world s largest arcade machine

– Hey guys. We are at the KawasakiWarehouse Arcade in Japan. – It is possiblythe creepiest arcade in the whole wide world! – This thing is super creepy. We cannot explain it enough. Wait until you see inside though. But look on the outside. It is super rusted,all the way to the top. – [Crystal] So creepy! That door is the creepiestthing I’ve ever seen in my life. (Crystal laughs)But we’re going to go inside. You’re going to see how creepy it can get. So let’s go in, shall we? Opens up, awesome. Now this is creepy. It is so red. (door hisses) Oh my gosh!(Crystal laughs) I knew that was comingand it still scared me. – It scared me too. – [Angel] Look at it, we’re inside now. Have you ever seen an arcade like this? Ever? I’ve never seen an arcade like this. – [Crystal] It’s creepy. – [Angel] It’s actually making sounds, like we’re in a street. (woman speaks Japanese) Don’t go in there, Cris, mightbe something bad in there. – It won’t open. – [Angel] Yeah, youprobably shouldn’t even try to go in there.(Crystal laughs) – [Angel] So look at this,this is just so weird. I don’t know if Beverly Gardenwas a real place or not. – [Crystal] Oh, I don’t know, it might be haunted. – [Angel] Oh man and itgets even better up here. Look, you see the red? Is there anything in there?- No. – [Angel] I don’t know ifI want to look in there. (laughter) So this way– – [Crystal] This is spooky! – [Angel] Yes it is. Those are actuallyelevators that go upstairs. – [Crystal] Yeah, those are elevators. – [Angel] Ah, look, just take it all in. (Crystal laughs) This arcade is actually modeled after the Kowloon Walled City. That’s what they’retrying to emulate here. Oh, we’re coming in here now. Oh, wait until you see when I turn right. Here I go. – You see?- Bam! – [Crystal] This is the best! – [Angel] This is like the best part. That’s actually anentrance, that’s a door, so Crystal, go open the door. That’s actually a door soyou can come in and out.

Default world s largest arcade machineThat’s actually a door soyou can come in and out. And then they got all this water. Look at the dragon shooting out the water. That is really awesome!- Spooky! – [Angel] This is really weird. (laughs) – Hey, you can miss your foot and fall. – [Angel] You could actually miss, and go right into the water, and that would not be good. (laughs) Now we can continue, go this way. And then, you end up going right to the escalator. So from here, you just go upstairs, and there’s still somemore creepiness up there. Now we’re coming up on the second level. And it’s still, still decorated. Look at that. Is that not awesome, Cris? – [Crystal] Yeah! – [Angel] Look at it, it’s really awesome. We can actually get a betterlook from the second floor, up there, or the third floor. I forgot we’re on the second. Look at the chicken over here. (laughs) This is fake chicken, it’s not real. – [Crystal] Look at thischicken head right here, and it’s moldy!- That’s a chicken head. It looks moldy, yuck! – [Crystal] Disgusting! – [Angel] Is that a fish? Looks like a fish, but Ithink it’s a chicken wing. – [Crystal] Ew! – [Angel] Yeah, over here, this is all just decoration, guys. I can get in here like I’m cooking it. Hey, I’m cooking the food. (laughter) Over here, there’s a clawmachine and a vending machine. – Look though, it looks so old! – [Angel] That vendingmachine looks like it’s 2000 years old. Looks like it’s from a video game. Same thing with this, this UFO catcher, look at this. – Look, there’s little sushis in there. – [Angel] Little bitty sushis! You can hardly even see in it. How would you even playthis, it’s just like, it’s like you’d have to lookover here to even play it. (Crystal laughs) I don’t know what’s in here. Now we’re going to goup to the second level, because, like I said, the second level is just as creepy. But before we go up over that way, is those towards the actual game center, where the arcade games are. So like right around that corner, there are rhythm games.

