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Hello guys Here I am Let me fix a moment, let’s wait for someone to come in while in the meantime I agree the live Hello and guys, a nice live, I recommend if you come in to support us and we’ll soon open the mega pack or already afraid to open it and I don’t know how it really speaks alone ciao raffaele hello sergio calo sergio hello guys we are already off the mint ciao giancarlo riccio andrea There’s a moment guys if someone on facebook in my group share it in the group please Hello manuelito hello save hello stefano hello gigi how are you gigi People who continue to ask me for assistance even on Saturday goes well this is the practice We see How are you guys Well I shared it here here ok let’s see if I can even share it for a moment only boys succeed well to try this computer so I read your comments hello alessandro hello daniele hello to all beautiful friends what do you do beautiful ciao jack hello hi guys They can be greeted are then ds and from the province of lecce hello enrico hammer Ok guys a nice guy so I’ll show you while you like the shirt class 90 I don’t know if you see it mirrored or not Hello Fabio Then let’s see the boys package Here I try to answer open messages possible chrono diego here is the package or what has arrived big visco hello raffaele hello leon petru then I wanted to put it on cart though weighs 40 kg is therefore alone I did not succeed stefania not even there if someone wants to end up giving me a hand Thanks michele it’s sergio I guess I’m sweating if I’m apologizing about watching it raffaele is not a service center I’m sorry to contact the store by minico ciao france franzan Well well well let’s try to open it guys let’s see if we succeed no then what is this a top bar you know what a top bar is All right, daniele, how are you? a moment because there are those who cannot see the live one second nono is a meal for kids a nice live come on to support us it is a cabin cruiser ceo I repair televisions console a bit of everything is a capitate made by some boys of old games consoles that win everything after video descriptions this is the first unboxing and then we’ll see it more in detail in a video in a few days Hello pascal then a top bar is almost a cabin cruiser you know the ones that were in the arcade no the nineties here elio obviously I grew up with arcades so I couldn’t let him make a bard hate he actually could make it happen even by me, but there is no time a long time to make one Eros or mirko I know if he had also rebuilt a little time, but although how long it takes the slippers are beautiful this I did by these guys from old games consoles who make console cabinets from retrogaming is with endure the consoles from television and then I link you all at the end of videos and video descriptions and they are very good we’ll have to see if the package has arrived intact or not because you know how the couriers are and beat more the pedestal the pd stall that disassembled but obviously it is normal that it should be dismantled otherwise the crumbs would arrive but then they will be mounted instead barton should be complete and he was already with all the emulators imaginable possible

Default mini arcade machineimaginable possible from the games room to the simple ati playstation of everything If there are several companies clicked they are passionate people who realize them in their free time Ok guys, let’s open up to 20 like iof I try to open ie let’s try okay mirko unfortunately I don’t play the base of the gym ball so I have to put it down a little a bit rude it shows they are private if yes That the facts upload me The comments here and What do you do this weekend guys ok let’s start to open it I think it seems there is the pd stall you are still feeling As you can see how guys feel I put the computer so I can read Okay okay or that starts with kids got it Then also of course from the hong site the service console interested ask for a quote when my wife I don’t know how to open it look public have busted that they lost more time than they built it OK it’s good Inserted said the upper part and state no Like the gt tells that the smoke of gt boys you have seen my flight with mobbing ii prof what do you think the one five kilometers away I’m going guys look I must be dedicated Place the old man with the scissors I do not want to risk migrating the interior hi a A bit wide yet it was issued try turning off the computer so much it doesn’t reserve let’s see it’s better with the computer off Otherwise I try to put the phone connection and see how it goes Then he turned off the computer Themes if now It should be turned off Tell me now how it goes if it goes still click I put the phone connection ok Hi kevin sammito give me feedback on how it looks Ok if the race starts again tell me I keep opening it and it’s not easy shooting guys believe me hello hello gianluca hello I have to try to impose the top a nice live to support us guys Hi past Guys but how you packed this park I don’t really know where they printed the graphics of the beat The bomb of Sunday the roy bomb on Monday in a video in a video grosio It starts to move something guys is Furthermore, approve it Help this you wrote let’s see who food among boys has gone mad a moment and a complex live alone is not easy to believe me Self pc assembled i’m not the best person to recommend them there sorry like time in Bari it is very hot I need a helper guys someone is willing to help me We live Be right like smart musicians etc. but a hostel or stall boys It looks like thriller flies away They did it guys the first piece came off or lines you open it to see it Let me read The comments ciao pascal is some private platform in what sense No spam guys please as you see with the minor you put the rai boys as it should be seen better now sees more fluid Look, this is the stall pd Pascal please remove spam comments those that are asked to look at xd I accept Ok

