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(Applause.) The Vice President:Thank you. Secretary Mattis,Secretary Tillerson, members of the Cabinet,members of Congress, members of the Armed Forces, and law enforcement community from across this country, good afternoon and thankyou all for being here as President Donald Trumparticulates his vision to out the National Securityof America first. President Trump has nohigher priority than the safety and security ofthe American people. And since the outset ofour administration, he’s worked tirelessly to makeAmerica stronger and safer than ever before. President Trump knows that American strength and security depends ona vibrant and growing economy. That’s why this President has championed free and fair trade. He’s rolled back federalred tape in record numbers. He’s unleashed American energy, and under President Trump’sleadership, this week, Congress will pass thelargest tax cut in American history. (Applause.) But, to ensure the safety and security of the American people, our President has been working tirelessly from the first day of this administration defending our borders, enforcing our laws, removing dangerous illegal criminals from our streets. Illegal crossings at oursouthern borders are already down by morethan 50 percent. Under President Trump’s leadership, we’re also rebuilding our military and making the strongest fighting force inhistory stronger still. The President has already signed the largest increase in defense spending in nearly a decade, and just last week, President Donald Trump signed into law one of the largest investments in ournational defense since the days ofRonald Reagan. (Applause.) With renewed Americanleadership, we’re achieving real results onthe international stage. Our NATO allies are paying more toward our common defense. North Korea is isolatedas never before. This President has putIran on notice, and he’s put the war inAfghanistan on a path to victory. And, thanks to the leadership of our Commander-in-Chief and the courage of our Armed Forces, ISIS is on the run, their capital has fallen, and theirso-called Caliphate has crumbled acrossSyria and Iraq. (Applause.) In less than a year, President Trump has made enormous progress to promote peace through American strength. And today, President Trump will take another crucial step to ensure the safety and security of our country, far into the future, as he announces to the Americanpeople and to our allies and adversaries acrossthe wider world, a national security strategy that puts America first. So, with gratitude forhis unwavering commitment

Default trump new national security strategySo, with gratitude forhis unwavering commitment to make America safe again, it is now my high honor and distinct privilege to introduce to you the 45th President of the United States of America, President Donald Trump. (music playing) (Applause.) The President:Thank you very much. Thank you. Please. I want to thank VicePresident Pence, along with the many members ofmy Cabinet here with us today. I also want to thank all of the dedicated professionals — military, civilian, and law enforcement — whodevote their lives to serving our nation. In particular, I want torecognize General Dunford and the members of theJoint Chiefs of Staff. Thank you, thankyou, thank you. (Applause.) In addition, we are honored to be joined by House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Homeland SecurityChairman Mike McCaul, and Senate MajorityWhip John Cornyn. Thank you very much. Thank you for being here. Thank you. Thank you. (Applause.) Let me begin by expressing our deepest sympathies and mostheartfelt prayers for the victims of the trainderailment in Washington State. We are closely monitoringthe situation and coordinating withlocal authorities. It is all the more reason why we must start immediately fixing the infrastructure of the United States. We’re here today todiscuss matters of vital importance to us all: America’s security, prosperity, and standing in the world. I want to talk aboutwhere we’ve been, where we are now, and, finally,our strategy for where we are going inthe years ahead. Over the past 11 months, I have traveled tens of thousands of miles to visit 13 countries. I have met with morethan 100 world leaders. I have carried America’s message to a grand hall in Saudi Arabia, a great square in Warsaw, to the General Assembly of theUnited Nations, and to the seat of democracy onthe Korean Peninsula. Everywhere I traveled, itwas my highest privilege and greatest honor torepresent the American people. Throughout our history,the American people have always been the truesource of American greatness. Our people have promoted our culture and promoted our values. Americans have foughtand sacrificed on the battlefields allover the world. We have liberated captive nations,

