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It’s getting late, pleasedrive faster, it’s even getting dark. If I drive faster than this,we will straight go to heaven. It’s difficult to drive. You get down. My husband will get suspicious,if I don’t reach by 7. Doesn’t your husband have any otherwork? You always want to go home. So won’t we go? Yes we will. Don’t harass me. – Come in.- No I won’t. – We will see later.- No, I am sacred. – Where are you taking me?- I will tell you. This looks like an old haunted house. This must be disputed property of somefamily, must be their internal matter. This place is safe for us. Shiva. Shiva. There is nobody here. Come in Don’t worry. I am here. I am scared. Why are you getting scared? Come. The rain has stopped. So what. Leave me. – Once for the last time.- Not now. It seems there is someone there. It’s a cat. Shiva. Shiva. Shiva. Shiva. Jeeva. Jeeva. You had to goto meet the producer today. You are still sleeping.Get up. Quickly get up. We are getting late, let’s go.Have to reach before it becomes dark. I don’t come often. Won’t you come to meet me?Grandfather. You are the one whowill give fire to my pyre. You are my eldest grandson. Next week I have holidays in school. Quickly tell me what you want to do. Pappu, still hasn’t gone to school. Have kept the money in the cup. Callas soon as the meeting is over. Ok. Who is outside? Seems father in law has come. Ok, I am leaving. – All the best.- Thank you. – Good morning aunty.- Good morning Pappu. Hope you are fine, daughter. – Yes I am.- Eat these sweets. – Mahesh is a father now.- Yes I too had wished him. We will come to meet him next week. Ok, but when will yougive me the good news? Grandfather, you are diabetic. You have understoodwhat I was hinting at. Father, they have decided not to have akid, till their movie is not released. If they agree to you, thenI will have to look after the baby. Daughter, it’s for your wellbeing. Look at Mahesh. He has everything sorted.Car, bungalow, accounts everything. Cinema will not feed you. Make him understand, to leave thismadness and do some valuable work.

Default new game download torrentMake him understand, to leave thismadness and do some valuable work. Grandfather, you yourself are a househusband, and your advising aunty. Ok, Father, I am going. Did I tell her anything wrong?What do you think? Yes, you were right,but they don’t have car.. balance, then why did you ask. You got your happiness,but she was sad. Even if my younger son,doesn’t have these luxuries. He is very happy livinghis life with his passion. Can’t you see this? I have full confidence,this year his movie will be made. One day he will be on thestreets because of your pampering. These 2 crazy guys are also with him. – He still hasn’t gone to office.- Speak softly, he might hear it. Father, how are you?When did you come? I am fine. And you? Mahesh has had a son,eat these sweets. I heard from inside,so you have become a grandfather. If you don’t mindcan I ask you something? Are you brave enough to ask him?Dare to ask him. Ok, father I have to go.I am getting late. – Okay.- Ok, mother. Wait, eat something and go. No. mother I will eat out. You just want to pass your time atthe tea stall, drop Pappu to school. – Yes.- Pappu, let’s go. Just a minute uncle,I will get my bag from inside. Hurry up, I am waiting outside. – Are you free now?- Yes brother. – Jeeva, wait.- Yes I am here, mother. – Did Panda call you?- No he hasn’t. Wait a minute. – Take this.- All the relatives are the same. Even after denying,they still come to give advice. They can’t help,I wonder how you tolerate them. Be deaf before you attain success,and after that become mute. A famous superstar said these words. Friend, one day we will be so famous.. ..that all our relativeswill be speechless. Stop your nonsense,for that you have to work hard. I will hit you. – Dare you do that?- Why are you talking to him? Sir, I came to know,that there are some scenes.. your movie against our tribe. You show us your movie. What are you talking? The film’sshooting is not even completed. Then why did you print the posters? So what if the posters are printed. – Is the producer sir there?- Who are you? Inform him Jeevan nandanhas come to meet him. Please wait. Hey, sit. Just tell me,will you show the movie or not? – How can I show you?- Yes, brother? Hello, have you reachedthe producer’s office? Yes, brother, since long. If you are there,then why are they lying? Brother I am here since an hour. Then why is Sampat lying to me?Tell me in which office are you?

1 new game download torrentThen why is Sampat lying to me?Tell me in which office are you? I am T Nagar, office of studio 5. Have you gone mad? Where did I tell youto go and where have you gone? All the names look the same. Brother, when is ourleader coming to Ooty. On 24th, I will later tellyou what to do, no mistakes this time. Reach beforehand. – Okay, brother.- Ok, hang up now. Brother why are you.. Ok, leave all this andhurry up and finish the work. Do it fast.. – Hurry up.- Ok brother. Sir, I am givingyou time till Thursday. You make preparationsfor us to watch the movie. Or else, we will file a case before yourfilm releases, you will be stopped. What happened sir,did he listen to you? We were at the wrong office. Don’t worry. Kamal sir has started a new film nearby,let’s go and create a ruckus there. Our work will be easily done. How can we stop themfor inaugurating something? We will ask them,why they invited Kamal. Sir. Come in Jeeva. Sit. Take this. I have corrected the script. Don’t get upset Jeeva.. ..I don’t know whether Iwill be able to make a film or not.. ..In the prevailing situations. I won’t lie to you, peoplemight create problems in your script. Then the film can’t be made. Sir, you are aware I haveworked so hard on the script. I went to the villageto get all the details. You are right, whatever itis they anyhow come to interfere. Sir, please tell me. What should I do? Listen to me,you write a horror script. Horror? Yes Ghosts, don’t have any caste.And nobody will file a case. Now a days, ghost movies aredoing better than mythological ones. Sir, I don’t believe in them. How can I write onsomething I don’t believe? But it is today’s trend,your belief doesn’t matter. Sir, I am very confident. When I make a film,I will maintain its originality. Sir, I have said this many times. Sorry Jeeva, I can’t take such a risk. Someone else willmake a movie on this. For me you write a horror story. – Jeeva..- Ok sir, I am going. Calmly think again, Jeeva. What is the problemin writing a horror script? Shut up. – Where is our Panda?- Don’t know. He must be eating somewhere. There he come early in the morning. Quickly wash the vessels and go in. Okay. Won’t even let me drink tea.

new game download torrent Won’t even let me drink tea.

2 new game download torrentWon’t even let me drink tea. – Hey you wild buffalo.- Yes, monkey. Hey mad, so many days passed. Tell me. I know why you wearing these glasses?First give the 500 rupees you owe me. Return all my stuff backyour loans have become old. What did you say?I just have 500 rupees debt? Do not be too happy.He is asking about old debt. There he is. – Panda, what you doing here?- What? I am gathering people for IPL. Why don’t you comewith us to the producer? – It’s punctured.- Your bike? My tyre, yesterday I ate horse’schickpeas 20 times. So I was ill. From whose shop? From this monkey whois sitting at the counter. You are taking bad about me? Why are you getting yourself insulted?Don’t you have money? There is no toilet nearby,if I get up it will be soiled. Will you be a pad man for me? Pad for your size are not available. – Is that so?- Yes. Then you get 10 padsI will stick them together. I am talking. What’s up friend? What’s this picture onface book which you have posted? Last week we were in Ooty,this was in front of our guest house. In the morning we sawthere were many Policemen. When we enquired,the said 2 people had died. Many people saidit was a haunted house. We got scared and left immediately. Do you still believe in such things? You may not, but I am not lying. Ok I will call you later. – Ok, bye.- Bye. What happened? What happened? Are you tired? Christmas leave is going to commence,I am tired of talking to clients. Do you need to go to office tomorrow? No. please don’t wakeme up till 10 tomorrow. Ok you sleep. Jeeva, how was yourmeeting with the producer? Meeting was good, but I am confused.Let’s hope. Ok, fine. Goodnight. Goodnight. Jeeva, if you make the movie,we can think of starting a family. I want to give up my workand stay happily with the family. Ok, you sleep. Goodnight. Yes brother. You let in people at the resort.How is it? Then the villain will fight with thehero, and everything around is broken. The car’s mirror will be smashed.It will be heart shaped. And hero’s face will be seen from it. – Drink this.- I will. I can’t find the cup. – The cup is here, mad fellow.- What? What will happen if I drink her tea?Let me take the risk.

