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Hey! How it’s goin’. Damn, I’m excited today. One my favorite games this year, Little Nightmares, just came out with a DLC. I think it’s this one. Oh, God. I hope it’s that one. I don’t know, it came out of nowhere. It’s early – the DLC is early. I repeat everyone. ohhhhh Such a nice surprise. This is definitely it. What? Who are you? Wow, why does your head look like a meatball. You look delicious. How did we end up here? Oh, I’m drowning. Uh-oh. Oh, we’re at – that’s – I remember this place This is where we met the enemy for the first time. Oh, I’m so cute! So then – we’re on the boat still then. We’re playing as one of the ~*children*~ This is awesome. I’m so glad we’re getting more content of this game! Where do I go ? I forgot, I forgot about Teddy. Can I go back and get him? I forgot the controls. I’ve got everything come on. Okay great Jeez is he gonna come and check on me. I best be going then Alright well this way it is there he is oh. He’s he chasing the girl From the original that’s funny. Oh No, she died I had this theory that this guy is a nice guy he just looks horrible Cause he never he never actually kills you he just captures you or whatever maybe just one of those clingy parents, you know Actually, you know you know what I’ll take it back. He’s horrible there you go. It’s the boat Whoop ! luckily placed Mattress we’ve been here as well. Oh Shit, it’s the slug. I know what those do I will not say hi to you today mister Giant black Don’t say penis, okay, cool We’ve been there as well. This is weird. It’s like we’re playing behind the scenes ah there is a little Girl down there ???? All right, we’ll tip tap our way through If I remember how I grabbed stuff I need, no I need to jump down here okay, I see I complete.. I don’t know which one I grab with and I know it’s just such an important move Here we go We’re gonna have to run back aren’t we? I have to remember which one I run on That’s sneak you know, let… sorry Okay, Sprint, grab flashlight, crouch, okay Sorry now you don’t have to hear me? Keep going, I don’t know the controls C’mon buddy there you go. Oh, God where do I hide here ? What a major fuckup ! I thought for sure that would be covered in the middle. I just assumed that there would be. Great let’s do that again What the fuck was that. All right here we go I don’t trust that bitch tho I ain’t trusting no bitches that be snitchin like snitches here we go come back here girl Where you going girl with three bag? I’m going to throw up cube into your fucking face come here You want this Cube? You want to play Minecraft This game is just like my real life come back here lady. Where’d you go? I love this area. It’s so cute Alright. I assume. We have to go back up here. There’s no potato people left I don’t know why I’m doing this it’s figured great job Felix! end your life, Jesus Christ

Default play action gamesgreat job Felix! end your life, Jesus Christ Okay, I can just go here. It’s fine. It’s fine. I know what I’m doing Professional gamer here look I have toilet paper. That’s right. That’s right. Thank you everyone toilet paper Anyone need some I got you fam. What is she doing? Oh what a dick.. that’s fine. I have toilet papers Yeah, yeah See I got you fam coming to get you girl. I don’t know why I’m coming to get you But I’m gonna catch up that I was a joke everyone. Thank you. 10/10 all right let’s grab this And let’s go down nice, and easy. Where’s she going? She’s going in there in the hole. She’s going in the hole come back here when it’s safe to jump off now I would assume. I’m fine. I’m fine It’d be funny if you started playing as the inside character, or some shit all of a sudden. Plot twist This game is Canon Okay, I assume we have to go down there, but I also kind of want to check around Okay, well let’s just go Whoop ! haha WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOA!!!!!!!!!! I’m fine Swim Swim Swim Swim swim I don’t trust it, I don’t trust the water. I don’t trust the water I just don’t trust the water get out of the water. Thank you. What the fuck What do I do here? Oh hell no, it’s vibrating my controller is like non-stop Vibration alright, we got it. We got to pull this Which I don’t like even more Why is my controller freaking out? it’s like *Imitates vibration* Jezz do you see it’s my Scrotum. Look at it I’m vibrating like crazy What is