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legowrlds Whether it’s Irish Chantix like a world. We are in lego world. I’m good tGD kameron What we love all the kids what we’re on it. All the kids were all you [we] got all the kids there on an adventure a hunt [for] [lego]wrlds eyes [we] got all the kids there on an adventure a hunt [for] [lego]wrlds eyes exciting Yeah Like you can anything live on what? It looks like all weepy character it was thesaurus well, actually Minecraft pistols [I] I knew that One more fuzzy carrot is a carrot Eat the Carrot Where’s my Ford? Come on You aren’t going Tell me Spider-Man [soros] what exactly is it like baby spider? huh Actually, I am totally Spider Man I knew that I’m cracking table. How [could] you focus all these diamonds? [I] like you Yeah, you gotlegoPickaxe so heavy Now go money. Oh Oh, man, oh [Auntie] who your baby piggy, you know what you have big legs. Yeah, I also like your bacon meat What I? Just got word that they’re gonna go hunting for a [hot] [dog] asaurus. Well, it [just] called pigs [my] [piece] [on] [a] toy ah Okay, it’s a creep up and it’s going to explode creeper the Minecraft gas attack track from hot wheels This track comes with a pig man gross and its own cart it’s really cool because we are gonna use these carts that are based like hot wheels and you can stuff any of your Little minifigs from Minecraft inside and have them go on the track. Are you ready? If you look at the back of the box it shows you the track and all the cool [things] that it does enough of that, let’s play Can it rain some toy some assembly required? While the Hobby kids are assembling the track. Let’s take a look at the pig man

Default play games downloadWhile the Hobby kids are assembling the track. Let’s take a look at the pig man So this is pig man. He’s like half Skeleton half pig half man really weird, and it makes me wonder if He tastes like ham and bacon like I wonder but I would never eat it either. That’s just nasty Then we have this car so right here. It kind of like grips the figure, so let’s pop them in here Grip some just so okay, and you get right in the cart So we have this one car. We have it all put together. You know it’s not fun. Just having one car We need more cars right got one for each [of] you Hobby frog has steven his it’s just the packaging It’s kind of cool and a creeper and a pig and I’ve got one with Alex But we’re gonna open these up right now. Come on open money. Yeah Really cool cards, but wait a minute. [how] they they don’t have their own minifigs Can you guys go [mine] [some] more and find more minifigs, okay? Go find some more in the mine for me, and we’ll open up so many things This one have the armored up Steve Wow, good job guys that was some good mining. So we got some minifigs Huh, let’s open these up and [put] them the [carts] and have some fun Hoppy frog found alex a black sheep and a squid Hobby Pig has a bat iron armor Stephen a villager and Hobby [bearer] has a ghast Diamond steel and an Endermite Kind of weird, so who do you guys want to ride your cards? Hmm You’re gonna take the bat howdy frog who do you want to ride your car? I? Keep the sheep the sheep Howdy bear who do you want to write in your cart man? Okay guy, and you’re right cool and in my cart hmm. Let me see let me look at our collection Here is our collection And wow we got a lot? Gold steve, I know it’s breakable, but he’s cool again K gold Steve here we go Let’s see if we could defeat the guest [Baba] So he put the [carts] in here push this down and [it] fires them up the ramp He goes around the loop ax t loop and wakes up the gas All I didn’t do it. We needed more umph [oh] He’s awake to see his eyes open up Once he’s been awakened You turn this this way dude, and then you can try to start shooting the gas You got him in those little tentacles at the bottom to make his head explode We’re gonna use pigman let’s see if Big man can do it oh Man, I was awesome [Hobby] frog can you defeat the gas let’s see if you can do it man?

1 play games download[Hobby] frog can you defeat the gas let’s see if you can do it man? Always awake, yeah, my sheik in the basement. [oh] We didn’t do it Arthur baby, yeah You have your bats let me see those bats Okay, moe and Joe oh, you woke him up. That’s the first step Yeah Ready Hobby [bearer] let’s see if you could do it with your little might get Kinda reminds me of silky on teen Titans. Oh man and quite make it [oh] Well, you woke up the gas, but your little buddy didn’t make the trip [oh] I’m gonna give this little guy one more shot. He’s got to be [able] to do this here. We go. [oh] Man, you just can’t do it. [maybe] an empty Minecart can do it oh I think that little wormy guys just sitting in the cart down to low well this has been super [fun] But now we need to clean up and put all of our little guys into their collection case Ortolani I got [shuffle] [nuts]. I got some you too Amigo Gang So why exactly do you do during the daytime ah? [A] [saltine] Monsters, [aah] Hey, let’s open up that shovel Knight’ Amiibo. This is Gonna be so cool. You found him in the mine, huh? Yeah, was he under a bunch of rocks Good lunch. Yeah. Did you use your pickaxe? probably That’s very unorthodox Wow, what a cool looking a me bo you’re ready to put him on the wiiu to see if we could do two player. Oh Yeah, it’s placing shovel Knight. Hobby Games TV here. We are [IV] games TV And we’re Gonna check out the shovel Knight Amiibo Amiibo yeah way to players Dude, let’s do it you ready here. We go [two] player shovel Knight. Axe joan Lunden and a blue dude oh oh, oh So you’re really skilled? or something in action ah [whoo-ha] be bear what you have there? [whoo]? It’s a crystal [sully], french, and it he got he doesn’t good growls wah Yeah, Terry he’s crystalline Sully who’s a happy bear? Have you ever seen a crystal figure before? Pretty cool, huh yeah yeah, I think [I] see more first crystal for you. I leave now do they light up a little bit Come on. Let’s go check him out infinity 3.0 Hobby games Tv. Hey. I’m fans hockey game TV. We’re a tryout this crystal sully. [who’s] hanging out here? Yeah, we’re eating snacks like we do here on the gaming channel. Yeah, let’s try out Just [um] put it right here boom I played the original infinity games. Wow he’s crystal. Huh, that’s gross. Yeah

