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Download movie subtitles orLoad it directly from urlon HD Movie in 150MB, 350MB-720p, 400 BCNagaDutta : Vishnugupta, what is dharma? Vishnugupta Chankya : Dharma is doing what is necessary Today Yo Chittu, you continue.. Chittu: It’s a simple matter Say you are in a train.. And you see a nice lady with a kid You start the conversation by playing with the kid Where ever you start, it’s always gonna end in 2 topics Politics and cinema You start with “What is the last film you saw?” Now, you ask the most important question ‘You like Rajinikant or Kamal Hasan?’ Machi, that’s the main matter. That’s how I had gotten haid with many ladies… If they like Rajini, let them be But if the like Kamal…then she is a horny one.. an easy lay! We can easily work those flirts Why is that? Kamal looks sexy to them Simple technique.. works with unknown woman.Make her cry somehow…. Console her … screw her! Hey Sappa ( looser) ! Looser.. why are you so Sappa (Looser) ? Have you done anything in life? Look at our Ayya! Even at his age, he keeps up with an young girl The old man doesn’t trust us with her But he trusts you Why? Because you are a sappa (Looser) Pasupathy: Hey Sappa, go buy me a tea I bought it already OK, buy one more Hey You stay here A mule has come from Rameswaram – What is it? Powdered cocaine Market rate is ₹20,000,000 He is willing to sell for ₹5,000,000 – Why? – His sister loves me? It’s not his He is just a mule He is not happy with his cut So he want to sell it for ₹5,000,000 and settle in life – Whose is it? Gajendran’s – He will fuck our shit out Let him Hey Pashupati ! Hey, he will try.. But we are also not gonna be quiet We can manage If the stuff is in our hands .. then we can control the business for some time We can go back to what we were…

Default new erotic games downloadWe can go back to what we were… Risky Its a …. good deal Hah ! Why? Are you a limp dick now? Grandpa has gone limp Can I speak my mind? Lend me ₹5,000,000, I will take care of the business The risk is all mine. Now on, I will take over such risky businesses We will split the profits 50-50 What do you think? We do the deal tomorrow… (yes) Hey.. – call the Marwari Seth – He will give a ‘five millions’ – Go fetch it – You first check the stuff – We will think about percentage later – Pasupathy Go – I am no limp dick – Still got it Go Mayilvaganam Sir, we are here Who’s doing this business? Ayya or you? No clue….. That is Ayya’s style Chittu: You kept running your mouth We shit our pants, didn’t know what to do there ‘you didn’t know what to do’? Do as Ayya tells you to! You do work for him.. Bark if you dress up as a dog (on phone)Yeah, tell me Kasthuri! I am coming I am on a job Pasupathy, what’s with all the crowd? ♪ (Ponmeni uruguthey from Moondram Pirai)♪ Isn’t it a good song? I love this vamp (Actress Silk Smitha) with a golden heart ! Poor girl! Untimely death. Why did she hang her ? (Pasupathy) Sir, where is the stuff? They told me that cocaine has arrived. The place…It’s some name…. …It’s in the tip of my tongue. But it’s not coming out of me yet…. Do you know why? Bava lodge Are you gonna snatch it? Don’t know Sir, can you keep this quiet? Don’t know Chittu: Pasupathy, I thought he was Gajendran’s man? Hay ! You think he is a thug? He is a police sub-inspector If there is money, he will work for anyone What is he saying about me? Nothing bad, you carry on boss Do you realize whose stuff it is? Sir, A good drink is never without a stink.