1 mini arcade machineOk then headlong moved let’s see it a little anecdote boys The boys of old games console they sent it to me over a pallet. The bankers are those here pd of wood for the new heavy is the sda ​​courier managed to lose the pallet after 24 hours of expedition according to me I pocketed them but I have some serious doubts we have seen it It’s called 30 rai boys Who of you has ever played in a jubilee room Those of you who grew up are approved of the mm games rooms let’s talk about it I have to be careful not to scratch the wood bye there Ok So to achieve this they took about a month and a half thousand put us less but there was August of merit therefore understand well Ok Look guys this is the first part of the pd stall the graphics the choices I make you do it myself this is a street fighter theme then the top will be completed on the top pack and very nice shiny of the ritom knows very well I can not understand if you let see what shiny I think so that still smells like printing This silver part was very well done as we will try it well in a video Okay yes it is not difficult to seem they are pieces to put between one part and the other for hold it in place no it’s ok there is a rib in it above today very robust I think you think a couple of pounds Let’s put it where we put it, you don’t have to think Market fear Or I don’t put boys on the cart Then of course I’ll show you everything assembled is a Nicola cruiser Marzot is a game room cabinet yes maybe yes but I am 29 years old Ok let’s see the other part This in my opinion is even more beautiful, oh well I’m biased because I’m passionate about this game but in my opinion the boys This is a meta slide hello welcome you like this part which you prefer I show trumpets more closely Both electronic and electronic enrico hello angel hi end so this is that of metal slug as you see in the background there are the graphics of my channel that will then be reunited with the top bar guys we arrive at 30 reich for this bel nice thing nice graphics Instead this is the part of street fighter Yup Just discarded pedestal that serves to hold the real piece is not the real video game what time are we going to discard Thanks I say once assembled it will be even more beautiful if someone has then passed to Bari wants to make a game come when he wants ok today this This we can remove it I’ll tell you guys a moment Ok you wrote Hello, enrico our straw is not there today Let’s see if I can lift it, he admits a little above the hat I try I think he got a hernia guys hi tech You saw angel then we say that it is a pedestal weighing a dozen kilos and cecchetti of what will be about twenty more or less that now we also have him bought him himself because I will tell you everything well in my suit Then here it should be both the other parts of the pedestal both the drawer that goes by sight is both the actual walking

mini arcade machine both the drawer that goes by sight is both the actual walking

2 mini arcade machineboth the drawer that goes by sight is both the actual walking then I will mount it we also obviously not in this lay and how I open it now with a big problem girl is a big problem remove All the practice The man First layer is gone better off in my native country I leave the laboratory because in my house on the fifth floor without a lift I will never take it Nice beautiful girls we choose to open it I said none of the 90 so I grew up with these things However, it is perfectly fine because it leans against wind he repeated to me wind is fine here at the bar and mega partitone is a cabin cruiser like the religious ones but modern of course in a cathode ray tube a euro pokémon The rowing plastic removed now we arrived at the carton on our own I know mirko but unfortunately the cathode ray tube is now no longer even on the market and then there is it’s not easy to find if you break it if it breaks No it is a really beautiful time here in Bari fortunately Hi Andrea It is found and I know it but I have preferred it so ok Municipal kids you say Now there is the purpose of the leaf I never understood if Scotch exists like it but them Me like guys to support us Of this fact so far I will never be able to open it as I am looking for next week To open this was almalaurea for made clothes Added But from the guys who help me and a destructive package if it is broken inside would be fantastic If due to have a coffee, take them coffee guys until I finish A piece has gone that has happened the forest is a moderator Start seeing something girls you see the light at the end of the tunnel I finally uncovered it I’ll show you what’s in there guys Then this is the actual cabinet and these are the other parts of the pedestal to complete it The cabin cruiser arrives at your home already ready if you want you can even not buy the stall pd but I took it for convenience Let me answer the questions Guys and serve info if you ask well there is also the good mirko yes sure enrico now of course we’re just seeing a first look Let’s finish opening it So this is the platform to put in mind to put this in your mind what you guys are like asked to think about what at least once will know what this is and goes from the pedestal the man 29 years as a boy what is this enlightening thing No they don’t bring me a box for that, God forbid These all part of the pd stall of the sic stand rests feet the footrest The mythical hill to whom its reason Then Nova will seem now I’ll show you how the cabin is working, but it is already working The costs are very variable you and then I leave the link of these guys of games console if you want to in fact, contact me to make a quote depends on a lot of things Here we have a package Yes, for an enrico coffee, we want to see what this package is about, the company thus incarcerated I paid about 600 euros for about 6 700 euros I’m trying to open this little package that will succeed Hi Luca Ok we opened it Because all are here The pegs debts for the baby stall to mount the pd are then I’ll see them later

