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what’s going on so I couldn’t be moreexcited to show you exactly how you can run Facebook Ads for your app extremelyefficiently and get a ton of downloads my name is John and I’ve done over 25million downloads on Apple alone so I’m gonna show you literally every singlething that I’ve done to get every single download with Facebook Ads in thisreally long video right here right now so whether you’re getting started oryou’re already doing some app install ads or even if you’re an expert Iguarantee you will learn so much in this video the only thing I do ask you is youleave a thumbs up a like on this video and if you want to see more like this goahead and subscribe this is literally how I run my business today I’m stilldoing apps I’m still making apps and I am still running Facebook ads showingyou live data every single day and I’m gonna compile it all into this videohere so let me kind of go over the agenda for this this video training onexactly how to crush Facebook Ads for your apps so part 1 will be kind of justsetting up your initial app install campaign right we want to set it up in avery special way that 99% of people who do not set it up this way but but I doand I’ll show you why in the first section of this and then we’ll go to thesecond part talking about how to create the perfect audience I’m alwayspreaching the three things that really matter are audience creative and offerso you really really want to nail your audience because if you’re showing yourads to an audience that you know doesn’t like your app it’s never gonna convertyou’re gonna waste a ton of money and you’re just not gonna get result goodresults I’m able to get two installs for under 20 cents in the US for fourdifferent apps and games and I want to show you exactly how to do that hereright now and I’m not talking at you knowten dollars per day I’m talking about thousands of dollars per day like itsscale so part three we’ll go over how to grow your ad account every single day soinstead of spending five dollars a day I’m gonna show you how to profit Libring that up to hundreds of day hundreds of dollars a day and I’mtalking put $1.00 in get three four dollars out so that would be part threeand then part four we’re gonna talk about custom audiences and look-alikeaudiences they’re so so important and again 90% of marketers and appdevelopers are doing this incorrectly if you do it my way you will see way waybetter results then we’re gonna finish it up and kind of just have a wrap-upand go over some other hidden gem secrets that you’re probably not usingcurrently with your Facebook Ads for app installs it’s funny because you know Iwork with companies that will spend a million plus per month and I look attheir their their ad account and things are just totally wrong and I’m just likehow are you spending so much money why are you burning all this cash and thenday one I’ll jump jump on and run their ads for them and get like five timesbetter results I had my buddy I started working with just this weekendI set up in a campaign for them and that first day he hits me up and he says youare literally getting six to seven times better results than we are and we justraised ten million dollars so if you’re pumped to see this whole training seeexactly how to run app install ads on Facebook to help you get millions ofdownloads make sure to pull out a notepad hit that like button thumbs upfor me subscribe if you want to see more like this and let’s get into itall right let me flip my screen around and let’s start the show what’s going onguys so I wanted to start this training out with just going over thefundamentals of how we set up Facebook Ads for app installs and how we’ve beendoing it for the last couple years to absolutely crush it so ifyou follow along this exact path of saying up your app installs you’re gonnabe set perfectly to really crush it with AD show so first things first we go intopower editor right off the bat so up top you might be used to working in adsmanager but we’re gonna be working in power editor now the cool thing is onceyou set up your first couple app install ad campaigns then ad chill will do a lotof the heavy lifting for you so you don’t have to look at this userinterface very much so let’s go on to power editor and set up the firstinitial campaign for your app installs so I like to set up one campaign percountry so I’m gonna start with just USA and let’s start with this a campaignname here I like to name it you know my

Default play store games downloadand let’s start with this a campaignname here I like to name it you know my initials and then I might say USA andthen whatever the app or game name is let’s call this let’s just call it gameone and then I like to put the month there so this is telling me a lot ofthings and telling me who’s buying and like if you have multiple ad bars itshows you that it shows you what country we’re targeting like like I said we’dmake a new campaign per country it shows you what the game title is and then itshows you what month it is so you can compare your results now the secondthing is the campaign objectives you have to push app installs and then Ijust put a 1 and a 1 in these it doesn’t do anything it just creates them so it’sa little easier then once I hit create I’m gonna immediately get rid of allthese other campaigns so I’m gonna have this selected with this checkbox hereand then go to the ad set level so there’s a campaign level where we justcreated the campaign and then there’s an ad set level where we do all thetargeting and then there’s an ads level so let’s go to the ad sets level thereshould only be this campaign with the 1 in here now this is very important thisis part of this success we have is we know how to correctly set up our adcampaigns so first things first is the placements a lot of people air here anddo automatic placements I say edit placements only I remove Instagram andthat’s totally fine if you want to use Instagram we’ll go into that a littlebit later but this is just to start to make sure that everything’s set upperfectly and then I open up face and I make it so it’s only checked thenews feeds why do we only target the news feeds because that’s where the mostusers are and we the best results there and later you can set up other campaignsthat are going towards interesting articles that you want to test thatsuggest videos if you want to test that but we find the best results in the newsfeed and then same with Instagram later on if you want to if you have a targetdemographic that’s skewed a little younger then you can do this exactprocess I’m showing you but then just click news feed but the the point iseverything throughout this video and all this training we’re trying to isolateisolate things so right here we know ok this is only targeting Facebook newsfeedso we know if this campaign does really well then it’s we should use news feedover Instagram now we can set up a new campaign that’s only targeting Instagramand then if you isolate everything you’ll just learn so much more so muchquicker and you’ll get better results so for now we’re only going to targetFacebook newsfeed deselect everything else and boom soFacebook newsfeed is the only one selected and then you want to chooseyour app of course and I will just use this app here and then you want tofigure out what your minimum OS version is so this is an iOS app everything isthe same for Android you would just pick the Android drop down here in the AppStore this app doesn’t have Android I could show you on a different appprobably as you can see you can just pick Google Play so everything holds thesame so I’m just going to keep it at iTunes right there and one thing to noteis when you change your application you’re gonna have to go back to yourplacements and edit them again remember we only want to target Facebook newsfeedso Facebook’s always pushing you to target everything and that’s becausethey’ll make more money that way but we found that the newsfeed is the best sojust double check that at the end and then you want to figure out your minimumOS version on Apple it’s really easy to find you just go to the App Store withthis with your app here you scroll down and it says version it sayscompatibility requires 7.0 or later so in this case you knowyou could check on Android as well but I’m gonna pick 7.0 because I know it’s7.0 or later now you can also choose your eye if you want I phone iPad oriPods what I typically do is I’ll maybe run one ad with iPhone I all these butthen I might also break them apart and just say hey I’m only gonna target iPador only gonna target iPhone and that’s just like I said earlier it’s we’reisolating as many things as possible so we can see which things make thedifference or our best users coming from iPad are they coming from my iPhone solet’s just go ahead and do that now I’m gonna make this iPad only and I’m gonnawrite this up here so I what this is

