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Mehaha yeah because she come on she she gee you’re she you in my dump and bang bang tonight you might bang bang I yo what’s up everyoneJose here welcome back to another pity live we got a good show for you guystoday may 8th 2019 we are humming through maindomain domain through may humming through May and I’m telling you guyssomething right now I keep on forgetting to do one thing before I start thisstream turn on my air conditioner cuz it’s already getting really hot give meone second guys I always do this okay we back we back voice we back we back weback so just got back from the gym had to hurry had to cut the workout a littleshort but I still got a good workout in I had to cut up had to cut the theworkout a little short but we got it it we got it in today we got it infull-body workout guys we got chest and we got bicepswe got shoulders we got abs forty minutes on the cardio it was still agood workout it was still a good workout so I’m not too upset but I had to makesure that I come back here and get this stream going cuz you guys know how it isI don’t like to be behind I’ve already caught up I’ve got the lab well videolet’s just go right into ninja news all right we’re gonna let us all into ninjanews I’ve got the lab Oh video written and recorded so I recorded the lab Ohvideo that should be up either tomorrow or the next day it’s pretty muchrecorded I’ve got everything done I just have to edit it that’s all I got to dois edit it and it’s gonna be crappy quality editing too by the way sonothing elaborate on the editing so the lab Oh video is recorded and just gottabe edited and we’re good alright so anything else when it comes to ninjanews yes we had another Fire Emblem three houses video videos doing prettygood I think we have around like 2,000 3,000 views somewhere in that range sopretty good you guys make sure you guys check out that video a lot of you guysprobably know watch that later that’s what you guys do with my other one myprevious Fire Emblem video is going towards 10 going towards 10,000 views soif you have not seen my two Fire Emblem videos the height videosthose that series is going to continue as we get more and more information onFire Emblem three houses so thank you guys for watching that we also had avideo on monolith soft as well this is big for monolith soft whichtalked about they’re they’re 200 member plus or 200 employees plus milestonethat they’ve hit considering where they were in the past now they’re at thispoint that videos at 8000 plus views so thank you guys so much for the supporton those tomorrow morning we will be having a look a look at Bandai Namco andsome of their stuff that they’re gonna be doing because there’s been someannouncements with Digimon story potentially coming over and some otherthings with Bandai Namco they have tales of series hitting some milestones so wewill talk about that in a quick bate title tomorrow morning no junkie kindaso we will be talking about that tomorrow morning so look forward to thattoday I want to kind of chill and get with you guys and talk about some datinggems and you guys’s favorite stuff when it comes today and some III predictionsI think it’s time it’s right it’s right for III predictions we’re gonna be doingIII predictions a lot I don’t get guys tell me the same thing overall we’regoing to talk about EP predictions quite a bit so that should be a lot of fun aswell alright so that’s it for ninja news guys um all of the PE lives are upeither on the community page or on the in your feet or on the regular regularhomepage for player essence so if you’re

Default sex adult game 18 download apkin your feet or on the regular regularhomepage for player essence so if you’re looking for any videos that you missedor if you want to catch up on the PE live the day cap or the night cap keepthat in mind all those are up remember guys if it’s a night cap video it willsay PE live and c4 nightcap and then if it’s a day video it’ll just say PE liveokay so we just we just started doing that recently on there so both of thoseare up PG live so you’ll see PE live and see and then just regular PE live sothat’s either if it’s day or it’s the night cap so keep that in mind when youguys are just going through the videos or whatever you want to watch alrightlast weekend we did have some atlas videos so if you haven’t seen thoseatlas videos with the two protagonists one from fire or not fire I’m one frompersona 3 and persona 4 those are up on the channel as well so make sure youguys check those up all right so let’s gonna get into shout outs if you want meto say hi to you feel free to say hi in the chat be more than happy to say hiback to you and we’ll get everybody in worksince I know men all right Omari hey what’s good man good to see you here myTAS Magnezone what’s up man let’s see your dank meme what’s goodgood to see you thank me galaxy B what’s up J – blue sexy jutsu originator what’sgood Patti ro what’s up man how’s it goinggunslinger sent us the leading to gunslinger and I will be doing that I’mafter this stream is done I’m not sure if I’m going to have I’m not a hundredpercent sure if I’m going to have a live stream after after today’s stream or ohsorry a gameplay livestream I’m going to edit those videos so I can get thosevideos edited and then if I can finish the video before the night stream for PElive the night cap then we’ll have maybe some super super sorry probably someMario Kart or something we’re gonna play or I’m gonna play something aftertonight’s stream so um I want to get those videos edit at least one I’m gonnaget one of those two videos that I recorded today completely edited mybandai namco video is actually about halfway done so good chances are thatwe’ll have a live stream after the the the night cap so that might be thatmight happen like I said but I still have that labral video to edit so mightwe might skip today and then come back tomorrow strong cuz we’ll have to solvevideos and then I can work on the other thing and I have no gym tomorrow sothey’ll have to worry about going to the gym and all that all right so let mecontinue on here with the shoutouts set us the theory tiger woods good fairytiger elite engine fear Tigers here Dustin gee what’s up dust and good tosee you here Hokage – you’re just Dustin G’s here as well what’s up man how’s itgoing good to see you here focus on me says hey yo what’s up how’s it goingRobert yo my boys the Viking nations showing up today let’s what’s goodRobert is here and also fury tiger shoutouts to the to the brothers to theBritish the the Viking nation is here galaxy be once again shadow of Nexuswhat’s up man remember me is a hidden gem though is it Gustavo hi say hi fromBrazil so that’s the Brazil good to see you here I love the Internationalessence I actually checked my analytics the other day and more than half I don’tknow if I told you guys this but more than half of the people who subscribeand come to this channel are not from the US freaking nuts so more than halfof the people that are you know that are watching this channel and subscribe arenot from more than half I have more internationalusers then I have actual u.s. uses which is crazy which is just nuts to me whichis awesome thank you guys for the support from wherever you are in theworld 48% are from here the mainland and thenthe rest are from international outside of the US so crazy great stuff greatstuff international ninja exactly you is this what’s up you is how’s it going mangood to see you here shoutout to that brand new badge my boy three ticks onthat string down thank you so much for the support man I appreciate that Jarmowhat’s up my boy Kaito J what’s good how’s it going true but shouts deadlyninja – but when’s that bad dude waiting on that batch to change all right elevenmonths Chuba you’re almost in that renamed on category let’s go we do havea little bit of an anointment today guys after quite a number of months now alsoshoutouts to the people that are showing

1 sex adult game 18 download apkafter quite a number of months now alsoshoutouts to the people that are showing up but my man gun slinger has beenaround he’s been doing a great job here I don’t sleep we got to get you with themod ship – so we’re gonna go in and hit gunslinger up with the mod ship as wellto set off the gun slinger it’s gonna get you with the mod man thank you somuch for the support of the channel and also basically being the model the modeltype of ninja here in the village you know what I’m saying like you show upyou’re very nice very courteous to everybody you welcome people to thestream you retweet very nice to me even like I said helping me out with thewhole Xenoblade stuff walking me through or giving me detailed description likedirections on how to do that so I appreciate that my boy and like I saiddoes not go unnoticed so shoutouts to you congratulations onthe March it my boy all right Alonzo bar isosceles Alonzo vines what’sgood well it’s good sokar my boy winning gonna use a soaksoak card shoutouts to you man what countries are there outside of everysingle country that you can think of South South America you have Canadawe’ve got like Romania we’ve got Australia we’ve got the UK pretty mucheverybody outside of it we got some people in Hong Kong Chinawell not China but uh not China but um Hong Kong we’ve got Japan that’s alittle bit from Japan I mean just every other country that you can think of inthe world you know that that’s that has normal access to the Internet you knowI’ve got some South Africa going on there you know Cape Town or somethinglike that you know so we got quite a bit man wegot quite a bit German yep Germany is well Germany Italy a lot of Europeannations there’s just a lot that are just not here whether they’re watching thevideos you know or coming out to the streams so exactly exactlyum shoutouts the Jazzy what’s good jazzy good to see you here as well what’supset us leading to jazzy all right so I think I think I pretty much goteverybody here em Williams what’s good em williams jvx adam ehwhat’s up man how’s it goin shoutouts shoutouts to everybody here seriously Iappreciate you guys appreciate you guys coming through Dave gaming what’s goodDave gaming shoutouts thank you for the three months of support plus Iappreciate that my boy all right guys before we get started here please makesure you guys hit the like button and also if you’re somebody new subscribedbut hit that like button and share the stream if you can I did have a post onTwitter guys going to hit up with that retweet that would be fantasticand of course party man the bodyguard might my shadow my boys here my boy ishere party man what’s good dude good to see you here like always thank you somuch Phil says damn so many mods yeah they’re not a lot of mods i but thechannel has been around for a while so some people have been mods for like teadude he’s been modded he’s been a model forever you know and then some people anew status you know but we do get we do get quite a bit of trolls every now andthen not anything crazy not as much as some other guys but we do get sometrolls here and there whenever some crumb cider decides to drop somethinglike a video then then they send their trolls over here but they get bannedpretty quickly most of most of these chrome side channels barely have enoughsubscribers even in you know enough to even warrant them making videos but heybut yeah sometimes they send they send their cronies over here so gotta havethe moss to make sure that we strike them down quickly alright r18 Quinnwhat’s good elite ninja Aidan Quinn is here I never forget pintparty man never never forget party boy KJ $23.99 what’s good how’s it goinggood to see you here as well alright so let’s go to get into the content hereguys starting off with hidden video game gems this is a topic that I always liketo revisit every few weeks because to me a lot of the old-school gamesthe hidden gems they obviously don’t get enough attention so if I had a list ofhidden gems that I would talk about where maybe games that didn’t get asmuch attention that they deserved but they needed more attention I have twogames that always pop up in my head that I’ll always talk about every single timeand that is one mirror vasa the demon blade this is a game your muscles demonblade that’s on the Wii and it’s also on

sex adult game 18 download apk blade this is a game your muscles demonblade that’s on the Wii and it’s also on