1 new erotic games downloadSir, A good drink is never without a stink. hay You know about Gajendran, don’t you? He is a Son of Bitch. Better watch your ass. Gagendra Gajendra..What’s all this fuss about Gajendran? Master, 5 teas! Let me tell you a story 15 years back.. Gajendran and Gajapathy were peaking in their import/export business There was this guy, related to them…. Brother-in-law? A distant brother-in-law He was working as a mule for them In a deal… …instead of 10 pieces only 8 showed up Gajendran had a big doubt on the mule He brought mule’s whole family… – … and kicked the piss out- His own brother-in-law? ha, that’s mean shit Right in front his family… … broke his fucking face Then he poured boiling oil on him.. …the skin started peeling off His kids are crying out loud now His wife is hysterical After all that, he still sticks to his story Now comes the plot twist A call comes in.. …for Gajendran ‘Boss, the stuff is all alright’ ‘It was a packing mistake..’ ‘The Mule’s hands are clean’ …and the call ended. The beaten up mule is now staring at Gajendran Gajendran slowly took out a knife out of his pocket.. …and sliced open mule’s throat The blood gushed out like flush water Mule was dead Why he did that? ‘After all this torture today…’ ‘…if he gets a chance tomorrow…’ ‘…and the knife turns around…’ ‘..that’s why!’ Now brother Gajapathy goes to the wife… ‘It was a unknowing mistake..’ ‘.. was just a business misunderstanding’ ‘So, don’t bring it up ever’ He even apologized to her Now Gajendran walks to the wife … …takes her hand like he is consoling her.. ..and says ‘Don’t let anyone know’… ..takes her hand to his mouth.. …and bites the fucking thumb off her hand. ‘She agreed not to say a word’ ‘Then, why did you bite the finger?’ … asks Gajapathy ‘After she speaks, it’s no use in chopping fingers ‘ That’s Gajendran The girl never came back in town after

new erotic games download The girl never came back in town after

2 new erotic games downloadThe girl never came back in town after Just with his teeth? I have heard a story about a vanishing ghost hitchhiker Ask if they have seen it, they will reply ‘no’ But his acquaintance’s acquaintance had seen it This is just a built up legend …and you fell for it You only look smart.. ..but you are dumb ass Bava Lodge Mule: That’s all Kalaiya. I bring the goods Deliver and get ₹10,000 for that After that, for 2 months.. ..drinks and cuties Bring the goods again Deliver Drinks and cuties You can’t believe me? See this (Kalaiyan) The cutie is not that cute …but she still makes me jealous of you… you are my hero. No! I am afraid If you get caught, you are a jelly….gone So, I have decided.. I am not giving it this time Instead I am giving it to these guys They have tricked by throwing just 10,000 at me I didn’t know about it’s worth Or How much you get here? 15,000? 20,000? That much? What is in here? Like X-ray goggles? Can we see everything through the clothes? hmm, you will see nothing All lights are out You will feel nothing It’s white man’s snuff – heavy I am settled for life with this WoW! A drink to that, lets celebrate… One for me? oh this is mine (Kodukkapuli) Haven’t moved it’s lazy ass…Chi ! Hey Kalaiya Why is Kodukkapuli pissed? Is he yelling at the cock or me? I have the same question Hey Kodukkapuli Feed the cock it will be hungry now Mind your fucking business He is a funny talker Funny talker A kid is cursing at you, do you have no shame? What’s the shame in it? He is my son.. my own blood My son Kodukkapuli… Curse a few swear words at your dad He won’t curse now, that’s the technique

3 new erotic games downloadHe won’t curse now, that’s the technique He is just like his mom Fair skinned , wavy hair… .. and a proud person I gambled away all my fortunes.. .. that’s why he is angry Aaaaa ! No, I may not look that way I am from a Zamindar(aristocrat) family Someone just bought my palace to make it a hotel Idiots I lost everything At last, I opened a small store I gave away the goods on credit When I went asking for money.. They replied, ‘How can an aristocrat ask money?’ I couldn’t insist on returning the money… ….from those poor peasants But I couldn’t leave it at that Then, I borrowed ₹2,000 to buy more goods… .. but it was some kind of rocket interest loan The lender is now asking for ₹5,000 to payoff Now, threatening too Where do I go for that much money? That’s why, we brought the cock here Now, after Kaattu Munieswaran, he is our family deity This Kaalayan’s last treasure After he wins today, I am going to settle all debts … and save my family Come here my golden goose (Kudukkapulli) Chi, Don’t touch my rooster. It’s actually his rooster To me, he is my son. For him, the rooster is his son If it were mine, I would have sold and gotten drunk Kaalaya, whom did you borrow the money from? From