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there is an ADC player who has reachedchallenger the last four seasons he placed first in the Tyler onechampionship series and has broken one 1k lp on the North American serverhe has played on many professional teams and has won many many tournamentshis name is Jurassiq and although he is very qualified to teach us about any ADCchampion his favorite and most played champion is varus so he’s here to sharehis secrets with us hey RTO thanks for having me here today I appreciatethis opportunity so why have you been able to get to such a high level withvarus and sustain it for so long it’s because I’ve been playing varus foryears now as well as I’ve watched hundreds and hours of vods studying howhe should be played because of this I understand varus’s strengths andweaknesses pretty well I know exactly how to push my lead when I’m ahead togenerate more goal for myself and my team as well as know when I just have tofarm and survive to win the game varus is a pretty easy champion and master soonce you understand how it should be played getting to a higher level shouldbe pretty easy I also stay updated with new builds on varus as well as alwaysconstantly learning how the new champions in the bot lane functionagainst or with varus once you understand how to play really anychampion your elo will most certainly started to rise so what tips can yougive to the players out there who really want a Master varus yeah so I you know Ihave a couple of tips here that I can give to players that they probably don’tknow about varus first of all I believe the easiest source of poke inlane is not actually your q but your e essentially early game your q isgoing to be super hard to hit so utilizing your E is a lot better and ithelps you keep the priority and lane as well only use Q when you are in fog andcannot be seen or when the enemy is cc’d aside from that having pressure in Laneis really important when playing lethality varus if you can control visionand the wave you can easily poke down your enemies to push them out of thelane or even kill them only use your active W + Q combo when you’re sureyou’re going to kill someone or if you know you won’t need to use it for a longtime as you guys do know the active on the Wis actually pretty long it’s about 38 seconds in all ranks so make sure beforeyou use it you know that you’re not going to need it for a long time or it’sa use it as a finishing blow also make sure to always try to auto before usinga skill on the enemy to maximize your damage as much as possiblewith varus the easiest trading pattern and the strongest is Autoing way using yourE and then autoing again and then using your W and Q that’s the fastest andstrongest combo you can use before you have your R earlier you’ve played inthe competitive leagues for quite some time so what general knowledge can theygive to your fellow ADC mains that might not main varus but really want to climbyou don’t always have to win Lane to win the game I think a lot of peoplethink that to win the game you always have to win Lane but that is definitelynot true especially for the ad carry role I’m a lot of the time you canactually win games but just surviving more than the enemy ADC no one you haveto be punishing the Lane when you have a really good matchup as well as know whenyour job is just to not die and to scale up to improve I believe you should focusfirst on landing matchups in the bot lane then knowing how to survive in themid to late game while getting as much gold as possible then the last thing youcan do is get really good at positioning in teamfights you can do this by knowinghow to position to survive while doing

Default online strategy games free online gamesin teamfights you can do this by knowinghow to position to survive while doing the most efficient damage possible andoverall as someone that has played the game and you know a pretty high level mybiggest tip for you guys if you’re looking to improve so just practicepractice and play the game as much as possible that’s how a lot of you knowchallenger high elo players get there it’s just by playing a lot and youknow focusing on their mistakes and learning from them well jurrasic let’sget in the game and show us how to play varus at the highest of levels or porofessor is the only game app approved by riot to give you a cutting edge overyour opponent’s featuring live stat updates from the best players all overthe world you can plan your actions in gameduring loading screen or even before the game starts porofessor will provide youwith the highest win rate counters during champ select as well as masteriesand items builds scout your allies and enemies to determine who’s been Auto filled andwho’s going to carry use the referral link below to increase your win ratetoday and follow us at RTO Academy for our next exciting sponsor all rightso we are playing with a lethality varus this game though there they are all prettysquishy so there’s a perfect lethality varus game so we’ll start with ourhelp pot dorans blade which is you know the most common start you’ll want to dowhen you’re playing varus especially in the lane like this we don’t reallyneed the extra sustain from corrupting pot which is the other starting item youcan go in varus so yeah dorans blade health pot and then a ward I’m so in thelane like this varus vs. thresh or varus with thresh against Ezreal andAlistar we’re just gonna want to poke they don’t really have a lot of sustainwhat they do have is good all in with Alistar so I need to make sure thatI’m never in Alistars combo range and then I’m just gonna poke the entire laneif thresh ever lines a hook we can follow up with our combo which is whichI will show you guys you know once we’re there and I think level six is when wecan really start threatening to kill the enemy they’re not really running cleanseon Ezreal so if we ever get a good ult on Ezreal he should just die so yeah soheading into Lane our most basic combo for varus lethality varus with arcanecomet is Auto and E which is our hail of arrowsthis is your most basic easiest poke it’s your easiest form of poke that youcan use them and so yeah for runes were running arcane cometmana flow band for the extra mana absolute focus for the extra ad and thenscorch for that extra extra poke now for our secondary rune were actually runninginspiration we are going biscuit delivery and then we have magicfootwear biscuit delivery pretty straightforward obviously with theexcess lane extra mana and then the boots for them no extra money we get tosave from that you can also go cosmic insight if you feel like doing thatinstead of the boots that’s also a fine option yeah right now we have the lanecontrol actually I’ll start is alistar super weak level one so he can’t reallycontest us I’m holding on to my level two we can start either Q or Wdepending on what we need usually W is the most common level twoskill to get since it’s a lot easy to hit I don’t really recommend I’m using yourQ too much in lane two poke it’s more of like a finisher in my opinion orlike if you’re in fog and you’re sure it’s gonna hit then you can use it forthe most part your E is going to be your main source of poke so you guys can seehere I’m just using my E I’m poking them

