer dings) – What is Chinese, lookwe not all Chinese, I’m Thai I’m from Thailand. Know the difference! (buzzer dings) – What is Kardashian. (audience jeers)(bell dings) Wild out! – White people need to stop doing this. – Whoa, whoa, hey, do ya, that! (audience laughs) – Jumping in front of blackpeople like you just did. See how you just ran infront of the black man? (buzzer dings) – What is, speaking to the manager. (bell dings) – Okay, okay. (buzzer dings) What is take them goddamn leashes off y’all god damn children man. They ain’t no dogs man.(bell dings) (buzzer dings) – I don’t care, yeah you big. – [Tim] Fight, fight, fight. – You aight? Get back over here. – What is frying chickenwith no seasoning. (bell dings) – [Nick] Wild out! – Things Chico Bean is built like. (buzzer dings) – What is a college refrigerator. (bell dings) (buzzer dings) – What is potato salad. (bell dings) (buzzer dings) – What is a Dodge Durango. (bell dings) (buzzer dings) – What is a lawn mower mechanic. But you my mans though, you know that. (buzzer dings) – What is Wendy Williams. (bell dings) (buzzer dings) – What is my best friend. (bell dings) (buzzer dings) – What is I know damnwell you ain’t talking about what I’m builtlike, look at your team. Charlie Clips over therebuilt like Winnie the Pooh with his fat ass. (bell dings) What is Nick got thelegs of a flamingo pimp with yo’ skinny ass. – Hold on, Eric look like salty shorty. (bell dings)(buzzer dings) – I know you ain’t talking, yo’ fat ass came up here andsaid something about me too. Yo’ big ass. Built like a god damn love seat. (bell dings) – [Nick] Wild out! – World events that happened the year DJ D Wrek was born. (buzzer dings) – What is he DJ’ed the Boston Tea Party. (bell dings) (buzzer dings) – What is June 10. – That was a good one,man that was a good one. (buzzer dings)- What is the big bang. (bell dings) – [Nick] Wild out! – This passcode will unlockNick Cannon’s cell phone. (buzzer dings) – What is one band, one sound. (audience cheers) (buzzer dings) – What is 80085 becauseit looks like it spells the word boobs. (bell dings) (buzzer dings) – Get back! (buzzer dings) What is Mariah Carey’s thumbprint. (bell dings) – [Nick] Wild out! – Things DC Young Fly is built like. – Aight (buzzer dings)what is a windshield wiper. (bell dings) (buzzer dings) – What is ah, a cockroachstupid ass ugly little one. A bug looking ass. Ah, a stick looking ass. (bell dings) Ah, ugly stupid ass. (buzzer dings) – What is the worm off of Men in Black. (bell dings) (audience cheers) – [Nick] Wild out! – White women love this more than brunch. (buzzer dings) – What is adopting black babies. (bell dings) (buzzer dings) – What is oh my god, let’s go tanning. (bell dings) (buzzer dings) – What is Uggs and Starbucks. (bell dings)(buzzer dings) – What is making my waydowntown, walking fast. – [Nick] Wild out! – Your momma says this when she’s drunk. (buzzer dings) – What is I know you my son friend but ah. (bell dings) (buzzer dings) – Come here and do that dance you do, that little dance you do,do the dance for your uncle. (bell dings) (buzzer dings) – What is yo’ daddyain’t really yo’ daddy. (bell dings) (buzzer dings) – What is turn on that new Cannon hit. Yo’ music! – Get yo’ crack ass off of there. – You got to be drunkto listen to yo’ music. (audience cheers) – [Nick] Wild out! – Black Harry Potter spells. (buzzer dings) – What is does it looklike I want bad and bougie. (bell dings) (buzzer dings) – What is Ineedalanegra. (bell dings) (buzzer dings) – What is please shut yo’ damn mouth. (error buzzer dings) I’mma bust yo’ ass boy. (audience laughs) (buzzer dings) – What is I wisheth thisbitcheth wouldeth this. (bell dings) (buzzer dings) – What is alakazam, alakacap, whoosh, now Nick Cannon can rap. How ’bout that one? (bell dings) (audience cheers) – Magical, it’s magical. Magical. (buzzer dings) – What is alakazam,alakazooey, he still gon’ make the (beep) movies. (audience laughs)(bell dings) – [Nick] Wild out! – Homeless people do thiswith the money you give them. – I got it.