3 new game download torrentWhat will happen if I drink her tea?Let me take the risk. Panda, we have to make this movie. Super, we will copy a new film. My stomach is upsetand I have drank tea. I don’t understand youare drinking tea or soup? This song is giving me a headache. Don’t you like your song? I willdance and show you. Gangnam style. Look. Is it this? Panda, you are notto be seen now a days. Pappu, I am busy discussingmovies about Mani Ratnam. I am tensed about that. Look at your face beforemouthing these dialogues. I would hit you if you weren’t a kid. This naked kid will growup and hit his father with stones. Dancing naked. i went unnecessarily. Look at this. You showing me animal movie? Switch on the screen. I can see my own face. Brother, is it a horror movie? Yes. Jeeva you had refused in front of theproducer yesterday, now what’s this? You may not trust me, but thereare still some people who trust me. And I can’t afford tomiss this chance for them. Cool. Tell us where we have to go. – We will go to Ooty tomorrow.- Okay. From where is he coming? Whole day he is reading thenewspaper sitting at the tea shop. He just comes home to eat.Look at his face. I have told kumar for the car,you bring it while returning. You planning to go out somewhere? Yes we are going to Ooty to discuss. Are you going too? Not only me, we all are going. who all are going to Ooty? We 3 are going, Jacklyn has Christmasholidays so she will come along. I had told you earlierI am going to Madurai to pray. If you take Jacklyn,then who will take care of Pappu. What can I do? Jeeva. I too have Christmasholiday from tomorrow. Father even I want to go to Ooty. I will be bored if everyone goes away. Why will you go to Ooty with elders? – Go inside.- You get out fatso. Why are you irritating him? Daughter in law, ask him.. ..if he needs money to takecare of Pappu, I will give him. Don’t worry,I will take good care of him. – Pappu pack your bag we willgo to Ooty tomorrow. – Okay. I will treat himwell on the way to Ooty. Pappu get ready. “My dreams are of the open skies,my wishes are my drives.” “I have faith one day I willget my path, then we won’t look back.” “Nobody wants to lose,you don’t get more than destined.” “We all are God’s puppets,stop cribbing and march ahead.” I hear a song in my stomach, stop. Welcome. Don’t scare me, move aside. Where is the washroom? I didn’t know howto use a western toilet. i couldn’t understand.Pressurehad increased. – Who are you?- I am the maid’s son. – Mother.- Clean it. The water too must be cold. Hi. – How many rooms are here?- Pappu, come here. – One below and 2 rooms above.- Okay fine. We’ll take downstairs room. Ok I will change and come. – Okay. – The upper roomsare bigger I will use that. Ok, Pappu. Will he stay alone? At home too he has his separate room. I know why you are givingPappu a separate room. Shut up. Shower and get dressed. – Okay fine.- Please make tea for us. Ok , fine .i will make. Give me tea, with boost added in it. Ok, sir. Come, fast. You are thinking after calling us. Tell us about that house. This house is closedsince the last 28 years. A couple enter this houseto protect themselves from rain. Morning their bodies are found. Before this incidence, somethieves had come here to hide gold. Their bodies too were found here. In-between there was alady in labor pain passing by. She delivered here,but nothing happened to them. Mother and daughterare leading a happy life. If we enquire about the house,we will get content for the movie. Where is that house? There. Ready. Even if you don’t become a director,you will surely become a comedian. What will I do? You become a beggar. – What?- Can’t I become a hero? Hero and you?You have lot of confidence. Now a day’s hero wearsan underwear and does comedy. Then why can’t acomedian become a hero. Madam, I want 2 days leave,my sister’s son is getting married. If you want I cangive you a substitute. No worries, I can adjust for 2 days. I am going out,you take care of Pappu. Okay. Come soon. You do whatever you know. What do I know? Its coming, save. – You saved me.- Uncle throw the ball. If you don’t catch the ball,I would be stumped. It’s good for you. Pappu be careful. I will be careful. Don’t ever tell thishaunted house story to Pappu. Believe me if he goesthere the ghost will run away. One day I will teach him a lesson. Where is the ball? I don’t know. The ball is inside, let’s take it out. – Come on.- No I won’t. Why are you so scaredand running away? What should I do? Yesterday while I was sleeping,a wild bullock passed by. – Was it 12 o clock?- Yes. Donkey, it was me. Oh, at least youwould have worn clothes. Concentrate. – Greetings brother.- Greeting sir. Do you want tea? No we wanted informationregarding the nearby haunted house. Sir, will you have biscuits with tea? Do you have burger too? My sir will talk to you. Sir, don’t harass me. – Get lost.- Hello. Is it true,4 people have died in that house? Or maybe you misunderstoodas someone has thrown them. Sir, I am warning you,don’t go there, do you understand. Now go. Do we need to discuss at 12in the night as it’s a horror film? I can’t bear the cold. Do the traditional thing. What do you mean? Put the sticks into the fire. You talking about this stick? i will talk about , what is there. Look at my condition. If you are willing tocooperate can hit 2 shots. – 2.- Yes Will I be able to bear it? That depends on your body,my friend has given me. I have got it here. You have got it here? You have to grab the opportunity. Ok call immediately. Nobody will come, if we call. No we ourselves have to go. Ok , let’s go. Wow. So you were talking about this shot? What did you think mad fellow? – I thought it was something else.- I know very well what did you think. Will I become a brokerto ward off your cold? Mind your language and drink. – I was wrong.- I know. – Isn’t this Tequila?- No it’s the local alcohol. – Isn’t it nice?- It’s ok. – I need some starters.- Eat this candle. I have already mailed you. – I have left after checking in.- Hi. Anyone can monitor it. No, there is somesignal problem, Jeeva. Weak signal, will talk tomorrow. He is the project manager. He won’t say anything. Climateis so awesome here it’s so cool. You have come here to discussthe story, or on your honeymoon? This scene is also there in my film. Really? Obviously. Ofcourse. In Rajini’s film , you havea beard and straighten your moustache. And the whole village bows down. And actor Rajni standsfirmly and says I am Kabali. Who has come so late at night? Uncle please open the door. What is he doing here,at home he sleeps at 10. Go and check. You ask him. You go and ask. – What happened?- Where is uncle? Don’t disturb him at night,tell me what is it? Will you come with me? – Tell me.-i am telling, first come with me. Ok go and see. Say what it is. A balloon came out from that well. – Balloon, from that well?- Yes aunty. Maybe some kids musthave left it there. Aunty I want that balloon. Pappu, go to sleepor else I will hit you. “When i saw you dear,” – “Love is crazy.”- Hey. What are you guys doing? Why? Sorry, bro. I have set the alarm. – Exact 12 o clock will startthe discussion. – At 12 o’clock? Cameraman will come,we will start shooting at 1. Give your number will contact you. Where are you going? Listen. Go to Rajasthan andgive me a miscall.. ..recharge my phoneand switch off yours. – They have gone mad.- Lock the door when you leave. – Don’t forget.- Absolutely right. Who is he? He looks like Jai. You know, why we have come here. – Yes I know. – You are drinkingwhen we are discussing. When we come for discussion, we drink. – Did we drink on the way?- Shut up. Jeeva did you get any clue? No I haven’t as Iam not scared at all. A horror film can only be made by theone who is scared of ghosts himself. Just like movie Kanchana 2.. – ..where the mirror breaks,and the electricity goes away. – Panda. – That film is adult.