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Hey everyone.Today we will focus on many mods that could improve your gameplay experience as a magicuser. Magic is the favorite class to play for themajority of players in Skyrim, most likely because it is the most diverse.One of the first things you may think about when you hear the word magic, are the actualspells you can cast. In this video however, we will not focus onany spell mods, I will cover those in a future video. Much like my stealth showcase this video will include fitting weapons, armors, homes andmany gameplay mods most suited for mages. The first mod we take a look at is the ImmersiveCollege of Winterhold. This overhauls the entire college of winterholdwith many tweaks, new things to do and a lot of new things to see. You will notice there is a lot of clutter,objects and books scattered all over the college which you can interact with, granting youexperience in different magic skills. These only grant experience the first timeyou interact with them. It really makes the college feel like a schoolof magic where you can learn new things. There are a lot of other interactable itemsas well. Such as the telescope outside and some unique objects in the arch mage quartersI’ll get to later. You’l notice many visual changes and othersmall additions to the the college too. For example the hall of elements and the arcaneumnow has a large spiral staircase, leading you to a new floor within these 2 chambers. You find 2 greenhouses outside called thelustratorium where you find various plants for your alchemy needs.Both The lustratoriums lead to a large subterrarium, where you can find more alchemy needs.The subterrarium leads to the hall of elements again. Immersive college of winterhold makes use of something similair than immersive interiors. This means you can look through the windowsof the college and can still see the interior and exterior. Of course this is a static picture. The cellwon’t be loaded in, so you won’t see npc’s when looking through the windows. The arch mage quarters have been completelyoverhauled too. This chamber has been giving much more functionalityto serve as a player home. Besides the things you expect in a playerhome, this has some other interesting features. Next to your bed you can see a small cage-likearea. You can interact with the object inside, choosing to scry upon a location of your choice. There is even a working calender clock in the arch mage quarters. Next to this clock you find a orb that you can interact with.With this orb you can acces a large storage room with dedicated displays for many specialor rare items. Of course you need to be a arch mage for thesethings to work. Immersive college of winterhold even allowsyou to give someone else the title of archmage, if you feel like you don’t deserve this title.You can talk to Toldir about giving the title of arch mage to someone else. Finally this mod changes some apects of thenpc’s in the college. The original npc’s from the college of winterholdtheir levels will now scale with the player and they start on a higher level than youare, making them stronger from the start. The npc’s of the college will have additionaldaily routines added too. As example, npc’s will now gather at the upperfloor of the hall of elements for dinner at 6pm where the tables will be set with food. In the morning, npc’s will attent to training in the hall of elements. There are many other small additions to the place for npc’s like more animation markers,meaning npc’s will lean against a wall or do something else at specific places in thecollege. Besides the things that I mentioned already,this place offers a place to make black soul Very much like how it is done in Oblivion. Immersive colege of winterhold even comeswith it’s own quest, starting in the midden after the mages quest line and the main questdragon rising. Many of these new features are really niceextra’s and some of it is adjustable in the mcm menu.All by all, I admitably like this mod mostly for for making the place feel more specialand feel like a actual school of magic, opposed to the rather dull vanilla collegeof winterhold. For the npc’s of the college I liked to useCollege npc’s improved for the longest time, however the patch included in immersive collegeof winterhold doesn’t seem to work with newer versions of college npc’s improved,so if you’re interested in these retextures for npc’s, I would use version 1 of this modand not version 2.

