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– What is up everybody? Welcome to my channel. My name is Ronald and today, I am playing Minecraft pocket edition part one. So let’s get straight to it. Play. And I’m gonna make my own world. What should we name it? The Luckiest World of All Time. No, that’s too long. The Best! Because it will be the bestif I never die on it (laughs). So the best. Done! Okay, survival, create world. Okay, what? (laughs) I just, I just like, look at the edge of my screen, okay, what’s, what is that? There is a mushroom on wood! Who break this tree down? Was there an Enderman here? That’s really weird. Oh my God. Anyways, we need this wood. Hey. Hey, don’t glow wood, turn into cracks, ‘kay? Don’t glow. I’m telling you not to glow. Yes, yes. You’re telling me, you’re doing what I’m telling you to do (dog barks) Now I have wood in my hands. (laughs) Wood in my hands. What should I do with this wood? And then I just automaticallyplace it (laughs). Okay. So now, I’m going tomake a crafting table, that’s why I collected this wood. Thank you! Thank you! Now I have a crafting table. One piece of wood turnedinto a crafting table. It’s like, I’m like ding,ding, I got a crafting table. It turned into a crafting table. (laughs) Now I’m gonna need this. Hey, white stuff. What kind of wood are you? I wanna know what kind of wood are you. So let me break you. Come on, don’t be shy! I wanna break you man. Finally!

Default play mobile games on pcFinally! Takes so long just tobreak a piece of wood. Just that little piece of wood. (laughs) Now it’s going to take so long again. (mumbles) Gimme it please. Hiya, hiya, hit it, hit it, oh yeah! Come on, don’t be shy mister. You’re such a shy person mister wood. So shy. Anyways, let’s, let’s craft our birch planks, now what should we grab? (lawnmower cuts grass) Sticks. Now we can make a sword. You have just, not justenough to make a sword. Well enough. Ta da! Yay, now we got a sword! Yeah, we got a sword. Yeah, I’m ready to fight people! I’m ready to fight! Anyways, let’s get this crafting table. Wait, is it fixed now? Can I get this wood? It’s not shy anymore. Yes. Yes, it’s so not shy! Yes I’m so lucky. We could craft, four planks. Four planks. And now. What should we craft? I’ll go craft a pickaxe. Hey, Mr. Crafting Tablecan I use you for a sec? Yeah, I think I can. Okay, let’s place our crafting table. Should be a, welding table because, it doesn’t really have bars, it just, just a single block thing. Birch doors, look at those birch doors. We have enough for a chest, wait, that’s how wecraft a wooden trap door? I never knew how tocraft a wooden trap door. We can make three of these but we did this to make a pickaxe, right? And then, we have one stickleft, we need more sticks. Oh, we could just craft sticks. Thank you. Now we’re going to make a shovel, thank you. Now we have enough for more sticks. Hey, you wanna give me sticks? What? You don’t wanna give me sticks. Oh. Stick’s right there (laughs)I’m like you don’t want

1 play mobile games on pcStick’s right there (laughs)I’m like you don’t want to give me sticks, oh,stick’s right there. (laughs) Okay, now look what we have. Our inventory is all wooden knobs. Mr. Crafting Table, youwanna join the wood party? I think you wanna join the wood party. Come on, come on. I want you to join the wood party. Man, man, oh man. You are invited Mr. CraftingTable, I just cannot break you. No, not at all. Do I have to be on top of you? (mumbles) Oh my God, I can’t evenbreak a crafting table. Oh, I see cows! I see a cow, look at that Mr. Cow. Mr. Cow! Hey, Mr. Cow! Oh. Mr. Pig. (laughs) He’s running away from me, Mr. Piggy. I just need this crafting table. Can you please just, please give me it? Because, there’s nothingelse I can use to craft with. My God, I can’t evenbreak, oh there we go! (laughs) Okay. There, I’m done. Take my sword and I’mgoing kill these animals. Because, oh I thought I was a bit hungry. Okay, I’m not. Hi Mr. Pig. (pig oinks) I need you. He’s giving me parkour. (pig oinks) Oh yeah, killed him! Two shots, how awesome is that? Did I see something, you just give me, you just give me rawporkchop, how cool is that? Another piggy, he lookslike a kid pig, kind of. (pig squeals) Yes, two shots! He didn’t drop anything really. Wow. (cow moos) In Minecraft computer,they drop more stuff than just like that and then nothing. Gimme, gimme this pig. Just two raw porkchops. Cow, are you going to drop leather? Wow, cows move fast! (cow moos) Wow, what did you drop? Two leather. Oh my God, cows drop a lot! I’m going to killanother cow, see if I get