- Even there is horror in adult movies. I am telling you not to get scared. You don’t listen. Where are we going now? If will find something if we go home. Yes , we will find. Yes we will find ghost’s skirt,you wear it on your head. – I am unable to walk.- Burden on earth. Oh brother. Why are you staring at me?I haven’t built that house. It looks this housewas built 30-40 years ago. There are no houses near this house. we can only know what isinside the house once we go in. Let me record, you go. What will you record? – How to switch it on?- Press anything. It was a beautiful bungalow before. You said that.Were you the engineer? There is nothing in the surroundings.. ..and from the frontit looked like a broken house. Does it look like a new house to you? Why are you boring me here? We won’t go beyond this, I am scared. Why did you get me here? Come along will tell you. Help me in taking out that ball. To take out the ball? – I will buy you another one.- No I want this. If I don’t get itI will disturb uncle. Pappu. How to take it out? This is not very tall. Pappu! Got the ball, now come out. Wait I will search for the balloon. – What are you searching?- Nothing. Hey Jeeva. Hello, come fast. Yes, come fast.Your money order has come. You talks nonsense.Where can you see him? Jeeva. What are you all doing? – Run! Oh God, police.- Constables catch him. Where are we trapped? – Hey stop.- I did nothing, sir. We haven’t done anything. Sir, why are you catching them? Who are you?Why did you open the gate and go in? Don’t you know it’s a restricted area? Sir, when we came the gate was open. Gate was open. Even the villagers nearbyare scared to come here. And you broke the lock and went in. Why are you lying,tell me why you have come here? Sir, we have come from Chennai, wewere writing a story to make a film. You are going to make a movie? Yes, sir. If you know anythingabout this bungalow. I don’t know anything,this property belongs to the church. If you want to knowmore contact father Andrews. – I don’t want to see you here again,leave now. – Okay, sir. – Constable.- Sir? Take all their details like number,address etc. – Okay, sir.- Pappu come out. Are you listening to me? Aunty, pull me out. Do you pick up any dirty thing? I will clean this. Villain tells the hero, you will havebody parts, but no life to breathe. Then there will be interval.How’s it? Producer should agree. I will get some producerby selling someone house. It’s a perfect story for Ajit sir,if he agrees it we are sorted. Friend you seem so sad,are you seeing your wedding snaps. Kamal hassan fans and Rajinikanth’sfans are fighting on the internet. Claiming which Hero is bigger. When they are friends in real life. Why are the fans fighting? No comments. I am a fan of Govinda,don’t ask me who are they? Among them,who is the hero of the masses? When the actor enters onscreen and people start clapping.. ..he is the hero of the masses. Both of them are hero of the masses. – What do you say?- I want to make a film with them. Can’t you keep silence. Why are we talking of this,we have come to discuss. Talk about your story. What should I write in the story? I have already decidedon the characters of the movie. Honestly,i don’t know anything about it. In our story there willbe an old house, a doll.. ..a kid and a helpless heroine. 2 characters to develop the story. – He is talking about us.- Right. In all horror storiesthere is only one ghost. But in our storythere will be 3 ghosts. Then the audience will be scared. Why are you scaring? Don’t get upset, we will haveall these characters in our movie. Smashed me.Won’t you let me live in peace? Will you hit me with a stick? What are you doing here at this hour? I was giving the night exam,was at the wash room. What are you doing here? I heard noises, so came out. Is it heard at the bedroom too? Let’s go in. Had to get up from the middle,wonder what joy he gets. God, please saveme from these sinners. Amen. God has heard me. Is Father Andrews here? Who are you? We have come fromChennai to write a story. Okay. I want to know about thatbungalow built in your property. Father has gone to thecity today for some work. Sister has he goneto watch black thunder? Shut up. When will he be back? He has gone there to conduct prayers.He will be back after 2-3 days. I will inform him as soon as he comes. – Ok thank you sister.- Thank you. Was nice talking to you? Does anyone talk to sister like this? I talk to mother also similarly. From today we are friends,you come daily we will play. Pappu, from wheredid you get this balloon? From downstairs. Whom were you talking to? To my friend Joy, Aunty. Is this dolls name Joy? Yes. If you behave like this,will take you back home. Ok I won’t do. You haven’t eaten anythingsince morning, go and eat. Look, how handsome we look. What are you saying? Wow, but instead of clickingour picture, he is clicking of the well. Leave him.If you want ,you too can make a movie. Should I tell you about thescene after the interval in my movie? – Tell me. – Heroine is at the centralblock, hero is behind her. – Then 10 goons come there.- 10 goons? And the hero is watching all this. Then our brother takesout a sword from behind. Hey, Brother? Brother means hero. Our hero. Hello. How is Pappu? Is he fine? Tell me why did you call? Its Pappu’s birthday today.Get a cake. I know, I will. – Heroine’s close up, she is seeing.- Close up. – Shut up and listen to me.- Yes, tell. He takes out the cyclechain and fly’s it in the air. Then we will see thereaction of the villain. – Why are you fooling him?- Can’t you keep quiet? Its Pappu’s birthday tomorrow,you bring cake and candle. – Okay.- Jacklyn is alone, I am going to her. Should I spend myown money to buy cake? Giving. Take. – Will this be enough?- He will give this much. – Ok, listen to the story.- Yes. What are you doing?Someone might catch us. Have sent them tobring the birthday cake. Ah, it’s Pappu’s birthday tomorrow. Let me go up and meet Pappu or elsehe will disturb us like yesterday. Ok, go. Is this scene also in your movie? If you say we willretain it in the movie. Oh retain it? Meet Pappu and comethen will tell you. Pappu. Pappu. Pappu. What are you doing in the cupboard? Uncle. – Where were you?- Playing in the balcony. Who made this? I haven’t. If you haven’t then who has? Uncle, why is everyonetargeting me since yesterday? Ok, don’t worry. Have you eaten?Then go to sleep. Goodnight. Hey why do you do that? Go to sleep. I will when I am sleepy uncle. Ok, but please sleep. Don’t come down. I will not spare you. Nobody should know that you stay here. If others come to knowour friendship will break. Let’s play hide and seek. “My heart is flying,have found your love.” “Doesn’t listen, Come close to me.” “My arms are searching for you.I want to be within you.” “You are me earth and my sky.” “Since I have met you, I am lost.” “My eyes speak my words.” “Leave me, I understand it all.” “My heart is swaying in love.My desires are yours.” “Come my love,I am incomplete without you.” “My world belongs to you,you are the world.” “I dream of you every minute.” “Thirsty for your love.” “Always be mine.” “Your heart beats in me,like a dream, my love.” “My crazy eyes are stuck on you,living my life after I found you.” “Your words are loving,yes I am completely yours.” “Come my love,I am incomplete without you.” “My world is with you,you are my world.” “Leave me, I understand it all,my heart is swaying in love.” What are you thinking? – There is a similar scene in my movie.- Really? Should I even do the next scene here? – Go your friends are going to come.- Yes. Let me get ready before they come.It’s important to work too. You were in the shower.Why you came back early. Jeeva, can’t you hear?Go and open the door. Jeeva, can’t you hear?Go and open the door. Jacklyn, who is it? Uncle, please open the door. What happened? What are you looking at? Nothing. – Was it Pappu?