1 trump new national security strategyWe have liberated captive nations, transformed former enemies into the best of friends, and lifted entire regions of the planet from poverty to prosperity. Because of our people,America has been among the greatest forces forpeace and justice in the history of the world. The American peopleare generous. You are determined,you are brave, you are strong, and you are wise. When the American people speak, all of us should listen. And just over one year ago, you spoke loud and you spoke clear. On November 8, 2016, you voted to make America great again. (Applause.) You embraced new leadership and very new strategies, and alsoa glorious new hope. That is why weare here today. But to seize theopportunities of the future, we must first understand the failures of the past. For many years, our citizens watched as Washington politicians presided over one disappointmentafter another. To many of our leaders –so many who forgot whose voices they were torespect and whose interests they weresupposed to defend — our leaders in Washingtonnegotiated disastrous trade deals that broughtmassive profits to many foreign nations, but sent thousands of American factories, and millions of American jobs, to those other countries. Our leaders engaged innation-building abroad, while they failed to build up and replenish our nation at home. They undercut and shortchanged our men and women in uniform with inadequate resources, unstable funding, andunclear missions. They failed to insist that our often very wealthy allies pay theirfair share for defense, putting a massive andunfair burden on the U.S. taxpayer andour great U.S. military. They neglected a nuclearmenace in North Korea; made a disastrous, weak, and incomprehensibly bad deal with Iran; and allowed terrorists such as ISIS to gain controlof vast parts of territory all acrossthe Middle East. They put American energyunder lock and key. They imposed punishingregulations and crippling taxes. They surrendered our sovereignty to foreign bureaucrats in farawayand distant capitals. And over the profound objections of the American people, our politicians left our borders wide open. Millions of immigrantsentered illegally. Millions more wereadmitted into our country without the propervetting needed to protect our securityand our economy. Leaders in Washingtonimposed on the country an immigration policy thatAmericans never voted for, never asked for,and never approved — a policy where the wrong people are allowed into our country and the rightpeople are rejected. American citizens, as usual, have been left to bear the cost

trump new national security strategy American citizens, as usual, have been left to bear the cost

2 trump new national security strategyAmerican citizens, as usual, have been left to bear the cost and to pick up the tab. On top of everything else, our leaders drifted from American principles. They lost sight ofAmerica’s destiny. And they lost theirbelief in American greatness. As a result, our citizenslost something as well. The people lost confidence in their government and, eventually, even lost confidence in their future. But last year, all ofthat began to change. The American people rejected the failures of the past. You rediscovered your voice and reclaimed ownership of this nation and its destiny. On January 20th, 2017, I stood on the steps of the Capitol to herald the day the people became the rulers of their nation, again. (Applause.) Thank you. Now, less than one yearlater, I am proud to report that the entireworld has heard the news and has alreadyseen the signs. America is coming back, and America is coming back strong. Upon my inauguration, I announced that the United States would return toa simple principle. The first duty of our government is to serve its citizens, many of whom have been forgotten. But they are notforgotten anymore. With every decision and every action, we are now putting America first. We are rebuilding ournation, our confidence, and our standingin the world. We have moved swiftly toconfront our challenges, and we have confrontedthem head-on. We are once againinvesting in our defense — almost $700 billion, arecord, this coming year. We are demandingextraordinary strength, which will hopefully leadto long and extraordinary peace. We are giving ourcourageous military men and women the supportthey need and so dearly deserve. We have withdrawn theUnited States from job-killing deals suchas the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the very expensive and unfair Paris Climate Accord. And on our trip to Asialast month, I announced that we will no longer tolerate trading abuse. We have establishedstrict new vetting procedures to keep terrorists out of the United States, and our vetting is getting tougher each month. To counter Iran and blockits path to a nuclear weapon, I sanctioned the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps for itssupport of terrorism, and I declined to certify theIran Deal to Congress. Following my trip to theMiddle East, the Gulf states and otherMuslim-majority nations joined together to fightradical Islamist ideology and terrorist financing. We have dealt ISIS one devastating defeat after another. The coalition to defeatISIS has now recaptured almost 100 percent of theland once held by these terrorists inIraq and Syria.