play mobile games on pc I’m going to killanother cow, see if I get

2 play mobile games on pcI’m going to killanother cow, see if I get two more leather and then Ithink I can make leather boots. Aw, three leather. Hmm, I need leather boots. I need more cows. That’s, is that a sheep? That’s a baby sheep! What are you doing sheep? What is this baby sheep doing? Where’s your mama? Come on. (sheep bleats) He’s so cute! But what does he drop? The same as a regular sheep? Why did I do that? He was so cute. Oh my God. I don’t even see any helpless. I don’t see anything that could help me. Not at all. I don’t see anything that could help me. What? Did I just do that? Did I just find a village? Oh my God, I’m going there straight away. Straight away. I found a village, look at that. And a cave right here! Oh my God this is theluckiest world of all. I’m going to call this the best. Oh yes more cows. The best world I ever played in. Hey cows, cows, no need to worry. (cow moos) Because I’m here to save you, yeah, yeah. I’m actually here to kill you. Oh, did I just kill that sheep? Baby sheep? (cow moos) And I was, oh my Godhis legs move so fast. (cow moos) I just have five leather! If I, okay I see another cow. (sheep bleats) Hey sheep, I need you. Bow! I got a wool, wow, wow, wow. Okay it’s getting dark. It’s getting dark. Oh no. Hey cow where are you? I need you. I need to make some armor here. Just two more leather,can you give me that? Okay, I’m running to that village now, I am running to that village. Oh my God, I think I’m going to die. Oh my God.