- Yes. What did he want? Pappu was feeling lonely. Should we make himsleep with us tonight? They are jobless, will askthem to sleep with Pappu tonight. Jeeva, it seems there issome else here apart from us. You too get scared unnecessarily.I will meet them and come. Did you get everything? Yes we got everything. Where is he? The whole theatre is empty. Hi, guys. From where did you get these Balloons? How does it matter. We need balloons,it won’t affect the nature. Tomorrow we will go to ploughthe fields. We will get 250 rupees. Are you drunk? After drinking I wasable to hold the balloons. I swear on the balloonsI haven’t drank. My stock is over? Do you have? – You guys will never improve.- Why are you tensed? Chuck it, he is always like this. The original owner of thehouse in the year 1997, sold 3 acres. Why didn’t they ask us once. You drank alone,why didn’t you tell me. – Should i tell you something honestly?- Yes, tell me. I saw a cheetah, and 3 tigerstogether. Then I forgot Surya sir. Get lost! This is a phone,don’t you have a charger? This is TV’s remote. Should I tell you something?Today is Pappu’s wedding day. “Because you are my life.” What are you doing?Switch on the lights. He will wake up ifwe switch on the lights. And I will sleep in the darkness. Panda, you are going mad,can’t you sit still. Why are you behaving like KamalHassan, how is he sleeping, fool. We will need to tie theballoon for him. I will tie. – Stand properly and tie.- Am I building a wall? Tying a color bomb. – Give me.- Take. From where do you get these balloons? There is a broken well below,from there. You must have snatchedit from a small kid. And making up a story of some well. – I am no longer a goon.- Stop lying. Ok, Harishchandra. Message on his phone that,divorced from Pappu. Wake me up later, goodnight. Hold this. Take a snap. Wake up Pappu. Pappu. Pappu. Pappu. It’s you, don’t bringyour pig’s face next to mine. I get scared. Get Lost! – Should I go away?- Yes, Fatso. It’s your birthday, tomorrow willwrap you in a pillow and throw you. – Happy birthday Pappu.- Thank you uncle. – Happy birthday Pappu.- Thank you aunty. – Happy birthday son.- Happy birthday Pappu. – You did not thank you to me.- Come cut the cake. Come, are you all ready in a queue. “Happy birthday to you.” – “Happy birthday to you.”- Switch on the lights uncle. Switch on the lights, he is scared. Spectacled guy, switch on the lights. – Hurry up.- Yes, will switch on in a minute. Beautiful, super. Aren’t you ashamed you aresnatching the kid’s cake and eating? Couldn’t you haveeaten after it was cut? Honestly I didn’t eat. Okay, I accept. Pappu cut the cake. – Even after stealing, he isn’taccepting. – Cut the cake. Hurry up. Eating the kids cake. Click pictures. He won’t improve. He doesn’t know where tokeep his pillow and sleep. Give me. Why am i feeling lighter. Hey, get up. If you take my pillow,I will tell your story to everyone. Murugadoss has alreadymade a film with Ajith. Get up. Crazy guy. I would have thrown him,but it’s his birthday, Have to keep somethingbetween the knees. This is useful,come here, settle down. – Where did she go?- Katrina.. Kareena, Deepika, come into my arms. Trisha. – Hey you joking with me.- Nayanthara.. You are holding the balloonsand calling Nayanthara and Trisha. – Are Trisha and Nayanthara mad, thatthey will come to you? – Come to me. Now stay below, Rascal.Trisha, Nayanthara. Let me see how he will take it out. Welcome who is this girl? She is roaming around withso much powder on her face. Kartik, I have alreadyinformed the online team. I have mailed to send someone else. No I can’t,there is no internet facility here. – Come let’s eat.- Yes. The maid servant hasn’tcome since 2 days. – Won’t we clean their rooms?- Whose? Your assistants. I will not watch ghost stories. – Why?- I can see ghosts at night. I saw dreams of love. – What happened to you?- I don’t know. – Oh, God!- Why are you walking like this? It’s burning in between,since yesterday. You will suffer ifyou do naughty things. Will you tell me what to do? – Now shut up, or youwill get scoldings. – Okay. – Good morning brother.- Good morning. For a change, let’s go out tomorrow. Yes, i too am bored here. – Where will we go?- Should we go to the suicide point? When our film will be releasedour producer will go there. Any other location? Where is the birthday boy? – Must be lying somewhere.- Still sleeping. – Go and call him.- Can’t you see I am eating? – I will go and call him.- Good. Don’t fight with the door with anger. You talk nonsense. Eat and enjoy the hot food. Pass the water. Why did you call me here? I want to know about the house. Oh, about that.We need to check the details. Wow, you’re doing a good job. – Do you understand?- Great! Please understand.You will need to spend some money. Sir, should I serveyou butter biscuits? – Shut up, will we go there?- Yes lets go. I am watching you,you will be lynched. I am Rajni fan,how can I stay without problem? Leader, move ahead, we are with you. – Leader move..- He’s drunk. Looks he is drunk at day time. Leader move ahead, we are with you. – Let me tell you one thing brother.- Tell me. – Whoever has gone to that house,is missing. – Leader, move ahead. There is a case for murder. – Hey, come here.- Leader.. Why are you running and falling? I am not falling but begging. – To the leader there.- Leader? Leader will travels by car. – I will bow to the car.- Is it so? Don one thing. Take 2 lemons, and sleep in themiddle when the leader’s car comes. You will get theblessings of the leader. – Super idea, my friend.- What did he say? – What are you saying?- What about the vermillion? You will get it automatically. Okay, I am going. – Long live the Leader.- Okay, go. Go. Be careful, the car hasnt come. – Leader, move ahead, we are with you.- He won’t improve. Since when you are watching the girls. There are many atthe corner near the pond. – Okay son.- Super. Go there. Go. Panda, they are helpless people. Even I am helpless, does anyone care. Leader is coming, change the banner. Inspector is on his way. I have to go. Okay, sir. Inspector is coming here. Have you taken the permissionto hang this banner? Take it out. Constable, vacate this area. – You both are assistant directors.- Yes. Didn’t you know youhave to bring a recorder? Why is the sound of your siren soloud? Isn’t there a case against you? – Hey do one thing.- Clear all this. Hey Vishwas stop.You are always head in taking money. Listen to me. How dare you touch a policeman? I am telling you with respect,move your hands from my collar. Greetings, leader. You are finished,touching a police man. – Pappu!- I don’t do it aunty, it was joy. Shut up. Don’t lie to me We will go home tomorrow. Go. Why are you so quiet? What did the policeman say?What took you so long? You both stay here, I will go in. Maybe the policeman toldhim to stay away from us. Maybe, let’s sit there. – Jeeva, when did you come?- Just now. What happened to you? Nothing, just a headache. Okay, headache. – Should I make coffee for you?- No I am fine. Ok, take rest,I am sitting in the garden outside. 28 years ago,a boy lived in that house. If it’s a house,someone will live there. Is this what he told you? – The boy loved a girl.- Okay. There was some problem between them. – The boy killed the girl.- It’s a very common thing. Later the boy too committed suicide. Case was pending for a long time.Then the file was closed. The boy was a balloon seller. Balloon? Hey from where did you getthe balloons for the birthday? From the well behind. How will you get gasballoon from the well? I got it from there. Don’t lie. Gas balloons fly high. It was stuck there I got it. After coming here Ihave seen so many balloons. I forgot to tell you, I had recordedsomething in that house, listen. ‘Before this,it was a beautiful bungalow.’ Nothing could be recorded once Ientered the compound of the bungalow. He is mad,he must not have pressed it properly. And you.. – What?