2 sex adult game 18 download apkblade this is a game your muscles demonblade that’s on the Wii and it’s also on the PS Vita okay that’s where you canplay this game at and it was a vanillaware game so if you ever heard oflike Odin sphere games like that it looked like that and it was a action orit’s an action RPG and back when it came out on the Wii man like nobody reallyknew too much about this game but it was a really cool title to where you couldplay as a female ninja or you have like the dude ninja slash samurai whateverthe case is and you go through 2d levels and just slash people up I mean it hadreally interesting art really cool art the art was amazing the music was greata lot of different like levels that you can kind of go through a lot of contentin the game and I loved it man I beat it like multiple times when I was incollege love that game mmm also the demon blade that’s my first hidden gemand then my second hidden gem is a game called Lost Odyssey and I’m pretty sureyou guys have heard me talk about Lost Odyssey on the channel The Lost Odysseywas an absolute amazing captivating experience man don’t call me Dani andpizza is well what’s up guys shadow of Nexus what’s upJaleel as well what’s good how’s it going guys good to see you guys here aswell so how’s everything Gong Yoos g5 is here what’s up man good to see you hereas well tommix as well what’s good so to me LostOdyssey is the ultimate hidden gem I know it’s I mean people know about thegame but that game should have done so much better than it did and I guessthat’s the reason why we’re never getting another Lost Odyssey right or atleast we’re not getting we haven’t heard about another Lost Odyssey this game isgoing on 11 years old at this point yeah 2008 so what’s going on 11 years old atthis point but Lost Odyssey to me was the greatestgame that like never crossed the like you know like 1.5 million or 2 millionor whatever the case is it was just a particular graph today spiri inscri ATARof Final Fantasy you know the guy who created final fantasy created LostOdyssey and this wasn’t like a game they had this was actually a fairly largeMicrosoft gave Hironobu Sakaguchi and his team Miss Walker a lot of money tomake this game and it’s sad because with that money comes great expectationsright and they’re expecting this game to do like huge numbers right five sixmillion problem they are probably expecting some type of crazy number imean i guess i’m i’m just guessing on that winners but i know they expect itto do really really well and that i know i wanted it to continue past they wantedlost odyssey to be like a franchise probably i’m just like they want a bluedragon to be a franchise because they were given Hironobu Sakaguchi was givena lot of money by microsoft to make these games and these were high-qualityJRPGs but i can even throw blue dragon in there as a hidden kind of a hiddengem blue dragon was amazing lost odyssey those two games and that I cared Noblesecond Gucci’s Last Stand when it comes to major may might well also you knowlast the last story as well but that’s a different that’s a different type ofgame Lost Odyssey was really when he had the amount of funds that he could maketo make a big game that was his last one after that I mean here no but good she’sbeen gone there’s been nothing that he’s been able to do since then I mean nowyou see you met the apple of it talking about iOS man talk about the Apple gamestory it’s pathetic in my opinion what’s happened to him is horrible it almostreminds me of koji a garage and I really hope that’s that that Hera novosakaguchi turns to Kickstarter or something I mean he needs more fundingfor some bigger games but um but either way Lost Odyssey was definitely thathidden is like the hidden gem of all hidden gems it’s it’s in my top fivefavorite games of all time that’s one of my favorite RPGs of all time and they’llalways be the hidden gem of all hidden gems to me so yeah anyway moving on Iain’t talking about fortnight I talk about fortnight season tonight I willleave that to ninja and all those guys over therebut yeah Danielle cratis is my head and Jen let’s go and get to you guys asthoughts if you have your hidden gems if you have a game that you want me to talkabout please tag me at player since our hash tag player since I’ll be more thanhappy to talk about it let’s start off actually with VC and he says one of oneof my hidden gems on the Gamecube was

3 sex adult game 18 download apkactually with VC and he says one of oneof my hidden gems on the Gamecube was Alien Hominid okay I remember that gameit was tons of challenging a fun and co-op was almost as hard as Cup headingco-op oh okay yeah I remember hearing about that Yuma I playat a friend’s house when you rent no I played it at the the nerd video gameclub at school I remember one time and co-op it was hard we got our butt kickedum Daniel let’s see your Danielle Crowder says my head and Jem game issonic Chronicles it was a really good game on the DS if some people may notagree to me but it was a hidden gem and Pandora’s tower on the week yeah thosewere definitely some hidden gems some people didn’t like sonic sonicchronicles that was the RPG made by Bioware which I think that that gameI’ve played that game I think that game is better than most sonic games the onlyissue is that they kind of cheaped out a little bit because they just you theyjust reuse the rhythm heaven or not Rhythm Heaven Elite Beat Agents enginefor that game and like you can really tell cuz of the thing how you attack andstuff but actually sonic chronicles is good it’s not a horrible game it’s notit’s nowhere near as bad as people trying to make it out to be so yeahdefinitely hidden gem and also Pandora’s tower absolutely I think that game itwas just like a really late we game and it was obviously rough on the graphicswise but the the story and how it progressed that everything the balleating the hearts thing took flesh so I could stay you know rattlers to stayalive that was just crazy like with the crazy witch hacks and all that like Ithought it was great I loved Pandora’s tower not loved I liked it I liked it Ithought it was good thought it was good Hellspawn ray says oh hey hey Oh Jay Idon’t see how Blue Dragon was overrated it was rated in the 70s in my opinion soI don’t know I don’t see how it was over a deity it was it was like a it’s like amid it’s like a mid 70s game so who overrated it Hellspawn right he says heyoh genesis one of my favorite JRPGs if I had the Final Fantasy title it wouldhave sold millions yeah if it was called Final Fantasy this or whatever the caseis yeah I would have sold millions absolutely yo what’s up my boy Joe mangood to see you here Joe good to see you here good to see you here as well goodto see you here speaking of trolls not Joe that is my boy Joe he’s awesome butspeaking of Joe’s yo shadow also gun slinger thank you so much alreadyputting those putting that putting that uh putting that Mod power to use thereso shout outs a long time they’ll see though Joe good to see you here my manlet’s see here alright my head in gem is a lot guysmake sure you tag me at player s and so I can see your comments Marie some ofyou guys are stating your hidden gems but i but you guys aren’t tagging mealright so Phil let me see her Philip says I would go with siren the wandererthe we entry it’s a downright masterpiece that few seem to know existsmmm siren the longer is it oh she ran is it siren not siren Shiren the wandererokay Wow I’ve never heard of that game okay world of fun on fantasy world ofFinal Fantasy is mad underrated this Jen okay but we’re not talking about underit we’re talk about like hidden gems you know so I think people knew about it soso yeah yo what’s up Frank Rodriguez how’s it going my boy mud shock here inthe house good to see you here Emily this is my hidden gem if you wantto call it hidden is actor he’s on the supernintendo yeah I mean I don’t reallyknow if that’s hit him but yeah that’s one of those games that this didn’t getas much you know popularity some of the other games out there shadow heartscovenant Oh shadow arts okay I’ve heard about that game was my idea Jim greatbattle systems story in comedy alright alright shadow shadow hearts okay coolcool alonso appliances my two hidden gems are infinite unjust infinite anddiscovery on the Xbox 360 and Final Fantasy mystic quest on the SuperNintendo yeah I missed the quest I’m not playing that gameinfinite undercover I remember hearing about that game quite a bit on the Xbox360 but never playing it I don’t think I’ve ever played it I don’t know I mighthave I played a lot of 360 games that I just forgetlet’s grab says what’s good what’s good dude on the n64 I love pokémon puzzleLeague I consider that a hidden gem Pokemon puzzling actually isn’t a hiddengem and actually sold pretty well so I don’t I don’t call poke I don’t thinkpokémon puzzle League was a hidden gem it was advertised well it was arm likeKids WB it was on all the different shows it was advertised and it actuallysold millions of copies so I don’t actually consider that a hidden gempeople knew about that gaming people played it so so yeah for a Pokemonspin-off it was definitely known and it’s all I mean relatively to how then64 sold it it was advertising it sold well so I don’t know if that’s a hiddengem to me once a year J loved all the money says my head andgem is booked I the first one okay that was made by Hideo Kojima poke poke darnso that’s interesting game I thought you need like the Sun forthat game if I’d be out in the day so that means or I’d be out in my outsideso that’s it’s a no-no for me I remember I was like not where I live I can’t playthat type of game where I live because it’s too hot or I could only play I canlike already early spring you know or some winters during the day so yeah thatwas a no-no for me back in the day so yeah hidden gem is defined by the gamedoesn’t have a lot of marketing and overshadowed by other games right justjust needs been refreshing yeah that’s what kind like what a hidden gem is likePokemon possibly got tons of exposure and I got a lot of sales and was likeadvertised like whenever I went to Toys R Us for the poke like for the Pokemoncard game they were advertising pokémon puzzle League all of those games likeHey You Pikachu even the crappy ones Pokemon Stadiumall of those Pokemon games a man 64 that came out like spin-off or not likethey’re pretty much all spin-offs right all of those games were advertised welland actually did ok so I mean like I don’t really consider any of the Pokemongames on the n64 hidden gems yo what’s up JJ Chavez how’s it going my boy let’ssay year yeah no Frank we just started dude weactually just started we’re barely 30 minutes in so yeah man you’re goodshe even is a hidden gem I gotta check that game out I gotta check it out myheading gem is Alliance alive well the Alliance alive mister VDS or just BDSM Ilike it that’s coming back this fall we’re getting the Alliance alive HD onthe on the switch and I think ps4 or something like that so so yeah manversus where did you get the Zinberg Chronicles wallpaper oh that’s a randomquestion my boy I will answer I will answer your item questions towards theend we’re talk about hidden gems right now so if you have a hidden gem timingwith the hidden gem dev bert and i’ll answer your question that though Ididn’t know I didn’t know anyone who had the game yeah but the game is sold wellthough I mean just because you don’t know anybody who has the game doesn’tmean doesn’t mean the game didn’t do well you know just means that peoplearound you didn’t have the game but no it’s over all the Pokemon games so alonelike they also load well over a million on the n64 they were all advertised wellyou know people people bought them even the crappy Hey You Pikachu games youknow the pokémon puzzle League was was advertised as well and it did well itwas already there was even a TV commercial for the game right a nigmawhat’s up man how’s it going how’s it going let me see you you guysgot a lot hidden gems g5 says another one of myhidden gems it’s got–let on the n64 okaygauntlet all right yeah let’s get in there let’s see yeah my day is goinggood man my day is going good if I bonuses my hidden gems we’re talk abouthidden gems Jay so if you have any hidden gems that you want to talk aboutlet me know might and gems Star Wars rebels strike Rogue Squadron three thatgame was dope and Kirby air ride okay Kirby air ride nice some good picks Idon’t know if Star Wars though is is a hidden gem but and TKR vids says it’sbeen a while since I could catch one of these live one of my any gems bots andkaitos yes definitely a hidden gem Boston Kaitos absolutely absolutelythat’s one of my favorite hidden gems too but thank you for coming out to thestream glad you can catch it live we got a lot of comments here kg $23.99 saysone of my energem is legend of legaia for the ps1 okay nice one of my hiddengems – that reminds me of illusion of Gaia for the Super Nintendo that waskind of a hidden gem gun-sling who says my heading gem is x footage – it’s agreat first-person shooter I don’t know if that was that overshadow – I got alot of promotion back in the day it was on all systems but I mean I can see Ican understand that Dom G gaming says I know you don’t like shooters but theconduit is a hidden gem on the Wii and I’m not a shooter guy as well yeah youknow I played the condo and it’s somewhat of a hidden gem back then onthe Wii somewhat of a hidden gem alright okay TK art we’re sorry TK our vids witha dollar 99 donation shoutouts to Andres that’s nicethumbnail Thank You Andre I appreciate that oh my gosh we got so many people inhere we got a hundred of 40 people in here we got a ton of people talking sosorry guys I’m a little behind I’m a little behind but shut us the t TK ourbins with the dollar ninety-nine donation and TK our vid says could youput could you please play chew mirror from botton kaitos absolutely manabsolutely so you guys give some love get some sitting down this gives someemotes to TK our bids for the first donation of the stream and TK our bidsthat does make it a top stream ninjas so thank you so much for the support to theelite ninja village I do appreciate that through super chat and I will get yourname up here on the leaderboard with the $1.99 and we’ll get to your music planein just a bit guys and I will catch up I’m sorry I’m so behind but you guys Iknow I love to bring out these topics because you guys have so many hiddengems and I like to hear about some of these games so maybe I’ll go buy some ofthese and play them you know so alright so let’s see that that series needs tocome back man it needs to come back alright all right let me know how it sounds guysis it too loud not loud enough let me know in the chat oh man I got so manymissed comments here Lost Odyssey is my hidden gemoh yes lost odyssey is definitely a hidden gem let me know how it soundsguys let me let me see if I can catch up here I’m ready for Alliance alive yesalready pre-ordered it nice shadow vixx has enslaved on backs box of 60 is thedefinition of Japan slave is literally the definition of a hidden gemabsolutely sounds good alright enslaved was so it was one of thosegames it was really good and I loved it I liked the emotional roller coaster ofenslave at first like you hate the the like the girl like tracks me it’s ataking care of her but then I by the end at first you’re pissed off at it butthen by the end of it like you gradually feel more emotion and more emotion andmore emotion towards the partner girl that’s forgot her namewhen I played and slave I think I I think a thousand point I I a hundredpercent in that game I reckon really like 10 slave back in the day lostvikings says they’ve game is a hinge upon super dunno maybe a cult classicoh absolutely pull classic Sauron the Wonder is a true wrote is a true loadlight and it’s currently um undone debatably the best roguelike ever madeby a rather large margin at bat chunks off once again proves how great they areokay fellow I’m gonna play this game it’s a rolling I don’t like row glidesbut is it like is it a game that if you don’t like roguelikes