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What are your thoughts on ideas and strategies to get the mainstream celebrity pop-culture influencer into ecology league to grow the awareness of it zero It’s already happening if Charlie from tick-tock who’s gone from zero to 7.5 million followers in tick-tock in a month You know Boyfriend next year is a Call of Duty player That’s way better than paying LeBron a million to say he’s watching the match. This has been written Written You got your perspective YouTube what’s up? So so grateful that you clicked and you’re about to watch a new youtube video But before you do – 1 2 9 3 1 5 7 3 1 that is my texting community platform Doing a lot of one-on-one engagement in there and also access opportunity first looks in that environment 2 1 2 9 3 1 5 7 3 1 Join it now and now to the video you’ve been wanting to watch and I’d love to open it up to very like listen We’re here. So very specific whether it’s 101 questions or very specific or selfish to your business. I’d love to answer anything I can help you with hey, Gary Josh Petey Josh. I got a fun one for you, please All I’ve really come away from right now is I feel like a bad father Because I’ve been kicking my son off of his video game system. Yes for years. Yeah. I may have destroyed his future by great um likely and I’m terrified about the people sitting behind me that are probably about to throw things at me because they now know that about yes Help me. I’m a business owner. Right? I want to make sure I make smart decisions in my business life Let’s consider this his business life. What games should I be pushing him to play right now? So that in five years He’s a billionaire. I How old is he? He’s 11. Okay. So 16 year old billionaire We can make this happen together, let me say this let me say this the answer is I don’t know I’m sure there’s a lot of people here who are deep enough in all of gaming and and casual gaming I think all of us can agree If you think of Minecraft from an engineering standpoint or other things if you’re really objective There are incredible amounts of game that’s out there that speak to honing your math skills your engineering skills your intuitive skill There’s so much value from it. I would tell every I would level this conversation up There’s a lot of parents in here at grandparents aunts uncles sisters brothers We demonize technology In a world where our children will only live in a more technology centric world The thought that you put writing a letter on a pedestal Today, but but being on your iPad for an extra half an hour as a negative Parents and humans are inherent in the business of no yesterday beer I’ve two children ten and seven I am Uncomfortably comfortable with them being in a non technology every second of their life now They won’t because that’s not how the world works today but it has been fascinating for me to watch the current state of parenting a Demonize technology, but then use it to shut their kids up when they are drinking wine or hanging out with their friends I hate I mean I’ve literally this is actually happened in my life Because of who I am and you go with the parents from the school they were like yell at me about social media or technology But then we’re like hitting it off because it’s like the second time the group is getting together and their kid comes and they throw the iPad at them like it’s a Like it’s a ninja star and like and say go over there. Like it’s the the parenting hypocrisy in 2020 is laughable at best and more importantly much like the parents that Did actually ruin so many kids over the last 20 years chance to make 10 million a year being a gamer who are now $137,000 year lawyers and unhappy Or even or even not a hundred thirty-seven There’s there’s some person right now who was supposed to be Tony Hawk who was supposed to be Kelly Slater aka ninja before ninja the great pioneer of ESports she or he is probably 38 to 45 because that would have been a time but She was told she has to go to college. He has to like it happens every day and I Couldn’t be more counter to the current political correctness of parenting with technology I beg for You to debate the world you think your children will be living in?