(buzzer dings) (beep) what the. (bell dings) (audience laughs) Read the question again (beep). – Homeless people do thiswith the money you give them. (buzzer dings) – What is hi, my boy,I appreciate ya my boy. (bell dings) (buzzer dings) – What is DJ for Nick Cannon. (error buzzer dings) (buzzer dings) – Ah! What is, yeah she boy (beep) yo’ (beep). – We gon’ put the subtitlesat the bottom of the screen. (audience laughs) (buzzer dings) – All right, Trump she got over the wall. (audience laughs)(bell dings) (upbeat hip hop music) – Okay, your word is decoy. – Hey, I take her out and lether do the things she enjoy. I even bought a newtoy for her little boy. She wanted me to be her man,I told her kill that noise. I’m just a sad dude, I’m the decoy. (audience cheers) (bell dings) – [Nick] Wild out! – Show you how to do this man! Now rock with me. Left to right. – All right your word is abyss. – That’s a bass. (audience laughs) It’s abyss for real? Look, y’all know I’m from the hood. I go down if I could. If I eat she don’t hit,let’s get this understood. I’m natural born player,I wish abyss would. (audience laughs) I wish abyss would. (error buzzer dings) (audience laughs) – [Nick] Wild out! – Ah yeah! Here we go. – Okay your word is follicle. – Aight. Follicle, okay, check it. Okay, here we go, uh. Way I spit these rhymes is so diabolical. I change the style up,I had to call a audible. I’m ’bout to write a bookcalled the ball chronicles ’cause when it comes to hairI don’t have one follicle. (audience laughs)(bell dings) – [Nick] Wild out! (audience cheers) – Your word is perpetuate. Perpetuate. – I don’t even know what that mean. But still I go hard for the team. Email, hunting, I’m all about the cream. None of that has anythingto do with perpetuate. (audience laughs) (audience cheers) – [Nick] Wild out! (audience cheers) – Your word is calligraphy. – Bad news dude I thinkyour girls a chick for me. Looks like you better findyourself a new activity. In case you’re wondering why she’s ditching you and digging me, I got mad finger skills,I don’t mean calligraphy. (audience cheers) – [Nick] Wild out! Clap ya hands y’all. Clap ya hands y’all. Clap ya hands y’all. – Your word is superfluous. – Super what? – Superfluous. – Uh, uh. Yeah, I said it’s long,like Snuffleupagus. I smoke on that purple (beep). Girl you lookin’ kinda thick. (beep) what the hell is superfluous? (error buzzer dings) No because you didn’teven tell me what the– – [D Wrek] Made allthe sense in the world. – [Nick] Wild out! Get it, Charlie! – All right, your word is trisects. – Trisects? I’mma try it. All right, look, look. I could be your vibrator. I could eat the pie nowor eat the pie later. I watch you rub on my biceps. Forget the words, um,do you wanna trisects? (bell dings) (audience cheers)- [Nick] Wild out! – All right, your word is osteoporosis. – Since I know I’m not gon’ get this word, I’m gon’ take the time to give a shout out to my mom, my clothing line,shout out to my little brother. I love y’all. (error buzzer dings)My dad and– (audience cheers) – [Nick] Wild out! – What’s my word? – Your word is trifecta. – Aight, okay, aight. Aight, put some money in the schools so the kids will try better. Nick used to do movies, Tribeca. Three Grammies, that’s trifecta, ah damn. (error buzzer dings) (audience cheers) – [Nick] Wild out! – Hey, hey! – Your word is pollinate. – That’s like the bird and the bee, okay. Okay look. Look, you know I bring itall together, no segregation. I drop some here and here andhere, that’s fertilization. I see a cute dude, every day’s a holiday. I’m trying to spread myseed, you know pollinate. (bell dings)(audience cheers) You’re damn right! – [Nick] Wild out! (audience cheers) – Your word is electricity. – Okay, I smoke a lot of (beep)it be (beep) with my memory. Y’all and y’all, bothof y’all can get the D. (error buzzer dings) (audience cheers) – [Nick] Wild out! – Okay your word is conundrum. (audience laughs) – Conundrum. Dumb dumb. Stun gun. Fun son. Conundrum. (audience laughs)(error buzzer dings) (audience cheers) – [Nick] Wild out! Oh, Funny Mike, FunnyMike, oh, Funny Mike! – Your word is apocalyptic. – I wanna start somedestruction in the city. I wanna drop (beep) on buildings. I wanna start a nuclear war, that (beep) will be mad apocalyptic. That’s it. Hey, that (beep). – He got it! (error buzzer dings) (audience cheers) – [Nick] Wild out! – Your word is heterosexual. – Aight. Aight, uh, what’s up girl I’mtrying to get next to you. What’s up girl, youknow I been texting you. You know what, I’ll takeeither, I’m flexible. We can do this, head or sexual. (bell dings) Wild out! – All right your word is indefatigable. Uh, patnickable. Applicable. Imaginable. Indefatigable. (error buzzer dings)(audience cheers) – Wild out! Okay, so you know what,I don’t think DJ D Wrek knows how hard this is up here. I think we should make DJ D Wrek have to come play his game. (audience cheers) Get over there. – Wait, wait, wait. Why does everybody have a pie? – Get to the front, get to the front. – Y’all (beep) standing real close. – You got this, you got this bro. – Aight, you ready? Uh, clap ya hands y’all. Your word is– – I ain’t scared. – Illustration. – Uh, uh. Illustration, uh, uh. I’m on the stage, it’s a celebration. All y’all (beep) need, oh (beep). (error buzzer dings) (audience cheers) – [Nick] That’s Wild N’ Out y’all!

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