- Could you have done it? Leave it. – One more thing.- Yes. There is someone here whois monitoring us all the time. What do you mean? Yes you are right there is someone.Absolutely right. The watchman, pay the rent of thecottage or else he will kick us out. – Why can’t you ever be serious?- Isn’t this serious? Jeeva, how long will we discuss this? – Why?- Its time up. Can we take a break of 15 minutes? The bottle is full,it will take half an hour. Okay, both of youplease leave from here. – Lets go. Come on.- Let’s go, thanks brother. – Hello.- How is Pappu? – Are you taking care of him?- He is happy. It’s his birthday today?Did you get a cake or not? Tell me what do you want? Send me his birthdaycelebration pictures. Everyone wants to see it. I will upload on Facebook. Okay, I will send you. – Send it immediately.- Okay, I will do it. I did not do anything, you did. Why don’t you like my aunty?She is very good. Because of you, she is scolding me. Pappu with whom are you talking? Do you understand what am I saying? I am asking you something. Listen to me, please come out. Pappu. Jeeva. Jeeva. Jeeva. Jeeva. Jeeva. Jeeva. I told you thereis someone else also in the room. – There is a girl.- Girl? I will never talk to you. I will tell uncle andgo back tomorrow from here. No, you go to your house,you listen to me. Don’t come near me. – I saw there.- Just a minute. Look here. If I eat my stomach isupset and even when I don’t. Who is hiding behind the curtain? It’s me. What are you doing there? – Watering the plants.- Don’t lie. You are drinking. – Can you see?- There is no plants there. Have to hide this from Jeeva. – Okay drink I am joining.- Wait where are you going? – Bathroom.- It’s the western one there. I will sit on it. – Okay, go. He is too much.- You do your work. I will come fast. What’s happened to him? Listeningto songs without headphones. – Yogi, come here.- What? – He is alone.- Coming. What We are going to make a horror movie. He is trying to scareus by making scary faces. – Is it?- Yes. Pappu show me your face? Call him again. Pappu listen to me. Doesn’t he respect you?He isn’t listening to you too. – What can we do?- We have to teach him a lesson. – Then he will understand.- Yes. Let me teach him You are not listening to me? Jeeva.. Jeeva.. Jeeva, Pappu has hanged me in the air. Something is wrong with him. Bring me down. Jeeva don’t go near him. – Pappu.- I am not Pappu. Hey, he is not Pappu. The spirits have attacked him.First tie him. – He is not Pappu.- What are you saying? Hey, take out the cloth. Pappu. – Quickly tie him.- Hold this. I am coming now. Bring me down. – Take care of him I am coming.- Okay. Today is a dark night. Where are you going?Please bring me down. Who are you? Let me tell you. Father Andrews. Father Andrews. Father there is.. Father. Save me Father. ‘He is browsing like channels on TV.’ Who are you? Don’t you know me Father? You forgot me? I am your daughter Joy. Joy, please come out of this boy,his life is in danger. ‘Now the spirit will be in trouble.’ Father, Pappu is my friend,I will not do anything to him. Okay, I believe you. I think my papa is upset with me, hedid not even come to help me that day. Father what he is saying. – Father, do something.- Father, who is she, I don’t like her. What is she doing with my papa?Where is my mother? – Your mother is Snehanjali.- Yes, Father. They both are irritating me. Joy please understand.You can’t meet your mother now. Father, I have met Papa,now you please make me meet my mother. I will not harass anyone, willquietly leave from here and go away. Joy, listen to me,and come out of his body. You all are lying, I willnot leave till I meet my mother. What is all this Father? Who is Joy? Why is she calling me papa? Why did you come tomeet me at the church? I wanted to write a story about thehaunted house which is your property. It seems you have disturbedthem there, this is the reason. No, father we did not go in the house. Did Pappu go inside the house? – I don’t know.- What a careless answer is that. Is this the way to take care of Pappu? We can discuss this later,first we have to save the boy. Father, should we take Pappuand leave this place immediately. Wherever you go,she will go with Pappu. The soul needs a reasonto enter the body. I can’t understandwhy she entered her body. After getting Pappu’s body sheis able to recall her previous life. I can understand that.I want to fulfill her desire. What should I do Father? You were hanging like Superman. Hey, you come here. I am coming dear. Don’t go. He likes me a lot so is calling me. Yes my dear. Where did you keepmy doll while sleeping? Had kept it in the court. Will you tell lies to me? ‘Now he is making the spirit hit me.’ What should we do Father? Her mother had died too. Wewill have to make Joy understand that. Charlie and you, look the same,so she thinks you are her dad. Let her be. Father, is her mother really dead? Coconut, where have youdropped and where have you fallen? – Coconut, coconut, fallen, dropped,fallen dropped. – What are you doing? This is the mantra,to ward off the evils. – That’s why I am chanting.- So let’s go with them. Are they going to the Big Boss house?That I should go with them. Sit quietly,they have gone to see the spirits. Go, go, go. Joy, this is your mother’s tomb. – How do I believe?- Because I am saying. – You are lying.- Does Father tell lies? Jeeva. Do you trust me now? It could be of someone else.Dig it up and prove. – Will you leave after I dig it up?- Yes. Jeeva, stop. This is not right. Stop, Jeeva. Father is telling not to. Rubbish, are you seeingthe plight of Pappu. Mother. Hey.. Pappu. Pappu. Let’s not go back, we will get bored. You are boring us here too. – Hello, sir.- Jeevanandan, a hero heard your story. He is coming on27th for the narration. Is the script ready? The first half is over. What is he saying? Okay Jeeva, you cometo the office on 27th morning. Rest we will talk in front of him. Okay sir. I want to tellyou something very important. You want 30, 000 to spend, will betransferred in your account by evening. No sir it’s not that. – I am getting another call,will talk to you later. – Okay, sir. Jeeva, why are you lying to him, wherehave you finished the first half? I have thought about it. Think about the second half at home. No something is wrong here. I can’t write the scriptwithout knowing about the house. Jeeva, you are right,lets shift to another hotel. Yes you are right,let’s finish the script.. saying we 5people have died here. Rest of the story we canask the Father of the Church. Father will not helpus in writing the script. Then as usual we willwrite at the tea stall. You can leave if you want to.. ..I will leave only afterthe script is complete. Don’t you rememberwhat happened last night? Take Pappu along,I will stay back with him. Send him in a truck or a tempo,I will not take him. Speak softly,he will be scared if he hears it. I have heard enough from you’ll,I am leaving. – Don’t be in a haste. – I don’t wantto be slapped by the spirits. – If you want come along,come or else stay here. – Wait. Friend, will I tell you one thing. I don’t have to make youunderstand we can make this script.. ..and movie whenever we want. But it’s not advisableto risk your family. Hey.. Her body temperature is cold. But she isn’t reactingdo her blood test. Okay doctor, dot it. Greetings. – Greetings.- Greetings. – Greeting, brother.- Greeting, brother. – You wait here.- I’ve came again. I tried to make him understand,but he still makes mistakes. Did you speak to the SP? Yes he said let him stay here. Greetings brother. – Welcome brother.- Be seated. – How is your hand now?- Better brother. It was a very silly issueunnecessarily they got me here. You take rest. Listen to him. If you are out now.. will have to go to thepolice station, will you like it? You should have quietlyleft from there..but what did you do.. ..instead you slapped the policeman. – Brother, how long will I be here?