Default miraculous crush game app match 3You to debate the world you think your children will be living in? 25 years. I remind you that over the last Every day that humans have been alive. We have underestimated humans ability and the brain’s ability to Adjust to the reality of the world Please go read the articles written newspapers about the Kaleidoscope. I’m being serious and How the Kaleidoscope was gonna ruin the human race? Because children were running around Europe putting their eye in a kaleidoscope and weren’t paying attention to the real world We demonize Instagram feeds parents who laid in bed as teenagers and went through Vogue and Seventeen magazine and We’re on 3-way chat with their girlfriends for seven hours a day Demonize children going through Instagram laying up. It’s fascinating and It’s what has led to a lot of unhappiness in our society and and I hope that me conversating about it You know one of the great things of amassing awareness is it allows you to talk about things that you truly believe in that may spark Conversation we are such lazy parents today technology bad How about let’s actually build self-esteem in our kids Which then will allow them to deal with everything. How about that conversation? Oh, but no, it’s not fun to be accountable It’s much more fun to blame the Russians and Facebook That’s what I think We’ve got a question back here in the back Hi Gary Mady here. Hey a quick question What was a driving factor that had to invent on that had you investing in call of duty as opposed to? Maybe eSports that are larger on the global scale like League of Legends or dota 2 The relationship with the Wilfs The opportunity that was in front of me. I didn’t I had opportunities with overwatch. I didn’t want to go there My own personal intuition of League of Legends versus Call of Duty me being comfortable with starting I Back to my miraculous capabilities of understanding humans. I’m at my prime with America I’m getting really strong in Asia and the UK and other places, but I’m an 11 in America I’m a 7.9 in other parts of the world so that gave me triple confidence The culture, you know, when I think when I looked at who are the eighteen-year-old basketball players? The seventeen-year-old rappers who are the 13-year old tic-tock errs of today that I believed subjectively on intuition Would be here in a decade and what’s their relationship with video games Call of Duty is way up there So that feels like cultural relevance for a decade versus not That’s the answer You’re welcome I think what’s fun about talks like this is for a lot of you The way my content is distributed is it’s me cursing heavily on LinkedIn or in a in a 30-second Instagram where I’m contextual to that platform But I think you know at least for me and I appreciate the tone and tenor of this audience like I’m not guessing out here There’s a lot more thinking going on here. Then I like to play on the internet and I think for all of you You know, I’m starting to amass enough wins on the board that Me saying that is not required anymore. For more people thoughtful people winning people to be paying attention closer. I’m Definitely not here for my health This is not for kicks and giggles. I believe this is Sports and music are the easiest bets for the rest of your life and and watching the evolution of both I would be dispassionate if we were talking about Latin trap If I was right now talking about bad bunny and Becky G and Nicky Jam I would be equally as fired up because I believe they are grossly underpriced and and Latin culture in the u.s. Specially within music is At scale these people have people that just rattled off have more followers than your favorite artists you just don’t know it yet and that to me is the game that Will allow me to buy the Jets and win a Super Bowl Hi, Gary, Darren Glover. Can you speak on the importance of like the mainstream culture influencers? it’s fascinating to hear all the analogies that always pop up between Where the sports was and then how sports became something crazy important?

1 miraculous crush game app match 3Where the sports was and then how sports became something crazy important? but all these relevant sports figures now that have grown up with social media and have 2 million followers that play It’s called a duty or fortnight just as much as maybe some of the pro eSports gamers I now now have you know I you mean the Juju’s or like like other sports stars playing these games basically as you spoke about you I mean you talk about all the time its relevancy its its culture its life bunny if that bunny plays plays fortnight That how important is that to fortnight? It already happened exactly The main event was ninja run shriek it happened. This is what I keep telling everybody. This has happened You might not have decided to look at it. You might have not looked at it from the proper lens But that’s what mate fortnight Substantially grow I know that based on your question and that’s what’s gonna like I said, I do not know the event That will make the Call of Duty League go to the next spear It will be something what are your thoughts on ideas and strategies to get the mainstream celebrity pop culture influencer into college beauty league To grow the awareness of it zero. It’s already happening We don’t need to do it they play it and love it It’s happened. It’s just just a moment away If Charlie from tick-tock who’s gone from zero to 7.5 million followers in tick-tock in a month You know boyfriend next year is a Call of Duty player. That’s way better than paying LeBron a million to say he’s watching the match This has been written Written Listen this is why people think I predict things but I keep trying to tell you. I’m not I Really appreciate it, but it’s not deserved. I’m regurgitating what’s actually happened I’m not fuckin Nostradamus. I’m regurgitating what’s happened. I just happen to know where to look I Might just be willing to spend the 25 hours You know took a month looking at the top charts of the App Store to realize that Yik yak was something six years ago But that disappeared or that vine did this where? Socialcam did that where peach was supposed to be this where Vero was