1 play store games downloadgonna make this iPad only and I’m gonnawrite this up here so I what this is iPad and then put NF for news feed so Iknow that I’ve had and it’s news feed the the the naming schemes are veryimportant to have success in this as well simply because you want to be ableto easily see hey what am i when what does this ad says do it now the dailybudget I like to start it really low like let’s say 2 dollars and 50 centsand this just allows us even if you want to be spending $10,000 a day like we’llget that we’ll get to those levels but this allows us to mass test so we justput a really low budgets like 2 3 4 or 5 bucks and then we can quickly see if itworks or not scheduled start that’s fine customaudience now you want to go ahead and pick your demographic and we’re gonnaget more into this how to find your perfect audience in the next video butgo ahead and you know your app you know what users are in it so go ahead and tryto pick that audience that you want I know this is a casino app so I know it’swomen 35 plus but go ahead and do the best you can for this and we’ll get intothis deeper in the next video about audiences and then I always like tostart with the United States so I’m gonna go up here and I’m gonna say USand women 35 plus now remember this is very important part of the namingschemes up here so you just want it doesn’t matter how you put it but put itin a way that you read it right so I can easily look atthis and see oh this ad set is targeting US women 35 plus iPad newsfeed right sonow the next part is just keep scrolling down and you want to put in yourtargeting so you know just use the best your knowledge for this again we’regonna be actually setting up the actual audiences in the next video but I wantto show you how to set your first ad set so we can do everything else wrap morerapidly so I’m gonna put casino in there put in whatever it may be meditation orgolf or whatever it is and then automatic this is all set up already appinstalls one day after clicking and automatic that’s what I use every timeso other than that you have your name in here and you want to grab your interestand also put that interest up here so you know what your target who you’retargeting so I can see okay it’s us 135 plus iPads in the newsfeed and casinonow we want to go ahead up instead of our ads so if you go to the ads tab overhere you can select here and then you want to go ahead and your app shouldalready be selected and it shows this icon but it’s always gonna show your appicon so the page doesn’t really matter too much you can go ahead and pick youractual apps page if you like but this is the important part we want to use videosso I know there’s a video about making videos that I have somewhere in thistraining definitely watch that because you want to use the videos so I havethis video right here that we’re gonna use it’s just a funny video of somebodyplaying our game and then you want to put a nice headline something that likeyou know connects with them and then same with the text you want to draw someemotion out of them somehow so maybe say something like you know tryto try to draw some emotion and then try to get them to comment and we’ll go divedeeper into the actual copyright and all this later but you know I like to sayit’s things like don’t you love the feeling ofname a jackpot and then comment I’ll do comment yes if you want to win so whatthis is doing is it makes them think and answer a question and then it makes themcomment if if they do feel that way now not everybody is going to comment but aselect few are going to comment and that’s big because it makes you add moreviral then you want to put a call-to-action buttonso whether it’s Install Now for your app or if it’s a gameplay game you can testboth of those but I think for the most part it will be installed now we findthat works pretty well and then let’s see here you can see the ad comes up asyou can see the icon of your actual app that you’re promoting shows even thougha page is here and we’ll get into that later but just go ahead and make sureyour app is selected and then boom you’re pretty much done so I’m gonnaname this ad something I know so this was like an ad of sweater so I’m gonnaname it that because that just reminds me in my head so whatever you want toname your ad name that you’re reminded and then we’re going to go back to thead set level and we’re gonna put that at

play store games download and then we’re going to go back to thead set level and we’re gonna put that at

2 play store games downloadand then we’re going to go back to thead set level and we’re gonna put that at the end so now my ad set shows all ofthese things shows hey this is the US it’s going to women 35 plus it’s goingto hype ads only it’s going to newsfeed only then this casino only and it’s thesweater video so I’m gonna then no I’m pretty much done with this at right sonow it’s all set up and I might just go ahead and duplicatethis ad because I also want to target iPhone so we’re gonna keep goingspeeding through this you can always rewind this if needed but now I’m gonnaflick take an iPhone iPhone all and i’ma delete iPad and you can see I’ll justchange the name up there and then I’m gonna do one more because I’m just gonnatarget all of them because you never know with Facebook Adswhat’s gonna work and that’s exactly why we do these low budgets because you knowit’s only 2 bucks you know and you can catch to see if hey if that works reallywell or not so this one should be iPhones iPads andiPods I put all up there and that one’s iPhones now what else can you dooh you know what I know that females are females 35-plus are really good for ourapp but so are males 35 plus so I’m gonna duplicate these and now just likethat I have six ads all going to casino users but they’re all different you knownow I’m gonna scroll down and click men so these are all going to target towardsmen and I can click Edit up here find and replace and where that W is thatwomen 35 plus I’m gonna change it to mint 35 plus and just like that Icreated six ads and they’re all different they’re all targetingdifferent things I’m gonna find and replace one more time just to remove the- coffee and then boom and then rename so now I have six ads and from here onwe’re gonna be using a lot of ads show because since we set up our firstcampaign and have everything set up naming schemes wise we’re able to useadd show to really do what we just did and what was that 10 or 15 minutes wecan do that in like two seconds and we can do that every single day testing alldifferent interests different look-alikes different videos differenttitles different headlines different age group there’s different genders so it’swhat we just did you know extrapolate that out – doing that for 810 hours andthen we can do that every single day on autopilot now that we’ve already setthis up every once in a while we’ll have to jump back into power editor andcreate a new campaign I like to create a new campaign for each country so youknow this is one campaign u.s. but I would make another campaign forAustralia or another campaign for New Zealand or another campaign for UnitedKingdom or Canada so those are my five countries that I like to use UnitedStates Canada Australia New Zealand and what was that United Kingdom so five ofthem there that I like to use to start and you can also target any othercountry as well but this is how you set up your first campaign just go ahead andclick you changes as you can see the campaignname is my initials USA the game name I can go ahead and change that nowactually and then click July and then hit apply and then it uploads the adsand now that you know the fundamentals of app install ads and all the things Ilook out for go ahead and watch this video again to make sure that each thingyou know it is checked and I’ll go ahead and see you next video I’ll try to putsome notes below maybe like a checklist that you can see but other than thathope you have a great day and I’ll catch you in the next video all right so forthis next section of the training we want to talk about interest and how tofind your initial interest and your demographics as you can see we just havesix ads here but imagine how many ads we could do if we knew okay one pocket ofusers is men while another pocket of users is women and then another pocketof users is women 65 plus while women 55 to 64 is another pocket and anotherpocket is women 45 to 54 or men 25 to the 34 so you get all these pockets andthen you multiply that by all the different interests as you can see thisis one interest and six ads I could probably make more ads off this but thething we’re trying to do is isolate everything as much as possible so we canreally get down to detail and figure out where the best app installs are comingfrom so six from one interest and I want to show you how to find a ton ofinterest that are gonna help you out