3 trump new national security strategyby these terrorists inIraq and Syria. Great job. (Applause.) Great job. Really good. Thank you. Thank you. We have a great military. We’re now chasing themwherever they flee, and we will not let theminto the United States. In Afghanistan, our troops are no longer undermined by artificial timelines, and we no longer tell ourenemies of our plans. We are beginning tosee results on the battlefield. And we have made clear toPakistan that while we desire continuedpartnership, we must see decisive action against terrorist groups operating ontheir territory. And we make massivepayments every year to Pakistan. They have to help. Our efforts to strengthenthe NATO Alliance set the stage for significantincreases in member contributions, with tens of billions of dollars more pouring in because I would not allow member states to be delinquent in the payment while we guarantee their safety and are willing to fight wars for them. We have made clear thatcountries that are immensely wealthy should reimburse the United States for the costof defending them. This is a major departurefrom the past, but a fair and necessary one –necessary for our country, necessary forour taxpayer, necessary for our ownthought process. Our campaign of maximum pressure on the North Korean regime has resulted in the toughest-ever sanctions. We have united our alliesin an unprecedented effort to isolateNorth Korea. However, there ismuch more work to do. America and its allieswill take all necessary steps to achieve adenuclearization and ensure that this regimecannot threaten the world. (Applause.) Thank you. This situation shouldhave been taken care of long before I got into office, when it was much easier to handle. But it will betaken care of. We have no choice. At home, we are keepingour promises and liberating theAmerican economy. We have created more than2 million jobs since the election. Unemployment isat a 17-year-low. The stock market is at anall-time high and, just a little while ago, hit yetanother all-time high — the 85th timesince my election. (Applause.) We have cut 22 regulations for every one new regulation, the most in the history of our country. We have unlockedAmerica’s vast energy resources. As the world watches — and the world is indeed watching — we are days away from passing historic tax cuts for American families and businesses. It will be the biggesttax cut and tax reform in the history ofour country. (Applause.) Thank you. And we are seeing theresponse we fully expected. Economic growth hastopped 3 percent for two quarters in a row. GDP growth, which is wayahead of schedule under my administration, willbe one of America’s truly greatest weapons. Optimism has surged. Confidence has returned. With this new confidence,we are also bringing back clarity to our thinking. We are reasserting thesefundamental truths: A nation without bordersis not a nation. (Applause.) A nation that does not protect prosperity at home cannot protect its interests abroad. A nation that is notprepared to win a war is a nation not capableof preventing a war. A nation that is notproud of its history cannot be confidentin its future. And a nation that is notcertain of its values cannot summon thewill to defend them. Today, grounded in these truths, we are presenting to the world our new National Security Strategy. Based on my direction, this document has been in development for over a year. It has the endorsementof my entire Cabinet. Our new strategy is basedon a principled realism, guided by our vitalnational interests, and rooted in ourtimeless values. This strategy recognizes that, whether we like it or not, we are engaged ina new era of competition. We accept that vigorousmilitary, economic, and political contests arenow playing out all around the world. We face rogue regimes that threaten the United States and our allies. We face terroristorganizations, transnational criminalnetworks, and others who spread violence andevil around the globe. We also face rivalpowers, Russia and China, that seek to challenge American influence, values, and wealth. We will attempt to builda great partnership with those and othercountries, but in a manner that alwaysprotects our national interest. As an example, yesterdayI received a call from President Putin of Russiathanking our country for the intelligence that ourCIA was able to provide them concerning a majorterrorist attack planned in St. Petersburg, wheremany people, perhaps in the thousands, couldhave been killed. They were able toapprehend these terrorists before theevent, with no loss of life. And that’s a great thing, and the way it’s supposed to work. That is the way it’ssupposed to work. But while we seek such opportunities of cooperation, we will stand up for ourselves, and we will stand up for our country like we have never stood up before. (Applause.) Thank you. We know that American success is not a forgone conclusion. It must be earnedand it must be won. Our rivals are tough,they’re tenacious, and committed tothe long term. But so are we. To succeed, we mustintegrate every dimension of our national strength,and we must compete with every instrument ofour national power. Under the Trumpadministration, America is gaining wealth,leading to enhanced power — faster than anyone thought — with $6 trillion more in thestock market alone since the election– $6 trillion. With the strategy I amannouncing today, we are declaring that America isin the game and America is going to win. (Applause.) Thank you. Our strategy advancesfour vital national interests. First, we