supposed to be that or musically did do this and became Tik Tok or path did this I’m putting in the work Just like I’m watching youtube videos of sophomores in high school right now to figure out which College players are gonna matter for Vayner sports. It’s just work It’s just work People don’t take work and put it into the right places and they use media outlets to give them headlines to form their opinions That’s the difference between What I do and what most people do I’m actually in the trenches being an anthropologist strategist and actually doing the work Versus what most people do which is they allow something in the middle? To consolidate the information for them and allow them the bullet points in the headlines and in that Practitioner ship is the Delta that has allowed me the luxury and the honor of sitting up here and being listened to the work So like you were just talking about in terms of doing the work yes, I mean most people don’t do the work the right way Within the concept of like doing the work the right way whether you’re planning a business or planning for your life How do you view the distinction between like execution and strategy? Like how much should you be planning for your work versus how much did you just be doing it? How do you he’s a great question? Um for me first of all, the answer is self-awareness It really is because for you and I might be different But it’s a very important question right like somebody once said something to me Garret. He said Gary you know what? I love about vaynermedia I’m like what and I was pumped but it was actually a razz he goes If I told you to get to the other side of that wall, you would 100% get there The problem with Boehner sometimes is you would and we were in a glass office He’s like you would run through the glass and get cut to get there when you could have just opened the door He thought he was razzing me. I was pumped I was like cuz I got him back and it’s fun chess, right? I’m like, brother The reason you’re paying me is cuz you usually pay people who just sit in this room and debate going to the door So I’m Pro doing Much more than I here. I Believe a lot of my strategy comes from the ABCB EF G testing

miraculous crush game app match 3 EF G testing

2 miraculous crush game app match 3EF G testing That gave me the answer more than than me thinking I can come up with the answer. However Not having a good strategy is always a vulnerability, too But it’s a vulnerability of wasted time that gives you context like this investment earlier. I’ve already won by the bet This could go out of business the learnings over next 36 months are roi positive for the way I play So I think you’ve got to know yourself because other people are far. I’m an entrepreneur I’m not capable of sitting down and doing type a work other people’s chemicals are type-a. So for them Strategy might be the strength. They fear the doing because feedback and negative feedback is scary The reason we have so much unhappiness in this in the Millennial demo is because the current parents that raised them parents It the most interesting dynamic I seen culture right now is 48 to 70 year olds judging millenials When they were the ones that parented them They’re the ones who created eighth place trophies. I didn’t grow up with eighth place trophies They’re the ones who decided that you have to complement at scale Even though it’s not true and thus your kids know it’s delusion and they become insecure about everything because they don’t know which one’s true or not so You have to know yourself And I think you have to lean into what comes Natural whether it’s the gray or the black and white. I only am uncomfortable. I’m only comfortable in no and question marks Many need to do a ton of stuff before they can make that jump if they try to be like me They’re gonna have anxiety in the same way that I would have anxiety to like put together a PDF No, really, like if you asked me to make a deck right now, I would fold like a cheap chair I’d be like do you rock, you know? Look over there and run away like, you know Like I just can’t I’m not capable of doing it which is why I was such an extremely poor student But luckily for me at a very young age I leaned into who I actually was and went pot committed and it worked and I want more of that for everybody in here and You don’t have to do it my way. You have to do it your way, but and that’s why that’s a very personal question But those are the two ways But I believe I’m a big fan of doing you can’t read about push-ups People love to use strategy as a disguise for not action Léa léa léa full art needs to meet you some so from my perspective You know looking at the history of how sports in general has been has worked and how its ingrained in Education and how it really starts in education Yes Thinking about eSports when it comes to standing up some kind of structure just like we’ve given to our you’ve given to the rockers Bringing that to k12 and higher education what we don’t you it where that where that starts like. It starts earlier than the others So if you rerolls yeah are playing versions of eSports right the second. Mm-hmm so if you were to give structure to k-12 education and higher education as far as By the way to your point that will happen like how many it clearly even the way you’re asking a question You know how many scholarships are at the NCAA level? What do you think happens next the high school? You know what I mean? That’s already happened the more insightful thing you said is how it happens and who gets who first and what I actually just said My son goes to school for seven minutes in his little drive with me Every day and plays Madden mobile as a seven-year-old in those seven minutes Really hard to practice your jump shot on your seven-minute drive to school Larry Bird and Magic Johnson both famously woke up super early before school to work on their game My son and hundreds of millions of others will work on their game in school in between school Getting the hall pass to go to the bathroom to continue the game and everything in between. This is going to be the sport One question I have had is how are you going to deal with new iterations of the game because I know You know, it’s it’s modern warfare this year. Will it be modern warfare? I don’t know because that’s where the publisher has disproportionate leverage I think this sport is absolutely gonna have a different dynamic where you make a team based on the game and if the publisher changes the game enough in 24 months you might not have the right talent to Extract the upside. So I would argue this is actually one of the things that excites me the most my belief is that and not that I get to be the GM or the coach, but You know being an ownership just having the DNA of being most comfortable with changing every day. Let alone every year like I feel like that’s Exciting now if we went back-to-back Championships and then they change it and we’re still locked in in contracts with the guys or gals that got us there