3 play store games downloadto show you how to find a ton ofinterest that are gonna help you out with this process and allow you to makepretty much unlimited ads and the more ads you can make essentially is the moreshots you can take and the more shots you take the more winners you’re gonnafind and what is a winter winner that depends on you so if what is yourlifetime value or it’s hard to know your exact lifetime value but if you put youknow ten users in there how many how much money do you make or a thousandusers how much money do you make then divide that by how many users you make10,000 bucks divided by a thousand users that means your your kind of relativelifetime value is around ten dollars so anything underand those you can buy you can pay per install so you have to figure out whathow much do you want to pay per install what’s your optimal CPI and once youknow your optimal CPI then everything is gonna be very very easy so first thingsfirst we want to go into audience insights and if you know your interestalready then you might have an easier time with this at least you know yourapp so let’s go ahead and start with just like a golf app go ahead and typein golf into the interest part and then we can see a lot of things here I’mactually gonna bring up a little note sheet so I can write some notes whilewe’re doing this make this a little smaller and we can kind of infer a lotof things from this information so we type in golf and we can clearly see okaygolf is forty forty-one percent women and 59 percent men so mostly men andthen if we go to page likes here we’re gonna get a ton of different intereststhat are similar to golf now golf in general might just be too bigbut if I typed in golf course maybe maybe something else would come up andthere we go so now all of these interests here are similar and theycould be used to target your demographics so let’s just go ahead andwrite these down golf channel Callaway golf and so on so you can write allthese down then down here look at the affinity score if it’s a hundred andtwenty six X that means that people who are who like Callaway golf also like thegolf course it’s extremely likely and then same with Titleist TaylorMade GolfChannel and so on so if I go back to demographics here you can see that it’sstill fifty-one percent women forty-nine percent men but it looks like people 18to 24 are not interested in so we can just remove that so we can go age 24 toany and boom and then go back to page and I want to show you what we’re gonnado with all these interests now that we’re coming up with because these areextremely powerful so you’re gonna want to jump into a drill and instead ofwriting them on the pad this is so much easier this way I’m gonna make this alittle smaller here so we can see both on the same screenand let’s see if we can do that you make this a bit smaller as well and we’regonna go to the audience section and go into interest and what we’re gonna dohere as you can see you can store all your interests here so we’re gonna findyour best interest and put them directly in the ad show because then this wholeprocess of making six ads times one interest times one interest or six moreads times you know it’s hundreds and hundreds of ads it’s going to be prettymuch automated so first thing that I’m going to do is I’m going to grab GolfChannel because I see this is a TV channel that’s similar to my audienceright so you just throw it in there should come up right here and you justclick that okay now let’s go to Callaway golf and what we’re doing is we’re justadding them here as you can see they’re down there and they’re being added toadd show and then it’s just gonna make everything so much easier foreverTaylorMade Golf copy in here and you really want to find as many differentinterests as possible and the reason being is because the more interest youhave the more the more ads you can make so masters tournament and now not all ofthese are going to come up and one quick way to do this is you can just test hereif it comes up there on the side over here then it’s going to come up on addshow that just means that we can target it some things just are not targetablesimply because facebook doesn’t let you target it and then this is where thereal power is down here the affinity scores because it pretty much tells youlike I said Callaway golf other things goes 124 X anything over like 30 X isreally good so Rory copy that and now we’re just buildingout our list and my challenge to you is get like 50 interests here you knowminimum I’ll do this for you know an hour and just findso many different interests and what you can start doing is if you’re running outof interest down here you know go through all your affinities there’s ahuge list of them and anything that makes sense anything you can think ofsaying hey people who like this might also like you know my app then you canstart putting them in here and changing it up you know I’ve put MastersTournament over here a tad joke I’m gonna also put it here in the interestand I’ll delete the initial Golf Course now it’s like more of a niche type lookit is you know only people who like masters tournament or TaylorMade sothat’s more niche right so you can see Golf Digest these are all very highlevel but what this is leading us to is after we get these high level interestsin here then we can test forever but what’s even more important is these highlevel interests they drop down and they get people into our app and from therewe start making look-alike audiences and look-alike audiences are so powerfulyou’re gonna be learning a lot about that later on here but look at this 626X golf wow this is an amazing niche I rarely ever see if any of these scoresat that high and this goes for any niche and just go ahead and try to put ahundred different interests into ad Joe and you should be on your way so goahead and click plus and it once you get a 150 to 100 in here then we’re gonna beable to make unlimited ads so that’s how you do it and you can you can just keepfinding more and more interest by switching up what’s in hereyou know maybe now I’m gonna put Rory in here and see put that and the page likesare gonna change a bit and it’s just gonna be more interest for you oh my god1000 Xfinity so there’s a ton of different interest I can see right hereput all those interests in the add chill and you’re gonna have unlimited ads tomake now let me go over you know quickly this works for any different niche so ifI were to type in like meditation right meditation so you add a meditation upyou just type meditation I would reset this age hereto everybody so I can kind of see now it looks like it’s 80% women okay sinceit’s that much women like it I’m just going to target women only and then Ican see okay clearly it’s the only 10% are under 24 and only 10% are over 65 soit’s telling me right here women between 25 is 64 so you can really do this forany niche here and I’m gonna show you even more what is to find a second letme go ahead and do this really quickly 25 to 34 you go to page likes here andthen boom it’s gonna show you a ton of different page likes that are similar soyou could type in all of these into you know Nick and if you