Default puzzle quest modsfor npc’s, I would use version 1 of this modand not version 2. Magic users will find out that they visittheir spell interface more often than they wish to after using more than 8 spells frequently.Since you can only have 8 favorite spells assigned to hotkeys.One way to solve this problem is to install a mod that adds additional hotkeys. For manyspells however, especially spells that buff your stats,it would be much more convenient if that spell triggered when meeting a certain condition.This is where smart cast is used. With smart cast you can setup spells to triggerwhenever you want this to happen. For example, you can make it so that conjurebattleaxe casts whenever you start a fight. Another example is if you need constant healingyou can make it so that a certain spell casts every few seconds.The possibilites and customizations on when to activate a spell are well thought out. It also allows you to combine spells and usethem all at the same time. Of course using this will still cost you thesame amount of magica and requires the same lvl as you would normally cast a spell. After you made a custom spell, you find it in the magic menu. Finally one can make spell rings. equipingthese rings allows you to instantly activate the spell.This allows you to wield your weapons or different spells and activate this spell without switchingit in your hands, much like how you cast spells in Oblivion. Of course these rings can be set to hotkeys. To configure a spell you will have to havethe spell equiped before going through the mcm menu. Some people find smart cast a cheat mod, howeverwhen used with care, this can be a very fun and more likely a convenience mod instead.If you really go all out on magic with different buffs for different situations, you mightas well make it go automatically instead of going througha load of menu’s every time you start a fight. Another convenience mod is smart souls.Smart souls makes it so that souls of low quality don’t get abosorbed by high qualitysoul gems. While were in the topic of useful additionswe look at the Mystic Condensor. The mystic condensor can add low quality potions,poisons and soul gems together making it into a more potent variation.This saves up inventory space, carrying weight and amount of potions to drink. It can evencombine soul gem fragments together making black soul gems out of them.The mystic condensor is found in all 8 player homes, important buildings throughout thegame and in several other locations. You can even make your own one that you canplace anywhere if you have the ingredients to make a token for it. The final small addition is no enchantmentrestrictions – skse no conflict. This makes it so that items that are unenchantable,enchantable. It also allows you to put certain enchantmentson both armors and weapons. Instead of certain enchantments being restrictedto either armor or weapon. We’ll then be focussing on 3 weapon mods verysuited for mages and battlemages. The first one is Spellsword.Spellsword allows you to enchant your weapons with spells.You can than use the weapon to cast the spell. This isn’t the same as the Bloodskal bladethat can shoot projectiles found in the vanilla game. Spellsword is much more interesting. When you first install the mod, you will haveto visit the mcm menu to to apply a casting button and set your desired choices.You then click the option to receive a manual. A quest should pop up automatically.I advise to read the manual, but I’ll go over the basics here. Close the book and you get your first spellsword with a spell. The weapon can be used like any other weapon, but with the hotkey you assigned in the mcmmenu you can now cast spells with it. You have to charge the spell by holding downthe button you assigned yourself to prepare the spell.You can then swing your weapon to cast the spell with your weapon. Using spells with your weapon will still costyou magicka and stamina. However, you can lower the cost of the spells applied to yourweapon in the mcm menu. Enchanting these weapons works the same asany other enchantments done on a enchanters table, however you will need to know boththe spell and the base element of the enchantmen

1 puzzle quest modstable, however you will need to know boththe spell and the base element of the enchantmen you wish to use.For example, if you have ice spike and want to apply it on a weapon, you also need toknow a basic frost enchantment to do so. Besides making your own spellsword, you can also find a variation throughout the world. It takes some time to get used to, but onceyou get the hang of it, it’s a great mod, very suited for battle mages or a spellswordroleplay. The second weapon mod is staves of Skyrim.This adds 30 new staffs to the game and retextures existing staffs.Many new staffs are called defenders and are equiped in your shield slot.These have armor stats equivalt to shields of the same material.As example a glass defender has the same armor rating as a glass shield.These can be used to block enemy attacks similair to shields, but of course come with more interestingfeatures. Firstly this mod adds new perks to the blockingperk tree to expand staffs and defenders their functionality.One of these perks allows you to imbue your staff with illumination.The Illumination power lights up the area with your defender. You can toggle the defenderillumination on and off with this power. Another 2 perks allow you to imbue your defenderwith charges, This allows you to convert it to cast fire/frostor shock spells. To do this, acces a new lesser power and useit. and Then go to the spell menu once more and choose your element for the staff.using this spell charges up your staff at the cost of 300 magicka as a base.After that you can use the staff until it’s depleted of charges. You then charge it againwith the same spell for at the cost of 300 magica. Your destruction skill will improve the damage of the charged staff and your alteration levelwill decrease the cost of magicka to charge the staff. If you imbue your staff with charges, youcan discharge the staff again with a lesser power.Doing so converts the staff back to a defender. You can then use it to illuminate and blockagain. And of course it can be charged again too,by repeating the progress. Since this item works a little bit differentthan your ordinary shield or weapon, you will have to use a new item added to your inventory.You then get a custom hot key item which you can assign as a favorite weapon.If you try to bind the staff directly to a hotkey without doing this, the hotkey will be fogotten as soon as you charge or discharge your staff. If you use ordinator as a perk tree overhaul,you will have to use staves of skyrim ordinatored, because one of the perks from these mods willoverwrite the other. The newly added perks for these staffs arealso available in the form of Spell Tomes bought from Rindirsen, the staff vendor inWinterhold, but are somewhat expensive to buy.A good way if you need to save up on perk points. The staffs and defenders themselves can bebought from merchants, crafted by yourself or found as loot from dead spellslingers. And finally for weapons we have wands of Skyrim.These add a variety of wands to the game that can be used together with new spell powersthat come with this mod. The wands have to be made at a forge and youcan make similair wands in different tiers improving their effectiveness.Once you made the wand of your choice you can choose a suitable spell for them in thespell menu. You then swing your wand to cast the spellat the cost of some magica. A nice little extra weapon choice for magicusers and somewhat simpler to get into than the previous two mods. While not lore bound to Skyrim, I like theidea of mages having a magical familair. So for the next few mods I chose some companions.The first one is dwemer faeries. I always loved the small mechanical faerie that originally got included with the osare culort outfit. I swear you can see it at least once floatingaround on half my videos. Dwemer faeries adds multiple recolors of theoriginal to the game. The one named Navi even has the original Zelda Navi voice. Just afun extra touch. Currently you can only obtain these with theconsole or the mod additem menu. Another great addition with many new familairsis BadGremlins Keepers Tower Cove. This adds a place close to dawnstar where you can buymany new equipable creatures.