it’s a rogueliketo play so I need to check it out oh boo Jengaboo J I remember Bujang guy is a hidden gem peach and a gap a Japanese singer Iplayed it nobody know I know let the game boo Jenga in the forsaken whateverI beat that game on the ps2 that game is freaking crazy at the beginning is likeyou do like also it’s an aerial combos and stuff it’s crazyyo RJ why would suck no Andre wine swooping in through likethe Hokage my boy Andre special special elite ninja ninja ninja ANBU black opsin the house let’s go Andre around with the 15 it says buckbumble was a hidden gem so can we get that BB gunoh my gosh right on cue right on cue shoutouts to Andre you guysgive some love give some sitting guns give some emos to the man the myth thelegend Andre wine that has the same haircut as me that’s the same haircut meand also has a daughter like me too so so shout outs Andre alright with the 15that does make you the top Street ninja as well so thank you so much for thedonation I do appreciate that you are also the stream boss tooso shout outs right over here Andre is this dream box so let’s go and get thatbigoted buck buck bumble going shall we guys oh my gosh buck bumble team here wego let me know how it sounds guys what about now it’s time to rock it’s time torock boys my head and gemstones Hollow night hold on I spot a hidden gemactually that’s not a hidden gem at all that games sold millions of copies and alot of people know about the game it’s that I wouldn’t call whole night ahidden gem let’s see you let me know how it soundsguys does it sound okay is the sound okay or is it too loud not loud enoughlet me know turn it up the bug bubble let’s see hereDX 11000 does by bulk / for the Sega Saturn I don’t have a sing a Saturnit’s like Adam a Star Fox 2 with airplanes transform to mix things I’mdoing a play even the box is gold and like an NES Zelda card I don’t have aSega Saturn so how can i buy it you want to send me a second good evil I’mgetting evil yeah I guess that could be more considered a hidden gem kind of gotovershadowed a bit actually LJ you copied my haircut sir radio sir I may beAVI maybe I did copy your haircut althoughwait a minute the long take your picture you have low hair in your picture sowait a minute here wait a minute here yo what’s up King bees dance party Hancock’s is hidden gem maybe a bloodyroar primal fury on the Gamecube yeah I remember them advertising that game butyeah that’s nothing more of a hidden gem right and gem is Neopets puzzleadventure Wii game bruh Neopets okay for the n64 games has to be mischief-makersI’ve heard so much about mischief makers I have not played that yeah yeahis the game room a good Frank my hidden gem is spongeboblights camera lights camera pants on the ps2 in game people it was a fun MarioParty like game oh okay have any of you guys ever played I thinkit’s called fusion frenzy on the Xbox that was like a Mario Party like gamethat was kind of cool it was kind of cool right and gem on the switchesdriving for it with Dragon Quest rivals oh my gosh us which is actually mummydemon Oh mummy D mastered Pato box pool panic and immortal red Nikolasspecifically my number one switch-hitting Jim oh okay nice nicefusion frenzy is pretty good I think he meant pretty good youyeah another hidden gem nano blade I’m also reading the comments to find gamesyeah Man III these games are pretty good these games are it seems like thesegames are pretty cool like I gotta check out some of these games Philip says Iwould say yes there’s a ton of innovation at a true roguelike gen hasbeen needing for a while another innovation that has been long believedto be impossible but they they pulled it off at the folk there’s a focus on storygreat setting boss battles are good and tactical except okay so okay Philip doyou have me on Twitter I’m going to forget the name of this gameso I okay I think I’ve been convinced I need to play this game is Shiren thewanderer I need to play this game down you’ve convinced me to play this game soI need to see it Dante’s Inferno okay and vanquish are another hidden gemsalright okay I need to play this game Shiren the wanderer now like I mean ifthis is a roguelike game that’s gonna get my attentionalright I need to see it RG t 85 the game is a hidden gem that’s fairpretentious carrots as might in gem was ninokuni – mm super slept on because itwasn’t as good as the first I’m not sure if that’s a that’s a sleeper though orthe hidden gem people know about the game they just didn’t buy it much I meanI mean I don’t know I don’t know what was that overshadowed but it came outwith a pretty good really I mean I can understand why you have it as a hiddengem no I don’t know bro answer generations on ps2 the real hiddenalarms of mine says the real it in gem is Nintendogs okay Nintendogs oh nothat’s a hidden gem thanks game sold like five billion copies on the DS epsTercel that’s the Rinnegan user apes ters says hidden gem Space Station’sSilicon Valley for the n64 never heard of that game at all more hidden gemsfrom means Tom and Jerry fists of fury and blast corpse on the n64I’ve heard people talk about blast clips and I’ve played it when i play blastcorpse i thought it sucked I think rare made that game right I waslike dude this game sucks I remember playing it one time and never playing itagain because we always compare and that I guess it’s a true definition of blastof sorry up hidden gem because they came out like it right around the same timethat double-oh-seven I was oh seven and then I saw last corpseright I don’t know if I came out the exact same time but I just remember itbeing next double-oh-seven that my friend Stevens house I went over thereand he’s like hey I got this game called blasts corpse and I have double-oh-sevenand I was like oh I’ve heard a lot about double-oh-seven let me play blast corpsereal quick you know cuz I’d already been going and playing double-oh-seven I’mgonna playing it and I was just like bro like this game’s like trash like alrightbut I know it’s a good game though I know it’s a good gameso yeah let’s see here let’s see some more hidden gems hereKJ $23.99 that I if I missed your comment please please retype it guys I’msorry I there’s so many people in here shutoffs everybody’s showing up makesure you tag me at player essence if you want me to see your comment if you’renot tagging me that I can’t see your comment VC says another hidden gem onthe switch is Morial Chronicles H oh what’s thatMario Chronicles like I got Oreo but a more Mario Chronicle H but it wasoriginal on PS Vita so does that mean I’ve never heard of the game alrightwhat is this game about VC some dude says custom Robo arena on the d s was myhidden gem what’s that is it the same it’s the same custom Robo right likefrom the Gamecube but on the DS what is that metal arms glitch in the system andsell damage on the game people sell damage is coming back sob Laska sothat’s cool and what do you think the other game metal arms go to the system Iremember playing that game and actually beating it when I was that player oneduh the mom-and-pop shop that I used to go to all time I use I just played thegame all day and I beat it like I think I paid like five bucks and I beat thegame so yeah that was great that was a good game it was a good game I don’thave a Twitter account had one once but couldn’t delete it fast enough Twitterso knowing Twitter is can be very annoying if you don’t post anything youget flooded with messages yeah that’s what it can be annoying at times hiddengem endless ocean and deadly creatures on the in the week or on the week dude Iplayed endless ocean and I hated that game i remember playing endless oceanI’m like dude this game sucks but I know people like it though but I really hatedthat game and deadly creatures I thought it was stupid to play as like a like ascorpion but I played the game I thought it was alright though at first I thoughtit was through that was a guy that’s not too bad not too bad my head in gym isdirty bomb and and war game red dragon okay I’ve heard of dirty bomb but I havenot heard of war game red dragon what’s that aboutdoc who skies his head and Gemma’s gun grave on theyes to for some reason it didn’t review well okay yeah I’ve heard of done gravethe enemy but and I know there was a gun grave game on the ps2 but I’ve neverplayed it let’s see here this will help you remember though it’s atlas publishedit so let’s be easy to search for oh okay okaycool cool is that a hidden star invaders what does star what system is starinvaders on I don’t think so I might have played it but I’m not sure Lanelove is over says do you think lost odyssey will ever make of a turn I thinkmaybe at some point he could make a return but I don’t know anytime soonit’d have to be resurrected it’d have to be resurrected System Shock 2 that wasthe precursor to like Bioshock right I have not played but isn’t there supposedto be like some type of remake of System Shock or System Shock 2 coming gravityrushed 1 & 2 are some of the best exclusives but no one bought them yeahthose are definitely hidden gems cuz they were really overshadowed althoughpeople know about them they’re like cult there are cold hits you know so yeahgunslinger says players it’s another hidden gem of mine is shrek super partyit was a pretty fun Mario Party style game ok shrek super party I can’t playany Shrek video games though Shrek looks too stupidgenican donkey so yeah yo shoutouts okay we got another donationhere third of the stream and second 40k our vids with a total of seven dollarsnow so thank you for the $5 donation very nice of you my man and he saysplayer essence another another of my hidden gems is Hotel dusk room 215 onthe DS could you play the straight chaser please thanks absolutely andthank you so much TK our vids I know you said the jizz it’s been tough for you tocast the strings but thank you for the support you coming back to the streamsand supporting I really do appreciate that thank you for the two donations sofar my man and yeah absolutely it’s going to get your your your music goingheld Oh hotel hotel dusk dusk room 215 all right so let’s see another is hoteldoes straight chaser okay all right here we go well probably played a coupletimes it’s only a minute 30 and this is a night I like this song actually thisis a good song this is a very good song guys let me know how it sounds guys okaylet me know if you can hear it Evo by annex on the supernintendo ohokay I’ve not heard about that game paint that purple what’s that game aboutsystem shark 3 teacher dropped recently ok System Shock 3 Alonso vines says twomore hidden gems is scooby-doo mystery and Tom and Jerry on the superinten ohok ok dude I love do this live streamsabsolute it’s been absolutely amazing fifty minutes have flown by I love doingstuff like this so I mean you guys keep bringing these hidden gems this is thisis amazing just to kind of talk about games like this absolutely amazing umyou guys are bringing up so many cool games that I’ve never heard about orgames that I really want to play so far on my list I’m gonna go ahead and writethat down um I think fill up let me go to him letme write that down what was the game that you told me to play I alreadyforgot it what was the name of the game you said she was even the wanderer guysby Atlus and uh BC what was that switch game butyou talked like morio something I’m gonna check out that game honest Mario Mario what was it called Mario something it’s a JRPG with phantasy star gamemechanics Xenoblade style waifu’s has a deep level progression systemMario Chronicles H overall is a great game for the price on the switch okay Igotta check it out let me see here you see em Oh II Mario Chronicles so I’mgonna try to play more of like some of these weirdo games for you guys you knowthese four let’s suppose I think those are gonna do better on the channel andlike me playing like far cry or something like that okay cool cool I also wanted to get someresearch for maybe Let’s Plays and stuff like that cuz I do want to do some letvisible I do want to do more of those but I want to make sure that you guys wedo games that you guys are actually interested in so if I just for thepopular games like you guys don’t care although we’re getting down on FireEmblem and got eater don’t get me wrong we’re gonna play some other populargames but I kind of wanna bring out some of the hidden gem games you know so it’sa little bit of research for videos and also I wanted to talk to you guys aboutsome hidden gems and kind of get you guys up in because I know you guys lovethese topics I loved seeing the Wonder okay is it that good well again whoelse’s plate sharing the wanderer who else’s plate in here because it reallyas good as Philip is say saying it is it’s atlas so I mean obviously that thattells you something right there you playing ghoul Mel got me interested init yeah you know God metal was cool but it wasn’t and I wasn’t compelled enoughto keep playing the game it’s a cool game don’t get me wrong but I mean I’mnot big on music rhythm games either you know so I just wasn’t enough to play itmore but I’m glad that I bought it though because the physical edition isdope it was worth the fourteen dollars that I spend on it just for the case inthe you know and maybe one of these days will be rare you know pretentious carrotsays dangan ronpa one through three are also some of the best games ever madebut not enough people buy them okay well enough people buy them for them toget sequence though so these they have bad Cu Lera T is a hidden gemwhat is similarity on the shadow of Nexus how’s that down the volume okaycool thank you so much we’ll go ahead and on yeah this is sore I’ll I’ll playit one more time short-track this is a good try it’s verybasic but it’s just nicely that’s like that nice beat to it you know hotel dustby the way is it great that’s a hey that’s a great hidden gem – hotel deskoh sweet sue code it tactics on the ps3 Jimmy okay- Magnus one says my hidden gems would be Kirby dreamland Avatar The LastAirbender on GBA and the very recently drill dozer by Game Freak oh okayI love Kirby’s Dreamland isn’t it Jay okay oh snap yo Frank Gehry in the chatwith the 30 out of nowhere my man coming through like Madara falling through thechat down body in the hidden village with the 30 in the chat becoming the