1 world s largest arcade machinethere are rhythm games. And then on the otherside, way way back there, are all the claw machines. That’s where we’re going tospend most of our time today. Now we are on the third floor, and this is the remainderof the creepiness. Crystal, go up on thatwalkway right there. – No way, what if it’s broken? – [Angel] Oh yeah, you probablyshouldn’t, they have a, a chain there saying don’t walk on it. But look, it has a littlewalkway right there. It goes all the way over to that side. Oh there’s actually a TV on in there. I wonder what they’re watching? Probably something creepy!- What in the world? (laughter) So yeah, now we’re juston the third floor, where you can see everything. From the second floor, you can see this, but you can’t really get agood look like you can up here. On the third floor, they just have gambling games. So like big, big coin pushers, and other gambling games. We’re probably not goingto show those, though, because I don’t want to get kicked out. – Yeah, no way.- ‘Cause we’re not supposed to have cameras on in here. (Crystal laughs) Oh yeah, in the bathroom! The bathroom is super creepy too. I have to show the bathrooms. I made sure no one’s in the bathroom, because I didn’t want to be a creep. But look at this. It is super dingy andsuper creepy in here! It’s supposed to look like this, though, because Crystal saidthat the girls’ bathroom is really, really clean, and looks nothing like this. But you can actually see into the bathroom with the doors open. But look how dingy this is. It is really, really creepy. So that’s enough for all the creepiness. Let’s start playing some games. First up is this Sega UFO Catcher. – And I don’t think I went enough– – [Angel] What are you trying to do? Are you trying to stab it down? – No. (laughs)- Oh, OK. – I’m going to try to get to the goggles, but I didn’t know it opened it. – [Angel] Yeah, if you try to get in the the goggle strap,it might pull it down. That might be a technique. She’s going to have sixtotal plays at this one. Hopefully she can get it right here. Alright, so it has to reset.

world s largest arcade machine Alright, so it has to reset.

2 world s largest arcade machineAlright, so it has to reset. It takes forever to reset. – [Crystal] Yeah, it does. – [Angel] So don’t forgetto go far as you need to, there it is. Oh how’s that?- Oh, I don’t know about that. – [Angel] Oh, I don’t, thinkhe went a little bit too far. – [Crystal] Too forward. – [Angel] A little bittoo far to the right. Oh wait! It pulled it down a little bit. – [Crystal] Oh, I don’t know. – [Angel] But if you canget stuck in that strap, that might be the thing to do. Oh I think that one was really good. Was that the one?- I hope so. – [Angel] Is that the one? Yes, slide down, right, yes. (Crystal groans)Oh no, it’s really sticking toit because of the fabric. So you have to hit that just right. She going to try to gofor the foot now because she says that’s just impossible. It might be impossible, but that, that looks pretty good. Get right under the foot, yes. Oh, maybe this will tip it in. – [Crystal] Maybe, but I don’t– – [Angel] Tip, tip and blocks. – [Crystal] I think it’s too easy. – [Angel] Oh, yeah, maybe youhave to get right on the foot. She wants to get right,perfect with the foot. Oh, I think you’re going to stab the foot. You went too far to the right. Oh, but see, like that, but like behind the foot Ithink would’ve been perfect. So it does slide on thatfabric, but not that fabric. This is our last try for this. I hope she can get it, or at least move it. Oh, that’s going to slide down, though. (Crystal laughs)Slide, slide. Oh and that might be it. – [Crystal] Come on, do something! – [Angel] Do something. Anything!- Anything! (Crystal laughs) – [Angel] No, it didn’t move it. Maybe she going to havebetter luck Wobbuffet. So she already went over to the left. Let’s see if she can get it perfect, how she needs to here. Oh, is that going to getbehind that arm over there? – [Both] Oh! – [Angel] Maybe you get in that arm pit, over on this side, on the right side? It might pull it over. (gasps) Oh man, I think you moved it. Let’s see if this does it.

