pc games you can play without keyboard

all right guys we’re moving forwardguys run forward okay come on looks okay we’re gonna go into now rockin we gotthis come on let’s get them get them yep get nervous okay okay so I canobviously tell already that I think are you ain’t might be one of my means keepyour foot away from me get away from me yes well yes I’m losing my mindJason just dead on the ground like right there how you doing how are you doingding seats for my girl ok team where are we going ok well overthere all right I will not be support I will literallyjust go in the freaking battle to just destroy everybody in my crown oh my godthis is bad is it good and bad jinx jinx you’re not my teamyou’re not my team you’re not my team two sides oh yes talk about like destroydestroy destroy straight straight to Michael are you got this month oh sorry oh I like those jinx when she died likemy heritable you know Ari sorry out out out out before we got her go itwas a hit yes that’s the problem is there’s probablyfrozen tundra oh-oh-oh yeah forget what would you doOh oh my god oh my god this feeling of power I did I did okay okaydifficulty wait whoa whoa look I was good at her and her level of difficultywas much like walks is easy mr. Yee oh man I want um unlock your first umselect okay so one of you older abilities first okay so okay so she’snot damaging her magic um oh my god her difficulty is to play the championsdifficulty by I was because I wasn’t trying everybody else but like for somereason me and re like clicked you know we understand you understand me youunderstand me in a personal level oh my god I love you so I’m over skins Oh Godmmm-hmm oh I need this I need the kid I honestly it’s the prestige edition usthose different ones oh my God look at her hair you’re obviously one couldbecome one of my favorites okay it definitely need you I’m gonna have tounlock you what’s this nine-tailed Fox oh look at such an anime as you guysmight not know I am an otaku so there’s that that is so cool hold on hold on Imight start with this just because like

Default pc games you can play without keyboardthat that is so cool hold on hold on Imight start with this just because like how much how do I don’t like you I haveto unlock you can I like by you do I have to purchase you okay back to herabilities okay so orb of deception re sends outand pulls back her orb dealing magic damage on the way out and she damaged myway back okay next I will hit restore health so I need to watch her spotlightFox fire releases three foxfire’s that lock on to attack nearby enemies charmshe blows the kiss oh oh oh so adamant that enemy comes closer and you candashes forward I think I like that one I think I was using I think I was usingthis one the most and orbit of deception I think I use that a bit what’s thiswhenever Ari spells hit a champion two times this short period she brieflygames movement speed all right cool so obviously it’s definitely getting to bere because she’s re um I need to practice with everybody else but mychair you guys are wondering who I’m who I’m like actually thinking of um meaningas I mean I got a test everybody out first but Ari is definitely cause likeshe’s she’s like her she fit my play style just like when in I even no way Idon’t want to be support no I want to fight like this is my therapy I’m a verycompetitive person so if I just put my mind into this and it will heal meso um definitely herb I have to try out everybody else I’m thinking of well jinxcuz I like jinx um definitely Shia I think I’m saying her name crazy and rockon I’m probably saying that wrong is you know I say everyone’s name wrong um aTeemo because I wasn’t just enjoy everybody um but yeah I want to see whoI fit you know not just by personnel but so who fits me is like my play style andeverything cuz I know that’s important but I’m gonna ticked it okay so I’mgonna select you don’t you trust me oh yes Queen I trust youyou can no wrong about that okay so let’s go here we go I’m on the rest guyswho wait who is here who is here who is hereand your skill points where learn a basic ability okay oh we’re here myskill points a 500 purchase and combine items into advanced item I’m gonna spendso much time effort to your skill point