happening? What is… Oh okay here we go? I did it everyone let’s just go through I don’t want to check the background Ah we get the flashlight, now we can use it Cool which you use with B nice Nice, and cozy. Are you scared now? I bet you’re scared. I never get scared so it’s okay. Oh God. That’s a giant slug thing all right, I would say hi, but I gonna go with “bye” this time thank you Ok here we go yes, the we’re going great so far ZERO DEATH (2 deaths) Oh shit Jesus fucking Christ you distracted me nearly got me killed boy. “Crouch” Yes, ah shi- Nope coming from the ceiling not a problem. I saw that one. NO I got stuck in the pipe What the fuck ah? It keeps vibrating. Oh now it stops. I thank God that was super annoying Fucking hell. I got stuck in this stupid pipe Jesus Christ they’re faster in the water It’s almost like they’re water creatures or something Hey look at that. Yeah, oh, God. What do I do here? Oh? Yeah, boy. hell yeah mate that was fucking awesome man alright, so Aren’t you gonna like? There you go, okay, whoa Oh God that does not sound nice. HA yeah I did it zero death everyone (3 deaths) Thank you so much. Oh God, okay The fuck is this ? Oh God, I don’t trust anything Whoop oh God swim swim swim swim swim swim….. What’s happening here? What is this okay, I don’t know what this DLC is called I don’t know what it’s about. I just Just randomly saw it was available and then I’m like hell. Yeah. I’m just gonna get it

1 play action gamesJust randomly saw it was available and then I’m like hell. Yeah. I’m just gonna get it Oh God, okay. This is very dark. Give me my flashlight. I don’t think I can AHHHH Piece of potato pie hell yeah Legit he looks like a meatball Panera is your home Ikea is my city Whoa that was deeper than I expected I strongly feel like some sort of yep Okay, well this is great. This is where we die. There’s chairs. There’s chairs coming to kill me Please for the love of God Swim Girl you almost got me Mr.Chair not today This meatball lives another day, bow. I said bow instead of bro. Thank you Uncut footage you know it always does well Doesn’t show how cringy I am in as a human being thank you. Thank you everyone. I don’t know why I did that right there a giant rectum here I don’t like it Where am I supposed to go here? No click it. I don’t know Down here, maybe I feel like I would die No, I’m fine with that How about that? Excellent. What is this? Alright, you come up with me now. Oh God that looks that looks very bad, uh excuse me AH Ah, that did the trick great excellent. Let’s let’s go here. Oh God, they’re really fucking fast AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!NO!!AHHHHHHHHH Why didn’t I run I forgot I could I pressed A I’m so stupid Jesus, okay? i’ll try to run this time that would be I would be super Super Duper I don’t know why I feel safer on this thing, but really in reality. I’m fucking not Hey look at that if you actually run you win. How about that? Who would have thought you should have to run crazy I don’t trust it no Oh God it’s speaking to me. Come out and play pewdie. Okay, great More water for Fuck’s sake man Looks like we got a lot of climbing to do here bros a lot of climbing for one meatball to make What part of the ship is this who places a random toilet there? No toilet paper for you, buddy. hehe, oh God grab it There you go video game rules if there’s a switch you gotta what the fuck ah fuck Alright fine. Maybe we need to release the pressure first if you know what I mean Alright, here we go There you go hey, how about that Wow, what a tricky puzzle there, oh mah gawd x3, my ass is filling up Yeah, yeah Yeah, oh, I get it. I get it we gotta hurry up whoo Swim Swim Swim Swim Swim Swim Swim Swim Swim Swim Swim How do I, I died I died everyone I died Did I not…What? Yeah, that’s how drowning works everyone in case you weren’t aware You lose any breath of air. You instantly die? There you go lil’ Above my water hey there that does the trick Stop stop. That’s enough. Ahh Sewage. Thank you wow try not to get it in your mouth, buddy There you go nice

play action games There you go nice

