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No includes owl pellets What did you think I thought it was just a kit so that when you go and find it you know when you’re a perv You just know where the animal poop is. Matthias is getting upset! What’s going on guys I am Matthias Welcome to, ten strange things Tanner from rekt found on Amazon. He picked out all these things, he thinks they’re weird, I’m gonna let you know whether these things are a buy it or a pass it. Old-school style whether it’s good or bad. Let’s begin Oh my gosh. Why on earth? Creative UFO Waterproof hands-free umbrella. Why? Look at this poor kid they couldn’t even get him to smile. He’s like dad Do I really have to do this right now, please? Can you just try this out on like your mannequin in the office? I know you got one weirdo. I don’t know if that was the kid thing that or me. I got so many questions Why use this Over a poncho? Don’t you think this is just gonna collect all the water around you? Is it maybe because it’s like quick It’s like quick to put on? It looks like this guy. That’s like riding on that like unicycle over there. Hits a jump, dude he’s just gonna parachute. Look at this family. Hands-free solution, you know cuz jackets? Not hands-free. The biggest advantage is the liberation of your hands Let’s say you’re free to play in the rain, and even the rain job Reliable it has two belts, so it won’t be blown away by the wind. Two belts? Oh my gosh It’s under their arms so straight up they can parachute. I can’t dude I literally can’t I gotta see reviews for this huh big shock no reviews. Let me be the first add to cart Okay It’s kind of like What is it doing? Dude? I feel like I’m one of those like lizards and Jurassic Park You’re just kind of like Let’s walk around the office with this and see if anyone has even the slightest clue what this is hey, dude Well what did he go he ran away dudu scared with it, and he was like what is that? So that’s the question dude. What is this that looks like a rain protector for your clothes really like a head umbrella Is that a headbrella umbrella dudes that a head Briella eyes you’re getting oh, dude? The whole Parachute do you yeah don’t be dangerous if like there’s like a really like if you’re a really light person and a really strong gust Of wind comes up and just takes you away You got the right ding ding ding? That’s what I want to know what am I wearing an umbrella umbrella? Umbrellas go above we’re a wearable umbrellas word now you see what are you? Like oh oh alright by your past that’s a fact that you have hair buy it you get it dude no New entertainment desktop golf ooh Does it include a golf stick go Well in a past video one of the reviews was like I don’t know but does it include a gulp stick Someone’s like yes. Definitely a golf stick it’s always teatime with the Intex. I thought it’s a latex With the index u.s.. A desktop golf set that features an adjustable green and specially designed putter or left or right handers I don’t like the word putter I’m weird with it you got a putter maybe cuz it sounds like pooter every game of golf will have its own unique Challenge looks like it’s pretty much the same thing pretty much the entire time no or maybe that little thing on the bottom Adjusts like various things in the course all the only thing it’s gonna. Do is change where the hill is though Oh, it’s on both sides. It’s changing the landscape of this Gulf environment very cool, but Doesn’t look like it really did anything whatsoever Oh, I thought he was about to change the whole I was gonna be like that’s cool You could change the whole you know I’m saying If you could change your whole, I wish change my ol which hole like your mouth my mouth boy. Yeah need some help Definitely need some help, dude. I don’t want to be anywhere near your mouth Hole am I right one star ridiculous toy, so I want to get inside that head no, you don’t I want to get inside that person’s head and try to understand like why were they so pissed off and what did They really expect from this. I don’t know, but I’m excited. I might add to cart’ Executive desktop golf change the slope that’s what it’s called the slope I kept saying like hill or womp magnetic flag for easy ball retrieval nice fingers, too Difficult can’t you just turn it upside down just like Perfect desktop challenge, you know when I’m at my desktop I’m always like how can I be challenged right now because clearly my work isn’t doing it. You know? Oh, yeah, yeah, I know Really, oh, that’s horrible that I know how if your work that I’m giving you isn’t challenging