ever needed likecheck to see if it actually fits just open up the page you know so manifestingyour greatest self hippie peace freaks so these are all really good intereststo target and then all you do is you add them in the add show so you have themforever and I’ll show you later how to add these two folders so that they don’tget mixed up like if you have a golf app plus a meditation app you can have themin different folders and this is what’s gonna allow you to make so many ads andtest so many things and make your ads better than anybody else’s then youscroll down and you can see okay actually black guru copy her name inhere and you can literally do the same thing but the goal is to get fifty to ahundred interest in to add chill and then you’ll be able to follow this wholeprocess over and over again and remember you can always just put a new interesthere if you want to see some new suggested page likes now I want to showyou two more ways really quickly how to find more interest so if you have someway to get figure out who likes your app as you go here like if we type inmeditation meditation I can see what’s gonna go maybe I’ll go to meditationquotes or you go to another app or a page or whatever I just want to findshow you how to find people who’s like your niche and then how you can findeven more interest so we can go down here and sobe humble for you are made of earth so this would probably fit pretty well inthe meditation segment and you can see look at this is this Shannon this isChristopher Romo so there there’s a ton of people here who have shared this pageso I’m just going to open their page up their actual Facebook page and I’m goingto do that a few times for a different pages so if I go to meditation again andit tastes I’ll just techniques they’ll probably be a good one and what I’mdoing is I’m kind of stalking these people to see what they like who’ssharing it because the people who share it they really like it rightand I already know it’s mostly women so I’m just arguing with women and I canopen a bunch of these up and this works for any niche any app you just kind ofgo find other pages or apps or whatever on Facebook see who’s shared theircomment or commented on their comment or like their comment because you are theirposts because you know that they’re interested in whether this is golftechniques or meditation techniques or you know the best slot game or candycrush unlimited you can just stop their page to find different likes then youjust go over to more and then likes some of them won’t have likes that’s finethere’s unlimited of these so you can just keep going through and this oneright here likes opening her up and then this one has likes as well so you openthem up like this likes and so let’s go back to this first one here you can seeall these views likes here like practical herbalists boom that could bea really great one if it comes up you know not all of them are going to comeup on there but what you can do is you can drag these over back to youraudience insights and put them in here and you just have more and moreinterests and you can also put these interests right into add show and we’llbe able to target them later now you want to look to make sure that they havea good amount of likes you know the things that are only liked by a thousandpeople aren’t going to come up on the interest but essential oils company13,000 and you can just get unlimited interest out of here sois a health and fitness lady this could be good for the meditation and you canjust get unlimited interest by people looking at people’s page likes and thenyou take these likes and you either put them directly on ad show so we can starttargeting or you can put them back in the audience insights here and you canget even more targeted interests looking at the affinity scores so that’s theprocess of finding really good interests through audience insights and then alsokind of stocking your the people who either like an app like yours or a pagelike yours or the last second the last way is you know we have a tracking ofpeople who actually play our games so we just have a list here and we can openthem up and just like I just showed you I’m gonna be able to see so manyinterests right I can open her page up see what her likes are she doesn’t haveany she has some likes and I can quickly see oh you know I should be targetinggame points Lots because we have a slot machine game or my Vegas slots and so onand so on so that’s a really good way to find like unlimited interest and guysthe key here is to find so many interest that this list is so long that everysingle day you can launch new ads with that show because the more ads youlaunch the more winners you’re gonna find and this process might you know youmight be thinking hey I don’t want that many ads but don’t worry because in mymind only 20% 80/20 rule 20% of the ads are gonna continue running after one daywhile the other 80% we’re just going to turn off and that’s exactly why we onlydo $2 $0.50 or $2 ad sets is so we can run as many as possible at the same timecollecting as much data as possible and you’re gonna just have the bestcampaigns ever now the last way to find more interest is simply on power editorif you go ahead and let’s just pick one of these interests that I had here let’ssay Golf Channel I’ve already put it in the add show so it it’s all good we canuse it later but if I were to type it in here to the interest on power editor Ican type in Golf Channel and look at this see maybe that’s not big enoughlet’s just putting and what usually happens is you knowpower editor is pretty buggy sometimes but there we go look at thatI have golf and now it suggests his golf channelit says PGA Tour golf course golf club so I would just simply put these in likegolf club right I would put all of these suggestions because this is Facebooksaying hey look out for this one put that into your you know make sure totest that one out or Golf Digest maybe make sure to test that one that one outlike they know what’s going on they they know how their audience responds sothey’re just giving you even more ideas here so fifty to a hundred interestbased off all of these it’s pretty easy and then you can type in other ones so Iwould list all of these in the ad show just so you have them and then I wouldgo through and you know maybe this time I put in Masters Tournament instead seeone thing and it’s just unlimited interest you sometimes have to close outand come back in but the more interest the better because that means the moreshots you can take so tireless Callaway you can put this all into add show andonce they’re all in the add show we’re gonna have so many interests that we cantest and massively test things so that’s about it there’s three ways to reallyfind interest you know audience insights is the first place I go and then I’ll gokind of stock what my current users are using or liking and sharing commentingon and then I’ll throw that back in to audience insights as well see if there’sany more here at the same time I’m always putting more and more interest inthe ad show and then the last thing I check is just what is Facebooksuggestive you know I have a list of a hundred different interests here I canput them all in individually and see if there’s any other interests that they’resuggesting so that’s the process for finding a ton of interest really quicklyand you know even if this does take a little bit longer of time now I’m gonnahave a hundred 200 different interests inside an ad show that I can use for thenext year two years whatever they’re alwaysgonna be there and it’s gonna make it really easy to make ads really quicklyin the next videos we’re gonna go over kind of how to launch ads with AD chilland do some more things and then later down the line is going to be talkingabout look-alikes look-alikes are very very powerful and I actually tend to usethem you know equally or more than I use interests so the first step is alwaysbuilding your your profile of interest and then later on going into look-alikesone last thing I wanted to mention is make sure that you’re always targeting aage group and gender don’t just do like all 18 A+ because you’ll end up justgetting the cheapest traffic you want to always be targeting the exact age groupsyou want and I like to target you know probably like 20 years at a time somaybe I’ll