3 mini arcade machineThe pegs debts for the baby stall to mount the pd are then I’ll see them later This guys and the drawer to put alpini stalls is electro gaming ok I support it it’s all over guys or the accessory the caboose to pull out We see This is the pedestal you have to mount those parts in the middle are nothing to live in the screws nothing complex and there is the The drawer because of status if the slap modified with their operating system made by them and now let’s get the cabin out if we succeed Let me think about where they put boys for a moment Ok, here I am, it’s ready, I’ve just pulled it out No he was born to fix the pedestal How we open this now Everything was happening You can’t imagine what a mess it is here on the ground All right Let’s open it Then everything will be different in the boys don’t worry well Who we are every now and then the connection happens guys forgive me you see yourself This is a desire that has always had a small end Okay perfect here we are forgive the store slightly at the front I suck alone guys don’t worry We did it guys, here it is They also gave me a pen with them and their name Ok Thanks Then you hear how nice you guys feel Blue on one side metal gear metal metal slug orange street fighter on the other the strong certainly there is hello thanks John sixteen display ninth speakers here chrome and very beautiful The long xgames channel is also very beautiful Side part that continues street fighter and very nice metal slugs reprints have really done a great job Behind there is a fan we try to open let’s see if they can do it without breaking anything Ok Here you guys back then we have a monitor of the dell so good enough above is the whole system for the audio we could also manage it Then underneath there is all the connection there is also the cable Well this maybe I’ll stick it with some double-sided tape Nothing below is the whole connection Of the keys yes there is also a led strip I believe Well here is the fan Ok perfect I’ve ever mounted everything I would say yes we close and try to turn on if everything does not burst Marco then put everything forward I like guys now, check it out I’m also the hook of the keypad I don’t know how to open it, I don’t want to do any damage, maybe try asking the guys that they have assembled there is a first the plug disconnected guys check a moment Then we attack the current and try to turn it on, I immediately provide boys The guys are right there was a power supply I think the monitor half certainly attached to the expedition send beats these craft things always check everything before you log on ok it seems very nice to put a little bit of adhesive on the back to better stick to better fix all the parts but it seems really very beautiful let’s try to light up guys hoping that not everything bursts but I don’t think Thanks Antonio When you say no and as a target system, don’t just to stick the power strip inside to keep the cia not moving, then maybe the sockets come off the clamps don’t abolish or fear points to turn it on Hot glue but I wouldn’t want to name it with glue Now let’s see a system is found Ok Let’s try turning it on guys After the last check Ok Well let’s start the current and see it lights up I turn off the light It also lights up very beautiful What do you think guys who wants to play a game are invited Behind it there is also the fan of nice relationship the fan that makes and I have not seen that brand well definitely a computer fan Does not turn very hard it does not make noise It’s loading all the surgeries Then Here are all the pre-installed admirers I now put in the USB barry a flash drive with some of my games My historical games and we try them if they work Then I said guys This is an operating system made entirely by from the kids of old games consoles as you see is not the classic barry ref for for the arcade game the only thing that maybe I would change is to change the doctor he is behind bluish cold light puts warm light the only thing that will change however for the rest it’s really very beautiful ok I’ll show you already What a kakà that with members I am arcade saw room master system Yes I don’t know how to read the keys they never convinced me and led keys did not give me sarah games ie those these are the classic keys in my opinion Nintendo 64 The nes Open bot and change in psp playstation cram super nintendo favorite amiga atari atari but such 7,000 commodore nice handsome guys also dreamcast I will pokémon guys like this if you like guys as you can see there is a mess of emulators of all types We can put favorites let’s start classic metal slug These guys are games I kept on my PC Let’s try Let’s see a few seconds But how beautiful guys are What is a player for tokens Mamma Mia Spectacular kids now don’t understand how to get back to the main menu I do not know Kids surprised him I don’t know mirko it’s all to discover it’s a show guys a show Really nice I like you guys I have to understand the keys to go back to the system menu that I don’t know, try to take everything ok maybe this is it well I should have understood Okay guys then I’ll show you everything in detail then the guys who make this cabin cruiser old king console guys are very helpful then just contact let’s see all possible and imaginable information and I have to ask for some things already it’s nothing you will surely see later in a video I just understand all the workings of the masons’ operating system let me read what you have written beautiful guys and has changed however to systems such as handsome big filippo ben Also direct your videos cavill but what are you saying next purchase will surely also make smaller versions with smaller screens that cost a little less this costs about 600 euros you can take even without stalling if you want The audio audio in my opinion is beautiful, beautiful, powerful, thanks mirko sensi in group 6 in the facebook group If maverick of course I’ll lock myself in here to play and I won’t do video anymore yes of course because the arcade games were four thirds wanting if you can too enlarge the image though the original arcade game and four thirds Friends I got tired ie it was a really unboxing tiring the cabinet and apart from you for the standards apart from wanting you can only buy the cabin cruiser and save a hundred euros and and you don’t have to assemble everything this stuff is short Ok guys I have to fix everything here Yes exactly mirko but I speak sixteen noni go to lose some arcade charm puts you some photos on the facebook group on instagram guys say this is all April the video comes out I leave you all the links to contact the guys who made it I am exhausted Thanks to all my friends, if you go to cheaters, let me know, you are invited, for a game, bye, guys, good lunch, everyone I love you guys

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