Varaagamoorthy That asshole? If he doesn’t get back the money… … he sells their wives and kids for prostitution Aai ! So, it is for real?.. it is for real? Does it really happen? I didn’t listen to anyone’s advice back home You came from nowhere and you know what he does I had no clue Everything is lost Drink up, all will be well Drink, don’t worry You don’t think it will happen? Don’t worry You! who talks like that? Act like a grown man OK, stop drinking. Listen to the grown up there.. you moron Your son is angry He is annoyd I am proud I have a room I am leaving Kodukkapuli, I will see you later Bye Kaalaya So wasted ….. so wasted ….. so wasted Get up … quick Fighting is unethical.. Getting late for the fight Pa ! Wake up! Shut up and move…. Lift your hand. The other one Turn around Say Aaaa – Please take him to his room- OK – Please go- OK Vanakkam Ayya Ayya, there’s 5 in here ♪ (RJ talking on radio) ♪ ♪ (Oru naalukkul ethanai kanavu) ♪ Hey Sappa! (Looser) The dumb whore Subbu is crying upstairs Buy whatever she needs Take her wherever she asks you to Keep this money Ask her not to cry A look on her face, and I go limp… (TV playing) (Disney Channel playing ‘Power Rangers’) Hey Subbu! look here.. Magic Magic… Don’t feel bad that he hit you. He is a good man A good man? I am young enough to be his grand kid He tricked me to be his mistress And you call him good man? Earlier he couldn’t do it.. ….to hide that he beat me And you call him good? You were upset… ..was trying to console you Subbu: Piss off fool…….. Sorry That’s why I am ‘Sappa’ (fool) and no one likes me But I really like you Why? Because you are like me… Don’t cry………..don’t cry……..don’t cry – You need some talent for that- (on phone) I am in Madras now If I walk on the streets… I can get both the girl and her mom (on phone) Don’t fuss. I will come home for dinner. I will come home at night Let me tell you something I have seduced many ladies But there is one, I want to screw really… … our Subbu (on phone) Hey wear that red sari Why are you looking at me like that? Don’t you have that idea? Will you kick her off the bed? Well, he is a loyal husband. You don’t wish that? Everyone staring as if I am a pervert. She is a poor girl! I am also thinking about her with love and affection. I do really like her Ayya tricked her by promising she will be a movie star I have liked her since then Hey ! Pardon me you high Sirs. (on phone) OK stop talking and cut the phone Anna(bro), is it new girl friend? No, boy friend …. dick head oh, he is pissed. Let me see your phone What is this shit phone- fossils ..? There are way better phones now Colour phone, video phone speaker phone,… Why do you have it? – Why do I need that?- Why? In a video phone, you can watch actress showering What can you see in that tiny screen? Give it back Ok, atleast a color or speaker phone is bare necessacity? Why do you need a speaker? Are you deaf? Enlighten him! Look at our Chittu When ladies speak to him, we listen to it on speaker Some say- You are super…. ‘You are the best, my husband is nothing’…. Don’t they know it’s on speaker? The ones falling for him? They all have to be dumb Don’t talk bad about them, Pasupathy It’s not about being dumb or sharp. It’s technology Let me put this call on speaker.. If they don’t find it out… You have insulted me and my herem.. … you are buying beer for all of us Why beer for everyone? You insulted me before them, so you should….. Sir, Sir, please get the phone They wouldn’t mind, lets bet on it Ok Dude! beer for all… Shhh. It’s Ayya – Yeah, what’s up?- (male voice) Are you busy? No, I am not (Ayya) Why didn’t you answer, nasty cunt? It was in my pocket so it took a while Where are the goods? Baba Lodge Have you gone past the police checkpost? Not yet OK, kill Pasupathy before the checkpost Aren’t we all friends? Then, why the cunt-hair you tooled up? if you are a dog… you bark .. A dog can also wag his tail… Chitoo ! Hide the tools Fuck ! Play some song. You – knife to his side Be relaxed but vigilant ♪ (Kaattu Vazhi Pora Ponne – Malaiyor Mambattiyan) ♪ Licence ? – Where to?- Pondichery – Have you been drinking?- Sir, we haven’t gone to Pondy yet Go Go – Hey asshole, what if we are drunk?- What did you say? – You can’t stick up your finger if you want to- What did you say? Get down – I am asking you cuntcopper- Hey, keep quiet! Pasupathi shut up ! Hey, leave me. Lets see what he can do Asshole Get down.. Get down Sir, he is Rainman type. We are taking him for treatment. Hey, you leave.. …grab him too. Grab him I have a political clout! You can’t do a shit… I am Ayya’s man One slap and he will forget that he is a cop.. Sir, he is mad.. please forgive him.. Hay ! Tell Ayya that ‘No one can do shit to Pasupathy’ You don’t worry Pasupathy… ..we will pick up Kasturi from your home Sir Sir Sir …. please sir…. please si….I was wrong Sir…. Please let me go… Please!