topStreet ninja Frank Rodriguez with the 30 out of nowhere thank you so much Madaracoming through and says castle of illusion starring Mickey Mouse for theSega Genesis was a really good game despite being a Disney game I playedthat game is a really good game it was definitely a hidden gem also can youplay crystal peek from Paolo and I absolutely crystal peek as a fantasticsong from Hall and I like all night so much and yes let me talk about castle ofillusion when I was younger council volution was kind of put out there but Idon’t know if people really played it that much and I liked it I loved Disneywhen I was a kid I was a big fan of Fantasia and all the Disney Lion Kingall that stuff my dad used to go out there and buy these big deal those bigold I mean if you’re born in the 90s you know or even like 2000s when you boughtDisney films like the cassettes that used to come with these big plasticthick cases and collecting number like my dad used to always buy a bunch willbe at a whole psyche whole slew they buy it yard sales you can get these thingsfor two to three dollars a pop for like different Disney movies and I we used toalways sit down like on Saturday nights or Friday nights me and my brother andmy two sisters and watch all the different stuff so I was big into Disneyso whenever there’s like Mickey Mania when that came out or a castle ofillusion any of these disney games i was always interested even like when I wasolder right when I played like when Epic Mickey first came out I was just soexcited about that because I remind me of like Fantasia or something likethat like Mickey having these powers that he normally doesn’t have I don’tthink I’ve ever told you guys that that I like Mickey Mouse but I do like MickeyMouse I think like I thought he was just really cool as a kid you know I alwaysused to watch you know whenever I could so yeah Castle of illusion was great wasgreat I liked it at least and I like Epic Mickey – I thought Epic Mickey wasreally cool because Fantasia is one of my favorite movies ever so so yeah allright so let’s go to get this music going thank you so much Frank are muchmy boy mud shock with the 30 showing the support mud shock is one of thosespecial ANBU black ops supporters on the channel here so I do appreciate thatlet’s go and get your name up here on the leader board my man thank you somuch for the support I do appreciate that you guys give some love sittingdown and some emotes for Frank are with the 30 thank you so much van doappreciate that thank you for the ninja war funds all right so let’s go aheadand I’m probably gonna have to add something in here I’m probably gonna addsomething here to this thing so we can make sure we get more anyway I mumblingto myself let’s get this music you I’ve always thinking about improvementsto this room guys I’m always thinking about improvement I even think aboutimprovements to the stream while I’m sleeping no joke I get ideas for videosor improvements that I’m gonna do while I’m sleeping I’m always thinking aboutstuff I’m always thinking about what I’m gonna do next all right oh geez favoritecharacter is Donald Duck Brett Donald Duck ain’t wearing pants Mickey’swearing Mickey go shirtless I I can deal with somebody going shirtless butpantsless not I can’t can’t roll with that all rightso crystal peek crystal peek from hallow nights all right great song all righthere we go let me know how it sounds guys all right so I’m probably behind abit this is another hidden gem easily be agents on the DS yeah like the agency’sdefinitely request some jitsu shoutouts those okay you missed the tube my othersuggestions okay I’m sorry guys we have 150 something plus people in here we gota ton of people talking about their favorite stuff so that’s all I’mextending this topic we’re gonna extend the topic don’t worry we’re gonna geteverything I don’t count I don’t know if thiscounts but I think asteroids on the PS what is a general okaydrill those on the GBA okay gotcha folks are wondering we injurymissed the two of my previous suggestions though Hoshi gommi for thePieta for the ps1 don’t play the watered-downDS remake and dragging me for the supernovaokay shoutouts I’ll see Hoshi Tommy was really good slut but stupid hard publicprobably I got hard difficulty okay oh he Phoenix has grief all another gemgame that was going to be announced with a 30 2019 my favorite game okay okay soyou can attack this is awesome okay okay guys let me try to get through these alittle bit quicker hidden gem scooby-doo for the n64 I never even knew there’s ascooby-doo game for the n64 and talks about GU vs. Capcom yeah that’s a tokenvs. Capcom is with a good I played that game quite a bit in college room factory5 is already a hidden gem because already it’s not even on its a tip let’ssee here the guy who made Epic Mickey also made System Shock by the way WarrenSpector yes he did he did and he also made a debut sex or deus ex he also madethat game too so he was the creator Warren Spector he was a creator of a lotof pretty cool games and then they ruined Epic Mickey by my rushing the devteam and by trying to put it out on my 15 different platforms so Epic Mickeyhad a bright future until Disney ruined it anyway I played Epic Mickey on Vitaonly Mickey game I ever played nice I mean I think Nikki’s get it’s a goodgame that’s a good game Lamarr vain’ McMorris says cold shadow starring Mauimarred on Super Nintendo and Genesis would shoot in general I’ve never beengay all right let’s see yeah what’s upwhat’s up Bravo what’s a sortable shelf how’s it goingwonderful 101 is definitely a hidden gem absolutely MX absolutely Boston chasedthe chase bot with the twitch halt thank you so much welcome to the Fire Nationmy boy scooby-doo was late let’s go we doreally good I never I’ve never even heard about ithave I done III search predictions no I have not because I’m so behind on hiddengems people are still telling me their hidden gem so I’m so behind and chantedalmost who entered that’s the xbox360 wasn’t it I remember that game waseverything sounded ok with the volume guys on the music was everything oklet’s see here yeah I had no idea there was a scooby-doo game Don G says umAvalon code for the DS and away shuffle dungeon deed okOh a second who cheat game what really Don G hmm under the skin on ps2 lilo andStitch was the GBA it was like Metal Slug fun game lilo and stitch let’s godr. sky says I remember another hidden gem I played as a child Danny Phantomthe ultimate mmm Danny Phantom that’s the party is that the Nickelodeon showlet’s see here Deonte Hancock’s is hidden gem our field of magic on the DSfeel the match that game sounds familiar and bloody world probable fury on beginyeah you said you already mentioned the bloody war game yeahJoshua tow bar says monster boy and curse Kingdom on the switch the hiddengem you know I don’t know if you can really count some of these indie gamesthat are coming out because of their NDA’s but I think the int but monsterboys sold really well you know but I mean maybe the original release maybewas a hidden gem but not the rerelease you know so I don’t know about that butyeah I guess technically you’re right yeah technically you’re righthey fat purple says a real NN gem is Dragon Quest heroes too damn fun gameit’s not like the other there Musel games it’s more like an action RPG youwould love it – too bad it’s only on the ps4 oh come onyeah Dragon Quest heroes I’ve actually Dragon Quest heroes I play Dragon Questheroes it’s it’s good it is more like a RPG that’s why I’m hoping like persona 5scrambles kind of more like that because if they did say RPG you know in there sothat’d be dope then it’d be dope I want persona 5 scramble to be like DragonQuest heroes to dhanji says ghost trick where’s is that yellow kazoo is that youmonster monster boy not Wonder Boy oh okay okay yeah my bad my bad I’d mixthose two up pretentious carrot says Dragon Ball Zattack of the Saints in my opinion is a hidden gem I wish they made a sequelDragonball RPG yes I played that game and I beat itDragon Ball Z attack of the Saints is made by monolith soft and yes it is afreaking kick-butt RPG dude it is dope if you have not played Dragon Ball Zattack of the Saints of the DS and you want some model of soft action make sureyou check that game out make sure you check it I have it I have it and Iplayed it still have it it’s great it’s a great game man vr troopers for theGenesis I remember vr troopers are trying to go head-to-head against ourwhat was it against Power Rangers back in the day Herzog zwei okay I’m gonnasee this shot on the wall I really want this Sheeran is it Shiren the wandereragain is it hard to find it’s on the Wii whoo 70 74 dollars for this game ok soI’m a PS Vita is the PS Vita version the same thing or is it a different game oh I have to go the dolphin right on thisone my boys I see yeah eternal sonata alright let me just let me check get the Vita version it’s the best okaybut I can’t stream the Vita version though unless can you do Vita versionstream remote play does that work well for streaming does anybody know okay Isee the game here I see the game on at Gamestop but I need to check theavailability it’s not yet it’s not anywhere around currently unavailablelet me check availability at stores the closest one is 71 miles away from me soyeah I don’t know if I’ll be able to I could get a good price on if I wascloser to it but I just it’s just not there dude I played Ridge Racer 3d andRidge Racer 7 are pretty dude Ridge Racer on buddy is that on the DS RidgeRacer 3d all right I think that’s something too yet the DS Ridge Racergame is horrible it’s horrible let’s see I hate that game get the Vitaversion it’s the best ok well yeah I want to be able to stream it so so yeah you said I play I played eternal sonatatoo but we’re not we’re not talking about whether whether we’re not talkingabout other people that want to put down what other people think is a hidden gemthat’s not the point of the stream the point of the stream isn’t to say oh whyplayed that game it’s not very good that’s not that’s not the point of thisstream guy is like that’s that’s not the point of the stream is to criticizeother people’s you know pics like when it comes to that now if you personallydislike it that’s ok but let’s let’s not let’s not get too much back and forthwith people now if you don’t like something like I said it’s ok if youdon’t like it but I mean I’ve played eternal sonata I thought it was ok I cansee why people somebody would consider it a hidden gem I can see that I couldsee that crypt of the necrodancer I would consider a hidden gem let’s seehere you got PS PS TV I had one but I lost it I lost it so and like I thinkAmazon the PS Vita I got it I gotta find this Shiren the wanderer game for a goodprice let me check my eBay oh thank you so much Boston chased by abus and chased by I’m also on YouTube as well my boyso shoutouts thank you so much for follow me if you discovered me from thespawn cash-outs the spawn cast is awesome and yeah Ihave a YouTube as well so check it check me out on youtube – so I’m pretty sureyou know you might have already seen me on there alrightSheeran wander alright let’s see the Vita version is so much cheaper okaythere’s one for $38 delivered in four days you in the water Atlas we completetested like new comes with the game everything everything’s looking good allright let me just buy this right now like newno thanks alright let me buy this right now it is $38 that seems like the bestprice that I can find on it on the Wii alright let me just see if I can uhshoutouts to no other persona actually let me buy this late I’ll buy this whenI go offline I’ll buy this later because I might count I haven’t used a Bey andso long my account is being saying stupid stuff so let me it’s being lockedso I’ll buy that she in the wanderer later so yeah she has to no otherpersona with the five dollar donation thank you so much no other persona forthe five dollars elation he says lost odyssey nintendo switchport a man candream big even though it could never happen but damn that would be awesomeyeah that would be awesome and yes I don’t think that’s ever gonna happenthat’s never gonna happen but at the same time I think it’s still somethingto say yeah that’d be cool but thank you for the five dollar donation I doappreciate that no other persona and I’ll get some lostodyssey music going for you since he didn’t request anything let’s get somelost odyssey music let me know how it sounds guys alrighthit eject Mega Man Battle Network series yeah I can see why that’d be a hiddengem absolutely ok don’t get the DS version ok I won’t get that version Evois like $600 yo now that DBZ game you mentioned is going for $60 off Plus oneBay bro I bought it for like $14 back that like back and like like three orfour years ago yeah but I got it though I got it I don’t have the case I justhave the cartridge 60 bucks not bad with uh wood art the last two of the ps1considered hidden gem guys how does the volume sound is this to rap it sounds alittle loud to me so how’s the volume on this guy’s is it is it loud let’s seehere you have to see players it’s a shuffle dungeonmiss Walker game I gotta check that game on yeah if it’s miss Walker game I gottacheck it out wow it went up in value then about time however that said it’swell worth the seventy price tag although some someone usually not intorug likes I understand why you would be okay well I mean like I said I found onefor $38 so maybe I’ll check that out so yeah sounds good it’s loud but you’re tooloud I’m too loud alright shoutouts I’msupposed to be loud so that’s okay party man says I would say Dragon Ball Z sagason the ps2 as a hidden gem but that game is that game is bad in today’s standardsyeah yeah yeah yeah okay he’s talking to principal affinity my hidden gem isDragon Ball legacy of goku and Dragon Ball super sonic warriors oh yeah thosewere um I think legacy a Goku was a gba game I was like an RPG and I was kind ofcrappy even for the black back from the GBA standards like from what peoplethought of it right the graphics weren’t really good and itwas like bug we just walking around I was like RPG that you were fighting likedogs and things like that so I could understand why it kind of got likeovershadowed but I played it I bought as I played it I was lookin