1 pc games you can play without keyboarditems into advanced item I’m gonna spendso much time effort to your skill point oh wait oh well you told me to get thisboots of speed unlimited cyou one pair of boots what is thisamplifying tune those powers I kind of mean the way I play games sometimes Idon’t say it again I would punch you oh I like to be really strong but at thesame time I like defensive so this make me be just okay well I’m buying theboots okay sheesh control shut up okay so oh my god Nina messageuncle’s to really punch you in the face if you don’t shut up right nowlevel up champion info wait you have an unspent ability points click on any ofthe level up tabs oh sweet okay there are three lanes on this fieldof justice each with its own turrets inhibitor and minion waves sweet so it’sthe street oh sure oh who are you oh my god she’s so cool Asuka Shen severe ohlook at re oh my little fox baby she’s having fun with her little wormokay I don’t think I spend no skills points good luck mother was that hungguard well out of come out of combat this unit regenerates faster at theirfountain and it’s greatly increased movement how sweet this is given tochampions after 20 minutes of game time has passedwell that’s 20 minutes of game time has passed guys alright moving forward Ohover there’s three ways thing is though okay I have no money I don’t want to usethis my where I mean I don’t have to put this on I could sell them I’m notselling luscious ghost no cost oh wait shamming use increased movementspeed can move through units of 10 secondshe’ll no cost oh don’t do that yet not do it yetoh wait Willy I can use wer do so I could use this as well I’m likeliterally like oh no okay so okay so I can do this press them while moving herso I don’t think Hebrew okay okay cuz that was my big mistake there alright somoving forward um Jules I’m gonna go this wayOh can we run look at this I like this this is like a little down time for thechamps follow it follow it follow wing following we are going to get destroyeddoesn’t lean to start the match speak

pc games you can play without keyboard following we are going to get destroyeddoesn’t lean to start the match speak

2 pc games you can play without keyboardfollowing we are going to get destroyeddoesn’t lean to start the match speak close to the downtown experience don’tworry I will go do this oh here we go wah wah wah hey hey hey who heads so we’re gonna get my hands I’m justgonna keep using it like this until I get used to the controls so w/e are of ww-why is my okay i guess i can’t use ityet I’ve been in I’m just literally hit rere re re right now your champion can use their abilities okay whoa yummy I needhelp friends sorry wait you gotta eat it eatup girl yelling up he wound up healing up minions help me okay huhI want those experience points I will get them I need to be careful I need tobe careful come on boys come here boys come hereboys come here boys come here boys you can’t get meyou can’t get me you’ll go get some you’ll go get some you’re going withthis oh you boys go get there you go boysdown hey come on come on come on severe is that your name get your butt over here boy get yourbutt over here good straight nope nope no haunted no no no he’s tornsaid he’s tormented also recalls to return to the sunnat’ of happy boysalways botch it up always glitching out no revengeget that dang revenge get revenge get that dang revenge get demo runs you killmy friend kill my friend I’ll kill you all my god he’s either legit likefreaking out here I don’t know what I’d be good at like Idon’t know what am I like let’s say shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot that’s nurse yes the mouse clicking must must mustlove that hey stop hurting my minions run runyou are attack us okay voice you really want to mess with me here I don’t thinkyou want to mess with me here I don’t think you want this you stupidmotherfuckers get the heck away you’re

3 pc games you can play without keyboardthink you want this you stupidmotherfuckers get the heck away you’re down you’re down you’re down you’re downyou’re dead you’re done let’s go come on minions yes look at Chenin is nice waitthat fire he’s a treat boy yours no sonrun yes yes he’s neat you know this guy is a freakin problem in the frickinnightmare gets a hack away from me yeah well I won’t tell I won’t tell nowe’re told myself yeah yeah yeah get okayWow go boys let’s go okay okay boys let’s go you going downone day do it y’all how the heck did you meet that guy Bigfoot here’s hose he got Pig no our turret No no no I hate this guy boy re-infuse the recall spell to returnto the southerner platform no no he’s after me he’s after me what do you wantpoint point point I’m not giving up what’s that wounds echo five four three two one two yes boys itdown the down guys we got this hey hey hey hey guys let’s get goinglet’s keep going deaf ball okay damn boy I’m gonna end up liking you over butstill like I don’t like playing against you and no hard feelings if he’s alwaysafter me get the heck away here it’s huge oh yeah hey hey boy hey stupid I gotta get all these skins shut down likeBeth do you know like do it he owns alwaysafter me you look at me dude like what the heck you have eggs you have a eggsto be your lived shit afternoon okay all right oh god oh god Rico we go are we all right minions helpme forget Norris or whatever they know no sister to get away he’s legit whatthe heck about this freaking our attack we’re dead I’m good I’m good I’m goodthat get away give it guys where are you guysoh here y’all he’ll y’all did an enemy has been slain exfoli an inhibitor yes so oh god of course it’s freakinghim enemy Nexus oh yeah I’m gonna have some pleasure doing that game boy okaycome to me frickin where’d you go where’d you go Iwant you boys oh I hate you oh oh my god I’m dead I’m deadrecall spell to return to the Sun and a platinum oh my god oh my god what’d I dostop be careful stop it okay

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