…Please let me go… Please! Asshole ! Where were these “Sirs” few minutes back? Stop staring (Prayers to Kaattu Muneswaran) Gods of the sky…Gods of the forests…Gods of the Rain……. bless us………….. Bless us ……………………….. Slutty cunt! Lazy bitch… Stab him, don’t leave him alone… you whore Don’t run away bitch…fight…don’t give in…Fight fight My royal pride is being fucked. Fight bitch! Who is that joker? Shut up… you are not the one who is fighting ….. Keep silence Whoring slut, go fight…Shit eating whore Donkey piss drinking cock, continue fighting Showed up with his shinning armor and sword See my cock growling.. its ok, you only lost to kaalayan’s rooster..its ok… get lost See the arrogance of the man… despite looser, I told you so! You assholes laughed at me Hide your face up your ass. Eat my shit.. (on phone) What the fuck happened? Don’t feel bad. Pashpati has escaped. You can say you lost to Kaalaiyan’s cock, they will get it oH oH ! Old man’s cock has gone down! Oh! Old Cock….. limp cock— Oh dead cock ….. oh oh limp cock……….. oh oh Old cock………………….. Old cock! It’s an old cock! How he escaped? Hey ! how can you? how can you? Pa…(Dad) He will have to return to save Kasthuri Where is Kasturi ? With me.. Don’t bring her home. He will come there first.. Because that’s where he will check first Top off your tank and keep driving around the city Don’t stop anywhere for long It will raise suspision Hey ! Don’t answer the phone unless I call Let Pasupathy come, I will wait Ok – Is Kasthuri any trouble?- No Then don’t give her any trouble either Go home Hey.. Go home Subbu! Do you like Rajini or Kamal? Why? Are you trying to seduce me? Everything has happened already, so answer me Kamal or Rajini? You tell me Kamal, he is the king of love! He french kisses all actresses In the movie ‘Hey Ram’, ….. …. he bites both actresses’ asses – But I like Vijayakanth- Why? He is the one who always saves India from Pakistan He gets justice no matter who does wrong If a lady is in danger, he will risk a big fight OK. Can you choose between Rajini and Kamal? Kamal Hey, aren’t you lying for me? So, Rajini? – Why?- Because he is Rajini – Which is your favorite movie?- Baashha kya ? We all would think that he was a common person… … but Rajini was Baashaa, the don Just like me! Everyone thinks I am a ‘Sappa’… …only you know the real me (whispers) Is it Ayya? I didn’t think I will ever see you alive Get lost…. ass….cunt waxer – hey, why are you cursing me?- I asked you to shut your foul mouth – What did I do?- Why did you touch my chicken? After we won, what’s the need for that victory song? He killed him, because he was pissed at you I swear on you, I did nothing. You saw it didn’t you? It hurts oh my child, why are you crying? We lost….. lost it…… lost everything Someone is going to sell our poor mom and sister They are so innocent No. None of that will happen Our Kattumuni god wouldn’t let that happen Your dad is here! You are a wastrel loser I can’t bear if you too call me that Dad, hold this. Let us leave now – Did you steal this?- No – Then? Did he give it to you?- No, I took it – Hey, that’s wrong- In our situation, nothing is wrong Hey ! He was planning to settle down with this I am begging you, lets leave He bought us liquor, he is like a god – We shouldn’t betray him- Leave me!! Dad, don’t go. You will get caught Retard Hey ! Why did you kill him? No, he is sleeping He is not breathing. He is dead. – You stealer, you must have killed him!- I didn’t. He kept on drinking with you, you killed him! – I didn’t kill him- Then, why will I kill him? Came here….showed compassion… He drank… smoked… Left us in a jiffy. I can’t understand Dad, I can understand What do you understand? In our village…. …when our lost cow, came back what did gradma say? ‘Our god Kattumuni brought it back’ This is given to us by Kattumuni He couldn’t bear our suffering… … he came through someone’s body… gave the goods…the details…and left Have we seen this guy before? Then why did he show up and give us this? You still don’t believe it? See what we have offered Oh, that is Kattumuni Lets go, religious rioter! Why are you in a hurry? Nah.. God is with us From today, all debts are gone. Worries gone. Ache gone. Agony gone. Misery gone. Go..Go…Go.. Brother, it’s not here. Go check again I searched well The deal we heard about with Pasupathy, must be true If you were alive now…. I would have killed you Hello Hello Hello What the fuck ? Fucker not talking.. fucking fuck? Hello hello It has been a long time Singapermal! Why did you steal my drugs? Whose drugs are those? Reply It’s mine Whose mule brought it? He is mine too But I heard Pasupathy is going to steal it I will not take it.. Got it ? Pasupathi took it ? Correct.. Is it Pashupathy’s number ? No Sorry wrong number