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Good day my friends, Hello! With you Vit and you on the channel Art of Conquest fulfilling the promise, I do the second part in the last part I made a comparison of BlueStacks and Nox by the way, in the group I was written that there are many virtual managers again – I did a review of the most popular and stable managers Nox-really stable and does not require a lot of resources and it’s really very smooth and neat works but Knox version 4 in the last video I shared in great detail with doubts on this subject many games require a default droid of at least 5 and in the next update, support for the game with Android 4 may stop again – I said it in the last video, but in a panic not to look for an alternative it is better to think about it in advance BlueStacks is the leader today, he has very serious support on Board – droid 7 latest version constantly update works smoothly at the moment, I honestly do not see an alternative to BlueStacks. everyone has their own opinion, I expressed my own. again, my friends – I’m not forcing anyone to drop everything and switch to BlueStacks. for example, should you have some t Andi – let yourself is, is Knox – great very good Manager, I really like him, I shared my doubts this video is for those who first put the system of virtual managers not want particularly to deal with the technical details installing BlueStacks is so easy, that it is put even a beginner, not familiar with the features of the installation and configuration of virtual machines after installation, I’ll show you how to configure BlueStacks to run even on weak systems the fact that he needs a minimum of 4GB of RAM otherwise it just won’t start first, but even if you dance with a tambourine run it on the system 2GB, it will work with difficulty for comfortable operation need a system with 4-8 GB minimum so, let’s not pull the cat’s tail, let’s go! so, under the video there are two references for Russian-speaking and English-speaking players similarly, these links are on the sites for my English-speaking friends, I specifically launched the site, though it is still filled, look, there will be a lot of interesting things links in the description below the video and for my Russian-speaking friends similarly, the same link under the video, or go to the site and just as there is a link to download press and the BlueStacks download window appears if you made a mistake with the link, you can select the language download download now, I will scroll through the video, so as not to waste time so, the installer downloaded, run all standard only, you can change the installation path, I always specify my own, you can not change

Default msi gaming app downloadonly, you can change the installation path, I always specify my own, you can not change my cat decided to arrange a Safari, sounds in the background – she jumps ))) BlueStacks installer takes 408 MB if the connection is good, it is downloaded quickly depending on your system, the installation takes a few minutes the BlueStacks window starts. it will take longer to load for the first time depending on the configuration, from half a minute to several minutes so, we are offered to choose some settings and we are asked to enter the registration data of the great and terrible Google) Enter. depending on your settings, you will receive a confirmation SMS I just got a text on my phone, and I hit Yes on my phone. and we have confirmed our identity I got a message on my phone that “you are logged in from an unknown device” all, initial settings are complete now the installer will download the game install again, ask again, the game is really big by the way, be prepared for the fact that on the computer everything happens much faster than on a mobile phone in tens times this is surprising )) well, be prepared. ) depending on the Internet connection, the download takes from a few minutes to several tens of minutes as a rule, everything is very fast the BlueStacks system message that is installed popped up.. That’s all. open and enter your game registration data showing the buttons that can be used in the game, you can configure that this window does not appear we are asked what is required from the art of Conquest, confirm Yes, allowed. this is to ensure that we could drag and drop data from Explorer directly into BlueStacks pictures, etc. authorize, it is very convenient just drag and drop, they are immediately in BlueStacks really comes in handy all, the game is installed, run now the game determines our country and language settings the game downloads a small patch please note that avalon somehow, samurai like, with a mustache, like in the game he has no mustache ))) and Mako is very small on the background of Balrog again, this is the first launch, after the first launch the download is much faster so, still patch you can see that the download is already in your native language by default, the first level is always loaded agree, now we will restore your account we started a new game, do not be afraid without wasting time-settings, General select ” link account” click ” change” select the account to which you bind if you choose Google account – we are already under it, log in automatically if we had chosen a Facebook account, we would have been asked to enter Its registration details. That’s all. Progress has been fully restored.

1 msi gaming app downloadThat’s all. Progress has been fully restored. The operation was successful So, the game we installed, it works, everything is fine. But when you first start some users may encounter unexpected difficulties. let’s review them first, the game always starts with the OpenGL engine first and on some systems it is possible that such unpleasant jerking after a while it is possible they will pass themselves game procesures and friezes disappear by themselves. the owners of integrated video cards often face similar problems if we run BlueStacks on an AMD or Nvidia video card such problems are likely to arise. and the overall performance will be higher. see how to run correctly: if the problem persists go to the BS settings engine select the directx engine generally directx is specially designed for Windows now reboot and I’ll tell you more about it. In General, choose directx for any problems the engine is fast, requires less resources to run short – directX – for speed, openGL – for quality directX is better for Windows, it has full support up to Windows 10 works quicker, but on openGL the picture is better this is especially noticeable in battles so, start directX engine, view about the kernel and memory will tell you later as you can see, everything works smartly, quickly and without freezes but on the directX engine, too, features are possible maybe it’s on my system, but on directX there are no smileys and there are large, small-no if you do not need emoticons – choose directX with this engine less problems if you still need smiles and important picture how to configure the openGL engine correctly openGL option, number of cores-even odd number of cores-problems the amount of memory-a little more than half I’ve experimented, preferably 4 cores and somewhere in the 55-60% memory RAM overloaded, as you can see-no friezes, everything is OK the picture became more juicy in General, the difference is noticeable only from a huge screen or if you are connected to TV. on a normal monitor, the difference is almost not noticeable ))) therefore, I recommend – if you do not have emoticons principal-put directX so, go to any chat there were emoticons, they are small, now explain why it depends on the dpi. again go to settings in resolution look dpi – can be put low, can be high the difference in quality you will see only on a huge screen. the difference results in the following: graphic elements (text) appear larger if we put high dpi and restart, the the text will become larger in our case, the emoticons will be bigger