3 play mobile games on pcOh my God. Oh my God. (breathes heavily) Oh my God. I’m going to hide in that house. Oh a furnace! Wow, they have furnaces. Do they have a bed here? What’s in this chest? (gasps) Oh my God! Oh my God, I’m taking this and this. I’m going in my inventory,where’s my inventory? My armor. Put this on me! That was so lucky. Okay, should I… Okay, I don’t know if anybody’sgoing to find me in here. Oh my God, I should take these apples. This bread. That was such a lucky chest. I’m gonna crouch. Oh my God. Come on. Oh my God. Am I going to survive? I don’t know. Oh my God. Oh my God. I don’t know because Ihave an armor chest-plate. I have a iron chest-plateand iron leggings. I need to eat this. Oh my God I’m so scared. Oh my God. Should I make a run for it? Yes I’m crouching. What do I got? Okay. (zombie growls) So, I hear a zombie, awhole bunch of stuff, and there’s nothing in the furnace. Can I get inside the furnace from here? No I can’t. Oh no, oh no, it’s so dark here. I’m just completelyscared, completely scared. It’s night, this doesn’t even have a door. My God. I wanna, I wanna stop crouching because I wanna make a run for it. Hm! Yes, okay, I’m actuallygonna look, oh my God. Why are you doing that? Villager I need to… Yes! Nice, we’re safe. Well, there’s nothing in here. These villagers are okay. What do you have trades for? Guys I need to, I need to see your trades. I need to see your trades guys. Whoa, I just killed a villager. (laughs) God. I killed a villager. Okay, any guys out there? Nope. So now. Why am I crouching? Why am I crouching? Why am I crouching? I’m so happy I made a run for it. Oh my God, there arezombies stuck in there. (laughs) (zombie growls) Oh my God. Villager, you’re so annoying me. Yeah get out of here. Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God, there’s a skeleton. Why did I do that? (arrow fires) Oh my God! Oh my God! Why? Oh my God, I survived that. Okay! I’m so lucky, I survived that skeleton. He barely did any damage on me. Boo-hoo! Nothing to lose! You so lost him man. I see through the villager, he’s like oh no what’s happening! Oh my God. I hate that villager,what are you doing villy? Aw, when is it the morning? So much night. So much night! Hm. I’m just crouching for no reason. I like crouching inPocket Edition, it’s cool. I wanna see through that window, man. I wanna see through that window. Any creepers? Is it, well I think it’sturning morning, I think. I think it’s turningmorning, I kind of do. Oh. Man. I’m not going to break this glass. Because, then I cannot takeit and I cannot put it back. What, okay, nevermind thatwas just a bunch of birds. (mumbles) Oh my God. (spider hisses) I’m really, really, reallyscared to be honest. Can I please. Open? Am I stuck in here? It’s actually kind ofgood I’m stuck in here because it’s night. We need a torch right there. Oh my God, that was an Enderman! He’s just right there. Wow, an Enderman right there. Enderman! (laughs) I don’t think you can seeit, well he’s right there. Oh my God. Is it almost morning, moon! Why does it have to be like this, moon? Should I wear like leatherboots or something? I think I should make leather boots. Yeah I’m making leather boots. I’m putting my crafting table here. Leather cap or leather boots? Leather boots will look better. Look at me! Come on. Now it’s scared for it to break. Well anyways it can staythere for the night. Oh, it’s almost, yes, it’s almost morning! Well I can’t believe I found a village. I’m so lucky. Oh yeah, go down moon. Yes! It’s morning. Everybody clap your hands. (laughs) Okay. Now what shall we do for this day? Kill some more cows to get a leather cap. Well I’m hungry, I’m a bit hungry. Now let’s kill this… Oh my God. Enderman! Enderman, Enderman. Enderman! Oh my God I just need to kill this cow. Would, would you let me? Cowie. Okay, I have just enoughfor leather boots, well I already have leather boots, well I need five to make a cap, so I need one more cow,one more cow please. I don’t see any cows. Piggy, did you see a cow? Because just so you know, meand you are just like poo. (laughs) Yeah. (pig oinks) Run away all you like man. Well you’re going to get killed. Any cows? All I need is cows. Hey sheep, do you see cows? I don’t think you did though. Because you can’t talk to me. I don’t see cows up there,where can I find cows? See a pig. Oh my God, coal, coal. Oh yes. This is a perfect time to mine this coal. But first I need to make stone weapons. So. Come on. Yes! Thank you! Yes. Thank you very much. Yes, how much cobblestone? Eight. Eight, so I’m going to need, oh my God, should I go to my crafting table by now? Because I hear a lot ofdoors, with spider sounds at the same time. So that sounds pretty creepy. Really creepy. Oh my God, villagers are scaring me, you’re scaring me villy. What? How come you’re trapped? Don’t worry man. I saved a villager. Hm, he was stuck in a tiny hut. Now where is he? Well, I’m not looking for him. I’m looking for wheremy crafting table is. Crafting table? Ah, yes, it’s this becauseit has an open door. ‘Kay, I have enough for this. Wooden pickaxe, I need a wooden sword, stone sword, such a weird guy. Stone sword. I don’t need leather boots, man. For a lever. Okay I’m going to need a stone ax too. Okay, now let’s go into our inve, inve, I need a inventory. Why? Come on. Yeah. (laughs) Okay, inventory time. Need to take this, this. This. This. This. There. Now let’s go, let’s go. We need coal, man. Now I’m gonna take outmy pickaxe, my picky. He’s so picky. Sometimes he doesn’t letme mine, he’s so picky. Oh my God, a creeper. A creeper! Oh my God. Oh my God! Oh my God. I’m so scared. Okay guys, this creeper ismaking me end the episode. So guys, that’s the end of this video. So, I hope you liked it, if you did, give a big thumbs up and I’ll see you in the next episode, bye! And let me know if you like me playing Minecraft Pocket Edition, if you don’t tell me to play another game, so bye!

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