Motherfucker Told you Gajapathy: Hey! Do you think I am a dumb fuck – who will suck my own dick ? I will kill you all … you don’t know me Hey Gajapathi. Do you know its value ? Fuckers I will massacre you all.. Everyone knows about your brother Gajendran’s reputation Doesn’t make a fucking difference if he took or you did I did’nt take it.. Pasupathi took it.. Hey! you fucking with me? How does it matter who took it?He is your guy.. Was my man…..Not anymore.. Ok Ok .. I will kill him Go ahead.. be a man.. I will buy you a lolipop. Hey ! This is Mullu’s area, right? Ask him to kill Pasupathi. He has got the cocaine. Then let him grab the cocaine before killing him. But Mullu is not reliable.. I know. Just get the Pasupathi killed. Go Singapermal ! If the two of you are conning me,or even if I get a doubt that you are, I will fuck you all.. Hey Gajapathi ! you know about me.. Trust me… If not, then come over… we will sort it out like man Gajendra does’nt have the stuff… Nor does Pasupathi.. Ask our men to search the lodge… Sir.. It should be at the lodge… bring it to me By then, Gajendran would have killed Pasupathy Killing 3 birds with one stone Drugs in our hands… one bird Yes Gajendran killing Pasupathy… second bird…………Hun What’s the third bird? That is You dumb ass Go.. Do your work… Did you see? Your buddies came and picked her up When? It has been a while Son of a whore! what’s with the swearing? I genuinely asked something… …first you tried to kill me Now, you have taken Kasthuri You shouldn’t have done that… Singaperumal Eat all you can .. ..drink.. Motherfucker…. your mom’s… this is your last day …firstly, try to save your own ass You are fucked up ! Mullu Where’s the stuff? Hey ! I am dealing with a different problem Where’s the stuff? Hey ! I don’t know – I am talking here… why did you do that?- He doesn’t understand reason… kill him – Don’t give me orders, do as I say- Just give me a spanner… Kasthuri is in danger.. Singaperumal is trying to kill me Gajendran’s men are chasing to get me Gajendran is pissed off….. Tension… tension… tension… Relax Bachhaaaaaaa !!!!! Buddha had Bodhi tree… To a gangster… it’s the chase……….Nirvana! The fear of being killed by whom and when is no more Because, he is going to kill… … and he is killing me now…. NOW Now, I am not running alone …my death is running along After meeting death face to face.. ..I have no confusion Fuck… My mind is all clear If they took Kasthuri, to make me go there…. … she will be alive till I get there. For now, Kasthuri is safe Till they get the drugs, they won’t kill me …. till then I am safe as well Next problem – Singaperumal He is a heavy weight I can’t do anything alone Enemy’s enemy is a friend Ayya taught me that Gajendran is Ayya’s enemy He is a heavy weight too But his son-of-the-whore are chasing me Think. Think. Think. In a day, when friends become enemies… What does an enemy become? Shoot me or leave me Ae..Why did you buy me a samosa? he..he.. Because I love you What! Always?…playing games,, What is this? ♪ (Super Mario Bros. music) ♪ what if we go to a different world………………Just like in the game…. … No Ayya to trouble us… When you were playing it, that’s what I was thinking We don’t have to go that far..lets go to Bombay Oh yeah. Ayya does’nt mean shit there Dawood Bhai is the big shot there After we reach Bombay, we buy a 30th floor apartment where we can see the whole city Also a car… a red one But I will drive Subbu, can you drive a car ? No But I will learn But, we will need money for all that …we got none I will become a day laborer to make a living No need. we will survive No. If we go Bombay, we should be rich and live in luxury… May be I will become a Hindi cinema heroine… … you become my manager No need Hey ! I know. You are jealous now? You don’t want any other men to touch me Idiot, what if Ayya recognizes your face from the poster Correct It will be good to have money.. Where do we go for money, if not for stealing? Hey ! Don’t tell me that we will steal! We shouldn’t take money away from those in need But….. if we steal like the movie ‘Gentleman’? And rob the wicked? The only evil rich man we know is Ayya What if we steal from Ayya? ♪ (Jai Ho from Slumdog Millionaire) ♪ Hey Kodukkapuli… In our whole village… Even in our whole community… I am the only one who drank with our family deity If I say this… no one will believe it Don’t say shit, everyone will laugh out of their asses Right! You are right The whole world is like this.. …always laughing at the poor Lets say there is a rich man… He gets off a luxury car His dhoti slips off…. What will people say? ‘Oh no… the good man’s dhoti has fallen down’ But if dhoti slips for people like us… they will say ‘Motherfucker, he can’t even tie a dhoti’ Money is very important, Kodukkapuli Then, why the fuck did you gamble it away? I