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Hello and welcome to the Lace Race Today here we have a…a wider range of shoes 10 shoes in fact. Who will tie up the fastest, the laces? -Right here…I’m Mikey. -And I’m, Aziz Thanks for the hand off there Mikey -Yes. -Yes. So we’re looking at a wide assortment of shoes all from We have your tiny shoes right here all the way up to your big men shoes You guys can make the jokes. I’m just thinking them -Mikey, who are our competitors? -Right here on my left we have Josh Schlekeway Josh can you explain what do you do Action/sports footwear buyer Lovely. All the actions And to my right here we have Brian Mcdougal Brian. Tell us a little bit about yourself and who you are representing at Hey everybody. I work at the studio and I help…I handle some…the bringing in of the product that needs to be shot…video shot And get some of you ready for video so that we can put it on…on the site for everybody -Yeah. -Sounds like an adventure right there -We’re going to find out who wins, Mikey. -Yeah. So yeah, there you have it You have the Studio versus the Merch people here at Who do you think is going to win? Type in our comments down below and yeah let’s get started, yeah? All right gentlemen. So we’re going to move a little bit. -We’re gonna move out of your way -And not trip over anything in front of us. -Oh, yeah Sidenote, the winner gets this big trophy Alright, let’s do this [Preparing for race] Alright, guys. You guys ready? Alright, so they’re going to start in the middle with the Converse shoes Now they have to lace it up all the way from the bottom to the top And have to match the pictures right behind the shoes of what they have to match So everyone um…Brian and Josh hands up [Music] Lovely. All right. Ready? Set. Go All right. And we have it started and here it goes Looks like they’re lacing up the Chuck Taylor low top there, Mikey Yes. The classic shoe that almost everyone should have in their closet If you have any questions about where to find these shoes Make sure to go to We’ll also make sure to leave that link in the comments below Yes. And who do you think is gonna win right now We got Brian on the…on the left side of the screen who seems to be — he’s up on the third hole right now [Music] & [Laughter] I don’t know, Mikey Brian does have an experience day in and day out at the photo studio But Josh does look at this product all the time so I think it’s quite an even battle Whoo, yeah. There! Yeah! Josh came up on the third hole, coming up really quick He’s coming up right behind him Look at the technique that Brian has though There’s some nice double looping action going on there, Mikey, you know These are a pair of shoes I would like to wear one day [Music] That’s true and you can…you can wear them if you go to And um…buy them Correct, Mikey [Laughter] & [Music] Looking at that action…Oh! Looks like Josh is almost finished -Oh! He looks like he’s done with it! -Whoa! Josh is ready for…first one? We have Dre, our little judge right over there, making sure everything is good Next up [Music] Chinese Laundry shoes of the Guess Who’s [Music]

Default merrell moab adventure lace[Music] Yeah! They’re a little tricky there We did not make it easy. (Done there, folks) Oh! Looks like Brian’s up with his Chuck Taylor’s That looks good to me So yeah. Josh is on…Oh, Brian is starting the Chinese Laundry’s, too. There, the Guess Who’s Uh…the lace up closure, man-made lining and man-made outsole on those It’s pretty crazy, you know. That’s a pretty fancy shoe there, Mikey. Great for those summer vacations or just a night on the town, am I right That is true! Yeah! Definitely. Imagine nice um…a nice summer dress or some nice little um…lace… Oh! Josh seems to be having a little bit trouble right there Yes, too. It’s a tough lace combination. Let’s see who’s gonna win this round Oooh…They’re going with the stomach method right there that Josh has He is using that chest and belly combination to his advantage, Mikey Yes. Not a lot of people use it these days but you know, when it happens, it happens I prefer the sitting in the chair looking down at my legs method myself -How about you? -Absolutely. I like it to…prefer it on my feet, actually while I’m lacing things up But you know that they don’t have the pleasure to put it on their feet And all these shoes are different sizes [Music] -None of their sizes though. -That’s the trick. That’s all I wanted to throw a wrench into it I know, Mikey. You know maybe next time we should have a lace competition And then a shoe wearing competition where they have to model it off right after -Whooo~ -Fans, let us know in the comments below what kind of races you would like to see. [Music] Yeah~ Seems like the Chinese Laundry, the second shoe up is having a little issues right there but it looks like Brian’s at the end How are you