puzzle quest mods a place close to dawnstar where you can buymany new equipable creatures.

2 puzzle quest modsa place close to dawnstar where you can buymany new equipable creatures. Most of these will stay on shoulder heightof the player. I’ve always known the mod author badgremlinsfor his collection and treasure hunt mods, so it’s surprising he made something uniquelike these too. Astra the mage famialir is a wisp that willaccompany the player. Unlike the previous two, this one is helpfulby granting you a passive power called wisplight. This ability grants 2x magicka regenerationand resistance to magic by 10%. Astra is found in the College of winterhold. Next up I chose a number of armor mods fittingfor mages. As always, I tried to get some variation herefor both male and female. Some fit well in Skyrim, others maybe notso much. The Battlemage armour is a female armor onlyand comes with multiple colors to choose from. I really like the pointy witch type hoodsand the ribbon attached to this has been a great idea.The model was originally intended for enderal, but never made it to the final release. Anothermodder picked it up, made it look better and compatible and then released it for Skyrim. The Imperial mage armor is a male armor verysuited for imperial mages. The Battlemage armor, not to be confused withthe other battle mage armour, is another good looking magic armor meant for male mages. The Hedge armor is a quality looking highresolution mage armor meant for females again. This armor goes very well for argonians andkhajiits too. Then we have the witcher 3 female armors,because I really love the designs for clothing from the witcher 3 and the majorityof these goes well for mages. The rav en witch armor is yet another veryhigh quality armor mod meant for females. This has a lot of details. You’d almost haveto zoom in to notice everything. witch of the wild armor is another witch styledmage armor. The glowing tattoo on this set is a very niceextra. The light and heavy set look different from eachother.Upon installing you can also choose different colors.This set comes with a interesting passive power to obtain. This allows you to duplicatethe spell you cast up to 4 times. This happens rarely and randomly. And another male mage armor I thought looksgreat is the dragon bone mage armor. This armor comes with a bit of cutomizationfor it. And finally Ks Jewelry adds 22 pieces of jewelryinto the game. These look disgustingly good and go well for female mages.Or perhaps you just want to hide those ugly ears.Of course a lot of this jewelry isn’t all that noticable unless you’re very close up.However, the jewelry can be enchanted if you use the no enchantment restriction mod I mentionedearlier. Making them somewhat more beneficial and moresuited for mages. There are many good jewelry mods of coursethat could go well for mages. There are litteraly 100s of mage armors foundon the nexus alone and I could go on for a while.I’m always curious to hear about your favorites to use for mages.Especially something interesting for Khajiits, since most armors don’t go very well for thekhajiit race. I also chose two home mods for this video.I chose 2 of them here for a somewhat more detailed showcase, but will leave some mentionsat the end of this showcase too. The first one is Tel Nalta II. This is a smallTelvani settlement located on the centre of lake ilinalta that you have to grow from theground up. A courier will eventually find you in gamewith a letter from house telvani. This shows you the starting point of Tel Naltaand some backstory to this place. Once you arrive you notice there is only aworkstation and some glowing objects you can interact with.Interacting with these glowing objects will reveal what items are needeto build the firststages of Tel Nalta. Once you got the materials you still needto wait a ‘ X’ amount of hours before each part has grown.It’l take many days to complete the full settlement and it requires a large amount of items todo so. If you don’t want to go item scavenging, thereis a optional file where you get all the items in a chest next to the workbench. Once you finally grown your complete townyou still need to furniture the building with

3 puzzle quest modsOnce you finally grown your complete townyou still need to furniture the building with the workbench.After that, you can hire many npc’s that will take on jobs in this settlement and some canbe made followers. Tel Nalta itself has a lot of functionalityafter it’s been fully grown. In your own home tower you can expect everythingyou need from a player home. Besides that you also find a bone grinderwhere you can grind mammoth tusks and you find a new altar to make soulgems out of oresand gems. Around town there are new things worth visitingtoo. There is a new cavern to be found where youcan learn some new spells and summon some creatures. Tel Nalta offers a place where you can breed your own fish, The blacksmith of this newtown