3 miraculous crush game app match 3Championships and then they change it and we’re still locked in in contracts with the guys or gals that got us there I may not be as pumped But I come into eyes wide open. I know that that’s the variable and And by the way, like all games evolve the NBA today I’m a die-hard Knicks fan And the last time they were good in the 90s the scores of an NBA game were 86 to 79 Now hardens taking 90 shots a game. So things evolve anyway This one may be a little bit more. It’s not like the core rules. You know, my my intuition is if but more likely when this becomes legit that the publisher will be thoughtful to not make it so Hardcore that teams get broke it, you know, so I’m open for business. I know what we signed up for Thank you. Yep, how are you sir? Good Jeff Tyler Jeff So you grew up a Knicks fan. I did you watch basketball if the outside you keep a fan of the Knicks free sports players I mean they may play the game being a fan maybe to learn more Or to understand the game better or they understand what they’re watching. How does the outside fan? Become a fan of eSports and will Sports betting find its way into eSports number two. Yes betting finds its way everywhere Why don’t you keep it Jeff just in case there’s a lot of jamming here the 1982 NBA Finals Were on tape delay in America. Yep, not live That’s how little interest cable Right, as you know, you know change so many things the interest in different things. Everything is based on the ability to consume it Right. So when you think about the NFL not being able to sell out Super Bowl 1 football itself not being a great sport on Radio versus what it was on television All of this has ever been is one big game of media consumption to build awareness to build interest The reason eSports is what I’m claiming It is is predicated on the world where actual consumption is and will continue to grow in is native to eSports More than its native to the other sports So it again and this is what’s so powerful. There are so many people that consume eSports That are native to the consumption platforms of twitch and mixer and YouTube, right? You might not get the 64 year old TV watcher because occasionally something may show up on ESPN or ABC But you completely own everybody under the age of 25 It is easier for 13-year old Charlie today in school to consume eSports than the NHL or the NBA the end I’ll give you a great comp. The reason boxing is no long You know where I’m going is you’re old enough to live through the whole cycle and I am as well Thanks for but but and but I but I but I throw myself in the same mix right is and you had you know Given probably whatever our age gap is you have it. You had it even better than me I became a boxing fan because I saw Michael Tyson fights, Michael Tyson fights on ABC wild world sports and ESPN before he beat Trevor Berbick to become the youngest heavyweight champ cuz he was brutal and wild and it was something Cuz I could see it he Threw his insane popularity in and for the youngsters in here You can’t imagine what Mike Tyson’s popularity was in 1987 like it was uncomfortable with His with him and the heavyweight division going where it went. As you know and money came in. It all went pay-per-view Which meant guys and gals like you and I couldn’t watch it on Saturday at morning no more ray beam. Boom Boom, Mancini and Sugar Ray let the real fights were on on Saturday morning, right that was awareness for free It went pay this was my point about major league baseball baseball destroyed itself a decade ago by creating BAM Owning all digital rights and not letting any of the kids see anything If one of us put up a video of Maur hitting a home run here, they took it down so That’s why got it because this has been written. It’s funny. I was an atrocious student, but there was one class Besides Jim that I got good grades and it was history and and I never really fully got it and Only in the last two or three years have I had an epiphany? I’m like, huh? I make so many of my business decisions as an entrepreneur completely predicated on history and And because history will tell you the future this is always if you look at it and this I’ve done this so you’ll appreciate this if you look at horse-racing and Boxing and then football and basketball and baseball this has been one big game of what’s available to be seen and what fits the medium the best and ESports fits the next medium the best Yeah, that was super smart d-roc let’s chop that up Let’s get that on LinkedIn My name is tyler authen Actually from a market research firm doing pretty good We’re working with communities that are trying to build in-person venues So they’re kind of the early adopters of maybe building facilities that are dedicated for eSports. Yes It’s not so much a challenge. It’s just where things are right now You know viewership is off the charts for eSports versus NFL. It’s it’s more people worldwide watch them that’s right that ratio though of people who’ve attended an event, you know is Point zero zero zero one percent of people who’ve seen it online versus maybe 40 percent of people who watch the NFL maybe I’ve been to a game that’s probably high but It’s where it’s absolutely the point, you know The nature of both of the lineages the histories and the technology stacks that they were built on makes sense. Keep going Where do