- Give it. – Discharge me.- Have spoken to the lawyer. – He said it’s best if you stayat the hospital. – Okay, brother. – Give him.- Take. – Are you all fine?- Yes brother. Take out your glasses. – Why?- Can you see a girl there? – Why are you staring?- i am seeing her properly, Yes I can. Why? Maybe she is a spirit. – Do you know why I like this girl?- Why? She will only play with girlseven though she herself is a devil. – Yes true. – Is this old womanlistening to songs with her head phone? – Silence.- She is wearing a muffler. Give her the medicine after dinner. Thank you sister. Okay you’ll can leave. – What about you? – I too willleave after Jacklyn recovers. I don’t know what to tell you,but leave as soon as you can. Please. – You understood.- Yes. I need your help. What kind of help, tell me? Will we be able to come back,if we go in? Panda, I am very scared of goingupstairs. What if something goes wrong? We are trapped,we shouldn’t have agreed to help him. We shouldn’t have been his friend. Leave it.We just have to bring the Tab. I have an idea. Why are you playing with the sticks? i am playing a game.This is the symbol. Good idea. Good morning Jesus. Greeting of the morning Jesus. This house,bad house. This house,is a house of evil spirits. This house,no man only one, evil dead. In this house livesa soul full of sins. I will bloodbath you. He will soak your legs with blood. Wash whose legs with blood. Stupid! – Jesus.- God. Why are you shouting? If we scare the ghoststhey will become alert. We need to show our courage,you just be with me. – They can’t harm us, come on.- Come, let’s go in. – Come on.- Let’s go in. How come you have wet your pants? Because i was frightened so did it . We have entered the room Panda,but I am thinking of ghosts. I think your picturetoo will be hung here. Again you are joking.Stop joking in this tense situation. – Can you see the Tab?- Maybe it’s in that room. Go, bring it. Go. Coward, he is walking so slowly. I will have to do something. – Hey..- What happened? – Open slowly dear.- Yes. – Panda, it’s not here.- It’s not there. Okay, let’s go. Maybe it’s there, let’s go in. – Let’s go in.- Come on. Oh, God. Jesus. Oh, God. Hey.. It can enter from anywhere. – Yes bro.- Seems someone has come. – Has someone come?- It is in this. – Doll.- Hurry up. Got it. Got it. – Let’s go from here.- Hurry up. Come on. Oh God. – Run.. Oh, God!- Run.. Run.. No! Mother help. Master, you went awaywithout informing me. Since how long are you in this house? 10 years master. You have been feedingthe spirit since 10 years. And you I should inform you and go?Slap you and go. – Lets go.- Let’s go. Come on. Jeeva all the hotels are full.. have booked sea sandhotel next to your hospital. – Do one thing.- Hey, let me talk. I am telling you.You can take it in writing.. – ..I will never even come to Ooty formy honeymoon. – Give it to my friend. – I will talk to you later.- Let me talk. He is with the spirits. Listen, give my name to themanager and take the keys. Okay. Sir, won’t you stay back. – Lets go- He also seems like a ghost. How are you feeling now? I am fine, I don’t want tostay in the hospital on Christmas eve. Let the reports of the bloodtest come, then will take a call. – Have the 2 jokers left.- Yes they have. – How are you?- I am better doctor. Yes, bring here. Blood pressure is low,I also thought the same. Let her take medicines for 2 days.. ..and she doesn’t haveto go anywhere till then. Doctor, we want to go to Chennai,give us discharge today. I will discharge her.But don’t let her go out at night. I was also thinking the same thing. – Hello. – Sir I will get latewhile delivering your food. – I called to inform you that.- No problem. You said you would get late?Then how did you come so early? Please take this. – How much?- 450. Wait a minute. Pappu. Let’s play hide and seek. – Jacklyn.- I will freshen up and come. Okay, no worries. – Hello.- Sir I am calling from the hotel. The boy has left with your order. He must be on his way. Hello sir. Sir, food. – What happened sir.- Nothing. How much is it? 450. – Take.- Thank you, sir. Jacklyn, dinner is ready,bring Pappu along too. Pappu, come soon,dinner is getting cold. Pappu is sleeping. What sleeping?He was talking to me just now. He was tired, went off to sleep. You don’t trust me?You never listen to me. I have told you so many times Charlie,even I want to eat Biryani. You are not well, doctorhas told you to eat. Eat quietly. Which name did you call me now? The name, I call you every day. You didn’t say Jeeva. I said that. Why are you looking at me like that?It scares me. – Eat food.- I will eat later. Why have you opened this, I amfrom your village, there is no water.. ..the bucket is broken,and you want 5 rupees. Go, from here. I have lot of work. Do you have a flight to take off? Government has given youa job so you have so much attitude. Listen to the radio,idiot, a burden on the earth. There is no water. Did you speak to him? Panda, what we are doing, is it right? Why I gave him 10 rupees. Is it wrong? Not that, Jeeva has called us. – What happened now.- Jacklyn is fine now. All 3 have gone to the resort. Won’t he come? No. I don’t know what he is saying. Panda, we shouldn’t leave him and go,in this situation. After all he trusts us a lot. We are also his trust. – What should we do? – Should Icall and tell him we are coming? No let’s give him a surprise. – Pick up the bag.- Correct. Come. Open the door. Open the door. Open. Open the door. Who is there? Face me. You are scaring me? Do you know how many peopleI have killed in the village? Who is it? Hey.. Who are you? Who sent you? You trying to scare me?I know who sent you. Police man has sent you. Who are you? Tell me. Don’t you know who am I? What do you want? Don’t pick up a fight with me.Or else I will kill you. Why are you laughing? Snehanjali? Snehanjali? I don’t know anything.I did everything for brother. Forgive me. Cry however much you can.After death there are no tears. Forgive me, I am requesting me. I had also pleaded you.Did you leave me? Tell me. Kill me today. Spare me. Spare me. What are you doing here? I should be asking that.Where did you go? I was here. You are lying. I am askingyou something you are walking away. I don’t lie, you are lying.I am observing since long. I have also observed.Are you trying to fool me? It seems you have some confusion. Now you are getting confused. While eating youwere calling me Charlie. Why are you quiet now? Charlie, have you really forgotten me? Have you gone mad?Why are you calling me Charlie? Are you not Charlie? Mad woman, don’t you get it once. Then why do you look like Charlie? Mother, I told you, he isn’t Charlie. You dint believe me. Father and he are fooling us. It seems they have hidden Charlie. Who are you’ll?Why are you disturbing my family? I really don’t know Charlie. I don’t want to hear anything,bring Charlie here immediately. Honestly, I don’t know who Charlie is. Hey. Tell me where are you hiding Charlie,or else I will kill her. Don’t do anything to her.I will find Charlie and come. Surprise. – Yogi has come back.- And so has Panda. Where are they? Have they gone back? Oh God, the little Ghost. Hey. Panda, what happened to you? Panda. You are making a mistake. – You have lied to us. Isn’tthat wrong Father. – Yes. I hide the truth,but it was just to save their family. But your last desire is fulfilled, youkilled the person who had killed you. Now go away. My wishes are not completed Father. We will not leave their bodies,till we meet Charlie. Father. Yes, Father we will not go,till we meet Charlie. Then there is no other option left. Stop it Father, tell me whereis Charlie? I will bring him. – You will bring him?- Father, why can’t I bring him? In fact only you can bring him. But there is a risk to your life. What are you saying, Father Because you are Charlie. In your previous birth,you were Charlie. – Good morning Father.