do women 40 through 65 and then women 65 plus or women 35 and overbut we like to keep these nice big audiences when possible so other thanthat I’ll catch you in the next video hope you’re having a great day and talkto you soon bye alright so now that you have a really nice list of interests Iwant to show you some things you can do daily with AD show first off you pickyour account you want to use up here just pick that account right there andthis is your actual Facebook ad account you want to use right so I can closethat and then on the main page you know this is for apps so make sure that youhave the apps button clicked up here it defaults it app so if you’ve alreadydone that that’s great and then one of the main things are the first things Ido is I’ll go find a campaign of mine and let’s go ahead and scroll down herehave this campaign running and I might select like multiple campaigns as youcan see you know all the green ones mean they’re on the red ones mean they’re offI could select all three at the same time and do this all at once which isreally nice but I’m gonna show you how to do this just based off of one for nowbut keep in mind you can do this multiple campaigns at once and the firstthing I like to do every morning and the I’m trying to just give you tips aboutwhat you can do daily with agile and how to get the most out of it butthe first thing I like to do is I go to my costs limit and that’s essentiallywould what is the CPI well I want to get in this case what what is that CPI andlet’s say I want to dollar CPI or you can put 150 or you know one dollar orwhatever your limit CPI is you put it in here I move with two dollars cuz I knowthat’s hours you can also do have it do all this off purchases but we’re goingto use installs for now so two dollars CPI and then you have to make sure tomake ad a time range not like to use last seven days and then the first thingI’m gonna do is say pretty much hey I’d show I want to see every ad set that isover my limit because I want to see what’s going on with it so I just clickshow above show above limit and it’s in parenthesis active and it should justtake a couple seconds here and it should output them all so you can see all ofthese like this is 14 different ads that set up probably yesterday using an adshowing and they’re all above my limit meaning that they got you know theyspent at least two dollars and they didn’t gain installs or they you know isthere were too expensive like this one’s two dollars and fifty four cents perinstall that’s over my limit this one’s 271 which is over my limitand that’s expected this whole process is takes so many shots that you know 80%fail and then we just turn them off you can click turn off right here and itjust automatically turns all of them off if I deselect all I can select theselike you know maybe because hey this one’s you know two dollars and fiftyfour cents but you know I see a couple purchasers purchases came through so I’mlooking at mobile app purchases you know there isn’t any in this example but ifthere were I could deselect it just like this like I could deselect these threeand then turn off all the rest so I just click turn off and it wouldautomatically turn those off really quickly so you don’t have to waste yourtime going campaign to campaign to campaign or account to account and itmakes it really easy now let me go ahead and actually turn those off I’m gonnakeep those three on turn off so boom I just you know killed everything that wasnot successful now let’s look at the ones under two dollars because I knowanything – these are like hyper targeted for usright now but anything under tuned to dollars is it’s pretty good for us letme click show under no I know a lot of examples will be like we want to beunder sixty cents that’s fine I’ve showed up some things that arepretty intense here I’ll talk about later but it allows us to spend a littlemore but now look I click two dollars last seven days and then now I want tosee show underactive and I can see here all these are under it shows me my CPImy cost per purchase then stalls are sent and then this is what I like to doevery single day is you know you can hit you can have most like however you wantto look them it doesn’t matter but the main part here is okay these aretechnically my winners I know they’re winning because they’re under my youknow $2 rape or if you’re dog here’s a dollar rate or fifty cents rate whateveris there under my dollar rate so I can also you over here my daily budget Iwant to scale these this ones at five dollars I’m gonna turn it to 11 and lookat this one down here two dollars and 23 centsit’s under my rate so I’m just gonna increase this to eleven dollars andthat’s what I was saying is even though we start small you know we can raisethese bids really eat or budgets really easily and rapidly growing so 11.2dollars to eleven dollars five dollars fifteen dollars and some people say heydon’t raise your budgets too high but it doesn’t matter to us simply becauseworse we’re sending new ads every single day that if these ads can’t grow with usthen we don’t really want them around because our goal is not to be spendingtwo dollars and fifty cents our goal is to be spending a lot of money drivingthem stalls that are profitable right so that’s why your costs women is so it’sso important to keep in mind because now when you click show under it showseverything under that cost limit and you can absolutely kill it because you canscale so easily eleven I’ve even turned that elevendollar one into thirty three just like that right so boom I just did that forall of them now if you don’t want to do them allseparately you can have select all selected and then just say hey I want toincrease all of these by twenty percent right here and then you would just clickthis scale button or I want to increase theall by $10 and you can click scale so you can see that becomes really easy aswe get deeper in this process and there’s a ton of winners and you want tosave some time now what else would I do every single day so there’s a couplethings every day I believe in promoting as many ads as possible like you saw inthe first day now I’m gonna select you know a coupleof these maybe this one and this one I’ll look at what what look likesthey’re targeted so I can see this it’s hard even that look like this Sargamthat look alike and then I’m gonna create new ads you know you can pick abunch of new videos out of your video list I can pick all of these videos herebecause I know all of these are are winning videos and boom I have twelve orsixteen ad sets eighteen ad sets twenty ad sets and there’s growing right it’stwelve times two I have 24 ads I can make right and then since it’s 24 ofthem I want to do six every mmm 12 hours so it’s it’s twelve to add today andthat should go for two days right now I can pick more videos I have tons ofvideos and and that’s why I suggest always make as many videos as possibleand I could set those all up to launch and I just click schedule now now onething I’d like to show you is the budget area you can make this 250 or whateveryou can change this so it’s it’s you know starts the scheduling you knowtomorrow and said today I’ll set it up for today and if you have multiplecampaigns you just click per campaign I’m only working with one campaign nowso I’m not gonna do that but then you can do the same thing for differentaudiences you have all these different look-alikes right and you’ll learn howto make more look-alikes later in this course you can do it with differentimages I always suggest videos you can do with all your interest users made youmade a ton of interest and so I have 12 videos selected now I can select all ofthese interests I just made now I have 11 of those and twelve videos so 11times 12 times 2 is a lot 264 and growing it and I could schedulethese every six every 12 hours so they don’t get you know stuck on top of eachother and then if you want the to not use very many little life if you don’twant them to compete against each other by default this is said three but Icould delete the three and it would make a lot more add sets because it’s prettymuch saying hey if there’s a bunch of audiences selected here we won’t wewon’t work it doesn’t matter how many duplicates there are but if the onlywanted to compete 3 times then we did that so that’s one of those