Ted andsupersonic warriors is a fighting game and that was actually not bad on the Ithink was on the DS supersonic borders loses a little loud okay if it’s alittle loud for you then turn down the volume on your set but I will turn itdown just a bit hey what’s up charity start how’s itgoing yeah the topic is hidden gems that we’re all right and we still haven’tmoved on to the next topic which is III predictions but we’ll get to that guysand then we’ll get to we’ll get to everything but you guys have a lot ofending gems and I want to hear about these because I’m trying to get someideas for Let’s Plays on the channel that you guys will actually watch youknow so let’s see here Dustin gee what’s up Dustin and he says there’s there’salso buyer-seller app called mac curry there you can find good deals on it’sbetter than ebay most most of time okay so it’s kind of like Lego like an applike that all right let me I’ll check that out Dustin let’s see here Dragonball fusions on the 3d s is hiddennobody knows it’s a strategy RPG not beat him up woo Dragonball fusion it’son the 3ds oh I think I heard about that game back when it came out the volume isoverpowering the audio but wouldn’t mean the volume is overpowering the audio butit wasn’t what didn’t give me the music is overpowering the art I might my ownvolume like you got it you gotta explain that better dude dude the volume isoverpowering the audio what is it what does that mean mischief makers of wasthe head in Jeb – yeah we talked about missus makers a bit yeah otherwiseJackie Rose is on sale on Amazon right now for $13 free shipping Dragon Questheroes – $13 on that I wish there was an Xbox one version but whatever all rightlet me buy it I have no competence which version isgonna be any good yeah 13 bucks ok yeah that’s that’s pretty good now let’s goto just buy that right now we need a better life that’s pretty much like that’s likenearly free for that quality of game I’ve heard so many good things aboutI’ve played it a bit sometimes we’ll just pick it up on the ps4 it maybe youguys might want to watch that and also for my collection I mean 13 dollars fora game that’s pretty good alright so I will maybe some Dragon Quest Heroes 2gameplay guys it’s pretty soon so I should get it on Friday alright mmmhos I don’t get the Vita version it’s completely different entering thefranchise okay well there you go completely different entry in thefranchise so no need to pick that one up no need to pick that one it’s Conker’s Bad Fur Day a hidden gemnot really everyone knew about that game Fire and Ice have been a hidden gem forme it’s a it’s a browser game ok browser game a lot of you guys are sayingmischief-makers yeah mischief-makers conquers Conker’sBad Fur Day it was really know people knew about it it was just like parentswere trying to make sure that kids don’t play the game at times so yeahCraster says hey what’s up OJ how’s the week so far it’s been pretty goodmidweek but part of the discussion we’re on hidden gems we’re on hidden gems thatpeople didn’t kind of didn’t play or hidden gems every game on Wii U just ohyeah this kind of gets kind of real wonderful one of my hidden gems for theWii U are Tokyo Mirage sessions the wonderful 101 was it submitted gems Ithink like the what was it the fatal frame game that’s like a hidden gem onthe Wii U what what other you guys have any Wii U hidden gems it’s probablyquite a bit there’s probably a bit of hidden gemsyou know goof troop on the supe it was a co-op hidden gem ok goof troop nice Ilike goof troop as a kid Seth Dean says best best loved streamI’ve seen in a while lots of good information yes this is packed full ofgreat information so I’m thinking that this is gonna be a reallypopular replay for people that missed it because there’s a lot of great there’s alot this is why I love doing stuff like this because it’s like sharing like likeI’ve talked about sharing the spread of these crazy games and you guys areputting me on to like new games that we can share on the channel stuff this isthis is fantastic this is absolutely fantastic especially while we while wewait for like some of the big summer games to come out for the switch this isamazing I’m hearing about so many cool games that I’d never heard about beforethis is so awesome I see Jose needs new games to apply toexcuses curb my backlog consists of a bunch of ps4 and Xbox one games that Idon’t be like blame you know cuz you know you know I’m a fraud because Idon’t want to play shadows of more because I don’t feel like playing okay Ithink late 30s games like ever OSS might be in Egypt yeah that’s true that’s trueconception 2 on the Vita and the 3s is pretty under the radar okay it can get abit weird at times alright conception nice nice I was just I was just about tosay that oh absolutely absolutely I’m fine with that man in my life my life’spretty good you guys make my life awesome so everything’s pretty good inthe hood I’m okay I’m okay dark cloud to dark clouds a great game that’s madethat level 5 dark cloud 1 and dark cloud 2 are pretty good games Craster sayswell if that’s the case nobody chronicles on the Wii in the 3ds are mytop hidden gems I don’t think those are hidden gems I don’t think those arehidden gems I don’t think he’ll break chronicles is a hidden gem anymore Idon’t I don’t think it is that’s just my opinion though cursed mounted on theweazy a gym cursed mountain was interesting because cursed mountain whenthey first showed off the trailer they made it seem as if the game was sographically advanced they’re like this is all captured this is in-game footagefrom the Wii and we’re like dude this looks like of course it looks like 480pdoesn’t look that great but they were trying to make us he doesn’t feel likethat were amazing there are captured I meanyeah no crap it wasn’t like it was a CG like that great the graphics wisegraphics wise in terms of the game I know but there’s some people that reallyloved the game it was kind of mixed on reviews but overall it would seem thatit’s like an OK game but that playing a hidden gem was cursed mounted on the Wiiyeah but I remember they’re advertising for curse Mountain was just freakinfunny was this hilariously they advertised initially when they firstshut off the game they’re like captured completely in the Wii footage my like ohmy gosh Xenosaga hidden gem kinda at the people when it released absolutely was ahidden gem cuz monolith soft purple isn’t the monolith soft that we know nowyou know Xenosaga was one of percent a hidden gem when it came out PSPs you hadso many games black the first-person shooter on the ps2 was awesome it wasawesome but I don’t know if it was a hidden gem but yeah it was awesome Ithink it was a pretty cool game the bouncer okay I shield shield ster 9 yeahwe already we already knew Super Monkey Ball was license renewed by Sega that’swhat we already talked about that yesterday I have a whole PD live wherewe talked about that so yeah we already knew oh well if you don’t know yeah theydidn’t mean you the license so there you gowizard101 elizy crits hidden gem for me but don’t play it I’ve played it for 10years now it spent over $200 just on memberships brand yeah I’m good on thatwas the NN geezer against Disko energies back that dumb name for a game dude likeJesus that stupid game that we watched the other day with cloud in there andTifa that stupid 3d fighting game likethere’s like one level worlds like what was it like the site of a building rendition a fanfare evercloud gets on a freaking helicopter and goes or he goes you like run or what hedid that a loop he did the loop right back like you didn’t know where he wasgoing just like a bunch of random polygonswith look like a dog he’s like I got Tigerjust that game is the definition of a hot mess dude the definition of a hotmess yo Anthony Albert what’s up my boy how’sit going and he says and he says how’s it going anyone say battleworld on theweed no nobody said matter old yet and Matylda is absolutely one of thosehidden gems on the Wii I still have the game I love the game I play beat it Ithought it was great I love materal which I talked about I think when wewere talking about like the whole saying Capcom thing I was like dude mad worldSega own the rights to mad world mad world is so good like a modern matterwould be imagined matter ‘old with modern like 3d graphics but with thatart style oh my gosh I’m Adam imagine like a single player action RPG andmatt’ll imagine that dude how dope would that be on the switch how dope wouldthat be on the switch like but you don’t have to you don’t have to go superexpensive budget game you know like you look at games like World War Z rightWorld War Z selling millions of copies forty bucks online co-op just somethingthat people want people want left for dead people want these action RPGs youknow these actions single-player RPGs maybe you throw some co-op in there do aco-op dude I’m down man it’s Pokemon snap a hidden gem helloy’all know I don’t know me I don’t know the dress of my games do well I’mcharity Pokemon snap is definitely not a ting Jim it’s sold well back when itcame out and people knew it was marketed and advertised heavily on TV blockbusterjust Toys R Us like P everybody knew about Pokemon snap on the n64if you had an n64 you knew about Pokemon snap know that but that was in that thatwasn’t one of the peaks and heights of the Pokemon era I mean like everythingPokemon was the number one everything you know number one everything for kidsfor ten year old 10 year olds but the probably like the the eight to twelveyear old market everybody knew every single kid in that era group knew aboutPokemon stat like everybody everyone talked about it at school like hey haveyou tell you have you seen Pokemon snap you take pictures of PokemonI remember when I first heard about I was like why would I want to takepictures of poke and then I played it this is not too badbut I was like but I still like Pokemon battle robot on the stadium PokemonStadium I like that move I like that way Lord because I loveI like battling pokémon not taking pictures of them so yeah Forsaken on then64 is a great hidden gem okay I never heard about that game extreme geeextreme g2 can we please talk about those hitting tips I’ve never heardabout extreme G at least I don’t think I’ve is that the racing game so like themotorcycle racing game our core like it’s like a futuristic like you’re allmy god like a futuristic motorcycle is that what extreme G is that’s what Ithink it is but I’m not sure if it is code of princess was overshadowed forthe amount of good games on the switch so I considered a hidden gem well Kotaprincess originally came out on the 3ds so it was overshadowed on both systemslmao the fighting game looked way better than places knows about it did it thoughit didn’t speed racers a hidden gem on the Wii you get the spin and spin itSpeed Racer that game is so stupid Speed Racer speed race is just a trash Ipee I can’t say anything else about sauce and I’m joking here guys if youlike Speed Racer don’t don’t hurt me but the problem that I have a Speed Racer isjust like oh my gosh do I need to dress up this Speed Racer at some point into alive stream just just just for the pure fact of how much I hate Speed Racer Ineed to dress up this be rationed oh no something just like this Speed Racercame on is that whenever the Speed Racer came on on TV I instantly turned the TVoff and when I played video games I’d be watching to be like Rugrats there’d belike Looney Tunes whatever the case is and then as soon as Speed Racer came onjust turn the channel I’m like turn this crap off I remember the first time Iwatch speed racer I’ll just like when I was a kid I’ll just like I didn’tunderstand this stupid show like it’s just and there’s like a monkey in thecar in the end in the trunk like why you guys putting that monkey in the trunklike why can’t he sit why can’t he sit out there with the dude like why is hesitting there in the trunk that’s cat that’s animal cruelty you know I mean Ididn’t like the fact that they had the monkey in the trunkyou know they why are they talking like they’retalking like it was just a speed racer’s garbage but anyway it was popular enoughfor it to get a movie so there you go let’s see you the English theme song ishot go Speed Racer go Speed Racer go Speed Racer go oh umscoreboard says he’s a tip for improvement on the channel put a fewblankets up in your room stop the reflections and making it micro level Iwasn’t asking for tips for you to improve for the channel I’m not I’m notasking for tips and I’m not gonna put blankets up in my room we already got arevamp that we’re going to be doing and the quality of the streaming terms ofthe playback of the audio is actually fine it’s not it’s not too badso nah wasn’t a Matt wasn’t asking for tips but thank you but I wasn’t askingfor tips don’t worry my man wasn’t asking for tips and I wasn’t asking forany improvements for the channel that’s like I don’t put the channel I don’t doI don’t do videos with my room like I do live streams where I talk to you guys sothat’s nothing to do with like that’s not gonna improve like the videos forthe channels it’s the live stream where you guys come and talk to me so I’m goodlike I said we’re already doing I were already doing a revamp of the room sodon’t worry about it I mean I’m not putting blankets up in my room that’sthat’s absolutely ridiculous that’s absolutely ridiculous I’m so ya know sono so yeah when you get it streamed on you do you put blankets up in your roomand you do all that and that will help you improve the quality of your channelhow about that straight through to people that support you I’m not rude atall but I never asked him for any tips for the channel test and we were talkabout hidden gems I didn’t ask him for any tips so that’s not rude he saidsomething and I said I didn’t ask him for that and once again looks like it’slike I said before were already doing a revamp of the channel in the room andeverything like that so don’t worry about it don’t worry about it nobody’sbeing rude I need at the time out you know the time now but no I didn’t Ididn’t ask him for any tips and that’s not what the topic that we were on so hewent off topic so there you go so I answered him truthfully what I reallyfelt but I wasn’t mean I didn’t call