guys feeling out there [Music] These shoes suck! You guys have bandage? [Laughter] -Uh…We will…we will have bandage. Are you bleeding? -Yes [Music] & [Laughter] We will get you some um…some things real quick But you’re almost at the end. There we go [Music] We will definitely run to get you some paper towels but maybe we should um…not bleed all over the shoes [Music] Well, folks. let us know in the comments — [Music] Now, granted, these Chinese Laundry shoes do not come unlaced -Oh, man. -These are just um…these are modified Chinese Laundry shoes Correct! Mikey actually took all the time to unlace them earlier today And make sure that our competitors have a real challenge Well, fans in the comments, what do you think is going on -Who do you want to see win? Let us know! Is this the Brian Game or Josh Game? -Yeah [Music] We might give you guys one free pass on a shoe if you guys are having troubles [Music] To our 259 viewers, we just wanna say welcome to the Lace Race Yes! Welcome! Tell all your friends. Who do you think is gonna win Oh! 261! That looks like it’s going up The boys are really going at it right there [Music] So see it Brian…Brian found out the trick [Music] Whoo. Little…little sweat coming off We didn’t say this challenge would be easy It’s a real competition here on Zappos Sports Yes

1 merrell moab adventure laceYes [Music] Josh is having a little trouble there But he finally got it through! There it is! It is possible Like I said, you can get any one of these shoes on Just go to uh…what is the link And shout out to lean in the comments below saying now you wonder why these ladies are always late Well, when we hope that when you buy shoes from They’re laced for you so you’re always on time Absolutely. Josh don’t get, Josh will comeover and lace it up for you He’s on higher for a lace duty We agree with you Nancy this is kind of crazy but that’s the part about We like being fun and a little weird, just a little tit-bit of weird, it’s part of the core values. Josh is.. Chinese Laundry is done. Josh is on to the little Sperry shoes, to the Sperry top-sider billfish 3-eye boat shoe Yeah, now Mikey do you think those wide grommets that the laces are going through are going to make it easier or harder for the guys? I think it’s going to be a little easier, especially from coming from the Chinese Laundry shoe where there is little, you know, little knots in it — Woah! Josh is done! Looks like we have a speed round going right here Awesome, there we go. Brian, done with the Sperry Dre, our official shoelace judge, he’s done it in his past. He’s done, he’s judged many shoelace races He has tied quite a bit of shoes, am I right there, Mikey? Yes, he never gets tied up Haha, good one there, Mikey. It looks like Nancy, Nancy in the comments below really likes a pair. Now, Nancy was at the Chinese Laundry or the Sperrys? Let us know. Next up is the fancy adidas ultra boost and these are the women shoes These are, I feel like I think Dre has some ultra boost technology in his shoes right now They feel like clouds, is that right Drake? I have to agree with that Mikey, the ultra boost are quite comfortable I’ve never really felt anything like it before, oh, looks like Brian’s re-lacing those — Brian has to go back to tie up his Sperry. He’s doing the bunny loops. Just doing it, just going back, that’s all right Josh with the adidas, is he done with the adidas? Oh yes they have all the photos that are on our site what they should look like Oh, well, Nancy likes the Sperrys, thanks for that comment, Nancy. They’re quite lovely. Perfect for the sockless weather but if you want to hide the sock in there, as well you can That’s true. All these shoes you can wear with socks but I wouldn’t recommend all these shoes you should wear with socks. Thanks for the kind words in the comments there Bridget, we love you too! We really appreciate you tuning in and watching. Looks like both guys are on the Vans right now Now this is where I wonder if Josh would has the advantage Because I know he does interact and buy Vans quite a bit Yes! Yeah, how many laces or how many Vans shoes have you laced up in you guys’ Life time? Josh can’t even count. Wow, he really gets the advantages. Josh, what’s your favorite pair of Vans? There you go everyone, if you need a nice high top, Vans skate highs are the way to go Looks like Brian is catching up, yeah, just catching up right behind him, it’s a neck-and-neck race Neck-and-neck lace race. Neck-and-neck lace race, that’s a tongue twister Can everyone say that three times fast? We do too, Bridget, we do too, we want them all, trust me I don’t even know what I would do with some of them but I definitely wouldn’t mind them Looks like they’re on to the next one those are the nike air max tavas Pardon my my pronunciation, no, that’s tavas everyone God, I think my tongue was tied in a double knot right there Oh that’s why Aziz, is on the other side of the lace race So am I. I get tongue-twisted all the time That’s why we have the professionals there, ready to go Now this color is the black black wolf grey on there What did you think of…wolf would be that color? I think if a wolf wants to run fast, they would be in these shoes, they might be Brian has just…look at that…so look at that All right, judge says it’s good, Brian Brian was — yeah! Brian was slacking at the beginning. And now he’s ahead on the shoes Now he’s onto the next hiking shoe