daily thingsI do with ad shows I just make a ton of ads that way I sometimes like to makethem independently so I can say 12 times my to ad says I selected here I couldpick 3 Adsit so I could pick 4 3 4 5 whatever but some of them just like bestpractices I like to set you know no more than like 10 ads per 12 hours becausethen I feel like it’s just a ton of ads but if you do 10 ads per 12 hours theycan be multiple campaigns too so if you have 10 campaigns I’m okay with doing 10ads per campaign for 12 hours so you can see how you can set up a hundred new adsjust like that and just play around with this I like to set up new videos everysingle day and I’ll just click schedule now here and it’ll create 36 new ads forme so ads for the next three days and then what I can do is I can come backand do the exact same process but I’ll take these three ad sets maybe this onethis one and this one or the same ones and then just target my new interestright because I just put them all that work finding all these interests so Ihave 11 interest and I have three ads and all agile is doing it’s going in andtaking these three ads and making new ads but a new ad for this interest a newad for this interest a new ad for this interest a new ad for this interest soit just allows you to take so many shots so easily so I’m gonna go ahead andactually do this process right now but with these videos and you can do thisexact process with interest – so you just learn how to get all your interestand just use this exact sis I’m showing you right here you knowpicked your three best ones or three ones you want to create more of and Iwant to click more of these because I see that they’re really low CPI’s sohowever how’s this audience going to respond to my new videos I just clickschedule now they’re all gonna go up for two dollars and fifty cents it’s gonnabe scheduled six now six and twelve hours six and another twelve hours sixand another 12 hours so 36 ads so that’s three days of ads that I just set up byjust clicking that button and boom now ad show as you can see is going toexecute it down here and then you can look on your ads manager and you’ll seethese new ads up there I always suggest after you know this runs and it loadsall your ads I always suggest looking at your ads manager just a double check tomake sure everything’s going well and that’s about it that’s how you createtons of ads and I just made 36 36 of them and you know two seconds but youcan imagine how you can easily make 360 of these or 500 or whatever you want todo and then you just just make your budget down here and that’s why wealways start with a small budget so we can do some really cool things now I’mgonna go ahead and show you more of this throughout this training this was justkind of an overview of what I do daily I start off with turning off anything overmy cost limit in the last seven days and then after I turn those off I go downhere and I click show under active look limit so I got a scale budget show underactive limit so anything that’s a winner I raise the budget a little bityou know if I’m getting $1.00 CPI and making three dollars per install I’mgonna change that $2.00 budget to a ten dollar budget and then the next thingI’m gonna turn into a thirty dollar budget and a fifty dollar budget and ahundred dollar budget and so on and so on and then once I can see all mywinners and I’ve already scaled them then I’m gonna go create more ads so allthose interests you just made you can use this to create ads for all thoseinterests and you can do the same thing for videos if you have images you can dothat as well and then later on I’ll show you what the audiences and thelook-alikes I really really like look-alike audiencesand you’re gonna learn all that in this training so I thank you for watchingthis this video I’m super excited to see some awesome results and will continuewith with the training and I’ll see you in the next one have a great day byewhat’s going on so in this next video we’re going to talk about customaudiences and look-alike audiences before talking about that let me explainwhat they are custom audiences are essentially saying hey Facebook go findthe people who have completed this action whether that action is heythey’ve downloaded my app or they even you know they’ve launched my app in thelast couple of days or they watched one of my facebook ad videos so we’re gonnamake all of these custom audiences and they could be you know a hundred peoplethat could be ten thousand people but then we’re gonna make look-alikeaudiences off them and that’s where the power like that’s one of the mostpowerful things under audiences here you can see all these look-alikes right soI’m gonna show you how to make them first you’ll have to go into your assetlibrary up here and it’s going to be under audiences in power editor and onceyou’re there I’m gonna put a list of these that you can create below but I’mjust gonna briefly go over some of them that you can make but the key here guysis is the same thing as with interest you want to have as many interests aspossible so you can create as many ads as possible to figure out which oneworks the best same thing with look-alike audiences andin order to create those look-alikes you have to make a custom audienceessentially Facebook what the look-alikes they’re they’re taking yourcustom audience and saying hey here’s a million people who look just like thatcustom audience so you can see how powerful that is if you’re doing acustom audience of you know 200 purchasers inside your app Facebook willgo out and find based off their data two million people for a look-alike so letme show you how to make the custom audiences first and then on ad Joe willshow you how to make the look-alikes because it’s kind of a pain so firstcustom audiences first things first I would mention all these in the in thepost below but if you have an email list or multiple email lists just simplyimport your email list and make a custom audience off thatsecondly you know will pass the website traffic unless you do have a websitethat you can make look custom audiences off of you know whether it’s for yourapp or whatever that’s another good option you can do all visitors towhatever page of your website but app activity is where we’re really gonna getstarted here so if for you you pick your game up here and you can put last Ithink up to 180 days I like it to be pretty long and then anyone who openedthe app all you have to do is anyone who opened app and then maybe call itwhatever your app name is right and I’m going to show you a few of these butthere’s a ton and the key here is to do like 10 20 30 of these if you can’t solet’s go back into create audience and and it takes a while for it to populateso I’m just going to keep creating more so app activity and now I can do mostactive users top 25% I can do 5% 10% these are three different customaudiences you could make and I definitely recommend doing it becauseeach one will be different and then you just put in the name for that name itsomething clear that you can see because your look like it’s gonna be named offafter that then you can do all of these so people who have installed your apppeople who’ve launched your app people completed app sessions and then all ofyour events that you tagged or your developer tagged in your with theFacebook SDK you can make an event off all of these so I could say hey onlypeople who play blackjack and then you can refine it even more by differentlike in the last 30 days so just play around in here and literally make asmany custom audiences as you possibly can because that’s going to enables usto make so many different look-alike audiences that it’s gonna be so powerfulnow I just want to quickly show you our one more thing engagement down here thisis a good one videos I would do 25% 50% 75% 95% for each video that you’ve everadvertised it has to do with your your app or your game or whatever it may beyou just click choose videos and then call it you know 25% of video watchedand I would do that 25% 50% 75% I’d create this audience after I choosechose the video and then I would come back in do another one for 50 percentand the key here is just get as many custom audience as you possibly canobviously start with your purchasers and people who’ve gone like you know been inyour app for a long time or are really far down