names I didn’t say your your band Ididn’t I was very calm and just talk back to him but I didn’t ask him forsomething and such thing that’s the first time that I’ve even seen you havenot commented at all that’s the first time that you even commented here tocomplain let’s see your tips are 20 of the tipsare 20 apiece yeah you wanna exactly yeah drop dropper 20 and then put the toput your tip in there I got you my boy that will definitely listen but knob Iwasn’t I wasn’t asking for any tips so it’s all good let’s see herelol fine I give up but you have you ever played I hate you Pikachu Hey YouPikachu I have played Hey You Pikachu it’s not avery good game what you said it you want tips I’m ready to give you tips thosetips are okay but no guys we’re doing the room revamp so don’t worry guysdon’t worry about it we are going to like I said we are gonna do things Idon’t want to let you guys know I mean I’ve been saying it a bunch of times soyou guys know but there are gonna be some changes so so don’t worry about itguys don’t worry it’s happening but we got to plan things out you know we gotto plan things out so it’s all good but shoutouts thank you guys so much for thesupport I appreciate that and I’m sorry 17:4 dank meme timing you out but I meanyou come here with the blank avatar you’re not really conversating at alland you know and you look straight I mean for you to come at me like that inkind of way it was just kind of I think that was a little there’s no need for itbut that’s okay I understand but I don’t think I was really too rude I just saidI didn’t ask him for that so that’s it I’m just telling much youth like what Ifelt at the time so I didn’t ask him for it but anyway moving on I’m princessLavinia he says how would you mind looking up Dark Rift for the n64 realquick that’s the deeply hidden gem I’ll check it out later I’m not reallylooking up games right now at this point but uh maybe I’ll check it out at somepoint absolutely doesn’t she says freedom warson the Vita is a forgotten gem if nobody if nobody mentioned it of freedom warsyeah I remember playing freedom wars freedom wars is actually a great game Ithink it’s pretty good I think it’s pretty good hormone night that was madeby Game Freak wasn’t it that was like the music rhythm game like music rhythmplatformer a star hosted in a second story on the ps1 is a hidden gem okaynice nice alright guys I think it’s time now I think it’s time so everybody’swatching we got over what is it got over a hundred and seventy people watching yoshout outs to the day streams let’s go if you have not followed me on Twittermake sure you guys follow me on Twitter dank meme I think you can put a commandfor that so that people follow me on Twitter I’ll pop up also guys if youhave not hit that like button make sure you guys the like button let’s try tosee them get a hundred and thirty likes on this video130 likes on this one so hit that like button if you have not put that likebutton yeah so yeah there we go let’s see here umDustin G says freedom or okay I already read that Oh Ethan he says will you besaying your switch III predictions yeah we’re gonna talk about that right nowwell actually I want to hear more about your predictions but I have twopredictions for you guys but I think that will be happening and I will have adedicated video to switch predictions as well one of my predictions is Kid Icarusis coming back I think it’s time my boys and girls ladies and gentlemen ninja itis time it is time it is time Kid Icarus does come back the Nintendo switch itdoes come back the freshest I think that’s gonna happen I don’t know if it’sgonna be at e3 this year but my prediction is Kid Icarus is coming backand it’s gonna say sorry to keep you waiting it’s gonna be a trailer sorry tokeep you waiting we need Kid Icarus it’s coming back that’s my first bigprediction my second prediction is Japanese switch ports unexpectedJapanese switch ports gonna be announced at e3 stuff that you didn’t expect suckthat people even bet money against that would come to the switch for examplelike Dragon Ball fighters people said that’s not coming to the switch BandaiNamco said this and that BAM III we heard about it Dragon Ball fighters onthe Nintendo switch so expect big switch ports Japanese games to the switch andanother one another prediction and these just like I said these are just somebaseline predictions here is western titles we’re going to get at least twobig western titles announced that III 2019 for the switch em and then we’regonna have at least 1 million people complaining about how they run or howthey look so yeah those are my predictions so what are you guys asearly predictions for for for e3 then let me know it can be switched it can beps4 it could be Xbox one it doesn’t matter what it is let me know what yourpredictions are I’ll be more than happy to answer those god Hannah I’m out ofhidden gems alright well we’re moving on to switch III predictions switch e3predictions so or sorry just I said switch EP predictions but it can be anypredictions that you want as kicker is gonna be a real shooter no I think ifthey do a new critical scheme I think it will be an action hybrid I think they’llhave some rail shooter segments but then they’ll also have somesegments on ground I don’t know if you play kicker surprising but Kid IcarusUprising isn’t a rail shooter’ it’s an action game that has some rail shootinglevels like the first part of level usually fly through and you startshooting and then the second part of the level you drop down on the ground andyou play and the game is literally perfect the only problem with the gameis the controls if the controls were fixed the game is literally perfectif there was it if the controls weren’t so bhujangi bhujangi dish if thecontrols weren’t so lucky you know the game would be perfect thegame is a perfect game outside of the controls I really don’t think there’sanything wrong with the game outside of the controls everything else in the gameis great the combat is fantastic the level or the the fusion system theweapon fusion system is better than a lot of fusion systems now at this daylike the the progression system is great the difficulty is good the sound themusic the the graphics for the 3s are incredible it has three on three onlinemultiplayer it is the full package man it is it is just phenomenal but thecontrols are just bunked that’s it the controls are just they’re just they’rejust nerve they’re just not good it I can’t defend the controls they’re justnot good so yeah I need we need kid we need some Kid Icarus in our life let’ssee do you think Sakurai what are we working on a kid occurs if it getsenough I think so I think Sakurai would be the one to do the Kid Icarus Uprisingon the switch let’s see here you know saga Xenosaga would be dope man MichaelO’Brien says do we know do we know when Nintendo have their showcase spot likeit’s gonna be the same as usual it’s gonna be like probably a Tuesday likewhatever time or whatever like 9 a.m. or somethingso yes we don’t know the exact time yet but it’s probably be the typical thingyou know Xenosaga port I think I think a remake of Xenosaga would be better thanjust a port like I just thought uprising you know I think I think I’ll hopefulremake of the original Xenosaga would be super dope new 2 3s but uprising on mylist to pick up uprising is very good I’m pretty then we got a Capcom andNamco rep later in Smash a Capcom so yeah I’ve talked about Capcomeither Dante Lian s Kennedy or like Resident Evil and then if in term interms of Namco rep later I don’t know about AB a dynamical rep but I know Ithink a Square Enix rep with like a urge rake or like even like the luminary fromDragon Quest 11 some type of Dragon Quest character I think is very possible alrightprincipal Vinny says short teaser trailer will be revealing forbanjo-kazooie in smash ultimate will be showcased at some point during intendsdirect whether I’m right or wrong we’ll see yeah well op the wait and see a lotof people are predicting that we see like banjo kazooie you know for you knowfor that but we’ll have to wait and see Calvin dice says would you like laststory – probably not happening though I would love the last story – I don’t knowif it’s gonna be happening considering that you know here nobo ii gucci isshowing up at apple game store events i mean it’s ridiculous you know what’s upmr. Pete how’s it going my boy good to see you hereDon G game Xenosaga trilogy for the switch Dark Souls 2 & 3 because I needthem in my life and then you gotta expose it to the switc yeah I don’t knowabout all that I think the Xenosaga that could happen Idunno about a trilogy I think like maybe a remake of the original would be thebest option moreso than trying to jam all threegames into like a switch card and get that out although that’d be cool but Ithink Xenosaga just remaking that and seeing how that does seem like what themarket says about it I think that’d be really cool but I think is he also goingto do really well if it was like a complete remake that’d be dope oh mygosh new banjo yeah well no he didn’t say he didn’t say new banjo cherryhe said banjo in Super Smash Brothers ultimate which is a switch game you knowNintendo’s switch game so yeah Dawson 31 says I’m predicting a new model of IP Ihope new Mario Kart and 3d donkey kong game to be revealed I want a 3d donkeykong game or like a new like action 2d Donkey Kong game I think Mario Kartdefinitely has an opportunity to be revealed Mario Kart 8 was firstannounced at January 2013 and then it was revealed for the first time thefirst trailer was at e3 2013 so I think it’s very possible you know seven-yearno no not setting it I can’t count five years later we now havea new Mario Kart game reveal it at e3 so that’s possible yos mady’s let’s golet’s go brand new member hype thank you so much paying fat purple welcomewelcome to the elite ninja village thank you so much for your elite ninja supportenjoy your emotes my boy and also enjoy access to our exclusive discord whereyou can play games against player essence and the other elite ninja soyesterday we had Mario Kart I think the day before we had Super Smash Brotherstoday I might be taking a little bit of a break from streaming a game becauseI’m gonna be doing this whole xenoblade chronicles thing so if I can get thatsituated and get everything edited we might do Xenoblade Chronicles HD tonightbut then we’ll be back tomorrow probably with Super Smash Brothers ultimate backtomorrow Super Smash Brothers or Mario Kart whatever we feel like I might takea poll from the elite ninja like what you guys want to play Smasher Mario Kartso so yeah we’re gonna be bring back the polls to on patreon and also on thankyou so much enjoy that’s sitting on my boy thank you so much man I appreciatethat welcome welcome welcome alright Michael Bryan says you guys all welcomebrand new member we went down to 159 so now we’re back into the 160 boys we’retrying to get to 175 once again I should put up that at 175or I don’t know if we gonna do it at 175 or 200 I want to do a hardcore runthrough the Fire Emblem three houses but that game is gonna be huge on thechannel so I’m looking forward to doing that too so we’ll see thank you so muchthough I appreciate that if anybody else does want to member up you guys can hitthe join button or you can follow the link there’s like a link I know an eliteninja you take me we can put up something like that and that will getyou the link to become an elite ninja so thank you guys I appreciate the supportalright so let’s see he says no brakes lol well yeah no brakes really I meaneven if I don’t stream a game then I still have to edit videos you knowhowever I have been doing less of my own editing business work I’ve been doing alittle bit less of that and kind of putting a little bit more time into thestreams and stuff like that so so yeah how much is it the join it’s $4.99 amonth and it does get you what’s the call there’s a link right there thatstream laps put up and it does get you a bunch of cool stuff emotes and privatediscord all of that stuff so there you go my prediction of games is Legend ofZelda minish cap minish minish cup I think human minish cap minish cap aremake that would be dope I don’t know if they’d announce that though beforethe current remake is them so maybe they’ll be announced later but yeahminish cap would be good I like minish cap Scottish dad it says I predictminecraft Steve and Dante for smash okay would love Bayonetta 3 info bio Kart 9announcement best announcement would ever be kickers uprising so what sequellike you said that would be really good I’d even take I mean I don’t want a portbut I’d even take like a really nice port of the game note Radames with adollar donation through superjet thank you so much no Thomas I appreciate thesupport my boy to appreciate that no message though so no message but thankyou for the dollar let’s see you’re moving onI miss your prediction okay did you tag me um katana Rikulet me see you okay I see it I see it up here at katana Riku sorry about that myboy Rinnegan user katana Riku sorry about thatlet’s go ahead and get your message read here um actually I lost it no I didn’tlose it I’m breathing I’m predicting a new smash character and the new Zeldaokay I don’t know if zelda is gonna be there katana Riku but I hope I do hopeso we got that sorry about that katana Riku sorry about that man Dave gamingElite ninja Dave gaming since I would love some type of Xenoblade announcementeither export or Xenoblade Chronicles 3 plus it’s also some news on Bayonetta 3some new 3d Mario game 3d Mario game in splatoon 3 I have high hopes okay yeahthose are very high hopes we’ll see man I think Bayonetta 3 could be therethough I think banette if that we could beat it I don’t know about a new 3dMario game I think they’re gonna roll with the whole Mario 64 type of thingyou know like this is the Mario the 3d Mario game of the switch kind of likehow Mario 64 was the 3d Milo game of the n64 so yeah but let’s see I definitelyno card 9 could be announced at e3 it could be that be 5 years to the date the5 year anniversary of Mario Kart first being shown off my own car 8 atleast all the last Mario Kart game so yeah I think it definitely could bewe haven’t had a new Mario Cart in a while alright so cuz Mario Kart 7 cameout