3 world s largest arcade machineLet’s see if this does it. Oh and that’s going to slide down. Yes, yes. Yes, just, I think Crystal found out the technique. (Crystal laughs) Did she find it out, pull it over. Oh wait, maybe not. A new method, here. Oh yes, that’s in the arm. That’s definitely going to get in the arm, but will that pull it over? – [Crystal] Oh come on,please, please, please. – [Angel] ‘Cause the armis attached to Wobbuffet. So if it just needs topull over a little bit. – Oh.- Oh, man. That didn’t move at all. I think you went too far. You didn’t go enough to the— Oh, I did. – [Angel] I think you’repushing it back to the right. – [Crystal] No! – [Angel] That’s not whatyou want to do. (laughs) The armpit. The armpit, oh that was pretty good. That was good, yes. It just needs to pull it, just a tiny bit, just give us a little bit here. Just a little bit. — What! – Did it move it?- No. – [Angel] So let me seeif I can give it a try. See what I can do here, maybe I can do something. Maybe not. – [Crystal] Whoa! I don’t think that’s going to do anything. – [Angel] Yeah, I don’t think that’s going to do anything either. I think that’s what you did. It’s just not moving it. I’m going to try something different. I’m going to try tomake this arm over here stab the foot. That might be able to do something. I don’t know ’cause it might go too, too, not far enough, oh yeah, see? It instantly always goes back too far, just by a little bit becausethe starting position of it. Let’s just try and get the bottom, like where the leg would be. Slide down. – [Crystal] Oh yeah, that’s good, Angel. – [Angel] You think so? I don’t think so ’causeit’s not strong enough to pull it over, oh! – Ah, a little bit— I did see a slide. – [Crystal] A tiny bit. – [Angel] It slid a very little bit. That might be the method. That was better than the last one, ’cause it’s going to get right in there. It’s super in there now. Just, just a little bit, please. It did move that time. – [Crystal] Yeah, a little bit. – [Both] A little bit. – [Angel] Need the knobby foot, come on. It’s slowly going down, but it’s, it’s just too slow, I think. Yeah, see, it’s slowly moving it over. Going for the leg again. I think that’s what we have to do here. – [Crystal] If you could justget that knobby foot down. – [Angel] Yeah, I know. – [Crystal] Needs your pinky. – [Angel] You see it? It’s sliding little by little. You think it, you think maybe now I can hit the foot? – [Crystal] Yeah! – [Angel] Because it, it’s like twisting, right? – [Crystal] Yeah, it’stwisting, little by little. – [Angel] Let’s just tryto go for that foot, then. Let’s try one time on the foot. Is that going to hit the foot,is that going to hit the foot? Oh no.- Oh, it’s too fast. – [Angel] It automaticallygoes too far back. Slide down the side. There we go. – [Crystal] That was a close one. (Angel laughs) I was holding my breath. – [Angel] Crystal’sholding her breath, so. Yes, yes!- Oh my gosh! – [Angel] OK, this next one, the next one is it. The next one is it. If this next one does not make it win, I will let Crystal play andwin it. (Crystal laughs) Because the next one isgoing to make it win. So yeah, the techniqueon this one was the foot. Let’s see, right then I should have it. Please have it. Slide down, that should push it. Oh come on, there it is. – Yeah!