you know maybe in level 10 orwhatever but this is just a way to have unlimited audiences that you can alwaystest and and like you know you know the more audiences you have the more ads youcan run and the more winning ads you’ll find so after all of these are dealerspretend there’s twenty thirty different audiences I challenge you to get youknow twenty different custom audiences going there should be no problem itmight take a little bit of time but i’ma show you something pretty cool here in asecond to make it look like you usually go one you click that and then you clickaction to create look-alike and then you do a one percent look like for UnitedStates and then you click create audience and the cool thing aboutlook-alikes and custom audiences they always populate so you know in ten daysfrom now it’s gonna be populated with all the new people as well and then youdo two percent so custom audience again you do United States and you do twopercent so this one’s gonna be 4.2 million and then you do three percentand I like to do at least 1% 2% 3% if you need extra audiences to test I’vehad some really good results with four percent and 5 percent as well so I justclick create audience so it’s kind of repetitive right and you have to startwith unite or you don’t have to start with United States but I like to startin the United States this one’s gonna be 6.3 million but then after I do that forall United States I do the same thing for Canada because now I have audiencebased off of anyone who opened that thing go up in Canada – I’m gonna do 1through 3 percent for this video but I would probably do 5 percent normallyCanada you can see how it kind of gets repetitive here but these are so sopowerful that it’s so worth it Canada again but let me just quickly show youhow I actually do this now because I got sick of doing this like literallyyou’re gonna have like 300 look-alike audiences that are gonna be so powerfuland really help you out but I just go over here to add show go to audiencesand after the audiences are populated you might have to refresh your page orsomething but then you can just select all of the custom audiences you want asyou can see these are shoppers inside of our games and you can see I selectthere’s a 10 here now I can easily click United States you know United KingdomCanada Australia and New Zealand and one through five percent and it’s twohundred and fifty look like audiences I just click create look-alike audienceand boom it creates mobile ad chill create small it’ll take a few minutes ofcourse but now you don’t have to stay here going back and forth and you canuse this tool in the future indefinitely so and once you’re done once you clickcreate look-alike and they populate you know it might take 20 30 minutes forFacebook to populate the audiences but once you do that you’re gonna go back toyour dashboard and everything you just saw in the last video about making newads now you have all these look-alike audiences as well so it’s pretty coolpretend I just made these 15 look-alikes you know there’s hundreds there and Ican set them to any new ads that I want to set up I would just you know look atmy my ads you know do the over-under the ones that are under considered winnersto me and I can set them to these new audiences so really simple to do and Ijust wanted to show you the the best kind of route to make custom audiencesand who to make them of I’ll make sure there’s a list of things down below butplay around and hearing custom audiences because there are so many differentcustom audiences you can make it so many combinations of audiences that you cancreate pretty much unlimited look-alike audiences and that equals unlimited adsright and if you have unlimited ass let’s assume that just you know 75% ofthem are gonna fail but you’re gonna find 25% deter gonna kill it for you andthey could potentially run for the next year so this is why you’re gonna beatyour competitors simply because you’re taking more shots you’re running moreads you’re finding more gold nuggets and yeah that’s about it so just let’s goover this one time the the custom audiences I suggest to make oranything off the email list you have buyers whatever if you have a websitedefinitely make some off website then the app activity is where it gets goodbecause you can target any of your events that your developers set up youcan target most active users of each event and so on and then the videos arevery very good as well because if you have a longer video thenif somebody watches you go here and say hey I only want target people that watch75% of my video if your videos you know 2 minutes long then you know they justgave you a minute plus of your time and they’re super interested in whateveryour niche might be and then you can do Facebook page I would definitely do thisone as well pick all of these I mean each one of them separately of coursebut people who have engaged with your ads who have engaged in your page and soon and then you can even do Instagram business profiles so there’s a ton ofaudiences you can make I challenge you to make at least 20 custom audiences andthen jump over here to add show to to make all those look-alikes reallyquickly but other than that I’m gonna catch you in the next video and I hopeyou have a great day bye alright so in this video I want to talk about how towrite good copy or some things you can do to make sure people respond to yourads they don’t just stop and look at them but they actually download your appso if you go over to this copy tab here you can click on headlines and textessentially you can add headlines and text in the add show so while you’retesting all of them you know your different audiences or different videosor different interests you can also test different headlines and text so theheadline is the portion right next to the button that would say install nowwhile the text is the portion above the video that where you can kind of talk tothem so let’s start with the text and things I like to always include in thetext is I like to pull you know these are some of the best things I use eitherpull in motion somehow connect you know connect with the the end user putyourself in their shoes isn’t like they’re scrolling through their timelineright how do you connect with them how do you make them to think one way tomake them think is asking a question do you love tomeditate or even better you know are you spiritual see I’m asking a questionand that’s forcing them to answer right and if they in the they don’t have toanswer it in text but it’s just about answers having them answer in their mindbecause if they answer and they’re mine that’s the first step you’re connectingwith them so I like to do something like that you can also use kind of a FOMOtype thing like a fear of missing out you know put a little urgency in therelike hey today we are giving away ten dollars of three chips but it’sfirst-come first-serve so that works well right because let’s say let’s callit giveaway and you can see you can just add it right here and then you clickSave and now it’s saved here forever and you can see you know what yourclick-through rate where you clicks where your impressions and all that andthis worked well because it creates a little bit of a FOMO right now you canalso be controversial I don’t know what your niche is but like if there’ssomething controversial you don’t bring it up make people kind of think and whathappens is they’ll start commenting and anytime you get a comment that’s whenyour ads really go viral so here’s a good one here’s a good example kind ofusing both where we’re trying to pull a comment out but like don’t you lovewinning or don’t you love jackpots they’re not gonna answer that right butthey’re gonna think in their head like yeah that sounds great but if I put thisat the bottom of the bottom comment yes if you want to win now and just name itwhatever you want now every time they see this they’re gonna see oh don’t youlove jackpot of course yeah I love jackpots and then it says comment yesand a small portion of people are actually gonna comment yetwhich makes your ads go more viral you’re gonna get more installs moreimpressions more everything because you have you know you’re asking them tocomment yes so those are the main things really you know pull emotion try to havesome fear of missing out be controversial if