msi gaming app download in our case, the emoticons will be bigger

2 msi gaming app downloadin our case, the emoticons will be bigger taking it easy, watching – 240 dpi at a glance the picture is not changed on a large monitor or TV the difference is very noticeable the picture is really very beautiful at this resolution in the chat we immediately see that bigger accordingly, the emoticons have also become more now let’s go through the rest of the settings resolution – the size of the window. for most cases, 1280*720 is enough, you need more-put more, BlueStacks perfectly “pulls” any resolution on the engine we ran beta is still in development the number of cores I said. by the way, processor developers are cunning. even today it is very difficult to find a real processor with a physical number of 8 cores I mean the computer’s processor, not BlueStacks the fact is that modern processors usually have 4 physical cores but with virtualization, they expand into 8 cores and manufacturers are not lying – we really do have in a computer with 8 cores, not physical, but logical ))) the number of cores affects the performance of the BlueStacks, to put the number more than 4 does not make sense you can try it yourself, but I will tell you in advance that you will not notice a large increase in performance 4 cores – optimal quick hide is the boss key, if you are playing from a working computer-this key combination will instantly minimize the BlueStacks window )) notifications-show pop-up messages in the Windows notification area standard parameters worth considering backup-a great feature of BlueStacks analog recovery point in Windows something done wrong – you can always recover update. update automatically and the version of the product That’s all. we look at BlueStacks in the context of the game. as I said, BlueStacks has completely given up a paid subscription he has other interesting offers now everything is logical, is comfortable enough, but this is beyond the scope of our review. we’ve set up the schedule. as you can see, everything works quite smartly and smoothly. the graphics engine works great. so, the top part we’ve covered, now the bottom strip standard reset button on the main screen you can switch between applications interesting key assignment button for our game is available approximation-removal, for other games made just a sea of settings gamepads, zooming, swipes, etc. there are a lot of possibilities of keyboard control of course awesome features BlueStacks, if you want you can consider them yourself the very first little button turns on and off the use of the keyboard we now have the delete proximity buttons available, and this button turns off the keyboard to avoid accidental pressing show hide tooltip and how big they are on all screen very useful when we watch the game on TV. positioning button you can specify where we are I know what you’re thinking. ))) let’s set the location like this:

3 msi gaming app downloadlet’s set the location like this: and we will receive all the bonuses due no way ))) shake button. by the way, write in the comments why it is generally needed ))) I can not understand ) and especially for those who watched this video to the end exclusive information. she’s not online yet. all information on copying images to and from BlueStacks 4 on the Internet is very outdated it’s mostly for threes. and sites as usual copy it from each other ) this is a screenshot button, very convenient by the way one click you have a screenshot on your computer really convenient this is how to take a screenshot information on how to upload a picture in game and out of it for example, we have a picture and need to throw it into the game just drag it to the area of the BlueStacks window and it will appear here: by the way, no need to download any conductors, as advised on the Internet ))) ES-Explorer is very convenient, but it is not necessary for copying and pasting since I have it, look, the inserted picture is right here.: images, shared folders. and for those who want to see the full path: mount, sdcard, device sharing folders this is the full path where the data is copied for those who do not want to go into such details, there is a way much easier as you can see, I close the Windows with a cross like in a normal Windows it is really convenient ) go to the main screen and at the bottom there are buttons: application center, bluestacks achievements, by the way take a look as there will be time there many interesting things but we are interested in the last button press the last button and we are interested in the media Manager here they are all our images it’s a lot easier, isn’t it? the imported files we dragged and dropped can all be viewed here both in the gallery and separately you can directly copy files from the outside – select the path and copy and they’ve already been copied. similarly, you can copy images and files back to Windows from BlueStacks let’s say we have a picture of something. save and look: the picture appeared in the gallery choose it send to Windows. choose the path where to copy That’s all. we will receive a message that the file is copied check. voila, the picture is really in the Windows agree, it is very convenient. no need for third-party programs, everything is already inside BlueStacks again, this information is nowhere, you are the first to know about it, use your pleasure))) as you can see, working with BlueStacks is really a pleasure everything is simple, clearly. and let’s go over the settings: BlueStacks has full keyboard support, no need to configure anything languages already installed and configured there is already a built-in browser, you do not need to install anything the standard kit is already present on Board. If you need something more serious-you can always open the play store and install from there Something like that ))) Thanks for watching. I hope the information was useful to you Thank you for being with me. Subscribe, put likes I’m going to be very pleased. All the best, goodbye! during recording… ow! cat!!! (the cat came to caress me and scratched me with his claws ))) )

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