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hi hows it going guys its da gta masta here and today i will show you brand new gta 7 leaks and actual fucking real gameplay but before that make sure to follow me on to get a free chargespeed subaru wing and a fucking daewoo tico rim also make sure to follow me on twitter to enter my toyota pod qna where i ask the car about the vietnam war so lets get right into the explaining first off we have some extreme leaked concept art that ill show off like right now first we go the late beta concepts like this car this is the lanca ES and is the car commonly found at night racing against random civics and fucking exploding and then we also have this extreamly hot car which is the sonetti stinger its like the gta 3 yakuza stinger but better and driven by bald man sonettis main man cabot ey, arooso and heres the last late beta car a very important car known as the wu zi mu blista compact this is the most important car in gta history as you will find out in the gameplay leak and the last late beta picture is this picture, showing the fuck you car with a walton in the background now i will show you the early beta pictures keep in mind these are very early and unfinished so first off we got the surubar bimpr which is the fastest 4 seater in the game (a documentary about 2 door cars in gta) the next car is the legendary haczyroku

Default gta games downloadthe next car is the legendary haczyroku which is the best drift car in the whole game becouse some car designer at rockstar is a weeb and now the earliest concept art we know of the doge gaytona 69 GT its the fastest accelerating car but turns worse then the average nfs2015 car and now i will pull the most extreme mission in hisotry i will call up an actual rockstar games worker and ask him about gta 7 there are subtitles on your screen right now, use them thanks *dinekkk being a award winning actor* ok so after that amazing deep convo about gta 7 we will now move on to the moment everyone has been waiting for the actual real fucking gameplay first off ill show basic footage of new features like this you can read yes this van has a nice paint scheme fucking shitty golf rusty piece of shit my fucking corsa is better rusty piece of shit oh shit, da crew has arrived getting to bombai brb GAZU ZBYCHU we going to da liqour store ok guys i think the plastic bumpers on the ford ka are honestly pretty hot and i like them ZBYCHU!!!! O KURDE we arrived in radom *og civic explosion* the main reason im doing these subtitles: the mission EY ZBYNIU, LOOK, SOME YOUNGSTER RACER THEY’RE CLOSING THE LIQUOR STORE, HURRY UP BECAUSE HALYNA WANTS US HOME SOON THE LAST ONE BUYS ME A SHOT HE’S SO SLOW, GET HIM

1 gta games downloadHE’S SO SLOW, GET HIM OH FUCK ZBYNNIU OK GET IT ON YOUNGSTER NOW I’LL BEAT YA OH FUCK I’VE GOT SO OLD COME BACK HERE YOU *i have no idea how to translate that* THE FUCK ARE YOU GOING WHY THE HURRY, WAIT A BIT WHERE ARE YOU GOING YOU LITTLE SHIT WHERE COME BACK COME BACK I GOT YOU *what actually happens when you play trance in your car THAT SHIT GOT ME WELL NOW I’LL GET HIM OOW MY LEG I GOT YOU NOW BASTARD *ask mew* GIVE ME THIS WHIP, HIGHLINE PASSAT COME ON COME ON OK GIVE ME THIS SO LONG YOU’RE BUYING ME A VODKA SHOT *fucking dies* RUULES OF NATURE *THE FUCKING VIENTAM WAR LIVE FOOTAGE* and now the most important of all, the story mode gameplay which starts from here as you can clearly see it says the first payphoon *godlike song* hey, arooso I got a warning for you from fuck knows who get to da payphoon in vietnam for more information dont forget to get shot stealth mission

gta games download stealth mission

2 gta games downloadstealth mission the most logical moment LISTEN RIGHT YOU HAVE TO GET A BLISTA COMPACT AND FUCKING STEAL BACK MY CHINESE NOODLES BECOUSE SOME RANDOM FARMERS STOLE THEM *ask mew he can probably translate that* *vietnamese man* PYONGYANG RACER ZDUPCAJ SHANGHAI CHINESE NOODLE XI JINPING welcome to brum brum car dealership may I offer you a rust free passat TDI a tuk tuk daewoo matiz or perhaps a reliant robin well, we have a very nice pimped blista compact for sale actually thats a hot porsche right there a cadrona hey you asian boy wanna race ill fuckin destroy you you see my turbo miata ye ye you wanna race my crew ill fuckin race ya what is this blista compact more like bmw compact yo das some completely old ass shitbox oh shit hes fast holy shit nigga probably put nitrous in dat he cant turn oh you bitch im switching to gasoline

3 gta games downloadim switching to gasoline see ya later oh shit oh shit oh fuck aw fuck nigga time to unleash my 23hp engine oh you fucking piece of shit no dont slam my ride bitch nigga i have to win all the money for kielbasa MOOONIIICCCCAAAAAAAAA no i wont have money for beer like żubr who do you think you are cheatin on a street race round da block me and ma homies gonna spank yo where are you runnin asian boy YOO LEAVE MY CAR ALONE no thats gon cost a lot my insurance wont cover dat miata gay car fuck miata ill find out where you live ay da wheatha sure is nice ey just putting bondo on my walton THERES SOMEONE UP THERE GET HIM BOYS SHOOT HIM *cannot place more subtitles without youtube age restricting the vid im actually sorry* there are subtitles here if you didnt notice *vietnamese scream* ON THE GROUND REQUESTING BACKUP SUBARU fuji heavy industries subaru ALL WHEEL DRIVE RALLY SUBARU *id place more subtitles but age restriction is bad* *what actually happens when you play happy hardcore in your car got da idea dat you got da job done an ting i wanna say well done u know now take ma fakin boat and get de fak bak to beijing maaan and special thanks to youtube for not monetizing this

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