Default retro arcade machineReally, oh, that’s horrible that I know how if your work that I’m giving you isn’t challenging God, I’m yeah As I turn this up and down it raises and lowers The slopes on the course I can change this thing all the way around but honestly It’s really having minimal effect if anything that seems odd. You look closely. It’s taking up the entire hole But then why would they even give it to you because this whole thing’s a pudding? I know so this whole thing is for pudding So why would you even have the flagon than ever because that’s how you retrieve the ball? What is this is that how you do it what you can’t change that okay? It was like it was in like this so anytime you hit the ball It would like go at an angle you have to like change it like that I guess this is helping a little bit because you don’t want to Know dude, what if I did it first right? Okay? How many tries to take? And what did you see it literally rolled around it was like oh, there’s the hole? Hey, what’s up over here look? I’m gonna move it. I’m like slightly just Thank you, buddy I don’t know Let’s take it around the office and see what people think of this see if I can beat them at a game of putt-putt Challenged you to a duel how many hits to get into the hole You clean your yeah when I flossed my teeth I don’t suck on the floss afterwards Come on yeah the shell for sure Well, what did you just do you can’t cheat? That’s not cheating. It’s the part of the thing this would be cheating one hit I Let go of the thing I’m accident alright ready what the heck? There you go, that’s closer. Oh, this is kind of cool. Yeah, you think so I kind of like this thing Yeah, see don’t you feel like this would be a much more a much more fun game This was the pass and now it is time for your dope or nope segment yes, that’s right today. We’re looking at the hover XLS folding electric bike this one was sent to us by the way And we’re gonna let you know whether this item is a dope or no, which is pretty cool Cuz if you take a peek at it, it’s like a little bit of a funky looking thing. It’s cool. That’s electric That’s obviously the seat you see this chick on it Here’s the cool thing though it folds, and you can just stuff it away in your car still looks pretty big even though It’s folded, but if you’ve ever tried to put your bike in your car, and then you realize wow I was stupid I shouldn’t have tried that that was really dumb of me, then this can help you in those circumstances look They got a little like speedometer the range the temperature outside even though you’d be feeling it. Oh, they’re little video right here Hey guys Hey, you’re watching this video that means you’re either thinking about purchasing a hover 1e bike or you already bought one neither I was sent one got him totally got him. Hey, that’s that’s pretty cool. Though shipping Fully assembled props to that most of the time you buy these things and you gotta like take like hours to build That’s pretty cool. I’ll give him that the bike has a top speed of 20 miles per hour 20 miles an hour That’s kind of fast four wheels that small the only thing that I can’t really get over just a tinge nerdy-looking But I feel like I get over it if it’s fun so while we set this puppy up to unbox it and test it out Let’s check out that next product four times emergency survival whistle Oh Survival whistle hey, I’m not like a survival guy, so I don’t know maybe it’s a great thing Maybe it’ll scare things away like it’ll scare like bears or wolves away. Maybe it’ll attract them to you I know about survival if you’re like in a risky situation in the city Maybe like people are approaching you you can blow the whistle for sure and technically I would say that’s survival Oh, that’s not so a survival looking. That’s like what does that look like dinner record? Yeah, that looks like a recorder? Can you imagine it’s like don’t you come anywhere near me sir, don’t you come I’m gonna blow my whistle I’m gonna I Don’t know like this one. I get it’s a little bit more intense, but these I don’t know let’s check this out What second carbon? Oh that is tiny That is way tinier than I thought it was gonna be how loud do you think this is gonna be 0 to 10? I guess so you think of 7. Yeah, are you ready to plug your ears? Yes, I assume I blow into here and the eggs wind just makes the whistle sound Okay, I just did softly now. I’m gonna do a loud alright. You ready Not even as loud as like a coach whistle I Don’t know I mean like I’ve been on the receiving end of a coach whistle like that thing can be pretty scary

1 retro arcade machineDon’t know I mean like I’ve been on the receiving end of a coach whistle like that thing can be pretty scary A coach blues whistle I mean nope These are perverse that It’s kind of intense looking so if you’re looking to blow a whistle a lot this could work for that But I guarantee you there’s louder whistles out there It doesn’t even do like the the fluttering nearly enough either You know like the ones with the ball on the whistle you know what I’m talking about. It’s got look cool. Yeah, yeah I must say Pass Han ski original gray the original hand ski, so what does a hand ski? Please tell me it’s not to keep your hand warm while you’re drinking a beard All right, dude you guys went all out on this one, dude These are bizarre. What’s wrong with just getting an actual glove what look at what how it’s shaped It’s shaped like a Lego hand it’s like hey. What’s up? You’re gonna shake my hand right now Put it in the hole it keeps your hand warm and your beverage cold soft sheep wool blend thirty Dollars thirty whether you are out on a family camping trip Tailgating with some friends or simply having a cold beverage at home Tailgating with some friends you pull this out when you tailgate with some friends you’re not gonna hear the end of it