2 play action gamesThere you go nice nice and Smooth Man I love playing this game It plays so nicely I love it There’s something about it All right new place Let’s save this barrel for no reason no, I can’t Okay, well, I don’t fucking know push you out. No just look at it What about here, oh okay. Wow… hahahaha Oh jeez. can I pull you no it’s definitely something in the water here You can feel it I literally can feel it my my, Oh, God. I see him my controller is vib…. Well, what the fuck it’s a giant’s wow that’s creepy Don’t kill me Mr.Sea Monster get up UPPP!!! THE FUCK!! Get up get up no it doesn’t work swim leave me alone Ah GET UP I hate this Get up get up get up……Edgar is freaking out oh God, I’m sweating for real. Oh My God sweating for real. I am not a fucking seal Ah Jeez Okay, calm down We can do this easy easy game boom bam slam… Sam and damn don’t fucking touch me The Forbid can’t touch it ah fuck you What you gonna do huh? I’m going here for no reason hey, you like alcohol. I got you fam that got grabbed it What is this? Saw one of these before okay, so these are the new collectibles Okay, great. It’s a bottle post Great. Hey, maybe we can use it as distraction Idiot idiot Yes Boi, that was straight up BS Oh it’s bs, no it’s bz I know kids slang shut up great jump there Felix you Gold Star Buddy I see you oh God. ASSHOLE You’re a real penis Don’t fucking touch me man Through the box now, okay, I see how it is Oh my God this thing I hate it now you gonna get mad at me. Oh he’s not playing the game perfectly hell Yeah, if I did it he I’d be over a long time ago, man Bitch, you can’t fucking touch me Swim Swim Swim get up ain’t that fucking hard bitch Fuck a duck. That’s right. Bye. Bye Bye Here we go can we pull this it’s a box everyone. I can climb here. I see it now, okay Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention That is probably your mama Your mama everyone your mama jokes, Top of the morning now that too much ain’t it unless it goes down by itself No it doesn’t Alright that will do little dead copes that’ll do what the fuck Oh my God, okay, well then die, then fucking die Why does he not grab that what’s your fucking problem alright? I’m ready for you. Don’t fucking fuck with me alright cuz I will Swing back swing back slowly, but that was not nearly good enough. Oh

3 play action gamesSwing back swing back slowly, but that was not nearly good enough. Oh Now you can grab it. Oh, that’s interesting That’s really interesting thanks for letting me know about that one You want some fish come to get it ? Oh, there’s more of it It just keeps coming looks Delish I’ll have some Yeah, take some have some have some more while I swim. It’s way tastier than me look. I’m skinny that Fish is fat like your mama gottem absolutely just get up. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you Fuck are you man? Got him and got him right am I right hey, you want a shoe you want a fucking shoe. Hey I know you want a shoe you want you want a shoe here you go, err. It’s a fish bitch absolutely rekt no recovery Now there’s more shoes could do it all day, but you know what I’m not gonna. I have dignity oh, God What am I oh ah ah I didn’t mean for that to happen Alright, how do I get up there get up here? No that’s not what I Hey, I could do push up What else do we got a ball. We got a ball everyone Dribble going left going right going he doesn’t double spin he goes up And he shoot it, fuck! Stop I don’t want you Mr.Can. Stop can Thank you Alright here we go, here we go just aim at the thing and shoot Okay, let’s try that again Aim at the basket and shoot the fucking ball Yeah Hell yeah, man. hell yeah, man. What does that do then? I don’t know why I just did this What the fuck Are you telling me that All I had to do was climb up here Is that no I can yeah? Oh what? Fucking distracted by a basketball game Jesus Christ Well done, well done Felix Okay, here we go. It’s Gonna be an epic jump, Hell yeah men. I did it man. Hell yeah man I can’t reach the Ah fuck I can all it’s fine who needs them oh I see it wow that’s cool. That’s actually pretty cool Nope, okay Here we go. Can you run in a straight line, please Mister meatball fuck you meatball Yes, oh, no get up get up get a fuckin a why am I singing in this shit man ah chair you’re Not even doing it for me man Alright I get it. I need to push the chair Mr.. Chair is my best… I can’t push chair. So fuck it then Maybe I can just climb these handles okay. I can nope that’s not what I wanted you to do, but you know Live your life the way you want to live it Rule one there’s the lever you gotta pull it. Oh, wow that’s a lot deeper than I thought That’s what she said, okay. I’ll stop