- Yes, yes! That is how you win it! Awesome. That is so awesome. Now she’s going to try this like, it looks like an ice cream machine. – [Crystal] Yeah, it’s like Haagen-Dazs. – [Angel] Oh, it is Haagen-Dazs, isn’t it? – [Crystal] Yum! – [Angel] Alright, so she’sgoing to press the button. It’s going to make thisthing fall like that, there it goes. – [Crystal] It’s going so slow! – [Angel] Oh, but you wantto time it to the holes that are right there. – [Crystal] Oh my gosh. – [Angel] (stammers) Just, let’s like, let’s try to learn the timing here. So you want to get one, OK. Does it have one? – [Crystal] It still has a chance! – [Both] No! – [Angel] It has no chance. They fell over, but look. That timing was good ’cause that’s going right towards the hole. So that, you want to dothat at the same time. This going to be the one. – [Crystal] Oh my gosh,it’s going so slow. See, look for that hole right there. – [Angel] There’s the hole, those. The hole’s in a good spot. – [Crystal] I don’t thinkit’s going to make it. – [Angel] Just hold that one. – [Crystal] Oh my god. – [Angel] Oh, so theproblem is holding it there. That’s going to be the hard part. One last try, come on Cris. (Crystal laughs) So she’s aiming for the hole right there. – [Crystal] Yeah, this thingjust goes so slow though, I feel like I’m not going to make it. – You have to just scoop one up. If you can get one to stay on there. – Oh.- Oh there it is. There it is. – [Crystal] Go, go, go, go, go! Faster!- Go to the hole. Go to the hole.- Go in there! – [Angel] Go to the hole. (Crystal laughs) Go to the hole. Go to the hole. – [Angel] Yes, she got it! – That’s awesome!- Awesome. And here’s a little spoon. They actually have spoons right here. – Oh, vanilla! – [Angel] Ice cream break. We have to eat this before it melts. (Crystal laughs) It’s super frozen, though. – I’ve never had Haagen-Dazs before. – [Angel] Me either, how is it? – [Crystal] Mm! – [Angel] That is good. No more ice cream, but I’m going to getGoku. (Crystal squeels) So what I got to do isI got to pick this ball and I want to get it inthat thing over there, into the yellow. – [Crystal] Oh, that’sgoing to be a challenge. – [Angel] Let’s see ifI can get a ball first. The first challenge isgetting a ball, right? It got me two balls. – [Crystal] Yeah, hopefully you can. Oh! – [Angel] Three, I’ll take three. – [Crystal] Oh, goodness only one. – [Angel] All it needs is one, though. So get it there, yellow,get into the yellow. Get to yellow!- Oh! That’s going to be super hard. I wonder if you can get two balls in, or if it only picks up one.- I think I could. I guess it, it justdepends on if it rolls off. – [Crystal] Oh. – [Angel] I wonder, wonderif you don’t get one ball? – [Crystal] I know. – [Angel] Oh wait, come on. Drop into the yellow, yellow. Yellow, yellow? – Oh no!- Oh man. – [Crystal] That’s the worst. Angel really hopes. – [Both] Oh my gosh! – [Angel] What if I tip it over? – [Crystal] Angel, get real. – [Angel] What if I tip it over? What happens if I tip it over, for real? Oh come on, drop into that yellow. Yellow, yellow, yellow, yellow. Yellow. No! – [Crystal] This is going to be the one. – [Angel] (laughs) I wonder ifit’s even going to grab a ball. – [Crystal] I know. – [Angel] I’m scared it’snot going to grab one. It’s got two! OK, this is going to be yellow in yellow. – [Crystal] Come on, come on, come on. – [Angel] Come on. (Crystal gasps) – [Crystal] Oh my gosh! – It bounced right into it, what? – [Crystal] Oh my gosh. – [Angel] This is impossible. – [Crystal] You got to be kidding me. Whoa. – [Angel] I actually got it down in there. I should get at least one ball here. – [Both] Oh! – [Crystal] No balls. – [Angel] I have to win this. Oh, dang. – [Crystal] Oh! – [Angel] That one’s so crowded. – [Crystal] Oh, one ball! At least that’s better than none! – [Angel] Drop it in there in the yellow. Yellow? – [Crystal] Oh goodness. – [Angel] No, it’s a black. Is it yellow, Cris? – [Crystal] Oh goodness, you’re making the ballgo, the ball go crazy. – [Angel] The ball go crazy. – [Crystal] Ah. Come on, Angel, you got to get a ball. I know, you, that has to have a ball. Oh my gosh, oh that one came right out! – [Angel] It had to. – [Crystal] OK, Angel, moment of truth. – [Angel] Yellow, yellow, yellow. – [Crystal] Oh! – [Angel] Why’d it, why’d it do that?