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Hey everyone Moonpiez’s back Um Yeah, so Let’s go follow Linda Also in this episode I’l try not to, like… Oh, I can open those doors Last episode I talked about how I didn’t want to go in those rooms But um I’ll try not to like hide behind mycamera as much just because I realize that it makes the game really slow Should I explore here? I mean everything’s telling me, “No, you shouldn’t explore here” …but… I don’t want to miss out on good items I don’t know. What kind of good items could you even get in a game like this? I’m gonna build the ultimate weapon. Super cellphone *whispers, wind howling* I don’t know if you guys can hear it, but there’s like whispering sounds in the background So I know there’s a door out the front Was there anything else out in that courtyard? Oh, yeah, and stairs Great So happy that there’s a second floor to this house I’m really happy. Can you tell I’m happy? I’m happy, I swear. I’m really happy. Oh, is this like a balcony? Is that a cat? Cat~ I feel like you’ll be my friend Cat, let’s be friends. Let’s fight the ghosts together. Maybe he’s blocking this room? So I can’t get in? I can’t get around him. Oh, I can. I was just hoping he was blocking it. I don’t want to go in. What is up with this place where we’re at? With all these barren matresses This must’ve been my room Computer, TV. All the essentials. (reading poster) “Joe Rocks” Yeah, he does… All right. Nothing… Nothing here. Probably just something to kill us as we walk out the room Cuz it’s been too long …since we had an enemy. I feel like… …we’ve only had that one. Hi kitty. Follow me. Tell me when there’s ghosts. I’ll give you food. Okay. Just checking around the corners to be safe

Default play puzzle gamesJust checking around the corners to be safe That cat’s actually kind of creepy now. That’s kind of… Wait… Why’s that door open? Bathroom… No, I don’t wanna shut the door! Why’d you do that, girl? I accidentally hit E, I guess. That scared me like everything in this game scares me. I’m really not okay with the doors being open Is that the cat? No I’m just…I’m like… …seeing things in the shadows that aren’t there (laughs) Oh god. I’m really not okay…(gasps) Oh that. I… *door slams* I actually wasn’t expecting her to be in here I’m glad I didn’t walk out of the house Okay Linda. Let’s interact. She won’t talk to me. *gasp* OH WHAT IS THAT OH #$%! DID I JUST DIE Oh no no no no no *evil laughter* I died Oh my god. I hope I didn’t just wake up everyone in the house Was I supposed to die there? *creepy music playing* I wonder if I supposed to die. “A set of items can be collected to upgrade Linda’s ability.” That was really not okay. Oh my god. What? A set of items…What set of items? Okay, yeah. Oh, I guess those are in-game items that I have to find. Let’s run, run towards the liiiiight Runnin down a dream There’s no way I didn’t wake people up *crying, whispering, and evil laughter in the background* Oh there are way too many background noises going on here What time is it? I haven’t even been playing more than five minutes Do you guys hear those background noises right now? Lindaaaa… Okay. You know how I talked about how I wasn’t going to use my camera as much? Not gonna happen. I will be using my camera a loooot. I’ll just speed up video if it gets too tedious, I guess, because…wooooooo I’m really only going to be able to record two episodes of this at a time Why is there a baby crying? *crying grows louder*