Guaranteed so if that’s your thing hundred percent that happens to be my thing so let’s add the card Okay, here’s the question though right you’re walking around with a drink. Let’s let’s grab a drink for this puppy. I don’t Lacroix somehow It’s really fitting that this is a Lacroix in this thing You know yeah I feel like people that drink Lacroix would be like this is kind of a cool like a little hipsterish thing you know like I Need what will Kroy holder lemon Lacroix the most basic one? I’ve drank my Lacroix. I want to keep my hand warm. It’s an outside party. What’s up? Let’s say? I don’t want to shake with my left hand because my left hand is Stupid not coordinated with my left hand all right tanner shake my hand. Will you no no. No there you go Nice to meet you did Nice to meet you Nice to meet me I’m gonna have to say this one’s a pass a good sock puppet. Hi can I take your dignity away? All right, so all we did was Unpackage the hover one at folding bike and as can see it came folded up already supposedly It’s completely assembled, so let’s see if we can figure this puppy out first things to know is pretty Stinking heavy it is not something that you’re gonna be king around But why would you need to carry it around when you can bike it around right? There’s a lever right here? It says full block Pull up that there you go. Oh There you go that was pretty much. It guess it’s ready to ride. What’s cool is that we got a little kickstand right here I think that actually when you push. It forward this may double as Your foot rests right there pretty comfortable It’s interesting because it doesn’t feel as small as it looks right it feels like I’m just kind of like on like a little bit More of a smaller bike let’s see how much power it’s got Not a huge kick, but I am able to navigate around here pretty. Well. Yeah Definitely big though, so it’s like you’re not gonna really be navigating an office space like this But I can successfully do it so it’s pretty nimble. I think we should take it out back dude shoot it No, I’m just kidding right. I mean, I mean right So remember kids safety first all right, so here’s what I’m gonna. Do I’m gonna do some writable tests right here All right the thing that I’m most curious about is the speed we got a little speedometer right here You can actually see the temperature outside. It says. It’s 70 degrees. It’s got full battery power. Well. We got a little horn here Dude you can trick someone thinking you’re like a truck backing up yeah, I Want to see if this puppy can actually go 20 miles per hour That’s what I have to see they said it can so let’s find out Go on eight right now seems like we’re maxing out at eight thirteen Fourteen slowlyslowly bastard I couldn’t get I I went like maybe like a couple hundred yards And it only got to 16 miles per hour, and I even know if this thing is accurate I was going pretty quick that being said the acceleration curve is so slow which is fine especially for new rioters

retro arcade machine especially for new rioters

2 retro arcade machineespecially for new rioters But I want some I want some um you know I’m saying yeah, check this out though what I discovered which is pretty cool. You got front suspension right here Take a look at this watch push down on this All right tanner you want to do a little challenge, yeah, all right? We’re gonna do a little challenge to see Who can do the quickest lap time all right stay tuned for that but before we get into that next product SNS Worldwide toss and talk about me ball Looked at it way too quick, and I was looking at this thing. I thought I got the nurse was sitting on her lap Cuz I can’t see what she’s sitting on so I was like I’ve never seen a nurse do that I’m nurse See the nurse get that close to its new new meaning to the term wet nurse They got tons of them all different kinds today, we’re gonna look at this one talk about me ball So the idea is if you can look at it, you’re special believe in yourself I’m very good at so I think you toss the ball and maybe like the first thing you see you read and then if it’s a question you Answer it or you finish the sentence right I can see how this can be good for like support groups I can absolutely see how this can be good for even like around the office You know just like as like a community building exercise. You know be the first to review it. Okay. Thank you I will I have a car Oh Gregor made me blow it up myself Thanks for tanner oh Well that’s the end of this thing All right, I did it you got an answer. Honestly first thing you see who can you tell your successes to Matt and my mom? And it I’ll tell you all my successes or failures a lot more failures. You haven’t told me anything yet not today, but some early Not successful you are a work of art. Well, that’s we can answer a question something Around because I thought it was like you are work fart all right, dude You know we should do we should go around and toss this to someone and tell them they have to answer truthfully Just walk around the office and do that I’ve done Nicole We’re gonna play a little game This is the honesty and truthful gain all right, okay? Whatever you see first you read and you do what it says you finish the