merrell moab adventure lace Now he’s onto the next hiking shoe

2 merrell moab adventure laceNow he’s onto the next hiking shoe Brian is so far ahead, we don’t even know which piece of paper we were supposed to be looking at right now That’s the beauty of live everyone. itlooks like he’s on the Merrill Moab FST, mid waterproof If you need a good outdoor shoe, this might be the one you’re looking for That’s a Men’s style and it’s for that trail, you know Rain, shine anything in between Yeah so if you get… it is hiking season so if you’re looking for some hiking shoes check out our site Jean, if we said that we put that boot at the end for a reason you’d be absolutely right Oh yes, it’s a special final shoe. It’s gonna… Yes Uh…yes sir Yes, sir Through the tongue, there is a little hole through the tongue Both these guys are gonna find out soon how challenging that boot can be These guys are doing an amazing job Now how you guys feeling right now? Now, you’re…like Josh seems to be caught up right now It’s a little hot right now. Finger…finger hurts That’s truly a little tricky on these Merrell boots They’re little nice and comfort when you’rehiking You guys are doing an incredible job. Much better than either one of us would do behind the camera And everyone out there watching. What do you guys think of this? You guys want to see more of this? More crazy races of..with our Zappos clothes? If so…if you guys have any ideas, say it Nancy likes those hiking ones. Yes, they are quite amazing there, Nancy Check out those Merrells if you get achance Whoa awesome! Brian’s onto the next shoe Brian is onto the Sorel Joan of Arctic Wedge mids We love Sorels here at Now these are more of the summer transition to fall boot You know you can really wear it anytime during that season Before you bust out those, you know,lined boots when it gets a little too cold this is perfect for that in-between time Nice! Woah, Josh is all of a sudden just…just finishes real quick with the Sorels I’m gonna move on to the Fred Mosler delights, please. To the Fred Mosler delights. That’s a shout out to Fred, who was one of the… We hope he was watching there, Fred. We think about you every day Now that Fred Mosler delights are the Rockport Style Purpose wingtips Now a little tricky for everyone who does have those big feet These are the size sixteen Yep, at we carry all kinds of sizes for your width, your wides, your narrows your double wides So guys if you have a big foot like Mikey in myself, this might be the place for you Absolutely and yeah, it’s all free shipping too So if you don’t have to worry about trying them on and then just worrying that they don’t fit You can easily ship them back. We have a some free returns, too Yeah, I think we’re also open 24 hours seven days a week there Mikey Can’t be that. That beats every store out there Whoa! Josh’s finishing up with the wingtips Okay, now it’s time for the boot …is finishing up with the wingtips right now Now we’re on to the final kit… final shoe The final shoe… Ladies, have you ever had an experience trying to lace up a boot like this? Tell us in the comments below Now the final shoe that they are lacing up right now is that Kendall and Kylie MS

3 merrell moab adventure laceNow the final shoe that they are lacing up right now is that Kendall and Kylie MS That’s right. Kardashian style to our friends out there on facebook Yeah, she’s a little…yeah…little modified it ‘Cause the… We’re so excited, fans. We were just jumbling up our words. It’s a real tongue twister here at It’s like I can feel the electrical current to the microphone Oh, a little shocking behind the cam Yeah, it’s electrifying here, am I right? Yes. Now I haven’t count how many holes they have to lace up through But it’s quite a bit… a bit… I think all these 20 in the final You count right now Brian’s catching up quickly and I think he’s on the third or fourth hole up there. Nice Josh is slowly behind. There is at least 19 holes on that boot there, Mikey Really? Just did a count, yeah! 19 holes Now when you get the shoes. They are laced up. They do not come unlaced. So don’t be afraid to get these in to wear like oh my god I have to lace up all these by myself Don’t worry! Zappos will take care of you in lacing them up for you. Josh and Brian will personally sup each pair of boots that go out of our warehouse Exactly. That may or not be true Oh Andrew, we’re still waiting for the winner, so I want you to give us an internet drumroll We wouldn’t be mad at that Yeah! du du du… That’s my best drumroll I can do with my mouth Sounds more like a drum machine there, Mikey! 