1 online strategy games free online gamesmain source of poke so you guys can seehere I’m just using my E I’m poking them under their Tower just want to make sureagain we’re not anywhere near alistar where he can combo us and potentiallykill us with Thresh roaming mid we’re just gonna stay back here let our teamdo their thing had to react there with my flash that was actually a mistake onmy part being an alistar engage range so big mistake on my part but it’sonly we’re able to react to it and small flashI’m notice we’re still gonna play really back obviously our jungler is top sidestill which is actually pretty bad considering the lane is about to hitmy tower again and they can potentially dive me but I think it would be closeif they do try to dive okay I actually get a one-for-one therewhich is actually super good considering they did dive me to 2v1 so not badagain that mistake kind of all started from getting combo’d by Alistar earlierso big mistake on my part but should be okay againone-for-one super good for us and early gold is actually super good on lethalityvarus get you started on stacking those swords since you’re you are mainlybuilding lethality items and all lethality items build off long swords for the mostpart very nice I should have hold on to myQ there more to make sure it hits they actually do something good there whichis hold on to their heal when they were diving so I actually didn’t know theystill had heal so alistar actually almost survived because of that we’re nowtaking a free dragon this should be pretty free for the most part okay honestly it’s not too bad if ourthresh can actually live here yeah not too badly job we actually end up gettingthe dragon there also it was just a one-for-one overall since we did killAlistar we did kill Evelyn there so pretty good yeah we have a prettysolid lead in my opinion we have three kills as ezreal only has his tear sowe’re actually super strong compared to ezreal so we’re gonna be using thatadvantage make sure we are constantly harassing make sure we’re looking forgood trades just again they don’t have sustain so yeah I don’t know where Alistar ismy Thresh is top again so my best bet is to just keep playing safe until my supportis back near me okay alistar actually also top Oh okay I’m asking my jungler to come backcuz I’m once your level six this is when you can actually start punishing theenemy ADC with your R as well as the support it’s pretty easy to set up ganksonce you have your ult nice good double kill by are mid laner they believe it’s voyboy so yeah if ezrael ever walks up byhimself I can just R him and then we can follow up with I mean he’s just dead you hadone-for-one not bad though ezreal obviously misses a lot from thatyou actually just got back to lane and then he’s dead again so he actually endsup missing another wave so what for one if you look at it that way but it’sactually super good for us in terms of the wave as ezreal misses and we stillhave our R for the next play so we’ll grab our first item which is our glaiveand then we’ll grab another longsword which this game I believe I am going tobuild into an edge of night as my second item to kind of deal with theengage that Evelynn brings as well as you know Katarina all inning me I thinkedge of night is a super good item to kind

online strategy games free online games know Katarina all inning me I thinkedge of night is a super good item to kind