was deceived Everyone tricked me yeah, you are always like this Not any more We can earn back all that money in one phone call Isn’t it? What is it? – Phone number is in the room dumbass- Stop, I am coming too Where is it dad? We were talking right here He also spoke about his ‘cutie’, remember? Is it not here? did we lose it? All is lost! I knew it! Luck and us? – Kodukkapuli – Search you ass Why? One can oil the body and roll on the sand …and you get only sand in return The astrologer was right back then… ..’you will lose everything you have’ ..’you won’t get anything … not a penney either’ Shut your hole and search Hey ! I shouldn’t tell you this So many women lined up to marry me Instead, I married your mom, why? Fate Nothing good everhappens to me. hey, move It won’t happen. I am a loser. Is this it? We found it? I knew it. I knew it You can get a thing, only if you keep repeating that you won’t Hello! Is it him? They were searching for you It’s you? Where is the powder? Fucking whore! I don’t like this town. In morning, they killed the cock Now, they are trying to kill us No respect for aristocrats here How much to ask? What do you think?It should be a bailout amount.. Let us ask ₹100,000 Fuck your father! That money won’t stick Why do you want to steal from others? Greedy fellow…You are like your mom How much is our debt? 5000 2000 for the cock Another 1000 for stay and travel Let us ask for 8000 Are you really an idiot or just act like one? Hello, this is Kalaiyaan speaking. The stiff is with me. Which stuff? Whiteman’s snuff. Bava lodge. Haa I am by the broken clock tower. But I got no time. Hurry up. Haa ? Green dhoti. Sandal shirt. Blood all over it. A towel You? Red Maruti car? Bring 200,000 with you Ok Ok Ok Haa Hello Don’t forget to bring two lakhs…………….No mention.. What do you think now? Impressed ? I am unmarried I love tender coconut… Sweet … Sweet…. Hey Jokers, he is by the broken clock tower….. go.. But you have to accept a fact, Kodukkapuli Your dad is smarter than my dad……ha. Hey Kodukkapuli We don’t know if these folks are good or bad What if they beat us and steal the stuff? Oh yeah. You are smart for real. Ha You don’t know a lot about your dad Can you give me the bag? Let me go hide this bag If they show up, sternly say it to them.. ‘Show the money, have the honey’ Kodukkapuli, where are you hiding it? – I won’t tell. You are a blabber mouth- All of him is poison. (lovingly) Shit! The chasers at the lodge are in the Maruti car (approaching car) Dad! Pa …. Pa.. Pa My silver pistol is missing Did you take it?(Maruti van door opening) No (Van door locking)I swear, I don’t know Him? Small world…….. Hello sir… (someone answering a phone call) Tell me sir… Do you know English? No.. No.. Aah.. I got a call that Pasupathy escaped from Mullu If my guess is right… Pasupathy will join Gajendran to cause trouble If not, he will pull his loyal men to create a new gang I have to ruin it somehow Call Sub-Inspector Mayilvahanan We have to “leak information” to Gajendran That bitch won’t believe, if it came directly from us ‘Enemy’s enemy is a friend’ .. it is Ayya’s mantra If my guess is right…. Sir, I have to meet Mullu at your police station? Can you arrange that? Hey, he won’t show up Why will Gajendran’s man agree to meet Ayya’s man? Tell him it’s Pasupathy, he will show up today – ₹ 2000 – I will pay in the evening Will you be alive till then? Ha… Ha …. Ha.. Ha Hey Gajendran, how much cash do you got at hand? – What the cunt-hair for?- I have some good information for you Clairvoyance, anyone.. May I palm read your future ? I can read the past and the future I think you don’t believe me…swami Swami ! Think of 2 flowers, let me read your palm only if I get them right.. Have you picked them? swami ? Swami, There are flowers of different kind, color, smell There is Lily, Lotus, Chrysanthemum and more But they are not what you picked…swami They are not daisy, water lily, chrysanthemum or ghanera …. swami You thought of a white colored flower And one in pink color The two flowers you picked are… Jasmine and Rose Correct, Sir? No……..No……… Swamy ! What are those two flowers you had picked? Andy Flower and Grant Flower – What is this shit?- I told you earlier but no one believed – He shot at me. But at blank point, he let Mullu live- I am done with this shit Gajapathy, this is the station. Can’t kill anyone here We saw them meet secretly. Let us hear what Mullu has to say – Mullu, why are you late?- It got late Where? At the police station? – What did you talk about?- We spoke nothing – How much did he offer?- We didn’t speak shit – Why not?