(Crystal laughs) – [Crystal] I don’t thinkyou’re going to win either. – [Angel] Well, at least Ihave a ball down in there. Drop into the yellow. – [Crystal] Oh my gosh, yay! Oh my gosh! – I got it, I got it. I was not expecting that.- Me neither. – I still have plays left. We actually put Gokou in there now. – [Crystal] Oh my gosh. – [Angel] So maybe I can win another one. – [Crystal] I’m so excited for you. – [Angel] I can’t believe I won that. – [Crystal] I can’t believe it either. I was not expecting that. – [Angel] So once you get in there– – [Crystal] (gasps) Two balls, two balls! Oh my, no balls. (laughter) – [Angel] Like I was saying, though, once it goes into the yellowand a ball falls in there, it instantly drops a prize. – [Crystal] I know. I wasn’t expecting it to drop that fast. – [Crystal] Me neither! – [Angel] That’s so awesome,I’ve been wanting that. – [Crystal] Oh my gosh,I’m so excited for you. – [Angel] Yellow oryellow, yellow and yellow. Come on, come on. – [Crystal] Come on,drop it in the yellow. Oh, my goodness.- Oh man, that’s not good. I thought it was going to go in there, but it decided lastsecond it didn’t want to. I want that Gokou right there. – [Crystal] I know you do. – [Angel] So that’sthe Gokou that I’ll win if I get in there. The last, they wouldput the Gokou in there. ‘Cause I have the dragon now,I don’t need another dragon. – [Crystal] And I know you want Gokou. – Yes, I might try for thatGokou Black over there. – I know.- OK, yellow, yellow. Yellow? – [Crystal] Oh my goodness! – [Angel] No, it looks likeit likes to go to the outside. – [Crystal] Yeah, it likesto go to the outside first. – [Angel] It seems to alwayswant to go to the outside, I don’t understand why. Maybe if I lean it this way or something. – [Crystal] OK, well onceyou get those outsides, you can get those insides. (laughter) – [Angel] Get the outsides to get the in. Oh man. Get one, I just want to get one.- Just one. As long as you get one, you’re good. – [Angel] It could be a winner, right? – [Crystal] Yeah. – [Angel] Drop into the yellow. – [Crystal] Oh mygoodness, oh my goodness! – No.- Whoa. – [Angel] It was one away. – [Crystal] That is so close. – [Angel] That was, no. I got too excited ’cause I’m just likeover here being quiet, like please, please, please. – [Crystal] Me too, I’m like holding my– – [Angel] You’re screaming over there. – [Crystal] I’m sorry,I’m just so excited. – [Angel] You’re like, “Oh my goodness, oh my goodness!” Yes! – [Crystal] Don’t get excited, Angel, that always happens. – [Angel] Hey, well twoballs would be good. (Crystal laughs) OK, this is going to bethe yellow one, right? – [Crystal] Ah. – [Angel] They get stuckon the edge like that, which isn’t good. Now Crystal’s up. Maybe she can win it for me. ‘Cause it is going to be for me, right? – [Crystal] Yeah, of course. – [Angel] OK. I hope you can win it. (Crystal laughs) This isn’t a game of skill at all. – [Crystal] No, it’s random. – [Angel] I guess youcould miss the ball, right? – [Crystal] Yeah, you could miss the ball. – [Angel] And then it’s a game of skill. – [Crystal] Come on, Igot to win this for Angel. – [Angel] Win it for Angel, that’s me. (Crystal laughs) Win it for me, Cris. – [Crystal] Oh my gosh, oh my gosh. – [Both] No. – [Angel] That’s bad, get a ball? One ball’s good. I mean, I want two balls,but one ball’s good. – [Crystal] I know, better than none. – [Angel] Right here into the yellow. Yellow, yellow. No, that’s good, though. You filled one of the holes. Can we get a ball here? – [Crystal] Get a yellowball, blue ball, pink ball, purple, blue balls, got to pink ball, going to come out. (laughter) – [Angel] You