sentence you answer the question whatever all right, okay? We’re here with man ready, yeah Boom first thing. What do you see what did you do for yourself today? I had a KitKat for breakfast Response I’m very good at First thing you read yo, I’m unique name one weight you are unique. I love broccoli oh You should’ve kept that to yourself listen Gonna you’re supposed to catch it and read the first thing you see what is your best feature? That was literally the first thing I what is it. What is your best feed on what is your best feature? Oh, how can I answer this without sounding conceited you can’t tough luck um I? Got too many You disqualified disqualified boy Uncle Milton National Geographic, how’s this National Geographic? Chameleon vision goggles see the world like chameleons using these unique goggles rotate the eyes to see multiple directions Oh, that’s that sounds like it’s already gonna. Give me a headache rotate your eyes in multiple directions I don’t see how that will I don’t see how that’s gonna work because your brain needs to see one thing you can’t be like Looking at two different things and putting it together. I’m sure features an adjustable strap. Oh, okay Ninety-eight reviews and no one will do the toss ball am I missing something I received this today and checked it at work for the eyes, just see hemispheres with holes. I can’t see how it works That’s just empty balls with holes sucks to be you suck it Add to Cart What did you already open this for me? Mailing issues what no kidding, dude. Can you imagine? That’s the homeless packaging this so like I get in there just run There’s tape it up who cares brought out that was how they package this. Oh, yeah, okay, so straight up There’s nothing special in them. No no there’s some mirrors right here What why there’s some mirrors on the side so maybe you can have some peripheral vision and you can rotate these holes Around to give you some like different perspectives why I don’t know let’s try it out Okay, that’s not it’s just not doing anything I can see a little bit behind me, but this is definitely not chameleon vision. This is like the toughest thing. Are you sure? I feel like I’m wearing a bra on my face No, no you don’t understand there’s nothing inside here, so it’s just a hole in a different direction

3 retro arcade machineNo, no you don’t understand there’s nothing inside here, so it’s just a hole in a different direction It’s not like it’s like projecting anything to your eyes. It’s just this just there’s nothing in there, bro I’m gonna have to say this one is a hard pass uncle bode rose owl pellet kit oh no no no No You know oh, okay? Okay? It’s an owl pellet Dissection kit this is for the people that like to dissect animal feces I don’t believe I’ve met any of these types of people yet, but when I do I will run The opposite direction is fast as possible. Hi my name is Mathias I like to dissect animal feces wash your hands before you touch people no I don’t hold in your hand. What is wrong with you Ha oh? We’re gonna be finding a lot of bones in their crib I’ve done this before you have not I have why we just have to do this in school. No There’s no excuse wait what that’s literally the excuse That’s not an excuse to me cuz when I had to do this in school I literally was like no not doing that and teacher was like Okay, I was like not dissecting feces thanks, but no thanks Play with my own poop I just don’t understand like hey You can learn a lot about it animal if you look at their poop also depending on the taste of it You can tell from what region it’s from only because it’s four and a half stars right here, dude What dim owls done eat? no includes owl pellets What did you think I thought it was just a kit so that when you go and find it You know when you’re a perv. You just know where the animal poop is matthias is getting upset? They didn’t even have the common decency to seal the owl pellets They are what it looks to be like in the bag wrapped in tin foil Oh, yeah, oh, yeah Super casual super super casual, you know you know anytime I go to the bathroom. I’m like woah woah woah woah I had something really good last night. Let’s preserve that poop. Oh, that’s fantastic – this is just This is why sometimes when you go to my house tanner, there’s not just toilet paper by my toilet There’s tin foil you know if you really liked your meal, and you want to preserve your poop You know so someone later can dissect it, and be like what exactly did they put in there I’m really gonna do this. Oh, my gosh. This is so upsetting I Give up No, I give up I’m sorry guys your boys not man enough see here’s the thing I wouldn’t even have touched that before it was Digested and then it got digested some rat with diseases that I wouldn’t even have touched it when it was alive Then I’ll eat it turns up and its stomach pumps it out And now it’s okay to touch pass hard pass retro arcade wash This is a weird Amazon page. They like customized it classic collectors arcade watch. Hey, that’s pretty cool, dude Galactic defense it’s like a little game. You can play on your watch. They talk about Apple watches This is way cooler I can even play some games on your Apple watch, but like imagine if you had like a