you see the opportunity for live events and drawing audiences that are 40 plus thousand high? I think it I think it’s a foregone conclusion And I’ll tell you why when you look at some of those it’s nowhere at scale to your point yet But if you look at some of the indicators those early things, you know, Madison Square Gardens fastest sellout event, right? It’s there it’s there and obviously One thing that Americans do very poorly is look outside of America South Korea can show you this at scale So it just needs more broad interest the education of the parents is going to be enormous you know like as we continue to see videos like we just saw a Lot of parents are gonna realize if I want to connect with my kids This I need to take them to this instead of that concert or what? My favorite sport is that will happen and the leagues themselves have to get their act together Like we haven’t had organized leagues. We’ve had one-off events. We’ve had micro events But this this again ufc’s a great comp for this it was very the way it was and then it got consolidated proper media attention Proper story building a couple of superstars and away you go the fact that we have bugga and ninja already This early on speaks to where all the pieces are there. So I just think this is just a matter of time game I know you don’t make predictions, but I’m if you had to guess the timeline, you know Is there a chance the rocker ever plays in US Bank Stadium in 20 years here in 20 years 100% in five That’s where it gets challenging. But all you need is what’s amazing about Something that’s already happened is you just need one event Snapchat because we’ve all lived through this in the last half decade Snapchat happened already, but it took DJ Khaled getting stuck in the ocean on his jet Ski to get everybody to know snapchat happened This league has happened already. It might be one clip of One interaction between Minnesota and Chicago where the intensity went and two of the players got mad at each other and punched each other in the face that hits the social consciousness Which then shows it and that’s where and that’s why I don’t know. I know it’s done I know I’m invested long. I Don’t know the spa. It was ashton kutcher Challenging CNN to get to a million first that made everybody know what Twitter was even though it already happened Khalid unsnap, I don’t know what’s gonna happen for this league. I just know it’s gonna happen all of us here at some level No Bug winning three million dollars in one tournament helped a lot of people that didn’t know no real quick because that made AP national news Something’s gonna happen Michael strands gonna talk about it on Good Morning America, and then the process will start That’s America, thank you Hey Tom, Ferrara. Hey, Tom So my question is related to something that you mentioned a little bit earlier, which is one of the roadblocks is Media dollars. Yes. So we’re seeing a lot of participation in eSports, you know up to maybe even 80% is sponsorship and partnership dollars I think that makes sense for a lot of reasons It’s it’s really close to what you would do with like a traditional sports team deal There’s a lot of reasons why you’d want access to this audience now But as soon as that turns into and this is something I face personally conversations with media departments They tend to not be in the know on this stuff and they want to apply very traditional media metrics for valuing That’s how they’re gonna buy or promote, correct? Content or exposure or activations in the eSports space and that’s become a huge roadblock. Yes What are your approaches or advice or recommendations for trying to get worse than 1,000 companies need to fire their media agencies of record? Listen think about what you’re just saying. You’re a hundred percent, right? And the reason they do that is they make much more money and buying traditional other things or pro, you know media agencies Love their black boxes of programmatic because they’re making tons of mark like this is the business. I’m actually in full time It’s a very easy answer. It’s the same thing I have on social It’s why so many brands are declining a market share The bested interest of the six holding companies media departments and their clients are completely in opposite directions Ninety percent of the media spent in America is being spent through a media agency That is a publicly traded company that is trying to maximize its own margin every 90 days How in the world can that be a good service provider? So what’s gonna happen one of two things one We will continue to see direct to consumer brands that don’t follow the same playbook Continue to tap into market share Until the point of the Kellogg’s and the Unilever’s and the PepsiCo’s gets so hurt that they’ll finally wake up and change their positioning on how they work with agency partners So really it’s a first mover advantage to anyone who can find a way outside of that traditional media model. That’s right Okay, or you scare your current age? Like what real life is you have enough juice to go to your current agency Stark on media sure all those players and say if you don’t do this we will put up your business for review because this is strategically where I want to be because I’ve Never seen in the history of my business life and I’m an entrepreneur and around a bit and I’ve been I’m fast So I’ve done a lot in 22 years. I’ve never seen the dynamic where the client feels like the not client in the relationship between brands and their media agencies because of the contracts that they signed that are being done at the highest levels and And it’s destroying the Fortune 5000 brands Thank you, yep Hey Gary, my name is max Minsker. I run the eSports team for the Minnesota Timberwolves So my question for you is based on kind of your investment philosophy in terms of eSports specifically So you’ve said that? ESports is it’s kind of over already right like it’s happened And like if you look at the viewership and the average age of the audience And then some of them even the metrics he was showing regarding how to capture that audience eSports obviously has a big market Yes, and but for you when you’re investing in something