sound like an auctioneer. Alright right here. Get the yellow. (Crystal groans)No! You’re getting all of them up to it, but you’re not getting it. – [Crystal] I know. – [Angel] Hey, you’re doingbetter than me, though. Mine are all on the edges. – [Crystal] (laughs) WellI’m not getting no edges because you filled them in for me. – [Angel] Oh, I don’t know ifyou’re going to get a ball. – [Crystal] Oh my gosh,get a ball, please! – [Angel] I don’t know ifyou’re going to get a ball. Maybe that blue ball? Oh, that, they’re both going to stay. – [Crystal] No, it’skicking, they never stay. – [Angel] I jinxed it, I jinxed it. – [Crystal] They never want to stay. – [Angel] Yellow? No, now yours went on the edge. – [Crystal] Sorry, so I don’tthink I’m going to win this for you. – [Angel] Oh man, thisis going to be the one. This is going to be the onethat’s going to make her win. She has one more play after this, so hopefully she can win. ‘Cause you might haveto just leave it there. I don’t know, how much do youthink that thing is worth? – [Crystal] Probably $25. – [Angel] Oh 25 bucks,OK, we’ll play again then. We’ll play five more, six more. Oh see.- Oh my gosh this is terrible. – [Angel] Now they’re bouncing this way. That is not good. This is the last try, come on Cris! Well we always say it’s the last try, but it’s probably notgoing to be the last try. (Crystal laughs) Is it the last try? – [Crystal] Ah. – [Angel] Man, I justwant two balls to stay on. I just want to see what it does. – [Crystal] I know. – [Angel] Right there. – [Crystal] Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh! – [Angel] Oh no! We’ve invested so much into this. We have to get it. More money has been inserted. – [Crystal] You’re running outof balls in the bowl though. – [Angel] Yeah I know. I might have to go askthem for more balls. I need more balls, please. – [Crystal] Somebody justtake them out of there. – [Angel] No, they betternot take them out of there. – [Crystal] Look, thoseballs are going nowhere! – [Angel] Oh, two balls. – [Crystal] Two balls, Angel. This going to be the one– – [Angel] Come on, that’s got to be lucky. (Crystal sighs heavily) No, oh my, come on. That was two balls. That was the luckiestthing I’m going to have. – [Crystal] I want tolike pull my hair out! – [Angel] (laughs) Go ahead,maybe that’ll be lucky. (Crystal laughs) Lucky pull of the hair. Oh, I don’t know, there’s like five balls left in the whole thing. – [Crystal] Come one. – [Angel] Oh there it is, there it is. – [Crystal] Yellow for yellow, come on. – [Angel] Yellow for a yellow. Come on. (Crystal laughs) Two more balls? Two more? Yes. I’m getting so lucky. So lucky here. – [Crystal] You’relucky, getting two balls. – [Angel] Come on, come on, come on. – [Crystal] Oh my gosh. – [Angel] I think it’s bad now that there’s so many balls in there. I think it’s impossible for me to win. ‘Cause I’m getting all theballs out of this thing now. (Crystal laughs) And, I don’t know, what happen, maybe if I get them allout, they’ll give it to me? (Crystal laughs) So I think at this point— That’s hilarious. – [Angel] I have to get them all out. Look, I’m getting two balls every time. – [Crystal] You’re so lucky now. – [Angel] I’m getting two balls every time because there’s hardly any in there. – [Crystal] So not lucky. – [Angel] Lucky, unlucky. Serious? And again, we have two more balls. – [Crystal] Awesome. – [Angel] Come on, thishas got to be looking– – [Crystal] I think Gokou hates your guts. – [Angel] Gokou doesnot want to come home. – [Crystal] Oh my goodness.(Angel laughs) – [Angel] Two balls, two blue balls. Oh, I have two blue balls,this is going to win. – [Crystal] This is going to win! – [Angel] Two blue balls, come on. Blue balls for the win. Blue ball. (Crystal cheers)Look, yes! The two blue balls! The two blue balls! Crystal, get that out for me! – [Crystal] Yes. (Angel laughs) Awesome! We got it!