I promise Like you’ve never made that joke okay. Sorry. I didn’t know I had a connoisseur. ew trypophobia what the fuck Okay, they really don’t want that pot to break clearly so we’re gonna fucking smash the shit out of it Something living is inside. I’m going to get the rat Type in the comments right now what you guess it is inside, the pot. I know it’s going to be a key But what else all right? I’m dorothy exploring you guys right now. Come on. Tell me push. It bye. Bye It was a slug Congrats to everyone that gets the slug Probably no one because I am the smartest and I’m always right, so the rat is actually the right answer. I think If you mean, Mr.. Slug could you get the fuck out of my way please? All right, all right. Yep. Look how he walks by sucking what a shitty life grab the key yes, and then run excellent and then no, that’s not what I Yes, that’s how you unlock doors Felix. All right now. It’s time to get that fuck out of here. Bye. Bye. Bye. Hell yeah man Doing great zero deaths by the way really proud of this playthrough doing really well haven’t died a single time Okay, here we go another area. What’s up got electricity that he pressed the button make it stop, yes, that’s right No, it’s still electric But now the current doesn’t leave the water so we’re safe we saf, but it could be time so let’s be careful Take me up, please Up and onwards, this meatball really loves water, huh all right. Let’s press the button again. See what happens It’s probably going to go up. We have plenty of fucking temperature fuck. I’m dead. I’m alive Yes, that was not the way I imagined things to go, but it worked out I mean of course perfectly calculated zero deaths s by the way hello bucket. You’re coming with me Never mind stay there then you potato son of a bitch see if I give a shit fucking fucking shit We’re back in the showers Oh God, that’s a sexy bitch. We saw her face and shit. Oh, I get it now I get it Why people like water no don’t fucking no stop you need to stop You’re ugly all right. You need to stop everything you’re doing, oh God Oh my God look at that face. swim the fuck up. AHH!! That’s right. There will be no ass for you tonight boy. Oh, God grab that and don’t fuck up Have you seen that gif so I almost suggest that would have been embarrassing oh? Of the little girl that gets pulled down by a seal in the water or an otter maybe it is Fucking hilarious Google it. Google it right now Oh, God. He’s coming back right away. What the fuck? Dude chill chill Brah chill chill chill alright, I’m telling you to chill Chill out relax max. all cool. Shoot some ball outside a pool Okay, here. We go. Let’s go for it When a couple of guys they were up in no good start to make a trip travel in my neighborhood I got in one super little fight and my mother got like wow Yes, those are the original lyrics oh God, I think she’s piss now We got momentum, baby Hell yeah, let’s keep going fucking killing it killing it man killing it for a living hell yeah man that was fucking off Thank you Felix. I mean, thank you myself See I have to compliment myself cuz you bros not fucking do it. Look at these gaming skills, bro Someone’s like you don’t believe that I play video games all day every day Zero deaths deaths by the way And we keep it that way son. That’s right that’s right motherfucker. You can go suck a dick without ugly face boy. Hell yeah Nailed it skills. Oh you thought I skills ah I’m dead. I’m dead. You know I get these skills by respecting wha..mon Oh, there’s a hole there What’s oh? What? Okay the Epic Troll Let Epic troll everyone got em and no toilet paper for you, son. That’s right these as well Okay, now maybe not maybe not. Whatever. I don’t care. I don’t care whoop that was fucking epic that was like a superhero spider-man jump right there, baby right there, baby alright. We’re gonna have to pull this briefcase Oh, God no, I said pull it I guess I can’t do it, huh Alright, whatever. I’m guessing. We have to transport an item from one side to another while still managing the water Easy game is easy zero deaths puzzle destroying bruh absolutely havoc, okay, press All right, give me that little triangle piece of shit I think I see it probably one of these mother truckers No, that’s an ugly ass Where are you all right toilet paper toilet paper doesn’t get wet there it is okay, and I have something to tell you bros. It’s a little embarrassing oh, we