like the rocker, it’s not like a perfectly diversified ETF of an eSports portfolio Right. It’s a specific investment in a specific property. So highly vulnerable exactly so my question for you is how do you take that knowledge of the industry and the macro trends that are occurring and where the Audience is and translate that into like a micro investment into one specific property. That might have more Vulnerability and then I think you don’t I think you need to amortize out your bets Right like to your point the vulnerability of this investment Which was a hefty one for me is nobody wants to play call of duty anymore. I Don’t know like there was Frogger was awesome when I was a kid like Meanwhile basketball hasn’t gone away on the flip side We are now in the early stages of games like Madden and 2k and others that are like wow It’s still here and it’s really here and Mario and Zelda. And so this is a This is a complete bet back to the biggest point You know cargo and the Wilfs like this is a human thing for me as well. That’s why I took both I actually Publicly, I’m sure we can find video of it did not want to invest in publishing IP team sport Like I just thought it was too vulnerable to you know It’s ultima online was a precursor to all this like I’ve watched I’ve been watching This was a move for a lot of reason to me. This is a Franchise that I feel hat first of all, this is a limited franchise This is a global sport but first party shooter Call of Duty is much more Americanized than it is Asia the other things so again, Very eyes wide open going into it for me diversifying comes in a lot of ways You know Vayner sports is very focused from date the day AJ And I started being sports which Iona’s NFL sports representation business. We’re up thirty football players, but from day one ESports is the lead second sport we want to get into When I started making this deal I had to figure out like what which side am I sitting on? what can I do do I have to rep people outside, you know, so I’m going through all that, but that’s huge – Look vaynermedia as a creative and media agency is a thought leader in strategy around this You know category so as you can imagine me looking forward the way I’m gonna hedge is I’m probably gonna have an agency that’s making 30 to 50 million in in Consulting strategy and creative output fee for helping brands get into this space better. I Might bring back ice hockey on Nintendo and be the best player make 5 million a year playing it I may invest in in whatever emerges as the Chuck-e-cheese or Buffalo Wild Wings of this space like to me. This is how I do it if you look at all my behavior It’s why I built Manor I built a communications Death Star which gives me flexibility to go into anything so 10 years ago when I could have raised a half a billion dollars on the back of Facebook and Twitter and all those great investments that I made that put me on the map Instead of going the real easy route of high wealth creation of raise a half a billion Make ten million a year to take meetings and have 20% of the upside of the bets off a great track record I decided to build an agency, which is a grind Super hard, but I knew I building the comms stack to take advantage of the diversification of macro the– so does that affect how you think about the revenue of This property on a year-to-year basis because you can diversify Yeah, I don’t think about the revenue of this business on a yearly basis at all Just make payroll Don’t go out of business That when you bet long and in perpetuity, we live through a time now where everyone’s building businesses to sell them. I Only build businesses to die with them when you do that All you have to do is just stay alive when you’re betting on what you know is right Good Andrey bort naav with up city younger. Hi, Gary Nice to meet you too. First time. Thank you. Quick question. First. I’ve seen you seeing you a consume your content understand Kind of maybe this is maybe more of a macro question, but in terms of marketing strategy and consumer attention, yes what would be the difference or is there a difference between ESports and traditional sports on what platforms do you think eSports would dominate? Thanks, no question hold on to the mic just in case so there’s a lot of differences first of all I believe that eSports even with the macro League deals or title deals or team deals is grossly underpriced in comparison to the price you pay in traditional sports because there are amateur asset and what they want in return for step and repeats and patches and integrations is so much more expensive even though these numbers are not small anymore because the audience is there but still paying for an NHL Integration and you’re trying to reach fifteen to thirty year old males you’re gonna get ripped off in the NHL in comparison to eSports just on the sheer attention as far as Platforms to your point and this was to the gentleman behind you that I’m looking at this Sports ability to be 100 percent native to twitch and YouTube and Instagram and thinks that nature is a huge advantage I mean when you look I mean the NHL Watched baseball do the wrong thing was losing relevance and then the deal with BAM. I mean There’s not a person, you know, we’re in Minnesota and I think the majority this room would struggle to name ten hardcore all-stars outside of wild players like it’s it’s It’s a mistake. Anyway, nonetheless I think that um I think that look at the NBA the NBA takes far more of a superstar build brand We know more six men on NBA teams than we know all-stars in the NHL and Major League Baseball so I think that One, I think it’s underpriced I think if you you call rocker and you call the wild and you try and Your focus is a certain demo. Now if your focus is $200,000 income fifty to 275 male middle America, then all of a sudden. I want to talk hockey so it depends on your strategy But the reality is some things are just grossly underpriced and I think for the next half decade There’ll be a lot of arbitrage opportunities for association with what happens in this sector whether in this league The platform’s the individual humans, you know, I talked to Ty I talked to ninja and his first