- Because he is a dumb cunt He had a chance to kill you, why didn’t he? I am asking you I told you. Can’t you understand the first time? Are you that stupid? He is paying the cop to meet you. Yet he said nothing? Because he is a dumb cunt He took your gun.. had it on your head… Yet he shot at someone far away and not you? Because he is a dumb cunt Mullu… ..if I believe it, I am the dumb cunt Do you think this is wrong? Subbu, worm is eaten by fish, fish is eaten by man. It’s life! When you put it that way Can we do it right? Let me repeat our plan. See if it is good When we go home, Ayya will be in a afternoon nap Key will be under his pillow. We will take the safe key out and get the bag Lock it and leave the keys in the same spot Subbu! That’s your only responsibility I will leave the bag at the corner shop .. and tell him that ‘We will get the bag later’ When Ayya wakes up, ask him that you want to see a movie. Ayya wouldn’t let you alone, so he will send me along We will leave as if we are going to movies … – … grab the bag and escape!- Escape! Movie is 3 hours. To and fro is 2 hours. For 5 hours, Singaperumal won’t look for us By then, we would be in Andra – That’s all- easy easy Watch out Subbu, you know nothing You are safe, because I was here But you are always going to be with me Subbu ! Did you notice that I called Ayya as ‘Singaperumal’? Fear is still there, but braveness has come (Kaalaiyan crying in pain) I really don’t know Where? My son has hid it somewhere Where is your son? Where is your son? Where is he now? Wherever you caught me… ..he is somewhere near by I don’t know where he is now Hey ! Let him go Ah! This morning, you killed my fighting cock I didn’t take it personally You didn’t care I am an Aristocrat You beat me up….. Haa I didn’t take it personally either But let us stop everything here, OK? ok ? We can stop But you are not telling me the truth But I told everything I know (Kaalaiyan crying out in pain) I am really scared Subbu What if we mess it up? Let’s drop all of it Let us not see each other or talk You are alive, that’s enough for me Don’t want any of these plans – Why Subbu?- Listen to me, no! If Ayya once…. just once… …suspects a little bit I don’t care what happens to me, but you… What were we thinking? Who is he? He controls the whole city We are just some idiots…. fools Subbu ! Let’s not do this plan, please Why Subbu? Because I really love you a lot.. Sorry ! Sorry for everything… hug me one last time………please But I don’t like being here Let us take a risk Let’s escape ……… Why? Because I love you too Scream of pain…… Whore! Beat me now Beat me I got my son.. he will destroy you He is smart.. he will destroy you …. What the fuck is this shit? We can’t do anything for sometime Is it our stuff? Look at this village idiot’s valor 10,000 lost on fucking nothing Now, where to search for his son? Why did you take my dad? We told we were returning the powder Wrong number Hey yellow shirt, the call is for you Hello ? – Hey ! Which powder are you talking about?- The one in Bava Lodge – Where is that powder?- It is with me – Where are you?- Let go of my dad, I will tell you – I don’t have your dad – He spoke to you on phone – To me? This number?- Hmm Do you have another number? Should I call them? Listen .. Listen … Listen………..don’t…don’t.. Don’t call them. If you do… …they will take you too Give the stuff to me, I will save your dad How do I trust you? Ok… Whoever took your dad, took my wife too Give the stuff to me…I will save your dad You couldn’t keep your wife safe… are you going to save my dad? Hell with you, then call them. They will take you too. Do you have any other option? That’s why you are calling this number. I will save him, not for you or your dad ..because I want my wife back..that’s why Don’t call them Will you? I won’t OK. Come to AK mills at 5 Do you know where it is? It is near by, ask around My name is Pasupathy I am Kodukkapuli What’s with the on-time payments? What did you speak with Mullu? It’s way more than I want Sir, I need another help, keep it as advance I am listening The stuff everyone’s looking for… I have it Haa ? I am ready to return it to Ayya.. …instead Kasthuri and a man called ‘Kaalaiyan’ ..ask for their release Sir, I won’t cause him trouble, neither should he Only you can talk and make him compromise Why don’t you speak? Ask me to beat up 4, I can… …I can’t think and speak I said something this morning and it has gone this far Sir, I know you can make it happen Ok, give me your phone Use your phone, I will pay for it Why are you talking like that? Haa .. Hey ! At 5:30, Pasupathy will bring the stuff to AK mills… Go take it What? I am thinking What are you thinking? ‘Thinking-ka-baal’ As in, what do with Pasupathy? Kiss and make out with him Go kill him. Leave! Hey ! At least this time, do the job right! And don’t bring his mom or gradmom this time I don’t want them Go, do it! ♪ (Vaa vaa pakkam vaa from Thanga Magan) ♪ Hey ! Call me if Marwari seth comes. I Have to return the cash… Its good to get the stuff …. and don’t pay for it…. He is awake, how do we do that? The money will be gone when Marwari seth comes by. Before Ayya finishes showering… …can you drop off the bag at the shop? Please we won’t get another chance Hey Subbu, pick up the phone bitch.. Hello…… Hello…. Who? Got disconnected Beautiful Wonderful Marvelous – Sure its OK?