play games download I played the original infinity games. Wow he’s crystal. Huh, that’s gross. Yeah

2 play games downloadI played the original infinity games. Wow he’s crystal. Huh, that’s gross. Yeah When everything can like shoot toilet paper. [oh] wow it’s got some good stuff [going] on here Yeah, ooh, what’s that? This is block? Oh? There’s his brow. Oh Bobby [mom’s] giving us some more snacks thing about Water stupid and water. Oh my goodness. Yes Sure, you got it’s always good So what’d you find in the mine, [Hobby] Big Lou its Mewtwo amiibo? That is awesome. I’m gonna put them in Smash Robert Oh, so [he] could be your ally you build them up. Let’s open it up man. See this thing so I’m Dare to say you think Mewtwo’s like one of the best pokemon ever right look when you play the game [you] choose like your guy oh Yeah, in [wow] he is super awesome Hey, Hobby games TV back here at Hobby Games TV We’re gonna try out the Mewtwo amiibo on [Smash] [Brothers] and go you And it’s hobby pigs me into super cool. We’re gonna sign it to you man. What color do you want mmM? [shut] [up] YouTube We can totally use our [Amiibo], right there is Seriously with Kirby There’s kirby. There’s your Mewtwo. Oh Link just took you to school Hmm you two PCS. Come along looks like he’s try to help out Wow, so that’s what you found in the Minecraft mine. Yep, cool. What is it [ooh] its original minis Pixelated [heroes] that is so cool. So hmM. Which one. Do you want to get I? Think Hulk’s really cool or thorn [oh] Would be cool come on Gather at base that’s Vision so which one is [blue] it’s War machine War machines a good guy? He’s like iron man, but he’s like works for the military iron, man Yeah Yeah, it’s a [bobble] [head] bobble bubble bobble bubble in the Ironman [tension] they are friends sometimes Mostly Bobby bear What did you get that such a cool looking Minecraft block? So these have really cool Minecraft toys that you can get look at all that neat things get a creeper and an ocelot get [aghast] Steve you can even get the neither portal, so I’m wondering which one you’re going to oh look at [that] the pig rider see It looks like a diamond doesn’t it? [we’ve] got the spider jockey and here’s the instructions on how to put him together and here’s the toy he looks super cool He’s like really knows how to read that spot. He’s doing some type of skateboard trick

3 play games downloadHe’s like really knows how to read that spot. He’s doing some type of skateboard trick There you go man. Oh Yeah Oh, you like his leg, hobby pig. Where’d you find that blind bag man in the mind? [oh] of course aren’t you a [9] here my mind wha pixelated heroes what you want? Mm, and what I know you want all of them, but like which one could you get right now? That would be like? No Oh stealth armor Iron, man. Let’s do it man see if you got I’m actually will get written again cuz that’s the guys you always get ya man, whoa So there’s bobblehead hat man You know one cool thing about these figures They like because they have hexagon bases that you can kind of interconnect So we have our two guys [that] we just collected and we can put them right here Yeah, pretty [anyhow] they fit just so just close enough to bobble. Just a little bit later dancing. Oh [oh] breakdancing. I knew you I believe you give up back over time you [I] love you. Oh You kids also way come on. Let’s draw I stop this tooling it’s the iron Dawn set I can’t wait [to] [see] it’s for ages eight plus kit number two one one two three it’s 208 pieces look at all that awesome action hey comes with Alex She’s the cool Minecraft chick in the booty. That’s right Hobby frog our Lego maniac is Gonna build this set let’s get started the set guys do Here’s a monster You quick where’s the crafting table on its toe here’s alex and here’s diane gone I’ll show you how to stuff works first [and] [then] pretty cool Alex has a diamond pickaxe she’s mining [flame] for iron ore here is a stop glue that I made if you wanna see some more Eager Comes below Tell me exactly what is your secret to your diet? Oh? No It’s just a spider actually spiders don’t butcher my part Apparently, I’m riding in some soldier Rollercoaster Device machine, then we’re in a Minecart I knew that oh So why exactly is your beef with the skeletons? Why the Anger HMM? Hey, let’s pick to hobbykidstv light ball. I have the blocks make my the tnt. [it’s] attacking explode member Or be kids like for it. So [cute]. I just Want you wish it. [tommy] Mr.. Cow. What is your favorite channel on YouTube moo moo moo, moo? My dear I speak oh We’re back to reality thumbs up for mine cause It’s Minecraft kameron Let’s do it And check out all weekend TV for more exciting fun

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