2 online strategy games free online gamesknow Katarina all inning me I thinkedge of night is a super good item to kind of prevent some of that initial burstfrom these assassins and then the ninja tabi swear ezreal andRenekton and Katarina also actually heals mixed damage so we should beclearing vision first before we push up here you don’t really want to be pushingup without vision especially against a jungler like Evelynn can be superdangerous so this is good that we’re getting vision kind of prevents Evelynn’sfrom just going bot and getting an easy gank on us yeah we know Evelynn’s weknow Evelyn’s currently bot we saw her at Raptors recently so should beplaying a bit safe here Evelynn is actually mid easy yeah I sawalistar show there for a second so I went for that play and ezrealactually ended up blowing his heal and I think his flash as well I’m not surethough I’m telling my Fiddlesticks to go dragon since Evelynn is at herald wecan’t really contest Harold so it’s better to just trade here I’m just gonnaQ right through this wave get the shove going since we are going forDragon you want to make sure you have prio so the enemy has to choose betweeneither contesting you guys are losing a wave and they typically go for the waveinstead should just look to reset after this play we’re pretty low on mana butthere’s actually a wave coming in and I think it’s okay to just catch this I actually look to roam mid here and help my it’s I was actually a 4 for 3, 4 for 2 Ibelieve I’m just gonna reset real quick and then go back mid here or bot yeahwe’re working towards our edge of night here so will buy that so far so good kindof like last or my last game we were playing for soul so we have twodragons this game as well so we can just keep playing for a dragon soul which isa pretty good objective hmm but for the most part you just wantto be poking with your Q and then if they ever you know walk up you canpunish them with your R but your main source of poke is your Qafter the laning phase you know how in Lane you were using your E the most nowyou’re gonna be using your Q when you’re out of Lane I can look to poke this guyor potentially kill them but I don’t really have that good of a vision midright now so and they do have a Fed Evelynn which could be pretty dangerous it looks like he actually went forfiddlesticks so should be on it’s cool down right now damn we actually ended up losing twopeople instead of just one because of that we actually have our three actuallyhave three items now with boots as well as edge of night and umbrella glaive sowe’re actually in a pretty good spot here again our goal is to just poke andthen if they ever walk up make a mistake then we’ll look to punish with our ultbut as lethality varus your goal is to poke and to do as much damage as you can whilenot dying your job before an objective is to try and poke out the enemy whetherthat’s maybe through an ult but mostly through your Q you can see dragon is about to spawnhere you can see me looking for pokes on thereRenekton and kinda trying to see if they walk up there’s actually pretty bad yeah huhour jungler actually miss smite and then

3 online strategy games free online gamesyeah huhour jungler actually miss smite and then our top lane is just useless cause he is playing darius into that team comp now we just want tocontrol around mid next objective coming up is BaronHarold is currently up but we can’t really contest that in my opinion youknow they’re super strong compared to us and they do have a lot of pick potentialwith their comp holy shit man yeah and that team fightactually super went well for us because they are Casio ended up landing a supergood ult so yeah and then we kind of just cleaned up there at the back endlanded a good R on Evelynn yeah we just want to keep scaling now obviously Casiowas a champion that scale super well but Renekton is also an early game championso if we are just able to scale for free we should be able to win this game niceand the kills are actually going on Cassiopeia which is super important should be pretty free it is a 4v5 and that would have been freeEzreal uses E there so I want to see if I can land an R on him this might actuallybe good for us um actually focusing our tank or our support and all over bothour carries are just rehiting right now I think tha darius can actually killmaybe two nice it was close it was close see to make sure we defend baron herenice okay we’ll grab our hexdrinker here pretty obvious we’re against Evelynn anda katarina so pretty good item against those twoassassins hopefully fiddlesticks doesn’t die hereKatarina actually flashes for that so that’s pretty important and we just want to make sure we’restaying around people that can peel us so thresh and cassiopeia like those twochampions right now again Wow actually ended up living there They actually live with such little HP it’sso unfortunate looks like they’re going for the end Iactually don’t think they can end so pretty interesting I don’t even thinkthey get baron now because they went for push mid instead of you just goingstraight to Baron maybe they can still do it we’ll see I might be able to steal this actually mmm that’s probably game yeahlaning phase went super well unfortunately my top jungle are kind of a super behindthree and eight, two and seven so pretty hard game to win but overall a good game forlethality varus if this game was to continue I would have went maw as my nextitem and our team might be able to hold here for a bit but it’s gonna be superclose yeah pretty good game again varus lethality varus is super strong especially mid to early game it’s just that later on ifyour team is behind it’s pretty easy to kill you yeah so if you guys enjoyedthis collaboration you guys can always find me daily at my educational streamat that is jurassiq or you can check out my youtubechannel where I upload weekly educational videos as well asentertaining videos at if you also have a Twitter youcan give me a follow there for any daily updates at Jurassiclol that is Jarassiqlol and we just want to say thank you for taking the time to watchthis video that I did with RTO and of course a big thank you to RTO forthis opportunity I wish you nothing but the best and again thank you in case youhaven’t heard I do have a new website where you can find Jurassic s– ultimateguide to varus and a ton of other challenging players all for free we are releasing two to three guides per week all made bychallengers but make sure to check that out I also have another YouTube channelthat I released only release only renekton content on I will have all that in the descriptionthanks for everything and make sure that like button and comment below who youwant me to bring on the channel next see you in the next one deuces boys

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