- Take it out That’s it! Hurry up What if Ayya asks about me? OK. I will make an excuse Wait a minute I am scared – Why do we need that?- Just in case. Keep it Be careful..Keep an eye out. Bye..bye.. Why are you late? Where is the powder? Where is my dad? I told you I will get him. Go fetch it. Go! Hey ! I told you. Go get it. Show my dad, only then I will give it. Is your dad with me? Haa ? Listen. Give me powder. I will exchange that for your dad. Go Then why will I give it to you? I will give it to them Hay … Hay… Hay… You little prick. Fucking my patience.. I will kill you. Why can’t you understand? Go.. I am gonna trust you. Don’t betray me – Hey ! You stay here – I will come with you – Where is my dad?- These guys are different If you think I am a little boy, I will cut you upIf I don’t get my dad, I will murder you. If I don’t get my dad,I will murder you. Give the bag, I will take care I will get your dad, like I told you Stay here Gajendran A lot have gone wrong between us I will return the goods back to you. Lets not fight Gajapathy, you get this I will explain the problem, you will understand – Gajapathy- First, I will check the goods. We can cut him after I wanted to do quick business, but I messed it up. Sorry! Do you ever think before acting? Dumb cunt Gajapathy There is thin line between Idiot and genius.. .. I am crossing that line now I pissed off Ayya But he is a heavy weight I can do anything against him alone I need another heavy weight for that Gajendran is a heavy weight, but.. ..he was pissed off too If Gajendran gets psychotic mad, he will annihilate But he doesn’t get angry like Gajapathy I will have to mess with him… to make him do what I need Think. Think. Think. My first step – Mullu Why am I here, if you are not talking? Dumb cunt! That triggered Gajendran. Now he is angry But not angry enough… Step 2 – To get Gajendran and Gajapathy with the gang … to a place of my choosing can make it happen.. Hello Gajendran If he said 5:30, we should be there early..before Ayya’s men My last step – Gajapathy Now… Gajendran is maniac mad Anger is blinding his eyes Why I tried so hard to make Gajendran…… so mad at me ? WHY? For this! Brother, they are here Singaperumal, you son of a whore Kill them all Pasupathy and Singaperumal have been playing me Why did I was certain that they will end up fighting? Enemy’s enemy is a friend. True… But more importantly… …they both are still enemies Hey Subbu… Who was on the phone? Haa ! (kitchen utensils clanging) Subbu Subbu… Sappa… Subbu Subbu Where is the bag? Where is Sappa? Where is Suppa? I don’t know Hay Hay! Sappa escaped with the bag full of money…. go.. Go. Catch him. Kill him.. Hay ! Sappa ran with the money, find him! Go …..Go………Go.. Where did you go? Madam asked to buy fruits Where is the money? Where is the bag? Sappa bitch! Tell me Where is the bag? Are you looking for this? You are trying to kill me? What you feared is true, Subbu… Did you mess it up Subbu? No, I didn’t Make her cry somehow…. ..Console her ……and then screw her! What if we steal from our Ayya? I am scared Subbu If we mess it up? Lets drop all plans – Lets risk it Subbu- Why? Because I love you too Just in case. Keep it Hey! Sobbu.. Everyone thinks he is a looser..But actually he is the real Don ! Fucking Joker ! Sappa shot Ayya? So you killed Sappa for that? You have suffered a lot here.. I will take care. Leave Ayya, tell me This is not Ayya….Pasupathy Singaperumal tried to kill me Now, he is not alive I killed Gajendran Killed Gajapathy Nagaraj is out of picture too Now on, it’s just me I know you did this for Ayya I am not angry at you But, Kasthuri needs to be here… now Take him to the hospital – Do you love your dad so much?- Not like that But he is my dad Had any problem? What happened to the money? Sappa hid it somewhere .. That dog is dead now Thank you so much – How is Ayya doing?- He is very good Someone who will listen to me Someone to blame for the money I needed an Idiot for that He was Sappa Poor looser? Not really.. he is innocent Just like he said… ‘Worm, fish, man…life is like that’ As far as I am concerned, Sappa is just another man… All men are sappa (Looser) too The best thing about being woman is … its a man’s world. Watch out Subbu, you know nothing You are safe, because I was here Idiot NagaDutta : Vishnugupta, what is dharma? Vishnugupta Chankya : Dharma is doing what is necessary Download movie subtitles orLoad it directly from urlon

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