must protectthe American people, the homeland, and our greatAmerican way of life. This strategy recognizesthat we cannot secure our nation if we do notsecure our borders. So, for the first timeever, American strategy now includes a seriousplan to defend our homeland. It calls for theconstruction of a wall on our southern border;ending chain migration and the horrible visa andlottery programs; closing loopholes that undermineenforcement; and strongly supporting our BorderPatrol agents, ICE officers, and Homeland Security personnel. (Applause.) In addition, our strategy calls for us to confront, discredit, and defeat radical Islamic terrorism and ideology and to prevent it from spreading into the United States. And we will develop newways to counter those who use new domains, such ascyber and social media, to attack our nation orthreaten our society. The second pillar of our strategy is to promote American prosperity. For the first time,American strategy recognizes that economicsecurity is national security. Economic vitality,growth, and prosperity at home is absolutelynecessary for American power and influence abroad. Any nation that tradesaway its prosperity for security will endup losing both. That is why this NationalSecurity Strategy emphasizes, more than any before, the critical steps we must take to ensure the prosperity of our nation for a long,long time to come. It calls for cuttingtaxes and rolling back unnecessary regulations. It calls for trade basedon the principles of fairness and reciprocity. It calls for firm actionagainst unfair trade practices and intellectual property theft. And it calls for newsteps to protect our national securityindustrial and innovation base. The strategy proposes acomplete rebuilding of American infrastructure– our roads, bridges, airports, waterways, and communications infrastructure. And it embraces a futureof American energy dominance and self-sufficiency. The third pillar of ourstrategy is to preserve peace through strength. (Applause.) We recognize that weakness is the surest path to conflict, and unrivaled power is the most certainmeans of defense. For this reason, our strategy breaks from the damaging defense sequester. We’re going to get rid of that. (Applause.) It calls for a total modernization of our military, and reversing previous decisions to shrink our Armed Forces — even as threats to national security grew. It calls for streamliningacquisition, eliminating bloated bureaucracy, and massively building up our military, which has thefundamental side benefit of creating millionsand millions of jobs. This strategy includesplans to counter modern threats, such as cyberand electromagnetic attacks. It recognizes space as acompetitive domain and calls for multi-layeredmissile defense. (Applause.) This strategy outlines important steps to address new forms of conflict such as economicand political aggression. And our strategyemphasizes strengthening alliances to copewith these threats. It recognizes that ourstrength is magnified by allies who shareprinciples — and our principles — andshoulder their fair share of responsibility forour common security. Fourth and finally, ourstrategy is to advance American influence in theworld, but this begins with building up ourwealth and power at home. America will lead again. We do not seek to imposeour way of life on anyone, but we will champion the values without apology. We want strong alliancesand partnerships based on cooperation andreciprocity. We will make newpartnerships with those who share our goals, and make common interests into a common cause. We will not allowinflexible ideology to become an obsolete andobstacle to peace. We will pursue the visionwe have carried around the world over this pastyear — a vision of strong, sovereign, andindependent nations that respect their citizensand respect their neighbors; nations that thrive in commerce and cooperation, rooted intheir histories and branching out towardtheir destinies. That is the future wewish for this world, and that is the futurewe seek in America. (Applause.) With this strategy, we are calling for a great reawakening of America, a resurgence of confidence, and a rebirth of patriotism, prosperity, and pride. And we are returningto the wisdom of our founders. In America, the peoplegovern, the people rule, and the peopleare sovereign. What we have built here in America is precious and unique. In all of history, neverbefore has freedom reigned, the rule of law prevailed, and the people thrived as we have here for nearly 250 years. We must loveand defend it. We must guard it withvigilance and spirit, and, if necessary, likeso many before us, with our very lives. And we declare that ourwill is renewed, our future is regained, andour dreams are restored. Every American has a roleto play in this grand national effort. And today, I invite everycitizen to take their part in ourvital mission. Together, our task is tostrengthen our families, to build up our communities, to serve our citizens, and tocelebrate American greatness as a shiningexample to the world. As long as we are proud– and very proud — of who we are, how we gothere, and what we are fighting for to preserve,we will not fail. If we do all of this, ifwe rediscover our resolve and commit ourselves tocompete and win again, then together we willleave our children and our grandchildren anation that is stronger, better, freer, prouder,and, yes, an America that is greater thanever before. God Bless You. Thank you very much. Thank you. (Applause.)

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