little joystick on it And you’re just like pop pop pop bye guys spaceship. I dig it dude no reviews We’re the first review on these products. It seems like that’s a common occurrence these days add to cart’ Sleek stylish packaging ah think geek I see oh no that’s all it does. Oh, I’m disappointed Think geek don’t call it an arcade watch if you can’t play at least some rudimentary game I mean, I know I’m not the only one disappointed when you guys first saw this and I was about to open this out Dude it hurts, and I was about to open this up. I know you wanted something special and this isn’t it That’s like what it does you want to see my arcade watch I can press a button and it lights up But you can’t play any games, so it’s not an arcade watch no guess not Like those are the conversations you’re gonna have with your friends. You know when you when you’re like That’s the only friends you have when you’re using this arrested, I really want to show you more about this watch I mean the asteroids move around and that’s how you tell time that’s about it I’m gonna have to say pass on this It just doesn’t do enough even if I had just most rudimentary game on top I would have said buy it, but no Fred movers and shakers salt and pepper shakers. What does that mean? It’s got like a little vibration motor in there So you don’t have to shake it yourself pull the cord and they’ll shake for you Oh gosh Trying to solve problems that aren’t problems shaking for your own salt and pepper can be so Exhausting just pull a cord and let these vibrating shakers do the work for you maybe if you Can’t shake or something like that you know like but I feel like people would have gotten around this problem by like having a salt Bowl and just doing the pinch thing you know you just pinch it on your food and do this right Oh, they got varying reviews here 5 stars like no 4 5 stars You got to say love shaker on steroids vigorous shaking with a large dose of salt or pepper is significantly higher quantity came out consider this item a shaker on Steroids I had a cart. Let’s see how this puppy works Movers and shakers self shaking Wow these couldn’t be made more cheaply They are like not at all what the picture looks like let’s see how it shakes oh Geez they aren’t kidding that is like a salt shaker on steroids, let’s let’s see you see what it looks like Should we see if that actually allows more salt to come out yeah Wow there’s not a lot of room in here What’s up, ever put this in here and cuz what we’re gonna? Do I’m gonna put the top back on and I’m going to? Regularly shake it like a normal human being and we’re gonna see how much salt we get we’re gonna see right here on this black Piece of paper no I kind of like that black Guys what do you think should I change my desk to black? That’s kind of killer, bro. This is normal one two three Okay, not much salt three four five. Okay. We get an idea. It’s not that much now We’re gonna do one shake of the vibration pull string oh my gosh That does do a lot more. Yeah a lot more It’s kind of Awesome I know dude like it’s so dumb that it’s kind of cool. I’m gonna give this to J Fred J Fred It’s in case you didn’t know has a salt addiction actually he’s low on Sodium or I don’t know some health thing he’s always J Fred this is for you. I got this special for you. Do you go to come and get it buy it? Alright, Anna we got ourselves a little challenge here of course a little course as you can see the cones have been set up right Here alright now the quickest two laps Wins, but we what we should’ve figured before shaking the hands. Yeah, that’s kind of cuz now We got really release until we make it about lunch watch where Cabot deal Hey No, I don’t dude look at this zigzag am I crazy alright a little wide on the turn there dude. Oh, no my kick Okay, I can do it dude. I believe in myself when you pull the brakes dude hooks. Oh, ho oh my gosh Here we go here. We go here it is Times I feel like that was rough. I was pretty clean. I’m gonna be like that was pretty rough. What do you think tanning? I don’t know. It’s pretty good. I’m gonna be honest. I’m a little bit nervous. Are you ready tanner? I Got these daddy longlegs he always looks like a waddling giraffe. It’s hard man Give you all these little things a try give a boy a big bite final laugh All right, so let’s hear the times Liz let’s hear them 34 seconds. I got 34 seconds Oh My gosh does every dumper no bad All right tanner, so what do you think dope or no dope yeah? I think really dope for what it’s worth or what it’s worth YeahSo here’s the thing here’s the only thing I would say before I give my final opinion that if you don’t live in a flat City this thing will not work for you it had trouble going up Just even like a very small incline all right that being said if you if you push that aside And you got a flat city. I give it a dope I give it a dope. It’s fun That’s for sure, and it folds up see that video right there that is an eBay hangover cure No joke I’m not even getting in the slightest bit click It’s pretty funny this video over here that that is a video that YouTube thinks you Specifically will enjoy all right catch you over there

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