- Awesome! – [Angel] That is so awesome. We need another icecream break after that. (Crystal laughs) Maybe a chip break would be good. – [Crystal] Yeah, let me get some chips. – [Angel] So look at this. This thing has chains hangingwith like hooks, J-hooks. And she’s going to drop, it’sgoing to drop right here, hopefully she can hook something. – [Crystal] Oh, I might do shades. – [Angel] Come on, hook one, hook one. Hook one, anything,just one, just hook one. – [Crystal] Hook one, hook one. – [Angel] It’s going to come up. – No!- Oh man! So yeah, you don’t know whereit’s going to hook anything. So try again, Cris, I wantto see if you can hook one. ‘Cause we need a break. She’s going for the middle. – I’m counting on this snack break. – [Angel] (laughs) Sothis game is pretty much just for fun ’cause, I don’t know, I want, maybe this is skill-basedactually, this one. – [Crystal] You think so? – [Angel] Yeah, this one might be. – Nothing! – [Angel] It’s kind of hard to tell ’cause we ain’t very skilled. – Oh my gosh, I got it.- Oh, she got one! (Crystal stammers) No, I think you have to go get somebody, ’cause it’s not going to fall off ’cause it stays right there, right? – [Crystal] Do I have to go ask somebody? – [Angel] Yeah, so go getone of the attendants. That’s awesome! We got the chips out. – Yeah. – [Angel] So it’s sourcream and onion chips. Snack break! Since we’re having luck with the snacks, we’re going to try for some beer. (laughs) It’s got Ginger beer,there’s Curiosity Cola, and some kind of Mandarin drink. Oh, she landed right on top of it. I think it went too far back, though. – [Crystal] Yeah, I did. – [Angel] Yeah, you movedit a little bit, though. But you want to, Ithink, get right on the, the lip of the cap. I hope it doesn’t breakwhen it falls in there. – [Crystal] (laughs) Yeah I know. – [Angel] I’m actually kindof scared for us to win. ‘Cause it might fall, I might break it. Oh, she going for the Mandarin one. Yes. Oh no, you’re pushingit backwards, though. – I kind of hope that’s good.- I think it does actually. It’s pretty strong. ‘Cause normally, oh wow,you pushed it that way. ‘Cause normally with these claws, once they like barely touches something, it automatically goes back up. But this one doesn’t seemto be going that way. So what are you goingto try to do this time? – [Crystal] I’m going to tryto go for the middle one. – [Angel] You’re going for the lemonade. She’s going for the Victorian Lemonade, or Victoria Lemonade. – [Crystal] I went too far back again. – [Angel] Did you? – I think so.- No that was good. That’s right where you wanted it. Yes, yes that’s right where you wanted it. – [Crystal] Did it do anything? – [Angel] I hope, yes! – [Both] Oh! – [Angel] No you, youscooted it over a little bit, but not much. Not much at all. But I think that’s whatyou want to do, is like, get it right where you had it, and try to scoot over little by little. If it started more that way, you could just go down and push it. – [Crystal] Oh, goodness,this is going to be so hard. – [Angel] Yes, yes!(Crystal screams) That’s what you have to do, Cris! She got it! – [Crystal] Oh my gosh, it’s glass. – [Angel] Yeah, that’s why I was like, I hope it doesn’t break. So what is that one? That one is the– – [Both] Victorian Lemonade! – [Angel] Try for another one. So that’s what you want to do, you want to hit on the cap, and make it slide like this. So go for that back one, probably, right? – [Crystal] Yeah, oh I went too far back. – [Angel] Did you? – [Crystal] I think so. – [Angel] No, oh you almost. – [Crystal] Oh goodness! – [Angel] Oh my. I think you can win that, butyeah, you got the