sells custom morrowind armors, You find more custom telvanni clothes in yourhome and the list goes on. Tel nalta is a amazing home or perhaps townmod, which after building and exploring will quikly become your home base.There is simply so much to do and see here with a great eye for detail. It also really brings that Morrowind feel with even custom Morrowind items, like various morrowind themed soul gems. and of course it’s telvani architecture. Many people might know this author from hisother mod; lakeview manor extended. Tel Nalta II is huge so I also chose anothersmaller, but great looking player home, suited and themed for mages.Halamshiral is a small home found in Morthal Swamps. This home is guarded by a dragon whichholds the key to this place. Inside you find a lot of clutter and wellplaced furniture. Theres also auto sort functions and you finda custom enchanting and alchemy lab. It’s a really cozy mage themed player home. The home is made by Ellianora, someone who has a knack for making themed player homes that are well cluttered and often feel very cozy. This home also has a couple of Vindsvept songs included. Even though every skyrim modder and youtuber under the sun already uses his music,a lot of his tracks simply go extremely well in Skyrim.I personally love his songs and the variation with each track. Finally I have some other small additions.I’ll be brief on these since I either covered them before or there isn’t too much to tellabout them. Toasting enemy. Because sometimes you wantto go that extra mile in obliterating your foes. Aurora is a mod that changes the powers ofstanding stones in the game, making them much more interesting. standing stones standout makes all the standingstones look a lot better. If you use Tel Nalta. choose the No lady stone. teach follower spells through spell tomesallows you to teach follower spells through spell tomes. Equippable Tomes – Belt-Worn Books gives theability to wear spell tomes on your belt. Doing so will imrpove the related spell. Ordinator is a huge perk tree overhaul withan extreme amount of variation to go with and has many custom spells.Especially when playing a mage specialized in different schools of magic this has a lotto offer. There are many good videos covering this overhaul,so I didn’t want to spent to much time on them here, but definitly worth using. Aetherial palace reborn is another home mod, or more likely palace mod. It really feels under endorsed for what ithas to offer. This entire place has a very magical feelto it and has a lot to offer. Nightwielder spire is another home mod thatI already showcased. A home very suited for magic and stealth userswith many new spells and some great lore. Mark and recall makes it so that you can markone place and then recall to it later. A spell that was found in Morrowind.Flaming out is Pretty much the same as mark and recall from Morrowind, but with a coolfire animation effect. For animations I use the Fnis pcea 2. I personallynever use much else than this for 3rd person animations.And I myself prefer playing in First person anyway. For first person animations I use Finallyfirst person magic animation. This is actually the only 1st person magic animation mod thatI know of. The change is subtle, but visible enough fora nice change in the animation we all seen thousands of times already. Spell crafting for skyrim allows you to craftspells, similair as you could in Oblivion. You can find a new spell making altar in thecollege of winterhold. Immersive college of winterhold is made keepingcompatibility with this mod in mind and is compatible on default with this. The Spell Eraser.With the amount of spells in the vanilla game and probably additional ones you use frommods, your magic inventory can quiky become overly cluttered with spells you don’t useanymore. Spell eraser can unlearn these now unwantedspells for you. And finally the summon shadow merchant couldbe something to look into. This merchant sells a number of spells whichone spell in particualr I like a lot. This spell gives you a raven to wear on your shoulder.Yet another mod changes the raven sold by the shadow merchant into the appearance ofa owl. Somewhat similair has also been recently madecalled raven on either shoulder. As always I hope this video gave some newideas for mods or that you enjoyed watching this.Now for the 1 percent of you still watching, I know I havn’t uploaded in a while again,but honestly with videos like this I can’t promise weekly uploads or even a upload every2 weeks. Of course I always like to make some videosinbetween that require way less time too, but when I start projects like these, I don’twant to be distracted too much with other smallervideos. If you like to stay updated also follow meon twitter sometime. Thanks for watching everyone. Consider endorsing the mods I mentioned andthat you like to use. have a great day and I see you all next time.

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