before my old car 8 obviously and we’ve just had my own car 8 for the past5 years so I think it’s time for a new Mario Kart game yeahzelda 2 remake would be awesome a zelda 2 I don’t want to Delta 2 remake to behonest I kind of want a brand new RPG line of Zelda games made by either modelof softer like intelligent systems or somebody I don’t know if I want thatgame zelda 2 remade like it in my HD graphics I don’t know if I want thatpersonally me but we’ll see um let’s see Dustin G says I’d love to see sin andpunishment revealed but I don’t think the IP is marketable though yeah I meanso the president would be great but I mean what the wait and see what they donot the wait and see what they do fury tiger okay yeah if your tiger saidthat yeah I just hand fury tiger I think you know how I feel about Zelda 2 man Ireally dislike Zelda 2 but I I like the idea of Zelda 2 of it being an RPG withmore you know advanced combat like the low and the high but man Zelda 2 justsomething about the game design just irks me about Zelda 2 man I mean maybebecause I’m almost traumatized as a kid but even after playing it like you knowlike when it came out on the 3ds I was just like I really dislike this game Idon’t know why I don’t know why but I just do when I played Super SmashBrothers when I was younger I would always get confused when I was linkedbecause he would transform into Zelda I’ll be the same person no no no linklink never charity link link link never transformed into Zelda what that wasthat Zelda transformed into she that’s what it was Zelda transformed into Sheikand she like you would pick Zelda and Zelda can transform into Sheik it wasn’tit wasn’t link link is the dude with the green right with the tunic on and theleggings with the green with the ears that’s linked with the sword he has thebig sword the one that you’re talking about that transforms that’s princesszelda the pink dress and she transforms intoSheik which is the ninja with the blue on and Mike throws needles and Michaelcan i grunts like that like that’s that that’s that’s chic so those are the twothat transforms it’s the same person it’s the same person but no that that’sthat’s different link is boys oh oh so she’s still a girl yes yes yes soPrincess Zelda is it’s still a girl still a girl when you transform itsounds like a guy but that’s just because the the sheikah were verymasculine warriors you know that’s that’s really all it comes down they’rejust got their really masculine warriors in the zelda franchise that were swornto protect the the the kingdom you know or protect the princess of Hyruleprotect the kingdom you know so that’s really the reason why that maybe somepeople say oh it’s a man you know but no not a man they were just they were justthey were just um they were trained in that way it was very kind of manly ish -although impose a woman she’s very manly ish – as well you know so that that’s itbut no not not I’m not a man not a man at all so yeah I think you’ll find thatlink is the Italian with the mustache stop it guys guys listen charity’s she’sshe’s new – she’s not really big into gaming and she’s trying to get back intoit okay she’s trying to get back in so that’s why she didn’t know cuz the lasttime she was playing games was n64 so we got to be supportive of her getting backinto it you know getting in letter letting there know you know what’s goingdown so that’s the reason why she didn’t know I missed your prediction I knowbecause there’s a million people commenting all right so what’s theprediction here instead of telling me I miss my prediction just put it again soI don’t have to scroll back up Michael okay says if you get to choose let meget let me get to Michael here if you if you have to choose between monolithannouncing a brand-new IP for an ohm or a new Xenoblade game which would youprefer I think a new new IP because we know Xenoblade is coming yeah I wouldprefer a new IP absolutely along this is my EP prediction is that Nintendo gonnamake people upset by announcing new first party 3d s game I don’t think sobecause they did I haven’t announced they said at the last press conferencethey said or not press conference but they said like like 3d assets prettymuch like they’re only expecting 1 million units for the whole fiscal yearso bad like some new 3ds games that we’re actually going to move some unitsthen you know that they’d probably expect a little bit more than thatbut they did say that the sales were stable so if that’s what they mean 1million for the fiscal year that’s stableok great but they did announce anything at the last direct and I think think the3ds has done um I’ve talked to my sources and I can’t find a single sourcethat says that there’s a 3d s game in development a new 3d s game indevelopment so I walked the wait-and-see I guess at the end of the day but yeahthat would make people upset absolutely all right I predict they will announceMA I the somnom files that’s already been announced I’ll be Phoenix I don’tknow what you’re talking about can you screw up to my comment aboutfury tiger Oh Jameson’s my gosh guys there’s somany people here I’m sorry I’m gonna miss some comments my prediction is thata new f-zero game fused with starfox and earthbound collection Pikmin collectionokay nice nice nutella’s gonna throw us a major curveball on calling right nowpretty much they always throw some curveballs at e3 Damon ex machina wasthat curveball that we got the first time they opened up with that gameDustin G said I’d love to see okay I already read that senator Schmit 30world okay Dragon Quest and Devil May Cry 2 insmash ultimate bonus points if Ninja Gaiden and Tails get it okay nice thanksall right let me see yeah I know I missed some comments guys retype yourcomment if I missed it I think you’ll find that late okay I earlier that uherm oh can you retype what is it let me see I’m predicting that we will see whatretro Steve’s has been working on for the past few years so not so not MetroidPrime for your predict net we’re gonna see something outside of that outside ofmention prime for okay okay interesting the possibility of Mario Kart or SuperMario Party DLC Mario Kart or Super Mario Party DLC um I think I don’t thinkDLC for my car I don’t think so I think they’re done with that game right kart 8when it comes to Mario Party I think yeah there’s a high possibility thatwe’ll see DLC for the game cloud streaming for the West on switch maybecloud streaming mmm interesting I by the heck out of Vinci gotten collection onthe switch I would not I hate mint you got it now no I’m joking then she gotit’s okay game past streaming on the switch okay game pasturing on the switchlet’s go – Magnussen says the fact that the factthat that captain told that DLC makes me interested in what games to get DLC welllots of games they did say that they’re gonna do more games with DLC so I’llhave to wait and see on that one Frank Rodriguez says date for Link’s Awakeningdkc3 okay DK wait dkc3 isn’t there already or document return Zord ochyoung country tropical freeze like what do you mean like dkc because therealready is a decays either Luigi’s Mansion 3 release date and more gameplayfor Beynon at 3 cheddar with more info new Smash Brothers character revealedprobably a Dragon Quest character okay all those seem very somewhat likelyright so yeah um that’s because they could add online boards for Super MarioParty they could but I’m wondering why they did I mean like that should havebeen done at the beginning but yeah you’re right they could yeah a thirdtitle and their retro games for dkc okay so you mean like Donkey Kong CountryReturns – or Donkey Kong Country tropical freeze like – something likethat so in the in the retro studios line of Donkey Kong games got it got it gotit nice general says yeah something else that’s not a prime for I mean what doyou think that retro studios could could have worked on at this point because forthe past 10 years they’ve literally done they’ve just done Donkey Kong so whatwhat game is like Raven blade ever coming back you know that’d be dopeRaven blade was supposed to be an action RPG you I kind of like Fire Emblem butlike an action RPG so I won’t it kind of looked like it so I’d be down for themto reread resurrect that but what had they been working on people obviouslythe rumored starfox racing game that’s kind of been like a that kind ofreversed on that one so so yeah we’re gonna have to wait and see stomp starfoxGrand Prix yeah you know what like a lot of people what kind of backtracked onthat one based on that could have just been a really high level troll commentyou know so yeah I knew Prince of Persia okay so that’d be a Ubisoft thingalright it’s been a while since the last Prince of Persia game that game has beenPrince of Persia has been on it’s been dead the past what 11 years the lastPrince of Persia was the 2008 game right so Prince of Persia has been gone for avery long time I think it I think it definitely needs to make a comebackand I think the way to make it popular is simply just base it off of the firstnot the first Prince of Persia game but the Prince of Persia game for the ps2Xbox and Gamecube I think it’s called sands of time just make a really coolPrince of Persia like sands of time type of sequel and I think you just findwasn’t that a movie Prince of Persia stop stop stop paint that verbal nowlet’s see here I forgot no forgotten sense was the newest one okay forgotsince was the newest one in 2010 okay no didn’t I say like what was the principalhold on let me look it up it’s called Prince of Persia the sands of time oh isthat what I said I said not forgotten sands okay you were talk about the movieForgotten Sands the sands of time was a good Prince of personal sense of timewas a good game that was on the Gamecube the Metacritic on that game is 92percent by the way guys so if they just take the same game design that they hadbits of personal sands of time and they they make it just a better one of that Ithink that could work in today’s day and check it out so that’s a 92 I played thegame on the Gamecube I thought it was great I rented it I couldn’t afford itat the time I rented it I thought was a freaking amazingI beat it like multiple times I right I kept bar I rented it for two weekends ina row I rented it and I beat it I was like yo this games no you know I justdid have the money to buy it so yeah I think I think if they kind of made agame in that same thing they would do good in today’s day I still want tobelieve that the star fox racing game is the thing but it sound like it soundlike a really cool died idea yeah cuz I was like Diddy Kong Racing you know sowe’ll have to wait and see man when it comes to e3 I have a prediction I thinkwe’re gonna see something huge from Microsoft heading to the switch okayalright credit Astro like what like what would you think like Halo or like likefable or something like that like what do you think si yeah Assassin’s Creed IIkills Prince so that’s why I hope for Assassin’s Creed in person okay wellyeah I guess maybe Assassin’s Creed kind of killed Prince of Persia a bit rightonce Assassin’s Creed took off so they just started making pretty you knowAssassin’s Creed games but I still think Prince of Persia that game can still beyou know relevant but I guess Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is kind of like that righthonestly I want to see watchdogs 3 2 you know what that reminds me I need tostill need to play Assassin’s Creed Odyssey what scalebound rumor hype dieddefinitely the hype has went down on that one because of some other recentstuff that has came out but we’ll have to wait and see all right guys we needto do random questions because this is the furthest we’ve ever went into topicswithout getting into random questions so we definitely need to do randomquestions because it’s already 3:10 p.m. where I’m at and I’ve got videos to editand I’ve got a lot of stuff to do and we have the nightcap of player essence orsorry of PD live so if you have questions I will answer them guys thankyou so many people showed up today for this topic that was crazy so yeah if youhave questions tag me a player since or hash tag player essence or if you havemore stuff that you want to ask me when it comes to hitting gems or stuff likethat be more than happy to answer those for you ok all rightI’m gonna predict this again ok I already read that ok hold up no I didn’tread that I’m gonna predict us again but I hope red still 3 yeah red still 3would be dope dude I’d be down for like I’m red still 3 absolutely down forreckon red still 3 yeah that’d be great Mario Luigi is partnering time HD Ithink we’re gonna see a new Mario Luigi game I don’t know if it’s gonna be an HDport I think they’re gonna bring a new Mario Luigi game to the switch the boysgotta edit yeah I gotta edit I gotta edit I’ve got a video that I’m almostdone with though so I’m gonna I’m gonna edit it get it done get it ready to go aBandai Namco video for you guys I’m gonna get that done and then I’m gonnatake a little bit of a break get something to eatcuz I actually didn’t eat after the gym I have to go straight from the gym tohere which you’re not supposed to do that because then you know your bodyabsorbs nutrients the best right after the gym right after you’re done withexercise so that’s not good for you know building the building the muscle but heywhatever but yeah but yeah so and either way I gotta get something to eat andthen we’ll be back later tonight for for the nightcap what uh let’s see yeahanyone anyone know that weird game it’s kind of like a sassCreed and you have to kill this big black demon thing in the Cathedral mybrother used to play it’s give me whatever I was younger they black thebig black demon in a Cathedral you topple like Castlevania are you talkingabout like it’s like castlevania lords of shadow i talk about something likethat when was the last Camelot game game they made Camelot isn’t that developersbehind uh like Mario Tennis isn’t that badTim W unlikely but mario sunshine on the 3ds that’s not yeah that’s not happeningthat’s not even that’s not even a reality that’s nothing that’s not gonnahappen double may cry okay double make cry okaymight be double may cry I believe Xbox what type of Xbox like Xbox 360 Xbox onethe original Xbox which would surely which which Xbox are you