deals He gets paid a lot more now than he did Then you were stealing ninjas equity in those first 25 deals Then he got William Morris then he became ninja the way we know him and all of a sudden what used to be able to Get for free product or $10,000 becomes $250,000 for five minutes the game Thanks, yep Hey, what’s up Kerry, thanks man. My name is Josh three questions real quick First is what happens when you own the Jets and your now friend amis with the will family. What does that look like? I’m going to try to beat their faces it much like the will screw-up insane over-the-top giant fans And I’m sure when they face the Giants they’re not rooting for the Giants Yeah, I hope not I hope not doubt it Second question. Who’s the most? interesting person you’ve ever met That’s interesting. I would say the most interesting Meeting I ever had was with Mark Zuckerberg When I spoke to Facebook when they had 200 employees, I didn’t know him obviously Facebook was starting to roll I spoke to the company. I didn’t know he’s in there. He was way in the back. He came down He asked me I had a flight right after the talk and he goes, how long are you in Palo Alto? And I was smart enough to be like, oh, I’m leaving tomorrow then He’s like you wanna have dinner I said, yes And I’ll never forget this obviously Facebook was already huge even though they were a small amount of employees We had dinner and I remember thinking I believe that I am a one-dimensional player. I believe that I Understand human being so well that every other aspect of what I do I’m average at but I’m so remarkable at consumer behavior and being And when I say by the way when I deliver something like I’m so remarkable Complete luck of the draw of mom and dad having sex at the right moment complete natural lack of daeun complete I take no pride and I love giving the daps to my parents. I love giving the DAPs to my circumstance But and and I’d never met somebody in my life up into that point that I thought was deeply and utterly consumer blindly human-centric I am an extrovert and an outward personality so one could kind of make an assumption too that he is a technologist and introverted and and Even I’m sure when you’ve seen him on Capitol Hill or other places that would stun you that that is his great suit to this Day not President Barack Obama not Bill Clinton. Not many other people that you know, I’ve never sat across from somebody that I felt Jedi like oh wait a minute, you know to and make sense. That’s why Bill faceball That’s awesome. And a perfect segue to this last question. What’s the most badass Jedi book you’ve ever read? Read read so I’ve read like four books in my life And I would have to say the the biography of Barbara Walters. I Actually believe that Barbara Walters may be one of the most underrated contemporary personalities of the last 50 years. I Know you didn’t see that one coming Hey Gary, are you glad good to see you again? Very excited happy on copy closes next year So here’s my question, you know you were talking about being ahead of the curve and where this is headed I think we’ve all been convinced. This is a very exciting time to see where this goes Are there any for the average investor are there any? products or companies Right now that you could list off that We should be paying attention to or investing in now. The answer is I’m sure I haven’t done the homework So the answer is I don’t know But I do think this is a I will give you an answer that maybe helps you bring some answers some Insight that might help you always look at the picks and the shovels I’m very vulnerable with this hefty seven-figure investment because if this title is in contemporary in 15 years, I’m vulnerable picks and shovels got It so whether it’s private public market or something else pay attention to people that are building infrastructure around this movement Evergreen not at the mercy of twitch or you like that Thank you. Thank you, and I appreciate that and it’s a really important insight, you know a lot of us will gamble or I don’t feel this is a gamble what I’m going to learn over the next three years is gonna do more for me than the Investment whether this exists or not, the people that I’m gonna be associated with the learnings practicing to be an owner you know that stuff but for you know I it was only five minutes ago that a $25,000 check was very scary for me to bet and with what and what I tried to do was bet on what I knew or what had already happened or picks and shovels Right, look at search engines and browsers A structure right? So what’s the infrastructure? What what doesn’t rely on it being fortnight or Call of Duty or? Activision as a business that can just flow if in four years It is frogger or there’s two girls in Nashville right now inventing an IP that becomes the game for 10 years How does that company take advantage of that versus get hurt by it in perpetuity? evergreen picks and shovels I Have a question for ace so Joe McIntosh and First of all Nintendo ice hockey three fat guys one skinny. I don’t that’s got touch me That’s guy. Don’t think you get to throw if you find yourself in New York. I’m kidding. It’s Gary vaynermedia. Let’s go The other question I have is the other question I had is by the way to give him gaps The three fat one skinny is my lineup, too I told you I’m Totally if I didn’t say this guy knows a little something by the way for anybody doesn’t know we’re talking about the game the way The game starts is you get to like pick your team you pick your team. It’s Olympic style I’m always Russia because I was born in the Soviet Union and And then you get a skinny a fat or a medium guy and therefore spots and you kind of and put it together The hack is three fat guys and a skinny. So I’m a little bit worried about Joe Makes sense Minnesota hockey culture. All right, brother. I see you so So my question is, you know, I’m sitting here listen to you talk and I feel like man anything This guy touches seems like it would turn to gold right It’s just like you have this energy you have this passion and I’m thinking about you know, myself and my world, you know How can I bring that same energy same passion, you know, see I saw widgets