needed get them tocomment somehow and then just test them all separately so I can put you know mychallenge to you is put ten different sets of text here and then later we cango in and easily just pick them right here as you can see and now my new adsare going to be set to them so I could select all of these ads right and thenhave my new text right there and I can do the exact same thing with headlinesso that’s why I chose the is to to allow you to mass test a lot of things withouthaving to do all the manual labor right so a headline like call it play and thenplay for free you know mention that it’s free people love free but you’ll have totest this on your own what what what converts best for you andit’s cool because you can see here there’s a cost per action a number ofactions so this is how many installs that this headline drove and then itshows you the cost per and then your click-through rate and how many clicksand impressions so you you’ll quickly be able to see you know as you run theseads with this text or this headline you’re gonna quickly be able to see ohyou know what this headline or this text is getting 60 cent installs while thisone’s doing a dollar 20 and this headline here is doing 50 cent installswhile the other ones doing dollar 50 so it clearly tells you oh I should beusing this headline and said that headline and then you just really gointo edge show and you say hey I want to you know I want to use this new headlineI just put up and it could be like six different headlines I just added sixdifferent text and then I want to say hey I also wanted to use them againstthese new look-alikes I have here right so boom you’re just creating adslike in no time and always remember this max look-alike duplicates you can erasethis and it’s gonna make if you’re using look-alikes then it’s just gonna makemore ads as you can see it’s a hundred and twelve ads this is gonna createbecause I have seven audiences times two texts times one play and it’s prettymuch gonna make those for all of these ad sets so I’m gonna find the exact thewinning ad set and it’s going to work for me forever and then all thateverything else is tracked down here cost per purchase number of installsmobile purchases and so on and then you can just go ahead and click schedule nowand this max duplicates thing right here you can see it’s a hundred and twelvecombinations that that’s because there’s a lot of audiences kind of beingduplicated now if you don’t want to make that many ads you just put a number inhere and say max duplicates of four right so that means that there’s at themost there’s only gonna be four ads with the same look like audience so you cantest that out how you want to I usually don’t use it sometimes I do if I want tocut back on ads because I you know 112 and I know I have a ton more that I wantto run and I’ll just cut back by using that you can put the budget in here youcan schedule it every you know five every 24 hours or however you’d like tothis is always a lifesaver winner and I’m headed out of town or or I justdon’t want to jump in Facebook ads for the next week set up ads for a week or amonth or whatever the last thing I really want to show you is the breakdownsection it’s pretty cool so I could make this cost limit a lot lower like itwasn’t – and I just put it down to a dollar and essentially what if I clickthis button right here what’s it it’s gonna do is it’s gonnafind everything in this it’s only one campaign it could be like you know 20campaigns but it’s gonna find all the mobile installs here that are under $1but it’s gonna break them down by age and gender so normally I would have likea couple you know before I only had like five adsets running but now you can see there’s seventeen ad sets that’s because it’sshowing me per per age and gender so this is only female 65 plus this isfemales 55 to 64 this one’s 45 to 54 and it can really like shed some light onwhich audiences are doing really well you like look at this 20 cent installs22 in cent installs $0.22 installs and that’s because they’re people 35 to 44so it will either say male female or unknown as Facebook reports back unknownsometimes but that’s fine and what happens here is boom I have 17 ad setsthat I can just hit schedule now on and it’s gonna upload these 17 ads but inreality it’s that we already had these ads they were just in a much broaderscope or demographic so this one ad that it output it may have been just asection of another ad well it was just a section of the other ad and usually whatI would do here is inside of Facebook ads usually I would go in and see likeokay this ad is performing very well but it’s only for women 25 34 or it’s males35 to 44 but now you can just do that with a click of a button and look hereso that’s about it for today and let me know if you have any questions I thinkthat we’ve covered mostly everything now we’ve gone over look alikes how to whatto do every single day with AD chill you always want to be launching new ads youalways want to be checking to see which ads are working which ones are notworking so you just do the show above to see what’s over your cost limit right inthe last seven days or ever however you’d like to do it and then show up ofso it’s over my limit of two bucks I turn it off if I click and turn off nowthat now I click show under it’s under my limit of two bucks and I can scale itby either a dollar amount a percentage or I can do it individually just likethat clicking these and then we went over howto take those winning ads like if these were all winning ads right here and thenapply them to new audiences that you just created or your new videos you knowit’s key to have a ton of videos to test at all times it’s key to always havetons of audiences different interests and you just go ahead and select thosenew tests you want to run and hit schedule now and you just keep doingthat process even it sometimes if you feel like you’ve run an ad set before tothe same targeting we all know Facebook is you know it’s kind of a black box andthey don’t even know what’s going on so I’ve had multiple times where it’s likeokay this ad for three months was sending me 62 cent installs then all ofa sudden it jumped up to $2 okay so that ad is dead so what did i do I justduplicated it and you can actually do that here on nacho but I’ll get intothat later I just duplicated it and it startedworking again and I actually duplicate a couple times and it worked on both rightso there’s there’s some mystery to Facebook ads that I am very confident inrunning a lot of ads at all times because I’m gonna find my winners andI’m gonna find my losers and the key is to find your losers quickly before theyspend a bunch of dollars you know set it 4 to 3 bucks and then the next day youcan see you know it’s it’s spent a dollar 75 but my goal is a dollar 50install and it did sending in any installs so boom I’m just gonna turn itoff so I’m gonna put my cost limit at 150 right so it’s as simple as that letme know if you have any questions I’ll continue to post new videos on here inthis training section so we can just keep going over different things but Ithink I covered most of the big things there’s a couple other little thingsthat I can mention like duplicates and whatnot that you can do as well and thenthis automation taps gonna be really really cool soon so yeah that’s about itfor now hope you have a great day and I’ll catch you lateralright so I hope you got a ton of value that training I try to put everything Iknow about Facebook ads for app installs into it I hope you took notes watch itagain all I do ask is you do throw a thumbs upon this video subscribe if you want to see more trains like this I’messentially you know I’ve been I’ve been doing Facebook ads for apps for fourfive plus years now and I’m trying to give you as much knowledge as I have forfree on YouTube so just hit that like button subscribe and if you want to chatwith me directly or you want to get a drill there should be links below toclick on and then we can chat about growing your app or building your app oror whatever you want we’ll really just strategize on exactly how we can takeyou from zero to twenty five fifty million downloads so throw that thumbsup click the links below hit the subscribe and I’ll catch you in the nextvideo bye

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