1 play puzzle games*crying grows louder* Oh, this sucks. Okay, okay. *crying intensifies, evil laughter fades* For me, Fatal Frame is less scary because… I know it ain’t you, I know you’re tricking me …but I think Fatal Frame was less scary because you could see the ghosts without your camera. *evil cackle in the distance* Ira (crying, voice ehoing strangely): “I can’t leave this place.” “You’re the only one who can get out of this place.” “You have to get out of here.” “Take this key and leave. Now!” *crying and laughing evilly* Don’t attack me. (reading) “Mysterious key.” “Objective updated”? Linda’s notes, maybe? (reading) But um…I think that made Fatal Frame less scary. Also, not knowing when they’re gonna pop up is really not… …sitting well with me. I really don’t trust, uh, her… …after that last… Okay. I’ll try to not be so slow, even though I’m a chicken. *door unlocks* Oh. Excellent! Progress… (singing) Progress~ Oh, is that maybe one of the items I’m supposed to collect? *squealing, thunder* Oh! Oh. Oh oh oh oh… What is that? *thunder rolls* Oh, well, no going back now I guess. *pouring rain, strange animal noises in background* Well at least I can see it with my camera down. Are you an in-game item I can collect? *monkey call?* No…just a candle. Do you guys hear that? It’s like the apiary house at a zoo. *splashing as Linda walks* What is that? Is there gonna be a boss fight? Can I go over here? No. I don’t trust anything. This is really cool looking, actually. *pouring rain, splashing, thunder* Oh, and um… I turned an extra light on not because I’m scared… …but because I know y’all want to see my beautiful face. It’s for your benefit. It has nothing to do with me being scared. Nothing. What is that? Like a giant scarf? Oh, there are blue looking candles.

play puzzle games Oh, there are blue looking candles.

2 play puzzle gamesOh, there are blue looking candles. I’m gonna take a picture of this because I want to upload it on my instagram. Hey, how’s it hanging? (fake laughter) Get it? The music is changing. *ominous drums playing* That is… …really not acceptable. Item… Where? I can’t walk back any farther. These candles? No… What am I supposed to do? Think, Moonpiez, think. Hmm… Where does it fade? It fades about here. What am I supposed to take? A spear? A bamboo stick? Am I gonna beat the ghosts up with it? No… Can I not interact with this guy? Let’s talk to him. Talk. Talk to me. How’s it going? No… Oh, wait. One candle is lit… …the other two aren’t. Take a picture of the candle? When I took a picture of it, it went out. That’s really weird. *electric guitar added to the music* That’s…strange… The lit candle back here maybe? Maybe I was supposed to get that? Wait. Oh &#$%! Why won’t it work? Put the camera down, girl. Gotta run, gotta run. Get up, get up, get up. What’s going on? Why am I in first person? Oh… We’re gonna get this down. Do I have to wait until…? Oh Holy crap Okay, gotta concentrate guys. Oh I’m stuck. Oh did that one just die? Okay so I guess I gotta wait until it gets fuzzy like that? Where are you? Oh, cool. They’re not gone…

3 play puzzle gamesThey’re not gone… I still have red (the vignette)… …which means there’s one somewhere else. *music stops* Oh, it’s gone? This candle, I can’t take it with me? Can I take a picture of the candle? Was that supposed to happen? I mean, the music stopped. Hmm… I feel better after fighting those ghosts. I actually feel a lot better out here, as opposed to that… …little, dark, closed in house… …with all the twisty corners. Okay, am I worthy now? Oh, maybe the candles will all be lit? Do I have to fight? Okay, all the candles are lit. What do you want me to do? Take a picture? Take a picture of the candles? Puzzle? Puzzle? Puzzle. Look at our pictures. Cool. Look. She’s like… All right… I don’t want to solve this puzzle because only bad things are going to happen to me. What’d I tell ya? *growling* Oh. That wasn’t so bad. Does this mean that my game is saving? Because I need to end this episode kinda soon… Oh my gosh. I should get a book to read during this loading screen. *woman singing* *static* *talking, laughing* *singing* “Don’t wanna live without your love” “without your smile” “cuz I know I love you” “ba ba ba, ba ba ba, ba ba ba” *singing continues* “Are you sure we’re going the right way, ma’am?” “Hmm…” “I think so.” “But how did the road suddenly get so bad?” “This is a total mess. It’s just like the road by our school.” “Hey, watch out!” “What? What is it now?” *gasp!* *car squeals to a stop* *creepy music* *birds chirping* That’s weird, that little recording symbol. Hmm. The game saved! That’s probably what that meant. The game saved. okay then I’m gonna go ahead and in thisepisode here Once again, thanks for joining me to play DreadOut. Um, leave me your feedback and yeah see you next time

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