lemonade. – That’s so cool. – [Angel] Let me open itwhile you’re playing, oh! – [Crystal] I want to drink some. – [Both] Oh my gosh! – [Crystal] Can you open that? – [Angel] Oh no, it’s exploding. Is it real beer? – [Crystal] Is it real beer? – [Angel] I don’t know,I know that you can drink while walking on thestreets here in Japan, but is this real alcohol? Try playing. I’m trying to smell it tosee if it has alcohol in it. I don’t know. She’s going for the Mandarin one. – [Crystal] Oh, oh man. – [Angel] I think that one’s dead. We probably shouldn’t play for that again, but is this really beer? – [Crystal] I’m out. – [Angel] It says, oh you’re done? It says fermented botanical lemon drink. – What in the world? – [Angel] Fermented meansit is alcohol, right? – Really? – [Angel] Smell it, seeif it smells like alcohol. – I don’t smell alcohol. – [Angel] Try tasting it, seeif it tastes like alcohol. – I want to drink beer! – [Angel] Oh actually, I thinkyou’re supposed to shake it ’cause there’s this stuffon the bottom, or not? – No. – [Angel] OK, just try drinking that. This is so weird. I guess you do have to beover 18 to come into this, this arcade. Is it beer? – I don’t know. – [Angel] It smells rotten. I’m not drinking that, yuck! So we’re going to wrap it up here, trying to win some Coca-Cola headphones. – [Crystal] Beats, Beats, Beats, Beats. – [Angel] Want to beBeats, Beats, Beats, Beats. (Crystal laughs) I hope it’s strong enough topull it over a little bit, at least. – [Crystal] Oh that wasgood, that was good, Angel. – [Angel] That’s right where I wanted it, but is it strong enoughto pull it a little bit? – [Crystal] I don’t know, see us out. – [Angel] I feel like it is. Yes.- Oh! – [Angel] Oh, it barely made a move. Should I try that again?- Like 12 centimeters. – [Angel] I guess I’ll try two more times. If I don’t win, bigdeal, we won a lot today. I mean, we did spend a lot, but. We did win. Crystal still has that badtaste of that beer in her mouth. – [Crystal] Yeah, it’s gross! (Angel laughs) I don’t know if it’s really beer, though. – [Crystal] I don’t know either. – Yes!- Whoa. – [Angel] I think you haveto play this so many times. So I’m just going to, I’mgoing to try one more time. Maybe I’ll get lucky, right? You never know, you mightget lucky some times. – [Crystal] You’re doing good, though. – [Angel] No, right whenyou said it, you jinxed me. – Goodness!- No! The last play is theworst play of all day. So we are going to wrap it up here, guys. All we ended up playingwas mostly claw machines, but that’s because it’sall we really like to play. – It was a lot of fun! – [Angel] Yeah, this arcade is definitely something you must checkout if you’re ever in Japan. – Yeah, it’s creepy! – [Angel] It’s creepy, but a good creepy. Look at those chickens behind her! (Crystal laughs)That is creepy, because they’re not real. So here’s what we won. We got a Wobbuffet, that took about 100 bucks. – And we got an ice cream. – [Angel] We got an ice creamthat didn’t take much at all. – It was delicious. – [Angel] It was really good. Then we got this Super Shenronfrom Dragon Ball Z Super, and then we got Gokou, those both took too much. – I think you’re so excited about that. – [Angel] Yeah I am gladthat we won those two. And then we got the chips. There’s actually somechips still left in there because we didn’t eat them all. And then Crystal won the beer, which, (Crystal grunts) I think it’s beer, I’m not sure. Maybe you guys know if it’s really beer. – I don’t know, eitherway, it’s disgusting. – [Angel] Yeah, she’s theonly one that tasted it because once I saw herreaction, I was like, nope! I’m not tasting that. Well thanks for watching guys. Don’t forget, like this video. – Bye!

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