- Good morning. Good morning – Good morning Father.- Good morning. Yes Charlie. I want to adopt Joy. I will be happy to adopt these kids. It’s a very good thought,but to adopt, you need to be married. The girl you will marryshould also agree to it. The child may suffer due to that. No, Father I will marrysomeone who agrees to this. Charlie, try to understand,you can’t adopt Joy. Wait a minute. Charlie I have packed since long.When do we have to go? Father let her staywith me till Christmas. Ok, take her. – Thanks Father.- Let’s go. Charlie. Everyone has a balloon.Did you sell them or shared them? No I haven’t. Brother is thisthe way to take care of my balloons? I have sold all your balloons,why are you angry at me. That girl has bought all the balloons. Take your money. Brother I have made a profit for you.Can I eat an ice cream? Yes eat it. – Let’s go Joy.- Okay. Crazy girl, you got meto the church to meet this guy? If they come to know aboutyou at home, they will hit you. Its ok I will bear it, tell me don’tboys give up their lives for love. – Yes so.- Then why should girls be left behind? But he is a poor Balloon seller. What is so special about him? If he makes everyone so happy thenwon’t he make his wife the happiest? Think about that. “You are,you are the light of my eyes.” “You have quietly entered my heart.” “Without you,the world was a dry river.” “You came into my life as the rains.” “As you stepped into my life,my life has blossomed.” “You have taken my heart.I am restless.” “My heart wants to follow you,leaving the world behind.” “You have taken my heart.I am restless.” “My heart wants to follow you,leaving the world behind.” “Know that, my heart beatslistening to your words.” “The world was a dry river,you came into my life as the rains.” “My world has blossomedas you stepped into my life.” “I can’t spend a minute without you.” “My dreams will come trueeither today or tomorrow.” “Don’t stay away from dear,let your lips talk.” “You have done this to me.” “I am thirsty for you love,like the dessert.” “Know that, my heart beatslistening to your words.” “The world was a dry river,you came into my life as the rains.” “My world has blossomedas you stepped into my life.” Park the car. – Greetings brother.- Why are you late? – Is everything fine here?- Yes, brother. Everything is fine here. Why are you so tensed? Where is brother? He is inside. I think the work will be done. You have come. What is it? Even if we give them muttonand chicken to eat, they won’t do it. What are you saying? This time, we won’t get a seat,brother. I heard it. Who told you this? – Murti.- Yes brother. Your preparations were very good.It was nice, I am going. Thank you, for honoring me. What are you saying, you will winthis time, and nobody can stop you. I give you my word,the whole society will vote for you. – Is it ok?- Ok, brother. I am going. Greetings Hey balloon stop, can’t you hear me? You called the balloon so ask it. Charlie stop. Today I will decide,how dare she talks to me like this. – Hey why did you call me like that?- What have you decided? You were talking to me like that. Why are you sweating? Sweating? Look carefully I am crying. God you are so weak.Why are you crying? I am crying. What did you call me? – I want to buy a balloon.- Which one do you want? Give me all. Do you have money? Here, got it, now go. – Charlie.- What? – I love you.- Ok, welcome. – What did you say?- What you just heard? Why what happened? I am pretending to understand. Stop pretending. I don’t have a family.. I just have a girl who trusts me. I also know,that your family won’t approve of me. I don’t want to know about them,you answer me. What happened? Say. You come to the church tomorrow,will tell you. I won’t come, whatever you have to say,tell me here, right now. Good things are spoken at the church. Understood. Don’t scareme unnecessarily, I get scared. Murti, hope you are fine. Yes, I am fine, Minister.What’s the matter? Do you really think.. ..that the masses will be happyif you feed them chicken and mutton? Yes, minister. You fed them, that’s a good thing. But who ate your foodisn’t of any help to you. The people of your owncaste don’t respect you.. .. tell me how can I give you a seat? Do you understand Murti. Please explain clearly. Sorry Murti,this time you just work for the party. Maybe next time, let some days pass by.. time you willsurely contest for elections. – Understood.- I got it, minister. Why don’t you understand,I want to talk to him. Who is shouting there? – Tell him Sitaram wants to meet.- Sitaram has come. It’s something related to his daughter. – Tell him, will talk tomorrow.- Okay. – Wait.- Yes brother. Everything will be okay. – Greetings brother Murti.- Greetings It was very importantfor me to meet you. There is a problem inmy family it so happened, No worries, tell me. It’s about his daughter.Tell him. How do I say? Many people warned me,but I dint believe. Yesterday I saw myself. It was your daughterwith the balloon man. Tell us, when are you getting married? Yes, I asked himabout the wedding today. He will reply by evening. How dare you? You back answering us. Stop it, don’t think I am weak. If you stop me from meeting him,I will kill my own self. And you will be trappedin the case of my murder. If you are brave enoughthan try stopping me. Nobody can separate me from him.I am leaving. Murti, she is talking like this. If it was the matter of our society,we would have solved it together. But the boy is of a different caste,different religion. What should we do? Give us a solution. Brother, a balloon sellerwants a girl of our family. We must cut his hands and legs. Please calm down. This matter won’t be solved so easily. Don’t send your daughterto college for a few days. I will deal with the boy. But Murti what I will do.. Please go home. Do you recognize his daughter? Yes I do, brother. I have my doubts. What? Her love will reboundmore if stopped now. She will be desperate to meet him. Your right. Kill the girl, if she comes out. Brother,she is the daughter of one of us. Hey! If there is a problemin my political career. Then I solve it with other’s problems. Brother, if we kill the girl,wont there be a ruckus then? There will be something,and it should be. Charlie your dress is superb. Next Christmas youwear the same dress too. Father I want to talk to you. I know, she is for you. God bless you. Thank you father. All are waiting for you outside,let’s go. – Ok, father.- Okay. Look carefully. – Look there is nothing inside.- No.. Who are you? Leave me. Leave me. What are you doing? Tell me. I am very scared. I will give you whatever you want.Say what you want. Please don’t do anything to me. I am of your tribe,then why are you doing this? Why are you doing this,I am begging you. Remove it. Don’t do this, brother.I am very scared. Brother, don’t kill me. I am like your younger sister. Please tell me what the problem is. You should have chosen someone among us. For love? You have made a mistake. Charlie, you gave everyone a gift.What about me? Hey! For you. It’s very nice. Charlie, should Icall you papa from today? – Yes sure.- I know you are waiting for whom. The girl who follows you on her cycle. Everyone was saying thatyou are going to marry her. Her name is Snehanjali. You don’t call her by her name.Call her mother. Okay. Ok, but I want to meet her mother now. Now? Shall we meet her tomorrow? I want to meet her now.You take me to her house. It’s dark now,we will meet her tomorrow. ok Okay. – Brother.- Murti. My poor child. Don’t spare the one who has done this. You should have madeyour daughter understand. Brother, we had advised her a lot,that he isn’t worth her. But she dint listen.Look she killed herself. – Calm down sister.