saw before why didn’t you tell me then Oh God, I’m going to die now No I’m fine. Okay my ass fallen asleep is what I’m trying to say Good job, you did it wow amazing other way? Okay perfect Can I don’t want nothing to do with you Cen Wait, sorry I did it wrong boi genius genius Oh no, and he’s dancing like he dances with his bro Yeah, I get it. Oh That’s right sneeze compilation fuck you not today. No not today Okay, here we go Boi, you’re going right inside that little red in case you didn’t realize triangle. Goes in triangle. They painted it red for us how nice How nice everyone We’re Gonna have to redo this Now let’s redo this Shut up Edgar. No one likes you either You are legit can level of dog if you were a Kitchen household item you’d be a can Edgar. Okay. God damn it. I fucked that up didn’t I I forgot to press the button didn’t. I’m a fu… why did no one tell me I might have to strike off the genius on my title that was pretty fucking I love me. I love you Here we go okay ready you ready you ready boi. You’re ready boy here we go man. Hey Bitches say no that sounded weird, okay here we go. Yeah boi. We did it. We did it man Easy this game is easy, man doors I’d be fucking them What? oh shit, she’s sitting in the chair and shit The fuck was she doing Oh God don’t panic, don’t panic. I’m sure I’m dead That’s fine. That’s fine. Just swim Just don’t worry. Don’t worry. I’m absolutely destroyed hey, it’s me. I’m back so basically there’s not that much left I So I thought okay. I might as well Just finishes in one episode instead of dragging it out to two. I know I’m a nice person Jesus fucking Christ calm down Oh my God this bitch is not messing around is she All right well I am a dead man now Well, it looks like you don’t have to do that shit Can she mess with it? Oh my God you asshole go Oh my Lord God, she’s mean I do not like her Shit oh!! OH!!! How is it to watch? I’m like. Oh okay? I turn on the television you think bitches like television, huh? It seemed like I would climb onto that lamp doesn’t it. Oh thank God that worked Okay, another lever you all know the oh God ah. Stop you’re such a prick Now what ah I meant to land on them What’s the plan here? Oh, I see, oh I’m dead Get up get up get up NOO. What the fuck are you doing get up again Bitch is coming up here now Oh God, what do I do? There’s the hole there stop it? Oh? I got fried like potato pie I can fucking push it, I try so many times to push it Go down your stupid TV. Oh, that’s right. You get fried bitch You got fried like pizza pie motherfucker motherfucker Yes, I am the one Hell God damn it bitch is Dead That’s right that’s worth a high five. Are you ready? Okay, alright. Fuck I ruin it Okay, my flashlight still works after all that. That’s great Top of the morning to your ladies This is Pewdiepie here. I stole jacksepticeye’s brand now with these headphones The fuck are you doing? Something tells me this bitch is not dead You know when you kill them you when you when you have something annoying for a long time They never die okay you want them to die and then they die and then they never die alright It’s Friday the 13th all over again. Why am I speaking like a pillow? Alright long ass ladder It better be a sign that says you’re awesome at the top of this oh Jezz Oh, that was the collecting guy fuck’s sake Maybe he maybe he told whispers you’re awesome, dude. I love your shit man, oh shit We’re locked in here with a little girly no. No, aah We were the one that had to go. What did he do with us My mind is thinking some pretty sick stuff right now disgusting despicable I believe that was the little nightmares Dlc short, but sweet as you say I liked it very Nice, I don’t think it compared to The original one but I’ll take whatever we can get I thought it was great anyway I love this cinematic Platforming type of genre. I really hope they make more of them. I hope this games does well, so more people will follow I wasn’t sure if inside did well, or not I understand it’s a it’s Not maybe just about justifiable for a lot of people to pay the amount when you get a shorter Amount of gameplay out of it, but I think it’s cool that they make DlC like this, so you get a little bit extra Let me know what you thought of the DLC any thoughts. Maybe something. I missed they would like to be enjoyed watching and as always Sister fister

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