Right and I saw widgets the 65 year old men Yeah, right. It’s like They’re clueless about you know, the two what’s going on in a reality it you know, the twenty six-year-old and below I’m just like, you know how much that what couple things to talk about with this one They may not have to worry about it, right? so for example You’ve heard me mention tick-tock a couple times that the other platform in the world of marketing today that I’m obsessed with is LinkedIn LinkedIn’s organic reach is so uncomfortably high It’s Facebook 2012 and as you can imagine and I see the body language here you’re clearly gonna reach different people on LinkedIn than you are on tik-tok and That 65 year old male decision-maker. I don’t know when he or she is buying that widget Are they actually targeting 15 to 35? Right. So to me, it’s funny. It’s like So I’m very fortunate in the fact that my passion is agnostic. All I do is day trade attention And behavior and it’s a very important sentence it’s day trading, so I’m not pocket guys My I how many people here follow me pretty closely on social just for context. So, thank you So you noticed over the last year have done a lot of? Recall videos on Instagram where I show you me saying something in 2008 and showing it again Like that’s back to not guessing like you get the equity of reputation. I’m not just jumping on now I was right but it wasn’t predicting it was because those things had already happened the thing I’m most waiting for is 15 years from now when I’m completely shitting on social media The way I would talk about print and direct mail Right because I’m not pop committed to anything I’m just pop committed to the ability to daily daily. I wrote my last book Which is how to win on social content distribute right now It’s only 18 months old not a mention of LinkedIn or tick tock Having that you know, so, you know free couple things one are you it has to start with the truth Are you actually passionate of selling widgets in a b2b environment? To bring like I failed all my classes if you told me right now to hang a picture on the wall I would like jump out the window No passion Don’t want to do that stuff. Take out the trash. No read no write back to the book. It starts with self awareness The greatest gift I was given was Conviction and self awareness. I know what I’m good at. I know when I’m bad at My parents built cell my mom built self esteem. So I was able to deal with judgment I was a terrible student during the greatest era of it meaning to be good at school to be successful I was making $6,000 a weekend as a 14-year old and told everyday by my friends parents and my teachers that I was a loser If I was making $6,000 a weekend today selling sports cards I’d be on like cover of magazines like like now we Herald 14 year olds making money. That’s the culture now entrepreneurship got cool again you know, so To answer your question many things one. Do they even need to care about these things? Cuz there’s no reason, you know, if you’re an executive or you’re wrapping up your career or whatever you it has to be practical I’m practical Number two you have to look within yourself How old are you? 43 so for me you and I are part of a really interesting generation because we’re I just turned 44. Um now I know the skinny and fast I get it. You looked younger. You look good, bro The-the-the the biggest one of the biggest things I’m hoping that I can communicate to the world through this newfound attention is our unbelievable ability Inability, excuse me to have a good relationship with time Every 22 year-old wants it to happen tomorrow and every forty three-year-old Doesn’t think that they can take a hard left and completely start over because they don’t realize they’re gonna live for another fifty-two years our complete and utter atrocious relationship with time is leading to an enormous amount of unhappiness and So like I see you and even just like the energy and how you ask the question like I was compelled I’m like, bro, you might just need to really look at yourself in the mirror tonight and say One step backwards three steps forward happiness has to be the ROI You know And I think if you really if you could feel in your bones Another 29 years of a professional career all of a sudden when you look at it that way versus I’m 43 and look at all these kids doing it at 19 if you look at it as 29 more years before I even debate slowing down Then all of a sudden sounds practical to maybe say I don’t wanna fucking sell widgets anymore So that’s the stuff that goes through my mind Thank you. Yep You can imagine you wonder two thirty year olds and here what I think for you like so much time so much time Garret Sam Schwartz from Duke cannon and hasten soap God. Yeah good to see you. Um, I got a 101 wreck Oh, yeah. I hope you like it. If you don’t don’t tweet about it. I will on 101 question I’m gonna ask for sickness of Baseball history, which I hope you appreciate. So as you know in the early days of baseball, there wasn’t an MLB a bunch of independent That’s right. So I wonder about is there a parallel here whereby yes is will there be a bunch of leaves? Yes competing for players and resources baseball hockey football Of course history. Yes, will there be other? Well, a well-heeled investor come in and start their own call of duty Okay, so how do we met how do we place the right bet then be consumer-centric The USFL would still be operating if they stayed in the spring That’s what’s great about the game it’s just merit Wine.com raised 240 million dollars when I launched winelibrary.com with $30,000 in marketing I want Money is not scary being delusional is You like that one it’s good one was a little gangster I like that clip that d-roc It’s true though, like how many examples do you want of something super well-funded not defeating the thing that was consumer-centric Like I said, I’m not a genius. There’s 47,000 examples google it it happens every day of the week Because a lot of times, you know, I think I’ve been the worst Points of my career is when I’ve had money in the pocket I’m at my best when I don’t have it Thank you so much for your time

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