808 drum rolls Yes, but they are doing an incredible job I thought this would take a little bit longer but these guys are moving wicked fast That’s what you get for doubting there, Mikey All right. Thank you so much for those kind of words, Bridget As Zappos employees, we also love the free shipping and free returns Absolutely, you might even take advantage of it when some of these boots back Yeah! Woo… All right! Yeah… taking out the supportiveness and now he’s going straight at it and helping out, loosening up all the laces. Oh, there we go. Now that’s helping out. Real nice job Josh is still sticking in with a little… what would you call that insert? The insert? That insert right there with with this helping out Josh right there Brian’s going with the method without the insert that I think it’s helping him out We love coming live to you from headquarters, fans There’s any kind of video you’re curious about, please let us know in the comments and you might see pop up on facebook page Now, winner is going to take home this lovely trophy that’s filled with glorious air and it says champion on it They get to take it back to their respective teams and bragging rights for the entire year or until next time when they have to give up the trophy to defend their championship Yeah, let’s uh, let’s get that trophy in front of camera for a quick second there, Mikey So our fans can see what’s going on, what these guys are working for Dray, a lovely judge right here, is going to hold up the championship There it is! There it is! Watch out, Dray! it looks like you almost have a spill right there. Are your shoe laces tied? Coming up in the middle section right now, oh, I think Brian’s a little… I would say sixty percent done with the shoe Coming up to the almost finale, it’s a close one there, Mikey I mean anyone can take it at this point Yeah, we have for those, you guys just turning in, we have Brian on the left and Josh on the right They have to tie up 10 shoes and whoever does it the fastest wins the championship Now who do you think is going to win? I don’t know there, Mikey! it’s so close right now I actually, I can’t tell. These guys are, you know what women’s boots really are not my forte.They’re not my forte Only on the weekends. That’s good to know, there, Mikey! And Bridget just, so you know, we are not giving coupons away today but keep an eye out because we always have giveaways, fun activities and sweepstakes on facebook page Yes! If you like, if you enjoy what you guys are seeing Please comment in our little section down below the video and if you guys want to see something else Well, Brian’s almost done. Well Josh is coming up towards the end too! This was really a tight race. I’m trying to think of a funny pun but I can’t right now Because lace and race just rhyme together Oh no! oh no! What just happened, Brian? Oh no! folks. It looks like a midway mishap might have left Brian out of the race Mikey, how about you get a close-up look and see what’s going on All right let’s take a look. What’s going on right there everything is a little bit too tight Oh no! that’s right! A midway mishap can lead to a final costly mistake, there Mikey. Oh looks like Josh is tying up towards the end tying up the final laces on the last hoop, bunny over the ear. How do you tie your shoelaces, Aziz? Uh, well you know, Mikey, I’m quite a clumsy fellow so I’m a fan of the double knot — OOOOHHHHHH! Oh, no! Final get the trophy out! It looks like we have a winner and that’s Josh Schlekwy Oh, Josh! Who knew? Josh with the win. Congratulations! Wow Wonderful! Brian, thank you Awesome job! what happened here? Oh, I missed a loop. Oh you missed the hoop?! That’s why that’s the final final shoe Thank you guys for tuning in, uh.. Josh, any any championship words? Can’t wait to do it again. Let’s do it again. Woo…awesome! Sounds like the challenge’s open up. Brian, will we see you here again in the lace race? Definitely, let’s do it again. Come into the little frame, there we go. What was that again? Anytime I’m ready, we can challenge again, for sure. Alright! Do you guys want to see shoelace race 2? Put it in the comment sections uh what was the link that you can buyall these shoes at? We will put it on the post in the comments and if you ever have a question please reach out to us at were here twenty-four seven to help awesome! thank you guys for watching and stay tuned make sure to like us spread the word and we will be doing more of this stuff so catch us later

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