- Take her inside. Let’s go. Brother, she was her only child. I don’t have the courage to talk to her. If we don’t get justicethen we all will hang ourselves. – There is no other way.- Hey Murti. When an outsider gotinvolved with our daughter. We should have killed him that day,then this wouldn’t have happened. No one would have daredto do this to our daughters. Do it this first. Please calm down, we have time for that. My daughter dies because of him,he too must die. Brother. Yes. I am right saying. Kill him. – Calm down.- Kill him. Kill him. It’s an insult to our tribe. – I will with my own hands.- Calm down. Brother, let me deal with this. Bring the car. Brother, I have a doubt.We should have killed him earlier. If you want to becomethe leader of the society.. ..then you have to solvethe matter of the society. If there is no problem in the society. Then we have to create one. If we killed him first,it would be a issue of the family. But now it’s the issueof the whole society. Well calculated move.. ..but poor girl had to gobecause of all this. What do you say. She died unnecessarily. Papa, why are you so sad on Christmas. It’s nothing Joy, you play. Let’s go. What happened Papa? Open the door, or else I will break it. Don’t come in, till I don’t call you,go and hide there. Papa, what are you saying?I am very scared. Tell me. Open the door. Joy, please listen to me,and don’t come till I don’t call you. Please papa. – Can’t you hear, open the door?- Break the door. – Listen to me Joy, please go.- Break the door. Break the door. Go. Open the door. What happened brother? What was Snehanjali’s mistake? – What you have done with her?- What are you saying brother? What happened to Snehanjali? You tried to force yourself on her,when she refused, you killed her. Brother, what are you saying? Will have to explain you.You have killed her. Now they all are after your blood. You will have to die. Couldn’t you have attackedme from the front? Die. Brother, leave me. I want a seat. Do, you know they hadso much difficulty to give me. For a person likeme to become a leader.. ..a person like youhas to give up his life. Brother, spare me. What happened papa? I am very scared. – Joy you run away. – The kidhas heard everything, kill her also. Stop. Don’t kill that girl. You will die in 5 minutes,you can’t do anything to me. Throw him into the cellar and burn him. Murti, I will come back.Surely I will come back. Murti has done all this for his tribe. – Tell all the villagersand people of the party. – Okay. They have to give me the seat. Half of you is Charlieand the other half is you. Not only you resembles himbut have the same qualities like him. The day Charlie diedwas December 26 1989 at night. When is your birthday? – Father I was born on 26 th December.- Not only that. Charlie used to derive pleasureby giving happiness to others. You too, do the same. Charlie wanted to marrya girl of another religion You have already marrieda woman of another religion. Charlie’s soul wantsrevenge and nothing else. It is just waiting for you, that’swhy I said your life is in danger. Father, can nobody punish them,who killed us. Try to understand,Charlie’s life is over. Why do you want to put him into trouble? Why are you always impatient? I told you to stay theretill the matter is resolved. I am talking to you andyou are sleeping like a corpse. Do whatever you feel like. Brother, the news is,he has been killed in the hospital. Then who is he? You’re drunk. Go away. – Brother it’s the truth.- Shut up. Go. Yes DSP sir. Tell me. Sir your right hand,has been murdered at the hospital. – I just called to tell you that.- Hello. DSP sir. Brother,dint they tell you, I have died. Dint I tell you, I would come back. Now I have 2 forms. Anil. Blood. Anil, what happened to you? Where is he? Switch on the lights. Where is he? Show me the torch here. Where is he? Where is the blood going? Go and find him. Where are you all going?You people only go. Yes, you go there. Let’s go fast. Show me light here. – You search there.- Hey. – Go to the entrance.- Okay. Who is there? Gopal. No! Who was that? Hey! Don’t spare him, kill him. Go catch him. Spare me, brother. Who is upstairs? Crying. – Let me see.- See fast. – He is the same one?- What are you saying? – Brother spare me.- Why are you all standing? Why is he laughing? Seems there is something wrong. What happened? Why did you fall? From where is this smell coming from? Look my shirt is smelling of petrol. Yes even mine. Who are you?Killing everyone like ghosts. If you have the guts,face me and attack. Who are you? It’s you? You are alive? What do you want? Don’t you know? Hit him. Minister Murti,do you remember this place? Charlie spare me I will confess to the villagersthat I have killed you all. I will give you whoevermuch money you want. You think I am manwho will be sold for money. For the betterment of the society,villagers make a group, But you used caste to become a leader. I may have a motive to kill you butall the people will definitely prosper. What are you seeing?Will I attack you from behind? Jeeva. Jeeva. What happened?Why is everything changed here? You don’t ask anything,we must immediately leave from here. – Wake up Pappu- Yes. Pappu. Pappu. Hey get up, why have to leave early. Jeeva, do you know what happened here. Yes I know. At night, Pappu was hanging upside down. We don’t have time to talk, let’s leave. – Call him fast.- Yes. What happened? Shall we meet Father,one last time before we go? If you ask him one thing ,he will bore you the whole day. Last time they saidhe has gone for a meeting. This time they will say he is in Madras. Ask him. Shut up. – Where is Father Andrews?- Inside the Church. Who is he? Standing like the undertaker. – Father Andrews.- Yes I am. – What did he say?- No he was with us? He knows us very well. Tall man with curly hair,he too said he was Father Andrews. Since the church was built,I have never heard of such Andrew. What’s happening? – Any problem?- Yes Father. I have lose motions, brother you talk. – Ok, Father. Thank you.- God bless you. Thank you. Let’s go. What had happened here? But he had come toour room as Father Andrews. I was suspecting him from before. We should have realizedwhen he entered the hotel at Ooty. Why dint you tell earlier? I was drunk that day. But he was a good man,he helped us from the spirits. – We should thanks to him.- Yes he was a good man. Whatever Father did it was for our good. – Yes you’re right. – It’s your birthdaytomorrow, what will you buy for me? Stuff a cloth in his mouth,can’t you keep quiet? I can’t understand whothe spirit is and who is human. Everyone is together. Bye bye, Tata. Film is superb. But there is no logic. Forget the logic. Just watch the film. Thank you. Where is brother Jay, aunty? He has gone to meet his friend. – Good job.- Thank you. – You acted very well.- Thanks. Well done. – Jeeva good job, you acted very well.- Thanks. If the trail has such good response,then the audience too will respond well. Good job. Sir, will anyone call him a murderer? Will try in the next film. Ok, let’s go.You are doing my next movie. So how did you like the movie?Liked it. Will meet my mother. – I liked the film a lot.- Mother. Jeeva you acted very well. Thanks Mother. – Good work brother.- Thanks sister. Good work uncle. Let’s take a picture. Shut up. You also come.What are you doing behind – Were we not there in the movie?- Right. Come along. – Why dint you call us before?- Come on. – Brother congratulations.- Thank you brother. So now you can plan a baby. We plan to adopt. Superb, when will you do that? Very soon. I think I forgot my phone inside.I’ll just come back. Brother I was going to call you.I had forgotten the phone inside. He has made a good moviebut I wanted to tell you something. The film’s story resembles us. I can’t make youunderstand over the phone. I will meet you andtalk about the Balloon man. I am coming. Who are you’ll?

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