talking aboutyes Camelot didn’t make Golden Sun theydidn’t make lonesome they also MIT yeah they make Mario Tennis two they make itthe they make like they made like view like GBA mario tennis game too so do youthink the Prince of Persia and Assassin’s Creed series could coexistapparently not according to Ubisoft but I think it could I think you couldalthough now that principal I bet Assassin’s Creed is an action RPG theywould have to make Prince of Persia I think probably what you do is you makePrince of Persia a Bayonetta clone or a Bayonetta style game that’s what you’dhave to do with Prince of Persia make it an action game right you can slide likethe sands of time where you can slow down time and you can rewind things makeit like that and then also make it some platforming parts as well so that’sprobably what you’d have to do with it some do says you were right when yousaid the controls for Kid Icarus Uprising weren’t that greatI’m trying it for the first time right now and oh my god this is bad enjoyingthe game exactly that’s what everyone says yo this game is dope I’m enjoyingit but the controls in this game are really bad I’m actually just using theface buttons to control the camera that’s probably the best way to play thegame dude I mean I don’t like doing this wholeone-handed stylus thing I’ve never been a fan of that you know unless it’s likea puzzle game or something like that I’ve never been a fan ofaction-adventure games like you know are sitting there making you play thegame with one hand and by doing this I hate that manHAP’s my hands are too I have my hands are too big to be sitting there holdinga stylus and going like this on a tiny 3d s screen like it’s just it’s just notcomfortable for me it’s just not compliment reallyI really dislike Nintendo forcing these type of control schemes on people manlike I really hated the DSi that’s why I don’t like the DS as much as otherpeople because there’s a lot of forced weird ods touch control stuff man and myhands are just too big my hands are just too big to be sitting there looking at atiny screen like where it’s like your hand is covering up at the scanner I getthe position two styles like just the tap I don’t want to tap on things likeit’s this Inlet I hold the same thing the same thing for mobile games rightyou’re just tapping on I don’t want to tap on stuff man Jesus like I hate Idon’t want to tap on things to hit stop and all back I don’t I don’t find thatfun to be tapping on a screen turn to attack if there’s one way to trigger meis talking about like tapping on things to attack that’s not itthat’s not a fun way to do play a game it’s sitting there moving a stylusaround like this I don’t I don’t lie I don’t intend to love it and des didamazing and people love that stuff and I get it man but I really disliked it Ireally disliked it um I think it was the newest Xbox like 2015 2015 but you saidthat wait a minute you said that you’re in your mid-20s oh you said like whenyou were a kid so I don’t get it so you weren’t a kid in 2015 you were so you’rea young lady you’re still young lady but you were even a younger lady so I mean Idon’t I don’t you said me you’re a kid though Craster says um it could beanything Master Chief collection or you move by okay talk about that the bigMicrosoft thing shouldn’t we respect our respect to artistic vision of the forcecontrols yeah exactly we should we sure that we should respect the artisticright we have to respect you know the the developers that want to do no easymode so we should respect the forced motion controls and stuff right thegaming gamers are so funny man when it comes to when it comes to stuff likethat there’s so funny we need to respect no options for people maybe that aren’tas good but whenever something that we don’toh we can’t respect that no no no no we can’t respect thatso yeah it’s funny no I’m not a fan of Phantom Hourglass and spirit checks Ihave both games and I’ve played both games but no I’m not a fan of either oneof those games that’s not a tap bro that’s that’s a that’s a slap let’s seehere thank beam says what’s your definitionof microtransaction I already told you guys what my definition ofmicrotransaction is it’s those little transactions where they’re they’reinfinite they don’t they don’t ever run out you know what I’m saying they’reinfinite you could like loot boxes you know and like orbs in and in Fire EmblemHeroes like a micro transaction to me can be can be $50 for a microtransaction if it never runs out if you spend 50 bucks and then it replenishesthat’s a micro transaction you know I know micros not for small but it’s basedon the microphone mic infinite it comes over and over and over and over and overand over and over and over again like to me after you’ve already bought the gamemicrotransactions it’s usually to where it’s cheaper than what the game was thegame was 60 or whatever the case is so it’s usually cheaper than what you spentfor the game so micro I guess right and usually they want to get you over andover and over and over to me paid DLC deal DLC and microtransactions aren’tthe same thing DLC is something that you buy and thenit’s done it’s done after that that’s what DLC is downloadable contentpaid downloadable content I don’t consider you know trying to put dollarvalues on what’s micro or not because if you’re filthy rich right if you’resomebody who’s super rich then $20 $20 which would be paid DLC that’s a microtransaction for you right if you’re freaking Michael Jordan 20 bucks orwhatever the case is is is nothing to you so where do we put it to where theprice range is so to me once again if it never runs out micro transaction bravelydefault has those right never runs out micro transaction if it runs out andit’s just DLC that you buy paid DLC it it’s done it doesn’t replenish I don’tcare if it’s a penny so – $100 paid DLC a lot of I mean there’sa difference between the two and that’s how I separate it whereas people arehaving a lot of trouble separating what a micro transaction is these daysbecause they’re trying to base it on dollar values but trying to base it onwell it doesn’t come out after they’re trying to basically learn all thesedifferent things but it just makes it more confusing to me like I said if itnever if it’s never done microtransaction if it’s just deals seethat you can buy and it’s done like if it’s a skin and it’s a deal that’s thosepaid DLC it’s a skin that you want paid DLC but it doesn’t it’s not the samething that you buy over it’s not a loop box suffice a minute you buy over andover and over again but I know that my definition is not the same as otherpeople’s definitions so there you go yes I guess I say younger because I’m gonnabe 25 next Monday but I was 20 I just have to ask him though okayyeah ask him uh ask him and let us let us know what it was I mean I managed tosee what game it was so yeah all right any other questions guys guys and girlsCraster says what are the chances of getting a new kid icarus game I’m aswitch well I talked about I think I’m I think that’s one of my predictions Ithink that 50% maybe Michael Bryan now that smash well this is done MichaelO’Brien says that the player since not all microtransactions are bad at likefortnight skins I’ve got no problem with that it’s just about the price it’swhether you are buying the game of chance like loot boxes but doesn’t likeloot boxes is kind of like what I mean loot boxes microtransactions skins neverwe’re never ending I mean all this stuff people just throw it all into one basketI guess right I don’t care I I buy what I want I don’t buy what I don’t want youknow to me I buy Dragon Quest Heroes 2 for $13 that’s what I do- Magnezone says when the 3ds is phased out do you think the D S or 3s we’llhave a better backlog we mean oh oh the comparison between you twoI think the DS definitely has more games so I think most people probably the DSis a better backlog but in terms of what I like more absolutely the 3ds to me wasbetter but that’s just me I gotta go gotta hit the gym all right take it easypay fat purple thank you thank you for coming out to the stream and thank youso much for sponsoring the channel I really do itpreciate that thank you for your sponsorship man welcome to the elites ofthe elite ninja village Ramos says did you watch the latest friend code podcastfrom easy allies no I didn’t I don’t really watch easy allies too muchanymore I’m too busy doing my own things so no I didn’t watch the latest one andwas there anything important that I should know from the podcast if you’reasking me that cuz I seemed like a little bit of a random type of thing toask me so was there anything important that I should knowAnthony Albert says M any plans to disk to discuss the proposed legislation onloot box in the future you know I’ve tried to discuss stuff like that but alot of you guys I mean a lot of you guys don’t care so I mean like maybe I’lltalk about on the night cap but I mean whatever they ban the loot boxes thenthey ban the loot boxes I don’t buy games with a lot of loot boxes and stufflike that in there so it doesn’t affect me too much black and understand fromsome people but I’ve talked about I’ve tried to talk about that legislationsomething get into like there the business east side of video gaming youknow all the robot business aside and just like nobody gives a crap wheneverright unless I’m talk about like fire emblem or you know stuff like a lot ofpeople on this channel don’t care about that crap so I mean I mean I’ll let Johnand you know JT is smash JT and those guys talked about the whole legislationstuff it’s like it’s like when I make a Gamestop video compared to anybody elseit’s like you guys don’t care you know so so there you go so yeahyou stupid Xenoblade Chronicles one I got to get it set up today I gotta getit set up and hopefully I can stream it sometime this week Ramos says they had afair ball to the 3ds and they also talked about Kid Icarus for the switchokay cool cool maybe I’ll check it out at some point maybe I’ll check it out wedon’t need the government in our games yeah I think that’s it’s a slipperyslope when you start asking them about like government getting into you knowlegislating things cuz then what else can they do you know what I’m sayinglike yeah so so yeah absolutely absolutely alright guys I think that’sgonna wrap it up that’s a – to our podcasts here the time just flew bywe’re probably gonna do in like another hidden gem topics for later tonight cuzthat was awesome and I don’t think I got all of you guys has hidden gems you knowI think a lot of you guys still have more hidden gems to tell me about I’mgonna try to see if I can secure this siren the wanderer game on the Wii so Ican play that and I got my dragon quest game coming in sothank you guys for the suggestions I appreciate that I’m also gonna work onmy next video but before I go guys please make sure you check out thechannel we have plenty of great content for you guys todayshallots Takuto 10 gets you oh my it’s all good cool to get to you just got outof work um I will be streaming later tonight in about two hours or so alittle bit over two hours I’ll be streaming so come back for the nightstream and I’ll be more than happy to answer questions and do whatever thecase is so um alright so let’s go to the 10th of the channel here guys I’ve gotsome videos up for you guys arm the channel today a lot of good stuffalright so we do have a brand new fire emblem video so if you guys have notseen my fireman video make sure you do so yes the chill stream was amazingtoday that I I feel I feel so good doing it chill stream and not talking aboutsilly stuff you know like sometimes that we get into some of these podcasts likenews and complaining or whatever the cases it was it was a great stream thiswas a fantastic stream two hours flew by flew by like just like that we’realready done alright so there’s that and make sure you guys like I said I will bedoing another stream so if you want to come talk more about hidden gems withthe PE night ninja village make sure you guys do so so I have that video on FireEmblem I also had yesterday a brand new video on on monolith soft soft video somake sure you guys check out that video too if you haven’t done so we have thatvideo as well and then I also had a video on Oh actually guys I have afireman video that I did a couple days agothat’s almost at 10,000 views so if you’ve not seen that fire emblem hypevideo Fire Emblem video with Geralt please make sure you do so get that vetsget that video to 10,000 views it’s at nine point eight thousand right now solet’s get that video to ten thousand views if you have not seen it and thenwe also have another video with Capcom but I did two days ago Devil May CryDevil May Cry switch is there gonna be a livestream estate ofplay oh yeah we’re gonna we’re gonna live some state of play but that’sbefore the podcast though it’s not gonna be during the podcast because state ofplay starts at 3 o’clock my time the podcast is at 6 o’clock my time so noit’s not it’s only 10 minutes long so it’s not gonna be with Barron becauseBarron barons busy during the day I’m sorry oh gee what topic we reading thatwe’re ending this stream Jane the stream is donewe’re going over I’m going over that’s what I’m linking all the videos herestuff like that so uh isn’t there p5 our info tomorrow I don’t know about that Ithink there might be I think they might there might be but I’m not really sureall right guys I think you guys so much for watching I do appreciate it thankyou so much make sure you check out the videos hit the like button before you goif you have not hit the like button make sure you so if you’re watching I’m Mikethe Xbox one or ps4 you can still hit the like button just click over to thethree dots hit the like button before you go drop a like and share this moreactually don’t share the stream we’re done but hit the like button before yougo and hopefully I’ll see you guys later tonight for the PE podcast nightnightcap or we talk about hidden gems I’m gonna bring in a couple thedifferent things that we can talk about as well might lure with the same topicsI’m not really sure either way you guys have some great predictions and stuff soso you guys later tonight for the the nightcap all right guys

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